Monday, July 18, 2016

Very clear New Age influences on Baton Rouge police killer

I'm going to bed very, very late -- but decided to check the news one more time before doing so.  I discovered something very significant about Gavin Long, the decorated former marine who shot six police officers in Baton Rouge yesterday, killing 3 and injuring 3 others, one critically.

This is what I read tonight from the WASHINGTON POST article posted on MicroSoft's news offerings for Windows 10 users:

Long posted a video online that seems to show him distributing his book to people on the street, and his cousin said he believed that is what Long may have been doing in Baton Rouge. The book, “The Cosmo Way: A W(H)olistic Guide for the Total Transformation of Melanated People,” is styled almost as a self-help guide.
Under the pen name Cosmo Setepenra, Long claimed in the book that he had a “spiritual revelation” while in college and soon sold his cars and gave away his “material possessions,” packing just two suitcases for a trip to Africa — his “ancestral homeland.” He wrote that he traveled across the continent learning from its “native spiritual practitioners and elder holistic healers” and was concerned in particular that people with darker skin lead healthy, holistic lifestyles.
“Not only have we not been taught how to treat our bodies and spirits in order to live a healthy and holistic lifestyle, we have also lost touch with the ancient teachings of our spiritual elders that would help us to live a healthy holistic life in harmony with nature,” he wrote.
Those familiar with the New Age Movement, its beliefs and altered state practices should recognize the above as a familiar part of the New Age mindset.  Also, I recently heard there may be connections with the Nation of Islam.  This brings back memories of old battles in Detroit when New Age elements attempted to set black and white neighborhoods off against each other in a battle over the Malcolm X Academy.  I was furnished at that time with evidence that Afrocentric and white supremacy organizations were collaborating in an attempt to repeal the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution and form three new nations:  White Mountain Republic; Republic of New Africa; and ZOG (Northeast United States as "Zionist Occupational Government."

It looks like all of those ugly elements are on the march again, in ugly combining with the OCCUPY MOVEMENT which clearly has played an important role in the Black Lives Matter demonstrations about the country, furnishing organizers for same.

I will have much to say about this in the days to come.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016






By Attorney Constance Cumbey

Newt Gingrich has just announced he plans to run for President in 2012. And a whole bunch of undiscerning “Conservatives” and “Christians” might just well back him. The entire affair will be to the utter delight of New Age strategists and global planners who well consider Newt Gingrich an indispensable part of their apparatus.
Recently resigned State Department official Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter believes that the “New World Order” of which she is an unashamed proponent is already well in place. It is a network of networks, per Slaughter. It is composed of equivalent globalized governmental layers from all levels of government from the executive to the legislative and judiciary and down through various levels of bureaucracies including regulatory commissions sharing information and planning “model legislation” together. All levels also interact with “Non-governmental organizations” (NGO’s). Business is tied together by “The UN Global Compact.” Perhaps nobly, more aptly scarily is this obviously global fascistic goal as stated by former UN General Kofi Annan, of “shared values and principles, which give a human face to the global market.” (emphasis added). All corporate participants are expected to pledge allegiance to the principles of “diversity” and “fighting climate change” (defined at least at present as “global warming.)
Query: What “shared values”? What “shared principles”? Also, the “banking crisis” artificially generated or otherwise, has led to calls for “a new financial architecture for the 21st Century. (Slaughter, A NEW WORLD ORDER, p. 20).
Now, just how does NEWT GINGRICH, fit into the increasing momentum of the global governance agenda? He was, bluntly, an “early adopter.” In 1996 before he left Congress in scandal, he was putting together incredibly linked global governance networks. According to Anne-Marie Slaughter’s 2004 Princeton University Press book, A NEW WORLD ORDER:
“When Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House, he was convinced that parliamentary networks would give domestic legislators a new role in foreign policy. In 1996 he sent a letter to his Russian counterpart, Gennadyy Seleznyov, to create a forum made up of members of U.S. and Russian legislatures to discuss issues of defense, foreign policy, energy, and the environment on a regular basis. The result was the U.S. Congress-Russian Duma Study Group.”
Newt Gingrich did this at the “legislative level.” His very good friend and New Age buddy, Al Gore, did likewise at the executive level. According to Anne-Slaughter, “The [Gore’s]commission created a special channel to advance not only common political objectives but also to enhance each politician’s political position at home.” (emphasis added) (Slaughter, A NEW WORLD ORDER, p. 114)
Wading deeper and deeper into global government (ooops, governance) territories, Newt Gingrich created “the Twenty-First Century International Legislators Network.” This, per Slaughter, he “launched in 1996.” It was “sponsored” by the U.S. Congressional Institute. This was to be “a global web of legislators.”
If Gingrich were talking, which he undoubtedly non-stop is, he would probably say it was “to strengthen democracy around the world.” Knowing the New Age agenda as I do, I would say that was neither probable nor possible. Considering that one of Newt Gingrich’s more recent books is entitled A CONTRACT WITH THE EARTH, Earth Charter ramifications are abundantly clear.
I opened my personal file on Newt Gingrich in 1982 after reading articles about him in Marilyn Ferguson’s LEADING EDGE BULLETIN. She wrote of the brave Georgian Congressman, Newt Gingrich, who was working so hard to advance the New Age agenda. I continued to follow his exploits through his insensitive serving of divorce papers on his first wife Jackie as she was recovering from cancer surgery; his remarriage to his aide Marianne; his affair while married to Marianne to the woman now his wife. In 1989, I was contacted by one of his former aides and campaign managers, a man known as “Chip.” This was the same close observer and former aide quoted in the press as saying that no matter how much good he did for the world, he could never do enough good to offset the evil he had caused by supporting Newt Gingrich’s original election campaign. The “Christian” Gingrich wrote Chip that his daily practice of Taoism helped him make his daily decisions in Congress.
"[Newt] Gingrich's influence in the third way movement [has] brought on kudos from the likes of New Age 'philosopher' Mark Satin [who has] identified Gingrich as a top 'decentralist / globally responsible' [thinker]. An interesting paradox, that fits the odd decentralism of the Third Way. . . . Beyond that, Mr. Satin . . . is not the kind of man you expect to be praising [Gingrich]." -- Steve Farrell & Diane Alden, "Third Way Contract," Independent American Party [website], c. January 2005”

Newt Gingrich wrote in many of his official bio’s for conservative causes that he taught history.  In actuality, it was in the New Age full employment program of “Environmental Studies.” In the mid 1980s, Mark Satin, author of NEW AGE POLITICS and NEW OPTIONS newsletter gave “Internationalist” rankings for Congressmen. Heading the list with the best “internationalist” voting records in Congress were Newt Gingrich and Marcy Kaptur, a Congresswoman from Toledo, Ohio.

An interesting analysis of Newt Gingrich appeared in a 1986 edition of the Los Angeles Times. It noted how he was most likely a left leaner, but learned that the right got the votes. Ergo, he suddenly veered course to the right. That analysis troubles me more than the Alvin Toffler, Heidi Toffler, Environmental Studies analyses which are a red flag of New Age danger in and of themselves.. It suggests a man who is more amoral than immoral. Such a person to my way of thinking is most dangerous of all – he does nothing from conviction or reason, but does all from a analysis of personal advantage.
Another astute Gingrich observer was writer Steve Farrell. You can read his 2001 analysis by clicking the link here. Excerpting in part, we read:
On November 11, 1994, still bubbling and cocksure over the Republican takeover of both Houses, his coming coronation as Speaker of the House, and his annointing as King of the Republican Revolution, Gingrich couldn't resist exploiting the moment to put in a free plug for something he so devoutly believed in. . . . "The core of our Contract," and the solution for those "trying to figure out how to put me in a box," he said, could be found in a book by futurist Alvin Toffler called "The Third Way;" to which he added: "I am a conservative futurist ." (1)  . . . 
Futurism, as already alluded to, is one and the same with the Third Way or Third Wave, but for brevity sake, Webster's Dictionary gives us another take on this subject.   . . . 

"Futurism: Study of, and interest in, forecasting or anticipating the future, or theorizing on how to impose controls on events." (2)

Or in other words, a head in the clouds political philosophy, complete with theories and forecasts, which envisions the use of force to insure those theories and forecasts come to past.

It would not be a stretch to call it communism with economic vision, for that is what the futurists of the Third Way call it. But, what then, is a conservative futurist? If we believe Newt Gingrich, it is in person, a post 1994 Republican. And it is in policy, the Contract With America, the go along, get along policies of a party who for the next six year "caved" under Clinton, and the faith-based subsidies, public private partnership, fast track hopes, and bipartisan spirit of today’s Compassionate Conservativism movement - the latter of which had its start in the legislation and underlying principles of that same Gingrich Contract...”

Perhaps Newt Gingrich is not a New Ager, but saw political advantage at the time as portraying himself in certain circles as one. As dangerous as an ideologue of any strip potentially is, I would prefer one to a self-centered narcissist. Perhaps an ideologue could be converted. A narcissist could only be reinforced. While we are all sinners in need of saving by Grace, I fear we have somebody in public life who lacks both conviction and shame.

May the Lord help us all!Germany once put somebody in office that bragged that if one repeated a lie often enough and loud enough, people would believe it. Too many people do. I fear that the USA may well be on the verge of doing the same vis a vis Newt Gingrich. As far as the Christians not seeing through Newt Gingrich, this is what I have to say to them. “If you couldn’t see through Rev. Moon (“Lord of the Second Advent) and you couldn’t see through Paul N. Temple (Institute of Noetic Sciences co-founder active with the Prayer Breakfast Network of Douglas Coe), then I can hardly expect you to see through Newt Gingrich!