Thursday, October 15, 2015

TMERadio Break for Studio Equipment Repairs & Upgrading next two Saturdays

Dear Readers:

Many of you regularly listen to my internet radio program on  It is also known as  The program has been a tremendous bully pulpit for me for the past eight years since April 2007 when Joe McNeill, the network owner, first offered me a program of my own.  Previous to that, I had been interviewed by some of his other then hosts.  

Joe runs an amazing operation in Kamiah, Idaho.  He has made brilliant use of "recycled" computers combined with other technology that is "beyond my pay grade" to reach an international audience.  I have had people call in to my program from as far away as New Zealand.  I have used the program to lay out detailed expository information that I have not yet had time to reduce to the printed page.  I have also used it to share critical information on what is currently transpiring in the New Age Movement as well as overlooked history accessible to me through my private library, but not readily sitting on most conventional public library shelves.

For the last four years or so, I have done the program for two hours each and every Saturday morning.  Occasionally I have used guest hosts including the late Dr. Stanley Momteith, John Loeffler, and Sarah Leslie.  

There are many other hosts on Joe's network from which my own world views radically diverge.  Joe McNeill tells me that he believes in "Freedom of Speech" and  he believes that listeners can do their own research and sort it out for themselves.  But at any rate, Joe gave me a platform when many who professed to be cult experts tried to muzzle me.  You might want to review my past articles on "The Hi-Jacking of Evangelicalism," both here and on NEWSWITHVIEWS.COM.  

TMERadio is revamping its studios and equipment.  New broadband lines are scheduled for installation and the provider has notified Joe that it will take two weeks to properly install and test the equipment.  Therefore, we will be off the air for the next two Saturdays.  I had a guest scheduled for this coming Saturday, David Livingstone.  I have interviewed him successfully in the past about his own extensive research and writing on the New Age Movement and its impact.  He has now written a brilliant new book on TRANSHUMANISM.  He sent me a .pdf review copy that I am still reading, but the depth and breadth of his research amazes me, just as Lee Penn and Cliff Kincaid's work never cease to humble me.

I'm still working on Part 3 of my series on General Paul E. Vallely and military New Age and Satanism with possible tentacles reaching into the Tea Party Movement.  I've also been doing extensive research lately on the obvious continuation of the 1970's Weathermen Movement, a violent branch of SDS (Students for a Democratic Society).  

I did my radio program last Saturday on that, reviewing a book long in my library on DIANA:  THE MAKING OF A TERRORIST (Thomas Powers, Houghton Mifflin Publishers, 1971.)  My particular copy was purchased several years ago at a Baldwin (Birmingham, Michigan) Public Library used book sale.  It was discontinued by the library for reasons I do now understand. 

 The book should be required reading and it gives deep insights into ideological radicalization similar to that we are seeing now.  Bill Ayers, the same Bill Ayers now married to Weatherman leader, Bernadein Dohrn, was Diana's then boyfriend.  That young woman, Diana Oughton was killed on March 6, 1970,by a bomb she was helping to make misfired and destroyed a Greenwich Village townhouse where she was located.  She was the beautiful daughter of a wealthy and prominent Illinois family.  She became radicalised probably by her finest and best motives after witnessing extreme Guatemalan poverty.  She was also co-running a New Age school in Ann Arbor, Michigan with Bill Ayers.  The school was based on the beliefs of Alexander Sutherland Neill who believed that the student should shape learning, not the teachers.  

The school Diana and Bill Ayers ran in Ann Arbor, Michigan, it developed, never taught a single one of its many students to read.  That was discovered when third grade children started begging their parents to teach them to read.  Diana's radicalisation then went on to more violent manifestations, including a belief that they were making war on all USA citizens.

Many believe this to have been a Marxist operation.  There was Marxist indoctrination and ideology there.  But, there were even heavier New Age aspects, including free love, sexual experimentation, "smash monogamy", group sex, "free love" and beyond.  LSD, drugs, and the like were heavily employed by those in the Weatherman operation.  There was extreme violence by this group that included bombings of several government buildings, including the United States Capitol Building.  

It is relevant now because of the current links of the unrepentant leadermen leaders (Dohrn and Ayers, now a married couple) who have been publicly advising OCCUPY members on the stages they can expectg in their movements, including violence.  

Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers at Occupy rally, 
I will have much more to say on this later.  

Stay tuned!