Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Universal Digital Identificarion - Coming VERY SOON

I have issues with some ofTruNews positions, particularly vis a vis Israel and what they call "Zionism."  However, their reporting on issues  to the Christian community on developments on what I have called over the years the "Cashless Society", my shorthand expression for the prophesied developments of Revelation 13 and Revelation 14 are on target.  Tonight TruNews featured Rick Wiles in Barcelona, Spain, attending a Mobile World Congress currently being held in Barcelona, Spain.

Rick Wiles reported and showed his video footage of people joyfully being implanted in their right hands with a microchip to be used as part of a global tracking system.  Rick Wiles said and my online research tonight concurs that the system is being rolled out rapidly and even ruthlessly. 

I did my own online searching tonight.  MicroSoft has joined the large global network working for ID2020 -- global human identity.  

Interestingly, when I first started speaking nationally on the New Age issues, I did a live telephone interview with an Arlington, Texas station.  This was in 1982.  A local New Age activist was on at the same time.  He listened to me carefully and said, "well, she doesn't sound crazy, but -- Lady, you've got us all wrong.  We're not about that _- we're a cybernetics revolution.  In the past, when I needed money, I would have to go to the bank and present several forms of identification.  Now, all I have to present is a card!"

I said, "yes, and next all you'll have to present is your right hand or forehead."  He reacted immediately and almost angrily, saying, 'why most ministers no longer take that literally.  The only thing that would interfere with a convenience like that is your silly religious beliefs!"

I responded saying, "'Silly religious beliefs?'  OK, let's talk about some of yours:  Plant devas?  Luciferic initiations?"

He said, "well, there's kooks in every movement."  I retorted, "unfortunately, the kooks are running yours."

Well, I do believe we may have slowed down the New Age Movement and "causing all rich and poor to receive a mark in their right hand or forehead" for upwards of 35 years -- they hoped for 1982 implementation. 

My educated guess is that whomever they planned to trot out as "messiah" in 1982 is still around, much longer in the tooth, and unhappy ast the high level career delay.  Many, many elements are now coming together that appear to have serious prophetic significance.  Brexit, populism, Donald Trump, and ,many other factors are being used as excuses to quickly accelerate global change "by any means necessary."  Javier Solana is demanding that any global governance restructuring give China much, much more power. 

Things are coming together very quickly.  The pressures on us will be ugly.  I have been disturbed in the past year to learn that Brannon Howse, John McArthur, and Jimmy DeYoung all proclaimed that Christians could take the Mark of the Beast and still be be saved.  I don't read Revelation 13 and Revelation 14 that way -- to the contrary, it was an act that could condemn us to everlasting destruction.

It appears that it is happening and it is happening now. 

Watch and pray always!  And this device must be resisted by us, regardless of societal pressures to succumb>