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A Contribution from Reader, Rich of Medford

What is the Alliance of Civilizations?

An article by our reader and contributor affectionately known
to us as “Rich of Medford”

The final report of the United Nations’ Alliance of Civilizations (AoC) initiative was released last month. In addition to its usual goal of combating exclusivist ideology, the report contains some interesting elements:

1) Exclusivist ideology is defined as “those who feed on exclusion and claim
sole ownership of the truth. (Christians, read John 14:6 as you consider this

2) The core issue identified to be the bridge between the West and Islam is resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

3) The global and problematic players in this conflict have been identified as the adherents of the three monotheistic faiths.

4) Failure to resolve this conflict will result in a failed Alliance of Civilizations.

Also noteworthy is that the AoC has identified the European Union’s Barcelona Process as one of the frameworks in which it intends to operate. For those unfamiliar with the Process, it is the foundation of the EU’s political, economic, and social policy. The Process, also known as the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, is represented as the only platform that can solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The social dimension of the Process, with implementation facilitated by the Anna Lindh Foundation, cooperates with the AoC and shares the common goal to combat religious fundamentalism worldwide.So what happens to the adherents of the monotheistic faiths if the peace process fails? Lucis Trust, one of the contributors to the AoC initiative gives us an idea. In its publication The Rays and the Initiations, Lucis Trust says that those faiths are but three dead and gone religions with Judaism being old, obsolete, and separative. Christianity, they say, has served its purpose and the new age Christ will replace the Gospel with a new truth. As for Muslims, they will accept the new age Christ as their Imam Mahdi “who will lead them to light and to spiritual victory.”

The objective of the AoC, therefore, is “to enforce an Alliance of Civilizations against all those who…give prevalence…to a logic of division and confrontation.” Since the Alliance intends to be fully prepared to enforce its objectives by 2009, I suspect that’s when they will introduce their symbol. Timing is everything. The European Commission has just submitted a document to the author of the Barcelona Process that it is time to deliver.

If the planners of the AoC really mean what they say, may God help us all.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my Blogspot Readers!

The following is a reprint of my article on Alliance of Civilizations as published on  You may read it in the original at

By: Constance CumbeyDecember 19, 2006

One is, it appears, allowed to have a religion in the “New World Order,” a/k/a “Alliance of Civilizations,” a/k/a “global governance.” One is not, however, allowed to believe it true. Nor is one allowed to tell others it is true. If somebody believes that “Maitreya is the Christ,” Rev. Moon is “the Lord of the Second Advent,” or Sai Baba is God, they may tell you their religion is true. That is called “dialogue.” If a Christian dares to suggest Jesus is the only way, that is called “proselytizing.” We are looking at what anti-Christian writer, Theosophist Gina Cerminara during her lifetime cheerfully admitted in her books was a “war of general semantics.”
The newest and most powerful front in this war I have seen to date is the Kofi Annan convened, Javier Solana 2003 originated “Alliance of Civilizations.” Officially proposed, no doubt at the request of Dr. Solana, by prime ministers of Turkey (Erdogan) and Spain (Zapatero), it is a powerful convergence of politics and religion blending into frightening and fast-growing “global governance.” Right on schedule, its “High Level Group of Eminent Personalities,” (amazingly similar to long disappeared former Lucis Trust administrator, Donald Keys’, and his then 1981 proposed “World Council of Wise Persons”) issued its final recommendations on November 13, 2006. You may read it for yourself by clicking here.
What a surprise! I didn’t get an invitation to make my input! Karen Armstrong, an obviously apostate former Roman Catholic nun did. She is one of the “Eminent Personalities.” Not making it quite to that level, but respectfully listened to at Palais des Nations hearings in Geneva on July 17th, 2006 was another apparent Catholic sell-out to the New World Religion: Fr. Gaspar Martinez. He purports to represent something he calls Pax Romana. Curious, I also found him on a search posing with a group of Spaniards in something called “Bilbao 2005. Its symbol looked amazingly like a spiral formed mirror image 666. Its theology sounded remarkably like Matthew Fox. As to Karen Armstrong, her new and lofty position as an eminent personality” has put her in a place where she may even be a form of female pope. She comfortably thinks she can tell the present one what he may think – as well as what the rest of us should believe.
They believe they have placed standards and recommendations in place for governmental (oops, ‘global governance’) action to come – soon. Here’s a sampling:
  1. “Guidelines and mechanisms should be established to ensure that religious schools are registered with authorities and that their curricula do not foster hatred of other communities.”[1] [Does that include AOC incitement of hatred against fundamentalism? Probably not!]

  2. “Religious leaders, education policymakers, and interfaithcivic organizations should work together to develop consensus guidelines for teaching about religions.”

  3. “Governments and international organizations should work together to convene curriculum-review panels consisting of curriculum experts and representatives of the major faith traditions to review widely used educational curricula, ensuring they meet guidelines for fairness, accuracy, and balance in discussing religious beliefs and that they do not denigrate any faith or its adherents.
* “A reciprocal review mechanism would develop guidelines for fairness, accuracy, and balance in teaching about other religions and cultures, help guarantee consistency in their application across diverse regions, and encourage countries to work together toward these goals in their education systems.”
This AOC agenda was obviously not immaculately conceived. It has clearly traceable roots to another person on whom I have placed much focus over the past 11 years: Javier Solana. Nor was it originated by the two given public credit for same, the prime ministers of Spain and Turkey respectively, Tayyip Erdogan and Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. Both of them, deeply indebted to Javier Solana, obviously received their sponsorship mantles from him as he seeks to keep a lowered profile on this potentially explosive issue, especially given the increasingly critical attention he has received from prophecy watchers after the creation of his job with Europa code section 666 and his June 2000 power boosting proposal “Recommendation 666.” Small wonder he is laying a little lower on this one! But he has left his mark.
Googling “Alliance of Civilizations” also known as “Alliance of Civilisations” to British Commonwealth countries, yielded 118,000 hits as I was writing this article. The Yahoo! Search engine yielded a lesser but still impressive number of 85,300 ones. Its adopted symbol is hardly a mark of “civilization” – it is a creepy obvious “eye of horus” with a planet in place of the eye. It is obviously designed to bring more comfort to pagans than to monotheists of any stripe!
The “Alliance of Civilizations” would, when fully implemented bring planetary religious liberty, at least for those taking their revealed religion seriously, to a crashing halt. It would, inter alia require registration of all religious schools with the UN under the arm of a to-be-appointed “High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations.” Interestingly, the same title that Javier Solana holds for the European Union: “High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy.”
[Order Constance Cumbey's book #25, "Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow" while supply lasts]
Javier Solana has been talking much as of late about what he calls a borderless, “toxic brew” that he says refers to the “use or misuse” of religion. He mentioned this in at least two public speeches that I have had occasion to read from the internet. One of them was in his acceptance of a Carnegie Peace Prize award. I am starting to suspect that he is campaigning for this “High Representative” position as well and if he is not, you can bet that he will have much to say about who gets the job!
The much maligned Book of Revelation and the equally maligned Old Testament Book of Daniel contain specific and alarming prophecies about an end time dictator making war on those keeping the faith of Jesus and the commandments of God. War is nearly always preceded by marginalizing and propaganda. The New Agers whom I have observed closely since 1981 have a well advertised slogan: Crisis = Opportunity.
The opening chess moves for the Alliance of Civilizations came in 2003 and meetings were steadily had in 2004 and 2005. Then in March came the crisis that generated the real opportunity – the Danish cartoon crisis.
Aren’t there days you just wonder if that was a precipitated crisis designed to inflame to generate the opportunity to put the three Abrahamic religions under as Alice Bailey said should happen in her writings:
“There are certain areas of evil in the world today through which these forces of darkness can reach humanity. What they are and where they are I do not intend to say. I would point out, however, that Palestine should no longer be called the Holy Land; its sacred places are only the passing relics of three dead and gone religions. The spirit has gone out of the old faiths and the true spiritual light is transferring itself into a new form which will manifest on earth eventually as the new world religion. To this form all that is true and right and good in the old forms will contribute, for the forces of right will withdraw that good, and incorporate it in the new form. Judaism is old, obsolete and separative and has no true message for the spiritually-minded which cannot be better given by the newer faiths; the Moslem faith has served its purpose and all true Moslems await the coming of the Imam Mahdi who will lead them to light and to spiritual victory; the Christian faith also has served its purpose; its Founder seeks to bring a new Gospel and a new message that will enlighten all men everywhere. Therefore, Jerusalem stands for nothing of importance today, except for that which has passed away and should pass away. The "Holy Land" is no longer holy, but is desecrated by selfish interests, and by a basically separative and conquering nation.
“The task ahead of humanity is to close the door upon this worst and yet secondary evil and shut it in its own place.”
Well, as my critics have said for the past 25 years, I surely must be reading too much into this. And, another coincidence of coincidence: There it was, page 61 “Hearings with the International Community & Civil Society regarding the: United Nations High Level Group for the Alliance of Civilisations, one Ghislaine de Reydet, representing Lucis Trust-Bonne Volonté [World Goodwill]. “Googling” Mme de Reydet, I discovered her to be none other than the “Secretary General” of Lucis Trust of Switzerland
For the record, I have three books in my personal library from the time Lucis Publishing Company (owned by Lucis Trust) published as “Lucifer Publishing.” Another “coincidence,” I suppose. Well, I wonder when the Alliance of Civilizations will get around to analyzing the incitement from that organization against what David Spangler calls “Peoples of the Book” – Jews, Christians, and Moslems. Never, I suspect!
Oh, and one last thing. Lucis Trust and its “World Goodwill" have made a “generous” suggestion for something that could solidify an “Alliance of Civilizations.” They have generously offered the world the use of its “Great Invocation.” I wonder how widely they will circulate its last stanza: “Let light and love and power and death fulfill the purpose of the Coming One.” I wonder further how much publicity they will give to page 548 of its co-founder, Alice Ann Bailey’s quoting her “Djwhal Khul” master suggesting that the atomic bomb could be used to keep powerful religious groups such as the Church of Rome should they not leave politics alone. I suspect none! I suspect the Alliance of Civilizations won’t do much about that “incitement” either. I further am growing in the suspicion that the Alliance of Civilizations may be a grand culmination of long awaited Lucis Trust “prophecies” a/k/a plans. I recommend author Lee Penn’s excellent book, False Dawn, as well as his excellent New Oxford Review articles appearing from time to time in that journal for more detail. I first wrote of this group myself in my 1983 book, still available from for a limited time, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow: The New Age Movement and our coming age of barbarism.
Fasten your seatbelts – spiritual and otherwise -- friends. The ride is getting very bumpy! Keep the faith!
1, Page 34, HLAG Final Report for Alliance of Civilizations, November 13, 2006.
© 2006 - Constance Cumbey - All Rights Reserved

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Check out NewswithViews.Com today

Dorothy Margraf has insisted I put a reference here rather than in the comments where I annotated it. I have an article about the Alliance of Civilizations posted at NEWS WITH VIEWS website, I'm busy preparing for a hearing, and even Christmas is suffering for me as I comply with a rigid court schedule, however, as soon as time permits, I will copy the article to this site.

I will also be doing a two hour interview for Dr. Stanley Monteith's program this Friday night, 11 p.m. Eastern time, 8 p.m. Pacific Time on the subject.

Thanks for bearing with me!


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Javier Solana's about to be expanded fiefdom?

Javier Solana’s fiefdom is about to receive expanded powers over Kosovo

According to an article appearing in the Irish Telegraph, UN operations in Kosovo are about to be surrendered to the European Union. This says the writer of that article is a “risky path.” The EU will have authority to annul local laws that don’t conform to EU standards. Vesna Peric Zimonjic, author of the report says that the changed UN mandate will give the EU, and hence Solana, “sweeping powers.”

Quoting from today’on line story:

"Once that status is agreed the draft plan calls for the establishment of an International Civil Representative (ICR), much like that existing in Bosnia. They would then have the authority to annul Kosovo government decisions as well as laws adopted by the local parliament and to replace officials whose policy is not in tune with the demands of the EU.[1]

The same article makes it clear that it was Javier Solana who drafted those same plans which will be enhancing his already considerable powers.

Instead the only describes what happens once the status is decided, through negotiations undertaken by the UN's Finnish special envoy Martti Ahtisaari. However, the plan, which was created under the mandate provided by the EU security chief Javier Solana earlier this year, foresees the steps that will lead to the EU presence in Kosovo. :

I note with more than a small amount of interest (not to mention cynicism) that the Alliance of Civilizations (“Alliance of Civilisations” to our British and Canadian readers) is to have a “High Representative” appointed to implement that document. I note that that document calls for global registration of religious schools and regulation of their curriculums. That program, too, is clearly traced to Javier Solana’s proposals and work with the Anna Lindh Foundation “initiatives” as early as 2003-2004. I wonder if he’ll get that office under his “remit” as well? I can’t help but notice that this coincides with the beginning of his 7 year “European Neighbourhood Policy”.

I wonder what color that moon is getting to be? I wonder if I’m not reading too much into “innocent” things. Surely such a harmless looking man can have only good intentions! Or does he? We would do well to remember Lord Acton's admonition: "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Javier Solana has already been handed a lot of power. It appears he is on the verge of getting more -- much more!

[1]Belfast Telegraph, December 11, 2006, as web published at

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Meanwhile, back at the ranch!

Sorry to be off line for so long, but I just won a major family law case at the Michigan Court of Appeals for my client who had just about despaired of ever getting relief. If you are interested, here is the long awaited opinion. Yes, I did the work myself -- nobody wrote the underlying briefs for me.

My client is happy and I am relieved for him, but as you can see the Michigan Court of Appeals gave all concerned, judge and both attorneys, very little time to get things done. Hence, I have not been able to be with you as much as I would have liked.

But, BIG THINGS ARE HAPPENING. The German press has announced that Javier Solana is the recipient of the 2007 Charlemagne award. This is no doubt a significant prelude to enhancing his powers to the level he wants to enjoy. Herb Peters has several links to it at his website,

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Texe Marrs Disinformation for the "New Age"


I did not meet Texe Marrs until September, 1987, a day before I finished two weeks of Texan speaking engagements. I shared a platform with him the night before leaving at a Baptist Church in Austin, Texas. It was then Texe Marrs’ home church. His pastor, to my surprise, said to me when picking me up from the airport, “Now I don’t want any conflict between you and Texe Marrs.”

I must confess that I felt so isolated doing the original public work against the New Age Movement, that I was then happy to have company. I had not read his book word for word and did not then realize that parts of the book had been copied – word for word – from my original THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW.

I had, however, fears from the very beginning that Texe Marrs was turning a serious subject into sensationalism via The National Enquirer type sensationalism.

In the early 1990’s. I perused Pat Robertson’s book, THE NEW WORLD ORDER. I could not help but notice that there was material evidently directly copied from THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW. I called the publisher and complained. They called me back. They acknowledged it was my material and that they would either have to remove it the next printing and/or give me a credit. To add insult to injury, the material copied from me was attributed to the ads by Benjamin Crème proclaiming “The Christ is Now Here.” It was obvious that whoever had penned the words had clearly not read the ad, reproduced in its entirety on the back of my 1983 book. I was then sent a letter from Robertson’s publisher telling me that the material they used had appeared prior to their using it in Tal Brooke’s 1989 book, WHEN THE WORLD WILL BE AS ONE.

Since Tal Brooke had gone to extreme lengths to work to blackball both me and my original work against the New Age Movement in the Christian community, I was justifiably puzzled and angered. I called and wrote his publisher, Harvest House, and complained. They wrote me back. They acknowledged that the original work was mine and that they would either have to remove it and/or give me a credit. Again, it was perfectly clear that Tal Brooke had evidently not read the ad content he purported to quote. I then received a letter from Harvest House saying, “Mrs. Cumbey, we think you should know that two years before Tal Brooke’s book was released, Texe Marrs used this same material in his 1987 book. As I had enjoyed an evidently pleasant conversation with Texe Marrs two weeks earlier, I was surprised. I wrote him a letter and requested an explanation.

Texe Marrs was the only one not man enough to admit he had taken the material from me. He composed several pages of circuitous writing saying that the materials had been taken from books newer than my 1983 book, therefore, how could he have copied it from me? He then went on to say, “look, the Holy Spirit gave you that material. Why couldn’t He have given the same material to me?”

Yeah, sure, Texe. Word for word?

Well, Texe has much material that was not copied from me in his writings and for which I would never care to take blame and/or credit. I noticed he was advertising in NEXUS Magazine, in and of itself a New Age periodical. I saw that he was shamelessly pandering to both Jew and Catholic bashing. I recalled the very well documented strategy of the New Agers to pit the target groups of the “Old Agers” off against each other – Catholic vs. Protestant; Jew vs. Christian; Jews and Christians vs Moslems, and I frequently went, hmmm, I wonder?

When I saw Texe Marrs and Terry Cook in an ugly public fight I appealed to both to stop bashing and devouring each other. I still believed that even though Texe had obviously and shamelessly plagiarized my original work and research, that we were on the same team.
Now I know that we are not. I wonder if we ever have been. He left Pastor Bullock’s church under very ugly circumstances, threatening litigation against the good minister.

His new catalog IS “New Age,” -- in the very skimpiest of disguises -- and in the very ugliest sense of the word. It carries as allegedly reputable works books by unashamed anti—Semites such as Des Griffin and Ted Pike. His table of contents carries a section, “Judaism, Jews, Israel, and the Talmud.” It even carries the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,” a forgery put into circulation by one Yuliana (Justine) Glinka, one of Madame Blavatsky’s foremost Parisian disciples. He presents a tape of his own: “The Hidden Agenda – the Ten Awful Goals of the Illuminati’s World Zionist Council.”

I am writing this material while I am unquestionably VERY ANGRY. I hope I stay angry at this perversion of legitimate work against the New Age Movement by one who sometimes managed to get his name associated with mine. To a lesser extent, I have had the same quarrel with Gary Kah. The Jews are clearly a target of New Age planners and as both Texe Marrs and Gary Kah claim to be familiar with the Alice Bailey works, they well know the same as well as I.

Please, please, please – NEVER ASSOCIATE MY NAME AND/OR MY WORK WITH THAT OF TEXE MARRS – we are obviously coming from very different perspectives – and most likely headed for two very different eternal places. Texe Marrs (and to a lesser extent Gary Kah who relied on anti-Semite Eustace Mullins for a significant part of at least his first book against the New Age Movement) is propagating the very same theories Hitler used to incite a German generation into genocide of the Jews.

Jesus said that it was inevitable but that evil would come, but WOE TO HIM THROUGH WHOM IT CAME. Let’s hope that Texe Marrs and Gary Kah will get that message – quickly – and focus their considerable talents on the real enemies instead of pitting off the three major monotheistic targets of New Age planners against each other !

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Kissinger speaks

Henry Kissinger speaks and the world is most likely listening

I’m taking a break from finishing my book on Javier Solana to update my blogspot readers on what I see as an interesting new development. An article bylined by none other than Henry Kissinger appears in Saturday's Daily Aspen News. You may find it on line here:

It was Henry Kissinger who made the famous statement that he wished he had a single number to call to reach Europe. It was the Clinton administration who announced gleefully that this had been achieved – under Javier Solana. It was the Bush administration that handed its proxy on Iran to Javier Solana – to exercise on June 6, 2006, no less.

Henry Kissinger has now spoken again. He notes that Condoleezza Rice may be taking back the USA’s proxy given Europe and its Javier Solana under certain conditions. Those conditions are that Iran stop nuclear enrichment while direct negotiations with the USA are taking place.

Kissinger is skeptical that such will happen –or even work. He believes the USA is in no position to challenge Iran. Moreover, he apparently believes that the conflict is also Mideast regional – Moslem Shi’ite “ideology” (religion) vs. Sunni religious forces.

Henry Kissinger says that as long as Iran considers what it is doing a “crusade” vs. geopolitical realities, probably nothing will work. He notes that Europe will not insist on tough sanctions against Iran. He also notes that nobody has probably more to lose than Russia if Iran gains nuclear strength – Iran would then become a dangerous underbelly to Russia’s already self-evident problems with what Kissinger calls Shiite ideological extremists.

Kissinger says that because of the delicacy of that situation both Europe and Russia are hesitant to use direct confrontation. He says that Russia now doubts the USA’s staying power in the region.

Kissinger also expresses the opinion that the situation is too dangerous to ignore and will not go away.

So what does Henry Kissinger believe will work? What healing balm will calm that region and unify the now competing Shiite and Sunni forces? It looks to me as if Kissinger may be suggesting that Israel is the key. It is renewed Palestinian peace efforts.

Kissinger says Iran’s Ahmadinejad is empowered by knowledge that Shiite forces in Iraq alongside with Iranian sponsored Hezbollah ones in Lebanon are causing panic in Sunni nations. He suggests that the solution is two-fold: A Palestinian solution inside Israel and encouraging Iran to act “as a nation, not a cause.”

Kissinger further says that there must now obviously be a USA repositioning, but if it must not be currently perceived as a prelude to inspired USA withdrawal from the region. Such could cause Iran to perceive it as opportunity. It would see the collapse of existing structures, take advantage of a perceived opportunity to fill the power vaccuum. Ergo, there would be even more chaos in the region. Iran probably would not move aggressively, per Kissinger, unless it believes this would happen. Consequently, any strategic redeployment must take this type of Shiite (Ahmadinejad) thinking into account.

To me, Kissinger’s proposed solutions seem to lead us full circle to where Javier Solana came in when I first discovered him in 1995. Solana has been the only constant figure in all the “peace moves” in the Middle East, at least from 1991 onwards. Kissinger now defines religious fervency as “an ideology, "a crusade”, “a cause” and exceedingly dangerous, at least as it applies to Shiite Moslems. If Kissinger reflects and/or is shaping NATO, G-8, UN consensus, and he may well be, it may be inevitable that the “Alliance of Civilizations” with Solana’s concomitant “battle religious fundamentalism, worldwide” will come into accelerated play. After all, wouldn’t it, per that Alliance of Civilizations cum “New World Religion” combined with other equally “no religion” forces, be unfair to apply anti-fundamentalism to only Islamics?

As I currently read it, this may likely be a win-win for Javier Solana and/or any successor for the processes Solana began. It looks as if very sophisticated minds are calling for a consensus that will control both the Israeli region and world monotheistic, non-compromising religious expression.

When Henry Kissinger speaks, people usually listen. A very dangerous world is currently in play. As Herb Peters expresses it: stay tuned!

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Another "remit" for Javier Solana?

Friday, November 03, 2006


In 2004, the United States through President George W. Bush climbed on board Javier Solana & company’s “Barcelona Process.” The decision that the USA would back the Barcelona Process was a quid pro quo for increased EU support of the USA’s Iraqi operations. So far, the cost to Solana and its EU has been fairly nominal. He established an EUJust Lex program at a cost of 200 million Euros. That program was to train Iraq’s policemen, judges, police administrators, and court administrators. The chain of command ends, not surprisingly, with “SG/HR”. For the benefit of the “uninitiated,” “SG/HR” = “Secretary General/High Representative” = JAVIER SOLANA.Javier Solana headed NATO for nearly four years from December 1995 to October 1999. His initial appointment had been greeted by astonishment by his home Spanish press. They noted correctly that he, a former Marxist, had been the leader of the opposition to NATO. He was the proud author of a pamphlet, “50 Ways to Say No to NATO.” He was best known for haranguing crowds with his mantra, “we are radically opposed to Spain’s entry into NATO.”During Solana’s NATO career, he accomplished much. He increased the membership, adding many Eastern European countries to its roster. He was given unusual powers for a NATO secretary-generalship, usually ministerial in job nature. He was given sole power to decide when and if to begin and when and if to stop bombing the former Yugoslavia. (Now more commonly known to the locals as “Solania”.)He also split NATO’s command down the middle, leaving the USA operations under a Norfolk, Virginia, USA one and the EU’s under Brussels. He left the NATO job a little early to become “Senor PESC,” the head of Europe’s CFSP, “Common Foreign and Security Policy,” as well as Secretary General of the European Union. A few weeks later he was to be handed complete control of the 10 nation Western European Union (WEU) for “its last year of operation.” That year has sure lasted a long time. WEU is a bully pulpit and a nice format from which to hold the military-industrial complex confab’s that EU watchgroups have sounded clarion call alarms about. One such report is “ARMING BIG BROTHER.”Oh, and lest we forget, Javier Solana, was also given final control over the European Space Agency. “Like it or not,” they said, the power to shut it down had to be handed only to Solana.Since Solana did his NATO restructuring, the lines between NATO and Solana’s European armies have become increasingly blurred. While still at NATO, Javier Solana started making speeches that I computer archived since the 1990’s. They usually went like this: “The plan is to use NATO assets with European control of those assets.”Most clearly, Solana’s NATO successors, Lord George Robertson and Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, appear to have and continue to regularly check in with Javier Solana before making pronouncements. Presumably, they are talking with George W. Bush and company as well.For all of the foregoing, and many other reasons, I noticed with deep interest the call yesterday “coming from NATO,” that the EU now take a role in developing Afghanistan’s police and judiciary training!

"COPENHAGEN, Denmark: NATO's secretary-general on Friday urged the European Union to play a bigger role in Afghanistan and assist the alliance's military operations there with "nation-building" efforts. "I think that Afghanistan could have a higher priority on the European Union agenda," Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said during a visit to Copenhagen. The NATO boss echoed a call by the alliance's top envoy to Afghanistan, who on Thursday urged the EU to launch a major effort to develop the country's police and judiciary" International Herald Tribune, November 3, 2006."

Well, well, see my old blogspot article on “Javier Solana’s Word Processor.” I suspect the EU will act speedily on Howdy Doody’s (oops, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer’s) request that the EU launch a major item to control, oops, “develop” Afghanistan’s police and judiciary. And, here’s how I suspect one portion of the forthcoming document (probably already developed) will read:

    1. Article 8
      Chain of command
      1. The structure of EUJUST LEX shall have a unified chain of command as a crisis management operation.
      2. The Political and Security Committee (hereinafter referred to as "PSC") shall provide the political control and strategic direction.
      3. The Head of Mission shall lead the Mission and assume its coordination and day-to-day management.
      4. The Head of Mission shall report to the SG/HR.

5. The SG/HR shall give guidanceto the Head of Mission."

Interesting that Solana was not mentioned, but clearly he is there. He seems to becoming for a short while "an invisible man" again. Where’s Saturday Night Live’s “Church Lady,” now that we need her? Isn’t that convenient? Isn’t that special? Well, it appears increasingly to me that the EU and its Javier Solana may well be getting a good share of the Middle East -- oil resources and all -- on the cheap. Well, I’m going out to stare at that ever reddening moon again!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thus spake Solana!

From Russia: Thus Spake Solana

His influence in that organization is seen from the fact that he makes foreign policy decisions single-handedly, without consulting the chairman of the EU or the commissioner for external relations.” Commersant, Russia's OnLine Daily, November 1, 2006.

I flew from Detroit to California for Sunday speaking engagements via Texas Saturday night. I was originally scheduled to go through Chicago, but was notified at the airport that I was being rerouted due to Chicago flight delays. Interestingly enough, once I arrived in San Jose, en route from the airport, the half-moon was obviously reddish-orange -- a blood moon. I did attempt a photographic snap at it from the airport parking roof. I saw the same moon as obviously white, only a few minutes before landing. Maybe meaningful, maybe not. In the meantime, Javier Solana remains just about everywhere in the world press except the USA’s. Today, there was significant coverage of him in a Russian journa, Kommersant.

I amusedly noticed that significant portions of the story appeared to have been extracted from a Wikipedia article on Javier Solana with which I had more than a passing acquaintance. The most significant part of the article is what I have captioned under the photograph: “His influence in that organization [European Union] is seen from the fact that he makes foreign policy decisions singlehandledly, without consulting the chairman of the EU or the commissioner for external relations.”

The article had new information on me about Solana that I had assumed was only in the future with him. The reporter put it in the present tense. Presumably, the author had independent or inside sources:

Although that constitution has not been passed yet, Solana in practice already serves the function of EU foreign minister. His influence in that organization is seen from the fact that he makes foreign policy decisions single-handedly, without consulting the chairman of the EU or the commissioner for external relations.”[1]


“Solana can say harsh things to his partner and smile the whole time,” Kommersant reporter Gennady Sysoev wrote of his many meetings with Solana while he worked in Brussels in 1998 and 1999. “Physically, he is unimpressive, short and impassive. But he knows to convince his interlocutor in a conversation. Yugoslavian politicians said that it was hard to contradict anything he said because, in spite of his mild manner, he always got his way.”[2] [Emphasis added]

Obviously, Javier Solana, must be considered extremely important in Russia to have rated that type of coverage on its online daily organ. Most telling was the obvious play on “Thus spake Zarathustra” by the press excerpting Solana as “Thus Spake Solana.”

Even more telling? Today’s leading news hits on Javier Solana. Study them both for variety and scope of Solana's power and influence:

Javier Solana
Kommersant, Russia - 23 hours ago
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EU troops should leave Congo when planned - Solana Reuters South Africa
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Well, I wonder when that moon will be red again? I wonder who else is watching?

[2] Ibid.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Jeffrey Lundgren's Ohio Execution

Jeffrey Lundgren’s Ohio Execution – déjà vu the Summer of 1983

Carrying the word on the New Age Movement to many diverse elements was, to put it mildly, a challenge. Support came from where I often least expected it. So did the opposition. I decided early on that apart from refusing to give dignity to a known cult leader (e.g., Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Roy Masters), I would not insist on a test of doctrinal purity to those I delivered the information. My theory was that if folks were being conditioned by various false doctrines and prophets to receive the antichrist, let me go give them the bottom line. That could well make it wasted conditioning.

In 1983 I was asked to speak to a summer camp of RLDS fundamentalists. The doings were at a site near Independence, Missouri, site of the world headquarters of the Reorganized Latter Day Saints Church. The RLDS is clearly a branch of Mormonism. I was told that nearly a thousand individuals were in attendance from all parts of the populated world. The attendees included the head of the RLDS church in India, himself also a former Hindu guru. It was a very hot sticky week that was frankly a trial for me, although I must say that most of the people there were very kind to me and listened respectfully to what I had to present.

I was loaned by the conference organizers to a Bott radio station in Independence, Missouri. Richard Bott interviewed me. The Bott station is a well respected Christian one. During the interview, Richard Bott asked me, “how do people get into this stuff?” He was referring, of course, to the New Age Movement. I answered him by saying, “the scriptures tell us clearly that no man has at any time seen God. Moses came as close to it as anybody ever did; however, even with that limited exposure, God had to put him in the cleft of the rock, and cover him with his hand to keep the exposure from killing him. Even that extremely limited exposure left Moses with such incredible brightness that he had to wear a veil over his face to avoid blinding Israelites he later encountered.”

I went on to explain that the average New Ager was seeing and hearing things the rest of us weren’t experiencing. The scriptures (Deuteronomy 18) gave a very comprehensive list of forbidden spiritual practices. Those rules were not given us by a benevolent God for the purposes of being a “cosmic killjoy.” God, who made us and loved us enough to send his Son to die for us, gave us those rules for our own protection. We are not smart enough to second-guess God on rules he gave us for our own protection. When we cross that line and disobey God, in a sense we are repeating the sin of Eve. When people cross that line and engage in forbidden spiritual practices, they very quickly report various mystical experiences, which almost always is powerful beyond their present perceptions. If one has not seen the sunlight, a flashlight could look very impressive. A New Ager dabbling in the occult and having a subsequent predictable mystical experience that he can not explain by past experience, just “knows” that he “knows” that he has “seen God.”

I was returned to the camp for my last presentation before departure. As usual there was a vigorous question and answer period. One in particular stood forever embedded in my mind. A comparatively portly man, approximately 10-12 years younger than myself, challenged me. He asked me point blank if I had ever read “The Book of Mormon.” I answered in the negative. To be honest, I had tried to read it many times, but had never succeeded. It had seemed to me to be a patchwork combination of the King James Version of the Bible and a Zane Grey novel about the American wild, wooly west.

My challenger persisted. He said, “we believe that our founder, Joseph Smith, did see God, and that is how it is written in our “Inspired Version” of the Bible. I said, “Sir, all I can tell you is that is how the Bible, as I know it, reads.”

The conference chairman mercifully rescued me from the challenger. He said, “now, we invited Mrs. Cumbey here to educate us about the New Age Movement – not to debate theology. She says she has not had an opportunity to read the Book of Mormon. We will leave it at that.

The crowd sang very sincerely, “God be with you till we meet again.” Whenever I spoke at other Christian churches in the Kansas City area at later times, I would frequently have many people there come and greet me again. I was glad to see them.

I was told by the organizers that a few months later they were organizing materials for their membership on the New Age Movement and suddenly the committee doing so recognized obvious parallels between New Age and their own church’s teachings. The head of the RLDS church in India, the prominent real estate developer who organized the conference, and many others resigned their church memberships. Others retained their church membership, but have continued to expose the New Age Movement for their fellow RLDS’ers.

A few years later, I was startled to see the unforgettable face and body of the man who challenged me at that conference flash over television. It was Jeffrey Lundgren. I checked with the conference organizers who confirmed the worse. He had formed what he believed to be a “reform” version of his church, truer to the teachings of Joseph Smith. His delusions broadened and deepened. He turned on the family that followed him and his cult to the State of Ohio and murdered the hapless Averys.

Today Jeffrey Lundgren was executed. I suggest everybody re-read Deuteronomy 18 for a good list of those forbidden spiritual practices. The problem with too many fundamentalists is that sometimes they are just not fundamentalist enough. They should seriously consider the fundamentals of what God says, “don’t touch, don’t do.” And above all, they should consider the all important fundamental of THOU SHALT NOT KILL.

May the Lord have mercy on us all!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Are rumors about Solana's retirement serious?

What I’ve been up to update

I’ve been stretching to attend to my law practice responsibilities and preparation for two conferences I will be participating in this next weekend – one here with Herb Peters and the other in California with Dr. Stanley Monteith. I hope I can survive that weekend without a serious migraine. Meanwhile, keeping up with the ever morphing New Age Movement and European Union is a challenge. It seems that the New Age Movement, a/k/a “Cultural Creatives,” “Radical Middle,” “Radical Center,” “Human Potential,” “Holistic Movement,” “Translucent Movement,” etc., ad nauseum, is back on the militant march.

One of their current M.O.’s (method of operation) is to work “spiritual renewal” groups such as Cursillo, and get them to watch the newest Barbara Marx Hubbard/Ram Dass and similar operatives give their New Age testimonies in a video movie called ONE! It makes the key New Age doctrinal assertion that we are all interconnected and interrelated. This was something that Alice Bailey said the world must accept to accept their New Age “Christ” and “hierarchy.” Using this method, they have sometimes boldly walked in the side door of even churches which have taken public postures against the New Age Movement, claiming they are holding “prayer meetings.” While people think they are gathered for “prayer,” some unscrupulous organizers of this type of “renewal” meetings are spelling it their own way, “preying.”

Meanwhile in the European Union, rumors are floating that Javier Solana is contemplating an early retirement. I am skeptical. I believe he may be doing this to generate both sympathy and pressure to give him the power he has been seeking since introducing Recommendation 666 in the Western European Union Assembly on June 6, 2000.

Should Javier Solana be serious about it, which I am currently inclined to doubt, it is said that Swedish Foreign Minister, Carl Bildt, is anxious to succeed him in his responsibilities. Like Solana, Carl Bildt is media savvy and keeps his pulse on the Middle East. More frequently than not, he has been in public sympathy with Javier Solana’s goals and objectives.

Time and events will tell – in the meantime, as friend Herb Peters says, “stay tuned.”

Friday, October 20, 2006

Another repeat reminder on who and WHAT Newt Gingrich is!


Well, folks, I first posted this January 5th and had tremendous response. I am re-running it because a dear friend told me she thought Newt Gingrich was a good conservative Christian man! I figured his extensive propaganda needed counterweight to show the dedicated, double-faced New Ager he truly is! God help us!

Researching the hidden dangers of the New Age Movement as I have for the past 25 years, I have seen in “true New Age fashion” plenty of recycling. Few are stranger than the former Congressman from Georgia who I first discovered as the stalwart New Age Movement insider that he was. He went on to become the House majority leader and an alleged spokesperson for the Conservative movement. A few alarms were sounded, but his “conservative image” prevailed in public and media consciousness. He is now attempting a re-emergence, perhaps even a run for President. God help us!Marilyn Ferguson wrote the landmark manifesto book for the New Age Movement, THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY. She described her “conspiracy” as a benign one, with people “seeking power only to disperse it to others.” She also edited two profitable insider newsletters for her “co-conspirators”. One was called LEADING EDGE BULLETIN. The other was called BRAIN-MIND BULLETIN. It was the former where I first learned of Newt Gingrich. Marilyn Ferguson wrote glowingly in the early 1980s of the brave Georgia congressman who was doing so very much to advance the agenda of the Movement. Naturally, I immediately opened a file on him and followed his career with fascination since. He drew since forgotten notoriety in conservative and even feminist circles by serving his first wife with divorce papers as she lie recovering from surgery in the cancer ward. He then married his Congressional aide, a wife who has also been discarded for another younger still model. His New Age proclivities were not hidden. He publicly proclaimed his close affinities for his mentor, Alvin Toffler. He also was obviously close to John Naisbitt, the author of MEGATRENDS and MEGATRENDS 2000. Naisbitt also wrote the foreword to a later edition of Ferguson’s THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY.In the early 1990s, an Atlanta magazine got wind of my concerns. A reporter contacted me and went through details on the New Age Movement and my concerns about Gingrich’s open and obvious links. I was dismayed to receive a faxed copy of the obviously scoffing news clip called “The Devil and Newt Gingrich.” That was the bad news. The good news was that somebody who had once relatively close insider ties to New Gingrich, a man calling himself to me only “Chip,” faxed me many pages of handwritten letters Gingrich had sent him. The letters talked proudly of how Newt’s daily practice of Taoism helped him make his daily decisions in Congress.Gingrich resigned in disgrace from Congress over an illegal book deal. He is now reinventing himself as a spokesperson for morality. People are speaking admiringly of his recent public affiliations with liberal Democrats such as Hillary Clinton on national health issues. It all seems incongruous unless one understands the dynamics of the New Age Movement which itself has of late reinvented itself as “the Radical Middle.”Among Gingrich’s incongruities, he is a self-described “internationalist,” consistent with his New Age values. He has been involved on an international “networking society” level with another name to which I have given much ink, “Javier Solana.” [1] When there were Republican moves to halt United States involvement with Solana’s Bosnian invasion adventures, Newt Gingrich’s name was reportedly conspicuously missing from Congressional petitions to withhold funding.Gingrich's name has also been associated with the supposedly evangelical Council for National Policy (CNP). Never known for the utmost in discernment, CNP has included in their exclusive sets well known Unification Church Reverend Moon operatives as well. For the record, Rev. Moon is best known for his claims to be the "Lord of the Second Advent."Don’t expect me to be campaigning this or any other year for Newt Gingrich for President or any other office, except perhaps dog catcher (and I’m not sure I would want to do that to even a dog!). And you be careful too! At best he is a New Ager. At worst he is a shameless opportunist -- neither are viable options as far as Yours Truly is concerned.[1]

Tuesday, October 10, 2006



It’s an ill wind that blows nobody some good. That may be particularly true for Javier Solana with reference to North Korea’s recent atomic detonation. I received speculation from some yesterday that this made Javier Solana look impotent. With breaking news, clearly the opposite is true. According to Kyodo News reports, the EU’s Javier Solana and Japan’s foreign minister, Taro Aso, have pledged the closest of future cooperation.

Hmm, Japan, EU to “closely coordinate.” Germany is ready to assume their six month presidency of the EU with an agenda of hastening Solana’s European Security Agenda. It has even been reported that Germany is thinking of handing Javier Solana the six month presidency. If so, he will wear that hat in addition to all his other ones. Those crowns, oops, hats, have to be weighing heavy on his head. For the benefit of the uninitiated, they are:

  • Secretary General of the European Union

  • Secretary General of the Western European Union

  • Office of the High Representative of the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union

  • Chairman of the Political Security Committee for the European Union

Well, maybe I’m giving away my vintage, but I am old enough to remember (from history books, that is) the “closest of cooperation” between a prominent European Union country which has itself pledged the closest of cooperation to Dr. Solana in the months and years to come – Germany.

Prophecy analyst, Ervin Baxter, has theories on the beast of Revelation rising from the sea. He believes the beast with the wound to the head and the wound was healed may well be Germany with its divisions split from the time of World War II coming back together. I’m not sure I agree with all his interpretations. Time and events will tell. However, the two heads apparently converging to give a man whose job was created with Section 666 of the Europa code and close Japanese cooperation certainly are “harmonically converging” in my mind (to use popular New Age jargon) to create disturbing thoughts and memories.

“Who can make war with the beast – the beast that was dead and came back to life?” I wonder? I hope I’m wrong! Anybody looked at that moon again lately? I wonder if it’s getting pink again?

Monday, October 09, 2006

George Bush's world tour with Rev. Moon and Pat Boone

The gang's all there. 1996: Rev. Moon throws gala event in Washington celebrating the fact he's stopped calling the Moonies the "Unification Church" and will henceforth be known as the lord of the "Family Federation For World Peace and Unification." You won't believe what Republicans show up.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Unification Church dangers lurking at UN?


Javier Solana’s BIG agenda item has been “UN Reform”. Back in 1983, Joseph Tully, director of CAUSA USA, admitted to me they were working with Benjamin Creme and Tara Center. He volunteered the name of Creme's front organization, "Tara Center," to me himself. It did not come from my lips in that very bizarre confrontation. Needless to say, I have kept the closest of eyes on Unification Church in all of its ugly manifestations since. In 1990, I had a well publicized local debate with Ed Taub, Rev. Moon's designated leader then for the Metropolitan Detroit area.

I was distressed to see in 1987 that Jerry Falwell was serving as a keynote speaker for the CAUSA organization. More than ample warnings had gone to the Christian community about this group for many years both before and after. Since then Falwell has accepted large sums of moneys from known Unification Church sources to keep his Liberty University financially afloat. Needless to say, we hear shockingly little from Jerry Falwell, Tim LaHaye, Hal Lindsey, and so many others about the not-so-hidden dangers of compromise with Unification Church. Their usual line is that it’s ok to take money from such sources, the devil has had it long enough. More likely, the devil has now bought their silence. I pray all of the above will promptly repent. With our “born-again” president and his administration, it appears that some ultimate prizes may have been handed to this devil we should have known. Rev. Moon has long boasted that the day would come when people would have to “seek Father’s permission” to run for public office in the USA. Rev. Moon who impudently refers to himself as “The Lord of the Second Advent” has not slacked in his efforts to advance a theology that Jesus failed in his assigned mission to have children and form a new covenant race. Rev. Moon shamelessly preaches that the crucifixion of Jesus Christ represented failure and hopelessness rather than redemption for the human race. It turns out that the Bush administration has long had a high level Moon follower in the deepest bowels of growing UN global power. Her name is Josette Sheeran Shiner. She has long served as an assistant director at the State Department for the United States government. [2] The Bush administration is now apparently nominating her to be in full charge of a world food program.[3] Already she was on the ominously named “System Wide Coherence” high level panel of the United Nations.[4] This is also the panel charged with proposals for UN Reform. In 1983 Joseph Tully, the director of CAUSA, USA, (a major Unification Church front group) personally admitted to me: “Yes, we work with Benjamin Crème AND TARA CENTER.” I had confronted him with known Moonie presence at a Benjamin Crème event in Detroit, 1984. I had not mentioned Tara Center to him. He went on to say, “but we don’t all agree on who that new Christ is!” I said to him, “yes, but you all agree on who he isn’t, don’t you? You all agree he isn’t Jesus and he isn’t Jewish.” That my friend is the test of antichrist, not who’s currently jockeying for power in your crummy movement.”I am now afraid, very afraid, that the Moonies are indeed making major and successful power plays – both in Washington and at UN headquarters in New York City and Geneva, Switzerland. Given the other confluence of events, may the Lord help us all!





Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pope Excommunicates Zambian Archbishop


I’ve had some interesting/disturbing experiences with the Moonies and their leadership over the years. I’ve also had some interesting/disturbing discussions with various Evangelical leaders about same. Rev. Moon not-so-modestly calls himself “The Lord of the Second Advent.” He claims Jesus failed in his assigned mission to marry and have children, but he, Rev. Moon, rectified that for the human race by having 12 “perfect children.” Some babysitters reportedly described them instead as “perfect brats.” One son was killed in an automobile accident. Rev. Moon caused lots of embarrassment by the various Evangelical leaders who had apostatized to his camp once the money became attractive enough, when he decided an African man with psychopathic tendencies was his dead Korean son -- "Lord" Heung Jin Nim, back from the dead. Dutiful followers had to take many severe beatings from this man, including his USA interpreter and Washington Times head, Bo Hi Pak.

Well, a few years ago, an African Roman Catholic archbishop succumbed to Rev. Moon’s heresies. He took a Korean acupuncturist wife in one of Rev. Moon’s mass marriage ceremonies. He left the marriage – for a time – under Vatican pressures to maintain both proper Christology and celibacy.

Reported Evangelical and/or Conservative Catholic leaders succumbing at times to Moon’s financial, if not spiritual temptations, included Jerry Falwell, Richard Viguerie (also reportedly in Edgar Cayce New Age circles), Ron Godwin, Robert Grant, Tim LaHaye, Don Sills (who further compromised with the Scientologists as well as Moonies) and even Hal Lindsey had his moments of flirtation. Falwell’s embraces of Rev. Moon were particularly noxious to the Christian community.

Well, there has been a lot of popular and sometimes even Christian press screaming at Pope Benedict XVI (the former Cardinal Ratzinger) this week. However, today, he did something Evangelicals could well emulate. He cleaned house of the Zambian Rev. Moon defector, excommunicating Zambian Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo.[1]

I had an argument with a popular Evangelical leader in 1986, the name of which would greatly surprise you. He told me it was ok to take Unification Church money to help build God’s kingdom. The rationale was that “the devil has had the money long enough.” I told him and stand by same that “God does not need 25 cents of Rev. Moon’s money to build his kingdom.

Too many churches in the evangelical and fundamentalist worlds have taken too much Unification Church money at a cost of rewriting their theologies and tearing down their crosses. It is not building God’s kingdom to accept largesse from the Rev. Moon camp. It is tearing down of same. It is time to repent of the Unification Church compromise and apostasy. In December, 1983, a Unification Church organization official, Joseph Tully, admitted to me, “yes, we work with Benjamin Crème and Tara Center [I had not mentioned Tara Center to him], but we don’t all agree on who that new Christ is.”

Whatever Rev. Moon has given you, even if it saved a mortgage on your Christian School or financed new church buses, it isn’t worth your members’ souls. It is time to purge this bit of un-Christian leaven from our midst.

Sorry to be away this long, but I’m completely redoing my CD in continuous video form with voice-over and film clips. As soon as it’s done, you’ll see me as I look now. That has occupied my time, but if you view Herb Peters’ site (or watch the news) you know that things are happening FAST, the “Alliance of Civilizations” and “Clinton Global Initiative” are rapidly advancing their anti-fundamentalist agendas, and war continues in the Middle East. As friend Herb Peters says, definitely stay tuned!


Friday, September 08, 2006

Javier Solana Still Speaking for World?

Javier Solana: Still speaking for the world?

That moon over Michigan sure looks pink to me tonight. As such a moon usually stimulates me (just kidding about the moon stimulation!), I go and see what Javier Solana is currently up to. No special reason apart from that. But he sure still seems to be THE SPOKESMAN for the world, or at least for the United Nations Security Council. Javier Solana says there will be no sanctions against Iran “as long as talks continue.” Now, since the USA has made it clear that they, above all else, desire that their designated spokesperson (Solana) be the sole channel that Iranian proposed deals come through, and since he, Solana has now made it clear, even in the express USA demand that there now be sanctions against Iran for missing their deadlines; but Solana says, NO SANCTIONS, as long as Iran is still talking [to him], it’s getting pretty clear who is boss and it isn’t the USA’s George W. Bush.

In the meantime, his conferring allies on the Alliance of Civilizations and implementation of the Helskinki Process are busy making plans to have even local churches submit to a UNAOC (United Nations Alliance of Civilizations) snoopervisory, oops, supervisory organization. Read something here and better still, “google/yahoo” it for yourself!

Well, I think I’ll walk outside and take another look at that moon, surely not . . .!

Monday, September 04, 2006



Well, it looks like September is starting somewhat rough for Dr. Solana. He is getting criticism on his “secretive handling” of the Iran issue by his 25 member states. Read about it here.[2] However, he might have something to smile about. The European Union (e.g., Javier Solana) is releasing a “Green Paper” on terror-mitigating measures. Read about that here. In addition to banned substances on travel vehicles, it seems they now have to clamp down on literary fuel on the internet. Academics might have restrictions placed on their internet paper releases. Travelers might be screened for viruses. As the repressive measures continue, both here and there, it’s getting increasingly hard to say which is scarier: the terrorists, or the crisis=opportunity responsive measures of those who were already anxious to curtail civilian liberties. It will be interesting to see the definitions given of “terror,” especially since Solana has recently so very plainly made it clear that he fears “religion and misuse of religion” above all else. Read about that here[3].

As friend Herb Peters says, stay tuned!

[1] Article, “EU seeks improved and consistent anti-terror measures” by Paul Harrington, Yahoo! News, September 4, 2006.

[2] EU Observer, September 2, 2006, article by Mark Beunderman.

[3] Solana speech on June 27, 2006, referring to religion as a potential “toxic brew.”

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Will Solana send warships against Iran as he did against Canada?


Update: Solana didn't need to send the warships. Iran already gave it back. Read about it at

Today Iran seized an EU country oil rig for allegedly violating its Persian Gulf water space. It accused the European drilling company owning the rig of “hijacking” another rig. Herb Peters has reported his personal belief that this will force Solana “to show the stuff he is made of.” Read all about it here. Well, perhaps there is historical precedent to predict the stuff of which Javier Solana is made. I have written about it in back blogspots. Read all about that here!

In March of 1995, Javier Solana, getting ready to enter his 6 month coinciding presidencies of the European Union and the ten nation Western European Union (WEU) faced a potentially non-cooperative Morocco. As Solana was also putting together his planned Barcelona Process, he badly needed Morocco’s cooperation. As most know, there is little love historically lost between Spain and Morocco. Conflicts continue to this very day. Morocco demanded concessions and Solana was in a position to award them. First, Morocco demanded the right to sell produce in the European markets. “Granted,” said Mr. Solana and associates. That cut into potential markets for at least Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, and Greece. Then Morocco made the cruelest cut of all. They demanded that Spain immediately cease and desist fishing its coastal waters. “Granted,” said Mr. Solana and his Spanish government cohorts. (Remember, Solana was a mere foreign minister of one of 12 EU countries at that time – Spain.)

This resulted in approximately 600 unemployed fishing trawlers with owners and crews sitting angrily in Spanish ports. They were, as I recall, even threatening a national strike.

Now, it's kind of hard to be a great world leader and have revolution brewing in one’s back yard. The ever clever Dr. Solana and his respective think tanks came up with a solution: GO FISH CANADA.

They did. They fished Canada’s halibut, cod, and turbot stocks almost to the point of extinction. They focused their fishing efforts on Canada’s Newfoundland coastal area. Canadians were not happy. They complained to the USA which helped pinpoint illegal Spanish fishing methods. Canada’s smoking gun came when the Estai, a Spanish trawler strayed into Canadian waters. Canada took it into custody.

What did our “very good friend” Javier Solana thereafter do? He promptly dispatched three (3 count ‘em) warships against Canada. Then he gave a press conference which should have been infamous for its double talk. “Yes, there are international treaties regarding fishing”, said Dr. Solana. But, he continued, they govern only the types of fish caught and not the amount. “If we are going to place limits on fishing, they should apply to all countries alike and not just to Spain”, he continued. Then, most audaciously and historically dubious of all, he gave his grand finale by proclaiming that “besides, the Spaniards discovered those Newfoundland fishing banks. Therefore, we should have every right to exploit them.”

Well, how did all this play out? Like about everything else Dr. Solana has ever done, he came out smelling like a rose. Immediately after the Israeli treaty was signed, but before the Barcelona Conference opened on November 27-28, 1995, he concluded a new fishing treaty with Morocco permitting the Spanish fishermen to return to its fishing banks. This gave Canada some reassurance that the Spanish ships would no longer be a threat. Never mind that it would take years for the severely depleted fishing stocks to recover! Then he concluded the Barcelona Process, was given sole credit for the “diplomatic accomplishment,” and only two days later, he was unanimously made the new dark horse candidate head of NATO. Canada, of course, was one of the countries voting for him. My bet is that they did so under USA duress.

Oh, and did Canada remember? Evidently not. In 2006 under the leadership of former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, Canada signed a treaty to contribute its troops to Solana’s European armies. If you’ve clicked on the “read all about it above,” you will find ready links to that story.

Well, it should be equally interesting to watch this one play out. I’m betting that Solana ends up working this one to his advantage as well – after all he wanted “emergency powers” and as we all know, in those Club of Rome circles, “crisis = opportunity.”

Well, I wonder how long until Europe sends warships to Iran? I wonder how long until Iran sends soldiers to Solana’s EU army? I wonder when that moon will be red again? I wonder if I’m right or wrong!

As friend and co-reporter Herb Peters admonishes, stay tuned!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Solana has new peace deal in works with moderate Arab countries?


According to an article appearing in The Hindu Times today (August 20, 2006), three moderate Arab governments in the Middle East are pushing for a new Israel peace plan. You may read it for yourself by pressing here! If not, I have already archived it.[1] Those countries are Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. According to the same source, it was those same countries that led to “Arabs and Israelis launching the Madrid peace talks, months after the war that expelled Saddam Hussein from Kuwait.”

That 1991 conference, held in Madrid, was co-hosted by Russia’s Prime Minister Gorbachev and USA’s President George Bush (the elder). It was coordinated by Javier Solana who worked at that job even before taking the Spanish cabinet Foreign Minister post.[2] He was, however, the official spokesman for the Spanish government, even then.

The plans are serious and again Javier Solana is playing a prominent role. He met, according to THE HINDU source with Israeli and Lebanese officials last weekend. Today (this Sunday), Arab foreign ministers are meeting in Cairo. According to “THE HINDU”

“Solana's ``feeling is that we now need a big push, otherwise we shall see more fires breaking out in the future,'' a European Union official told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to make statements to the press. . . . Israel's defense minister, Amir Peretz, said last week that resumption of a dialogue with Syria and the Palestinians was possible. ‘Every war creates an opportunity for a new political process,’ he said.’” [3]

In one of my recent articles, I quoted New Age Movement activist Peter LeMesurier’s THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT, specifically the portion stating that their “New David” may well have to pursue his agenda (for a phony Second Coming and acceptance as “world messiah) amidst a time of turmoil such as the world has never seen.”

To paraphrase old Saturday Night Live Dana Carvey/“Church Lady” tapes, “could it be? . . could it be?

As friend Herb Peters says, STAY TUNED!


[2] (In case this one disappears from view, I’ve archived it as well.