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Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Is Europe in a mess because "Javier retired" or did Javier retire because Europe was in a mess?

"Secondly, the ECLJ wants to recall that the concept of “defamation of religions” is incompatible with Human Rights. More than that, that concept is a threat to Human Rights, in particular to the rights of religious minorities.
"To accept the use of the concept of “defamation of religions” would give an international legality to repressive laws working against religious minorities, such as the laws against proselytism and blasphemy. We should not forget that in many countries, the simple public expression of the content of a minority religion, most of the times Christianity, can be considered as an offense, a “defamation” of the State’s official religion. Thus, to accept the concept of “defamation of religions” would in fact, reinforce, straighten, the arsenal of repressive laws directed against religious minorities.
As a conclusion, it should be greater respect for religious freedom, as provided by the existing international law. Only respect of religious freedom can effectively help to combat the growing “bipolarization” of the world."  From Presentation to UN Human Rights Council by European Centre for Law and Justice

The above quote and the current post below may seem unrelated, but with all the push by the Alliance of Civilizations, The European Union, the World Economic Forum and others for a type of "New World Religion" where everybody in effect bows down to everybody else's god, it was refreshing to see that others recognize the dangers inherent in this type of forced syncretism and are boldly and eloquently pointing them out.
Nothing seems to have gone that well for the European Union since Javier Solana "retired" or maybe "laid low" in December 2009.  Things haven't been going all that great on this side of the Atlantic either and the global governance crowd is making real hay over both.  This is what a hard hitting editorial in THE GUARDIAN (United Kingdom) said today:

Europe is in a mess. The European Union is in trouble. Today's summit in Brussels is unlikely to do much to help. David Cameron, like his fellow leaders, can only hope to limit the damage: and even as he does so he can hear the ghoulish sound of Tory Euroscepticism rising from the grave.
The summit faces trouble from three directions. The first is the enfeebled condition of many European governments. To pick the news almost at random, this week the Romanian government narrowly survived a confidence vote; talks on the Portuguese budget collapsed and President Sarkozy was battling (successfully) to pass his pension reforms. Ireland is preparing for another round of spending cuts; Belgium hardly exists at all. These are not promising times for effective deal-making between strong leaders.
Second, the European Union is in the middle of an indulgent institutional upheaval. The Lisbon treaty was necessary, but some of its consequences were not. Lady Ashton, Europe's new foreign minister, announced the other day that she will spend £10.5m a year on new offices; the European parliament has voted for a 6% increase in EU spending next year, including a 4.5% rise in administration costs. At a time when most EU governments are cutting their domestic budgets, such things are provocative – and British Tories have been duly provoked. Yesterday Lord Tebbit warned Mr Cameron that he risked a "Vichy-style surrender" if he agreed to a budget rise. Last week 37 Tory backbenchers voted against one. The coalition provides some ballast: Mr Cameron is playing a more co-operative role at the summit than he ever could have done as a purely Tory prime minister. But his freedom is limited: even conceding a 2.9% increase in the EU budget will bring him trouble in his party at home.
Third, and most serious, is the European Union's response to economic crisis. Germany, with a growing economy and unemployment now below 3 million for the first time in 18 years, fears being dragged down by its EU partners. Germans bailed out Greece and stabilised the eurozone. Now the German government wants to overhaul the rules to prevent future budgetary implosion. But the existing rules were not the reason Greece went bust and Ireland overspent. Changing them – which could require a controversial reopening of European treaties – is a distraction.
Britain is still hoping to secure a freeze in the EU budget – which would be a success for Mr Cameron. He could tolerate the more probable 2% rise. But these things are trifles compared to Europe's search for economic growth. That is the challenge the EU is facing – and failing.

I can't irreverently wonder if things are going badly because Javier picked up his marbles and went home? OR, did he pick up his marbles and go home because he saw the trouble coming and wanted others to take the blame for it?  $64 question!!!

Well, I wonder if anybody is going to come to rescue the "European Project"?   I suspect I know somebody who'd like to, provided, however, he isn't already too, too busy with the CRISIS=OPPORTUNITY global government, whoops, GOVERNANCE, front.  Wonder how the cell phones are going between Strobe Talbott, George Soros, Lord Malloch-Brown, Maurice Strong, and Javier Solana?
If only I were a mouse in that corner?  

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I will start the radio program tonight at 7 p.m. Eastern Time, 4 p.m. Eastern time.  Midpoint through the program, immediately after the 7:30 commercial, Dr. Dennis Cuddy will join me for the final half hour.  We are going to be discussing our most recent research and concerns about where all this is going.  Please plan to join us.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Happily, Joan Veon's monumental work informing the rest of us of critical developments in the financial world that might have gone over non-mathematical heads such as mine, is not going unrecognized.  John Loeffler did a tribute to her work on his show.  Barry Chamish will be interviewing me on his radio program tonight about Joan's work and its importance.  That is from 6 to 7 eastern time, 3 to 4 Pacific time.  Then my program will feature the indomitable John Loeffler (host of Steel on Steel) and myself bringing out strong points about Joan's work that she would give herself if she were a guest tonight, as she was from time to time in the past.

Below is the text of Joan's official obituary:

On October 18, 2010, with her husband Rod holding her hand, Joan answered her Master’s call and slipped quietly away to be with her Lord and Savior after a courageous three year battle with breast cancer. She was 61 years old.
Joan’s remarkable life began in Racine WI on May 17, 1949, born as a twin with Raymond, to Albert A. and Mary A. (Parino) Yocco. On March 22, 1963 Joan asked Jesus to come into her heart and be her Lord and Savior, after which she dedicated her life to doing God’s will.
Joan is a graduate of Horlick High School, class of ’67, continued on to attend Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, then finished her education at Geneva College in Beaver Falls PA earning her Bachelor’s degree in Business.
While living in PA she met Roderick W Veon whom she married on August 13, 1977. Joan and Rod lived in the Pittsburgh area before moving into the Washington DC area. For the past 8 years they have resided in Middletown MD.
Joan’s career began as an executive secretary in the International Department at J I Case Company. Upon earning her business degree she worked as a Certified Financial Planner in PA, The IDS and Windsor Financial Group in MD, before incorporating and opening Veon Financial Services, Inc. in the spring of 1986.
As Joan studied financial trends she began to notice an alignment indicating a world currency. Joan prayed diligently for God to show her truth and in 1994 the Lord opened the door for her to attend her first global meeting on Population Control in Cairo Egypt, initiating her first glimpse of world government. Thus beginning Joan’s second career as a credentialed, independent, International Journalist reporting for USA Radio News Network. During the next 16 years the Lord opened doors for Joan to interview and ask key questions of prime ministers, presidents, kings, and heads of state. At times, as the only American reporter, Joan covered over 103 international meetings, including: the G7, G8, G10, G20, and Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel Switzerland; attended yearly the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland; and twice a year covered the IMF World Bank meetings. In addition she attended UN meetings on the Free Trade Areas of the Americas, Sustainable Development, the Earth Summit, Climate Control, the International World Court, and numerous others. Following the UN conference on Sustainable Development in Istanbul Joan was compelled to write her first book “Prince Charles, the Sustainable Prince” published in 1997, followed by her second book “Global Straitjacket” in 1999. Joan founded The Women’s International Media Group, a non-profit organization, in 1998 to share her vast knowledge and understanding of world government. In addition Joan also wrote a monthly newsletter, produced many DVDs on global topics, appeared as a regular guest speaker on hundreds of radio talk shows and was invited to be a keynote speaker for various meetings around the world. Most recently Joan wrote articles for Though small in stature, Joan was a giant warrior and devout patriot.
Joan is survived by the love of her life and best friend husband, Rod, her mother, Mary A. Yocco of Watonga OK, twin brother, Raymond A. Yocco of Racine WI, sisters Pat (Pablo) Ramirez of Watonga OK, Debi Massegee of Owasso OK, Judy Yocco of Phoenix AZ, Carrie (Greg) France of Watonga OK, brother John Yocco of Racine WI, in-laws Ralph and Mary Veon of Beaver Falls, PA, sisters in-law Carol (Gene) Whalen of Enon Valley PA and Lynn (Bill) Allen of DeLand FL. She is further survived by many precious nieces and nephews, cousins and dearly loved friends. She was proceeded in death by her beloved father, Albert Yocco, brothers-in-law Rodney Pierce, Jerry Massegee and a niece Joy Yocco.
Visitation will be held on Sunday, October 24, 2010 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Purath-Strand Funeral Home, Douglas Av at 3 Mile Rd. in Racine, WI. Services to be held on Monday, October 25, 2010, at 11 a.m., at Calvary Memorial Church, 4001 Washington Avenue in Racine, WI. Pastor Butch Paugh officiates. Interment to follow at West Lawn Cemetery. 
“As an international reporter I have made it a point to ask the crucial questions in order that the unspoken agenda may be put into words. I have also sought to keep abreast of evolving global changes, how the world will be affected, and to report what is truth.” Joan Veon
Donations in Joan’s honor can be made to the Women’s International Media Group, Inc.,
PO Box 77, Middletown MD 21769.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010



I just received news of Joan Veon's recent death.  Although we had never met face to face, we were friends and collaborators.  We spoke often and Joan sent me helpful DVD's and information packets.  She did radio interviews for me, both on my old WMUZ-FM program "Law Talk" in metropolitan Detroit which I hosted for 13 years and also on my current internet radio program,

Devvy wrote a beautiful tribute to Joan in her NewswithViews article.  You may read it by clicking here.  Joan was a successful financial planner.  Trust me, you don't want Yours Truly (me) for financial advice!  Joan gave the best of her talents to informing the rest of us.  We didn't always agree but I always trusted Joan's integrity and respected her brilliance.

Joan admonished me on one of our last conversations that I had to take time to "stop and smell the roses."  She said she had done too little of that in her own life.  Joan's immense efforts were capably summarized by Devvy's memorial column:

Joan attended more than 100 conferences put on by the elites who rule the world and want to destroy ours. She traveled to many foreign countries to get the truth first hand. A huge sacrifice demanding a great deal of time away from her family. But, she did it because, like millions of us, we know the grand scheme underway to bring down our country and force us to be ruled by a one world government. Joan said no way and dedicated herself to fending off the attacks on our sovereignty with her columns, speeches and radio appearances.

Our prayers are with her husband, her family, and those who will miss her wise counsel.

Rest in peace, Joan.  You have deserved a good rest from your very intense labors.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Indian anger over Obama pro-Pakistan strategies

This is both interesting and disturbing.  A leading India newspaper, THE TIMES OF INDIA, has just released an angry story, "Obama mission: Billions to Pakistan, billions from India."  The article is important and you may read it in its current entirety by clicking here.  

There has long been anger between India and Pakistan.  Both nations are, I understand, members of "The Nuclear Club."  Javier Solana (and his confederates at the Brookings Institution) have placed great emphasis on the expansion of the G-8 into the G-10, G-20 and beyond with repeated emphasis on India and China being made part of the circle.

India's economy has been growing.   Over the years I have had clients from that nation who told me that the Indian economy has been thriving while the USA's has been the past few  years, in effect, shriveling.

It appears that India's love affair with the Barack Obama administration is rapidly diminishing.  I keep having the awful memories that when the Krishnamurti intended ascent to become Maitreya failed, there was a depression and then the world was plunged into World War II.  Alice Bailey wrote freely in her old books that the New World Order would have to be built on the remains of a world badly traumatized by war.  

This is one more ominous sign that ugly history may be repeating itself in a more ominous form. The New Agers were confident they would make their ascent in 1929.  They were disappointed then.  Mary Lutyens wrote in one of her articles appearing in THE STAR about Krishnamurti that people did not realize how radical a change the New World Order would be, but it had to be implemented even if they had to "bloody their fingernails" in the process.  "Bloody their fingernails," they certainly did:  in Costa Rica (1919), Mexico (1926-1935), Europe.

Somewhere out there is their current aspirant to "Maitreya"/Betraya.  We've had their open and often disappointed prognostications about a "Day of Declaration."  When that ascent to bloodless world power didn't materialize as they hoped, we now have occultist Maurice Strong and his ugly  company including but not limited to Lord Malloch-Brown talk about the "current global economic crisis" and their elaborate plans for "Global Redesign Initiative."  We heard just such talk from the forebears of this crowd in 1939 when H. G. Wells, Salvador de Madariaga, J. Middleton Murry, and C.E.M. Joad got together before a London audience of 3600 kindred souls to discuss the shape that the post-war "New World Order" was to take.  They were openly planning to make radical changes on the back of a world badly traumatized by war -- a total global redesign.

The same patterns and the same talk are prevailing now.  Marilyn Ferguson optimistically prognosticated in her 1980 THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY that they would prevail this time because "modern communications had encircled the globe beyond any possibility of retreat."  They had their 1982 disappointments and their aspirant, whoever he might ultimately prove to be, is undoubtedly disappointedly biding his time in a lesser strategic position where he hoped to be at an earlier age in time.  

The pattern is ominous:  Occult hopes, less than hoped for reception of occult hopes, economic depression, planned 'global redesign,' and war.  The stages look frighteningly familiar.  Economic collapse, 'global redesign.'  Now it appears that not so subtle war drums may be sounding.

May the Lord help us all!

Stay tuned!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010


 To my readers:  I wrote this article for in January, 2007.  Because of what I have discovered is the strong interlinking between the World Economic Forum, "Minister" Rick Warren, and "interreligious dialogue" and plans to harness churches of all world denominations in Rev. Warren's PEACE plan for global redistribution, I am reprinting the fundamentals of the proposed apostasy now in fuller political implementation here.  SARAH LESLIE, blog author of HERESCOPE and I will be discussing the interrelationships of Rick Warren, the C Street Foundation ("The Family") of Doug Coe and Company, "GLOBAL REDESIGN INITIATIVE" (World Economic Foundation) on the air tonight and will possibly continue it on Thursday.  Tune in at at 7 p.m. eastern, 4 p.m. Pacific time and if you miss it, check for rebroadcast times.

Tune in and stay tuned!


By Constance Cumbey - January 16, 2007

A primary source for what was to become known as the Alliance of Civilizations, was the “Earth Charter Initiative.” Some chroniclers trace it back only as far as the 1987 Brundtland Commission The Earth Charter Declaration contains language startlingly reminiscent of its salvation-based religion baiting precedents, Humanist Manifesto and the Humanist Manifesto II. One prominent Earth Charter proponent, Maurice Strong, was quoted saying that the Earth Charter would become as important as the Ten Commandments. Conflicting histories have been given and it appears that it was in progress, per Maurice Strong, much earlier than the 1987 Brundtland Commission.
“The whole question of an Earth Charter was in fact on the UN Agenda at Rio. We didn't quite make it. We did make some progress. At the Stockholm Conference, which was the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm in 1972, governments agreed to a historic declaration, which moved the world community towards what we now call an Earth Charter. Then, at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, as the Secretary General of that conference, I challenged governments to produce an Earth Charter.[1]
This obvious phase of implementation of what former UN Assistant Secretary General Robert Muller and Maurice Strong alike would acknowledge was “The Plan” was being developed on Muller’s Costa Rican turf in 1995.[2] For me 1995 was an interesting year. It was then I discovered the existence of another interesting “eminent personality,” in the form of one Dr. Javier Solana. He also has had enormous input in the “Alliance of Civilizations.
If the declared agenda of the Alliance of Civilizations of regulating religious schools and their curriculums seem potentially draconian, its incorporated “Earth Charter” is even stranger. It had a Vermont eerie coming out party, complete with drums and masks, preceding on September 9, 2001. This happened at Shelburne Farms, Vermont. “Eminent personalities” who were part of that party included Dr. Steven Rockefeller, Jane Goodall. New Age musician Paul Winter and “peace walker” Satish Kumar.  Clearly, their Moloch was not appeased. Only two tragic days later the Eastern USA skies were aflame. The Twin Towers burned, the Pentagon burned, and an assaulted plane crashed and burned over Pennsylvania. The ritual masks and pagan drumbeat to usher their version of a 21st Century “Ark of the Covenant” clearly had not inoculated the world against war.

Another source of both Alliance of Civilizations and The Earth Charter inputs include Mikhail Gorbachev’s Green Cross. Author Wayne Peterson, a former United States State Department official and Fulbright Scholar executive wittingly or unwittingly reveals much of the possible agenda. He claims to personally knows Mikhail Gorbachev to be open devotee of “Maitreya, the Christ.”  This may be entirely possible. The Earth Charter website says it was “restarted” by Strong and Gorbachev “with the assistance of the government of the Netherlands.” Many New Age guides to Europe in my personal library say Holland is the New Age capital of Europe. Apart from the obvious Findhorn Community (Scotland) claims, this may well be true. As early as 1903 a major Theosophical world congress was held in Amsterdam. During the 1920’s Theosophists were vigorously working to smooth the way for world acceptance of a “Day of Declaration.” Jiddhu Krishnamurti was anointed by Annie Besant, then Theosophical Society leader to be the “new Christ” and lead the world into a “New Order.” Dutch Queen Wilhelmina was an open devotee of Krishnamurti and eagerly awaited that “Day of Declaration,” offering Dutch national radio to broadcast the awaited Maitreyan acceptance speech. World theosophists flocked to the Theosophists Holland Camp Ommen. There they camped and shared vegetarian picnics out while taking part in convocations with “sacred fires.”

At Eerde, Holland, Krishnamurti had a lavish castle formerly belonging to a member of Dutch nobility. There he spent pre-Day of Declaration days with his Annie Besant and other followers. Several years later, in World War II, the Nazi warriors used Camp Ommen as a concentration camp. After Krishnamurti failed to deliver the acceptance speech, or so the official version goes, Annie Besant supposedly dissolved the “Order of the Star” connected with the “Christ’s reappearance.” Reportedly, she returned moneys to donors. I say supposedly, because despite these historical representations, I have amassed a collection of Order of the Star publications going through the mid 1930s and it appears that meetings were going on in Holland as well. Perhaps it was God who was not ready rather than Krishnamurti who expressed regrets from time to time in later life that he had not fully fulfilled his role as “the vehicle for the Christ.”

This is the Earth Charter Initiative’s own version of the time and events:

"The World Commission on Environment and Development (aka 'the Brundtland Commission') called for 'a universal declaration' and 'new charter' to set 'new norms' to guide the transition to sustainable development. (Our Common Future, 1987)
"A draft UN Earth Charter was developed for the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, but the time for such a declaration was not right. The Rio Declaration became the statement of the achievable consensus at that time.
"In 1994, Maurice Strong (Chairman of the Rio Summit) and Mikhail Gorbachev, working through organizations they each founded (Earth Council and Green Cross International respectively), restarted the Earth Charter as a civil society initiative, with the help of the Government of the Netherlands. The initial drafting and consultation process drew on hundreds of international documents.
"Messrs. Strong and Gorbachev convened an independent Earth Charter Commission in 1997 to oversee the final development of the text and to come to agreement on a global consensus document.[3]
Bottom line: As one primary pillar of the now shaping Alliance of Civilizations, we have an Soviet atheist turned New Ager combining with an equally fervent Canadian billionaire devotee, both true believers in an alleged “Maitreya the Christ,” the latter particularly working openly with Lucis Trust, the offspring of Alice and Foster Bailey’s original “Lucifer Publishing Company.”

That such is taken seriously in more than esoteric circles is easily proved. One illustration is an article in the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law on December 2, 2001. Had a Christian or Jew dare suggest that this was God’s judgment on an idolatrous world, the outcry would still be heard. However, this suggestion that we all join in common earth worship passed at least the scrutiny of editors of what was supposed to be a respected legal journal:
"World tragedies necessitate the reaction of a united global society dedicated to responsible action and committed to peace. Identifying a common motivation and mode of communication to which all individuals can relate is a prerequisite component to avoiding destruction and moving towards progress. Humanity's dependence upon the planet earth serves as the natural primary connection between all people. By joining this undeniable truth with the notions underpinning the Earth Charter,[1] a blue print for building a new foundation to address our current reality can be identified."
Where this is heading and where environmentalists and New Agers alike are harmonically converging is clearly in the direction of earth worship and beyond to universe/cosmos adoration. Bundled in with the concept is one of gratitude to [gasp!] Lucifer himself, whom Benjamin Crème proudly proclaimed on one unwilling radio debate he did with me in the early 1980s, “made a tremendous sacrifice for our planet.” Evidently Lucifer, per Crème, ran a Garden of Eden intervention challenging God to see that we properly “evolved” rather than vegetate in a tropical garden. As a result, per Crème, Lucifer is the “prodigal son.” It is startling in personal conversations I have had with some in those circles that God is expected to welcome Lucifer back with open arms. A related belief is that those forever barred from the new Utopian Eden are those who stood in Lucifer’s way. This is a strange perversion of Judeo/Christian theology, widely published from sources such as Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard and David Spangler. Lucis Trust has offered to cap it all off by allowing the world to use their “Great Invocation,” presumably a forced replacement to “The Lord’s Prayer” and “23rd Psalm.”

Such idolatry is condemned across the board by traditional monotheistic theology. Catholics as part of their baptismal rites say, “Do you reject Satan? The congregation is expected to answer, “I do.” “And all of his works? I do”

The biblical Book of Revelation contains a stern warning in chapter 14 that all should “fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come. Worship God who created the heaven, the earth, the seas, and the fountains of waters.” The Earth Covenant and its new bible called “the Book of Temenos” frighteningly reverse that command to one that inverts it to the very worship condemned: “If any man worships the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation.” Those worshiping the “beast and his image” and receiving the mark of his name were to “have no rest day nor night.”[4]

An even earlier proponent, working even closer to the time of the Krishnamurti era envisioned a scenario startlingly close to what now appears to be full process. H. G. Wells wrote in his 1928 book, THE OPEN CONSPIRACY; BLUEPRINTS FOR A WORLD REVOLUTION:
"Whenever possible, the Open Conspiracy will advance by illumination and persuasion. But it has to advance and even from the outset where it is not allowed to illuminate and persuade it must fight . . .in the face of unscrupulous opposition creative ideas must become aggressive, must define their enemies, and attack them. . . . The Open Conspiracy rests upon a disrespect for "nationality . . ."
Again, I say, "fasten your seatbelts, friends. We are in for a bumpy ride. Keep the faith!"

2, In his UN retirement, Robert Muller moved to Costa Rica to chair the UN University there.
4, See Revelation (Apocalypse) Chapter 14, verses 6 through 12).

Saturday, October 09, 2010


There clearly is a push, NOW, for a "Planetary Initiative for the World We Choose" plan -- clearly ON STEROIDS with much more sophistication and teeth from alliances pulled together by the World Economic Forum.  Unabashedly, participants say that  this is about shaping "a new global architecture."   Javier Solana, was until recently "High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union."  As observers have aptly noted, he has now "reinvented himself" and seems to be just about everywhere on the global governance think tank scenes.

After many of the powers Solana coveted over Europe were included in the once defeated and then resurrected post Irish pressured second vote, he made a surprise announcement just before that second Irish referendum that he was going to "retire."  Since nearly every discussion of the World Economic Forum referenced back to    redoing or a new "Bretton Woods," I thought I would check in the one place most apt to reflect Dr. Solana's personal thinking on the shape of the "global governance" he has long been at the forefront of -- the statement by Pierre DeFraigne, director of the Madariaga Foundation/College of Europe.  The Statement was entitled "Bretton Woods III needs a new G/3."  Most of it had to do with Europe needing to speak with one voice -- too many European voices were now being heard, but there was "less Europe" as a result.  If Europe spoke with ONE VOICE, it would have far greater impact on the global scene and could assume the powerful role the USA had held in the earlier Bretton Woods arrangements!  Equally surprising to me was the powerful criticism of three countries as interfering with the needed changes:  Great Britain, Germany, and France."

Relevant excerpted language is below:

"This paper compares the international position of the EU and China with reference to the global post-crisis reform agenda. The global financial and economic crisis unveiled the existence of a credibility gap between these two international actors, with Europe finding itself in the uncomfortable position as the weaker party. Nevertheless, the EU is called upon to give a substantial contribution to the setting of new global governance structures for trade, international financial institutions and financial regulation. The challenge now is whether the EU chooses to act as a subsystem of an emerging G2 or build upon its experience of decades of international integration to develop a new model of global governance based on solidarity and sustainability  . . .

"The EU-China relationship is a complex one with promising long term prospects, but doomed to be disappointing in the short term. This is less because of genuine conflicts of interests than of misperceptions in the respective public opinions and regular misrepresentations by the media. But the unanimity rule in the EU Council plays also an essential part in the difficulty since it sometimes makes European foreign policy unpredictable. This jeopardizes the EU’s reliability as a partner for China. A huge centralized power like China dislikes being confronted with the uncertainty of a block whose commitments are subject to the veto of one or a few Member-states sometimes vulnerable themselves to the influence of other large powers. Nor can it cope with EU paralysis due to the rivalry among the Big Three –the UK, France and Germany- either still clinging to memories of their lost imperial power or competing for their national commercial interests, but unable to deliver on a reliable and robust EU partnership with China1.  . . . The EU will be treated as a strategic power by China only when it achieves its unity and punches its full weight in world affairs. This will take time, but it is likely to happen in the foreseeable future as the crisis evolves and the need for in-depth reforms – a Bretton-Woods III – become more and more pressing.

"From a half-to a fully fledged economic power 
"The EU stands on the sideline in monetary and financial affairs contrary to the trade sector where the EU operates as a fully-fledged actor. As long as it has not fully completed its financial market unity and as long as will not have balanced its centralized monetary authority with an effective fiscal coordination, the EU will not enjoy a real monetary, financial and tax sovereignty. Therefore, the EU won’t project itself externally with a common position and speak with one voice and negotiate as a block. Its effective influence will remain far below its economic weight. Moreover if the EU , as a large economic block generating the largest flow of savings worldwide, does not dare to put its financial regulation above the unwritten neoliberal law of letting capital move unrestricted across its borders, it will have to line up its own norms and standards on the G20 minimum consensus. Eventually we are confronted here with a paradox: the EU pleads for multilateralism, but so far it is in no hurry to play as a major actor in all multilateral fora.   The bleak picture made here which goes against the official complacency with regard to the EU‘s capacity to be an effective player on the international governance scene, should not lead us to write off Europe altogether.
Three factors will force the EU to resume its march towards further integration and eventually to achieve full unity and subsequent sovereignty.  First, the Lisbon Treaty has a limited, but some potential to strengthen the EU’s institutional capacity through built-in mechanisms either by extending majority voting or by dodging the need for achieving a full consensus among the 27.
Second, the emergence of China as a global actor is confronting Europe with a dilemma:  either it chooses to act as just an economic subsystem of a US-led OCDE and a regional security system within US-led NATO, and then it paves the way towards a G2; or it means to assert its own unique development model with a higher level of solidarity and environmental sustainability as well as more strategic autonomy so as to project its own vision of a multilateral world order in a G3-plus rules-based multipolar world.
Last but not least, the crisis will be a maker or breaker of the EU’s unity. So far common responses to successive crises have eventually proved beneficial for European integration.

Will it be true this time? It is a question of political leadership . . .

 I am still wondering who or what they have in mind for the "One Voice."  Here's betting it's not Catherine Ashton.  Here's also suspecting that whenever whoever assumes power that Great Britain, France, and Germany might find themselves considerably weakened, if the powers are granted the "one voice" that Solana's underling at the Madariaga Foundation says Europe needs to survive, prosper and dominate.

Stay tuned!


Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Jeremy Rifkin wrote years ago in his THE EMERGING ORDER: GOD IN AN AGE OF SCARCITY that the New World Order would need the religious impulse to usher it in. This day, to paraphrase Jesus, his "prophecy" is "fulfilled in your ears."

The World Economic Forum of Klaus Schwab, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown and George Soros (Lord Malloch-Brown's principal financial benefactor) has been actively working on "swinging the masses into step" via manipulation of their religious leaders.

This is my topic for MY PERSPECTIVE internet radio starting in the next hour and 37 minutes as of this writing. I am working on A LARGE article on this. If at all possible, I would like for JD to call in on the radio (as well as the rest of you) to 888-747-1968. See you on THEMICROEFFECT.COM at 7 pm Eastern, 4 pm Pacific time.

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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Pakistan blocks NATO lines into Afghanistan - Ominous news for Middle East?

I have long wondered about the USA predator drone strikes into Pakistan.  There has been so much publicity on shows such as 60 Minutes of the strikes taking place from safe Nevada sites.  Unquestionably, there have been innocent civilians killed.  Probably many times over.

One of our blogspot forum (comments section) participants directed me to an Atlantic Council post on Global Security 2025.  I have already posted on that subject which deeply concerns me.  However, while I was at the site, an ominous side headline caught my eye:

"Pakistan Blocks NATO Supply Lines, Testing FragileRelationship"

The underlying article by James Joyner opened with these words:  "Pakistan has blocked NATO's primary supply line into Afghanistan in retaliation for an air strike that killed three Pakistani paramilitaries."

The information is important -- and ominous.  You may read the entire story by clicking here:

Dr. Monteith has long been telling me he fears a very soon huge war in the Middle East.  It was Afghanistan which took Russia down.   It doesn't appear to be doing very much for us either.

Stay tuned!