Thursday, January 25, 2018


As I have been reporting for some time, the "Global Governance Now" folks are swiftly on the move.  One of their leading tacticians is clearly Javier Solana.  They are clearly in a New Age time honored mode of "Crisis = Opportunity."  There is no present shortage of crises for them to exploit and they appear to be taking full advantage.  Scanning MicroSoft Windows 10 News Releases, one that previously seemed unlikely to me caught my eye.

Big news from my perspective here is that Robert Muller is obviously a global governance insider -- maybe there is a much larger agenda on the "Russia-Gate" investigation.  The Clinton administration of Bill Clinton was firmly oriented towards global governance per Javier Solana's book, REINVINDICACION  of which I'm now reading the Spanish edition.  

The story was about critical developments in the Robert Mueller investigation of the Trump administration for alleged Russian "election interference and collusion" ties. 

Not specifically highlighted, but obviously there dressed to please all Globalist governors is ROBERT MUELLER. 

FBI's Robert Mueller at DAVOS World Economic Forum meeting

Donald Trump, populism, Brexit, "climate change", Trump's cancellation of "climate change" pact vis a vis American participation, have all been prominent in the would-be global governors' toolkits. 

Well, present in attendance at the Davos World Economic Forum conference now ongoing in Switzerland is Robert Mueller.  Also in attendance and/or present en route there is President Donald Trump.

The stew is getting very thick!

Stay tuned!


Saturday, January 20, 2018


It is just past midnight, Eastern time, January 20, 2018.  Today, I received shots in both eyes for "wet macular degeneration".  This was the fourth shot for my left eye and the second for the right.  Now that the numbing is wearing off, I can do a little computer work.  I am seeing much better now than I have for several months.  I'm blessed that my eye doctors caught the macular degeneration that I thought was only a sign of a prescription needing upgrading.  The issue was much more serious -- untreated it could have resulted in rapid blindness. 

But, my eyes aren't the only things in difficulty.  Much bigger issues are on the plate.  We are in fearsome times indeed and the governmental shutdown tonight makes me feel no better. 

It is looking more and more evident to me that "global governance" forces are on the march and that my intense subject of observation for the past 23 years (since November 22, 1995) is a major, if not the major strategist for that dubious project.  Cited as reasons for urgent upgrading of European military forces and acceleration of "global governance" are the Trump administration in the USA, populism in the USA and Europe, BREXIT in the United Kingdom (UK), the inadequacy of post World War II structures, the need to strengthen China's role in new global structures, etc., etc.

One may probably safely bet that the shutdown, however, brief or long it may be, of the United States government will be richly exploited by global governance proponents, including but not limited to Dr. Javier Solana.

I'm google translating as I'm reading Dr. Solana and Lluis Basset's 2011 book, REIVINCACION DE DE LA POLITICA.  There is much to chew on -- it needs a serious English translation.  I doubt they'll make the critical content of that book that easy for USA English readers, but one can hope!

Stay tuned!