Saturday, January 21, 2017


Reading about "block chain" technology, I get a type of creepy feeling, similar to one I get when I hear Ray Kurzweil talk about not missing "the Singularity."  For the life of me, I don't see how the block chain system can be implemented without human connection.  Revelation 13 and 14 prophecies come immediately to mind as perhaps being possible real events happening now in real time.

Among the headlines on MicroSoft news this morning was a GUARDIAN one that might have been overlooked by many in the heat of the Trump inauguration hoopla:

"SWIFT adopts Blockchain as global payment initiative"

Succumbing to my worst fears, I googled and the first items I came up with were these:

It appears that things prophetically warned of may well be happening -- now -- in time, in space, in history.  Are we ready?

Stay tuned!


Saturday, January 14, 2017

As we exit Obama Administration, concerns grow

Chris Carr, one our readers and radio listeners called me the other night to say that NATO and USA troops were poised on the border of Russia and she feared that perhaps there was a real possibility of war brewing.  I didn't see anything immediately, but I have kept my eyes open this week.  Next week promises to be an interesting, if not a tumultuous week in American history.

An English paper, The Sun, carried the following headline:

US sends special forces to RUSSIAN BORDER as Nato is poised to strike back against Vladimir Putin’s ‘aggression’
I note here that I'm not familiar enough with The Sun to vouch for either its editorial policy or its news accuracy.  We have English readers.  Maybe some of them can fill in my blanks on that news source.

Then there was a headline from another English source, THE GUARDIAN, of which I am close to equally unfamiliar:  It read "Russia says US troops arriving in Poland Pose threat to its security."
The news is equally nerve racking on both sides.  Hearing about Russia's "nuclear heads" faced on the other side with NATO troops does little to improve my prospects of sound sleep at night.
In the meantime at home, it looks like the pressures against the incoming administration are unrelenting.  Like Cliff Kincaid, I'm not without my concerns on what we can expect from Mr. Trump, tested in business but not in government administration may do.  I did some review this week of British Eugenic Society material that I was directed to by readers some time back.  I did some productive on line searches for some of the leads and was led to extensive materials freely available for download at website.  There were extensive materials available on Oswald Mosley's British Fascist Movement.  One of the activists in it, Arthur Chesterton, was related to G. K. Chesterton.   The word "Fascist" is thrown around a lot.  Some use it as a synonym for Nazism.  Some use it to mischaracterize Christians and others with conservative values as "Fascist."  But what really caught my eye regarding the incoming administration was this summary of the British Fascist collection provided by the website editors.  It reads:

         "The British Union of Fascists (BUF), later renamed the British Union of Fascists and National Socialists in 1936,[1] was a political party of the 1930s in the United Kingdom. The party was formed on October 1, 1932 by ex-Conservative Party MP, and Labour government minister Sir Oswald Mosley after meeting Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini in January 1932. The party was a union, composed of several smaller Fascist parties including the New Party which Mosley founded a year earlier.

"Mosley instituted a black uniform, gaining the party the nickname Blackshirts. The BUF was anti-communist and protectionist. It supported the replacement of parliamentary democracy with a system of elected executives with jurisdiction over their own industries - something similar to the corporatism of the Italian fascists. Although unlike Italy the British Fascist Corporatism would remain a democracy, replacing the House of Lords with elected executives drawn from major industries, clergy and representatives of the colonies. The House of Commons was to be reduced in size to allow for a faster, less 'factionist democracy'. Many of the BUF's members were drawn from aristocratic and military families and included celebrated military scientist J.F.C. Fuller.The BUF had the most developed political programme and ideology of any fascist movement, laid out in such publications as Tomorrow We Live, and The Coming Corporate State.Most of the BUFs policies were based around isolationism, an economic policy whereby Britain would trade only within the British empire as would the nations within the empire in a similar manner to the United States of America, the main attraction to this is that it would separate the British economy from the falls and fluxes of the world market Great Depression and prevent the loss of industrial production within Britain from the influence of "... labour the east, paid a third of our wages and working for ten hours a day.", and "Cheap slave competition from abroad." These were referring to the rise of western backed mass production in Indo-China similar to what is said about Chinese labour today.The position of the BUF on the Jewish Question was initially similar to that of Mussolini, however violent attacks and agitations by numerous Jews (imported in from Eastern Europe), trying to destroy the party and drag Britain into WWII for the interests of their tribe meant increased hostility. They were eventually banned from joining in 1933."
I was struck by the similarities between much of what was advocated by the British Fascists of the late 1930's, early 1940s and what is happening today -- much of what the traumatized workers displaced by globalization are hoping for from the Trump Administration.    It was the worst of times then.  It is looking more and more like the worst of times now.  The various fascist movements that in World War II were aligned with Hitler's Germany was then (both pre and post WWII) used as a rationale for world government/global governance.  The rise of nationalism in Europe and here in the USA is similarly pointed to vigorously by those now urging "global governance," i.e. Javier Solana, Strobe Talbott, 
These arguments are being made now with equal gusto.  The Trump election, Britain's BREXIT, and related developments are being used as calls to quickly salvage globalization and speed up global governance.  Within the last 3 months (October 19, 2016), an article co-written by Javier Solana and Strobe Talbott entitled "The Decline of the West and How to Stop It" was published by the New York Times.

I keep remembering the old New Age maxim that "Crisis = Opportunity."  I cannot help but wonder if the Hegelian dialectics of pitting both sides against the Middle ("radical center" perhaps, to put it in New Age terminology) is at play.

Again, may the Lord give us and our leaders wisdom and May the Lord Help us All!

Stay tuned and tune in with me in the morning to, 7 am Pacific time, 10 am Eastern Standard Time.