Monday, February 29, 2016


Dear Friends,

Not too many advantages to a Leap Year Day birthday, but the humor of it increases with age.  Today, I am having my 18th birthday, since arriving on earth on February 29, 1944.

I'm occupied with so many thoughts and projects, but I'm grateful to God for giving me this much time.  My life has been sometimes sad, sometimes happy, sometimes frustrating, but never boring.  I can take almost anything but boredom.

When I first (in April 1981) discovered the New Age Movement, the disturbing development that led to my researching and writing THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW (Huntington House, 1983), I was in "Leap Years" only 9 years old.  In real time, that would have made  37.

Well, the Leap Year birthday has never been good for much but laughs.  When I was a little girl who thought she was turning 8, I was disturbed to tears by my father putting two candles on my birthday cake and saying "you're only two."

At my present stage in life, it's a lot of fun, when asked my age, to have said for the past four  years "17" and now, today, "18."

Thanks for being my readers and I'll have real meat to chew on soon.

You may download my two books for free for my birthday (see, you're getting the present!) by going over to internet archives by clicking on this link for HIDDEN DANGERS and this one for A PLANNED DECEPTION.

 We are living in perilous times indeed, but I do believe the good Lord gave us a sense of humor as a safety valve!

Stay tuned!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Unification Church is still on the move - post death of Rev. Moon

Earlier this evening (Friday evening, February 19, 2016)  I witnessed a bizarre event in Centerline, Michigan near the Detroit city border.  Near a heavy industrial and trucking center area is an obvious Unification Church (Moonie) colony.  I went to the occasion for a supposed "international food dinner."  What the event actually turned out to be was a "Blessing" of Unification Church couples -- a "Cosmic Blessing" from "True Mother."  The Moonie "Trinity" is obviously "God, Rev. Moon, and Mrs. Moon."  As Rev. Moon departed for whatever his reward/punishment in 2012, an obviously aging Mrs. Moon was conducting the ceremony, simulcast to true believers via internet on Friday, February 19, 2016.   Seen on the screen was a very packed Korean stadium with thousands of couples handpicked for each other with little or no prior notice of who was chosen for whom.  Six "lucky couples" were chosen to enter the stage and receive presents from Mrs. Moon.

I will have much to say about this on my internet radio program, a very few and too short hours from now.  Needless to say, I am agitated about what I saw tonight and learned about infiltration of major religious denominations on our local front "right here in River City" as sung in the Music Man movie of years ago.  They are obviously working hard on a New World Religion and were very happy about steps they perceive Pope Francis to be taking in that direction.  Imams and Rabbis were present.  I learned that they had extremely slick "Catholics" who were pretending to be the best of loyal Catholics but really believed Rev. Moon to be the true purveyor of truth and wisdom.  Their veneer was "family preservation."  As I know of few groups more responsible for family separation, it strikes me as more than ironic, if not disingenuous.

Please join me in the morning.  Last week my preceding program was to have been rebroadcast as I had a Memorial service to attend for a very dear and close friend for many years.  I understand that at least the first hour did not happen as planned.  Oh well.  God willing, all will go well in the morning.  I have a whole lot to say.  Please join me.

Tune in and stay tuned!


Monday, February 01, 2016

Hillsdale College - Mixed past reviews about this beautiful Michigan campus

I'm at a conference at Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Michigan.  It is sponsored by a Hillsdale institution called "The Center for Constructive Alternatives."  I ran into interesting people here last night with the very similar concerns to me on the issues.  There will be a campus tour today.  My husband attended Hillsdale College for his freshman year of college and then transferred later to Wayne State University (one of my own alma mater's).   The focus of this conference which is directed towards both writers and readers is "The Art of Biography." 

I have several friends -- some close -- with Hillsdale College backgrounds.  Harry Veryser, a noted economics professor and author himself, was Assistant to the President here many years ago.  My stepson, David, graduated from Hillsdale College before I discovered the existence of the New Age Movement.

Hillsdale was not without its own New Age infiltration.  I had been informed that one of the professors back in the 1980s was a Rosicrucian and for several years all the "Excellence in Religion" awards had gone to members of his Rosicrucian study group.  Among those invited for presentations were Barbara Marx Hubbard, John Naisbitt, Willis Harman, and Marilyn Ferguson.  Ipsa res loquitor, legal speak for "the facts speak for themselves."

I'm told the Shavano Institute still exists but has been renamed.  I asked about it in the orientation session for visitors this morning.  My educated guess for at least the period of the 1980s when they spoke was that the purpose of inviting them was not just to study "comparative ideologies."  I rather suspect there were true believers even at conservative Hillsdale College, just as just about everywhere else.

Well, a lecture is now scheduled and it would be rude for me not to attend, so I'm off.  I would love to know if anybody else out there ever followed the Shavano Institute situation.  Shavano is now  renamed as "National Leadership Seminars."

I'll be back soon and stay tuned!