Thursday, September 21, 2017

SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE! Javier Solana on Global Governance Vacuum

Couldn't go to bed without showing you this first.  Read Javier Solana's opinions on "The Global Leadership Vacuum"
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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Was Lucis Trust behind Occupy Movement?

I've spent a great deal of time lately examining both my personal library and online/library resources on the OCCUPY MOVEMENT.  The OCCUPY MOVEMENT has also helped spawn the INDIVISIBLE MOVEMENT.  The INDIVISIBLE MOVEMENT is actively and shamelessly working to bring down the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION.  The OCCUPY MOVEMENT is actively and shamelessly working for WORLD REVOLUTION and GLOBAL GOVERNANCE.

I recently borrowed for a 3 week period (now expired) a video entitled "The 99%:  OCCUPY EVERYWHERE.  Upon viewing, I thought it necessary that I own my own copy.  I discovered I couild "own" a copy by downloading same from for a price.  That is often a convenient and good way to view worth watching twice videos.  However, I wanted the in-the-box copy.  I went to Amazon's online store site for that.  I do have it ordered; but I  was shocked to see that I had to PRE-order this video based on largely pre-2012 events.

Credits and comments at the end of the video boasted the successes the OCCUPY MOVEMENT had with various important very recent  political developments and initiatives.  That let me know its proponents considered it part of an ongoing current major global process.

The OCCUPY EVERYWHERE video was heavy with footage about global revolution and "SDG"s. "SDG" stands for SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS.  Jeffrey Sachs who originally hails from the Detroit Metropolitan area (Oak Park) was featured heavily throughout the video footage.  He is the primary figure behind the administration of the Agenda 21 cum Agenda 2030 cum Millennium Development Goals cum Sustainable Development Goals program.
Jeffrey Sachs speaking to the World Economic Forum

The SDG's were formerly known as MDG's.  That stands for "Millennium Development Goals."  In its turn those were the Agenda 21 goals published post-Rio 1992 Earth Summit chaired by now deceased Canadian internationalist Maurice Strong. 

This morning, I discovered an intriguing video on line making the charge that "LUCIS TRUST IS BEHIND THE OCCUPY MOVEMENT."  

You may view it by clicking this link.  

I have long observed that the current manifestations of the New Age Movement/Theosophy/occultism usually become dangerous when they team up with other forces such as "free thinkers", anarchism, and other forces that would force change through violence.

Those reading Barbara Marx Hubbard's REVELATION and her channeled pronouncements that "we come to bring death -- we do this for the sake of the planet" have been put on notice that major New Agers believe themselves guided by spirits.

This video claims a link between Paulina Arcos, Lucis Trust and the Occupy Movement.  The Occupy Movement website that was originally created on July 12, 2011 had an administrative contact of "Arcos, Paulina europeanrevolution@ . . ."

The needed "pre-release" order of the 99% OCCUPY EVERYWHERE video tells me that very likely a new push is on.  I decided to see what was happening circa 2017.  I have found plenty.  Behind the OCCUPY MOVEMENT financially in no small part was the TIDES FOUNDATION.  One of its prominent donors is George Soros but there are many others.  

One word of caution.  The video focused in no small part on the address of 866 United Nations Plaza as proof of the Lucis Trust connection.  That was once the address of Lucis Trust that has long since moved on to a Wall Street address near the docks in New York City at 120 Wall Street.  

866 United Nations Plaza is an office condominium building.  I do not currently know if it is owned or run by the United Nations. I also know very little about Paulina Arco and her causes.  For sure she is teamed up with the Occupy Movement from the evidence shown; however, I have yet to learn if she has Lucis Trust ties.  From Issue No. 3 of the Lucis Trust newsletter of 2012, we read this about Lucis Trust's views on the various global occupy movements:

Following on from the Festival Week seven years ago, we have seen great political, social and economic upheavals, manifesting in initiatives such as the Occupy Movement, the “Arab Spring”, and the continued focus, with varying success, on the importance of the UN Millennium Development Goals. Together they are making a significant impact on awareness of social issues and matters of spiritual principle. We have also seen how challenging it is for nations and communities to express these values and to reform the structures which will serve the common good. While self-interest or national interest is uppermost, there can be no "social harmony", no security or unity, no freedom or well-being. Perhaps the next seven years will see "the sacrifice of selfishness" coming into its own as people of goodwill recognise the need for sharing and the contribution of all parts of society towards the growth and prosperity of the whole. The word sacrifice means "to make whole", and the group’s work is therefore closely linked to the strengthening of the bridge between the higher and lower kingdoms of nature.

Whether they were/are directly behind the Occupy Movement, I'm still collecting the evidence.  Perhaps more of you out there already have it.  At any rate, they are applauding it and it appears that fresh moneys and determination on the coalition of anarchists/left wing extremists/New Agers/Occupy Movement activists now in obvious motion is on the march.

As now deceased Russian Orthodox priest Seraphim Rose used to effectively say:  IT IS LATER THAN YOU THINK.  HASTEN NOW TO DO THE WORK OF THE LORD.

Stay tuned!