Saturday, March 16, 2019

Cardinal Godfried Danneels, a key backer of Bergoglio (Pope Francis) has died 03-15-2019

Today, it was announced that Cardinal Godfried Danneels died.  His life was not without controversy and his position on the New Age Movement was literally and figuratively "all over the map."  He was quoted in A CHURCH IN SEARCH OF ITSELF as saying his theology changed daily. Catholic anti-New Age activist and author Donna Steichen once sent me a copy of a well written book published under his name, Christ or Aquarius:  Exploring the New Age Movement.  That book is lurking somewhere within my large personal library.  I'm still searching and at times, it seems like looking for a needle in a haystack.  That book was released in 1992.  After that, however, Danneels, the former president of Pax Christi, which under the American leadership of Detroit Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, had taken some noticeably New Age turns. 

Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) had taken strong stands against the New Age Movement as had former Pope John Paul II.  I rather suspect that if Danneels daily changing theology was still anti-New Age, he might not have been so militantly opposed to Pope Benedict XVI.  Danneels proudly proclaimed himself part of a "mafia" that was determined to advance the Catholic Church 200 years in the future.  Towards that end, he enthusiastically supported Pope Francis (former Cardinal Bergoglia of Argentina).  Pope Francis, to my observation, does not appear in the least to be anti-New Age.

Where did Cardinal Danneels end up?  That is for the God whom we will all eventually have to face in Judgment to determine.  I hope, as I do for everybody, that it was on the "side of the Angels". 

Stay tuned?


P.S.  I noticed that Baker Book House has copies of Danneel's 1992 book in stock for a reasonable price.   I gave up on finding it and have ordered another copy. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Ann Barnhardt -- a brave Catholic soldier -- Colista Gingrich: USA Ambassador to Vatican?

It is difficult to observe the New Age Movement for as long as I have --since 1981 -- and not see that the climate in the Vatican has changed in the past 31 years (since 1988) to one against the New Age Movement to one sympathetic to at least its political agenda.  Moreover, recent developments tell me that it appears that Pope Francis (Bergoglio) is clearly not hostile to New World Religion developments.

Friends have alerted me to the incredible work of Ann Barnhardt speaking bravely out on Vatican developments.  I am still sorting through her material, but her arguments clearly deserve consideration.  Interestingly, I think she must be about the age I was when I discovered the existence of the New Age Movement and its ramifications to Christianity.  I would dearly love to talk with her.  I would also appreciate knowing our forum participant Susanna's perspective on recent Vatican developments.  You may reach Ann Barnhardt's website by clicking here.

For 37 of the 38 years I have tracked the New Age Movement, I have tracked one of its major proponents:  NEWT GINGRICH.  I first opened my file on him in 1982.  Marilyn Ferguson wrote enthusiastically about the brave Georgian Congressman working so hard to advance the New Age agenda.  I opened a file on him the day that arrived and have kept tabs on him since.

One tab I didn't follow but should have was the career of his current wife, Colista Gingrich.  The Gingrich couple collaborated on one of his Toffler style books:   (he was mentored, inter alia, by Alvin and Heidi Toffler)

Newt Gingrich has never tried to hide his New Age affiliations and propensity.  Too many Christians, Evangelicals included, fail to see them.  I have written frequently on Newt Gingrich in the past.  Now that I realize that his current wife, Colista, is the United States Ambassador to the Vatican, I have reviewed and thought about the situation again.

I have many of Newt Gingrich's books in my library.  Some titles include:

  • Breakout:  Pioneers of the Future, Prison Guards of the Past, and the Epic Battle That Will Decide America's Fate (2013);
  • Contract with America (1995);
  • Contract with the Earth (2007);
  • NEWT GINGRICH:  Lessons learned the Hard Way (1998);
  • To Renew America (1995)
  • Window of Opportunity:  A Blueprint for the Future (1984);
  • Winning the Future:  A 21st Century Contract with America (2005);

Well, Pope Francis has for all practical purposes endorsed Agenda 21 lock, stock, and barrel; he has now apparently blessed and endorsed religious syncretism.  And the USA Ambassador to the Vatican is the current wife of an open New Ager vigorously working the circles of those considering themselves "conservative" with the same propaganda Al Gore (another Toffler protege) spreads on the "liberal" side.

What's next?

Stay tuned!