Monday, February 12, 2024

It looks increasingly like Donald Trump will return to power and take vengeance on all opposing him

I started this article a few weeks ago and did not complete it.  I am aging now and will turn 20 in just a few ore weeks.  (I'm a Leap Year Baby and get one birthday every four years whether I need it or not!  Do your 4 x 20 math).  I just do not have the stamina I once had -- My mother died at age 81, my father at age 63.  My maternal grandfather lived to age 86 and died of colon cancer.  His oldest son, my mother's older brother lived to be 95 and taught college until he was 92.  So, I am not sure which set of genes I was dealt nor what age the Lord plans to take me.  As the world seems to be going now, I am starting to think the lucky ones are out of here.  Frankly, most of the news is very bad these days.

As you know, I have my deep reservations about Donald Trump.  He is a prominent entry in my large internet file titled "Antichrist theories."  

But my worries are increasing speedily about Donald Trump and frankly, I don't care if many of you violently dispute me or not.  I hope you are right and I am wrong -- but I am increasingly suspecting the opposite.

Trump's probable return to power has brought strongly to my mind lately the prophecy of "THE BEAST THAT WAS DEAD AND CAME BACK TO LIFE."  That Beast's "deadly wound was healed" and "ALL THE WORLD WONDERED AFTER THE BEAST." (Revelation 3:3)

Since the start of 2024, Trump's boldness in proclaiming retribution for all those prosecuting him, RINO's, what he terms "fake press", "Never-Trumpers", etc. has increased.  So has his open praise of other countries' dictators:  Erdogan (Turkey), Xi (China), Putin (Russia), Hezbollah (Lebanese anti-Israel militia group), Viktor Orban (Hungary), etc.

PLEASE WATCH CAREFULLY THE VIDEO OF TRUMP'S RALLY SPEECH IN CONWAY, SOUTH CAROINA, YESTERDAY!  You will see of what I just discussed in the preceding paragraph there.  I managed to insert a copy here of the speech for those who can't follow the link.

Tonight, I was so bothered by the passage of "all theWorld wondered after the beast", I decided to do an internet search to see if anybody else had similar thoughts.  I found the attached 2020 item from an "anonymous" poster expressing virtually identical thoughts and interpretations that have been playing over many times in my head lately.  You can read it and you can even listen to it read -- it is about a 12 minute listen.  It is called "The Resurrection of Donald Trump".  The author chose to be anonymous, but 3 years later, it appears that it may well be happening.

That scriptural passage   It has become increasingly apparent that the vast majority of Evangelicals and many conservative Catholics believe that Donald Trump, if re-elected --- indictments and all --will be their savior or deliverer.  They believe and are told that the World Economic Forum,NATO, the United Nations, the Bilderbergers, etc. will soon take over the world, cost nations their individual soveereignty, etc., etc.  This is the theme of a very professional film/video iny Amazon Prime library:  "Trump is God's chosen instrument to stand between them and us."  The movie is literally loaded with positive images of Donald Trump, including a his sculptured head on a bust.

Quoting from one voice (Tony Perkins) early in the production saying:  "There clearly is a march towards globalization.  We know there is a counterforce to everything that God does.  It's called Satan.  He's been planning and scheming from the very beginning and we read that he does it all the way to the end.  

So far, so true.

Next, the video accurately quotes Scripture from the Book of Revelation about the coming world dictator and that he will "surely be around the corner '. . . ;It's difficult to deny that we will be heading toward a global government."  It tells us to look at the United Nations, the World Bank.

Am I concerned about the World Economic Forum?  Yes.  Am I concerned about the "World Bank"?  Yes.  Am I concerned about other moves toward "globalization"?  Yes!

But, I am even more concerned about the deception Jesus warned us would be -- enough to deceive the Elect, if possible."  (Matthew 24:24).  Others have said to me:  "I'm the elect, that's not possible."  The minute you think it not possible for you to be deceived, you are the most vulnerable.  As many of Brother Paul and Brother James' excellent videos have shown, there are too many prophesied points about the Antichrist apparently manifesting fully in Donald Trump:  Wealth, Greed, lawlessness, dishonesty.  I believe Trump is playing a clever game as being "our champion."  I also believe that he will probably turn on us as he did so many others when Christians start to doubt his sincerity.  There is absolutely no way I can ignore his posting of messianic qualities about himself nor his failure to denounce others making such messianic claims on his behalf.

And lastly, Donald Trump has claimed he has never needed to go to God and ask for forgiveness.

Well, as to the Cyrus thing.  We know Cyrus was a monarch who helped restore the Jewish nation, but we have no Biblical nor other evidence as to him being supposedly a corrupt and cruel figure.

I have much more to say, but I felt I needed to say this much now!

Stay tuned!