Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Read this story with your Bible open!

And, also this:

And this, please remember that a DANGEROUS PRECEDENT was set with Kosovo.  Kosovo was to the Serbs as Jerusalem is to the Jews.  I've commented on that for years and it has been consistently in all my upgrades of my Powerpoint presentation, JAVIER SOLANA:  MYSTERY MAN OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER.  Here's a story, a few months old of somebody else who noticed this obvious dangerous parallel:

Stay tuned!



Constance Cumbey said...

I've revised this, adding additional pictorial evidence twice. Please refresh your browser -- FREQUENTLY!


paul said...

Off topic but on the money.

Go Phyllis Schlafley!

Anonymous said...


Two posts submitted to the 12/10 thread were listed and then disappeared. One on biometric passports for Mexico as part of the North American Union, and one on barcodes for embryos.

Thought you would like to know.

Dave in CA

Dorothy said...

Dave, I hope what you attempted to post appears.

Barry Chamish does a radio show and sends out emails. Today he sent out an email with the following information:
"...So, the Skousen interview was not heard, at least by many listeners, if not all of them. This was not the first interference in my show. The guest before, Lowell Gallin, was blocked from phoning the station and with our first hour scrubbed, the show was all but lost. My producer told me outright:

Barry, We were sabotaged, BUT all of our phone lines are now fixed and things are back to normal for your program next Tuesday.

So someone is fooling with my radio show or maybe not, you say. Well, onward we go. Ten days ago was a Sunday, my day to watch football and relax. But first I had to answer my e-mails. When I tried to download them I got a message that read something like this: Psst. The POP server netvision has stopped transferring your mail. First I phoned two trusted computer technicians, Joel Skousen's son Derek and my webmaster Steve. For hours we sought the reason for the blockage in my computer, but to no avail. Then I phoned netvision in Israel and after determining that they were sending my mail out, their technician could not find the source of the blockage. He assured me that a higher ranking technician would have to phone me back. He didn't but the blockage stopped miraculously after a day. There was no football or relaxing for me that Sunday. Nope, I spent it trying to fix, what was certainly, a warning to me. Yes, they control my electronic mail...
As well as my snail mail. For the past 13 days, my post office box has been empty. Since that never happened before, and rationalizations couldn't explain this away, I suspected my mail was being diverted far from me. Just as bad, the packages of books I sent out, well before the Christmas rush, never made it to their destinations. Just look at some of my correspondence:..."

We need to keep communications up so when things are messed up, we can work on getting them right.

Dorothy said...

I just posted excerpts from a Barry Chamish email which said his email account was hacked, his incoming and outgoing regular mail has been sabotaged and his show was also sabotaged.

No need to guess, the post disappeared.

Dorothy said...

I just heard asamom is having trouble with their site also.

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