Friday, December 30, 2005

More to fear than just EU's Solana!

More to fear than just EU’s Solana, e.g., here at home --President Bush: Who broke the law by telling people he was breaking the law?

As I have said before, I’ve met and very much liked our President’s mother. I confess to admiring his brother, the governor of Florida for his hands-on in the various natural disaster crises Florida has experienced. I confess, however, to feeling much perturbation over our current administration and circumstances – I can’t figure out which frightens me more – terrorism or the so-called “War on Terror” which seems to be manifesting itself in unlawful spying on the American people – without the safeguard of prior court approval – by our government.

Bad enough that it happened. Good that the President, albeit belligerently, owned up to it. Bad that the president has now announced – after admitting he broke the law – that he is now going to track down and find the person who broke the law by telling others the law was being broken! I suppose that will justify even more unlawful surveillance of our internet correspondence and phone calls.

This strikes me as even worse than Watergate. In Watergate, the perpetrators were eventually (for the most part) brought to justice, prosecuted, and many served prison time. Here, our government has announced its intention instead to prosecute those who broke the law by revealing the scope and extent of the unlawful NSA spying.

Other things are happening that disturb me. Police check lines for entering any public building -- ladies' purses being checked at large with compacts and dental floss confiscated, as is currently happening in Detroit, Michigan, USA. After all, we have to keep the country safe from dental floss, don't we? Its use might reduce taxable dental incomes! Now I learn to make a simple routine trip to Canada I will suddenly need a passport. Ditto to Mexico. As Canada is next door to Detroit that strikes me as perhaps an attempt to find out who scoots across the border to enjoy dinner in Windsor, Ontario or perhaps to sniff out who went gambling at a Windsor casino. The applications are far deeper than terrorism. I hear that the government is requiring all cars to have “black boxes” by 2008. This year just happens to coincide with the year that a number of tracking systems plan to be fully operational – Galileo, Russia’s, “The Consortium” (China, Great Britain, Malaysia, etc.)

What is happening to my country? What is happening to our world?

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Europe's Eye in the Sky

      Javier Solana introduced his Recommendation 666 into the Western European Union Assembly on June 5, 2000.  The three most interesting paragraphs of that recommendation to me were numbers 12, 15, and 18.  Paragraph 12 proposed giving him emergency police powers over Europe and the power to “convene the Council of the European Union” in the event of an emergency.  That struck  yours truly as a potentially easy way to take over Europe.  Paragraph 15 referred to something he called CIMIC.  I was to learn that acronym stood for CIVILIAN MILITARY COOPERATION.   That one sort of reminded me of a World War II German expression, “you will cooperate – you will enjoy.”  Paragraph 18 dealt with the Torrejon space center in Spain and its forthcoming role in the scheme of things.  It was, per other Solana speeches, “the jewel in the European crown.”  Nobody else had anything quite like it.

     Well, the jewel in the European crown is being prepared for action.  Today there was considerable action.  Russia helped.  The EU’s Project Galileo validation satellite for was launched from Kazakhstan aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket.  The full project is projected to be fully operational by 2008.  The propaganda video CD the EU sends for the asking indicates it is a full global tracking system.

     The program also launched obvious new initiatives in Solana agency doublespeak.  They are almost as amusing as Solana’s March 1995 statement about the Spanish-Canadian fishing wars alluded to on my last blog article.  Check this paragraph from a prominent newsource:

Galileo’s supporters say they expect the system to more than double existing GPS coverage and will end Europe’s dependency on the Pentagon-controlled GPS system, which had “betrayed” its European subscribers during US strikes on ex-Yugoslavia in the Balkan war, a EU diplomat in Moscow said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

     Uh, did I read that right?  Europe needs replacement on the USA GPS system because it “’betrayed’ its European subscribers during US strikes on ex-Yugoslavia in the Balkan war.”  Now, clearly the EU diplomats report to JAVIER SOLANA.  And just who ordered the military operations against Yugoslavia in the Balkan war?  JAVIER SOLANA!  And now who has the power to start and shut down European Space Agency Operations, including but not limited to GMES (Global Monitoring and Environmental Surveillance) operation?  JAVIER SOLANA!  And who did the EU diplomat in Moscow speaking on condition of anonymity report to?  JAVIER SOLANA.  That is provided that diplomat speaking on condition of anonymity was not himself JAVIER SOLANA.

     Now just in the case the EU game of Now you see us, now you don’t” is back in full swing, here are links where you can check my above bold assertions: (subscription)  - Article in European Voice (November 21, 2005)

I wonder if Solana plans to airlift his old statements ordering the start and cessation of anti-Yugoslavian military activities in 1999?  They are starting to become inconvenient to him.  But did the truth ever matter?  Maybe the mistake was the EU Russian diplomat’s.  Maybe not!  Well, now you can sleep easier at night.  Javier Solana’s surveillance satellites – at least in their test version – are up and running!