Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Threats coming to Council of Europe's Dick Marty over his KLA scandal revelations


Kosovo Prime Minister Thaci is not very happy.  He is furious and implies he has powerful EU support in the war he now claims he will be waging against Swiss politician and Council of Europe rapporteur Dick Marty for his report on human organ harvesting of the KLA army against the Serbs.  He had one of his underlings, Kadri Veseli, former head of the Kosovo Intelligence Service, predictably dismiss it as "a fraud."

Mr. Veseli is also named in the same report as a participant in the organ harvesting scandal.


Their accusation against Dick Marty for his revelations:  he is allegedly trying to 'sabotage the peace process in the Western Balkans."

I can think of no earthly reason why Dick Marty would possibly want to sabotage a 'peace process' in the Western Balkans or anywhere else.

Probably what Thaci can well be referring to is a highly misspelled process:  PIECE vs. PEACE.  From Carla Del Ponte and Dick Marty's reports on what was actually transpiring it appears to have been a PIECE PROCESS:  A piece of yours, a piece of mine, and a piece of everybody else.  Especially a piece of Serbian prisoners and their organs.

As I wrote before, there were probably plenty of war crimes and atrocities on both sides to go around.  What is especially criminal here was the obstruction of justice of revelations of the KLA crimes and the possible valid Serbian legal claim of self-defense.

Stay tuned!



Constance Cumbey said...

According to a post by a Magda Hassan at Deeppoliticsforum.com, documents may have been destroyed at the Hague on this.

This is getting murkier and murkier.


or http://tinyurl.com/2ecqq6h


Anonymous said...

God bless you mightily for your courage and strength of conviction in releasing this information, Constance.

I have long been angered by the immense evils carried out by then NATO Chief,Javier Solana - the Butcher of Brussels, and by [Wild] Bill Clinton - the cut-throat cowboy of Little Rock - the Abatteur of Arkansas.

How Serbia was carpet-bombed, it's young men beheaded by Western-backed mujahadeen - terrorists shipped over from Saudi, Yemen, and the like, onto European soil.

What I now cannot help but wonder is, were all those beheadings made even more sinister in that such a killing ensures a fresh - clean supply of organs. To satiate the lusts of the Man-Dragon of the Sun, Solana Madgriaga.

Is this why many Saints will be beheaded as opposed to other methods of murder, under the Antichrist's orders, so that their organs may be more easily harvested?

God bless,


Anonymous said...

To 'R' @ 2:20 PM:

Thank you for providing us with a very interesting and intelligent (although quite chilling) perspective.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind words, Anon at 4:02 P.M.,

Yes it is a most chilling perspective, I wish it weren't but I believe it is realistic.

(Apologies for my misuse of the apostrophe in its, misspelled, it's)


paul said...

Meanwhile at the UN;

This story seems to have
pretty much vanished from
the propaganda, er, news
this morning.
I love some of the comments.

Bottom line; it's a U.N. stench
to say the least, and the irony
is probably the reason that
the story has been taken down.


Anonymous said...


You had it right the first time, it should have been "it's" not its. This was not a plural sense but a possesion, as in "it's"=Serbia and the young men that followed belonged to "it's". The confusion I believe you are having is the apostrophe is also used to join words such as it is=it's

paul said...

Here's the original story,
(As in here is the original story.)


I can't get tinyurl to work.

Anonymous said...

I believe that other precedents are persuasively relevant to my argument here, most notably perhaps is that of the Chinese Govt., and its persecution of the Falun Gong followers.I am certainly not pro-Falun Gong, Jesus Christ is the Only Way to the Father, however, I do not believe Falun Gong followers suffer the following that the Chinese inflict on them: Political imprisonment, beheaded or sometimes shot for the most trivial of trumped up charges(yet bullets are costly, and leave unhealthy residues, the shock to the body is also differently received), their organs are then harvested and often sold on to the West. Such prisons are no more than organ farms, waiting for a request for a heart, or a kidney, etc, to come in, then the order is processed. Human resources at a whole new level. Yep, that's China. Yet see how that evil regime has been given a new lick of propaganda paint over the last few years through Western politicians, businessmen, & media bosses, as though it has reformed. Such unstomachable lies. Then there are the swathes of Christians arrested and persecuted in China, are they next?

So, it seems like its an accepted NWO practice of collataral damage a la extreme.

God help us from these mad-men.


Anonymous said...

Anon at 4:39 PM, [smiles] not wanting to be too annoyingly pedantic, but the pronoun, it, is the exception to the rule of the possessive taking the apostrophe [e.g. Serbia's young men ] must become its young men, and not it's young men.

It is precisely to avoid confusion with the contraction of it is, i.e., it's, that this exception to the general rule, meaning it is a unique rule restricting the use of the apostostrophe to the contraction, that the apostrophe cannot rightly be employed by the said pronoun (it) in the possessive case.

That is why I corrected myself earlier.

I'm sure you were trying to be helpful, however, and I thank you for that.

God bless,


Anonymous said...

Anon at 4:39 PM, [smiles] not wanting to be too annoyingly pedantic, but the pronoun, it, is the exception to the rule of the possessive taking the apostrophe [e.g. Serbia's young men ] must become its young men, and not it's young men.

It is precisely to avoid confusion with the contraction of it is, i.e., it's, that this exception to the general rule exists, meaning it is a unique rule restricting the use of the apostostrophe to the contraction, that the apostrophe cannot rightly be employed by the said pronoun (it) in the possessive case.

That is why I corrected myself earlier.

I'm sure you were trying to be helpful, however, and I thank you for that.

God bless,


Anonymous said...

'apostostrophe'... hehe!


Anonymous said...

I'm certainly full of bloopers today!

I erroneously wrote in my 5:16 PM thread: "however, I do not believe Falun Gong followers suffer the following that the Chinese inflict on them..."

Let it be known that I CERTAINLY DO BELIEVE Fallun Gong followers suffer the following [which I went on to describe at 5:16] that the Chinese [Govt.] inflict on them.

Obviously, what I had meant to express was that although I do not agree with Fallun Gong practice & belief , it must be made clear that in no way do I believe that they deserve to suffer the atrocities meted out on them by the Chinese Govt.

Sorry to occupy so much space here, I've got a nasty flu so am not fully 'with it', hence the mistakes and the longwindedness of my posts.

God bless,


Anonymous said...

Not to cause controversy but have any of you considered that perhaps this present national Israel has little to do with end times eschatology? We tend to spend so much time defending Israel that we may not realize that Christ died once for all. Perhaps the remnant was complete when the church was started...by Jews who were converted immediately after the death and resurrection of Christ.

Take a look at Dispensational doctrine and the arguments against it. To assume that Israel constitutes God's chosen people seems absurd when they outright reject Him.

He fulfilled all the prophesies and to suggest that modern day Israel fits into the promise made to Abraham is absurd. To suggest that there is a different salvation for the Jews is to suggest that Christ did not become a perfect sacrifice and denies that the apostles were the founders of the church. They were Jews. And Paul was a Jew. They battled the Jews constantly who were trying to lead the church astray. It's in the New Testament and it's in the Old Testament too. Think about it and study it.

Anonymous said...

annon 7:22 Just because the Jews don't acknowledge Christ, does not mean that God will not hold up His end. God will hornor His end of His promise. The messiah that the Jews wait for is the messiah that we Christians are waiting for. They did not recognize Jesus when he came and died for us, so they were scattered across the globe. They have been allowed to come back to Isreal to complete His promise.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous @ 7:22 PM,

I congratulate your courage and forthrightness. I personally believe that both Jews & Gentiles cannot come to the Father without first accepting Jesus Christ into their hearts. I do not believe there is a two tier system. God never has been a respecter of persons, but is only pleased with those who obey God's Commandments. God doesn't arbitrarily choose people because of their race, Abraham was saved because of his faith, not his race, Moses, was saved by faith, but forbidden from entering Canaan because of an earlier lack of obedience, as David was forbidden from seeing the 1st Temple built because of earlier disobedience, hence because of a lack of faith at that time. For those that obey God are heirs to the Kingdom, yet it is a narrow way, the former shadows are gone, and all now is to be found in Christ Jesus alone, many are called but few are chosen, and the key to being chosen is obedience.

Amos 9:7

Are ye not as children of the Ethiopians unto me, O children of Israel? saith the LORD. Have not I brought up Israel out of the land of Egypt? and the Philistines from Caphtor, and the Syrians from Kir?

God bless,


Anonymous said...

Anon 7:22...

One of the characteristics of the Millennial reign of Christ is that He will during that time fulfill the remaining promises He made to Israel. Not all of God's promises to Israel were contingent on their obedience. God is true to His promises no matter what we - or Israel - do unless the promise is conditional.

Dave in CA

paul said...

Anon 7:22 and R.,
I agree that Jesus is the only way
to God for both the Jews, first,
and the Gentiles.

But they, the Jews, will one day
soon "look upon him whom they
pierced", and they will repent
at that point, and be saved,
probably by the thousands or
maybe millions.

The Feast of Atonement follows
the Feast of Trumpets.
Many people believe that
the Rapture of the Church
will happen on the Feast of
Trumpets and that the Feast
of Atonement will follow ten
days later. They will mourn
for him like one would mourn
for their own child.
The Father has placed a veil
over the eyes of the Jews for
this entire Age of Grace a.k.a.
The Church Age or "The times
of the Gentiles".
It's a direct result of their
stubborn rejection of His
Son the Savior of all mankind.
He said; "And this is the curse
that they will be cursed with:
seeing they will see but not
perceive, and hearing they will
hear but not understand"
But God still loves his chosen
people and he who put the veil
over their eyes can and will
remove it as soon as all the
Gentiles who are going to
"get in the ark", do so.

Think of what a miracle it was
when you yourself got saved.
You were blind and then you saw,
all in an instant.

_Just my humble opinion

Anonymous said...

Dear Paul,

I don't believe that what I have written precludes me from agreeing with your point:

"I agree that Jesus is the only way
to God for both the Jews, first,
and the Gentiles."

"But they, the Jews, will one day
soon "look upon him whom they
pierced", and they will repent
at that point, and be saved,
probably by the thousands or
maybe millions."...

I do agree with you.

I don't believe Jews are saved due to race but I do believe a covenant was made between God and the offspring of Abraham due to his faith. I believe in Jesus Christ we are spiritually grafted in and become heirs to the promise. I believe though, that until Jewish people as individuals turn to Jesus Christ, just as anyone else, there is no salvation, for Salvation is found only in Jesus Christ, not by virtue of race, but Grace. This I believe will happen in large numbers too when Jesus returns and they mourn for Him whom they pierced.

I hope my humble opinion & position is clear.

God bless,

thanks for your patience.


Constance Cumbey said...

Here is the link to the full Council of Europe Report:


or http://tinyurl.com/24oad99


Anonymous said...

I hold yet another controversial view, and that is that I draw a distinction between the vast majority of Jewish people including Israeli people, and that of the Zionist Socialist-Corporate Secular-Atheist State of Israel and the majority of its Government.

I believe that the Jewish people have a legitimate right over that land, but I believe that the strangers must be treated well also. I do not believe that bull-dozing Palestinian Christian & Muslim homes and firing on ordinary Arabic people is acceptable any more than blowing up a bus or cafe etc full of Jewish people or a moving of Jewish people from their homes is acceptable. I also believe that we should treat the strangers in our lands as we treat ourselves.

I believe, however, that despite the intentions & machinations of the State of Israel's Government, both seen & hidden, the Lord our God is still jealous of the Jewish people.

I love Jewish people dearly, please don't think my comments mean otherwise. I just do not like Communist-Corporatist 'Atheist'-NAM Zionism.

If you're wondering what on earth I'm talking about, please see

Zionism and Herzl: The Antisemitic Side of Zionism


This excellent 85 minute long documentary is in Hebrew with English subtitles.

Another interesting set of short discussions on this is from an Israel-born Jewish born again Christian.

His playlist


An example from the playlist:

Zionism is part of Secret Societies


Another thing is that, in a nutshell, Solana says that the State of Israel is as close to being a member of the EU as any State outside the EU could be. It has greater chance of being within the EU than Croatia, he implies. Yet I doubt Solana is very pro-Jewish people.

Also, Israel is covered in NAM & Freemasonic buildings, not least of which is the Rothschild built Supreme Court, which is a perverse edifice to say the least.

I doubt I've won many friends here with these comments, but I want to speak up on what I beleive to be the truth of the matter. All I ask, is that people watch the video/s and research what I've said about the Supreme Ct etc, before passing judgment.

I pray God blesses the Jewish people greatly, I am not an Anti-Semite, in fact, if I didn't care about Jews I would not have been truthful in making the distinction I have according to the facts.

God bless,


Dorothy said...

Don't the Christians who follow this blog have enough to worry about when thinking of ideas to protect their fellow Christians? Are you contacting DC to tell them to care about the Christians in Iraq?


For the last 10 days, Christians throughout Iraq have been holding meetings to decide whether to stay and risk being killed or flee into exile and an uncertain future.

Most Iraqi Christians have Assyrian, Chaldaean and Babylonian backgrounds, peoples who have lived in "the Land of the Two Rivers" for more than 3,000 years and thus must feel at home. If many of them don't, it is because their community has become the latest target for terrorists dreaming of the "religious cleansing" of Iraq.

This year, more than 180 Christians have been killed, either by snipers or in suicide attacks carried out by Islamist terrorists. In the biggest incident, on Oct. 31, 44 worshipers and two priests were killed when al Qaeda gunmen raided Our Lady of Salvation Cathedral in Baghdad's Karada district. Sixty others were injured, some seriously.

Although most killings have been in Baghdad, there are also reports of attacks in Mosul, Iraq's largest mainly Sunni city, and Basra. in the Shiite heartland. Murder is not the only weapon used; Islamic "religious cleansers" also use arson and intimidation. Businesses owned by Christians are set on fire or looted. Gunmen arrive at night at Christian homes to "advise" the inhabitants to leave the country or else.

"Religious cleansing" has already happened in some parts of the country. According to local sources, more than 90 percent of Basra's Christians have left the city. Even in Baghdad, Christians are now moving out of some districts to concentrate in others.

In the current debate, those who urge a mass exodus argue that Christians are the only community in Iraq not to have armed militias to defend them.

"Why should we stay and be slaughtered?" asks Archbishop Athanasius Dawood, a leader of the Assyrian Orthodox Church. "Christians should choose a life in peace and leave Iraq."

Others disagree. Father Mukhlas Habash, in Baghdad, argues that Iraq needs its Christians more now than ever. "Our message is one of peace and reconciliation," he says. "And these are just the things that Iraq needs as it builds its future."

Iraqi Christians have survived the Arab invasion of 1,400 years ago, followed by other invasions by Mongols, Mamelukes and Turkmans. The "stay in Iraq" party insists that the Christian community will also survive the al Qaed

(more at the link)

Anonymous said...

To 'R' @ 5:20 PM:

You are absolutely correect.

It should read: its young men
(without an apostraphe).

Anonymous said...

Here is some Differences Between The Rapture And The Second Coming


Dawn said...

Is "Christian" now going to be a dirty word?


I know there has been an assault for quite sometime against Christianity in Hollywood. This seems to be more direct.

Just wondering what will happen now that the country is in turmoil and it will only get worse. Will Christians get the blame?

Anonymous said...

Off topic but wanted to share this article with y'all.

"French village which will 'survive 2012 Armageddon' plagued by visitors ...

The mayor of a picturesque French village has threatened to call in the army to seal it off from a tide of New Age fanatics and UFO watchers, who are convinced it is the only place on Earth to be spared Armageddon in 2012."

Full report:


or tiny -

Coming from a tiny village surrounded by mountains I feel so very sorry for the villagers.

I wonder, might we expect to see or hear more of this type of behaviour over the next few years.


Dorothy said...

K Thanks for that great link. That kind of thinking explains Democrats and Obama.

As you know there is a lot of spin these days about UFOs. Here's some from Israel.


At least this UFO is pretty

The only reason I find this interesting is because of the New Age connection.

Anonymous said...

Carla Del Ponte, an eccentric and controversial divorced woman, is a very easy target to be recruited, with pay and included in projects designed by advocates, (France and Russia), of Greater Serbia.
There is not a single physical evidence to link Kosova and Albania with alleged crimes. In contrary was Dick Marty that tried to implant forget evidences, including human bones, at the so called Yellow House. The terrorized owner and his family are pressing charges against Dick Marty, which is nothing more or less a polyagent, who works for France and Russia with pay.
Serbia with the help of France troops contingent, transported through north Kosova to Serbia thousands of Kosovars, later killed and dismembered by Serbian government.
Were any of them missing their organs?
Serbs are experts in mafia dirty jobs.

Constance Cumbey said...

Farmer/Bjorn Freiberg just posted this reminder of a February, 2008 column he wrote about Kosovo and its "independence movement" making Kosovo the hub of massive heroin trade. You might find it timely and helpful to understanding.

Here are the links:


or http://tinyurl.com/2e9uew2


Anonymous said...

I'm anon 7:22

Thanks to those who replied. I was kind of dreading coming on here and looking at the replies I got. Thank you for your patience and for expressing your views. Eschatology doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. There are only a few ways to read the Bible and understand it when you boil all the beliefs down. We fight over little things but the core message among the Christians is essentially the same. I was glad to read the replies and to see that there are saints here. Thank you.

I would still maintain that watching Israel to determine the course of prophesy will get very confusing for most. But the belief is so deep seated that it can't be undone. The amount of effort it would take to undo the interpretations of Scripture is hardly worth the effort as my view is as speculative as any other.

Eventually there will be a very noisy day in our lives, then we'll know everything. As long as we have believed the core doctrines of Scripture we'll all be glad that day.

God bless you all and have a Merry Christmas.

Dorothy said...

Researchers here will find this just released Google tool extremely helpful. Here is the note I received when it was sent to me:

Having made my living via technology for many years now I am naturally a bit jaded. Few technologies come along anymore that grab my attention. This weekend, however, Google released a new online tool that blows my mind. Google has been digitizing books for years now. They have taken the raw data from all those books and created a giant database that they have linked to a visual representation tool. You can enter a word (or several words and/or phrases separated by commas) and view the usage of those words over time in a simple graph. For example you could enter spending,saving and compare the usage of those words for the past 200 years. The visual representation of the data speaks volumes about human behavior during that time.

The value to researchers is priceless, and the utility in a classroom seems endless. I encourage you to play with it and try to think of ways you and your students can use it in your classroom and beyond. I should note that it may have the simplest user interface of any research tool on the planet. Find it at:



Anonymous said...

Arab nations and the Palestinian Union are set to ask the UN Security Council tomorrow to pressure Israel to stop settlement activity.



Anonymous 6:41

Er, ah, could Javier Solana and/or Wesley Clark conceivably be posting here? Who else would have such a motive to impugn Carla Del Ponte and Dick Marty, unless of course, Mr. Thaci has paid us a visit?

Constance Cumbey said...



Now, let's do a Kosovo backwards on this one, circa 1999:



Stay tuned!

Dorothy said...

Using the new Google tool, I came across a 1950 book titled

We must abolish the United States: the hidden facts behind the crusade for world government

and on page 64 the author lists Lucis Trust.

It's an interesting tool.

JD said...

Merry Christmas to all. My next few days are incredibly full, so I wanted to be sure to wish such to all! If you happen to be of those that exchange emails with me, you will find a similar greeting waiting with a added bonus.

Constance Cumbey said...

Merry Christmas to all!


Anonymous said...

Whatever world and NA leaders may do, they can't take away the free gift we celebrate this time of year.

Merry Christmas! And may your New Year be filled with hope!

Dave in CA

Anonymous said...

This brings Earth Worship to a whole new level:


Anonymous said...

Sorry - wrong link. Here is the "Earth Altar" link:


Anonymous said...

Kosovo physicians accused of illegal organs removal racket



Anonymous said...

Interesting 2008 article on Del Ponte's '08 book, and complicities


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