Sunday, May 05, 2024

What Peter said to Cornelius, Trump likely would not say to others -- New Apostolic Reformation (ElijahStreams) Trump Idolatry is increasing


And as Peter was coming in, Cornelius met him, and fell down at

his feet, and worshipped him.

But Peter took him up, saying, Stand up ; I myself also am a man.

Watching former President Trump as carefully as I have starting with his post-election request to Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger, it has been increasingly clear that Trump is accepting worship of the type that Peter declined from Cornelius (Acts 10:25).  Books proclaiming Trump to be the "King of Kings and Lord of Lords" have been permitted to be marketed and sold at Trump rallies.   One prominent example is shown below:

Trump has not infrequently made messianic claims for himself and happily retweeted/"retruthed" idolatrous praise for himself, including those of his friend Wayne Allyn Root who said that Trump was regarded as the second coming of God in Israel.

One of the most prominent of New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) media outlet has been Steve Shultz, owner/CEO/operator of the very large Elijah Stream network.   In the last two days, Steve Shultz posted his latest Youtube interview of Jan Halper-Hayes,        Both made it clear that Trump was their expectation of "hope for the world", but Steve Shultz went one further and made the audacious claim of his belief that the only thing stronger in the world than Trump was God Himself.  It appears that even Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit got skipped on that one!       

Disturbing  comments by Jan Halper-Hayes and Steve Shultz:

-- "I would like the Military to come out . . . :  (14:26)

          -- "Jan Halper-Hayes references her last video (I posted this on my last post as well) about Jerome Corsi's representations about Military planning coup against Obama unless Trump promised to run for President -- they allegedly, per her, and Corsi said they held back because of the  promise by Trump to run.

--  The Military wanted somebody who was "not beholden to the Deep State . . ."

-- Ken Buck (R - Colorado) who recently left Congress is not a supporter of Trump, but he was "deeply aware of the Deep State that he took . . ."

-- Jan Halper-Hayes says she can't "get her head around that Ken Buck was against the Deep State, but didn't like Trump."

        -- Steve Shultz relies:  "If he was against the Deep State, he should be a thousand  percent for Trump . . . Jan Halper-Hayes 

       -- STEVE SHULTZ:  "Other than God himself . . .  He needs a man on the Earth to be in that position and  there's no other man on Earth to be in that position and It's Trump -- There's no other human being who has those gifts other than Trump himself . . . and I suppose

-- STEVE SHULTZ -- "Oh, and I was going to make this point, too.  If we want Trump with the backbone to be such a backbone so strong that even if it meant some of us have to go home early to the Lord [i.e. die!] because we didn't survive, He still waited for the right time, the right way to take on the Deep State.  He can't make his decision without . . .

Jan Halper-Hayes then jumps into say from her purported insider advisor military advantage:  "Let's make it clear -- the Military has already stepped in.

WELL, Trump is the Savior for the Earth?  Some of us may have to die and get out the way?  A military coup is already well in progress.  That's what Shultz and Halper-Hayes are saying.  So are many others in the MAGA-Qanon--NAR--Manifest Sons of God movements are saying.  May the Lord help us all!

Stay tuned, more is coming -- next time maybe about Kat Kerr and her statements that Trump is presently the 46th President, does not need to be elected, and is entitled to "make up time" for the 4 missed years!