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1. Javier Solana's role.
2. The Anna Lindh foundation.
3. OSCE and the militarization of the AOC. tune
4. CNN propaganda for the AOC (including the Christiana Amanpour "God's Warriors Series.
5. Kofi Annan's appointed "twenty high level personalities
6. Lucis Trust's role.
7. Its plans to regulate globally all religious education.
8. AOC and the "New World Religion."
9. AOC and Lucis (Lucifer) Trust/World Goodwill/Arcane School
10. Federico Mayor's role.
11. Lee Penn's research including his important book, FALSE DAWN covering "United Religions
12. The University of Chicago's 1987-1993 THE FUNDAMENTALISMS PROJECT
13. Implementation Plan" of AOC
14. Karen Armstrong's role.
The "
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After I published the NewsWithViews article about BASIC, Paul N. Temple, Doug Coe, the Temple of Understanding, etc., the Paul N. Temple article by World Business Academy was promptly removed. A google search failed to yield it even though yesterday it was a top story on google searches for "Paul Temple." Fortunately for all, I archived it and showed Page 1 of Part 2 (Sure wish I had part 1!) on my last Blogspot article. I decided you deserved to read the entire story as it tells the story of the links: Silva Mind Control, Fellowship Foundation, Institute of Noetic Sciences. As such it is vital to an understanding of what Barbara Marx Hubbard said was happening (she chaired their 1987 unity conference): "Now all the resonating core groups with outwardly different purposes are merging and blending and coming together to do the one work." This is also to show them that they aren't quite as smart as they think they are!

My newest NewswithViews Article

Picture Caption: Brian Eno: Pop Musician and Board member of BASIC
Picture caption: Paul N. Temple page evidently pulled after this article was initially published, but fortunately for all, I made multiple copies to many disks! Enjoy!



To my readers: The following is a reprint of my latest Newswithviews article.

If you were to hide something in plain view, how would you go about it? Well, one way you might successfully do it is to give it a very bland and common name. You might even call it something very ordinary. One way might be to give it a name as common as BASIC. What can be more "basic" than BASIC? Then one would have those words stand for equally innocuous words such as, for example, "British American Security Information Council." Who would ever think to look there? Then you would establish a plain vanilla appearing website on a and/or search. Few would be like to notice it and the participants could work openly without notice.

You could then work open with your networking institutions such as the Brookings Institution, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and
You would fund it with a little help from your friends:

Then, just so it didn't sound too plain vanilla, you could spice it up with Board of Directors that included such spicy luminaries as prolific rock/pop musician Brian Eno. You would also include ambassadors.

Well, that's exactly what happened with so many global governance networks. If you are reading this and you wish to argue it to another, I recommend you promptly document by archiving all links and links to links. It has been my experience over the years that the folks who wish to impose their own brand of global governance on us play this lovely little game of "now you see us, now you don't." Things appear fast on the internet. They disappear with equal speed. Unnoticed, the archives might hang out there for years. Furthermore, Javier Solana is dismayed that those not in support of his agenda "use the global village to full advantage."

When Javier Solana spoke at the Brookings Institution, the webcast and mp3 versions revealed more than his published text. He expressed dismay at freedom of the press and exchange of information. He moaned that it enabled individuals with access to You-Tube and to a camera to change history. The problem is, said Solana on March 21, 2007, that nobody wants to obey. This, said Javier Solana, must change.

In his speech, Solana thanked Carlos Pascual and Strobe Talbott of the Brookings Institution, as well as Steve Steadman "for getting the global governance project off the ground." He should have given thanks to the following organizations as well which seem to be very much in on the party, if not the planning:

I especially ask my readers to note these:

The Western European Union is directly controlled by Javier Solana. It was in that body that Dr. Solana introduced his now infamous Recommendation 666 to supplement the extensive powers he had been granted in the job created for him by the European Union with Section 666 of the Europa codified documents.. The International Institute of Strategic Studies was founded by the supposedly Evangelical brother of the founder of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Norman Grubb. Kenneth Grubb and Norman Grubb were brothers. Both played interesting roles in getting globalization efforts afoot earlier in the mid 20 th century. Kenneth Grubb was present at the birth of the World Council of Churches and was a co-founder along with Bilderberg co-founder Denis Healy.

There are disturbing historical links between the International Institute for Strategic Studies, founded by Sir Kenneth Grubb (brother of Washington Fellowship Foundation historian, Norman Grubb) and Washington, D.C.'s powerful Evangelical fellowship, Fellowship Foundation.. The Washington based operation is run by Doug Coe. It was Coe who engineered a major 1987 Gold Lake meeting between major New Age figures (David Spangler, Barbara Marx Hubbard, et al). Activists on Coe's organization are equally active with the Institute of Noetic Sciences. To call that group "New Age" is a rather studied understatement.

Ironically, it is not just American Christians failing to see the hidden dangers to all this. More often than not, it has been European freedom advocates sounding meaningful alarms. The same players working with the WEU in Europe are part of the Washington based BASIC networks. One important European based clarion call warning of the emerging dangers is a report by Frank Slijper, " The emerging EU Military-Industrial Complex: Arms industry lobbying in Brussels. They warn of "Arming Big Brother." Just as so many American evangelicals seem to notice when they have been betrayed, it appears that many working for New Age environmental causes are equally so. Slijper has written for GreenPeace.

Watching this in context as it now develops, only now am I beginning to understand why there was such an aggressive Evangelical move by some (others supported me) to stop my work against unveiling the New Age Movement back in the early 1980s. From Jeremy Rifkin to Paul Temple, there was large New Age influence together with big money. Washington Fellowship Paul Temple, unlike many others who hide their dual connections, is unashamed of revealing his dual memberships in Evangelical Christian and hard core New Age societies. Paul Temple is the co-founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. You may read it for yourself here.[1] Of equal and timely interest are his extensive Spanish business interests.

The intertwining of Doug Coe, Paul Temple, Willis Harman, International Institute of Strategic Studies (an important think tank for Javier Solana and his global governance issues), American evangelicals, and even reaching down into networks of people believing themselves to be earnestly fighting both religious apostasy and the New World Order are truly fascinating. They may equally be explanatory. There is BIG MONEY in these networks. There is BIG POWER in these networks. There is much to lose for the players should these networks not be timely in place. As Carlos Pascual, Strobe Talbott, and Javier Solana all emphasized at the Brookings Institution (a BASIC networker), it was imperative that they have their networks and their intellectual underpinnings in place by 2009. The contribution from the Brookings Institution alone, per Carlos Pascuale was to be the formation of supportive networks, two books giving intellectual underpinning, and plans ready for presentation to the new American president in 2009.

Many EMNR Evangelicals were in attendance at that 1987 meeting – the same "evangelicals" who hired Denver cop Mark Roggeman to police their supposed first 1985 Evangelical conference against the New Age Movement at the Denver and then instructed him that his first, foremost and primary duty was to escort yours truly (Constance Cumbey) off the premises should she show up. Their presumed cover for the 1987 post-Harmonic convergence event chaired by Barbara Marx Hubbard was that they were witnessing. Much more likely, they were networking. Then they publicly disseminated lies about that event through articles of Gretchen Passantino, passing off the true facts as an example of an "urban legend."[2]

The environmentalists are a part of this network. Javier Solana said in the March 21st question and answer session that he and Al Gore had major heart to heart talks on this. Both agreed that all the necessary components were in place. "All that is lacking is the will." Per Solana's recollection of their then recent conversation.

Solana also emphasized in his Brookings Institution Global Governance speech that he wanted his pet project of "dialogue between cultures and civilizations" in place. Roughly translated, this means "New World Religion." Excellent discussions of the Alliance of Civilization, the obvious project Javier Solana was referencing, are available on line in an informative new blogspot by Wisconsin's Richard Peterson. I commend the material to all and urge all to visit and download his links as well as the story. The same people who know how to operate under innocuous names such as British American Security Information Council know how to play the timeless internet game of "Now you see us, now you don't." Get it and digest it while you can before they put their simultaneously running plans for "a new internet" into practice.

Jesus warned that as the end approached, it could be likened to "birth pangs."[3] Birth pangs get closer both in time and in intensity. It appears that there is serious action to advance a globalist governance agenda and that it is equally shared on both sides of the Atlantic. It appears increasingly that many powers have been transferred, probably starting in 1995, maybe even earlier, particularly 1991 and 1992, to Javier Solana.
If this is it, and for personal reasons, I hope I am wrong. I sincerely hope I have read too much into this. I suspect I have not and that many forces are now "harmonically converging" to bring their hoped for global control events together. Some are deceivers. Some are deceived. May the Lord help us all!

1. Paul N. Temple
2. Evidently, the original Passantino articles denying the security guards have interestingly disappeared from the internet in the preceding week. I showed them to a Grosse Pointe, Michigan audience only last Thursday night, August 23, 2007!3, Matthew 24:8

© 2007 - Constance Cumbey - All Rights Reserved

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Next Saturday's internet radio program

Richard Peterson, better known to our readers as "Rich of Medford" will be my live guest next Saturday on Our topic will be his specialized area of research and one that I have deeply researched as well: the Alliance of Civilizations" a/ka "Alliance of Civilisations." Our discussion will include (as well as the questions you submit this week and on the air:

1. Javier Solana's role.
2. The Anna Lindh foundation.
3. OSCE and the militarization of the AOC.
4. CNN propaganda for the AOC (including the Christiana Amanpour "God's Warriors Series.
5. Kofi Annan's appointed "twenty high level personalities" to set the agenda.
6. Lucis Trust's role.
7. Its plans to regulate globally all religious education.
8. AOC and the "New World Religion."
9. AOC and Lucis (Lucifer) Trust/World Goodwill/Arcane School
10. Frederico Mayor's role.


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A Time, Times, and a Half a Time: The Militarization of the Alliance of Civilizations

A Time, Times, and a Half a Time: The Militarization of the Alliance of Civilizations


We anticipate a good time today as Brian Davis and I will be chatting on line, hopefully with your participation. We may even have a very special "mystery guest" (maybe a spoof, maybe not). Please join us at 2 p.m.

Big news week that has left me almost out of breath with the audacity and intensity of the Alliance of Civilizations and its obvious influence on the CNN Cristiane Amanpour report on "God's Warriors." I with to a Grosse Pointe, Michigan group for nearly five hours on Thursday night. They were most startled by the information presented and I believe they will be effective in turn in educating still others. All were provided with copies of my CD Rom presentation, "Javier Solana: Mystery Man of the New World Order."

Judith Reisman will be a soon future guest. She is a fearless warrior against the ugliest forces of pornography and did ground breaking work on pointing out the evils of the Kinsey Report on Human Sexuality that had gained undeserved respect. I am looking forward to her future program which we will probably have to tape because Judith is not available for interviews on Saturdays but is ok with other days.

Stay tuned!

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I don't know how this one slipped by me, but it did -- up until now! The creation of a "European Union" Congressional Caucus on Capitol Hill was celebrated by Javier Solana and his Congressional friends in May, 2005. Click on the picture to view the poster in its entirety. The link to the original document may be viewed by clicking here.

Who was part of this "European Union" Congressional Caucus among the representatives sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States? Congratulated by Dr. Solana in 2005 were:



Jo Ann Davis (VA) Co-Chair

Eliot Engel (NY) Co-Chair

Jim Kolbe (AZ) Co-Chair

Darrell Issa (CA) Co-Chair

Ron Kind (WI) Co-Chair

John Boozman (AR)

Howard Berman (CA)

Dan Burton (IN)

Michael McNulty (NY)

David Dreier (CA)

William Delahunt (MA)

Brad Miller (NC)

John Tanner (TN)

Paul Gillmor (OH)

Michael Oxley (OH)

Ellen Tauscher (CA)

Alcee Hastings (FL)

Betty McCollum (MN)

Phil English (PA)

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FL)

Joe Wilson (SC)

Dennis Moore (KS)

Chris Van Hollen (MD)

Robert Wexler (FL)

Adam Smith (WA)
You may read it for yourself by clicking here:

I wonder how many of these Congressional representatives knew about (1) the Canadian fishing wars of 1995? (2) Section 666 creating Javier Solana’s present jobs; and (3) Recommendation 666 boosting the powers of Javier Solana’s present jobs? I suspect most of them did not and do not know. Write your Congressmen. Tell them your concerns. I am thinking of making Freedom of Information demands to learn more about the activities of this group. I am wondering how many of them joined it in anticipation of being invited to junkets in Europe. One very bright note: I see no Michigan names on this list!

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Javier Solana's African prestige and influence appears to be growing

If Herb Peters were still living, I am very sure that our telephones would have mutually rang today and we would have been discussing this EU Business article. Javier Solana's African operations have obviously been very successful, as evidenced by the Sierra Leone elections. You may read it for yourself here. You may also read about it here as since I originally posted the article, the EU source has obviously decided to limit its access!I am equally certain we would have been making comparisons between the content of this article and Daniel 8:9. One of us, maybe both, would have been commenting on the Daniel phraseology "And out of one of them came forth a little horn, which waxed exceeding great, toward the south, and toward the east, and toward the pleasant land."

At any rate Javier Solana's prestige on the African continent, directly to the south of his EU bailiwick, appears to be growing. Likewise with his Neighbourhood Action Plans, to the East (Caucasus, Balkans, etc.) and clearly "toward the pleasant land," (Israel). Recently, he played a major role at ASEAN and here in the USA, his "global governance" leadership role is solid.

In case you needed a little more familiarization with the ENP and the oil rich Caucasus area, here's a little googling to help you:

The EU wants to build an energy strategy in the Caspian region ...
... the inclusion of the South Caucasian countries in the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) in ... Kremlin intensifies military build up in North Caucasus - 35k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
EPP-ED Group Eastern Europe and North Caucasus - Home
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File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTMLThe European Commission’s European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) Strategy Paper ..... The reports for the countries of the Southern Caucasus indicate the need - Similar pages - Note this
EUR-Lex - 52004PC0628 - FR- [ Translate this page ]
The European Neighbourhood Policy was conceived as a way to respond to this challenge ... the Southern Caucasus and the Southern Mediterranean countries. - 130k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
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Inside Europe :ARMENIENS, EN EUROPE- [ Translate this page ]
EU COMMISSION RECOMMENDS INCLUSIONS OF SOUTH CAUCASUS THREE IN ... for special relationships with the Union under its European Neighbourhood Policy. - 32k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this[ More results from ]
SHIFT Mag - Blog
... is a strategic and respected partner in the Caucasus and the Middle East. ... European Neighbourhood Policy: between enlargement and foreign policy - 52k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Well, just like "Section 666" and "Recommendation 666," probably just more coincidences! Happy, too, I don't have to represent somebody in open court with so many "coincidences." I'd probably plead him and throw him on the mercy of the Court.

By the way, if Javier Solana is reading this, he still has every opportunity to do just that, assuming all of this is not a coindence. I will assure him, it is a most merciful court and merciful judge. Jesus said, "it is inevitable but that evil come, but woe to him through who it comes."

Have a nice day!

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"Responsible corporate citizenship"?

Corporate Citizenship” OR Occult corporate and religious takeover?

Let’s use our “McBrains”!

To my readers: This is a "sneak preview" to my blogspot readers of article to be posted Thursday morning. It is the first of two in a series. Both are composed but as NWV has a 2000 word maximum, the article was broken and the next part will appear next week. I will value your feedback!

Funny what makes the brain start ticking and inspires internet surfing! Featured on the TODAY show today was a purported study coming from Harvard no less. It showed that children favored food wrapped in McDonald’s packaging – even carrots. This was, per the earnest woman theoretician and proponent of the study, the results of what needed to be quickly regulated, if not outright banned: corporate advertising that might appeal to children. Well, what about our time honored 1st Amendment to the USA Constitution with its freedom of speech guarantees? Obviously, that must be deferred to “corporate responsibility.” I must confess I have mixed feelings about all of that, but as much as I am skeptical about advertising campaigns, I am much more so about New Age/Cultural Creative/”socially responsible” propaganda Watching the TODAY Show “Harvard University” presentation this morning, I thought I might be starting to smell a very familiar rat. It is a “rat” called “socially responsible investing.” Such is clearly a buzz word phrase for New Age corporate activism. A few weeks ago, I wrote a article – one about the “curious triangle” of Maurice Strong, Paul Martin, and Javier Solana. In it, I heavily cited one “Maitreya the Christ” proponent by the name of Gordon Davidson. He is a major player in this scenario as is Paul Hawken.

Gordon Davidson is an Alice Bailey, Lucis Trust activist. He is also a well known evangelizer of those occult principles, propagating them most successfully throughout the environmental and business communities. He is a fellow marcher with Findhorn chronicler Paul Hawken who has taken to bragging that they represent the largest movement in the world – one that nobody saw coming.

I clearly saw it coming. So did others. There was disinformation on a massive scale designed to convince concerned Christians that nothing had happened. Many succumbed and fell back to sleep. Now that the New Agers have had such a splendid opportunity to regroup , given the cover by those self-designated “cult-watchers,” they brag of their size and power with impunity, still if anything understating their true size and scope.

They started under him known as the “Valdez Principles.” They are now known as “the Ceres Principles.”1 Yes, Gordon Davidson is the organizer of what is now proclaimed to be a 4 trillion dollar environmental, corporate, and “socially responsible investing” consortium! I would not be surprised to learn of links between him and Martin Palmer, also an advisor to England’s Prince Philip. Martin Palmer claims to be heading a trillion dollar religious environmental consortium.

Listening to this morning’s Today Show feature (August 8, 2007) featuring an apparently anti-McDonald’s advocate , I heard her suggest creating a legal structure that would end first amendment rights for “corporate entities,” (presumably, people next) under the rubric of “corporate responsibility, I started to suspect that the Valdez principle people with their larger “global governance” agenda lurking nearby. I was hoping I was wrong. It appears I was not. There is a Harvard connection to more than mere worrying about the dietary likes and dislikes of toddlers who think everything tastes better in McDonald’s wrappers. My on line search showed a surprising level of involvement by the Harvard Divinity School with the Gordon Davidson Valdez cum Ceres “corporate responsibility’ reshaping scenario -- especially obvious components of religious marginalizing and attempted reshaping. All of this is also very much like the work Jeremy Rifkin started in the 1970s and is still continuing to this day – Rifkin’s THE EMERGING ORDER: GOD IN AN AGE OF SCARCITY and his called for “paradigm shift” is still very obviously at play.

Such strange fruits and coming from the Harvard Divinity School at that! Jesus said to his disciples, “fear not, you are of more worth than many sparrows. “ Here’s the latest contradiction to that from the Harvard Divinity School:

In biological terms humans provide no essential functions for the survival of other large communities of life-forms -- save, perhaps, for our own domesticated animals, plants and parasites. If we disappear it is probable that wheat, rice, cattle, camels and the common cold virus will not survive in their current forms for very long. But the vast majority of the earth's organisms can do perfectly well, indeed perhaps thrive even better, without us or our biological associates.

We continue to strut and prance about with a sense of supreme self-importance as if all creation were put in place for our benefit. As the zoologist David Ehrenfeld has observed, in spite of what science has revealed about our place in the universe "we still believe that the force of gravity exists in order to make it easier for us to sit down”

Well, what is the gospel according to Harvard, about this alleged dysfunctional mindset? Three guesses and the first two don’t count! It is our religion which needs reforming! Quoting from their website, we read:

From where does such arrogance come? How can our beliefs be so far out of touch with our knowledge? How can we maintain such an inflated sense of personal, collective and species self-importance?

The answer, in part, is that Western religious traditions have generated and sustained this petty arrogance. A culture's religious beliefs are constructed from what that group has come to believe in religiously. Ever since the advent of cereal agriculture and with increasing intensity since the emergence of humanist thought stemming from the European Renaissance, Western cultures have come to believe religiously in their own power, importance and capacity to dominate and control nature.”

While attacking orthodox religious beliefs, the Harvard Divinity School and its “ecoethics” center advocates simultaneously employ a euphemism called “corporate responsibility.” While unashamedly promoting Gordon Davidson’s Valdez principles and even beyond, they make a simultaneous equally unashamed frontal assault on both ancient Judaic and Christian beliefs:

Some religious groups have transcribed and elaborated creation myths which serve to ennoble and authorize this illusion of domination. In these myths a supreme and omnipotent God figure (usually portrayed as male) is said to have created humankind and enjoined this species to be "fruitful and multiply" and "subdue" the earth. Moreover, it is often a feature of these traditions that selected human groups come to feel entitled, empowered or specially ordained by such a God to be his "chosen people." Through their actions and history, it is believed, this God allegedly manifested his intent for the planet as a whole. In short, human groups created God in their own image and generated divine narratives that accorded themselves privileged status in the whole of creation.

Were they using Gordon Davidson’s beloved Alice Bailey books to reach these conclusions, if not to actually draft the verbiage? The Harvard Divinity School reference to “chosen people,” is clearly a not so subtle reference to the Jewish people. It is very close to what Alice Bailey wrote about the Jews in several of her Lucis Press (the former Lucifer Publishing Company) The creation myth reference is an insult to all monotheistic believers.

You be the judge! Maybe they just plain didn’t know of Gordon Davidson’s more esoteric side. If not, they are free to take a peek at his “non-denominational” website, as I just did. Well, with campus attitudes like this, is it any wonder that the Harvard Medical school’s Public Relations Director had no problem seeking and taking a microchip implant? Looks to me like all our problems aren’t just Stanford University and New York University’s inputs on “global governance.” Either deliberately or inadvertently, Harvard is doing its fair share to attempt a pseudo-intellectual reshaping of the American religious climate. Suddenly, the huge family expense of seeking and receiving a Harvard degree for one of its members is of much less value than we thought before. Hopefully, their law school and political science departments make up for the common sense deficiencies at the medical and divinity schools, but I wouldn’t want to take it to the bank!

The scriptures proclaim that “God sits in the heaven and laugh . . . he shall have them in derision.” He must be howling at such effete snobbery combined with Harvard’s Divinity School pseudo-academics!

If you would like to personally view more of Harvard components to this global governance networking (yes, many of these are the same old New Age/religious apostasy figures such as John Cobb that I have been tracking since 1981) here are some internet links to go there. Download it and archive it VERY QUICKLY. They do play this lovely little game of “now you see us, now you don’t.”

International Society for Environmental Ethics, “I SEE”:

Harvard Center for Environmental Values:

And lastly, more about the Valdez Principle organization, “CERES.” Ceres is an interesting choice of names. It literally means “forceful cultivation.” Ceres was organized by New Age activist Gordon Davidson. It claims to be the largest coalition of investors, environmental activists, and public interest groups in North America. Its recently appointed president, Wendy Lubbers, is a former advisor to President Bill Clinton. It is a significant bridge between New Age environmentalists and corporate moneys and influence. It has significant links with at least Harvard University and Yale University.

Interestingly, perhaps coincidentally, perhaps not, “CERES” is also the acronym for The Centre for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies (CERES) at the University of Toronto. Perhaps our good friends at the Canada Free Press may know more about this one. I will be writing more about CERES – three significant Ceres’ networks, in my next article here as well as on my own blogspot.

Clearly there is more to worry about than children liking carrots better if in McDonald’s packaging. Let’s worry about what is packaged and sold to us as adults even more susceptible to propaganda than small children!



My internet radio program, "My Perspective," Saturdays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern Time and 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Pacific Time will feature a Detroit area newspaper columnist and popular national free lance writer by the name of Ron Siegal. We will be talking about our mutual experiences with what we term "the Kevorkian wars," the 1990's pro-Euthanasia forces vs. us, the anti-Euthanasia, anti-Dr. Kevorkian ones. Please join us at Saturday at The chatroom will be open as well as open lines for questions. Ron is Jewish and has a special interest in protecting the disabled from those who would deride their right to be here as "lack of quality of life." A professional writer, Ron has written extensively on right to life issues for publications such as Our Sunday Visitor, the Detroit News, the Detroit Free Press, the Michigan Citizen, and many others.

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Dr. Stanley Monteith will be My Perspective Guest on Saturday


My long time friend, Dr. Stanley Monteith, from California, will be my very special guest on "My Perspective" for two hours from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Pacific time and 2 p.m. to 4 pm. Eastern Daylight Savings Time, this Saturday, August 4, 2007. We will be discussing his career as a physician, his great work in educating the public about the AIDS epidemic, his work in informing the public about the terrible influence of occult mysticism on national and global politics. We will have open lines and the chatroom will be open at Dr. Monteith introduced me in the video link to the right of this blogspot. We are fortunate to have this great man joining us and I am hoping you will honor us with your presence as well!