Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Pray for Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida

It now appears that the United States has experienced its own type of sorts of tsunami via Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane season is, unfortunately, far from over. I have spoken many times over the years in the New Orleans area, including suburbs of Kenner, Slidell and Metairie. Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Florida, are also areas where I have spent quality time in past years; Biloxi, Mississippi, Gulfport; and sections near Mobile appear to have also been hard hit. My husband and I vacationed there immediately after I completed law school in 1975 and they were still recovering from 1969's Camille.

It is distressing to watch the human toll this disaster has taken. It is unknown if New Orleans will be even salvageable. I saw the other day that Venezuela's Chavez had offered emergency oil and food to America in our disaster. I don't know what his motives might have been, but my posted response on Yahoo was let's take him up on his offer and say "Thank you!"

Earthquakes were mentioned by Jesus as a sign of apocalyptic times. So was "upon the seas, distress of nations." The tsunami and Katrina, inter alia, are very sobering signs.

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

What was Pat Robertson's Real Agenda?


Revised and amplified Sunday morning, August 28, 2005

Those of you who have followed my work against the New Age Movement over the years, particularly those who read my second book, A PLANNED DECEPTION, know that the word on the New Age Movement got out absolutely no thanks to Pat Robertson. He was the most vigorous opponent of my efforts. He finally released a book, THE NEW WORLD ORDER, purporting to be anti-New Age, but in reality was closer to anti-Semitic and quoting favorably some incredibly mixed New Age, anti-Jewish sources, such as Eustace Mullins. In case you are surprised by my statement that Eustace Mullins is New Age, just look at his book, MY LIFE IN CHRIST. There he professes his beliefs in 'ascended masters,' 'Aquarian Age,', etc., etc. Robertson's book itself gave a distinctly visible "international Jew" message -- the old line that they were in effect the masters of magic and money. Alice Bailey herself gave this message in her book, THE EXTERNALISATION OF THE HIERARCHY. Alice Bailey was the co-founder, with her husband Foster, of Lucifer Publishing Company, and the later founded Lucis Publishing Company and Lucis Trust in New York City.

Incredibly, the Robertson work, THE NEW WORLD ORDER, even directly copied one of my statements commenting on Benjamin Creme's advertisement ran in 25 major papers proclaiming "the Christ is now here". To add insult to injury, that book attributed my statement to Benjamin Creme, the most visible proponent of 'the Christ is now here crowd,' those proclaiming that Maitreya and not Jesus is the Christ.

Pat Robertson so often has has vigorously proclaimed that when the bible said,'every eye shall behold him,' it mean "on television." That certainly didn't match scripture, but it did match Alice Bailey's, THE EXTERNALISATION OF THE HIERARCHY, which said when it was time for the 'new Christ' to make his appearance, the prophecy 'every eye shall behold him would be interpreted to mean that he could be seen from even the most remote parts of earth by television.

I figured if Bro. Robertson had the nerve to say it, I had the nerve to quote him. He wrote a letter, sending it to my seldom used post office box that was so self-serving, I didn't even bother to answer it. He sent it approximately three more times over the next ten years. Then he falsely through associates put out disinformation saying I had called him "the antichrist" (I did not, but I certainly drew well-grounded parallels between what he was saying and the Alice Bailey crowd had written.) Numerous magazines then repeated his false statements claiming I had retracted statements I made against him after Robertson threatened me with a lawsuit. Pat Robertson's letter did threaten me with a lawsuit, but I was not frightened of it, nor did I retract anything -- what I had said was the easily documentable truth and I stood by it. In the United States of America, at least so far, truth is an absolute defense to any charge of slander or libel.

An organizer of the Prayer Breakfast in Honor of Israel, a Washington, D.C. area event that annually coincided with National Religious Broadcasters events there, contacted me in Brighton, Colorado where I had gone for Denver area speaking engagements in April 1986. He said he had a strange experience with Pat Robertson he could not make heads nor tails of until he read my chapter on him in A PLANNED DECEPTION. Pat Robertson had been the event's keynote speaker in 1986. The organizer had been cornered by Liberty Lobby people at the beginning of the event demanding he tell them if he knew who they were. "I don't know who you are, but I sure don't like your spirit", he replied. Per this man who was also seated at the head table, the Liberty Lobby crowd occupied three tables in the center of the hall for the Robertson speech Prayer Breakfast in Honor of Israel event.

In the middle of his speech Robertson stopped and said, "today Israel forced down an Egyptian jetliner and it turns out there were no terrorists aboard, only innocent civilians, which goes to prove nobody is infallible." My informant, the event organizer, said, "given the context of the event it was a strange statement. There was dead silence. Nobody applauded save the three tables of Liberty Lobby - Spotlight Magazine activists. They jumped to their feet, whistled, cheered and gave Pat Robertson a standing ovation. Robertson was looking right at them when he made the statement. I'm convinced he sent them a deliberate signal."

I was not convinced of that until the next year. That was when Liberty Lobby sent somebody to me to talk me out of my opposition to their work. The somebody they sent was Cornelius Vanderbreggen, the man who had allegedly led Pat Robertson to the Lord. Inter alia, he told me of his fervent belief of the truth of the virulently anti-Jewish, THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION. This was the man who Robertson left Dede Robertson in late stages of her second pregnancy to join for 40 days in the wilderness at an InterVarsity summer camp.

Shocked participants in the Prayer Breakfast in Honor of Israel whom I showed the Pat Robertson and Liberty Lobby materials featuring Cornelius Vanderbreggen soon brought Harald Bredesen to me. He was the person whom the alleged prophecy regarding Robertson, "for I have chosen you to usher in the coming of my son" came through. Bredesen told me he had never met Vanderbreggen. I went to dinner with Washington, D.C. area friends. I asked nobody to go to the Liberty Lobby hospitality suite for me at the NRB convention headquarters in the Sheraton Hotel where Vanderbreggen was giving a talk on "Israel and the Bible." A Campus Crusade for Christ representative who was studying some of these things on his own got curious and went to the event. He reported to me and author Joseph Carr the next morning what he had seen -- Bredesen and Vanderbreggen walked around through the suite talking about their old times and exploits together. Then Bredesen told those gathered what a big hero he had been for delaying my book's (THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW) publication for six months by forcing Huntington House to come up with $25,000 to buy out his interests. That was exactly what had happened and I knew about it at the time, but so many things were happening so fast in my life at the point that I had frankly forgotten about it until that reminder. Bill Keith, the former Louisiana state senator who then headed Huntington House, my publisher had informed me back in December 1982.

I remember chatting the next morning after that revelation with Joseph Carr. He said, "well, Connie, what do you think we should do about it?" I said, "I don't know, Joe, what do you think?" "Personally," said Joe, "I think we should go shout it from the housetops."

Now Pat Robertson has so very imprudently called for the assassination of the head of a sovereign country called Venezuela. I personally know Pat Robertson is probably far closer to New Ager than orthodox Christianity. But who is getting blamed for it? Honest, hard working Christian ministers of the Gospel. Read about it here.

Just as your guess as to the antichrist's identity is as good as mine, so is your guess as to the false prophet's identity. My best educated guess at the moment is Pat Robertson, at least it's appearing to me more and more that he's at least a very strong wannabe. Maybe getting the gospel message kicked out of Venezuela was his real agenda. I don't know. I for one would like to know. He'll probably get Christians blamed for increased gas and oil prices, as well, should Venezuela further tighten their market as a result of these scary statements.

May the Lord help us all!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Is the old 'Cold War' reheating?

Russia and China in joint war games -- Where is the EU?

I have been involved in a very intense case that continues. 'War Games' are probably familiar turf for any trial and/or family lawyer. I am both. This morning I saw a headline that looked right out of the 1950's:

"Russia, China in first joint war games"

For those of you wishing to read the article, the link may be reached by clicking on the top headline of this blog. The headline is from a Mideast Source, Aljazeera, This is starting to sound like practice games for Armageddon in a more literal than figurative sense of the word.

According to the Aljazeera news service report, this joint exercise is called "Peace Mission 2005." The main target is the United States.

China has been prospering in no small part with USA dollars. The EU has, as I have noted in several past blogs searchable on my archives on this blogspot, has been actively considering lifting its ban against selling weaponry to China. Now it appears that Russia, long time at odds with its far eastern ideological counterpart, is trying to make money by selling weaponry to China as well.

I think it is a real and horrible possibility that the European Union is handing power to Javier Solana to equalize itself with the United States. There is an interesting passage in the biblical Book of Revelation. It concerns the destruction of a powerful global Babylon. Those at sea bewail her destruction, whatever and whoever "she" is. They say in effect, "now who's going to buy our merchandise?"

The EU's Javier Solana has long said that "the plan is to use NATO assets with European control of those assets." A powerful Solana predecessor and mentor, Jacques Santer has long called for the EU to dislodge the USA as a competing superpower in the 'coming struggle for global resources in the 21st Century.'

If we are taking as true the prophesied biblical timeline of 3 1/2 years for the reign of the global despot commonly called by Christians the anti-Christ who is also the prophesied figure of Daniel who breaks a reconfirmed seven year treaty with Israel halfway through its term, a possibility is that China may not particularly like having its best market for its merchandise interfered with. If this is the case, a possible fulfillment of the Revelation Armageddon/Megiddo passage of the beast and his armies fighting an army of 200 million men suddenly seems much more plausible.

Speaking of that part of the world, Javier Solana and allies, including James Wolfensohn have been very busy removing nearly 40 year old Jewish settlements from a part of Israel known to all as the Gaza Strip. The EU's Solana has been recently busy preparing Iraq for European hegemony via its judicial and law administration systems. It appears that Iran is busy setting up potential nuclear devices and having shot our wad on Iraq's phantom non-existent 'weapons of mass destruction' weaponry, there is little we can actually do to stop it.

There is an interesting Isaiah prophecy concerning this Babylon, whoever and whatever she is. I personally believe that a city in Iraq is NOT the fulfillment -- it is more likely a global superpower. It goes like this: "I will stir up the Medes against them who regard not silver and as for gold, they delight not in it."

So many times in ancient biblical days, the accounts are that God used alien, hostile nations to resurrect the basic truth that our only security is in Him. There are also passages that all written must be fulfilled. If one or both of these are going down, I am not prepared to say. It looks remarkably similar on so many fronts now that things are, as the New Agers might say, "harmonically converging." It even looks like their New Age prophesied "Maitreya," could be in New Age vernacular, "emerging."

Jesus compared end time events to "birth pangs." What characterizes such? They come closer together with increasing and deepening intensity. There have been times that looked like such before, i.e. World War I, World War II. New Agers such as Marilyn Ferguson have long since written of their planned global agendas that what distinguishes this time from past non-successful times is that global communications have encircled the globe beyond any possibility of retreat. She may be right.

I don't know if this is the time or not, but I do know this. If God is ready, we'd better be. The sky is clouding and it's starting to rain. It's time to get our spiritual houses in order and by the grace of God, "climb on that ark." As the tsunami disaster that ushered in 2005 attests, destruction can come speedily.

That time may well be here. I personally pray I am ready.