Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Mumbai Tragedy and Unanswered Questions

There are now nearly 200 estimated Mumbai 'coordinated terror attack' deaths and many hundreds more injured. The event has raised tensions between two atomic powers: India and Pakistan. There are many reports that it has Al Quaeda earmarks. Pakistan itself was the victim of Al Quaeda attacks in recent history. Probably if there have been any winners in this whole sorry scenario, it has been the "Progressive Governance" cum "Global Governance" forces. It will also help sharpen the arsenal of the Alliance of Civilizations who will undoubtedly blame "religious fundamentalism" for the melee.

There were New Agers who died in Mumbai along with other westerners. Two, from the "Synchronicity Foundation" were from the metropolitan Detroit area. They had gone to India to receive training for their New Age ventures. They were among many people who had made pilgrimages to Mumbai (formerly known as 'Bombay), India to sharpen and deepen their respective 'meditation' practices. There were Hasidic Jews killed. There were "Synchronicity" meditators killed. Synchronicity Meditation is a New Age meditation cult employing the methods of "Swami Muktananda." Muktananda was also a primary inspiration for portions of Werner Erhard's work. (Erhard also heavily borrowed from Scientology and 'psycho-cybernetics' of plastic surgeon Matthew Maltz.)

At any rate, the Scriptures clearly prophesied that "perilous times were coming." Most clearly: they are here. Stay strong!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Does the Zimbawean Crisis = "The Elders" Opportunity?

I was just looking at the Yahoo slide show pictures of the Zimbabwean cholera epidemic amidst the health system breakdown. It was tugging at my heartstrings when I noticed:

1) The World Food Programme inputs (headed by Moonie Josette Sheeran, a political appointee to the UN position by the Bush Administration -- an obvious payoff to Rev. Moon for financial and other favors granted)



I cannot now help but wonder if this is a "three-fer" (3 for the price of one):

1 Something to help the UN gain extra control
2. Something to advance the New Age agenda as embodied in "The Elders"
3. Something to cause additional global population reduction!


God help this crew if this was in any way a politically maneuvered crisis to give the global governance folk this great opportunity!

Happy Thanksgiving for the freedoms we have left!


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Discovering Javier Solana: Thirteen years ago today -- November 22, 1995

Thirteen years ago, early Wednesday morning, November 22, 1995, I made my first on line acquaintance of Javier Solana. I had retired for the night, needing to be in Wayne County Circuit Court at 8:30 a.m. before an on-time judge. At 3 a.m. I suddenly awoke -- finding myself completely awake. I needed every second of sleep I could get. I'm not above a sleeping pill, if that's what it takes to sleep; however, I knew that if I took a sleeping pill at that hour of the morning, I would not be in shape to rise at 6:30 a.m. and drive safely to court and argue coherently on behalf of my client for that day. I tried my back up remedy of going to my husband's reclining chair with the most boring book I could find. Five to ten minutes of such reading would usually enable me to go back to bed with very heavy eyes and sleep soundly until morning. I read for an hour and found myself wider awake than ever. I finally thought that if I could not sleep and reading didn't help, I might as well go check my email. I literally stormed to the basement computers and logged on to the 1995 dial up America On Line (AOL) connection. Up popped breaking news about a huge Israel epicentered earthquake -- Eilat. The quake it was reported was 7.2 and had caused massive damage. Clicking for the main story, I saw a side headline:


Of course that interested me -- particularly given the recent popularity of the "Left Behind" books. I linked to that story and would read that a man named Javier Solana had negotiated and signed on November 20, 1995 (only two days before the earthquake) acting under "a full power of attorney" from the European Union "and the 10 nation 'Western European Union' (a military federation)." Recalling the prophecy that someday some 10 kings would hand one man their power, I went to myself on seeing the name "Javier Solana," "WHO IS THIS GUY?"

When I started my research on the New Age Movement in 1981, I was to read that one of the New Age boasts was that one day they would have all books, etc. on Compact Disks that would be computer searchable and readable without having to read word for word to find what one was searching for. I quipped to husband, Barry, "Ha! That's one of their better ideas. I'll get the first collection -- that way I can keep up with them and clean house at the same time." I must confess that come 1995 I had a serious collection -- some of which included news archives. Grabbing one such disk, I read that Javier Solana had sent Spanish warships against Canada in what had been a near shooting war at sea only six months earlier, March 1995. While I was looking at that, AOL flashed up a new story at me -- this one about the upcoming Barcelona Conference -- "a political earthquake coming in the wake of the physical one." I was to read in the summary that there were three major items on the Barcelona agenda: "battle religious fundamentalism -- worldwide; favorable trading terms for the region leading to a Mediterranean Free Trade Zone by the year 2010; and get the USA out of the Mediterranean and/or greatly reduce their presence there.

I would further read in those unwanted wee waking hours that the USA had requested participant status and "had been granted observer status only" by Dr. Solana. Thanks to knowing how to use the internet with relative proficiency, I too had observer status -- the poor man's way -- pulling down available online documents, press releases, and press coverage.

That was thirteen years ago to this very day! The rest is history. Thirteen years to the day after Solana signed the Treaty with Israel, two days before I discovered him, he played a major, if not "the major" role in unveiling the "Managing Global Insecurity Plan of Action."

Interestingly, Solana was introduced at Thursday's event by Carlos Pascual who described Solana this way:

"And then Javier Solana, the European Union's High Representative for Common, Foreign and Security Policy. Javier is, I think a personal incarnation of the world's most effective institution of global governance, namely himself."

It's been a most fascinating 13 years. Stay tuned!


Thursday, November 20, 2008


I am delighted to once again host gifted and talented documentary film producer, Caryl Matrisciana, on my internet radio program this evening.   You can view some of Caryl's important works on line at by clicking here.  We will be live at the following time and encourage chatroom participation as well as calling in live by dialing 888-747-1968.  Caryl will be telling us of her new book OUT OF INDIA.  Tune in and stay tuned!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Solana's November Presents - Vintage 2008?

Click on the picture to see it full page -- it is from the plan presented Thursday, Nov. 20th at the Brookings Institution event.

This just in from Javier Solana's website as posted by his spokeswoman, Cristina Gallach.

Javier SOLANA, European Union High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), will visit the US from Wednesday, 19 November to Saturday, 22 November 2008 to meet US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and to take part in the event at the Brookings Institution "Managing Global Insecurity".

"Mr SOLANA will meet US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in Washington on Thursday afternoon. On Thursday morning, in Washington, " Mr Solana will take part in the launch of "A Plan for Action: A New Era of International Cooperation for a Changed World, Managing Global Insecurity" at theBrookings Institution. Mr SOLANA will meet UN Secretary-General BanKi-Moon in New York on Friday afternoon. Further details of the programme for the High Representative's visit will be published at

The site will be updated on a daily basis."

Notice particularly that Javier Solana is participating "in the launch of 'A Plan for Action: A New Era of International Cooperation for a Changed World . . ."

Stay tuned!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I have a mandatory meeting out of the office Tuesday night from 7 to 9 pm which will make it difficult, if not impossible to personally do my themicroeffect show.  Sarah Leslie, owner of the popular and well read blogspot Herescope, and editor of Conscience Magazine has agreed to guest host the program for me tomorrow night.  She has been a popular, well-received guest in the past.  Sarah informs me she will probably do the program on an obscure but growing in popularity New Age subject of "Fractals."  I will be picking up the mp3 version on line later.  Sarah is very talented and it should be a greatly entertaining as well as educational program.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Recalling the New Age books, THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT by Peter LeMesurier and WORLD'S END 2009 by Peter Lorie, not to mention the old "Church Lady" (Dana Carvey) lines from Saturday Night Live, "Isn't that convenient?", I have watched with increasing consternation the Group of Twenty meeting with President Bush in Washington to reshape global economics. Spokesmen commented live on the news that now the world was really ready to enter the 21st Century where there would be "peace and prosperity for all." Javier Solana will be in Washington this Thursday, November 20, 2008, back at the Brookings Institution to discuss their Global Action Plan for Global Governance. Javier Solana has repeatedly said it was imperative it be in place by 2009. My educated guess is that all are counting on President Elect Barack Obama to help put it in place. I thought I would look at the WEU/EU presidencies to see which would be at the helm in the next three years. The very first dual coinciding presidency was Spain's in 1995 which went to Javier Solana just in time for him to launch the Barcelona Process. Spain has both again in 2010, the year Solana projected for the Mediterranean Free Trade Union and so many other global initiatives including the Alliance of Civilizations are also projected. I found this handy chart at the WEU site of the coinciding WEU/EU presidencies and thought you might find it useful.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


This will be an expanding story as I attempt to get more information. I have sent an email invitation for a church representative to be with us on this evening's internet radio edition of My Perspective to be broadcast live at at 8 p.m. this evening.

Lansing is Michigan's state capital. I worked there in the late 1960s, early 1970s before becoming an attorney in 1975. Over the years a fair share of my law practice has taken me there. I still have many friends who have served in the Legislature.

Since I started tracking the New Age Movement in 1981, I read pronouncements that this was one way the New Age would be "ushered in." Churches have been destined for targeting. The attacks were by termites from within and wrecking balls from without. After the New Age Movement received unexpected and unwanted exposure in the early 1980s, marginalization and ridicule of those pointing to clear New Age pronouncements was the order of the day. Reading H. B. Blavatsky, Gina Cerminara (called for burning of the churches), Alice Ann Bailey, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Peter Russell, etc., it is clear we are regarded as "cancerous cells in the global brain." It is equally clear that nothing nice was projected for Christians for the so-called "New Age."

Sunday there was a rainbow motifed anarchist operation against a Lansing, Michigan church, Mt. Hope Church. The Church biblically condemns homosexuality but offers hope for salvation and redemption from that sin as well as all other sins. They ran head on into an interior infiltration and outward picketing, bashing, and religious service disruption. It was clearly organized and it appears to be but the opening day of a prolonged "Kristallnacht" action against conservative Christians and Jews.

Here is what an unrepentant "Gay community" press had to say about Sunday's events:

Bash Back! Raises Hell at Anti-Queer Mega-Church

Monday, November 10 2008 @ 03:40 PM CST
Contributed by: Anonymous
Views: 1,889
The Mount Hope Church is a deplorable, anti-queer mega-church in Lansing, Michigan. The church works to institutionalize transphobia and homophobia through several repulsive projects including organized "ex-gay" conferences and so-called "hell houses", which depict queers, trannies and womyn who seek abortions in hell. Mt. Hope is complicit in the repression of queers in Michigan and beyond.

Bash Back! ain't down with that. And so on Sunday November 9th, about thirty radical queers from Lansing, Chicago, Memphis and Milwaukee disrupted the church's most well-attended sermon.

At noon, a small group of folks dressed in pink and black, equipped with a megaphone, black flags, picket signs and an upside-down pink cross began demonstrating outside the church. The group was extremely loud and wildly offensive.

The demonstration drew a majority of Mount Hope's security staff outside to watch them.

Meanwhile, with the guards pre-occupied by the distraction, over a dozen queers had put on their Sunday-best and infiltrated the church's congregation. At the signal that the guards had been lured outside, the infiltrators sprung into action.

A group stood up, declared themselves fags, and began screaming loudly. Upon hearing the loud interruption, other affinity groups went into action. A team that had been hiding under the pews in the closed-off balcony dropped a banner and pulled back the curtains to reveal "IT'S OKAY TO BE GAY! BASH BACK!". Another group threw over a thousand fliers to the entirety of the congregation. The fire alarm was pulled. Queers began making out in front of the pastor. And within a matter of minutes, everyone had evaded the guards and made their escapes.

Bash Back! operatives, still hidden among the congregation observed a person screaming that Satan had come to Mount Hope, that the end was here, that the queers were everywhere. She then began speaking tongues. The dumbfounded pastor, after regaining his composure, went on to speak of the of decadent, depraved wolves that menace his flock of sheep.

Let it be known: So long as bigots kill us in the streets, this pack of wolves will continue to BASH BACK!

We are everywhere.

Googling "Bash Back!" I found more than 23,000 hits with this Wikipedia entry:

Bash Back! is a network of radical, anti-authoritarian queer projects within the United States. Bash Back! seeks to critique the ideology of mainstream GLBTQ movement, which the group sees as dedicated to obtaining straight privilege by assimilation into the dominant institutions of a heteronormative society. Bash Back! chapters employ direct action to confront capitalism and all interrelated forms of oppression, especially focusing on exposing the gay mainstream and the dangers of gay assimilationism and homonormativity. Bash Back! is noticeably influenced by the anarchist movement and other radical queer groups, such as ACT UP and Gay Shame. Many within the group also draw significant inspiration from events like the Stonewall Riots and the White Night Riots.[1]

The national media has been remarkably quiet about this development. What does it mean? Last week my car was totaled by the actions of a young man attempting suicide by running and leaping directly before me. The next day a Lansing Church was under assault. This all sounds remarkably what Fr. Seraphim Rose, the Russian Orthodox priest sounding early alarms wrote of in his book, ORTHODOXY AND THE RELIGION OF THE FUTURE. Spirits of suicide and chaos are out and about!

The scriptures clearly warned us that perilous times were coming for Christians in the last days. It appears that they are now here.

Stay strong, stay tuned. I will be updating and refining this article, so refresh often!


Monday, November 10, 2008


According to this article in the Middle East Times, Europe is beginning a very real and substantial military buildup.  Remembering Jacques Santer's old words as well as "John Boyd, Secretary" of the late 1990's, it may well be that the real purpose of this is to help dislodge the USA as a competing global superpower in the "coming 21st century struggle for control of scarce global resources.  Javier Solana is still very much in charge and my educated guess is that it will remain this way.  Looks like they are getting read to test the mettle of one who still naively believes in "our European Allies."  Both present and future administrations are well plagued by this apparent lack of global vision.


Sunday, November 09, 2008

Executive Orders planned for incoming Obama presidency

A breaking news story on Yahoo! quotes Obama transition team members as saying the Obama administration will be making extensive use of Executive Orders in its first few months into the new presidency. While they can and sometimes are used for good, there is also potential for mischief. They should be viewed cautiously and carefully. Executive Orders do have the force of law.


Saturday, November 08, 2008

"Men's hearts failing them for fear" -- brought home in a very real way

I am in shock as I write this. I just hung up from sharing my thoughts with Dorothy Margraf. A relatively young man attempted suicide by jumping in front of my car too late for me to stop. I was enroute first to a wedding reception and thereafter to a Mothers and Unborn Baby Care fundraiser. I had just stopped for a red light and then was proceeding in the far right lane when the man suddenly jumped immediately in front of my car. The passenger side windshield of my 1998 Toyota Corolla was shattered in concave fashion. Glass shards are over my car interior. I had slight cuts to the hand but fortunately because my own seat belt and harness were securely fashioned, my own side of the windshield was not affected. The man was attempting suicide, but only suffered a broken leg. The investigating detective who gave me a ride home and then later returned with office keys left in my vehicle informed me that it was a confirmed suicide attempt. The young man also had substance/drug abuse issues.

Pray for me. Pray for the young man. Obviously the Lord spared his life for a purpose. Immediately after the impact, I swerved my car so as not to run over the body of the young man. This may have saved his life.

What type of hopelessness and despair would lead one to attempt to take his life in such a gruesome fashion? The investigating officers told me they had seen many such suicide attempts recently. Fr. Seraphim Rose, the Russian Orthodox author of ORTHODOXY AND THE RELIGION OF THE FUTURE had written that mass suicide was one of the ways in which Satan would "enter naked" into the last days.

I have now seen it and been far too close to it personally for comfort. Pray for me. Pray for those afflicted with a spirit of suicide that could well take others with them as could have been the case tonight. Had I been traveling faster, had the traffic been much heavier, it could have been a chain collision tragedy.


Barack Obama's Youth Movement - Ominous Parallels?

There is much internet chatter these days about proposed compulsory service programs. Barack Obama proposes one plan with 50 compulsory hours as a condition of high school graduation. His to be Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel proposes a somewhat longer period for adults between 18 and 26 with boot camp, civil defense training, etc. While I do not think such things, IF VOLUNTARY (or even with college tuition reductions) are necessarily bad in and of themselves, there are historical precedents which reveal OMINOUS PARALLELS. I wrote of such in my 1983 released book, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow. Today, I found a lively discussion of same over at the RaptureReady website. Here is a telling quote which speaks of Hitler's planned youth programs. I did not find the Rapture Ready participant's source for this, but my own research over the years has shown this to be the case:

My program for educating youth is hard. Weakness must be hammered away. In my castles of the Teutonic Order a youth will grow up before which the world will tremble. I want a brutal, domineering, fearless, cruel youth. Youth must be all that. It must bear pain. There must be nothing weak and gentle about it. The free, splendid beast of prey must once again flash from its eyes . . . That is how I will eradicate thousands of years of human domestication . . . That is how I will create the New Order." -- Adolf Hitler, 1933.

Before the Nazi Party was founded, a strong youth movement already existed in Germany. It began in the 1890s and was known as the Wandervögel, a male-only movement featuring a back-to-nature theme. Wandervögel members had an idealistic, romantic notion of the past, yearning for simpler days when people lived off the land. They rejected the modern, big city era and took a dim view of its predecessor, the industrial revolution, which had been started by their fathers and grandfathers. They scorned greed and materialism, and the new emerging corporate mentality. They found strict German schooling oppressive and rejected parental authority. They saw hypocrisy in politics and the social class system of Kaiser Wilhelm's Germany, which was based entirely on birth and accumulated wealth. Instead, they longed for a Jugendkultur, a culture of youth led by youth, in which they would be truly valued. They wanted something greater to believe in than the values of their parents. Wandervögel members distinguished themselves by wearing shorts and hiking boots rather than the starched shirts and creased trousers of the middle class. They delighted in rediscovering nature without any modern conveniences, traveling on hikes and sleeping out under the stars. They sang old German folk songs around the campfire and also developed a custom of greeting each other by saying "Heil." The Catholic Youth Organization, the Boy Scouts, along with a variety of political, religious, para-military, and sports groups
sprang up, organized so that youth was indeed led by youth, with the leader being just a few years older than the boys he led."

This is like the beginning of the Nazi's!!!

1) Target the children!

2) Convince the children and the parents, this is for za Fazerland! (phonetic)

3) Forced labor children resent children that aren’t forced or unable to participate

4) Children, full of resentment, start to see disabled children as a useless burden to society. "Why should I do this work, and they don’t have to?"

The slaughter of human beings in Germany, did not begin in the camps, but in what they called then "asylums". Where the neat tidy German people, put others that were disabled in any way or form. The Nazi's began their testing of the most efficient way to kill people, in these asylums. They killed them. When family members showed up to visit, and their loved ones were gone, they would explain that they had "eased their loved ones of their suffering", and eased them of "their burden". Little Nazi’s grow into big Nazi’s….

The Nazi horror is a lesson that must never be forgotten. Too many of our young people know little or nothing about that era.

Stay tuned.


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Obama and EU's Solana -- hand in hand through the New Age?

Yesterday I posted Javier Solana's effusive congratulatory congratulations to Javier Solana. The message enumerated some of the projects Solana hopefully planned to work with the USA's new presidential elect: Barack Obama. "The Projects"? Middle East, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, climate change, non-proliferation . . ."

According to an article appearing today in EUOBERVER.COM, "[T]he Obama administration will play a big role in 'reinventing the international system, especially on the financial side, in strong partnership with the EU.'"

The speaker was David J. Rothkopf, a former trade official for the Clinton administration and claimed "expert on foreign affairs and emerging markets." The sponsor of the event was a long time internationalist operation known commonly as the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace."

The speech sounded so very much like Javier Solana's suggestions to the Brookings Institution in his Washington, D.C. "Managing Global Insecurity" speech of March 21, 2007.

It's all getting so very cozy out there. If Richard Lugar and Senator Charles Hagel are put up front, I expect even tighter relations with Javier Solana and the Obama administration. I also bear in mind that Joe Biden was quoted in the past as saying he wished he could vote for Javier Solana for President.

Maybe he did!


Wednesday, November 05, 2008



For what it is worth, and I suspect PLENTY, this is Javier Solana's congratulatory message to the only person I know who came as suddenly on the scene out of nowhere as did Javier Solana. You can read it in the original by
clicking here and there is also a video link at Solana's website:

"Javier SOLANA, EU High Representative for the CFSP, congratulates Barack Obama on his election as President of the United States of America

Javier SOLANA, EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), made the following statement today following the Presidential elections in the United States of America :

"I want to congratulate Barack Obama on his impressive election victory. Elections are about political renewal. The campaign has been exciting and uplifting and the turnout impressive. The sense of renewal also applies to the transatlantic relations. Europeans and Americans are keen to open a new chapter in their relations.

"President-elect Obama ran on a ticket of change. This is most welcome since many things in the world today need changing. Let us do that together.

"Europe is willing and able to help. There is a high number of very complex global problems: from the Middle-East to Iran and Afghanistan and Pakistan, from climate change to nonproliferation.

"We need to address those problems together with determination and creativity. President-elect Obama personifies what is good and impressive about America. He also personifies today's complex and globalized world where change is a constant. As we grapple with these problems, it is good to have someone who put change, empathy and good judgement at the heart of his campaign.

"I am looking forward to working with President Obama and his administration."

If Javier Solana is who I suspect he might be and we are at the point in prophecy I further suspect we are, I would well expect those two would be working together -- closely!

May the Lord help us all!


Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I am nearly speechless. It was one thing to report about New Age boasts that they would employ holographic technology to project images. It is quite another to view it via television in action as I just witnessed on CNN tonight. Anderson Cooper promised there would be "many more"!

As I write this, Barack Obama was just projected President-Elect of the USA. I heard one of the commentators proclaim him not just "president-elect" but a "Planetary Leader."

Do I believe Barack Obama to be the antichrist? No. He does not fit the prophetic specification of "a vile person shall arise to whom they SHALL NOT GIVE THE HONOR OF THE KINGDOM." Clearly Barack Obama has been given the honor of the Kingdom. The prophecy clearly refers to another. But is it possible that Barack Obama could help usher in whoever the actual antichrist is. The Jews were biblically instructed to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Likewise, we should pray for the peace of our country.

May the Lord help us all through these obviously perilous times.
Stay tuned!


Saturday, November 01, 2008



Saturday, November 01, 2008

EU Set to Move 'Internet of Things' Closer to Reality
An Orwellian future in store for the internet

Old-Thinker News | October 31, 2008
Reprinted from Old Thinker News

By Daniel Taylor

If the world-wide trend continues, 'Web 3.0' will be tightly monitored, and will become an unprecedented tool for surveillance. The "Internet of Things", a digital representation of real world objects and people tagged with RFID chips, and increased censorship are two main themes for the future of the web.

The future of the internet, according to author and "web critic" Andrew Keen, will be monitored by "gatekeepers" to verify the accuracy of information posted on the web. The "Outlook 2009" report from the November-December issue of The Futurist reports that,

"Internet entrepreneur Andrew Keen believes that the anonymity of today's internet 2.0 will give way to a more open internet 3.0 in which third party gatekeepers monitor the information posted on Web sites to verify its accuracy."

Keen stated during his early 2008 interview with The Futurist that the internet, in its current form, has undermined mainline media and empowered untrustworthy "amateurs", two trends that he wants reversed. "Rather than the empowerment of the amateur, Web 3.0 will show the resurgence of the professional," states Keen.

Australia has now joined China in implementing mandatory internet censorship, furthering the trend towards a locked down and monitored web.

The Internet of Things

Now, the European Union has announced that it will pursue the main component of Web 3.0, the Internet of Things (IoT).

According to Viviane Reding, Commissioner for Information Society and Media for the EU, "The Internet of the future will radically change our society." Ultimately, the EU is aiming to "lead the way" in the transformation to Web 3.0.

Reporting on the European Union's pursuit of the IoT, IBLS reports,

"New technology applications will need ubiquitous Internet coverage. The Internet of Things means that wireless interaction between machines, vehicles, appliances, sensors and many other devices will take place using the Internet. It already makes electronic travel cards possible, and will allow mobile devices to exchange information to pay for things or get information from billboards."

The Internet of Things consists of objects that are 'tagged' with Radio Frequency Identification Chips (RFID) that communicate their position, history, and other information to an RFID reader or wireless network. Most, if not all major computer companies and technology developers (HP, Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, etc.) are putting large amounts of time and money into the Internet of Things.

Cisco and Sun Microsystems have founded an alliance to promote the Internet of Things and further its implementation.

South Korea is at the forefront in implementing ubiquitous technology and the Internet of Things. An entire city, New Songdo, is being built in South Korea that fully utilizes the technology. Ubiquitous computing proponents in the United States admit that while a large portion of the technology is being developed in the U.S., it is being tested in South Korea where there are less traditional, ethical and social blockades to prevent its acceptance and use. As the New York Times reports,

"Much of this technology was developed in U.S. research labs, but there are fewer social and regulatory obstacles to implementing them in Korea," said Mr. Townsend [a research director at the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto, California], who consulted on Seoul's own U-city plan, known as Digital Media City. 'There is an historical expectation of less privacy. Korea is willing to put off the hard questions to take the early lead and set standards.'"

An April 2008 report from the National Intelligence Council discussed the Internet of Things and its possible implications.

A timeline shown in the April 2008 NIC report

The report outlines uses for the technology:

"Sensor networks need not be connected to the Internet and indeed often reside in remote sites, vehicles, and buildings having no Internet connection. Smart dust is a term that some have used to express a vision of tiny, wireless-connected sensors; more recently, others use the term to describe any of several technologies that range from the size of a pack of gum to a pack of cigarettes, and that are widely available to system developers.

Ubiquitous positioning describes technologies for locating objects that may reside anywhere, including indoors and underground locations where satellite signals may be unavailable or otherwise inadequate.

Biometrics enables technology to recognize people and other living things, rather than inanimate objects. Connected everyday objects could recognize authorized users by means of fingerprint, voiceprint, iris scan, or other biometric technology."

These trends towards internet censorship and the internet of things are undoubtedly going to continue, but restricting your free speech and violating your privacy will be harder with your outspoken resistance.

Watch Ubiquitous Computing: Big Brother's All-Seeing Eye, a video report from Old-Thinker News regarding the Internet of Things.

The original story by Mr. Taylor has links. I suggest you go there and view them. Things are moving very fast now! 




"Rudi" (Ruth Pappas) a frequent contributor to the discussion forum on this blogspot has frequently with deep concern mentioned "The Elders."  I am still endeavoring to finish that Part VI of "The Hi Jacking" of Evangelicalism and discover the layers are getting deeper and deeper with Frank Buchman appearing to have nourished Theosophical roots in India as early as 1905.  Faith at Work was started by Buchman's disciple, Sam Shoemaker who then worked with Abram Vereide to establish "International Christian Leadership."  Core group member, Paul N. Temple, hooked up with Vereide in 1944, immediately upon graduation from Harvard Law School, it appears and went on to later co-found the Institute of Noetic Sciences.  It is certainly deeper and even more intertwined than I suspected, making it more difficult to finish as succinctly as I would have liked.  In the mean time, I found this fascinating piece about "The Elders" and thought in view of Ruth's frequent citings of this particular New Age thrust, might be helpful background for all of us.  If Ruth has already put it in the comments section and I have missed it, I apologize.  It appears that Frank Buchman's legacy is Caux, Switzerland based Initiatives of Change and MRA (Moral Rearmament) and further that both are linked heavily to even Lucis Trust itself.

I was led down this particular rabbit hole looking at MRA and seeing Scilla Elworthy's name on a conference participated in by both "Initiatives of Change" and Javier Solana.  Even more interesting:  I found an article by Scilla Elworthy opening by quoting Javier Solana in a Gaian education publication which, if you hurry fast before they bury it, you can still read on line.  It is on page 166 of that cumbersome document.  (In case they bury it, I have already archived it, so in any event, you should still be able to read it!)  Interestingly enough, she spelled his name "Xavier Solana" in that article -- is that their new trick to slow down our searches or is that how Scilla likes to spell things?

Stay tuned!