Tuesday, September 03, 2019

In Memoriam: Dorothy Margraf - New Age Researcher, par excellence

This morning I was awakened by a call from Richard Peterson (our "Rich of Medford") with the very sad message that my long time friend and research associate, Dorothy Margraf had died.  Those of you who have followed this blogspot for a long time know that Dorothy was active here as well as maintaining a very informational Facebook page.  You probably know that with Dorothy and I both being very human, we sometimes had our differences.  Nevertheless, Dorothy's contributions to the body of knowledge on the ramifications of the New Age Movement were significant and solid.  Dorothy was a gifted researcher and writer.  She did much to alert the Jewish community to the now not so hidden dangers of the New Age Movement.

She leaves her sons Victor and Mike behind.  My condolences to them and they should justifiably celebrate the life of their mother.  She was a great lady!

With sadness for her departure,