Sunday, March 27, 2016



Among all the present chaos, all the sadness, all the violence, all the confusion we now face, we may still with confidence view our future -- the event that will be in all of our futures one day -- our eternal future -- whether with or without God.

This day, Easter Sunday commemorates in the Christian world the resurrection from the dead of Jesus Christ.  The scripture, "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved," (Romans 10:9) should give us hope for the long run -- not our transitory lives, but the eternal future promised us.  The Resurrection of Jesus Christ was about hope.

Today, let us rest in that promise.  Happy Easter to all!


Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Yesterday, the big news was that an alleged ringleader in the November Paris ISIS attacks had been captured in Brussels, Belgium.  Brussels is the headquarters of the European Union.  It is also the capitol city of Belgium.  Per audio reports I heard Sunday and  yesterday, the captured alleged ringleader was talking.  He told investigators, per reports, that there had been many more planned attacks on European centers.  

Google News Search on Brussels attack, 11:42 am, Eastern Time, March 22, 2016.

Today, the ugly plans evidently went into full blown execution.  Belgium, a country that depends heavily on rail travel for basic transportation, had both its main train station and airport attacked by suicide bombers.  At least 34 have been reported dead as of the time of this writing and the death toll is said to be certain to rise.

Among the televised reports I heard as I awoke to this news this morning were that Belgium had been vulnerable because it basically "lacked borders" and the foreign population was high.  This news is probably certain to strengthen Donald Trump's presidential bid hand because that is what he has persistently said about the United States.  

This development is also likely to strengthen the hands of those calling for "global governance," "global civil society," "interfaith dialogue", "Alliance of Civilizations", "New World Religion", and for those advocating for Europe to speak with one voice and with a multi-country consolidated military (Javier Solana has probably been the leading voice with this message starting in 1999).

Developments are diabolical and disturbing.  Jesus' words to his disciples about latter times in human history featuring "men's hearts failing them for fear looking after the things coming upon the Earth" sound increasingly like present reality.

May the Lord protect us all in these turbulent times.

Stay tuned!


Friday, March 18, 2016


Cliff Kincaid, one of my favorite political commentators just sent me his latest newsletter.  He expresses deep concerns about Donald Trump, those supporting him, and a type of mob mentality -- not dissimilar from some we also witness from those in the Occupy Movement and on the far left of the political spectrum.

Cliff has agreed to join me to vocalize his written concerns about that as well as some new concerns about New World Religion developments.

We will be live in the morning on at 7 a.m. Pacific time, 10 a.m. Atlantic time.

Join us then and there!