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February 25, 2009
To my readers:

The following information was brought to our attention by one of my linked blogspots: 51 REASONS TO SAY NO TO GLOBAL GOVERNANCE. The ramifications of this project are immense and there will be much more to say about it on all our sites, but I thought you should start looking. I thank "SAY NO TO GLOBAL GOVERNANCE" for timely bringing this to our attention!


Commitment Announcement
Focus Area:
Religion, Conflict, and Reconciliation
Funding for the "Holy Sites Initiative"
Commitment By:
S. Daniel Abraham
Search for Common Ground (SFCG), “The Holy Sites Initiative”
Objective: To promote religious reconciliation and in particular a lasting Israeli-Palestinian peace.
Commitment: To provide funding for select projects to further efforts in peace and reconciliation projects. “The Holy Sites Initiative”, lead by Search for Common Ground (SFCG), aims to allow key Muslim, Jewish and Christian leaders to find common ground regarding the holy sites in the Holy Land.The Holy Sites Initiative will lead to a declaration by religious leaders of the three faiths across the Middle East that formally recognizes and respects the attachments of the faiths to their respective sites. The declaration will include issues of access, preservation, education for mutual respect and a concrete mechanism for dealing with joint concerns. This declaration is to be signed in the presence of world religious leaders at a large international gathering.
Background: Search for Common Ground (SFCG), a non-partisan, non-profit, international NGO, is launching a regional Middle East project whereby key Muslim, Jewish and Christian leaders are finding common ground regarding the holy sites in the Holy Land.The Initiative requires the involvement of top religious leaders from five key Arab constituencies: the Palestinians, Egyptians, Saudis, Jordanians and Moroccans, as well as the Israeli religious leadership, and the heads of the Christian churches in the Holy Land. This involvement would take place with the full knowledge of their respective political leaders.Ambassador Thomas R. Pickering is convening the project through SFCG’s Jerusalem offices. Presently the Senior Vice President for International Relations of the Boeing Company, Ambassador Pickering is a highly experienced diplomat who has held positions as U.S. Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs and as former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Israel, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Russian Federation, among others. SFCG has also brought together a group of influential religious leaders of the three faiths, who are directly involved in inter-religious reconciliation in the region, to provide guidance and advice on the process.Benefits of the Holy Sites Initiative:1. Demonstration of “common ground” between faiths over contentious and sensitive issue2. Provides the political process with positive ground for movement on Holy Sites3. Counterpoint to global misunderstandings between “East and West”4. Furthers possibility of local cooperation between religious leaders in Jerusalem
Points of Contact:
Sharon Rosen, Senior Advisor
Search for Common Ground Emad Omar, Senior AdvisorSearch for Common Ground Search for Common Ground
Geographic Scope:
Middle East
Anticipated Launch Date:
June 2005

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The sad death of a European presidential level New Ager

A very sad way to leave this world: Death of a European Presidential level New Ager

This just in from Yahoo News and the Associated Press:

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Former Slobenian President dies at 57 ALI ZERDIN, Associated Press Writer1 hour, 44 minutes ago (approximately 8:45 a.m. USA Eastern Standard Time)LJUBLJANA, Slovenia - Former President Janez Drnovsek, who helped lead Slovenia to independence from Yugoslavia and later enthralled many of his countrymen by adopting a New Age lifestyle, died Saturday, his office said. He was 57.Mild-mannered but resolute, Drnovsek became a political icon in part for working to keep violence at a minimum when Slovenia gained independence in 1991. He later led the country to European Union and NATO membership.In recent years, as he battled cancer, he made a radical transformation to a holistic lifestyle and wrote several New Age-influenced books. His office said he died overnight at his home but gave no specific cause.I will be speaking on the Hidden Dangers of that same New Age "rainbow sadly embraced by former Slovenian President Janez Drnovsek on Tuesday night in Walled Lake, Michigan for that local Women's Aglow Chapter. The event is free, open to the public, and refreshments will be served. Hereils are the details which were in my last post as well.
Walled Lake Aglow Community Lighthouse Richardson Center 1485 Oakley Park Road, Commerce Township, MI 48382 Tuesday February 26. 2008 Doors open at 7 p.m.We begin at 7:30 p.m. Topic: "The New Age and Beyond" Everyone is lookingforward to the information, and, of course,points to focus prayer on. We arecovering you in prayer and look forward to this evening. There will berefreshments . . . May His Kingdom come and His will be done, (Hope you are staying warm!) Nancy Underwood For more information call (248) 363-5306

Monday, February 18, 2008

On my speaking calendar in Michigan next week . . .

To my friends and readers:

I have been asked to speak next week to a Christian group in Walled Lake, Michigan. Details from the organizers are below and I hope to see as many of you as possible there!
In the meantime, I thought those of you following Rich of Medford's (Rich Peterson's) very excellent work at his blogspot, "A Time, Times and half a time" would be interested in seeing the number of Google hits yielded with the search terms "Alliance of" (Civilizations OR Civilisations) Lucis." There were precisely 1,260 hits! Click on the picture to see it full page!

Hello Constance,

Our board thought it might be a good idea to advertise your talk on your blog or on the radio.
Here, again , are the details:

Walled Lake Aglow Community Lighthouse
Richardson Center
1485 Oakley Park Road
Commerce Township, MI 48382

Tuesday February 26. 2008
Doors open at 7 p.m.
We begin at 7:30 p.m.
Topic: "The New Age and Beyond"

Everyone is looking forward to the information, and, of course,points to focus prayer on. We are covering you in prayer and look forward to this evening.
There will be refreshments, however if you will be coming from work and would like something warm for dinner, let us know and it will be therefor you.
May His Kingdom come and His will be done,
(Hope you are staying warm!)

Nancy Underwood

For more information call (248) 363-5306

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sleep well: Javier Solana and Company are Protecting you!

Last year, this time, Javier Solana spoke in New York City to the Arthur Burns Foundation, a German-American journalist group. "Dear Javier" was introduced as the "face and voice of Europe" by the German Ambassador to the USA. It appears he celebrated Valentine's Day, once again, not with wife Concepcion, but in New York City, this time to celebrate the opening of a foundation designed to shred, if not obliterate, national sovereignty: "Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect."

In his own imicable words:

"Responsibility to Protect:
"I welcome the launch today of the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect. The
Centre will help to ensure that the concept of the Responsibility to Protect, which was
adopted at the 2005 World Summit, is further developed and applied by the international
The Responsibility to Protect means that all States must exercise their sovereignty with
responsibility and that the international community will not stand by and allow other
States to inflict harm on their own populations. The Centre's mission to promote and
catalyze international action to prevent and halt crimes against humanity is shared by the
"It is not enough for the international community merely to say "never again" when
atrocities are committed. We have to fulfil our Responsibility to Protect with action to
prevent crimes against humanity."

But, who's going to protect us from "Dear Javier" and the "Global Centre"?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

For the benefit of you doubting Solana's global influence

To my readers:

There have been some doubters of Javier Solana's global influence, particularly as he currently appears to be hiding behind upcoming 6 month EU presidency holders such as Nicholas Sarkozy and/or Angela Merkel. I thought you might want to review this release coming from his own office last March 2007. It was about a global governance speech he had just delivered to launch a new "global governance" project with the enthusiastic cooperation of many powerful people in the USA. Nearly one year later, I wonder how that "global governance" project is coming?

Stay tuned!


Spokesperson of the Secretary General, High
Representative for CFSP
 +A32 (0)2 281 6467 / 8239 / 5150 / 5151 +32 (0)2
281 5694
Brussels, 21 March 2007
Javier SOLANA, EU High Representative for the CFSP, launched a research initiative on global security at the Brookings Institution, Washington

Javier SOLANA, EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), today delivered an introductory lecture to launch a research initiative on global security at the US think tank the Brookings Institution in Washington.
Mr Solana underlined the good relations between the EU and the US. In a broader context, as complex security challenges defy traditional approaches, Mr Solana suggested that, instead of "ad hoc" international cooperation, a universal system to address complex security challenges was needed.
"Globalization has unleashed forces that governments can neither stop nor control", Mr Solana said. Citing terrorism, non-proliferation, climate change, epidemics and failed states as problems that could not be solved by single governments alone, Mr Solana called for a revitalization of international cooperation by finding ways "to share power and think about new power". (Emphasis added)

Thursday, February 07, 2008



From the Iranian News Service:

"Germany is apparently giving up its stiff opposition to plans by French President Nicolas Sarkozy to press ahead with the creation of the Mediterranean Union. Deputy government spokesman Thomas Steg said in remarks to the press in Berlin that all European Union states agreed that the so-called 'Barcelona process' needed a "new impetus."

"Pointing out that the 'Barcelona process' referred to the EU's institutional operation with surrounding Mediterranean countries, Steg called for "reviving the 'Barcelona process'. It's the common conviction within the EU that everyone that wants to join such a process should be able to take part, the chancellery official added. The project has to be open to all EU members, Steg reiterated. Sarkozy plans to unveil the Mediterranean Union in July, coinciding with France's rotating EU presidency. Over the past months, Merkel had repeatedly warned against Sarkozy's unilateral Mediterranean Union initiative, saying all EU member states had to be included in this process. The French president has repeatedly called for such a strategic alliance since winning elections in early May. Sarkozy seeks to include countries like Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Libya, in this union.

Copied from:


Dear Friends, readers, and listeners:

I spent a happy week of my life in the summer of 2006 in the lovely southwestern Oregon town of Cottage Grove. It is also known for a phenomenon that I thought was more common in my home state of Indiana: covered bridges! I was hosted by Tere Lewis and husband Bill. Tere runs a work there called "Living Word Ministries." I met some exceptional fine people, admirers of Tere's work who came from varied places, including a former member of the New York street gang David Wilkerson evangelized in the early days of his ministry. I met a missionary to Finland who was home on Furlough and preparing to go again. He had extensive contacts with the Finnish government. Tere, a former Hispanic nun, has remained on fire for God's work. Cottage Grove is very close to a prominent New Age center town of Eugene, Oregon. It was happy research hunting grounds for me in the Eugene, Oregon town. Another close friend of Tere, Nancy Flint, provided me with invaluable research on disturbing inroads of New Age philosophies in missionary circles. I am still going through her voluminous work and hope to have her as a guest sometime in the near future.

Tere Lewis is a good friend and a wonderful and knowledgeable conversationalist. I look forward to hearing from her tomorrow and hope you will join us at 2 p.m. Pacific time, 3 p.m. Mountain time, 4 p.m.. Central time and 5 p.m. Eastern time.

We will be discussing, among other things, an award Javier Solana received this week from the Children's United Parliaments of the World. The information is potentially explosive and I hope you will both tune in and stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008



I decided to see what was new on the Contraction & Convergence scene and ran across this insightful interview by the head of the UK-Wales Green Party. He describes a convergence of communists and "political greens" and describes a growing "Eco-Socialism Movement." Clicking on the headline above will allow you to read the interview for yourself. I have always believed that when the New Age Movement fully executed all of its plans, it would make Communism look like a Sunday School picnic. Mexico became dangerous for Christians when communist, Theosophical, and "free thinker" beliefs converged and all agreed on implementing previously unenforced 1916 constitution provisions outlawing religious worship and education except under the direction of the state. The interviwed man, Derek Wall, an insider, describes a network of people working to "make reds (communists) greener (more New Age) and Greens (New Agers) redder (more socialist/communist.)

What do you think?

[Derek] "Globally the situation is complex, there are frankly centre right Green
Parties in a minority of Eastern European countries, the Canadian Party are
pretty much centre ground environmentalists . . . in turn most political greens
in Latin America are linked to the social movements, although there is a Green
Party which is very active in Brazil. In New Zealand, Australia and the US Green
Parties are pretty radical. In the US despite the unfair two Party systems in
patches such as San Francisco the Greens have a huge presence, the Party has a
pretty effective black caucus and there is a solid radical African-American
intellectual green tradition, one thinks of the novelist Alice Walker and the
great great socialist journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal on death row for a crime he
didn’t commit . . .

"Andy: Staying on the international theme, you recently attended the Paris meeting of the Eco-Socialist international group, what hopes do you have for that?

"Derek: I hope that it builds an ecosocialist network that links
activists in every single state on this planet and as we agreed in Paris to work
to ‘make greens redder and reds greener’. . . . There are a million activists at
the grassroots proclaiming ecosocialism . . . “

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008 internet radio "My Perspective"

Dear gang:

I am proud to say that our own "Farmer," one of my listeners' favorite voices will be joining me on MY PERSPECTIVE for an online conversation on Tuesday, February 5th. Here, in Farmer's own words, are his acceptance and international times:

re: fabulous feb. fiveThanks for your nice offer, Constance! Of course I want and the Lord willing, we will have a talk at your "My perspective" next Tuesday,( the feb 5), 5 p.m. Eastern time, USA, 2 p.m. California time, 10 p.m. GB, Portugal and Spain, 11 p.m for the rest of Europe...very much looking forward to it!

Lots of questions on Richard Hoagland and his NASA book. I have not read it, but I must confess that I am generally extremely cautious of anything presented on the Art Bell program. Art Bell is very much a New Ager and generally (with a few exceptions), his programming reflects it. I have not yet figured out if Art Bell shares the agenda or is badly confused, but generally, I have kept my head on New Age deceptions by treating it when found and denied as somebody protesting they are only "a little bit pregnant." No such thing. God said, "don't touch it" and the safest thing is DON'T! (Don't take my word for it - read Deuteronomy Chapter 18! )



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Another excellent and encouraging blogspot

Dear Readers:

I continue to be amazed and greatly encouraged at the depth of research on transpiring events of historical, political, and obviously prophetic signficance. I have just, via Farmer's blogspot, discovered

Check it out!