Friday, July 19, 2013


A long time victim of the New World Order of "globalization," as well as many other factors:  crime, out-sourcing of local employment, excessive college tuition rates, and declining local population in a huge metropolitan region still called by the name of the core city, Detroit, things have come to a local head.  Kevyn Orr, the Emergency Financial Manager appointed by Michigan's governor electronically filed for bankruptcy at 4:01 p.m. this afternoon.  Many people have panned Detroit, but I still love the city.  The more I traveled, which was particularly heavy throughout the 1980s and somewhat in the 1990's and years 2000-2010, the more I appreciated our beautiful region.  We are blessed with the Great Lakes, abundant crops, proximity to Canada, many fine believing Christians, and we have had relative racial peace since the Detroit riots which plagued this town in 1967 and sporadically for a few years thereafter.

NBC reported on this bankruptcy tonight and gave broad hints on the  6:30 evening news that Chicago may be facing similar crises.

It was Detroit where I discovered the New Age Movement's existence and watched powerful manifestations of it in such spectacles as Benjamin Creme speaking at the Unity Center for Holistic Living (formerly the very large Palmer Park Christian Science Church) on November 4, 1981.  A few weeks thereafter David Spangler spoke at University of Michigan expense to a fairly large crowd there.  I witnessed both events.  

Suburban Detroit (Ferndale, Michigan) was the home of the very large Mayflower Bookstore.  It was there and at Middle Earth Books in Sterling Heights, Michigan as well as the Michigan Metaphysical Society also in Berkley where I collected much of the documentation that was used in THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW released by Huntington House in 1983.

But, it was also Detroit where prominent academics such as Dr. Wesley Gould and others at Wayne State University gave encouragement and support to my research and work during the crucial incubator days of it.  It was Detroit where prominent members of the Detroit City Council such as Marianne Mahaffey vouched for my credibility.  It was the DETROIT FREE PRESS that did a page and a half picture story on my work that helped turn the tide and woke people to the reality of the New Age Movement.  

I have deep affection for this town.  It was a black female evangelist who is still living but quite elderly, Missionary Hattie Humphrey, who first summoned me to speak about the topic after I talked to her about my research on a political boat ride for our then mutual friend, Detroit City Clerk Jim Bradley.  Mr. Bradley left our world in 1997.  

I had crucial support from Detroiters.  I was invited to present my research in 1982, even prior to the newspaper story, to the combined staffs of three members of the Detroit City Council:  Marianne Mahaffey, Nicholas Hood, and John People.  

I was not raised in Detroit.  I grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana and graduated from high school in Roanoke, Indiana.  When I became a Detroiter in late 1965, for the first time I had access to affordable institutions of higher learning that eventually afforded me the opportunity to become an attorney -- a remote, if not impossible dream, in my original home town.

Detroit is my adopted city.  It has received much bad press from many.  It is a BEAUTIFUL CITY and one well worth visiting.  Pray for our region.  It is one where much good and much evil have seen collision, but I do believe God has had his merciful hand on it.

I'm sorry I have posted so little the past few weeks.  I'm still writing and have been digesting an intensive review of my library and have been somewhat busier as a lawyer recently.

Stay tuned!  There will be more and that book is definitely in the hopper.