Monday, February 12, 2024

It looks increasingly like Donald Trump will return to power and take vengeance on all opposing him

I started this article a few weeks ago and did not complete it.  I am aging now and will turn 20 in just a few ore weeks.  (I'm a Leap Year Baby and get one birthday every four years whether I need it or not!  Do your 4 x 20 math).  I just do not have the stamina I once had -- My mother died at age 81, my father at age 63.  My maternal grandfather lived to age 86 and died of colon cancer.  His oldest son, my mother's older brother lived to be 95 and taught college until he was 92.  So, I am not sure which set of genes I was dealt nor what age the Lord plans to take me.  As the world seems to be going now, I am starting to think the lucky ones are out of here.  Frankly, most of the news is very bad these days.

As you know, I have my deep reservations about Donald Trump.  He is a prominent entry in my large internet file titled "Antichrist theories."  

But my worries are increasing speedily about Donald Trump and frankly, I don't care if many of you violently dispute me or not.  I hope you are right and I am wrong -- but I am increasingly suspecting the opposite.

Trump's probable return to power has brought strongly to my mind lately the prophecy of "THE BEAST THAT WAS DEAD AND CAME BACK TO LIFE."  That Beast's "deadly wound was healed" and "ALL THE WORLD WONDERED AFTER THE BEAST." (Revelation 3:3)

Since the start of 2024, Trump's boldness in proclaiming retribution for all those prosecuting him, RINO's, what he terms "fake press", "Never-Trumpers", etc. has increased.  So has his open praise of other countries' dictators:  Erdogan (Turkey), Xi (China), Putin (Russia), Hezbollah (Lebanese anti-Israel militia group), Viktor Orban (Hungary), etc.

PLEASE WATCH CAREFULLY THE VIDEO OF TRUMP'S RALLY SPEECH IN CONWAY, SOUTH CAROINA, YESTERDAY!  You will see of what I just discussed in the preceding paragraph there.  I managed to insert a copy here of the speech for those who can't follow the link.

Tonight, I was so bothered by the passage of "all theWorld wondered after the beast", I decided to do an internet search to see if anybody else had similar thoughts.  I found the attached 2020 item from an "anonymous" poster expressing virtually identical thoughts and interpretations that have been playing over many times in my head lately.  You can read it and you can even listen to it read -- it is about a 12 minute listen.  It is called "The Resurrection of Donald Trump".  The author chose to be anonymous, but 3 years later, it appears that it may well be happening.

That scriptural passage   It has become increasingly apparent that the vast majority of Evangelicals and many conservative Catholics believe that Donald Trump, if re-elected --- indictments and all --will be their savior or deliverer.  They believe and are told that the World Economic Forum,NATO, the United Nations, the Bilderbergers, etc. will soon take over the world, cost nations their individual soveereignty, etc., etc.  This is the theme of a very professional film/video iny Amazon Prime library:  "Trump is God's chosen instrument to stand between them and us."  The movie is literally loaded with positive images of Donald Trump, including a his sculptured head on a bust.

Quoting from one voice (Tony Perkins) early in the production saying:  "There clearly is a march towards globalization.  We know there is a counterforce to everything that God does.  It's called Satan.  He's been planning and scheming from the very beginning and we read that he does it all the way to the end.  

So far, so true.

Next, the video accurately quotes Scripture from the Book of Revelation about the coming world dictator and that he will "surely be around the corner '. . . ;It's difficult to deny that we will be heading toward a global government."  It tells us to look at the United Nations, the World Bank.

Am I concerned about the World Economic Forum?  Yes.  Am I concerned about the "World Bank"?  Yes.  Am I concerned about other moves toward "globalization"?  Yes!

But, I am even more concerned about the deception Jesus warned us would be -- enough to deceive the Elect, if possible."  (Matthew 24:24).  Others have said to me:  "I'm the elect, that's not possible."  The minute you think it not possible for you to be deceived, you are the most vulnerable.  As many of Brother Paul and Brother James' excellent videos have shown, there are too many prophesied points about the Antichrist apparently manifesting fully in Donald Trump:  Wealth, Greed, lawlessness, dishonesty.  I believe Trump is playing a clever game as being "our champion."  I also believe that he will probably turn on us as he did so many others when Christians start to doubt his sincerity.  There is absolutely no way I can ignore his posting of messianic qualities about himself nor his failure to denounce others making such messianic claims on his behalf.

And lastly, Donald Trump has claimed he has never needed to go to God and ask for forgiveness.

Well, as to the Cyrus thing.  We know Cyrus was a monarch who helped restore the Jewish nation, but we have no Biblical nor other evidence as to him being supposedly a corrupt and cruel figure.

I have much more to say, but I felt I needed to say this much now!

Stay tuned!


Wednesday, January 10, 2024

An excellent video from a political science perspective about Trump, Populism, cults, and followers

 To all:  My last and recent site still needs to be watched by all who have missed it.  I updated it so refresh your browser for that post -- on it I included in the middle a video by a Christian watcher who had concerns very, very similar to my own.  His conclusions were that Trump did some good things while in office, but his present positions in the "God Made Trump" video approached very, very close to blasphemy.  This morning I discovered a vifdeo from a political observer named Leeja Miller.  I know nothing about her religion nor other preferences, but I was an undergaduate Political Science major holding major political jobs (Administrative Assistant and Legislative Analyst to the MichiganSpeaker of the House) and thereafter before starting law school in January 1972 as Executive Assistant to the Mayor for the then more viable city of Highland Park, Michigan, an enclave of Detroit.  You need to watch her video.  She featured some material by Steve Hassan, a cult expert who was once a Moonie.  He left the Moonies after his parents had him deprogrammed and he has been eternally grateful to them for that intervention.  He has carefully studied cult tactics.  At any rate, without further ado, here is Leeja Miller's video.  Many of you will probably scorn it, but it is well worth watching and considering.

Respectfully submitted,


Tuesday, January 09, 2024

Christians accepting Trump "God Made Trump" as "Divine Revelation" -- watch video below

 This copy of Trump's video was put on Youtube network by a channel calling itself "The Next News Networking."

Watch the video below as well -- I have added this -- I agree that Trump did some good things as President -- that is why I voted for him in the 2020 Election.  He nullified all in my opinion by summoning the mob to Washington, DC, demanding that the Georgia Secrertary of State find him 11,780 votes, demanding Mike Pence violate the Constitution, and failing to speak out to protect Pence and others from the Capitol ransacking.  When gallows were erected by protestors for Mike Pence, Trump's response was to stoke even more anger against him by saying that Pence had lacked the courage to fail to certify the electoral college votes.  Below is another worthwhile video for you to watch -- I'm including it here rather than creating a new post for it:

Now, go and watch Brother Paul'D(not POPE PAUL) newest video, TRUMP IS POISONING CHRISTIANITY.

We have a Savior!  His name is JESUS, NOT "Donald".


Saturday, January 06, 2024

Trump proclaims himself our shepherd and messiah -- Watch HIS own video!

More for your viewing, reading and study -- as if many of you Trump true devotees care: (ROBERT REICH)

Now, take the time to view this video and go to Brother Paul's ANTICHRIST 45 channel and prayerfully watch powerful evidence he presents:

It would be beneficial to watch these videos, consider Pope Francis' recent actions removing those opposing his pro LGBTQ agenda, excommunicating a priest speaking out against it in light of prophecies about THE APOSTASY (which I' m also convinced obvious Evangelical Trump worship is also a component of) and the the REVEALING OF THE MAN OF SIN."

I am certain that many Evangelicals might now turn from Trump in the light of yesterday's blatant video posted directly by him to his Truth Social website.  I'm also certain that one day Trump will violently turn on those Evangelicals and other Christians who now might finally disavow him.


Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Another shameless lie from Donald Trump -- "I haven't read MEIN KAMPF"

 As a long time amateur historian on World War II, anti-Semitism, Nazism, and Hitler, I have long been sensitized to Hitler's pronouncements about Jews poisoning the bloodstream of the German people.  Now Donald Trump has made several of his recent Trump rallies listen to similar statements about first Mexicans and now all immigrants from all over the world as "verming", poisoning our bloodstream.

Now is Trump lying now about his alleged lack of familiarity with Hitler's Mein Kamp? Or was he lying to reporter Marie Brenner in a 1990 article she wrote about Donald and Ivana Trump that included reactions to his wife Ivana's claims tht he kept a copy of MY NEW ORDER by Adolf Hitler by his  bedside.  Trump reacted to that by saying that the book was not MY NEW ORDER but instead MEIN KAMPF and was a gift to him by a "Jewish friend" named "Marty Davis", a Paramount films executive.  Marie Brenner followed up with Marty Davis who told her:  

    1.  The book I gave him was MY NEW ORDER, a collection of Hitler speeches;

    2,  "I am not Jewish."

Exact 1990 Vanity Fair quote is below:

My educated guess based on Trump's statements and recent policy statements about "obliterating" all opposition including RINO's, "fake press," "deep state (all federal civil service employees), Prosecutors and other accusers of him, General Milley, etc., etc., is that Trump most likely CLOSELY READ both MY NEW ORDER and MEIN KAMPF.  I believe that he has closely studied histories of Fascist and Nazi leaders, analyzing their mistakes.  It appears to me that his statement denying knowledge of MEIN KAMPF is still another lie.

How long until a re-elected and empowered Trump decides that Evangelical Christians who might belatedly catch on to him are "vermin" and "poisoning our bloodstream."  I fear, given recent polls, that this is a distinct possibility.  I hope I'm wrong, but I fear I'm right.

Below is one of the many comments in MEIN KAMPF about "poisoning bloodstream.

I am still working on my review of Mark Satin's new book UP FROM SOCIALISM.  If you want to read it soondf for yourself -- it is an interesting history of important segments of the New Age Movement from 1980s through present, it is available from Amazon.

Stay tuned,


Sunday, December 10, 2023

It looks like Trump might be returning to Presidency until and unless Evangelicals and "patriots" come to their senses -- I am terrified!

By now, unless one has completely ignored Donald Trump's plain language in his many rally speeches, it should be clear that Trump's aims are to install an autocracy -- one nation, solely under him.  Perhaps also with the help of his friends, one world under him.   Joseph Biden, of whom I am no fan, looks determined to stay in the Presidential race.  The concerns about Biden's age and health are not going  away.  If the race were between only Trump and Biden, I will tell you now and you might get angry -- I will vote for Biden over Trump, for one major reason.  Biden does not appear to have dictatorial aspirations.  Trump very clearly does.  He will after being elected -- indictments and all -- turn on Christians, just as he has turned against anybody else ever raising an eyebrow against him.  The world is so very "lucky" to have had two perfect men in its history:

    1.  Jesus Christ.

    2.  Donald John Trump

Why Donald J. Trump?  Because he claims he has never needed to go to God for forgiveness.  There are many places you can view him making such claims on the  Youtube channel on the Internet.  One is below

Frankly speaking, given what I have seen from large media reports recently, I would speculate that perhaps Pope Francis might  be a "False Prophet" and Donald John Trump, THE ANTICHRIST.  Pope Francis has recently removed two important Church officials for their opposition to his very relaxed church standards against LGBTQ.  Bishop Strickland of Tyler, Texas and Rome based Cardinal Burke.  If Trump comes back and implements his oft stated agenda of "totally obliterating" his enemies, and is not the biblically prophesied antichrist, he will certainly give a jolly good excuse for the real Antichrist to take over.  Regarding Trump's claims to punish "fake news", his advisor Kash Patel recently said.

Trump appears to be more emboldened all the time.  We have been warned by former Trump top staffers (e.g. General Kelly) that Trump has expressed admiration for Hitler.  Trump's recent speeches comparing his opposition to vermin infesting American flood was hardly original with him -- Hitler and his Nazi troupe expressed this.

Youtube channeler, Brother Paul, has produced some compelling videos about Donald Trump and his belief that Trump may well be the antichrist, as in THE ANTICHRIST.  Trump has turned, usually  viciously, against any and all raising eyebrows against him -- whether Democrat, Libertarian and/or Republican ("RINO's").  Rupert Murdoch kept Trump going on Fox News for the past several years.  Trump has recently came out against him, calling him "a Globalist" in the worst sense of that word.        

I have saved, catalogued, and indexed hundreds of  videos I have pulled down with help of REAL DOWNLOAD to my computer and backed up same.  For now, I have the reports and videos about Trump and others as "antichrist" filed as "Antichrist theories."

There is too much going on with Donald Trump and his cult-like Evangelical/MAGA following to ignore.  I strongly suspect he is coming back for a second term.  I also strongly suspect that when does, he will not be OUR FRIEND.

I know there are many Trump loyalists hanging out on this blogspot.  I sincerely hope I am wrong and that the day will not come when I have to say "I TOLD YOU SO."'      

I will soon have an extremely interesting book review up here for you shortly.  It is by author Mark Satin who was the 1980's author of NEW AGE POLITICS. His new book which I recently completed reading on my Kindle is UP FROM SOCIALISM.  There are many fascinating and candid reports inside its covers by Mr. Satin (I also have the paperback edition) on dynamics and divisions in the NEW AGE MOVEMENT, some of which extremely disillusioned Mr. Satin himself.  There is fascinating coverage of the Eco-Fascist movement, for example.

Stay tuned!


Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Too much happening to encapsulate!

 What is happening?  Everything!

    1.  Trumpism continues its strange evil spell over too many Evangelicals and Right-to-Life Catholics: "only Trump can save us."

    2.  The  Hamas October 7 surprise attack on Israel.

    3.  Trump receives indictments for his Georgia and related Election interference activities.

    4.  Trump - FOR NOW - flatters and praises Evangelicals while hurling insults at just about everybody else (and those Evangelicals not under his spell.)

   5.  Curiously, pro-Maga and Qanon people along with substantial parts of the Republican Party who  communicate with Trump and take his advice favor abandoning Ukraine.

   6.  Reportedly, Putin hangs on in the Ukraine wars in hopes that Trump will return to the Presidency and remove all USA resistance to his mass-murdering invasion of that country.

  7.  Trump promises to OBLITERATE his opposition.

  8.  Trump believes he can override this portion of the Constitution (14th Amendment) with an "Executive Order":

Amendment XIV

Section 1.

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Donald Trump has declared in his recent ranting speeches that if he is elected to the 47th Presidency of the United States that he will end the citizenship of  children born in the United States to undocumented aliens!

I am becoming increasingly wary of Trump for whom I once supported and voted for in two elections.  He has no compunction about lying, he has  an almost hypnotic, perhaps even demonic hold over naive Christians who think he will continue to be their friend once he has achieved his obvious dictatorial aspirations.  One thing  you should think about is the nickname he has attached to Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida of "SANCTIMONIOUS".  "Sanctimonious" is a term usually applied to people considered "churchy" or "pious".  

I am horrified at Biden's stance on abortion, same-sex marriage, trans-genderism, and the like.  However, I ask you to please remember that of "'transgender' BRUCE JENNER, now known as "Caitlyn Jenner," Trump during his first Presidential campaign said "she may use any restroom she wants in my buildings." Trump has spoken out of both sides of his mouth on these issues.  

Donald Trump pursues his political base with little regard for truth.  One of his top advisors, self-proclaimed "Dirty Trickster" Roger Stone is courting the New Apostolic Reformation crowd, including Elijah List with prolamations that he is now a born again Christian attending Coral Gables Presbyterian Church and that he and Donald Trump often "pray together."  I believe given his reputation and the obvious tactics employed that what he and Trump are really up to is "PREYING TOGETHER."  

If Trump returns, I pray I am wrong, but I strongly suspect I am not.


Monday, September 04, 2023

Rod of Iron Ministries & MAGA - Another compelling reason to be wary of Trump cultism

This is a sleepless night for me -- fortunately, I keep a computer bedside just in case.  If the night leg pains get too intense, I can sit up and research until sleepiness might set in.  That is what is happening with me now.  I have been paying attention recently to the continued spread of the Moonie cults and former President Donald Trump and company's relationship to it.  I have found something extremely disturbing -- Huang Jin Sean Moon founded "Sanctuary Church" a/k/a "Rod of Iron Ministries."  I ordered his book, ROD OF IRON KINGDOM and perused it tonight.  

Rod of Iron Ministries Church is founded by Huang Jin Sean Moon, one of Reverend Sun Myung Moon's 12 "  Look carefully at the crown on his head -- it is formed of bullets.  

This variation of Moon's "True Parents" calls for members to be armed with AR Automatic Assault rifles.  The Church believes that January 6, 2021 will be remembered as a sacred and holy day in American history.  It also believes it is preparing its people for war.  As I showed in an earlier post, Donald Trump went to Korea last year and thanked Unification Church and the Moon founders for vastly improving the planet.  The Pennsylvania based Rod of Iron Church has been visited and spoken to by Steve Bannon, Eric Trump, Doug Matriano and other members of the Trump establishment.

They believe they are preparing our country for civil war and they intend to be "God's instruments" fighting it.  They take out of context a verse from Revelation (Revelation 2:27) that Jesus will rule us with a "Rod of Iron" -- and of course, since the Moon family think they are the ones completing "Jesus' unfinished work" they are standing in for Him!

They have bought a large compound near Waco, Texas and another in Grainger County, Tennessee.  

For the record, Rev. Moon's "new gospel" was that Jesus failed in his mission which was to succeed and replace the race of Adam by marrying and having children.  His crucifixion represented "a failure".  Rev. Moon says he was called by God to fulfill that mission which he and his wife Jak Ha Moon (currently the head of the international church) did by having their 12 children.  Huang Jin Sean Moon tries to sound like a Christian in his book ROD OF IRON KINGDOM.  His theology is that his parents are the "True Parents" and their message the "true gospel."  If you don't believe me, take a peek at their websites for "Rod of Iron Ministries" and "World Peace and Unification Sanctuary Church". 

The Moonies are an important component of the New Age Movement of which I have warned for the past 42 years.  One of their important spokesman admitted to me that they were working with Benjamin Creme and Tara Center (January 1983 - Joe Tully).  Tully is the same person who assaulted Josette Sheeran's father when he tried to extricate his daughter in 1979 from the Moon cult.  

This cult hooked up with the MAGA Movement, with a goal of restoring Donald Trump to the Presidency, treating January 6, 2021's assault on the United States Capitol as sacred, is armed and dangerous.  Most certainly, there is no room there for any TRUE Christian.  Donald Trump and his close supporters have done nothing to discourage it -- but to encourage it.  I submit, that if you are in MAGA and/or Qanon, it is 'time to come out of her, my people."

Another example of NAR Trump idolatry -- this one in my email box from Elijah list this morning!

Stay tuned -- I will be writing more on this later.


Saturday, July 29, 2023



I am 33% through reading word for word the Kindle edition of Miles Taylor's new book BLOWBACK about what would happen to this country if Trump or "another Trump" (one with similar tactics and perspectives) were elected.  It is SOBERING to the extreme.  I also have the hard cover copy that I have thorough perused through the entire book.  Miles Taylor originally hails from LaPorte, Indiana.  For the record, although a Michigander since 1965, I was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana and am a "Hoosier" by birth.  Most of the very large clan I hail from of which I am now the matriarch, still live in Indiana.  Miles Taylor who was a student at Indiana University was a Marshall Scholar for the year 2012.  My very youngest niece, Abby Lemert, (Class of 2018) was Purdue University's first Marshall Scholar in 25 years.  That was the year she graduated from Purdue University with an engineering degree, as such was the Commencement Speaker, and went on to Scotland's Edinburgh University to claim a Masters' Degree in Infomatics, and another Masters'  degree from from University College London in "Public Diplomacy."  I will freely admit our extreme family pride in her stupendous accomplishments.  This past May she further graduated (Class of 1923) from Yale University School of Law.  For the record, she is also a fine Christian woman who has openly professed her faith through all her academic career.  She is presently preparing for an ordeal I went through 48 years ago -- Bar Examinations!

Well, with all that family bragging being said, part of my interest in Miles Taylor's book and career was that he held a Marshall's Scholarship only 6 years earlier and took advanced degrees at Oxford University with that Scholarship.  His interest was in the political world -- starting originally with Democratic friends, he became an influential young Republican.  He quickly advanced and held very important offices with Homeland Security working under former Defense Secretary and then Trump Chief of Staff John F. Kelly and successors.  He became extremely frightened at imprudent Presidential actions he saw during his tenure in the Trump administration.  He finally wrote a warning book WARNING by "Anonymous."  I have also obtained and thoroughly perused that book.  I do believe God allowed Trump to be there for the time he was there, if for no other reason than to place a check on the extreme progress by so-called "Progressives" in the obvious cultural wars.  

Now, we have been treated in previous weeks to replays of Trump's old broadcast statements in favor of abortion.  I have strong recall of his lack of support of the Miss California in the Miss Universe Pageantss that Trump owned and controlled for her statements that marriage was a union between a man and a woman.  

My observation on Donald Trump is one of amorality -- not morality.  His "spiritual advisor" Paula White has also been an enthusiastic supporter of the Unification Church cult.  Like Trump, Mike Pompeo, Newt Gingrich and others spoke enthusiastically in support of Unification Church endeavors on August 17, in Seoul, Korea.  Some of you have said it was ok, if they went for money and not worship of Rev. Moon and Mrs. Moon (Hak Jan Han Moon) as "True Parents."  I submit that going for money was more akin to prostitution than to legitimate business interest!  The true believers in this cult profession that Rev. Moon was the "Lord of the Second Advent",  "King of the Universe" and now post his 2012 death "leader of the Spirit World", as bad as they were/are, and are less culpable than those selling their souls for money.  Those claiming to do it to advance the "Kingdom of God" such as Tim LaHaye argued to me in 1986 in reality bought Evangelical silence against the evils of this extreme mind control cult.

Well, it is looking very frighteningly that Trump may well make a comeback and if he comes back, his retribution will be against those ever raising an eyebrow against his many maneuvers.  Those Christians who come out from his delusion are certain to be targeted.  January 6, 2021 was the very last straw for me -- I confess to my shame that I supported and voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020.  I have now intensely studied most of the books written about him -- from those both inside and outside his Adminstration.  Trump now says, "If I weren't running for President, I would have no one coming after me."  NOT TRUE, if nothing else, the January 6 INSURRECTION -- yes, it was an "insurrection" -- one clearly incited by President Trump who urged the gathering of the extremely large crowds to Washington on January 6 for his "Stop the Steal" rally.  His use of the word "Peaceably" in urging the march on the Capitol to help pressure Vice President Mike Pence to unlawfully stop the election confirmation results, was obviously insincere.  Certainly, his failure to speak against what was obviously violently transpiring, including the gallows erected for Vice President Pence" speaks volumes against him.  Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Mitt Romney, Peter Meijer, Lisa Murkowski were brave enough to speak against what had happened.  Kevin McCarthy did - initially -- but then either selfishly or cowardice reverted because they did not want to alienate Trump's obviously huge cult-like base against them.  Those who stood up against the January 6 evil remind me of the brave little boy in THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES story who said "but he isn't wearing anything" when everybody else was oohing and ahhing about the mysterious fabric that "only the wise could see."  

Jesus plainly warned (Matthew 24:24) that end times would feature deception enough to deceive the very elect.  Very obviously, either that or its predecessor appears to be here.  It was also here in the days of Hitler's ascendancy to national power after the Munich Beer Hall Putsch of 1923.  I'm also reading another new, easy to read book by Michael A. Eggleston "DONALD J. TRUMP & HITLER'S PLAYBOOK.  I fear that we are going down the same type of road that took Christians down the road during the Hitler years and may well be taking us there now.  By the way, I discovered and ordered that book based on my own long standing observations that Trump may be using the Hitler playbook.  One day last week I googled the question "Is Trump working out of the Hitler Playbook" and this title as one of the immediate fruits (not the only) of my google search.  

I strongly suggest you obtain and read both of these books as well as the "Anonymous" one which is obtainable from used book sources.

Stay tuned!


Sunday, July 16, 2023

Rev. Moon, Hak Jak Han, World Food Authority, Josette Sheeran, World Economic Forum - Connections?


Reverend Moon is dead and gone, but his mischief lingers on!  One of the first seriously anti-Christ cults to come to my attention was that dedicated to "Reverend Son Myung Moon" from South Korea - Unification Church, a/ka/ hundreds of other names, i.e. World Peace Federation, Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, CAUSA, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

What do the following -- some dead, some still alive -- perhaps surprising names to you have in common?

  • Paula White (Spiritual Director for President Trump)
  • Former President Donald J. Trump
  • Jerry Falwell, Sr. and Jerry Falwell, Jr.
  • Rev. Don Meares
  • Former Vice President Michael Pence
  • Former Secretary of State Michael Pompeo
  • Richard Viguerie
  • Tim and Beverly LaHaye
  • Ralph Reed
  • Jack Kemp
  • Donald Sills
  • George H. W. Bush and George Bush
  • Josette Sheeran
  • Mike Pompeo
  • Mike Pence
  • Rev, Jonathan Falwell

All of the above an many others who should have known better have bowed their knees to Rev. Moon  d/b/a "True Parent" and "The Lord of the Second Advent" and Mrs. Moon - Hak Jak Han - a/k/a "True Mother" and "The Holy Spirit."  Some of it have done it for money, some for power, some out of conviction.  

I wrote extensively about this subject in the earlier years of this blog.   I have now learned that Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, and Newt Gingrich spoke extensively at Unification Church sponsored conferences in Seoul, South Korea last year.  Please use the search box for this blog with the input terms of CAUSA, Rev. Moon, Josette Sheeran Shiner to review.   Or try this link by clicking here.

I have been informed by knowledgeable experts that most likely Josette Sheeran never truly left the Unification Church.  When people do "apostatize" from it, usually Moonie websites have nothing kind to say about them.  It is looking to me as though Josette Sheeran and affiliates are possibly very, very near to implementing Moon's goals of world food control.  Further their power in the USA has increased and not decreased since Moon's death.  The WASHINGTON TIMES is NOT a "conservative" newspaper -- it is an operation that has successfully  bought most Evangelical and conservative opposition to Unification Church and the New Age Movement to a slowing halt.  I have been consumed with new developments on this in the last several weeks -- so much that it is difficult for me to encapsulate my deepening concerns. 

Josette Sheeran is one of the world's top "experts" on ESG (Environmental Social Goals), drew up guidelines and protocols for the UN on the subject.  She is extremely prominent in the World Economic Forum, working closely with Klaus Schwab.  She is a very busy lady on many powerful fronts.  I will be writing more soon.  


Sunday, June 18, 2023

Very Brief - Please read the Cliff Kincaid article about New Agers in the Trump circles

 To our readers:  Please read, print, download and otherwise circulate the attached very valuable article by Cliff Kincaid on his America Survival site.  I'm making this brief, because I don't want to detract from Rich Peterson's very excellent article that is currently posted.  The article which appeared in late 2021 (I'm still not sure how I missed it!) is entitled New Agers and Russian Agents in Trump Circles.

Stay tuned!

Monday, May 29, 2023

Unicoin: Towards A Global Digital Currency

by Rich Peterson

Following the Windows Central announcement of ID2020, I had read of various types of identity management systems deployed throughout various countries.  The Windows Central article indicated that the ID2020 system would be global.  It would also integrate into a global economic system.

 “As more and more transactions become digital in nature and are built around a single global identification standard, supported by Microsoft, the question of who will govern this evolving global community and economy becomes relevant. Especially since nonparticipants in this system would be unable to buy or sell goods or services.

One aspect I questioned is how would different countries having their own digital identity systems integrate into this same global economic system. The answer I found was with the World Bank. World Bank developed an application programming interface (API) to function as overlay for all the identity management systems.   

I similarly questioned monetary policy which would have far greater implications and complexities. I’ve long read of the plan is to replace fiat currency with central bank digital currencies.  Former National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice is a strong advocate for the United States’ development of a digital currency, the premise being it serves our national security.  To Rice’s credit she acknowledges there are  authoritarian dangers, nevertheless she believes the government would refrain from such behavior.

Last month the Digital Currency Monetary Authority announced Unicoin which similarly would overlay, or integrate, monetary units. More coverage here, here, and here.

Given the BRICS nations are working to dislodge the US dollar as the world currency reserve, an overlay to the world’s digital currencies would serve as rationale to unify various digital currencies.   More on BRICS here.

The backbone of digital currency is blockchain technology where every transaction is permanently recorded. Rather than me writing of the dangers of such system, I recommend listening to the below video (the conversation on the DCMA follows minute 10). I fully agree with this man’s analysis.



Tuesday, April 04, 2023

The Plight of Dr. Aaron Edwards (and us all)

By Rich Peterson

 “I’ve just been dismissed by a Christian college for tweets on homosexuality – if I wasn’t safe, no one is.” 

These are words written by Aaron Edwards, a former lecturer of theology at Cliff College, an evangelical Bible college in the UK.  Aaron Edwards was removed from his position for bringing “disrepute” to the college. The offense was that he expressed the Biblical position on homosexuality over  a public forum.  Specifically, Twitter. The college demanded he remove the tweet. Edwards’ refusal led to a two week suspension followed by termination.

Mr. Edward’s suspension was followed by a hearing where, reportedly, should he be asked by same sex attracted students for prayer how he might respond. Various news articles report Mr. Edwards was threatened with a referral to Prevent, the deradicalization component of the UK’s counter-terrorism strategy. Read here, here, here, and here. 

Cliff College principal denies any threat.  Perhaps it was a promise?

Whether or not Prevent was mentioned to Dr. Edwards is unclear but it certainly is not a stretch to accept that would have happened.

Aaron Edwards’ experience brings to memory thoughts of the Alliance of Civilizations and the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy of which I had written about a few years back. The Alliance, becoming the “Mother Tongue” of the UN, would also become the “global conscience” in the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy. The UK Home Office eagerly partnered with the Alliance to harmonize its counter-terrorism efforts with the UN Global Strategy.

The Alliance of Civilizations uses religion to combat religion. Its definition of extremism, the root cause of terrorism, is especially hostile towards Christianity:  one cannot be an adherent of an “exclusive truth” claim.

The threat to refer Dr. Edwards to Prevent (or not), is consistent with the counter-terrorism strategy’s goal to combat religious fundamentalism. Back in 2007 as I read the through the Alliance of Civilizations/Council of Europe counter terrorism materials, I recall thinking they  intend to use beliefs about homosexuality as a means to categorize people as either tolerant or extremists.


“No one may invoke cultural diversity to infringe upon human rights guaranteed by international law…”  Ponder that.

UNESCO policy is to include sexual orientation as part of cultural diversity. For Aaron Edwards to speak openly of homosexuality as sin would be viewed as an infringement of another’s rights.

What happened to Aaron Edwards speaks volumes. His words of warning are ominous:

“Whilst my situation remains difficult for me and my family, it is also a microcosm of the greater difficulties awaiting other Christians in the post-Christian West. The growing expectation is that we should keep quiet about our beliefs, especially if they may offend others.”


“Western progressive ideals of inclusivity no longer include many Christian beliefs. Indeed, the vociferous responses to my tweet demonstrate the problem my tweet was highlighting. There are some Christian beliefs that Christians are no longer allowed to express, not even to other Christians.”

Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Some of my recent thoughts at random -- what say you?


  1.  I may be repenting of my endorsement of David Horowitz’ book.  He makes explicit in some of his writings of his mentorship and endorsement of Trump speechwriter Stephen Miller.  I strongly suspect that Miller wrote Trump’s Saturday night CPAC speech -- promising “total demolishment” of such things as “RINO’s”, “deep state”, the swamp. It is obvious to me that his promise to be “your justice and your retribution” was his promised pardons to those involved in the January 6, 2021 Capitol Insurrection.

  2. I find Kevin McCarthy’s exclusive turn over to Tucker Carlson of 40,000 plus hours of January 6th footage disgusting AND DISHONEST on McCarthy’s part -- McCarthy witnessed and condemned those January 6 events conrtemporaneous with their occurrence -- however, when he saw that Trump’s cult-like base was still with him, he apologized to Trump for his condemnation.  Now he helps to rewrite the narrative of what the entire country witnessed live in action.

  3. I don’t know where Liz Cheney is and what she is doing now, but I confess I would LOVE to see her run as USA President.  I was no fan of her father’s, but I am of her.  From my observation, she is a Constitution respecting woman of deep honesty, intellect, courage and integrity.

  4. In reflecting on various natural disasters in the world as of late, including the Turkish, Syrian earthquakes one is clearly brought in mind of the Matthew 24 passages of Jesus describing the time of his Second Coming.

  5. Pope Francis’ declarations on homosexuality needing to be accepted by the Catholic Church in particular and the world at large are as clear an indication of apostasy as I can conceive.

  6. I trust NEITHER Joe Biden nor Donald John Trump.  But here is a crucial difference as I see it -- Biden, bad as he can be does not appear to me to have dictatorial aspirations.  Donald Trump clearly has!  This makes Trump the more dangerous of the two IMHO.

I continue to be shocked at the level of deception in the Evangelical community and parts of the Right to Life Catholic one -- (Fr. Pavone, et al) who cannot see when somebody is playing to a political base rather than acting out of conviction. Scripture warned us there would be deception enough to deceive the very Elect. It looks to me as though it has arrived. Looking at gleeful headlines from Evangelical online sources about "Investigating the Investigators" referring to those attempting to undo the narrative of what happened on January 6, 2021, I am confirmed in that opinion.

Stay tuned!


Sunday, February 05, 2023


 This will be short and sweet.  I have a new book sitting beside me, DARK AGENDA:  The War to Destroy Christian America.  The author is David Horowitz who was once a major figure on the radical left.  The Bible contains a description of the Godly King Josiah of whom it was said he walked neither to the left hand nor to the right, but strictly in the paths of the Lord.  For sure, there are traps on both sides.  I don't agree with Horowitz on everything.  He definitely does not see the same issues on Donald Trump as I have come to see, especially post January 6.  

HOWEVER, with that being said, Horowitz's book on the war on monotheism, including Christians and Jews should be required reading.  When I started my research back in early 1981, one of the trends I noticed was very, very similar to what Horowitz reports.  I opened a file that I have continuously maintained thereafter -- I still have my original paper file, "War on Fundamentalism."

DARK AGENDA by David Horowitz, copyright 2018, is an excellent and disturbing summary of much that is happening.  The difference between Horowitz and myself is that I believe Trump's moves are playing right into the hands of our enemies.  In fact, many of our spiritual "New Age" entities are shaping the organizations/networks such as "Qanon" and leading Christians to do things that make us look like fair game by our enemies to rationalize our coming prophesied persecutions.

Read the book.  Take the wheat, leave any chaff, and thank God that former leftists such as Lee Penn (whose memorial mass was held in Portland, Oregon yesterday), David Horowitz, and others have repented of their former positionss and came to be active workers for God and righteousness,

Stay tuned!


Friday, January 27, 2023

Please pray for Auckland, New Zealand and its residents there

 To all:

I just saw a television clip about devastating floods in Auckland, New Zealand.  That might sound like a far, far away place for most, but we have readers and blog participants there.  Grant Sutton, his wife, daughter and son-in-law live in Auckland.  I was rushing to my computer to post a request for prayers for their safety.   As I got to the computer, I heard my phone ring in the opposite end of the house I had left to do the computer messaging.  I rushed back to the phone, but the ringing had stopped.  On my caller ID was the number Grant Sutton has called me from the past few years.  I always pray for weather mercy on my region of the country.  I believe that many times God has shown weather mercy on Southeast Michigan, USA.  Now, I am praying for weather mercy on New Zealand and I ask you to join me on that.  


Sunday, January 15, 2023

Our very good friend and colleague Lee Penn has died

 Rich Peterson and I enjoyed a wonderful friendship and information exchange relationship with brilliant author and business consultant, Lee Penn.  Rich called me this morning with sad news that Lee died a week ago.  He learned of it from Lee's sister posting to Lee's Facebook page.  Dorothy Margraf over the years had enjoyed a good working relationship with Lee as well.

Lee wrote many wonderful articles about the New Age Movement in a variety of publications, including Spiritual Counterfeit Project and New Oxford Review.

Lee told me he had once been a Marxist and an atheist.  He had a wonderful conversion to Christianity and used his immense talents to do God's work.  His leading book, FALSE DAWN is nearly encyclopedic in the scope of his coverage on various New Age personalities such as Barbara Marx Hubbard and the United Religions Initiative.

The last time I talked at length with Lee was during the time I became ill for a protracted period myself.  I'm still not fully out of the woods on that score.  Lee had suffered from debilitating effects, as I recall, of Cerebral Palsy.  Nevertheless, although his body was weakened his mind remained very sharp.

Lee was brilliant and very highly educated.  He graduated cum laude from Harvard in 1976.  Thereafter, he received master's degrees in busines and  public health from the University of California (Berkeley) in 1986.   He was listed in Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the World.  

From his Author's Biography, I will shamelessly cut and paste:

Lee Penn is a health care information systems consultant and a journalist. He received a BA cum laude from Harvard in 1976, and master's degrees in business and in public health from the University of California at Berkeley in 1986. Since then, he has worked in finance and health care information systems - mostly as a consultant, assisting hospitals, health maintenance
organizations, and other health care providers with automation and business planning. He was elected to Phi Beta Kappa as an undergraduate, and is listed in Who's Who in America (56th-59th editions) and Who's Who in the World (20th-22nd editions). He is a member of the American College of Health Care Executives and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

As a journalist, he has written about the United Religions Initiative, cults, and the New Age movement since 1998, and has been published in various confessions' orthodox and conservative magazines: 

• The Christian Challenge (Anglican) — 19 by-lined stories from 1999 through 2004 on the URI, the New Age movement in the Episcopal Church, Anglican/Catholic relations, and pro-life issues.

• Foundations (Anglican) — 2 articles on the URI: “The Globalism Blues” (September 1999) and “Amen, Swami: The URI Gets a Charter, But Not a Whole Lot Else” (August 2000).

• HLI Reports (Human Life International, a Catholic pro-life organization) — “The Case Against the United Reli­gions Initiative,” February 2001.

• New Oxford Review (Catholic) — 4 feature stories between 1998 and 2000, including “The United Religions Initiative: A Bridge Back to Gnosticism” (December 1998) and “Beware! The New Age Movement is More Than Self-Indulgent Silliness” (July/August 2000).

• The Journal of the Spiritual Counterfeits Project (SCP), a front-line Reformed/Evangelical Protestant ministry whose mission is "confronting the occult, the cults, and the New Age movement." He has had 10 feature articles in the Journal since 1999: a 4-part series on the URI, globalism, and the New Age movement, a science fiction story ("The World Church of 2017"), a 3-part series on the history and beliefs of mainstream and fringe Freemasonry, and - in 2004 - a 2-part series on the emerging police state. In addition, Penn co-authored "Neale Donald Walsch: Conversations With Myself " with Tal Brooke, the President of SCP. In 2004, this article won a "First Place" award in the "Critical Review" category from the Evangelical Press Association. (There were 500 contestants for this award.)

• World Net Daily (secular conservative) — Co-author, with SCP’s Tal Brooke, of 2 articles in 2002: “How the State Confiscates Rights” (February 27, 2002) and “State Surveillance: Abolishing Freedom” (March 25, 2002).

 The Wanderer (Catholic) — Paul Likoudis’ “United Religious Initiative Launched in Pittsburgh” (July 6, 2000) quoted extensively from my articles, as did several “From the Mail” columns: “Unscrambling the Labyrinth” (July 8, 1999), “The Transforming Power of the Labyrinth” (March 1, 2001), “The Endless Labyrinth” (April 12, 2001), and “Mapping the Scandals” (June 6, 2002).

• Touchstone (orthodox Christian, from all confessions) — “Midwives of a Common God: The Myriad Friends of the United Religions Initiative” (June 2000).

• The Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, which acts as a pro-life advocate to the UN and other inter­national bodies, published “The United Religions Initiative: An Organization Seeking to Undermine Traditional Religious Faith and Evangelization,” in February 2005.

With this book, Penn hopes to speak to a wider audience, to liberals as well as to conservatives, since the current and pending threats to liberty and to traditional religious belief come from both political extremes. 

Lee Penn was raised as an Episcopalian, but became atheist while in college. After a six-year detour into Marxism (as a member of the New American Movement, a "democratic-socialist" descendant of the Students for a Democratic Society), he returned to Christ in 1978. From 1979 to 1983, he was a member of a Methodist congregation in Oregon; from 1983 to 1995, he was an active member of the Episcopal Church in Bishop Swing's diocese, including serving on a San Francisco parish's Vestry, heading its Finance Committee, and participating in its Search Committee for a new rector in 1994.

Lee Penn left the Episcopal Church in 1995 - pushed away by Bishop Swing's establishment of the United Religions Initiative, Swing's 1994 acceptance of Matthew Fox as an Episcopal priest, and the pro-abortion stance of the Episcopal Church. The last straw was when they started calling God "she" at Penn's Episcopal parish; by the next Sunday, Lee was seeking a new spiritual home, and began by worshiping at a Russian Orthodox parish. That year, he explored Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy - and was received into an Eastern Catholic parish that is in communion with Rome but worships, fasts, feasts, and prays in the Eastern Orthodox fashion. Lee's spiritual home since 1995 has been the Christian East. He says that his "history is evidence that God is merciful to sinners, and shows that the writer of 'Amazing Grace' was telling the truth."

Lee is certainly missed here, but I am looking forward to seeing him THERE!  



Monday, January 09, 2023

The ugly Brazil events have Steve Bannon and Donald Trump's fingerprints all over them!

 Yesterday, our Detroit Lions were approaching a cold weather Green Bay football game that they won.  Of course, most Michiganders, myself included, were happy.  I've been to Green Bay, spoken in Green Bay, and they were wonderful people when I was back there during the 80s.  But home team is home team.  I'm not so sure Rich of Medford (Wisconsin) was thrilled.  He's probably a little distance from Green Bay -- but Wisconsin is his home.

That being said, I wasn't quite as thrilled pre-game by normal news coverage being bypassed for pre-game interviews and telecasts.  WDIV, our NBC station, carried the game and its pre-events.  I switched to ABC after the usual 6:30 national news did not play.  Sometimes most of the news is so bad that I will turn off the TV and ask "Google Home" to play "nice classical music" for me.  Such was the case yesterday.  Consequently, I did not get normal "breaking news" notices on the bigger screen TV until 6:33 when I made the station change.  I watched with my mouth open --- Brazil, just over 2 years to the day was experiencing its own insurrection -- former President Bolsonaro claiming he had won the election over DaSilva when he had not and his believing supporters looting and damaging critical governmental buildings.

Immediately, I dialed Rich of Medford (Richard Peterson) and screamed "this has Steve Bannon's fingerprints all over it!"

A few months ago, I read a critical book about Steve Bannon whom I once admired.  The brilliant book by Benjamin Teitelbaum is WAR FOR ETERNITY,   It was about Steve Bannon and, the Traditionalist cult of which he is a critical global leader and Donald Trump's role in it as "the chosen one."

That book was disturbingly revealing.  Bannon and Trump have done a very good job of convincing many Christians they are our friends.  However, in this book, I learned that Catholic-raised Bannon had Theosophical leanings.  During his navy career he frequented occult book shops and in a remote eastern Asia port purchased one book that particularly influenced him in a favorable way -- THE SECRET DOCTRINE by none other than Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.  That was the book Kennedy killer Sirhan Sirhan requested when first sent to his cell after his arrest for the 1968 Robert F, Kennedy assassination.  Sirhan is Moslem.  He did not request a Bible, he did not request a Koran -- he wanted the Blavatsky book.  To give Madame Blavatsky her perspective, she named their initial Theosophical Society magazine "Lucifer."

There was an international circle of those combinging occult beliefs with a bastardized form of "traditionalism" where nationalist interests were to maintain their long standing traditions -- be they Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Tao, or whatever!  Putin's advisor Aleksandr Dugin, the mapper of his Ukraine strategy was part of the group.  Bannon held secret meetings with Dugin in 2018, per Teitelbaum.  

I recognized immediately what was happening. I had my computer off for most of the day.  Immediately after I phoned Rich (Rich Peterson), I then googled and saw that many others had made identical observations.  I do not know if they were familiar with Teitelbaum's book or not,  but they did recognize Bannon and his tactics.  Moreover, it was reported that Trump advisors Bannon and Miller had met with Bolsonaro psot-election and told him to deny election results!

Bannon was one of the principal purveyors of the election denial issue.  He has continued to loudly and vocally repeat it plus  predictions that they will prevail and take over. Their international circle included figures such as Bolsonaro of Brazil, Dugin of Russia, Viktor Orban of Hungary, Marine LePen of France.  Their propaganda and think tank production site was an occult and "esoteric Nazism" publisher now located in Hugary named Arktos.  Ironically, one of the founders was a New Age activist from Ann Arbor, Michigan, one John R. Morgan.

Bannon's boasts are very real.  As I said in the comments section, Qanon is organized in 71 countries at one of the last counts.  The New Age "radical middle" come together as global fascism and left wing Marxism merge.  Too many Trump followers sre sympathetic to Putin (via Dugin part of the same circle) and buying the lies that the Ukraine is a Nazi country.

Furthermore, the events are certain to come back and be a justification for persecution of Christian believers who defend whatever Bannon and Trump espouse.

Events are disturbing.  Let us pray for discernment, "lead us not into temptation and deliver us from evil."


Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Merry Christmas, Offered Radio Opportunity, What a year it has been - health, events, and otherwise!

Update:  The FINAL REPORT of the January 6 Congressional Committee has been released and is available for free download.  Click here to obtain a copy.

 It's hard for me to believe that Christmas is almost here again.  The last year has gone so fast for me.  When you are one, a year is the totality of your life and a year seems like a very, very long time.  When you are my age, it seems like a relatively small percentage of same.  I'm not into Einstein, but it does seem to illustrate one of his maxims -- everything is relative!

This year was very eventful for my health.  I was diagnosed with a severe colon-stomach infection and also with an atrial fibrillation heart condition.  I am doing much better now, but I'm still not fully out of the woods on the colon issues.  Neither tubes through my middle nor colon resectioning are acceptable alternatives for me.  The heart condition is being treated with moderate medications.

I have started many writing projects for this blog as obvious BIG events occurred.  Often, I just had to retire for the night before I could finish.  Our Rich of Medford (Rich Peterson) has been a big help.  He too had obstacles in the form of an attempted ransom attack on the firm where he manages the IT functions.  Needless to say, this and weather emergencies that have struck his part of the country have also consumed his writing time.


As most of you probably know, I have done literally thousands of radio and TV interviews  over the past full nearly 42 years (since early 1981) after discovering and starting to warn and report of the New Age Movement and related developments.  After returning to the full tine practice of law and less travel, I did a 13 year radio program for WMUZ-FM radio in Detroit - Southeastern Michigan area.  I had some wonderful opportunities to do exceptional interviews including Demond Wilson (the actor turned minister who had played Lamont Sanford in the long running Sanford and Son series).  Coming from representing a client in the Mt. Pleasant, Michigan area, I spotted a book in the New Age section of a Little Professor Bookstore.  The book was entitled "NEW AGE MILLENNIUM".  Browsing the book, I went to myself -- "this doesn't look like a New Age book -- it looks like an anti-New Age book."  Then I noticed that I was extensively quoted in the book.  I'm human, too.  I went to myself, "obviously the author must be a person of great wisdom and intelligence."  I bought the hard cover book, far more expensive than Hidden Dangers then sold for.  I then stopped in Midland, Michigan to eat dinner and started more extensively perusing the book and its inside jackets.  Then I noticed that it was the famed Sanford and Son actor.  When I arrived home, I sent an email to his publisher and said I would love to talk with him.

Demond Wilson honored me with a 2 hour call the very next day -- his nickel.  He said at the outset, "Constance Cumbey, you've been my hero for years."  We then scheduled the interview he did with LAW TALK, my radio program.

I also interviewed Malachi Martin, Cliff Kincaid, many, many important Detroit political and media figures including United States Senators, State Senators, State Representatives, United States House of Representatives members.  My intention was to expose people to the facts on the New Age Movement and to acquaint prominent Detroiters with the Christian community.  Both attempts were then wildly successful,

In 2007, I undertook an internet radio which lasted for 11 years through 2018.  I noticed looking at theoir website the other day that they still have me listed as a talk show host.  I had some serious disagreements with one of their other hosts -- Mark Koernke who pursued a path of anti-Semitism and militia violence that I could never support.  Neverthless, that also was a fine venue for many years.  

Today I was contacted by Alex Schild of VoiceAmerica networks -- an internet radio network.  He said they were interested in having me do a regular program.  Production costs were about $20,000 a year.  I told him I had always loved doing radio and would probably love it again, but I am now a mostly-retired widow living primarily on Social Security and a small pension from my dear departed husband, Barry MacIntosh, who left this earth a little more than two years ago.

I told him that if he could find sponsorship, I would be happy to try doing the show.  They claim global reach.  I will confess I knew little about it, but his offer seemed sincere and genuine.  He suggested he would try and he also suggested I reach out to my blogspot audience to see if there might be potential sponsors there.  So, I'm doing it here.

Certainly, if I had the program, there is MUCH to report to and educate his audiences.  The World Economic Forum is playing a major role in propagating a "cashless society" and social monitoring programs.  The world has been turned upside down in terms of sexual morality and gender identity.  The New Agers are very much on the march again.  The John Fetxer Institute is one of many major players,.  Lucis Trust reported on their websites (World Goodwill) that the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab, its founder, are a major focus of their meditation groups and the great hope of achieving the agenda laid out in the Alice Bailey books.

Many prominent New Agers have repented of their former involvement and are working to win people to their only true hope -- Jesus Christ.  Such a radio program would give me opportunities to interview them.  Also, I am disturbed about the Qanon cult which has obvious New Age  and Psyop roots that too many Evangelicals seem to be oblivious to.  All of these items and many more need public discussion.

At any rate, pray about it as Rich Peterson and I are also doing.

Merry Christmas to all and STAY TUNED,


Saturday, October 22, 2022

Worst book of the year, so far -- by Helgard Muller

Dear Readers:

It's been a bad year for me health wise and I'm delighted Richard Peterson (our "Rich of Medford") is assisting me.  There are so many developments on so many ugly fronts, it is difficult to keep up.  I am increasingly concerned about Evangelical and conservative Catholic devotion to Donald Trump, the raft of books proclaiming that Trump is God's chosen instrument.Donald John Trump is THE CHRIST.  Here's opening paragraphs from the worst I've read, PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP, THE SON OF MAN, THE CHRIST.  No, that was not referring to Jesus.  It was referring to Donald Trump.

Here is the opening paragraphs from that horribly blasphemous book by Trump groupie Helgard Muller:

"PRESIDENT DONALD J. Trump is the King of Kings, And Lord of Lords! The Son of Man who will be seen seated in the place of power at God's right hand and coming on the clouds of heaven! You have read that correctly! President Donald Trump is the Christ for this age! The Son of King David! Prophecies of Jesus and all the prophets point to President Donald J. Trump as the Son of Man, the Christ. People, Christians, and Jews are not aware of how many prophecies President Donald Trump of the United States has fulfilled in his presidency as the Son of Man." 

And, here's the cover of the so-far worst book of the year:


Sunday, September 04, 2022

Alliance of Civilizations Plan of Action for the Safeguarding of Religious Sites


By Richard Peterson

This September marks the third anniversary of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations launching its Plan of Action for the Safeguarding of Religious Sites.  First, a brief introduction for those not yet familiar with the Alliance.

The UN Alliance of Civilizations is an initiative which was introduced in 2005 by Spain and Turkey. Its political origins date farther back. The Alliance’s declared purpose is to combat polarization and extremism worldwide in order to counter the “clash of civilizations” and negate it with a partnership among civilizations. The Alliance is said to be the “mother tongue” of the UN system. It is a primary component of the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy. The Security Council’s statement on the Partnership Among Civilizations reads “this partnership will represent a powerful response to those who feed on exclusion and arrogantly claim the sole ownership of truth.” (A/60/341–S/2005/567, September 2005)

Intercultural and interfaith dialogue are the primary instruments the Alliance utilizes to advance its agenda. The Plan of Action for the protection of religious sites emphasizes interfaith dialogue as a means to combat terror. A significant aspect of  the Plan  of Action is the worldwide mappings of religious sites and institutions. Last month, in collaboration with the UN Satellite Center, the Alliance published the  first fruits of this endeavor as it published an interactive map of religious sites throughout Sweden.

Should one accept at face value what is written within the Plan of Action it may sound reasonable. It is difficult to quarrel with a plan which proposes the safeguarding of religious adherents from terrorist attacks. The expressed values of human rights, democracy, peace, the rule of law are ones most would embrace. But what if the language is a veneer which conceals an entirely different political platform? I have written critical assessments of the Alliance of Civilizations since 2006 so I propose there exists an underlying agenda which looks entirely different.

The primary composition of the Alliance is the High Representative and the High Level Group of eminent religious scholars.

During the 2006 Alliance Doha Debates, High Level group members were asked to define extremism for the rest of the world. This definition becomes important as one assesses the Alliance since extremism – the root cause of terrorism – is the target. John Esposito defined extremism as one who believes his or her religious beliefs to be right and another’s to be wrong. That individual, he said, has adopted the “theology of hate.”  The late Archbishop Desmond Tutu defined extremism as those who hold their [religious] views exclusive. The Alliance of Civilizations is especially hostile towards Christianity.

Now align the Alliance’s definition of extremist thought with the words of Jesus in John 14:6:  “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” 

High Level Group member Karen Armstrong lectures that religion has been hijacked by religious extremists who are abusing religious texts. At the launch of her Charter for Compassion (an interlocking initiative with the Alliance), she proposed bringing together all faiths whereby guidelines would be written for how we are to interpret those abused scriptures. Exactly what constitutes abuse?

I once was forwarded an email from one of my New Zealand readers. The email was a response to concerns he expressed to his Minister of Foreign Affairs Winston Peters regarding the Alliance of Civilizations. Mr. Peters assured this reader Christians had no cause for concern because the High Level Group had Christian representation, namely Karen Armstrong and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Karen Armstrong’s representation is less than stellar. In her book In the Beginning:  A New Interpretation of Genesis, Armstrong expresses theological twists of the absurd. She portrays God the Creator as a perpetual liar, the evil one, while arguing that the serpent was so much more truthful. During an interview with Share International (a voice for the occult organization Lucis Trust), Armstrong argues that Christians have  wrongfully attributed divinity to Jesus. Similarly, the late Desmond Tutu wrote in God Has a Dream, A Vision of Hope for Our Time that God gave the poor serpent a raw deal (finding himself at the end of the line there was no-one left to pass blame). The archbishop’s writing continued with the admonition that Jesus was never bodily resurrected.

As I first read of the mappings of religious sites, my first thoughts were that ultimately this will serve to subjugate religions. Preceding the 2005 Alliance of Civilizations launch, hearings were held to determine the shape of the initiative. (Note that Lucis Trust was a participant.)  The outcome document envisions a future where religions be held accountable to an overarching authority:  “religions and the institutions that represent them cannot be banned from the public sphere but must be brought in under the leadership of the international civil bodies when it comes to questions concerning mutual recognition, universal justice, and lasting peace.”  Literature from other interlocking initiatives envision the same. One such initiative is the OSCE:  the Organization for Security and Cooperation of Europe. The OSCE is an Alliance of Civilizations implementation partner. The United States is an OSCE signatory nation as well as an Alliance Partner.

While serving as Spain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2007, Miguel Angel Moratinos also chaired the OSCE.  The OSCE’s Annual Report focused on counterterrorism by means of interreligious and intercultural dialogue. The report’s concluding remarks include:

“However, claims to exclusive truth and absoluteness threaten to damage or even wreck the dialogue of religions. Believers and religious leaders often fear a weakening of their own religious sensibilities if other faiths are accepted as potential pathways to “ultimate truths.” The insistence on the exclusivity of a single true way to salvation devalues other religious paths and makes dialogue considerably more difficult. Respect and tolerance with regard to other religions is, however, a fundamental prerequisite for interreligious dialogue and co-operation. And yet real respect begins when I can assert my own personal religious truths for myself while accepting another’s differing religious truth and conviction as authoritative and valid without restrictions for him.”

Miguel Angel Moratinos presently holds the position of High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations.

In his book Signs of Christ, Lucis Trust initiate Harold Balyoz wrote of the coming new world religion:  

“formerly one said: ‘And my spirit rejoiceth in God, my Savior.’  Now you will say:  ‘And my spirit rejoiceth in God, thy Savior’. . . Solemnly do I say that therein is salvation. ‘Long live thy God!’  So you will say to everyone; and exchanging Gods, you will walk to the One…Thus, find the God of each one and exalt Him.”

Several years have passed since I last wrote of the Alliance of Civilizations. The purpose of this piece is to remind readers that while the initiative may have diluted its public profile, it has not gone away. The Plan of Action illustrates it has strengthened.