Sunday, February 05, 2023


 This will be short and sweet.  I have a new book sitting beside me, DARK AGENDA:  The War to Destroy Christian America.  The author is David Horowitz who was once a major figure on the radical left.  The Bible contains a description of the Godly King Josiah of whom it was said he walked neither to the left hand nor to the right, but strictly in the paths of the Lord.  For sure, there are traps on both sides.  I don't agree with Horowitz on everything.  He definitely does not see the same issues on Donald Trump as I have come to see, especially post January 6.  

HOWEVER, with that being said, Horowitz's book on the war on monotheism, including Christians and Jews should be required reading.  When I started my research back in early 1981, one of the trends I noticed was very, very similar to what Horowitz reports.  I opened a file that I have continuously maintained thereafter -- I still have my original paper file, "War on Fundamentalism."

DARK AGENDA by David Horowitz, copyright 2018, is an excellent and disturbing summary of much that is happening.  The difference between Horowitz and myself is that I believe Trump's moves are playing right into the hands of our enemies.  In fact, many of our spiritual "New Age" entities are shaping the organizations/networks such as "Qanon" and leading Christians to do things that make us look like fair game by our enemies to rationalize our coming prophesied persecutions.

Read the book.  Take the wheat, leave any chaff, and thank God that former leftists such as Lee Penn (whose memorial mass was held in Portland, Oregon yesterday), David Horowitz, and others have repented of their former positionss and came to be active workers for God and righteousness,

Stay tuned!