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Who is "Queeny Cameron"? Her lies are outstandingly extravagant -- but funny!

UPDATE:  I'm continuously updating this breaking story, so refresh your browser often.  I've found the second video explaining part of the problems with this woman.  It appears she may have once had a personal relationship with somebody and was somewhat of a woman scorned.  Her real name is "Donna" (I have yet to learn her last name.)  


There is a most dishonest purveyor of lies and disinformation out and about.  Her claimed name is "Queeny Cameron."  I rather suspect that is her pseudonym or "handle."  I've never spoken to her and so far I know very little about her, but I know she is dishonest to the extreme.  The chances that she is or ever has been a Christian are very, very remote.   Among the more interesting "facts" (none of them true)I've learned from her Youtubes are:

1.  Hillary Clinton considers me her enemy. 
2.  Constance Cumbey is an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton. 
3.  I am backed by Barack Obama and Hillary and Bill Clinton
4.  Chelsea Clinton introduced "my granddaughter" Madeline Cumbey.
5.  I borrowed a million dollars from somebody to oppose Benjamin Creme ads.
6.  Benjamin Creme appeared out of thin air and hypnotized me!

The stories are so ludicrous, I don't know which one to laugh at the loudest.  I saw Benjamin Creme, live in the flesh, at a evening where everybody had to buy tickets to get in the door of the Detroit Unity Center for Holistic Living.  It was held in the very large former Christian Science Church that Detroit Unity Church in Palmer Woods Park, Michigan had purchased for their various seminars and events.  The audience clearly appeared to be under mass hypnosis -- neither I nor several Christian observers I brought with me came under that unfortunate influence he obviously had on most of the rest of the audience.

The video where she makes these outrageous claims may be viewed by clicking here:

Madeline Cumbey is a fine young lady originally from the State of Indiana.  She is no blood relation to me, but she is a first cousin once removed of my son, Stephen Cumbey. That would make me a great aunt.  She has worked intensely on health and physical issues and has been honored by the State of Indiana and even nationally for her work.  She deserves all the credit she gets.  Her parents are fine Christian people who have interested their daughter in health and nutrition issues.  I met her only once -- at my mother-in-law's funeral in 2003.  Madeline was approximately 18 months then.  I would be honored to have her as a granddaughter, but such is not the case.  Until seeing the video with a blanked face, I did not know she had also received honors for her fitness, food, and gardening work.  Madeline's videos are featured by the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, Indiana, and I found them surfing on line -- not by family phone calls.

Until just a few weeks ago, I had never heard of Queeny Cameron.  I was looking for something else and stumbled upon one of her videos.  I was astounded to hear her claim I had "made millions."  Those of you who know me know I have truly done my work over the years on a shoestring and have supported myself by my modest law practice which has suffered greatly in finances, because I can't bill or charge for time I spend doing my equally time consuming work of staying abreast of the New Age Movement.

What is even more interesting to me is that her voice and phraseology about my heart felt congratulations to the British royals on April 29, 2011, for what appeared, in the large, to be a lovely Christian wedding ceremony, sounded identical to that of an active British pagan woman happily boasting that "Constance Clumsy" (her mocking reference to me) was wrong -- the royals were pagan, that voice happily and victoriously then said.   The phraseology and tone of voice were either the same voice, or very, very similar to the voice on the video below.

At any rate, it appears to me that same voice is now claiming to be a critical Christian telling extravagant lies and practicing the same big lie technique that Hitler used.  "Queeny Cameron" reminds me of a female Eustace Mullins -- with even less writing and speaking talent than that purveyor of Jew bashing enjoyed.  I once located a purported facebook page for her and left my phone number, suggesting she might want to fact check with me.  I never heard from her.  

Who is she?  Who is backing her?  I would appreciate your insights as well as prayers for me.  Years ago when I was young and running political campaigns, I could always tell when I was winning.  The opponents would circulate fantastic slanderous rumors.  I'm thankful that God has my back.  I must be doing something right.  It has been said that Satan lets sleeping dogs lie.

Interestingly, a top advisor to British royalty, Sir Martin Palmer, once wrote a book, COMING OF AGE, that gave me lots of unpleasant ink.  It was published by the unquestionably British New Age Aquarian Press.  I got even with him on the cheap with the following review of his book.  I am now so very happy to learn that I am "in like flynn" with the United States Presidency, leading hopefuls, and even British royalty.  Maybe that "ceremony" in my tongue in cheek review of Martin Palmer's book can be held in Buckingham Palace now.  For the record, here is my review of Martin Palmer's book which is posted over at

One needs a sense of humour as well as honest information to stay abreast of the New Age Movement by whatever current appellation is currently in vogue among its adherents. Martin Palmer claims to be knowledgeable. There is not a doubt in my mind that he knows far more about it than this reviewer -- FROM INSIDE -- a vantage point he vociferously denies under the covers of at least this particular book. That the information is accurate or honest is debatable! I found his book, 10 years newer than my own pioneering book on the subject, THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW, on the "50% off lowest advertised price" on the remainder table of a USA Barnes & Nobles bookstore. It did not escape my radar that the book was published by the unquestionably "New Age" Aquarian Press! Of course, he had little use for me. In fact, as I recall the reading, he said he had spent so much time on my book because it was the first book to come from "THAT STABLE OF CHRISTIANITY." Of course, since my Lord Jesus according to gospel accounts came from a stable, I'll take that as a sort of backhanded compliment. Now Martin Palmer, a reported advisor to Prince Philip, claims to head a trillion dollar environmental consortium -- churches' moneys, no less. Hug the trees, decimate the human population (anything else is "speciesism" no doubt), adore the rocks and crystals, recognize the god in all (except the actual creator), no doubt. Well, look upon the bright side, as the USA evangelical purveyors of disinformation acted by largely copying my work, while shaving the reported true dimensions of the New Age Movement (unlike the Catholics who at least to some extent admitted it had taken root in their institution and cleaned house by sweeping out Matthew Fox [too bad they missed Basil Pennington and Thomas Berry]) at least Palmer gave me lots of ink. Well, I suppose his less than flattering portrayal of my work means I have no realistic expectation of winning the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion. If I did, I suppose the reception would have to held somewhere other than Buckingham Palace and the prize given by someone other than Prince Philip. Well, c'est la vie. So glad it's God ultimately judging me and NOT Martin Palmer. He accused me of quoting from that most dangerous of biblical books, "THE BOOK OF REVELATION." Well, certainly he probably has not crossed that "dangerous" line of even reading it himself. Had he done so, he would have paused at the clear warnings of Revelation 14:6-9 before making such foolhardy statements: "FEAR GOD AND GIVE GLORY TO HIM FOR THE HOUR OF HIS JUDGMENT IS COME -- WORSHIP GOD WHO CREATED THE HEAVEN AND THE EARTH, THE SEAS AND THE FOUNTAINS OF WATERS. . ."
It seems Martin Palmer is worshipping just about everything and everybody but the good LORD who created all.
Oh, and one more thing. It was so very good of Martin Palmer to reveal that he and not John Paul II was the real culprit behind the ever so syncretistic Assisi Council of 1986. He says in this book that he organized same on behalf of Prince Philip. Thanks for the insights!
May God have mercy on the poor deluded soul of "Sir" Martin Palmer!

Stay in prayer and stay tuned, and remember to keep your sense of humor.  God gave it to us as a safety valve -- to help us stay sane!


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To my readers:  I wrote and posted this blog over eight years ago,on April 8, 2006 shortly after Cardinal Ratzinger had been elected pope.  I had just finished reading with interest Robert Blair Kaiser's book, A CHURCH IN SEARCH OF ITSELF:  BENEDICT XVI AND THE BATTLE FOR THE FUTURE."

Robert Blair Kaiser clearly from the tone and tenor of the writing appeared to be a strong advocate of a NEW AGE future -- and as soon as possible, as far as he was concerned.  

Last year strange events in the Roman Catholic Church transpired.  Pope Benedict XVI suddenly resigned and he was quickly replaced by Pope Francis, the former Cardinal Mario Bergoglio.  I personally could not help wonder if the formerly vigilantly anti-New Age Pope Benedict XVI had been forced out of his job by hidden pressures.

Today I was scratching my head over the ADVOCATE ("gay" magzine) naming of Pope Francis as their "Man of the Year."  The Huffington blog of the former Arrianna Stassinopolous enthusiastically reported on that as they do on all events and personages they view as New Age.  Arrianna Huffington f/k/a was a close friend of Marilyn Ferguson and she was (maybe still is) a minister in John Rogers "Messiah" cult, "Movement for Spiritual Inner Awareness."

I suddenly recalled the list I had compiled from Kaiser's book of the short list for Pope that Ratzinger had not appeared on -- and those who were for "Change" and those who were not.

Pope Francis as Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was #2 on that list and classified as "for change."

Now, today, I read another alleged statement from Pope Francis that the Creation Centered Spirituality people are taking no small degree of comfort from.  It appears in the current ATLANTIC Magazine.  You may read an online version by clicking here.

I thought my old article deserved re-reading in light of current events.  I'm interested in your opinions.

Stay tuned!


The Battle for the Roman Catholic Church Future – New Age vs. anti-New Age? What is author Robert Blair Kaiser really saying?

I made the costly mistake of dropping by Border’s on my way home tonight. I saw husband Barry’s car parked there. Hubby graciously offered to buy me a cup of coffee. I accepted that after noticing four new irresistible titles on the new non-fiction table. One of them is the subject of this blog. That is Robert Blair Kaiser’s new book, A Church in Search of Itself: Benedict XVI and the Battle for the Future.” For many of the same reasons for which I found myself comforted by openly anti-New Age Cardinal Ratzinger’s elevation, Kaiser finds the same distasteful. It appears that Robert Blair Kaiser and Lee Penn, author ofFalse Dawn, are at opposite theological poles. Obviously so are Robert Blair Kaiser and yours truly.

It might even be that Robert Blair Kaiser’s BOOK is a type of “The Aquarian Conspiracy” manifesto for integrating more “New Age” change into the church. The people he praises are for the most part open syncretists, those openly promoting apostasy and denial of orthodox tenets. Those he denigrates bluntly are guilty of nothing but keeping the faith.

Robert Blair Kaiser seeks “a Church in Search of Itself.” Lee Penn ably articulates (using the verb “pens” would seem a littlepunnish!) the need instead of a church in search of God. Kaiser wants a church whose theology swings daily in the opposite direction. The author’s syncretistic biases shine throughout the book. His chapter, Cardinal Francis Arinze on “Developing Local Theologies” probably shows the author’s biases more than the reportedly more conservative Cardinal Arinze (and probably Lee Penn might have more knowledge about this).

Kaiser refers to an address Arinze gave at a year 2000 “Millennium World Peace summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders” at the UN in New York.[1] Kaiser says Arinze there called upon world leaders not to misuse religion by promoting violence. I have no quarrel with that premise. Kaiser was even happier that “since that meeting, “Arinze had presided over at least three major interreligious gatherings in turn, raising his media profile.” He then writes:

Four months after 9/11, he helped organize a huge gathering of leaders – Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, and Catholics -- in Assisi, where a similar meeting had been held a decade before. Curiously, the delegates prayed separately, because Cardinal Ratzinger had decided not to encourage joint prayer by men and women who believed in different Gods [sic]. Arinze didn’t fight Ratzinger on that. Neither did the pope.”

Well, score one hooray for Cardinal Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI)! Kaiser also wrote about those he considered the brave, good guys – those who were for “developing local theologies[2] Furthermore, Kaiser probably misread Arinze’s whose agenda was never syncretism, but evangelism. Arinze has personally, even earlier than the last pope himself, spoken out strongly against spiritualism and New Religions, including but not limited to New Age religion.

My admitted light reading of the volume last night makes it appear to me as though Los Angeles' Cardinal Mahoney is a Kaiser favorite. He rapturously describes his do-it-yourself skills with such detail as to make Mahoney look like a natural replacement for the host and star of "This Old House". However, in this case it looks like home construction and church destruction may well go hand in hand in southern California Catholic land. Faithful Christians in Cardinal Mahoney’s diocese succinctly described his actions:

"The Cardinal is bringing in speakers who openly trample on official Catholic teachings," Fisher observed. "He's subjecting Catholics to talks by advocates of abortion, sodomy, homosexual 'marriage,' fornication, ordaining priestesses and homosexuals, occult "New Age' practices, 'dismantling' the Church, defying the Vatican's authority, redefining God, and MORE. He should stop thumbing his nose at Pope John Paul II and leave office."[3]

While Kaiser was scathingly indignant about Ratzinger/Benedict XVI’s orthodox theology, he was curiously enraptured by those who would deny our Lord, including but not limited to prominent New World Religion proponent Leonard Swidler. Now Swidler is a name well known to me. One of his closest confidants is Jordan’s Prince Hassan, who currently serves as President of the Club of Rome. I’ve kept internet archived files on Swidler for the past few years. I even tried to get him on my radio program once. Luckily for Swidler, he was out of the country and unavailable for that BOOKING. I had planned to use him as Exhibit A to demonstrate the intensity and determination of New Age theologians.

Just what is my issue/problem with “A Church in Search of Itself”? The answer is contained in the very title. A true church is one in search of God, not itself. Kaiser boasts that Belgian and former Pax Christi head, Cardinal Godfried Danneels (one who also at times claimed to speak out against the New Age Movement) proudly said that his theology ‘changed daily.’ [4]

Kaiser, an unapologetic proponent of syncretistic change, gives an interesting list of those who were on the short list for the papal replacement. Kaiser says Ratzinger made none of those 2004 lists:

Papal Candidate Location Liberal Change or “no Change”
Cardinal Francis Arinze[5], Nigeria No Change
Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Buenos Aires, Argentina Change
Cardinal Godfried Danneels, Mechelen-Brussel, Belgium Change
Cardinal Ivan Dias[6], Bombay, India No Change.
Cardinal Cláudio Hummes, São Paulo, Brazil Change
Cardinal Walter Kasper, Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity in Rome Change
Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera[7], Mexico City No Change
Cardinal Oscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga[8]. Tegucigapa, Honduras ChangeCardinal Christoph Schönborn[9], Vienna No change
Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi, Milan No change

It is more than interesting to note that just about everybody labeled “No change” spoke out boldly and strongly against theNew Age Movement. Those on the list indicated for “change” were considerably more tolerant, if not openly sympathetic to it.

With all the current talk and songs of “New Church”, and writers out there like Robert Blair Kaiser, not to mention the Matthew Foxes, Basil Penningtons, and Thomas Keatings lurking in the background, it appears that Catholic New Agers have not gone away. They merely went underground, but they are resurfacing. Last week I had an anguished call from a local client who was staying with a convent in Rome. Her daughter had called her from
Michigan, USA to say that here local Catholic hospitals are now adopting the very New Age Reikki practices along with the unfortunately usual “healing touch” and other such “transformative technologies.”

My Catholic friends, fasten your spiritual seatbelts and pray for the Pope. As the political agenda of the New Age advances via the European Union, “the men who stare at goats" in the USA military a la Jon Ronson’s analysis, the attempt to again forcibly impose it on Catholics as once happened in the 1980s appears to be once again on the militant march.

The battle is not over. In fact, it may be just beginning. Jesus once said to his apostles, “it is inevitable but that evil comes, but woe to him through whom it comes.”

A word to the spiritually wise should be sufficient!

[1] Kaiser, Robert Blair. A CHURCH IN SEARCH OF ITSELF: Benedict XVI and the Battle for the Future. New York: Knof BOOKS, 2006. Page 131.
[2] Kaiser, op. cit., page 131.
[3] Quoted from>
4/2/2006, 10:21 PM

[4] Kaiser claims that Cardinal Danneels, once head of Pax Christi, and even the author of an anti-New Age tract, said that his theology changed daily. Whether that is good or bad, one would suppose, would be the direction in which the theology changes – closer to or further away from Jesus Christ whom he is pledged to serve – closer or further from God the father. I am dismayed to learn that Danneels was so overwrought by the election of the conservative Ratzinger to the papacy. Danneels' purported anti-New Age ADVOCACY, shown to me a few years ago by another anti-New Age author, Donna Steichen, had once given me hope. Disturbingly, Danneels and nine other cardinals would not stay for the impromptu supper served up by the new Pope Benedict XVI. It has a ring of someone else who at times convincingly professed orthodoxy, but would not stay for dinner – Judas Iscariot on the night of our Lord’s Last Supper.
[5] Cardinal Arinze issued a strong statement against “New Religious Movements” including the New Age Movement in 1991, two years even before Pope John Paul II issued the first such statement known to me. See
[6] Ivan Cardinal Dias has spoken out against syncretism and the New Age Movement. See, e.g.,
[7] Cardinal Carrera’s election would not have disappointed me either. He issued a superb condemnation of the New Age Movement, even as some Evangelical cult-watchers were downplaying the threat of the Movement to true Christianity. See Among the topics covered by Cardinal Carrera in that pastoral letter to his Mexico City Catholics were:
New Age and the False HopeThe Rapid Spread of New AgeNew Age BeliefsEnvironmentalismGnosticismPseudo-Science, Incompatibility of New Age and the Gospel . Reincarnation, and Non-Christian MeditationResponsibility of Catholics in Face of Confusion

[8] This Maradiaga is the one that Rastafarian “Squeakbox” the author of the sycophantic biography of Javier Solana referenced in my last blogspot was so terribly disappointed was not elected pope. He posted that to 2005 comment sections on my then blogspots. This is also the one that well meaning readers frequently and wrongfully confuse with Solana’s grandfather Salvador de Madariaga. Maradiaga looks similar, but the spellings are distinctly different on closer inspection.
[9] Cardinal Schonburn strongly spoke out against the New Age Movement. Reviewer James Likoudis writes: "Cardinal Schonborn insists on the historical reliability and credibility of the Gospels. He sharply criticizes the New Age movement and emphasizes that "[t}he dogma of original sin is of inestimable importance for the whole structure of the faith" (p.67). He echoes the Rule of St. Benedict, which asserts that "[n]othing should take precedence over the work of God,' that is, solemn worship" " (p.67). He is reviewing Schonborn’s book, Loving the Church, By Christoph Cardinal Schonborn, Ignatius Press, 1998

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C&C "Contraction & Convergence - Aubrey Meyer & Barack Obama Executive Orders

Seven years ago I wrote two articles posted both here and with NEWSWITHVIEWS.COM. dealing with a Global Redistribution Scheme for the New Age.  I was referring to British viola player turned environmental activist Aubrey Meyer and his widely advocated scheme for "C&C" the shorthand phrase for the eerie phrase "Contraction & Convergence".  Aubrey Meyer is a leader in British and European Union Green Party circles.  His work has been honored by the Findhorn Foundation.

Aubrey Meyer may well be perfectly sincere about his global energy and asset redistribution scheme.  I suspect he is.  He thinks it will be the equivalent of perfectly orchestrated , synthesized, and synchronized music to the world.  He is a musician playing one of my favorite instruments, one which I myself used to play in school orchestras, the Viola.

I believe I explained the system well in those articles which I wrote nearly 7 years ago.  I just as sincerely and convincedly believe that Aubrey Meyer's proposed system, which has gained powerful, powerful support over the years has the potential to bring death, destruction, and even starvation to millions, even billions.  His proposed system assumes population reduction and global redistribution and rationing.

Looking for my articles via the search engine, I was startled to find myself listed and shown as a leading global public enemy as a "Solution denier."  I somewhat suspect that they would not even have bothered with me had I not hit the proverbial nail right on its head.

There are so many facets to the New Age nightmare that I had not looked at my Aubrey Meyer work analyses in awhile.  What prompted me to make an on-line search for my own work was the recent supplement to the 2009 Executive Order 13514 by President Barack Obama.  That Executive Order appeared so very similar to Aubrey Meyer and his Global Commons Institute plans that have been adopted by the European Union, Al Gore, and the United Nations, that I thought it high time I review same.  The one signed in early June 2014 now appears to be curiously missing from the Google search engine.  It drastic reductions in coal use and emissions.  Here is a World Net Daily reference to it.  There are many others.

I will be discussing this on my radio program or this morning -- in another 40 minutes.  Please join us.  If you miss it, Joe McNeill will probably be rerunning it, or you can order it from Joe's archives for a very reasonable price.

To quote Fr. Seraphim Rose, "It is later than you think.  Hasten now to do the work of the Lord."

Stay tuned!