Sunday, June 12, 2022

Prayer Request for Constance


Let's please continue to keep Constance in our prayers.  She has had a very bumpy week as she was admitted into the hospital in serious condition.  Today when I talked with her she sounded like she had gained some energy and a bit more like herself.   When she returns home I'll ask her to provide details of what she would like to share. 


Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Javier Solana: Still Relevant Stakeholder in Global Governance?

 by Co-Host, Richard Peterson (our long time time "Rich of Medford")

After reading some of the blog comments ridiculing the research time spent on Javier Solana, I felt compelled to respond.

Javier Solana is a high profile European diplomat. Solana’s curriculum vitae is extensive. Some of the more notable positions of which he was incumbent include Spain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs 1992 – 1995; NATO Secretary General 1995 – 1999;  Secretary General of the Council of the European Union and EU High Representative from 1999 – 2009; Secretary General of the Western European Union 1999 – 2009.

Javier Solana’s tenure as Secretary General of the Western European Union (WEU) is one which garnered the attention of several global governance researchers (myself included). In her book The Western European Union, Sally Rohan opens with the question what was the role of this short lived institution? The answer is this ten-nation military alliance served to develop the European Union’s military architecture which was purposefully kept at a polite distance from the integration process. The Council of Europe was tasked with the integration process.

Javier Solana is the chief architect of the European Security and Defence Policy, an apparatus which later was transferred into the European Union which now is known as the Common Security and Defense Policy. The Lisbon Treaty references this architecture as it remains in place to this day.

An aspect of the WEU framework which was adopted by the Council of Ministers is the transfer of power mechanism – Recommendation 666 – whereby emergency powers are given to the High Representative in the event of a crisis. The position of High Representative, created under Section 666 of the Europa code, was to be filled by an individual having a strong political profile and backed by credible operational capabilities so that a cohesive EU strategy would be applied foremost to Russia, and secondarily the Ukraine and Mediterranean regions.

All of the above is ample rationale for the continued observation of both the position of High Representative as well as the chief architect of the EU’s military apparatus.

The current appointee to the High Representative position is Josep Borrell.

It has been reported that Josep Borrell regularly consults with Solana on matters of foreign policy. Whether or not this is the case, their messages appear to be  harmonized. Before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine both men had voiced the solution needed to be derived from European diplomacy. This did not happen as the United States sidelined EU diplomacy citing its weak foreign policy. Both Solana and Borrell since have advocated for China to become the conflict’s mediator. Solana has long called for China to assume a leading role in global governance.

What’s disturbing is China’s assessment and proposed solution to the current crisis:  it is the US-led NATO which is problematic and that Europe needs to complete its security architecture by achieving strategic autonomy.  China calls for Europe sideline the United States and incorporate Russia into European security architecture which is what French President Macron had envisioned would be a counter-balance to US hegemony.

Both Borrell and Solana are working to achieve European strategic autonomy. While Solana says he does not envision Europe separating from the NATO security arrangements, he has articulated a vision of European control of NATO assets.

Solana’s work in formulating EU foreign and militarization policies has not diminished with his return to the private sector. He remains one of the movers and shakers of the EU’s Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) programme. Solana’s defense policy paper mentions the EU Parliament’s authority over the military architecture. There is none. The Parliament’s voice is consultative only. The paper paves ways coalitions of member states who wish to engage in military action would be able to work around the unanimity rule, i.e., through the instrument provided in the Lisbon Treaty called Enhanced Cooperation.

The Enhanced Cooperation instrument was explored several years back with the proposal that Core Defense Groups be formed so that military action would not be subject to objecting states’ vetoes. The 1999 Amsterdam Council had expressed concerns that Enhanced Cooperation could be used as a means to circumvent the Council of Ministers and warned that it should never be used in defense policy as that would be dangerous.

Solana presently chairs an initiative called ENGAGE – Envisioning a New Governance Architecture for a Global Europe – which is a consortium of legal experts brought together to explore the EU treaties and to form a legal basis to overcome the “bipolarity” of EU external actions.  In other words, while they pay lip service to unanimity, the intent is to find avenues to circumvent it.

On March 22, Solana addressed the conference hosted by the European Parliament Office in Barcelona entitled “2022 The Year of European Defense” where he called for the further development of the EU’s military capabilities. Soon thereafter, some Members of European Parliament (MEPs) warned of the dangers associated with the EU’s current militarization trajectory. MEP Ozlem Demirel said “the speed with which all this has now happened clearly shows that nothing has been thought up and decided upon on an ad hoc basis. We are talking about arming programmes that have been ready to go for a long time and which the EU is now taking advantage of the situation for.”

MEP Hannah Neumann’s assessment  that the EU Parliament is shut out of defense decisions reflects an understanding of the Parliament’s powerlessness over military matters.

Notwithstanding Solana’s calls for China to assume more of a leading role in global governance, some of his statements on the Ukraine conflict sound perfectly rational:  that the West is now experiencing the consequences for the false promise of Ukraine’s entry into NATO; that the world cannot afford a third world war with nuclear weapons; and that the Ukraine conflict can end only with a diplomatic agreement.

Solana acknowledges that at the present time he is not in a position to negotiate the diplomatic solution. Perhaps he is to remain in the private sector and only effect change without the backing of credible capabilities.  Nevertheless, the current High Representative position carries the weight of the architecture Solana designed should the Council or a Core Defense Group activate one particular instrument from their toolkit.

Before the Russian invasion, one article I found of interest is this piece published by the Kyiv Post:

Here the writer expresses the opinion that the EU hasn’t employed diplomats since Barroso and Solana  who are competent enough to handle Ukraine policy.  He then calls  for “a strong and serious commissioner…to be given overall responsibility for Ukraine, as Solana and Füle had.”  The writer’s perception is that Josep Borrell lacks the strength to stand up to Russia.

There are voices within the European Union who have said the EU would lead the system of global governance. In its Global Governance 2025 report, the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence  in conjunction with the EU Institute of Security Studies lays out the case that its best hope for global governance is a European launch.

Solana’s past role in global governance has been far from insignificant. Whatever his future role turns out to be, I expect it not to be minuscule.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

 Requesting Prayer

First and foremost, I am asking for prayers for Constance.  She continues to run a low grade fever which is well into its second week.  She believes this to be a reaction after receiving a Covid booster.  I know right now she is feeling pretty lousy.  Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.


The Shaping of a New Economic Order

I had planned to write more in-depth about the following articles.  Unfortunately time does not permit so I’ll let the articles speak for themselves.

Recently I noticed an article about microchip implants for use for contactless payments. Considering the  geopolitical realignment currently underway as well as the competition for who will redefine the existing economic rules-based order, Windows Central’s statement comes more into focus:  “who will govern this evolving global community and economy becomes relevant. Especially since nonparticipants in this system would be unable to buy or sell goods or services. 

A digital Bretton Woods or something different?  Whichever way it goes I expect this contactless payment system will integrate with a Social Value Rewards System.


Former EU diplomat Alastair Crooke writes that the West’s expulsion of Russia from the SWIFT payment system was “an act of self-mutilation.” 


"The current military operation in Ukraine will, in due course, be relegated to the status of little more than a footnote in global history, although the all-out financial war that has erupted in Russia will be instrumental in shaping the coming new world order."


"US hegemony over the so-called “rules-based order” has been much more financial (rather than military). That is, an order imposed by the US threat to 'sanction' any and all offenders with a 'neutron bomb' of US Treasury bills...And on February 26, this system began to die..."

"...They act only on impulse. We know this because both the Fed and the ECB reported that they were not consulted about the confiscation of gold or the expulsion of seven Russian banks from the SWIFT financial clearing system. And they clarified that, if consulted, they would have opposed both movements."


The International Institute for Middle East and Balkan Studies writes the Ukraine war is a prelude to the emergence of a new international order.

“It is important to emphasize that this is not a traditional war, nor a conflict between two states over disputed territory, nor a pre-election propaganda, but a war of an entirely different kind. This war is a first step on the path to establishment of a new order in international relations, that is a new division of spheres of influence at the global level.”


“The developments in Ukraine represent the beginning of the end of the existing world order…Put succinctly, the current developments are a prelude to the emergence of a new international order.”


The EU is flexing its muscle to dissuade China from siding with Russia. Meanwhile Russia and China profess to speak with “one voice.”

All of this is consistent with new age expectations that the forces of the old age would clash and from it would rise the new. But we know that’s not how things pan out.

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Deception is at an all time high - Ukraine, Qanon, Trump cult

 Donald Trump spoke in Michigan a week ago.  I viewed the livestream presentation last Sunday afternoon.  It was hard to stomach.  He spoke again last night in Selma, North Carolina and his groupies such as Mike Lindell, the woman running for governor of Arizona on a Trump ticket were present.  At the Michigan event in Washington, Michigan on March 2nd, he announced his "RINO" (translated:  anybody who raises an eyebrow at Donald Trump) hitlist.  Two Michigan Congressmen Peter Meijer and Fred Upton were included.  The next day Upon announced his retirement and Trump has been  boasting about his success in chasing them from the political scene.  Brave Liz Cheney is on his list.  He already chased Adam Kinzinger away, but don't count Kinzinger out.  He has formed a brave Country First PAC (Political Action Committee.

I've written before about the LOVE JOY TRUMP book that clearly includes unashamedly blatant New Age themes and proclamations such as Trump is ushering in the Age of Aquarius, the Millennial Reign of Christ, and Gaia worship.  This should be shocking to anybody knowing specifics about the New Age Movement and their Bible.  I'm bothered by how little it is disturbing Evangelicals and some Catholics who once professed to know better.

I believe Trump is consciously operating out of the old Nazi/Hitler   playbook.  He has declared that if he is re=elected President in 2024 he will pardon those charged and convicted with the Capitol invasion on January 6, 2021.  He is running efforts to take control of the election machinery from the bottom up - precinct workers, clerks, public officials, judges and putting those in power who will reaffirm his big lie that he was elected by a landslide in 2020 but the "Bit Steal" intervened.  He is holding frequent large scale rallies that in some ways remind me of Munich spectacles.  

Brannon Howse has made probably an excellent living parroting the information I pioneered on the New Age Movement and its ramifications for Christians.  For that, I have no complaint, although I think it strange that he never attempted to make contact with me.  As those of you who hav e, you know that I  pick up my phone and am willing to generously share information and sources.

Now,  Brannon Howse and Mike Lindell have worked together in recent history.  Brannon Howse certainly knows enough about the New Age Movement to have set Mike Lindell straight.  Even a cursory glance at LOVE JOY TRUMP that Lindell forwarded and probably paid for the publication would have clearly shown Mr. Howse that Mike Lindell and the cohorts writing that book were either New Age activists and/or had followed into its trap. Why did he obviously not set Lindell straight?  I bluntly have to assume that Mike Lindell's money was more important to Brannon Howse than Mike Lindell's soul!

What about Qanon?

Qanon is obviously alive and well on Planet Earth.  A Trump enrosed Secretary of State candidate for michigan Kristine Karamo spoke to a recent Michigan Republic Club  meeting on the second Wednesday of March, 2022.  I was present, seated near the font and given the mike to question her.  I expressed my fears and concerns to her about Qanon and itss possible spread to the Michigan Trump circles.  She told the entire room she knew little or nothing about Qanon.  I wa shocked even before I learned the full truth because she claims to have a master's degree in Apologetics.  It is impossible in my opinion to be in that field and not be aware of Qanon.

Yesterday, another candidate for the same office, a Michigan State Representative from the Upper Peninsula introduced himself to me at a small political meeting.  I was there to help notarize precinct delegate applications.  I decided to tell h im my concerns about Ms. Karamo's statements to me and the large audience of which I was a part this past week  -- our local GoGop meeting.  He was shocked at her reported lack of knowledge.  "Kristine Karamo spoke at a national Qanon Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 23, 2021 and he promptly handed me the evidence.   You can find it yourself easily on a Google / Duck Dck Go /  Bing or other internet engine search.

Bluntly, she lied.  

It is also looking to me sadly as though Archbishop Vigano is also falling into the Qanon and beyond traps including the theory that Putin is a hero trying to block the World Economic Forum and New World Order.

So much confusion -- hard to know where to start to fight it.  I am also fearful that some of you might be taken in by the Qanon cult.  We must be praying daily, "lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil."


Monday, March 21, 2022

Disgusting anti-Semitism aka anti-Khazarian -- polluting this blog spot comment section

 I have been receiving emails from one Robert Bowen that bluntly disgust and alarm me.  I fear that this mode of thinking has penetrated my blogspot to no small degree.  Repentance from all propagating this information is needed.

Today, I received abhorrent videos made by a Benjamin Fulford.  He is giving this horrible theory propagated by a New Age devotee Arthur Koestler.  Koestler was allegedly a former Communist.  He clearly turned staunchly New Age and died a New Ager in a double suicide (or was it suicide murder?) with his wife.  He was recognized as a leading New Age figure by AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY author Marilyn Ferugon.  She also mentions his important New Age book "Janus".

What I heard from Mr. Fulford was utter unthinkable and abhorrent.  He called for murdering all the "Khazars" (called the 13th Tribe by Arthur Koestler).  

From the same source, I received other materials that sicken me:  The "The Gateway Pundit", Lara Logan videos about how Putin is so very innocent and only trying to save us from the Globalist Agenda of groups such as the World Economic Forum.

Nonsense!  Only a very few short months ago, Russia signed a partnership agreement with the World Economic Forum to implement the "4th Industrial Revolution"!

Well, just for the argument's sake, shall we assume that most European Jews were not "true Jews" but were Khazars -- a group allegedly converting to Judaism to avoid other unpleasant circumstances?

Well, if that be the case, I want to go shake their hands for bravely undergoing the extreme persecution that Hitler meted out.

I am not going to allow my blogspot to be used to propagate theories calling for a "final solution" and "war against the Khazars."      Tbe sickening videos I viewed by Mr. Fulford were on the Rumble video site -- a site connected to the Gateway Pundit and its owner Jim Hoft.

The Gateway Pundit seems to have no problems with the Russian invasion of the Ukraine nor with the  United States Capitol insurrection of January 6, 2021.   I have plenty of problems with both as all decent folks should!

Enough said!


Thursday, February 24, 2022

Has World War III Begun? It looks ominously as it has. "Eve of Destruction" over and over again . . .

 Today is a very grave day in the history of our world.  Frankly, I wasn't as upset about the two Russian speaking territories in the Ukraine (Donetsk and Luhansk) -- the inhabitants of those regions appeared to be celebrating on Youtube clips I watched yesterday.  Inhabitants were walking in their city appearing perfectly relaxed -- or at least they gave that impression.  But, the full scale bombings, air strafing, and destruction that went into the rest of the Ukraine, including its Capitol city, Kiev, was clearly an exercise in barbarity of the worst sort.

My prayers are with all those adversely affected by these actions.  I'm also sharing with you an old Barry McGuire youtube video song -- Eve of Destruction,  It seems very pertinent today. 

I fear that this could well be the start of World War III.  Putin has threatened swift retaliation against any foreign power interfering with his invasion.  There are those inside Russia who were also horrified and bravely demonstrating against it.  I've been watching Al Jazeera's Youtube channel which has had fairly extensive coverage of the events.  Rich of Medford recommended it as a somewhat better source of relatively unbiased coverage.  There was reporting there that anti-war protestors in Russia had been arrested.

Often I have suspected we might be in the time of the Biblical seals of Revelation opening.  The 4th seal was the Rider on the Pale Horse.  Disease, fightings killings were shown there as taking many lives on Earth.  The pandemic has remained upon us with still many, many serious illnesses and deaths since early 2020.  New variants of that disease continue to appear.  Recently, it was announced there was a serious new and highly contagious variant plaguing Denmark.  All the other forms and variants quickly spread.  This one will probably do  so likewise here and abroad.

Such a sobering time and so many things happening.  We need to remember what time it is and to put our trust in the Lord.

Stay in prayer and stay tuned!


Tuesday, January 11, 2022

John Earl Fetzer, The Fetzer Institute, Benjamin Creme, the 1980s and NOW

Some of you blogspot readers and participants have thought the activities of the richly endowed, financed and highly networked activities of the Fetzer Foundation are now irrelevant.  That is hardly the case.  Those who received the disinformation of some Evangelical circles such as Walter Martin and Tal Brooke believe that few of importance had real plans during the 1980s and have them for now to take out the Christian world.  Again, clearly not true.  There is now a highly public campaign of which the Fetzer Institute is now a major player to make the very ugliest plans of "The Christ is Now Here" proponents of the 1980s happen now.  They are so very confident that they will now succeed whereas in May 1982 they had a major disappointment because now, "a majority of people are SBNR -- 'spiritual but not religious.'"

The Fetzer Institute and its components, including the John B. Fetzer Memorial Trust Fund, have freely published and are extolling as good and necessary just about everything of which I warned starting in 1981, Benjamin Creme and all.  For example, here is one they now have on their "Spiritual Library" in the form of an interview by Fetzer Institute Executive, Bruce Fetzer, a former Baptist Christian from Raleigh, North Carolina, who is the nephew of founder John Earl Fetzer (1901-1991).  For the record, John Earl Fetzer, a former Seventh Day Adventist, was the person in charge of censorship for World War II and post events surrounding Nazism -- probably the one who kept news of Hitler's occultism so long bottled up; the enormously wealthy owner of many radio, tv, and cable stations.  He left his entire huge fortune and the income it would engender from investments to making his dream of the New Age, complete with a new world financial system, a new world religion, and a new "Christ" who admittedly was not Jesus to happen as quickly as possible.

Even this past Sunday, the CBS 60 Minute program had a segment on one of these "feel good" everybody love everybody across political lines.  It had a look and a feel to it, encouraging "facilitation," and I promptly googled it along with "Fetzer Institute" and bingo -- it was a Fetzer Institute funded program.  It is in the workshops, the 'facilitation,' the 'meditations', where people go into their altered states that cause the New Age desired 'paradigm shifts' that cause the shifts in world view that they hope will lead to the acceptance of a "new gospel" that very clearly isn't.   What is really being done with 'facilitation' is "initiation" -- hoped for initiation into their 'occult mysteries' that could well cost participants their very souls, as it most likely cost John Earl Fetzer his own soul.

Here is what I just found in the Fetzer archives this morning (copyrighted 2018 material) vis a vis even the extremes of Benjamin Creme and 'The Reappearance of the Christ" in statements by Bruce Fetzer himself:

The other thing I think needs to be elaborated on is that, in the history, at least in the archives as well as in some of the oral histories, there’s a fair amount of discounting of the 80’s and that John was trying to build in terms of creating a direct relationship between the upper and the lower. By that I mean the hierarchy and the physical, the inner life and the outer life. Here is a book, I brought a couple of selections here. Not all of the library that John gave me to read, but this is one of the books from Benjamin Creme called The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom. It’s an interesting book because it’s one that John read as well. What it does is describe the relationship between the Masters and the hierarchy and the Christ Consciousness, and its application in the physical realm. The manifestation in this physical presence. It’s important as an independent reference, because the channelings with Jim Gordon talk very directly about the White Brotherhood, which is a council of Masters working with the Institute in the early days. John very much believed that there was a higher order to the universe that was giving direction to him to inspire the Institute, to carry on this inspiration in dynamic ways in the future, without creating a religion, by the way.''

This interview was not ancient history.  It was recorded by Bruce  Fetzer on July 6, 2011 and considered signficant enough to the Institute's aggressive work to be there now.

Reading and listening (a handy feature of Microsoft's EDGE Browser to read documents out loud) to other Fetzer library on live archived and searchable interviews,  I learn that on March 10, 1982 John Earl Fetzer was eagerly awaiting the 'cleansing action' where many of us would 'disappear' or be sent to 'another dimension'.  On April 25, 1982, his channeler, Jim Gordon, sent Fetzer a letter of congratulations -- the very day the world wide ads ran saying 'the Christ is now here.'  May 20, 1982 was their day of great disappointment, but still their work to implement this anti-God vision continues with force as they strive to honor John Earl Fetzer's vision.  I have learned that Michigan judges have been placed in Fetzer funded 'facilitation operations' and I'm sure it is a very small step towards forcing all us Michigan lawyers into same as part of "Continuing Legal Education."

So much is happening on so many fronts, but the Fetzer operation is a very important front.

Stay tuned!


Sunday, December 26, 2021

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano warns of New World Religion dangers - Guest article by Richard Peterson

To my readers:  Our long-time "Rich of Medford" known in real life as Richard Peterson and I have held many long and serious conversations on New World Religion developments.  One of the three main goals of the New Age Movement that I have observed and documented starting with my discovery of same in 1981 is their push for 3 main items:  

  1. 1.  New World Order
  2.     2.  New World Religion
  3.     3.  New world messiah -- one they cheerfully for the most part admit is NOT Jesus.

Alice Bailey wrote at length in her The Externalisation of the Hierarchy about these aims.  The New World Religion and a shared belief in interconnection of everything and "the only sin is the sin of separation" were central, she said, to the world's coming acceptance of "The Reappearance of the Christ".  

Richard Peterson has rightfully observed that courageous Archbishop Vigano has been giving solemn warnings that this may now be occurring with help from the present head of the Holy See -- the Vatican -- Pope Francis.  I invited him to use my forum to convey his     perspective on Archbishop Vigano's recent statements and actions.

Stay tuned!


Archbishop Carlo Vigano Sounds New World Religion Alarms

by Richard Peterson (Our 'Rich of Medford')

Recently Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò penned this warning that the Deep State and Church will bring about a new world religion and order.  His piece struck a chord with me.  It verbalizes much of what I had previously written regarding interfaith initiatives and religions’ role in the war against terrorism.  The Alliance of Civilizations and its implementation partners advanced themes such as religion would be used to dismantle undesirable religion; the separation of church and state would be set aside; religious exclusivists would be forever banished.


While I am not Catholic, both the internal and external pressures Viganò writes of soon will affect all of Christendom.   They already have.  Apostasy within Protestant denominations with its war upon fundamentalism has been fully on display for quite some time.  We need to take Viganò’s warnings seriously.  What happens within the Catholic church will reverberate across Christendom and carries with it implications for all. 


Are we living in the end times?  I think we are.  Sean Kelly, professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies, believes so too as he writes we are living in the end times.  His perspective is Biblical only in the sense that what he prescribes for remedy is what Revelation 13 – 14 warned us not to do.  Kelly’s book Becoming Gaia, On the Threshold of Planetary Initiation proposes a salvation rooted in technological convergence – a singularity – which will “pull the earth away from the abyss.”



Archbishop Viganò sounds the alarm that Pope Francis has engaged in a war upon the church’s traditionalists.  In this war, he says, the pope is doing what he does best:  demolition. Ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant,” making a wasteland and calling it peace:


“His dual role as pope and liquidator of the Catholic Church allows him on the one hand to demolish it with decrees and acts of governance, and on the other hand to use the prestige that his office entails to establish and spread the new religion over the rubble of the old one.”


Viango’s warning conveys a sense of urgency which I’ve similarly observed in recent writings of other Catholic traditionalists; the same sense of urgency conveyed from an era when the church experienced harsh persecution.


One traditionalist is Archbishop Schneider.  His piece The Gift of Filial Adoption (The Christian Faith: the only valid and the only God-willed religion) is a response to Francis’ signing of the Human Fraternity Agreement which places Christendom on equal footing with the other world religions.


“The Apostles and the countless Christian martyrs of all times, especially those of the first three centuries, would have been spared martyrdom, if they had said: “The pagan religion and its worship is a way, which as well corresponds to the will of God.”


“No authority on earth – not even the supreme authority of the Church – has the right to dispense people from other religions from the explicit Faith in Jesus Christ as the Incarnated Son of God and the only Savior of mankind with the assurance that the different religions as such are willed by God Himself. “


Pope Francis’ inclusiveness permeates well outside the bounds of religion itself.  Karen Armstrong of the Alliance of Civilizations, I suspect, had a sense of satisfaction as she published one of Francis’ heretical demolitions on her Charter for Compassion website that atheists need not worry about hell.  The Charter for Compassion was launched by Armstrong as a means to provide religions with “guidelines” on how we are to interpret those “religious texts which are being abused.”  Armstrong is especially hostile towards Christianity.  She attributes scriptural abuse to those who look upon Jesus as divine.   Armstrong’s theology includes  arguments such as the Biblical God is a lying God.


There is concern amongst Catholics that something is amiss, a sentiment recognized by Viganò:


 “We have come to the point that even simple people with little knowledge of doctrinal issues understand that we have a non-Catholic pope.”


My Catholic friends have voiced to me suspicions that Francis is the “anti-pope” whom they identity as the same false prophet from the book of Revelation.  Viganò expresses this same chilling suspicion as he critiques the new world religion and state as operating along parallel lines: 


“On the other hand, constructing a media version consistent with the system, to be repeated ad nauseam in order to indoctrinate the masses, is the recurring element not only in the ecclesiastical sphere but also in the political and civil sphere, so that it appears with disconcerting evidence that the deep church and deep state are nothing other than two parallel tracks which run in the same direction and have as their final destination the New World Order, with its religion and its prophet.”


This current condition plagues not only the Catholics but Protestants as well.  For quite some time now evangelical Christianity has engaged in a courtship with the state.  The word escorts may better describe the faith leaders who engage in such activity.


One need only look at some of the more prominent interfaith initiatives to observe the conjoining  of church and state.  The Abrahamic Family House, for example, is funded by the United Arab Emirates and has the full support of the Vatican and Alliance of Civilizations.  The German government and EU have reportedly contributed $37 million toward House of One’s $57 million price tag. House of One’s board has a strong political presence.



Christian Science Monitor cites a House of One’s agenda item as:


“It’s urgently necessary to enlighten the religious-exclusives, those people who believe their way to God is the only right way. This project forces them to question those thoughts, and to think about diversity within religion”


Even if we are not near the prophetic end-of-days era, Christendom appears to be headed down the same dangerous path it had travelled once before.  From history we have a range of warnings from which we may heed; from Dietrich Bonhoeffer to Mit brennender Sorge, the latter being read out from Catholic pulpits across Germany during a time of heavy persecution.


“Whoever exalts race, or the people, or the State, or a particular form of State, or the depositories of power, or any other fundamental value of the human community - however necessary and honorable be their function in worldly things - whoever raises these notions above their standard value and divinizes them to an idolatrous level, distorts and perverts an order of the world planned and created by God; he is far from the true faith in God and from the concept of life which that faith upholds.”


Today, as back then, Christendom resembles the same makings of Germany Christianity whereas the religion had only a veneer of Christianity.  Apostate and Theosophically-influenced the religion became unrecognizable.  Today, as then, I expect we’ll see a split among the faithful.


Archbishop Viganò’s warning suggests the hour is late.  Future messages may well resemble those from the prior era.  Again, from the encyclical: 


“At a time when your faith, like gold, is being tested in the fire of tribulation and persecution, when your religious freedom is beset on all sides, when the lack of religious teaching and of normal defense is heavily weighing on you, you have every right to words of truth and spiritual comfort from him whose first predecessor heard these words from the Lord: "I have prayed for thee that thy faith fail not: and thou being once converted, confirm thy brethren" (Luke xxii. 32).

Friday, December 17, 2021

A very ugly and telling sign of the time - UN Statue for Peace & Security


Rich of Medford (Richard Peterson) called me yesterday to call this to my attention.  It is a statue donated by Mexico to the United Nations where it sits at the Visitors' Plaza in New York City.  Read Daniel 7 and Revelation chapter 13.  The Watchman on the Wall website 

Below is a tweet from the United Nations about this statue:

I do not fully agree with the fine watcher who posted the attached video as he says that the rapture will precede the Anti-Christ as I believe 2nd Thessalonians,  chapter 2 plainly says the opposite -- that the "gathering together" will not occur until after the Man of Perdition is revealed; however, he has otherwise a very excellent analysis of the statue.  As to the statute an Mexico's donation of same, was it intentional?  Are they pulling our chain?  Given the history of Mexico between 1926 and 1935 and the hideous persecution of Cheristians that occurred then, it could well be both.  But at any rate, I believe this is a very telling sign of the times.  Here's the video and a link to same:

Yes, it seems to be happening -- rapidly!

Stay tuned!


Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Apocalyptic events way too close to home -- my grandsons' high school - Oxford, Michigan

 This will be brief and not to distract attention from the very acute WiseKey "Transhuman Code" plans for individual digital identities to be governmentally issued to all world residents to participate in the planned Internet of Things and Internet of Bodies.   But something happened so very close to me and my family today, I feel I should inform you of it here.  There was a shooting at Oxford High School at 12:51 to 12:56 pm today.  The first shot was filed at 12:51 pm.  It was my oldest grandson, Zander Cumbey, a student at the school who heard the shot and made the immediate first call to 911.  The authorities arrived within five minutes.  During that five minutes the 15 year old sophomore student shot 11 people.  Three died, another three are in critical condition and the others, save one, a teacher, had serious injuries.  The deputy sheriffs went right into the crime scene, encountered the student who immediately raised his hands in surrender and gave up his semi-automatic pistol.  The weapon had been purchased by his father on November 26, per investigating authorities.  

Needless to say, my three grandsons in the Oxford School District are deeply traumatized.  These shootings have become far too frequent and less random.  Ditto for Department store flash mob breakins.

This one was too close to home for comfort.  I live in Lake Orion.  Oxford, Michigan is the next town to our immediate north.  My grandsons play football and have been on the honor roll for upwards of three consecutive years.  

The descrtiption of the pre-flood world was that it was full of violence and no longer covered its dead.  Jesus said that as it was in the days of Noah, so it shall be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man.

P;ease Lord, come quickly! 


Sunday, November 07, 2021

Do you have your WiseKey Code? What is it? Who's promoting it?


What is WiseKey?  The first Google search on it yields the following rather ominous definition:

"WISeKey is a leading global cybersecurity company deploying large scale digital identity ecosystems for people and objects using Blockchain, AI and IoT."

IoT: as you know refers to "Internet of Things."  "AI" refers to Artificial Intelligence,"  "Deploying large scale digital identity ecosystems for people and objects using Blockchain, AI and IoT' sounds, frankly, just plain creepy.  It also sounds very suspiciously like Revelation 13 taken very literally.

Now for the "Wisekey Code":  it represents 

"the first interactive “knowledge platform” for managing the convergence of humanity and technology."

I have written about the goals of the 4th Industrial Revolution spoken of frequently and the subject of books by World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab.  As he has written, the 4th Industrial Revolution, inter alia, represents the merger of humans and technology.

The progenitors of the WiseKey Code, per the WiseKey website are two gentlemen:  Carlos Moreira and David Fergusson.  Davos, Switzerland is the usual annual gathering spot of the World Economic Forum.  It is also a major focal point for WiseKey activity and promotion:

WISeKey (SIX Swiss Exchange: WIHN) is a leading cybersecurity company currently deploying large-scale internet of things (IoT) digital identity ecosystems. It is a pioneer in the Fourth Industrial Revolution movement launched at the 2016 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos. Its Swiss-based cryptographic Root of Trust integrates wearable technology with secure authentication and identification, in both physical and virtual thebenvironments, and empowers IoT and wearable devices to become secure transactional devices.

 The above quote is directly cut and pasted directly from the World Economic Forum's website.  Even more fascinating and foreboding information is contained on Wisekey's Website vis a vis their "Transhuman Code Initiative>"  It appears, from their perspective that  like it or not, we will all be involved:

This necessary initiative will engage and inform all citizens of the world in thoughtful dialogue about the dynamic influencers on our personal, communal and professional lives. Exploring and bringing leading expertise on how the application of technology to the infrastructure of our lives i.e. employment, education, transportation, communities, government, currency, and health can shape our future, will afford us the collective opportunity to manage the relationship between humanity and technology.

The movement is already occurring around us so there isn’t a question of participation. We are and will all be affected. The question is whether we will lead ourselves where we want to go or be passively led where we potentially don’t want to go. The Transhuman Code initiative will ensure we are taking the lead.

It is not unexpectedly being given the best propaganda spin possible:  that it is about us being able to control our own digital identity.  European Union laws about digital identity protection are cited as important for global development of the "Global Identity Initiative."

WiseKey has published its "Transhuman Code Manifesto.  You can read its almost benign sounding language by clicking here.  

All of this is happening almost simultaneously with the now obviously expedited "cashless society" introductions in many countries.  Sweden. Finland, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, China, etc., etc.

Back in 1983 at one of the first New Group of World Servers' new moon conferences hosted by Mary Bailey (then president of Lucis Trust and wife of Foster Bailey after Alice Bailey's 1949 death), Mrs. Bailey said "our Father's house is wired.  Now, all we have to do is connect along that wiring."

Itt appears we put them on the run for a few decades, but now the push is on -- big time.  Will they succeed this time?  I fear too many of us are not ready.

I plan to write on this very frequently, in the days to come.  Also ominous is that the WiseKey Code was presented at a Vatican forum on or about October 23, 2021.  

It looks ominously to me as though the New Age agenda I have monitored since 1981 is now, to put it in New Age terms, "harmonically converging."  Much of it will probably be presented as a type of human advance, perhaps even a sacrament.

Stay tuned!


Monday, October 25, 2021

New Developments: WEF, Lucis Trust, Pope Francis, Matthew Fox, etc.

 I apologize to all for my slight presence both in writing and reading comments.  I had a severe bout of eye strain that required recent emergency in-eye shots for macular degeneration in my strongest eye.  Both my eyes had cataract surgeries, with the surgery for the right eye being more successful than the left.  I have another retinal specialist visit scheduled for this Friday, October 29th.  Fortunately, I have an excellent doctor -- but I have had to religiously avoid eye strain, and a lot of close reading and computer usage.

With that being said, however, I have attempted to keep up with youtube big screen TV viewing on relevant topics.  I also hear from many, including Grant from New Zealand and Rich of Medford.

What is happening now?  It is occurring almost too fast on too many fronts to intelligently and cohesively synthesize.  However, major developments include:

    1.  The two present great white hopes of Lucis Trust / World Goodwill appear to be:

            a.  The World Economic Forum

             b.  Pope Francis.

    2.  Excommunicated (1993) former Roman Catholic Dominican Priest Matthew Fox (now an Episcopalian priest), a main purveyor of "Cosmic Christ", anti-Christian morality standards, and earth worship, is now openly bragging that Pope Francis Laudato Si Encyclical was written by one of Matthew Fox's main Creation Spirituality (i.e. Earth Worship) students.

    3.  The Pope virtually declared war on EWTN for adhering opposing these and other Vatican developments, calling his opposition "of the Devil."  Given my past history with Matthew Pacwa, the Jesuit priest running much of EWTN, I wish I had faith in EWTN's ability to withstand the Pope's demand that they abandon those stands.  Both Randy England (a cradle-Catholic and author of UNICORN IN THE SANCTUARY) were come against by Pacwa in the early 1990's for our opposition to Matthew Fox.  Pacwa clearly owed us both apologies -- none have ever been received, at least by Yours Truly.  My information on the Pacwa "reaming" came from Randy England, himself, approximately 15 years ago.  I did, however, encouragingly see that a portion of his book about the extreme heresies connected with Fox were up on EWTN's library website.  The article I wrote about Pacwa and my concerns about his running of EWTN were published on this blogspot, and I am attaching a link to it here for those wishing to refresh those memories.  If Pacwa has changed his stance, I rejoice, but given my past experiences with him, I remain cynical, at least for the present moment.  It would be very nice if I were wrong.

Well, I've overstrained my eyes for the night.  But, please 

Stay tuned!


Thursday, September 02, 2021

The Major New Age / New World Order / Cashless Society thrust is with the World Economic Forum!

 Very recently, it was announced that the World Economic Center would open a, "Global Centre for Urban Transformation" in downtown Detroit, Michigan -- my own "stomping grounds" for so many years.s   The Detroit center will, per the WEF press release:  "Detroit will serve as the Centre’s global headquarters, providing a model for more inclusive and sustainable urban development."

 “Around the globe, cities are facing unprecedented challenges from COVID-19 to climate change, exposing deep systemic inequities,” said Jeff Merritt, Head of Urban Transformation, World Economic Forum. “As we chart a course towards a more sustainable and equitable future, government cannot carry this burden alone; increased public-private cooperation is essential. Detroit is uniquely positioned to serve as the epicenter for this work – a hub for urban transformation and innovation that the world can look to for guidance and inspiration.”  [World Economic Forum Press Release 08/19/2021]

Jeff Merritt himself will be coming to Detroit to run this Centre.  An ominous quote from Mr. Merritt incorporated in the Detroit Free Press article about the Detroit Center which is to be THE global center for urban transformation" for WEF is "MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT -- THIS IS NOT A THINK TANK -- IT IS ABOUT 'ON-THE-GROUND IMPLEMENTATION!

Well, what are they about implementing?  Check the following:Glob

    - The Great Reset

    - Cashless Society

    - End to superstition (i.e. religion per Chinese Prime Minister Xi whom Klaus Schwab acknowledges is a pivotal player in the "Great Reset" soon coming.


What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?  Per Klaus Schwab, it will come over us very quickly, like a tsunami and will change our identity, our biology, our interaction with machines.  It will incorporate human beings with machines -- and not just the computer I sit here using -- human implants  -- first in our clothing and then implanted in our bodies.  Watch the video I posted the blog article before last.

The information I just imputed to Klaus Schwab came from his own mouth at the Lee Kuan  Yew School of Public Policy and was delivered five years ago on July 13, 2016, just about the same time as the video I posted on the post before last when he said the chips would be bodily implanted within  10 years.  We are now five years into that cycle he predicted.  The video is fully watchable on YouTube.  Give the search command of "Klaus Schwab" AND "Fourth Industrial Revolution.

I discovered tonight on a google search for "World Goodwill" AND "World Economic forum" that World Goodwill (a forum of  Lucis Trust) that the World Economic Forum's agenda is a major focus for this current year - 2021.

Javier Solana, whom I have deeply researched starting on November 22, 1995, is a major player and contributor to the World Economic Forum.  

There is so much happening with the WEF, it is almost difficult to summarize, but I am becoming increasingly convinced that this is that of which I have reported and spoke since discovering the events leading to writing the HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW, a book that I started in 1981.  

It looks like so much is now coming into focus.  The WEF has its tentacles into much -- but now they in my own neighborhood for the past 50 years for ON THE GROUND IMPLEMENTATION>

Work for the time is coming, when you can work no more as the old hymn goes.  

I am am considering holding at least a zoom, if not a live physical conference on this subject and I am hoping I can get our Rich (Peterson) of Medford, Hugh McCallie of Oregon and other research stalwarts over the years to help.

Stay tuned!



Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Preface to Polish edition of HIDDEN DANGERS (released 05-2021) UPDATE BLOG 8-28-2021


To my readers:

As most of you know, a Polish edition of my 1983 HIDDEN DANGERS was released in the past few months.  The book is now more current than when I first wrote it.  I started writing Hidden Dangers in 1981.  The first English edition of the book was released in 1983.  German and Norwegian editions were released that same year.  Unknown to me (my publisher never informed me contrary to its contractual obligations) of an Israeli edition released in 1983, a Dutch edition released about 1990, and a Greek edition translated in 1992 and still being sold.  I was entitled to half the foreign rights -- most were concealed from me.  At least they could have sent me copies for my own bookshelf!  But, I'm not too unhappy, because I know we did get the word out about this critical subject.  

I wrote the following for the Polish language publisher.  It was translated to Polish, but since my Polish vocabulary is pretty much limited to "kielbasa" and "pierogi", I wrote it in English.  Years ago, I made my English language edition for which I hold sole copyright available for free download on the internet with the conditions that it not be edited nor sold for profit; however, you may freely reproduce and pass on copies  -- I was never into it for the money, but for the mission I feel the Lord expressly assigned me back in 1981, the year I discovered the facts that read to writing HIDDEN DANGERS.  I thought it would be useful for you to download or copy this material and add it to the edition of HIDDEN DANGERS as an appendix and/or update.


Preface to 2021 Polish Edition,



A literal generation (40 years) has come and gone since I personally discovered the “New Age Movement” by that singular name in late Spring 1981.

I knew elements of it before then by various labels, the most common of which included “Counterculture” and “Hippies.”  The Environmental Movement was then very much a part of that scene as it is now even more so.

We knew of the "Hare Krishnas" streaming through our airports and the Moonies selling flowers on the street and ginseng at downtown juice bars.

We heard some extolling mind control classes such as “Silva Mind Control” and “est.”

We knew of the horrors of cults such as Jim Jones and Charles Manson.

What we did not know then was the tightly woven, interlocking networking structure of the various groups

Most of us were happily unaware of the adulation given to Lucifer among New Age core groups.  I did not learn this for myself until 1981.

We were being steadily treated to New Age premises and principles even within Mainstream Protestant, Evangelical, and Catholic circles.  I was investigating why these non-traditional Sunday or Sabbath Schools were advancing concepts such as a “New World Order” and obvious syncretism (mixing pagan and/or occult doctrines with Christianity).

I had not set out to write a book about the above.  I had merely set out to FIND a book I COULD purchase and read explaining why these obvious non-traditional and often non-Biblical were making their way into Christian circles – both Protestant and Catholic.

It was Marilyn Ferguson’s 1980 book, THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY that gave me some startling insights into what was happening.  I discovered that book in very early Spring of 1981.

While there were no direct references to the Luciferian elements of the Movement in THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY, there were many such groups included in her summaries of the “Movement where people sought power only to disperse it to others”.

She did, however, have ample references to occult brotherhoods over the centuries sharing “secrets” that could now and were being brought out into the open.

She gave ample evidence that many rich and powerful were deeply immersed in the Movement.

She also gave evidence that many people entered on a quest for more personal power and then either turned back out of fear or went on to deeper levels.

She also plainly stated that one could not underestimate the role that drugs had played in their “Aquarian” paradigm shift. (Ferguson)[1]

The revolution of the 1960's had planted the seeds of apocalypse, the psychedelic drugs, however abused, had given a visionary experience of self-transcendence to a sufficient number of individuals, so that they might well determine the future of human development -- 'not a Utopia, but a lively altered state of consciousness."


New Agers have blamed me personally for having been a type of intervening variable in their quest to promote “The Reappearance of the Christ.”  I recently discovered two books by an Australian author (Isobel Blackthorne) whose claim to fame, inter alia, is her “Ph.D.” in Alice Bailey studies.  Alice Bailey was the co-founder, along with lawyer husband Foster Bailey, of Lucifer Publishing Company, later renamed Lucis Press.[3] 

After Hidden Dangers was released, many New Age groups and personalities for a time backed away from the use of the term “New Age Movement.”  However, that is still the same insider name for that self-mending coalition.  When I say self-mending, I am referring also to what Marilyn Ferguson called “SPIN” -- “Segmented Polycentric Integrated Networks” -- a term coined by Sociologists Luther Gerlach & Virginia Hine.[4]


Since the publication of the original edition of Hidden Dangers (English edition, 1983), much has transpired:


John E. Fetzer (1901-1991) the Fortune 500 super-wealthy owner of the Detroit Tigers and a large network of TV, radio, and cable stations liquidated his business assets to endow an organization totally dedicated to bringing in the New Age as a world-governing, new world religion entity.  Fetzer was a follower of Benjamin Creme, Alice Bailey, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, New Age leader John Roger [MSIA], and just about every form of the most radical elements of the New Age Movement of which he had been a financier and promoter many years before my discovery.  He was also, interestingly enough considering the long suppression of Hitler's occult belief system, the person in charge of broadcast censorship during World War II!  According to Fetzer's own writings, he was one of the first to enter Hitler aide Goebbel's office after the allies took Berlin.  Hmmm???!!!


Serious steps were taken toward world government and global governance


       The Earth Summit was held in Rio de Janeiro in late May 1992 and produced Agenda 21 manifestos and inter-governmental pacts directed against “global warming” and towards “biodiversity,” meaning that humans have nore more right to life on this earth than any life form.


       Pope John Paul II took a strong stand against the New Age Movement starting in 1993, declaring it incompatible with Christianity.


       The Iron Curtain was overthrown.  Starting in 1989, the New Age Movement started to take strong root in Poland.


       A World Harmonic Convergence was held globally on August 16-17, 1987.


       The Earth Charter Initiative was launched in 2001.  On September 9, 2001, it was carried along with a 21st Century version of The Ark of the Covenant to a Vermont location.


       Only two days after the Ark of the Covenant Earth Charter Vermont launching ceremony, the 9/11 tragedy occurs with the Twin Towers destruction in New  York City and the Pentagon is heavily damaged in Washington, D.C.


       The Occupy Movement began in 2011 with strong New Age Movement, counter-cultural, and left wing forces participating.  This was and remains a global movement.


       The Year 2012 begins a year of New Age frenzy and New Age disappointment as their Quetzacoatl prophecy expectations fail to materialize as predicted.


       The World Economic Forum headed by Klaus Schwab that includes many of the world’s wealthiest and powerful have started strong pushes towards Global Governance, many of which would greatly increase China’s power.  They are also among the strongest proponents of the "Great Reset".


       The terminology for “world government” and/or “global governance” is suddenly frequently changed to “multilateralism.”

       On October 18, 2019 an “Event 201 is held in New York City with “virtual audiences” in many other locations.  They present “simulated” videos of a global pandemic originating from a pig infested coronavirus spreading its infection first in Brazil and then globally.  It project shutting down the travel industry, the stock market, and giving cause for need to regulate the internet to prevent “misinformation” and “disinformation.”  That event wa co-sponsored by the World Economic Forum, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Johns Hopkins University.

       Less  than 10 weeks later, on December 20, 1999, here comes Wuhan, the “Coronavirus” and “Covid119.”  The world during 2020 goes into virtual lockdown with the travel industry, the banking industry, employment, restaurants, many small businesses and some large ones collapsing.

       Medical martial law becomes a virtual reality world-wide and here in the USA.  What could not be accomplished by scare calls about “global warming,’ “climate change,” and terrorism are accomplished by virtually shutting down the economy.  Those questioning the events are promptly labeled as “conspiracy theorists” while at the same time, The World Economic Forum, Johns Hopkins University and many, many other forces use this to press for a New World Order as part of “The Great Reset.  Those raising a critical eyebrow are promptly labelled “conspiracy theorist” and steps are taken to regulate their means of communication.


All of this and so much more has transpired.  The New Agers loved to say that they were now the “Now Age” rather than the “New Age.”  When they started making these statements and writing books with such titles, it was not yet a reality.  Now, with “The Great Reset” and the New Agers coming 2025 Kali Yuga coming, it may well be.


In God we Trust!  All others pay cash!


Stay strong.



February 9, 2021

[1]Marilyn Ferguson, THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY (1980), page 67)/

[2]Ferguson (supra), page 216.  Also, in my library is Ferguson’s source:  People, Power, Change:  Movements of Social Transformation by

[3]I have three books in my personal library from when they were publishing as “Lucifer Publishing Company,

[4]Marilyn Ferguson, ed. Cit. page 216.