Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Some of my recent thoughts at random -- what say you?


  1.  I may be repenting of my endorsement of David Horowitz’ book.  He makes explicit in some of his writings of his mentorship and endorsement of Trump speechwriter Stephen Miller.  I strongly suspect that Miller wrote Trump’s Saturday night CPAC speech -- promising “total demolishment” of such things as “RINO’s”, “deep state”, the swamp. It is obvious to me that his promise to be “your justice and your retribution” was his promised pardons to those involved in the January 6, 2021 Capitol Insurrection.

  2. I find Kevin McCarthy’s exclusive turn over to Tucker Carlson of 40,000 plus hours of January 6th footage disgusting AND DISHONEST on McCarthy’s part -- McCarthy witnessed and condemned those January 6 events conrtemporaneous with their occurrence -- however, when he saw that Trump’s cult-like base was still with him, he apologized to Trump for his condemnation.  Now he helps to rewrite the narrative of what the entire country witnessed live in action.

  3. I don’t know where Liz Cheney is and what she is doing now, but I confess I would LOVE to see her run as USA President.  I was no fan of her father’s, but I am of her.  From my observation, she is a Constitution respecting woman of deep honesty, intellect, courage and integrity.

  4. In reflecting on various natural disasters in the world as of late, including the Turkish, Syrian earthquakes one is clearly brought in mind of the Matthew 24 passages of Jesus describing the time of his Second Coming.

  5. Pope Francis’ declarations on homosexuality needing to be accepted by the Catholic Church in particular and the world at large are as clear an indication of apostasy as I can conceive.

  6. I trust NEITHER Joe Biden nor Donald John Trump.  But here is a crucial difference as I see it -- Biden, bad as he can be does not appear to me to have dictatorial aspirations.  Donald Trump clearly has!  This makes Trump the more dangerous of the two IMHO.

I continue to be shocked at the level of deception in the Evangelical community and parts of the Right to Life Catholic one -- (Fr. Pavone, et al) who cannot see when somebody is playing to a political base rather than acting out of conviction. Scripture warned us there would be deception enough to deceive the very Elect. It looks to me as though it has arrived. Looking at gleeful headlines from Evangelical online sources about "Investigating the Investigators" referring to those attempting to undo the narrative of what happened on January 6, 2021, I am confirmed in that opinion.

Stay tuned!