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What Rudi thinks

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Every once in a while, I borrow from a contributor. I have done so with Dorothy, with Rich of Medford, and Farmer, to name but a few. This new contribution to my comment section from Rudi is so thorough and complete that I can't improve it (except I've added a few hyperlinks). I'm posting it as an article, together with an appropos reader comment on her comment. I also including links from her comment to yesterday's article.

Enjoy and make sure you stay tuned by checking out AND PROMPTLY ARCHIVING as much as possible ALL OF THE CONTENT BEHIND HER LINKS:


Rudi said...

Paul,and all the Dave's & AnonsThe “World Commission” website has existed “as is” for at least the past eight months or so. I’ve kept waiting for them to “finish” it with additional information, the “Calendar of Events” section in particular. Seeing as there is NO WAY there has been nothing going on, I figure the information on up-coming “events” MUST BE located on another website somewhere. That’s the way I start looking for stuff. The names within the websites that they DO “drop” is the way I found the information in the previous comments about the World Spirit Forum, etc. From the recognizable faces in the videos, and within the World Spirit Forum there is no lack of resources where the same people are active.For example, The ”Awakening Mind “ link someone gave above. At the site on it’s main page is“World Commission” When you click on ‘affiliates’ in the left hand column, a list comes up with every organization from the “Club of Budapest”, to “Jayne Goodall Institute” and everything in between. The Club of Budapest site will allow you to view a membership list which includes everyone from H.E. Mikhail GORBACHEV to former astronaut Edgar Mitchell. My point is the organizations and people involved, from the prominent political figures like Al Gore, to the promoters of 'The Secret' all have in a general sense, the same spiritual world-view. We will never be able to confine or combinethe totality of this movement towards global governance and "new spirituality" into one bow-topped package and identify it completely for what it is. THAT is the PLAN. It's intended to be unidentifiable under any one organization or any single individual.Jim, The "Christianity friends“ and connections apparent between the "new spirituality“, new age, global governance crowd are similiar to the "friends“ and connections with-in the Jewish community. Among the videos I gave links to are quite a number by Anthony Kosinec.One in particular caught my attention, titled, “Why Is The Middle East In Crisis?”

Granted, this guy is well known as a teacher and lecturer of the Kabbalah. In doing a google on him I found out about a regular series he does for Shalom TV.

Also, for an overview of Shalom TV: .The deception is out there, the enemy has infiltrated at every level and it will be those who resist- The Faithful-Jew OR Gentile who will find themselves equally endangered when the time comes. Rudi
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Rudi said...
Another Spiritual connection to Global Warming, Climate Change, and Global Marshall Plan Initiative. Thanks to anonymous 10:08 and Dorothy [Margraf] (previous comments) for the “Beyond Theology” information and links. I’ll be spending some time listening to the programs. The topic being “Beyond Theology” is very accurate in describing the ”spiritual” “consciousness evolution” taking place throughout society. This morning I went back to check for any updates at the “Global Marshall Plan” sites. The Bali conference has taken place with it’s inevitable outcomes, I wanted to see whatUp-coming events global warming crowd has next on their agenda. I am convinced the “global warming crisis” is a calculated, part of the larger PLAN that will be used to unite the people of the planet. Please take a look at the following information. Perhaps you will agree, perhaps not. The “new spirituality” is altogether inclusive. I’m posting the links to the items I found to be the most interesting. These links all came through The Global Marshall Plan Website.January 20-23 : The 5th WSF World Spirit Forum : ***“(X)change consciousness”To be held in Arosa, Switzerland. January 20-23 2008 Arosa, Switzerland “A collaboration on the questions:-Does the Global Climate Change demand a Global Spirituality?”“How to use Our Knowledge Wisely”

“We can leave behind the patterns that led us to the global crisis.We can
do so by exploring spirituality that tunes into resonant circuits of live again.
We need to be spiritually aware: for ourselves, for our neighbours, for the
environment and to witness to the miracles of the cosmos. We have to rediscover
the divine in everything and in all of us. If we share our collective wisdom, we
can become initiators, and we can stimulate the awakening of a new planetary

"There are many who say they don’t believe the world is going to change in our
lifetime. I think this viewpoint isn’t taking into consideration thefact that
Mother Earth appears to have issued an ultimatum: Change or perish…”

***Club of Budapest International in conjunction with The World Wisdom Council

Presents:Tokyo to Arosa From Plan to ActionPart 1 of 3
Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

7:47 PM

Anonymous said...

Rudi,I'm glad you're on our side.God bless you !Yours Paul

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Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Co–ChairDr. Robert Muller, Co–ChairDr. Karan Singh, Co–Chair

Ms. Audrey Kitagawa, Co–ConvenorDr. Ewert Cousins, Co–ConvenorDr. Ashok Gangadean, Co–ConvenorMr. Theo Cosmora, Executive Director, Global Councils
His Holiness The Dalai Lama
Former President Abdurrahman Wahid (Indonesia)
Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Seyyed H. Nasr (Distinguished Professor of Islamic thought and culture)
Tu Weiming (Harvard Professor and eminent voice for Chinese culture)
Hazel Henderson (Eminent Author, Futurist, Ecology of Global Economics)
Wangari Maathai (Nobel Peace Prize Laureat, Moral Leader, Head of Green Belt Movement, Nairobi)
Robert Thurman (Buddhist Tibetan Scholar, Columbia University, Advisor to The Dalai Lama)
Sir Sigmund Sternberg (Winner of the Templeton Prize, Inter–religious relations)
Rodrigo Carazo (Elder Statesman, Leader, The University for Peace)
His Royal Highness El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan (President, Club of Rome)
Barbara Marx Hubbard (Futurist, President–Foundation for Conscious Evolution)
The Very Rev. James Morton Parks (President, Interfaith Centre of New York)
Professor Cornel West (Princeton U. Professor, Leading African–American voice)
Elizabet Sahtouris (Evolution Biologist, Ecology, Voice for Indigenous People)
Dr. Riane Eisler (Distinguished author, visionary leader for Partnership Education)
Mary Evelyn Tucker (Distinguished Scholar, leading voice for Religion & Ecology)
Jane Goodall (Distinguished Primatologist, Voice for Wildlife Conservation)
Jim Kenney (Exec. Director of Common Ground; Exec. Director, Inter–religious Engagement Project)
Jonathan Granoff (President, Global Security Institute)
Angaangaq Lybert (Eskimo Inuk Elder & Healer, Greenland)
Betty Williams (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Pres. – World Centres of Compassion for Children International)

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Dear Mac:

I respectfully disagree with your interpretation of the ENP [European Neighbourhood Policy]. The only way to understand it [and the Alliance of Civilizations as well] is to understand its underlying "Barcelona Process." An Association Agreement with Israel was signed between Javier Solana and Shimon Peres in Brussels, Belgium on November 20, 1995, in the near wake of the Itzhak Rabin assassination on November 5, 1995. Two days later, November 22, 1995, Israel experienced the strongest earthquake ever in its history, 7.2 mw, epicentered at Eilat in the Gulf of Aqaba region. Heads rolled from Egyptian royal mummies undisturbed for thousands of years as a direct result of that quake. It is the only earthquake I have ever heard of that has been subjected to (unsuccessful) historical revision downwards.

I believe the reason that earthquake news was in part suppressed was because it came to a region of the world important to three major world religions, only two days after Israel entered into a pact with the European Union.

All three religions: Jews, Christians and Moslems would have read something of significance of that quake coming immediately after that treaty signing. To be sure, they would have read DIFFERENT THINGS into it, but ALL would have read SOMETHING into it.

Reuters news stories the morning of the quake (11-22-95) stated that the quake had come in the wake of a political earthquake in the form of the Barcelona Conference which would be chaired exclusively by Javier Solana acting under a full power of attorney from the then 15 nation European Union and THE TEN NATION WESTERN EUROPEAN UNION (this is what IMHO was overlooked by biblical scholars) "a military federation."

The [Barcelona Conference/Process] goals were three-fold:

2. Favorable trading terms for region participants leading to a Mediterranean Free Trade Zone by 2010; and
3. Get the USA OUT OF THE MEDITERRANEAN and/or greatly reduce its presence there.

The USA, per those 11-22-1995 press accounts requested "participant status" but were granted (by Dr. Solana) "observer status only."Thanks to knowing how to use the internet proficiently, I too had 'observer status," albeit the poor man's way. [I calmly went on line and pulled down working documents, pres releases issued as the event was in progress, and media coverage.]

Both Israel and the Palestinian Union [literally and figuratively] slobbered all over [Javier] Solana. Ehud Barak said to all gathered that "at long last, Israel has joined the European Club". . . "these are the benefits of belonging to the European Club." Yasser Arafat came very close to calling Solana the Prince of Peace, using language very, very similar."

Within a week after that earthquake, they tried to say it was only 6.2 mw, 1/100th of the magnitude of a 7.2 m.w. quake. I later (1999) pulled a reluctant admission from the director of an Israeli based earthquake study (set up as part of the "peace process" to study Jordan Valley rift phenonemon) that indeed the quake had been 7.2 mw and that "the various observers have measured it between 7.1 mw and 7.3 mw. The 7.3 mw observation came from the Ontario Earthquake Research Center.

For those with my CD you have a copy of their [Ontario] chart as well as the joint University of Michigan/Ohio State University joint earthquake research center charts.

Solana achieved his treaty. He was given sole credit for the "diplomatic accomplishment." I sent emails to my entire distribution list on November 28, 1995 saying "watch out for this guy." Two days later, he was unanimously, dark horse candidate, to the utter amazement of the Spanish press who knew of his Marxist, anti-NATO stance for many years, named the NEW HEAD OF NATO.

There is so much more, but Mac, I urge you, do not go back to sleep on this one. Real thing or power hungry wannabe, the results can be equally deadly. As Lord Acton once said, "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."It appears that we have come very close as a global society to granting Javier Solana absolute power. This could potentially corrupt a Mother Theresa or St. Francis of Assisi, or maybe even you or I, given such unbridled powers. Either that, or assuming we (or Solana) were completely altruistic, would inspire others who knew what to do with such powers away from us and in the hands of others more ruthless.

It is time we all woke up and smelled the coffee. I have composed this as a response, but think now that I just might post it as well as a new blogspot article.

Mac, you are an excellent bible student, and I appreciate your hard work and thoughtful participation.


12:00 PM

Monday, December 24, 2007



17.12.2007 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 306/153

THE HIGH CONTRACTING PARTIES, HAVING REGARD TO Article 28 A(6) and Article 28 E of the Treaty on European Union,

RECALLING that the Union is pursuing a common foreign and security policy based on the achievement of growing convergence of action by Member States;

RECALLING that the common security and defence policy is an integral part of the common foreign and security policy; that it provides the Union with operational capacity drawing on civil and military assets; that the Union may use such assets in the tasks referred to in Article 28 B of the Treaty on European Union outside the Union for peace-keeping, conflict prevention and strengthening international security in accordance with the principles of the United Nations Charter; that the performance of these tasks is to be undertaken using capabilities provided by the Member States in accordance with the principle of a single set of forces;

17.12.2007 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 306/153

RECALLING that the common security and defence policy of the Union does not prejudice the specific character of the security and defence policy of certain Member States;

RECALLING that the common security and defence policy of the Union respects the obligations under the North Atlantic Treaty of those Member States which see their common defence realised in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, which remains the foundation of the collective defence of its members, and is compatible with the common security and defence policy established within that framework;

CONVINCED that a more assertive Union role in security and defence matters will contribute to the vitality of a renewed Atlantic Alliance, in accordance with the Berlin Plus arrangements;

DETERMINED to ensure that the Union is capable of fully assuming its responsibilities within the international community;

RECOGNISING that the United Nations Organisation may request the Union's assistance for the urgent implementation of missions undertaken under Chapters VI and VII of the United Nations Charter;

RECOGNISING that the strengthening of the security and defence policy will require efforts by Member States in the area of capabilities;

CONSCIOUS that embarking on a new stage in the development of the European security and defence policy involves a determined effort by the Member States concerned;

RECALLING the importance of the High Representative [Javier Solana] of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy being fully involved in proceedings relating to permanent structured cooperation, [EMPHASIS ADDED!]

HAVE AGREED UPON the following provisions, which shall be annexed to the Treaty on European Union and to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union:

Article 1 The permanent structured cooperation referred to in Article 28 A(6) of the Treaty on European Union shall be open to any Member State which undertakes from the date of entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon, to:

(a) proceed more intensively to develop its defence capacities through the development of its national contributions and participation, where appropriate, in multinational forces, in the main European equipment programmes, and in the

activity of the Agency in the field of defence capabilities development, research, acquisition and armaments (European Defence Agency), and

(b) have the capacity to supply by 2010 at the latest, either at national level or as a component of multinational force groups, targeted combat units for the missions planned, structured at a tactical level as a battle group, with support elements including transport and logistics, capable of carrying out the tasks referred to in Article 28 B of the Treaty on European Union, within a period of 5 to 30 days, in particular in response to requests from the United Nations Organisation, and which can be sustained for an initial period of 30 days and be extended up to at least 120 days.

Article 2

To achieve the objectives laid down in Article 1, Member States participating in permanent structured cooperation shall undertake to:

The Euro(a) cooperate, as from the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon, with a view to achieving approved objectives concerning the level of investment expenditure on defence equipment, and regularly review these objectives, in the light of the security environment and of the Union's international responsibilities;

C 306/154 EN Official Journal of the European Union 17.12.2007

(b) bring their defence apparatus into line with each other as far as possible, particularly by harmonising the identification of their military needs, by pooling and, where appropriate, specialising their defence means and capabilities, and by encouraging cooperation in the fields of training and logistics;

(c) take concrete measures to enhance the availability, interoperability, flexibility and deployability of their forces, in particular by identifying common objectives regarding the commitment of forces, including possibly reviewing their national decision-making procedures;

(d) work together to ensure that they take the necessary measures to make good, including through multinational approaches, and without prejudice to undertakings in this regard within the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, the shortfalls perceived in the framework of the 'Capability Development Mechanism';

(e) take part, where appropriate, in the development of major joint or European equipment programmes in the framework of the European Defence Agency.

Article 3

The European Defence Agency shall contribute to the regular assessment of participating Member States' contributions with regard to capabilities, in particular contributions made in accordance with the criteria to be established, inter alia, on the basis of Article 2, and shall report thereon at least once a year. The assessment may serve as a basis for Council recommendations and decisions adopted in accordance with Article 28 E of the Treaty on European Union.



A very nice Christmas present for yours truly is discovering how many people out there are doing wonderful work of informing the rest of and helping us keep up with what often is an information overload. I just found a blogspot and am embarrassed to say I had not noticed it earlier. It is by "Johnny" who has been an active participant on my own blogspot. I am adding a link to it as well as the superb work I have already linked to by "Farmer," "Rich of Medford" and "Butterfield."

I am also reflecting deeply on Javier Solana's pronouncement that the New World Order cum "Global Governance" will be "a system of continents." "A System of Continents" is integral to both Buddhist and Theosophical belief systems and fits right into those proclaiming a belief in "Maitreya the Christ," a Lucis (Lucifer) Trust/Theosophical Society core belief. Click here to see another Theosophist summarize these beliefs.

All links in the last paragraph are extremely important as evidence.

And they have enough nerve to make fun of the fundamentals of our belief systems!!!

Stay tuned, and go visit

Merry Christmas, 2007, to all!


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SOMETHING VERY STRANGE IS GOING ON WITH MY YAHOO MAIL! It was all back and next time I logged on, it was gone. Then when I later logged on it was gone -- a few minutes later, back. When I moved ONE piece of email to a different box, bar association mail, I then received a headline message that indicated the former total number of messages in my email box that I HAD NO MESSAGES IN MY INBOX.

I don't know what is going on, but for now, please use my This proves, in my opinion, that my email is alive somewhere, deep in the bowels of Yahoo!

I had filed numerous trouble reports with Yahoo and still have no explanation, but my missing email WAS restored and WAS all back. . . .

If somebody from Yahoo! is reading this, please act on it. Do you really want to give your competitor, GOOGLE and GMAIL that much of an advantage?

Merry Christmas and stay tuned!

Frustratedly yours,

Javier Solana still heads WEU as its Secretary General

I have received posts today from sources that I believe are sincere that believe that Javier Solana is no longer the Secretary General for the Western European Union. I suspect that there is confusion over the structure of the WEU which has a "Secretariat General" and a "Secretary General," to wit, our "very good friend," Javier Solana." If you click on the picture you will see a blowup of the WEU official brochure which very well explains the relationship. The headline link will take you to the WEU website page for its leader, Dr. Solana.

Stay tuned!

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Continued New Math and Solana disappearance

I decided to check on the "Javier Solana" hits today. I first checked for hits in all languages. This should yield the most hits as it is supposed to be the sum of the total of all parts. He was up somewhat over the 215,000 he was yielding last week. In fact, per the google search, he had gained close to a million hits. Ok, so it was still a lot less than it had been, but then it was so much more relatively more than it had been. But were the counts showing the true picture? No!

Results 1 - 10 of about 1,840,000 English and French and German and Portuguese and Spanish pages for "Javier Solana". (0.11 seconds)

And for all languages?

Results 1 - 10 of about 1,140,000 for "Javier Solana". (0.15 seconds)

Obviously, although the mathematical difference is now somewhat less than when I wrote my column last week, it is obvious that the total here is obviously much less than the sum of its parts. Had I totaled all languages , it would have probably added another 400,000 to this total.

Why the undercount for Javier Solana on

Interestingly, after I pointed out these google discrepancies, things started to "disappear" for me as well -- my Yahoo! Email. Perhaps that was a coincidence, perhaps not? The timing sure was interesting. Even more fascinating: it appears that somebody changed my wikipedia password. I discovered this when I went in to correct and edit the current article on Nieves Mathews. "Squeakbox," as editor, removed the references to her being the mother of Luis Solana and Javier Solana.

Javier Solana claims he knows how to "be invisible" when necessary. He is facing a controversial next few months preparatory to the full powers he hopes to assume when his hoped for Treaty of Lisbon takes full effect (assuming ratification) in 2009. Ireland is getting a referendum. The British Telegraph is campaigning for one; however, right now English Prime Minister Gordon Brown, doesn't seem willing to give them one.

Now, it appears that Solana may be making more than just himself invisible. He has been extremely closed mouth, at least publicly, about his parentage. When I first started following him, all November 1995 press said his GRANDFATHER, not his "Uncle" nor his "great uncle" was a famous Spanish writer and diplomat. I certainly did not pull "Salvador de Madariaga" out of a vacuum. In November and early December, 1995, the grandfatherly relationship between Solana and Salvador de Madariaga, a former Spanish ambassador to the USA, were widely and proudly reported.

Interestingly, I found Salvador de Madariaga in the appendix to my second book, A PLANNED DECEPTION: THE STAGING OF A NEW AGE MESSIAH. He was on the list of endorsers of PLANETARY CITIZENS. PLANETARY CITIZENS was organized by Donald Keys. Keys was, inter alia, a close friend of former Saturday Review editor Norman Cousins. Even more interesting, was Keys' former employment as an administrator of Lucis (Lucifer) Trust. According to a mid 1980's Magical Blend Magazine interview, Keys proudly claimed working closely with Alice and Foster Bailey there. His book claims "Djwhal Khul" (Alice Bailey's alleged Tibetan telepathic medium) as one of his personal mentors. When Mexico persecuted its Christians, starting with the Catholics, and then extending to all forms of Christianity, from 1926 to 1935, there were those who sought to keep her out of the League of Nations. It was Salvador de Madariaga's proclaimed advocacy for an understanding of those actions that resulted in Mexico being admitted to the League at the height of that carnage.

I initially learned of Nieves Mathews from Spanish correspondents who sent me pictures of Solana's wife and children as well as of his mother, Nieves Mathews. I then did my own searches on her and ordered her book from It was from the acknowledgements of her book that I learned that her "teacher" was Osho, better known to American audiences as "Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh."

Now, that was a potential embarrassment for Javier Solana, a very big one. Rajneesh/Osho was deported from the United States. He had lots of trouble finding a place he could go. He was very angry, per his "Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic" at his evident double-cross:

ON MARCH 14, Osho And his party are promised visas to Spain, but three days later they are refused on the basis of dossiers supplied by the American and German governments,,, On March 18, Osho's jet lands in Madrid and is surrounded by Guardia Civil while the Uruguayan consul stamps Uruguayan visas in the passports of Osho and his attendants . . ."

A few months ago, there were intense European debates about alleged secret extralegal Eastern European located camps within the geographical confines of the European Union. CIA agents allegedly secretly held Al Qaida and other terrorist suspects in those camps, illegal by European parliamentary standards and rules on transparency. A controversial report was released within the European Union parliament that alleged that Javier Solana was in the know about this practice. One of the serious allegations made was that visas were falsely stamped with countries other than the ones where they were actually confined.

Nieves de Madariaga Mathews (presumably a later life married name -- her father had literary associates with the same last name) was relatively early in her adult life the mother of two sons. If you read Italian, you may read that for yourself by clicking here. The Italian words "due figli" mean "two sons." Her sister, Salvador de Madariaga's only other daughter, Dr. Isabel de Madariaga, to the best of my present knowledge, was a full time academic professional, a Professor of Slavonic Studies, and although divorced, was childless. It is highly unlikely that Salvador de Madariaga would dote on a mere grandnephew, such as Javier, when he had two grandsons of his very own.

Why the secrecy on family ties? If it is to protect the security of one's loved ones, I can understand that. However, Javier Solana's son is very much in the public eye as a growingly respected Spanish intellectual properties lawyer; his daughter, likewise. We know about his wife and two children. The European Voice has reported since 1995 that the couple "called it quits" in early 1995 and that his wife would not be joining him in Brussels.

I notice that the new historical revisionism on Wikipedia came from Squeakbox. "Squeakbox," claims his great contributions to the world were (1) proving former Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie was God; and (2) proving Javier Solana was not the devil. Squeakbox has leaned over backwards with the help of an alleged Australian Christian collaborator, "One Salient Oversight" to delete anything from Solana's internet encyclopedic entries that would cause anybody to read anything of prophetic fulfillment in them, e.g. The Barcelona Process; the 10 Nation Western European Union; Recommendation 666; Section 666, etc.

I suspect that the same spirit which has led Squeakbox to proclaim "Haile Selassie" "God" has led him to his historical revisionism in the name of Javier Solana. I wonder what Javier Solana thinks.

I will have much more to say about his later, both here and in my comments section. What do you think? Stay tuned!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Jumping over Ratification? Javier Solana is testing the waters!

The Lisbon Treaty, when ratified, will give Javier Solana most, if not all, of the powerful Foreign Minister powers he was to have received under the 2005 Holland/France rejected European Constitution. As things presently stand, only Irish citizens can look forward to having their democratic say about it. Breaking news from Telegraph.Co.UK, a leading British newspaper, is that Javier Solana is not waiting to put those powers, which include the establishment of his own diplomatic corps in effect. The Telegraph has been conducting a campaign to give British citizens a referendum on these expanded European Union powers over their lives.

It now appears that Dr. Solana and company are not waiting for treaty ratification to put their new anticipated powers into effect. He has appointed a European Union Ambassador to Africa. The newly named ambassador is Belgium's Koen Vervaeke. He will, per The Telegraph, represent both the Commission of the European Union and its 27 member nations.

Per The Telegraph:

The position is part of a diplomatic corps created under the treaty signed by Gordon Brown in Lisbon last week amid claims by Eurosceptics of a betrayal of Britain's national interests. Brussels chiefs have pressed ahead with Mr. Vervaeke's appointment before any countries have begun ratifying the treaty, which is scheduled to come into effect in 2009.

The Telegraph states the obvious. This is obviously a ploy to "test the waters."

Dr Charles Tannock, a Conservative Euro-MP and the party's foreign affairs spokesman at the European Parliament, said: "By appointing this man to Africa they are obviously testing the waters. This is the way things will work in the future. But until the treaty is ratified they have no mandate to set up anything like an EU diplomatic corps."

And what about the "chain of command" for the good Belgian ambassador? Quoting again from the important Telegraph article:

Under the treaty, there will be a powerful EU foreign minister, or "high representative", who will also service member states and the commission, deriving his power from what Brussels officials call a "double hat" arrangement. . . . Javier Solana, the Spaniard who heads the EU's fledgling foreign office, is tipped for the job, which will involve taking on more than 100 existing commission delegations around the world and turning them into a corps of diplomats.

Stay tuned!

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Dear friends and readers:

My yahoo email address has been hijacked. Twice in the last week, even though password was changed to a new, extremely difficult one, my box has been emptied. I just received bulk (spam) mail from an email address purporting to be my own.

For now, please communicate with me at



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Solana - No more Mr. Nice Guy?


It appears to this observer that we are about to see another side of Javier Solana--a sterner, terser one who will not hesitate to suppress opposition. A "google alert" tonight gave me a 'heads up' on a most significant and disturbing interview Javier Solana gave to People's Daily Online. A picture of the first page of that interview may be seen by clicking the picture to the left. The interview concerned the Europe that will exist both during the 27 nation ratification process and thereafter.
Solana noted that only Ireland will be permitted a referendum on the treaty. All other countries are expected to provide ratification by cooperating parliaments. Having a familiarity with legislative processes and how they tend to go when funding to individual states/countries are involved, the legislatures are certain to play ball -- or face unpleasant Brussels consequences.
Losing some of his hitherto diplomatic smoothness, Solana now speaks in near disparaging terms of the countries:
"Among the 27 member nations in the EU, there are both new members and old
members and ones of heavyweight or lightweight. Poland, a new, lightweight
member, once argued strongly for a revision of the EU voting rule that allocated
votes to each member in accordance with the square root of their population.
Afterward, it comprised and agreed to the idea of a "dual voting
system".Likewise, Czech, another new EU member, asked for more reversibility,
with which an EU member alone has the right to demand the EU commission to
withdraw a motion or bill. Such new member nations as Poland and Czech are so
resolute and rigid mainly because they feared that their weak political and
economic positions would be marginalized."
It should be noted that up until 10 critical days in November, 1995, Javier Solana was only one of many, many European cabinet ministers. He served at various times as Minister of Culture, Minister of Education, and Minister of Science for Spain before becoming its foreign minister right in time for the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit in 1992.
Part of this new treaty includes strong military powers for an alleged "coalition of the willing." This structure is ominously named "Permanent Structured Cooperation."
I noted with concern back in the 1990's that Javier Solana was publicly stating in speeches that "the plan is to use NATO assets with European control of those assets."
He has achieved that goal. During his NATO tenure, he split the NATO command in two: the US portion to be headquartered at Norfolk, Virginia and the European one at Brussels. Solana, in charge of European military as well as European diplomacy, has long since been given a virtual blank check to use NATO assets. The NATO forces are clearly "double-hatted" with European Union (EU) ones.
In the late 1990s, as I viewed these trends with concern, I read a piece that has since disappeared from the internet from a British source, labeled "John Boyd, Secretary." He noted with alarm the rearming of Europe and drew obvious parallels with Hitler's remilitarizing Germany in the 1930s. He said that he did it at first by stealth and then openly.
It should be noted that Javier Solana was for many years on the USA's subversive list. It is totally incredible that he should have been handed the powers he has with this in his background. In 1999, he was handed unusual powers for a NATO Secretary General.
Boyd further noted Jacques Santer's stated goal of dislodging the USA as a major superpower in the 21st century struggle for increasingly scarce global resources. Boyd's warnings were prophetic. The European nations are obviously motivated to hand Solana powers to be the one voice speaking for Europe so they may equalize Europe with the USA on the world stage. Unfortunately, our present administration and war policies have given them plenty of ammunition.
Javier Solana upon first inspection reminds one of (1) Everybody's favorite uncle; (2) Everybody's favorite professor (which he, a physics professor, used to be) and/or (3) the most comfortable pair of old shoes in one's closet.
It appears to me that Javier Solana is approaching a potentially difficult Treaty of Lisbon ratification stage with little or no sense of humor. He has long since, under the Year 2000 Treaty of Nice possessed powers to convene the Council of the European Union "in the event of an emergency."
Let's hope the emergency does not happen. Let us hope my analysis is wrong. This is all getting just too eerie. A man whose present job was created with Section 666 of the Europa codified documents and who proposes through his ten permanent member Western European Union assembly emergency European powers for himself, now merging and blending with NATO "based on a classified exchange of letters between the EU's High Representative . . . Javier Solana and NATO's Secretary General George Robertson" [1]
It strikes me that no matter how deficient Javier Solana's religious training may have been, he should appreciate the deep and disturbing symbolism of 666 embodied in EU official documents for the year 1998, particularly when combined with 10 nation federations surreptitiously handing him power, such as was the case with the Western European Union in 1999. While the fiction has been maintained that it is only a shell, scholarly accounts more accurately tell the story: This was a revival, not a cessation of the Western European Union military alliance.[2] When he named his bill seeking emergency powers over Europe in the event of an 'emergency' Recommendation 666, it was probably no accident.
What is happening has amazing similarities to pictures painted years ago both in the biblical books of Daniel and Revelation. If the books sound alike, it is because as Pastor Ervin Baxter, Jr. is fond of saying: Same author, different secretaries.
Is the time at hand? Should we look for another? The times appeared to be near at hand when Hitler appeared. Hitler was not the man. Historical accounts well document that Hitler wanted to be "the man." Nevertheless, antichrist or not, Hitler, a wannabe, was most dangerous to Europe's health.
Clearly Javier Solana, so far, does not present the same intimidating presence that Hitler's old videos reveal. But then, there are old smiling videos of Hitler and his comrades graciously donating to charities, kissing babies, and mingling with crowds. Javier Solana has spoken of the European Union coalition as an achievement of peace. I am happy for Europe that they had the 50 years of relative peace (Balkans clearly excluded). However, if these virtually unchecked powers are put in the hand of one man, be he presently saint or sinner, Europe's long vacation -- as well as the rest of the world's -- could just about be over. Power acquired is not easily relinquished.
Equally clearly, Javier Solana has been handed vast amounts of power, has moved with little public recognition of his presence and/or growing powers, and is about to be given much more.
Is there any man on this earth that can be trusted with these levels of power and potential militarization under his control? It was Lord Acton who said, "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."
Maybe Javier Solana is right (I doubt it) when he tells us that he never planned his life. Maybe he really does aspire to retire and write his along awaited book. But the powers he has been handed, the control he has been given over the NATO (1995); Yugoslavian bombing decisions (1999); the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the EU and now leading to a European "New Headline Goal 2010" have potentially apocalyptic overtones.
I sincerely hope I am wrong.
[1}Reichard, Martin. THE EU-NATO RELATIONSHIP: A LEGAL AND POLITICAL PERSPECTIVE. Burlington, Vermont: Ashland Publishing Company, 2006. Citing page 274.
[2] DEFENDING EUROPE: THE EU, NATO AND THE QUEST FOR EUROPEAN AUTONOMY. Jolyon Howorth and John T. S. Keeler, editors. This is partof the "Europe in Transition: The NYU European Studies Series. See page 5.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sarah Leslie is my guest tomorrow on

I received a welcomed telephone call this morning from author Warren Smith, updating me on developments with Oprah Winfrey, Marianne Williamson, and their respective advocacies of "A Course in Miracles." Many of you are familar with my link for "Herescope." You may get there by clicking the link to the right of this blogspot. It is one of the listed links. Sarah Leslie is an amazing woman. She and husband Leslie have successfully home schooled their large family. While doing this, they, literally on a shoestring, published CONSCIENCE MAGAZINE. Sarah is Warren Smith's publisher. She has an amazing testimony and does even more amazing research and is well informed about just about every revolting development in evangelical apostasies. That is why I have a permanent link to her site. She will be talking with us and taking your online and live questions tomorrow afternoon from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time. If you are on the west coast (the time listed at and/or, the time is 2 p.m. I'm sure Farmer can fill in the blanks for European time.

Please join us and plan to stay tuned. And, please go view Sarah's very excellent blogspot, "Herescope."

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Google/Solana's New Math?

Javier Solana's hits by language group as of December 11, 2007

To my listeners re TODAY'S SHOW: MY PERSPECTIVE. I will be doing the program this afternoon without a scheduled guest. I will be relying heavily on chatroom participation. You all know I need feedback and will greatly appreciate yours. Among other things on my mind, I will be discussing:

1. Solana's power boost last week.
2. The Alliance of Civilizations (and the related DOHA DEBATES)
3. Solana's mysterious and inaccurate google hits (See below).
4. What next for 2008?

Please join me at 2 p.m. Pacific time, 5 p.m. Eastern time (USA) and Farmer, I'm sure, will tell you when for Germany.

You can also get to the program by going to and scrolling to the Talk Radio, scrolling to THE MICRO EFFECT.

Solana Internet Hits on Google - Breakdown by language
Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
Persian (Iran)

"Javier Solana's" actual hits by language are cumulatively 2,141,400 (two million, one hundred forty one thousand, four hundred). Hits for ALL LANGUAGES TOTAL per google are 218,000. This means that (or whoever) has understated "Javier Solana's" google hits by at least 1,923,400!

The first figure under each language group is the total for that language group. The next is the running balance.

Go figure! Google's totals don't!

Oh, and most interestingly, my email inbox was wiped out today. Sixty thousand unread messages were deleted (not including bulk mail). When I awakened and went to my computer at 3:15 a.m., all was well. I had given the password to nobody? Yahoo technical support had me change my password saying somebody had to have used it to wipe it out. Another strange coincidence. Who could it be? Who could it be? Oh well!

If your email to me at was in that box, please resend it, and by the way, stay tuned!

Stay tuned!

Saturday, December 08, 2007


UPDATE TO ALL: AS OF 2:30 THIS AFTERNOON, 12-11-2007, I REGOOGLED SOLANA. "JAVIER SOLANA" HAD 255,000 HITS FOR ALL LANGUAGES. Then I decided to see how many of those 255,000 were English language ones. 1,260,000!!!! You may view by clicking on picture which should expand it to full page size


First picture, approximately 11:30 a.m. this morning from Yahoo search. SOLANA HAS 2,700,000 hits there with quotes around his name (over 7 million hits with the quotes removed) ; second picture, midnight last night from an office computer with only 218,000 hits (approximate), December 8, 2007 and December 7, 2007, respectively in order of placement of pictures. Interestingly, has a higher hit count for Javier Solana now than even Incredible!

WHY THE LOW COUNTS ON GOOGLE WHICH IS SUPPOSED TO BE ONE OF THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE OF SEARCH ENGINES? Is something happening here? What it is, is not exactly clear? This is paraphrasing a song popular in the 1960's!

Stay tuned!

Friday, December 07, 2007


Friends, as you know, I have researched Javier Solana since November 22, 1995. In that time I saw his internet publicity at practically zero and soar at peak since my watching to nearly 8 million hits. Most days he has close to 2 million hits. There was BIG NEWS with Dr. Solana in the past few days with the adoption of the December 3, 2007 treaty provisions that gave him pretty much all of what Dr. Solana sought with the French/Dutch defeated EU constitution. The biggest news for me was the "Permanent Structured Cooperation" which definitely means the remilitarization of Europe, including but not limited to formerly dreaded German military machines.
Javier Solana loves media attention, but only when it does not interfere with his obviously larger global governance agenda.
Why has his "Javier Solana" hits so suddenly decreased so that they have far fewer ones than much more insignificant sites such as Why, suddenly, does he have fewer hits on than on
My educated guess is that Google has either had a terrible disaster and part of its data base has been wiped out, or MORE LIKELY, Google is managing news and public perception and helping Dr. Javier Solana hide until he is ready for full "emergence."
Stay tuned!


To my readers: As I left the office, I took advantage of the links from Farmer's blogspot (you can reach it by clicking the links to the right of this posting). I will elaborate little about the newest and most horrifying things I have discovered about Javier Solana, only to say that you should use the phrase "Permanent Structured Cooperation" in your searches. It won't help you sleep any better at night, but it might help wake you up as to the seriousness of the hour!


Holly Peters Pivec, Herb Peters' daughter, will be joining me tomorrow on MY PERSPECTIVE at She is back by popular demand and because she has lots of new and relevant information for us. I'm not quite sure what the chatroom procedures are, but if you go to, Joe O'Neil has a link to get there. I believe it can also be accessed from

Be sure to click links for Rich of Medford's blogspot and Farmer's. Both have CRITICAL new information for us vis a vis the Alliance of Civilization, the European Union and Javier Solana.

Program times are 2 p.m. Pacific time; 5 p.m. Eastern time and I'm sure Farmer can tell you if you go to his blogspot what the European times may be.
Tune in and stay tuned!

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Note: I am happy to tell you that since posting this article, I made another attempt to reach Spiritual Cinema customer service. I did this time succeed in obtaining a live voice, "Shane," who was polite and is attempting to resolve the problems. This is not to indicate any acquiescence in their "spiritual" issues, only to say that somebody did apologize and does appear to be working to resolve the excessive credit card taking issues!

Constance E. Cumbey

If you are thinking of subscribing to "Spiritual Cinema" as part of your research of New Age infiltration, I advise you to be very careful and guard your credit card information VERY CAREFULLY.

"Spiritual Cinema" is an enterprise of the blasphemously named GAIAM enterprises. That is obviously named after the New Age/pagan concept of the earth itself as a deity worthy of worship, "The Goddess Gaia." They have their Spiritual Cinema Alliance and Spiritual Cinema Network.

The Spiritual Cinema Alliance in turn operates under a New Age funding mechanism with a patriotic sounding name of National Heritage Family. Here's their address and contact information:

6201 Leesburg Pike, Suite 405 » Falls Church, Virginia 22044-2201Tel: 800-986-4483 » Fax: 703-820-5100

Spiritual Cinema is strictly a New Age production house. It focuses on themes of "all is God" and "all is interconnected." The latter is what Alice Bailey stressed in her EXTERNALISATION OF THE HIERARCHY that all must believe to accept their New Age "Christ" and "Masters of Wisdom."

Christian discernment of this has been at an all time low. Christianity Today long since shockingly assured the Christian community that Stephen Simon is safe for Christians and that his Spiritual Cinema is a proper source for good sound spiritual and family viewing. One wonders how much influence Doug Coe, Paul N. Temple, and Fellowship Foundation might have had in this particular editorial slant. Maybe, on the other hand, it was maybe the musings of a young, naive reporter and the failings of senior editors.

Spiritual Cinema has inter alia, circulated productions of The Celestine Prophecies and Neal Donald Walsch's "Conversations with God."

At any rate, their spiritual failings are bad enough. But their financial ones may be even worse.
To keep up with them, I needed a subscription. Under their contract they were to deduct from the credit card requried $25.95 per month after the first free month. I'm a very busy person, as many of of us. I don't always notice, but starting in August, I made the shocking discovery that they were sometimes taking this from my account 4 times per week! My bank worked with me to recover these charges. I have tried repeatedly, sometimes holding for up to an hour to reach them on the phone. All one receives are long hold recordings. Maybe their phones are this busy because they are doing it to all.

I just made the discovery that they are up to it again. They took $25.95 last week and another $25.95 today. I'm hoping it was merely a computer miscomputing error, but given the history that my name is pretty much to the New Agers as Madeline Murray O'Hair's was to Christians, it is reasonable to impute more to it. I hate to have to resort to pseudonyms to obtain documentation; but it is looking increasingly necessary.

Save your money. Save your soul. Do not give Spiritual Cinema your credit card information! Avoid "Spiritual Cinema" -- despite Christianity Today euphemistic claims, its productions are not safe for Christian viewing!