Thursday, September 02, 2021

The Major New Age / New World Order / Cashless Society thrust is with the World Economic Forum!

 Very recently, it was announced that the World Economic Center would open a, "Global Centre for Urban Transformation" in downtown Detroit, Michigan -- my own "stomping grounds" for so many years.s   The Detroit center will, per the WEF press release:  "Detroit will serve as the Centre’s global headquarters, providing a model for more inclusive and sustainable urban development."

 “Around the globe, cities are facing unprecedented challenges from COVID-19 to climate change, exposing deep systemic inequities,” said Jeff Merritt, Head of Urban Transformation, World Economic Forum. “As we chart a course towards a more sustainable and equitable future, government cannot carry this burden alone; increased public-private cooperation is essential. Detroit is uniquely positioned to serve as the epicenter for this work – a hub for urban transformation and innovation that the world can look to for guidance and inspiration.”  [World Economic Forum Press Release 08/19/2021]

Jeff Merritt himself will be coming to Detroit to run this Centre.  An ominous quote from Mr. Merritt incorporated in the Detroit Free Press article about the Detroit Center which is to be THE global center for urban transformation" for WEF is "MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT -- THIS IS NOT A THINK TANK -- IT IS ABOUT 'ON-THE-GROUND IMPLEMENTATION!

Well, what are they about implementing?  Check the following:Glob

    - The Great Reset

    - Cashless Society

    - End to superstition (i.e. religion per Chinese Prime Minister Xi whom Klaus Schwab acknowledges is a pivotal player in the "Great Reset" soon coming.


What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?  Per Klaus Schwab, it will come over us very quickly, like a tsunami and will change our identity, our biology, our interaction with machines.  It will incorporate human beings with machines -- and not just the computer I sit here using -- human implants  -- first in our clothing and then implanted in our bodies.  Watch the video I posted the blog article before last.

The information I just imputed to Klaus Schwab came from his own mouth at the Lee Kuan  Yew School of Public Policy and was delivered five years ago on July 13, 2016, just about the same time as the video I posted on the post before last when he said the chips would be bodily implanted within  10 years.  We are now five years into that cycle he predicted.  The video is fully watchable on YouTube.  Give the search command of "Klaus Schwab" AND "Fourth Industrial Revolution.

I discovered tonight on a google search for "World Goodwill" AND "World Economic forum" that World Goodwill (a forum of  Lucis Trust) that the World Economic Forum's agenda is a major focus for this current year - 2021.

Javier Solana, whom I have deeply researched starting on November 22, 1995, is a major player and contributor to the World Economic Forum.  

There is so much happening with the WEF, it is almost difficult to summarize, but I am becoming increasingly convinced that this is that of which I have reported and spoke since discovering the events leading to writing the HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW, a book that I started in 1981.  

It looks like so much is now coming into focus.  The WEF has its tentacles into much -- but now they in my own neighborhood for the past 50 years for ON THE GROUND IMPLEMENTATION>

Work for the time is coming, when you can work no more as the old hymn goes.  

I am am considering holding at least a zoom, if not a live physical conference on this subject and I am hoping I can get our Rich (Peterson) of Medford, Hugh McCallie of Oregon and other research stalwarts over the years to help.

Stay tuned!



Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Preface to Polish edition of HIDDEN DANGERS (released 05-2021) UPDATE BLOG 8-28-2021


To my readers:

As most of you know, a Polish edition of my 1983 HIDDEN DANGERS was released in the past few months.  The book is now more current than when I first wrote it.  I started writing Hidden Dangers in 1981.  The first English edition of the book was released in 1983.  German and Norwegian editions were released that same year.  Unknown to me (my publisher never informed me contrary to its contractual obligations) of an Israeli edition released in 1983, a Dutch edition released about 1990, and a Greek edition translated in 1992 and still being sold.  I was entitled to half the foreign rights -- most were concealed from me.  At least they could have sent me copies for my own bookshelf!  But, I'm not too unhappy, because I know we did get the word out about this critical subject.  

I wrote the following for the Polish language publisher.  It was translated to Polish, but since my Polish vocabulary is pretty much limited to "kielbasa" and "pierogi", I wrote it in English.  Years ago, I made my English language edition for which I hold sole copyright available for free download on the internet with the conditions that it not be edited nor sold for profit; however, you may freely reproduce and pass on copies  -- I was never into it for the money, but for the mission I feel the Lord expressly assigned me back in 1981, the year I discovered the facts that read to writing HIDDEN DANGERS.  I thought it would be useful for you to download or copy this material and add it to the edition of HIDDEN DANGERS as an appendix and/or update.


Preface to 2021 Polish Edition,



A literal generation (40 years) has come and gone since I personally discovered the “New Age Movement” by that singular name in late Spring 1981.

I knew elements of it before then by various labels, the most common of which included “Counterculture” and “Hippies.”  The Environmental Movement was then very much a part of that scene as it is now even more so.

We knew of the "Hare Krishnas" streaming through our airports and the Moonies selling flowers on the street and ginseng at downtown juice bars.

We heard some extolling mind control classes such as “Silva Mind Control” and “est.”

We knew of the horrors of cults such as Jim Jones and Charles Manson.

What we did not know then was the tightly woven, interlocking networking structure of the various groups

Most of us were happily unaware of the adulation given to Lucifer among New Age core groups.  I did not learn this for myself until 1981.

We were being steadily treated to New Age premises and principles even within Mainstream Protestant, Evangelical, and Catholic circles.  I was investigating why these non-traditional Sunday or Sabbath Schools were advancing concepts such as a “New World Order” and obvious syncretism (mixing pagan and/or occult doctrines with Christianity).

I had not set out to write a book about the above.  I had merely set out to FIND a book I COULD purchase and read explaining why these obvious non-traditional and often non-Biblical were making their way into Christian circles – both Protestant and Catholic.

It was Marilyn Ferguson’s 1980 book, THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY that gave me some startling insights into what was happening.  I discovered that book in very early Spring of 1981.

While there were no direct references to the Luciferian elements of the Movement in THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY, there were many such groups included in her summaries of the “Movement where people sought power only to disperse it to others”.

She did, however, have ample references to occult brotherhoods over the centuries sharing “secrets” that could now and were being brought out into the open.

She gave ample evidence that many rich and powerful were deeply immersed in the Movement.

She also gave evidence that many people entered on a quest for more personal power and then either turned back out of fear or went on to deeper levels.

She also plainly stated that one could not underestimate the role that drugs had played in their “Aquarian” paradigm shift. (Ferguson)[1]

The revolution of the 1960's had planted the seeds of apocalypse, the psychedelic drugs, however abused, had given a visionary experience of self-transcendence to a sufficient number of individuals, so that they might well determine the future of human development -- 'not a Utopia, but a lively altered state of consciousness."


New Agers have blamed me personally for having been a type of intervening variable in their quest to promote “The Reappearance of the Christ.”  I recently discovered two books by an Australian author (Isobel Blackthorne) whose claim to fame, inter alia, is her “Ph.D.” in Alice Bailey studies.  Alice Bailey was the co-founder, along with lawyer husband Foster Bailey, of Lucifer Publishing Company, later renamed Lucis Press.[3] 

After Hidden Dangers was released, many New Age groups and personalities for a time backed away from the use of the term “New Age Movement.”  However, that is still the same insider name for that self-mending coalition.  When I say self-mending, I am referring also to what Marilyn Ferguson called “SPIN” -- “Segmented Polycentric Integrated Networks” -- a term coined by Sociologists Luther Gerlach & Virginia Hine.[4]


Since the publication of the original edition of Hidden Dangers (English edition, 1983), much has transpired:


John E. Fetzer (1901-1991) the Fortune 500 super-wealthy owner of the Detroit Tigers and a large network of TV, radio, and cable stations liquidated his business assets to endow an organization totally dedicated to bringing in the New Age as a world-governing, new world religion entity.  Fetzer was a follower of Benjamin Creme, Alice Bailey, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, New Age leader John Roger [MSIA], and just about every form of the most radical elements of the New Age Movement of which he had been a financier and promoter many years before my discovery.  He was also, interestingly enough considering the long suppression of Hitler's occult belief system, the person in charge of broadcast censorship during World War II!  According to Fetzer's own writings, he was one of the first to enter Hitler aide Goebbel's office after the allies took Berlin.  Hmmm???!!!


Serious steps were taken toward world government and global governance


       The Earth Summit was held in Rio de Janeiro in late May 1992 and produced Agenda 21 manifestos and inter-governmental pacts directed against “global warming” and towards “biodiversity,” meaning that humans have nore more right to life on this earth than any life form.


       Pope John Paul II took a strong stand against the New Age Movement starting in 1993, declaring it incompatible with Christianity.


       The Iron Curtain was overthrown.  Starting in 1989, the New Age Movement started to take strong root in Poland.


       A World Harmonic Convergence was held globally on August 16-17, 1987.


       The Earth Charter Initiative was launched in 2001.  On September 9, 2001, it was carried along with a 21st Century version of The Ark of the Covenant to a Vermont location.


       Only two days after the Ark of the Covenant Earth Charter Vermont launching ceremony, the 9/11 tragedy occurs with the Twin Towers destruction in New  York City and the Pentagon is heavily damaged in Washington, D.C.


       The Occupy Movement began in 2011 with strong New Age Movement, counter-cultural, and left wing forces participating.  This was and remains a global movement.


       The Year 2012 begins a year of New Age frenzy and New Age disappointment as their Quetzacoatl prophecy expectations fail to materialize as predicted.


       The World Economic Forum headed by Klaus Schwab that includes many of the world’s wealthiest and powerful have started strong pushes towards Global Governance, many of which would greatly increase China’s power.  They are also among the strongest proponents of the "Great Reset".


       The terminology for “world government” and/or “global governance” is suddenly frequently changed to “multilateralism.”

       On October 18, 2019 an “Event 201 is held in New York City with “virtual audiences” in many other locations.  They present “simulated” videos of a global pandemic originating from a pig infested coronavirus spreading its infection first in Brazil and then globally.  It project shutting down the travel industry, the stock market, and giving cause for need to regulate the internet to prevent “misinformation” and “disinformation.”  That event wa co-sponsored by the World Economic Forum, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Johns Hopkins University.

       Less  than 10 weeks later, on December 20, 1999, here comes Wuhan, the “Coronavirus” and “Covid119.”  The world during 2020 goes into virtual lockdown with the travel industry, the banking industry, employment, restaurants, many small businesses and some large ones collapsing.

       Medical martial law becomes a virtual reality world-wide and here in the USA.  What could not be accomplished by scare calls about “global warming,’ “climate change,” and terrorism are accomplished by virtually shutting down the economy.  Those questioning the events are promptly labeled as “conspiracy theorists” while at the same time, The World Economic Forum, Johns Hopkins University and many, many other forces use this to press for a New World Order as part of “The Great Reset.  Those raising a critical eyebrow are promptly labelled “conspiracy theorist” and steps are taken to regulate their means of communication.


All of this and so much more has transpired.  The New Agers loved to say that they were now the “Now Age” rather than the “New Age.”  When they started making these statements and writing books with such titles, it was not yet a reality.  Now, with “The Great Reset” and the New Agers coming 2025 Kali Yuga coming, it may well be.


In God we Trust!  All others pay cash!


Stay strong.



February 9, 2021

[1]Marilyn Ferguson, THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY (1980), page 67)/

[2]Ferguson (supra), page 216.  Also, in my library is Ferguson’s source:  People, Power, Change:  Movements of Social Transformation by

[3]I have three books in my personal library from when they were publishing as “Lucifer Publishing Company,

[4]Marilyn Ferguson, ed. Cit. page 216.


Thursday, August 12, 2021

Warning - THE World Economic Forum's head is for Microchip Implants!

 Just about everything prophesied appears to be on the serious move these days -- this includes the Revelation 13 prophesied taking of a "mark" that is required to buy and sell.  No, I do not believe the "mark" is a Covid19 vaccine.  Nor do I believe we should be telling people that by taking the vaccine against that very awful, often deadly illness is the "taking of the mark of the beast."  However, there is no mistaking the fact that the Covid19 has represented a "crisis = opportunity" moment for the merging of humans and electronics.  As Klaus Schwab is the founder and head of the World Economic Forum, as his daughter Nicole obviously has a deep occult belief system  (as evidenced by her book "Heart of the Labyrinth"), and by evidenced by his calls for a "global reset", we must take his sentiments as evidenced in his 2016 interview prophesying that microchip implants would be common within 10 years (now 5 years from present date) seriously.  In the above video, Klaus Schwab comments happily how he thinks this would occur and the convenience to us when it does.

Again, I repeat the Revelation warning:  "And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free or bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads.  And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."

That number was to be 666.  And the biblical penalties for this compliance were to be very stern and clear:   "And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: and the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name."

That warning appears to me to be a very clear "no ifs and buts" warning.

As I recall, somebody had posted to my blogspot that Klaus Schwab had put this in his book THE GREAT RESET,"  I have that book and have reviewed it carefully and did not find it there, but it is very clear from the above Youtube video clip that this where the so-called "Fourth Industrial Revolution" is headed.

May the Lord help us all as we pray:  "Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil."



Tuesday, July 27, 2021

 Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, Fred Upton, Peter Meijer:  Republican Profiles in Courage

Adam Kinzinger & Liz Cheney:  Two very courageous Congress members.

To my readers:  I composed this piece on June 26th for our local Republican Club newsletter.  Because it was over-sized, it will not be run there until I excise about half of the content.  I think all the content is important.  I had no plans to publish it here, but after a conversation with Grant Sutton of New Zealand tonight, I thought important that I do so.  Grant had expressed the view that Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney had "played into Democratic Party hands."  I respectfully disagreed with him and shared this material with him verbally while on the phone.  Today, the initial House Committee Committee was held.  It is time that "Conservatives," "Evangelicals", and "Republicans" were honest with themselves.  

July 27, 2021

Like many  loyal Americans, I was dismayed at the events of January 6, 2021.   Inter alia, I believe it caused the USA security problems, perhaps showing foreign aggressors that our perimeters were easily breached.


 I was also equally disturbed at the left-wing pattern of lawless chaos and rioting in American streets after Minneapolis Policeman Chauvin sat on George Floyd’s neck for the recorded 9 minutes.  I could condone neither his act nor the massive street rioting that followed it in too many American cities, Detroit happily excluded.  . A combination of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and anarchists were majority participants in those ugly events involving looting, burning, glass shattering, and traffic blocking.

Just as apparent to me was that those involved in the Capitol insurrection were NOT BLM nor Antifa people, as too many Trump supporters tell me they believe to be the case.  It was obvious that this riot mainly consisted of ardent Trump supporters, Qanon participants, and yes, like the BLM and Antifa crowd, likewise anarchists, supplemented by militia and white supremacy group types such as Proud Boys and militia members.  I am dismayed  at the cult-like intensity of those claiming the January 6th riot was staged by BLM and Antifa!   I didn’t see many Black faces in that Capitol mob.  Am I supposed to believe that they were there in “White Face”?!   Highly unlikely!

I have spent the past 40 years of my adult life battling the cult-like influence of the New Age Movement over American (and elsewhere) culture.  Those Evangelicals concerned about the New Age Movement should know that QANON has obvious New Age roots and direction.  If you don’t believe me, just pick up and read the book Mike Lindell is promoting on his website, “LOVE JOY TRUMP.”  The author, one “BethAnon” (an obvious Qanon moniker) has been following her Hindu guru Prem Rawat daily and faithfully since 1982, the year my own work against the New Age Movement went national.  In that book that purports to be "A Chorus of Prophetic Voices", we learn:

  • Trump is ushering in the Millennial Reign of Christ on Earth"

  • Trump is God's chosen instrument to save the entire world.

  • Trump is ushering in the Age of Aquarius

  • Qanoners will physically eradicate all followers of what they define as "evil" from the world.

  • Trump will enable Gaia (Earth Goddess) worship

  • Trump is ushering in 1000 years of peace

BethAnon claims her book is "fighting Luciferianism."  I have big news for her.  It is Luciferianism!

Unfortunately, this type of non -discerning nonsense is being espoused in too many Republican, Evangelical, and even conservative Catholic circles.  No man (nor woman) should claim God-like powers and authority.  To allow it about oneself in in their respective circles, turns followers of such condoning persons into little more than cultists.  

Sadly, My Pillow entrepeneur Mike Lindell has branded himself  as Qanon.  He does so in this very book LOVE JOY TRUMP for which he wrote the foreword.  I'm told that he was marketing it at the very recent Antrim County (Michigan) rally.  I have seen for myself that he is energetically  promoting and selling it on his business' website.

"Where we go one, we go all (WWG1WGA)"  -- I don't think so, count me out!.  

HBO recently released an informative documentary 6 part series on QANON.  It is called “INTO THE STORM”.  If you have HBO (available on Comcast)  or Amazon Prime, you should be able to view it..  The series presents convincing evidence that it got to the bottom of “Who is Q?”  While per this series, Qanon supporters and strategizers have included Major General Paul Vallely (retired), General Flynn, Jerome Corsi, and even Donald Trump (making many intentional retweets of Qanon messages), it appears that the actual “Q” anonymous persona was Ron Watkins.  Ron Watkins is the son of Jim Watkins, the owner of 8Chan renamed 8Chun, the network used by Qanon for circulating its "memes" and "cues."  Watkins acquired the network from its original founder, a wheelchair bound Fred Brennan.  Watkins had Fred Brennan relocate to Manila.  After Brennan viewed with dismay mass shootings committed by 8chan users, he decided to distance himself from his internet created channel.  The network's rationale for allowing such speech was "Freedom of speech."  Ironically, after Brennan turned against his network, renamed 8chun by Jim Watkins, Watkins aggressively pursued Philippine prosecution of Brennan for "cyberlibel," a felony in the dictator controlled Philippines government.  Brennan had to flee back to America to avoid cruel prosecution and probable incarceration in the Philippines.

So, if you find much of this distasteful after checking out such obvious Qanon, pro-Trump sources as LOVE JOY TRUMP and many other QANON books, where do we go?

Well, I realize I'm probably a distinctly minority view in current Michigan Republican, if not national circles, here's where I've gone.  I've watched with interest the very courageous work of Congressman Adam Kinzinger of Illinois.  Although I was not a previous Cheney fan, I am impressed with Liz Cheney's brave stand.  I was more than a little disconcerted that Kevin McCarthy took the lead in seeking her unseating from Republican House leadership because she took a stand against January 6th events.  To my mind, that was nothing short of hypocritical because Kevin McCarthy had earlier reported that he unsuccessfully tried to talk President Trump into calling off the Insurrection forces while the January 6th event was in progress.

I am also impressed by two brave Michigan Congressmen, Fred Upton and Peter Meijer.  I think it reprehensible that Michigan Republicans sought to censure them for voting their consciences vis a vis the January 6th event.

I am dismayed at reports this week that allegedly conservative Christian Evangelicals booed Mike Pence and called him a "traitor" for not refusing to certify the Election results.

Today, it was announced that the Michigan Republican led Senate investigation results found the election results fair and not indicative of widespread fraud.   That should put it to rest, but I'm fearful it will not.  The events of January 6th, including Trump's summoning a huge crowd to Washington for his "Stop the Steal" rally, his obvious frequent retweeting of Qanon messages, his failure to timely stop the Capitol riot remind me ominously of a similar event in Germany in 1923.  It is commonly known as the Beer Hall Putsch."  It was Hitler led and Hitler was sentenced to two years in prison for it.  While in prison, Hitler's forces were organizing all over Germany and Bavaria.  Like us, Germany was recovering from a pandemic, from massive inflation and instability from many left-wing "Bohemian" forces.  Hitler indeed came back and assumed massive power.   Like the LOVE JOY TRUMP and 1000 YEARS OF PEACE Qanon books, Germans thought that was what Hitler was doing for Germany then.  The results then were catastrophic -- both for Germany and the world.

Qanon is advancing ugly anti-Semitic views.  That with the other items I mention, amount to too many ominous parallels.  Do we really  want to go there?  I for one, do not.

Yes, there were good things that happened during Trump's presidency.  There were some excellent judicial appointments, the globalists were definitely slowed down, and Christians were treated in Presidential circles far more kindly than they were in the Obama Adminstration or than they definitely would have been treated had Hillary been elected.  That, however, being said, does not give one a pass to ignore the Constitution, threaten officials for doing their duty in certifying elections, and give aid, comfort, and even motivation to those who would tear us apart by "Civil War."

I know the above is not popular in many Republican circles, but for now, this is where I stand.

Constance E. Cumbey

June 24, 2021

Monday, June 14, 2021

Please watch the HBO Series on Qanon "Into the Storm"

I have been watching many videos and doing much reading about Qanon. The more I read, the more alarmed I become. QANON is NOT OF GOD and it is DANGEROUS. A very informative video illustrating Qanon origins and direction is HBO's current series ON THE STORM. If you have access to HBO documentaries, please make every effort to watch it. Friends of mine came back from Antrim County, Michigan. They told me that they were making statements there that Donald Trump would be reinstated as President of the USA in August 2021. Both high unlikely, not to mention delusional! Michael Lindell, MY PILLOW owner and CEO spoke, I'm told at the Antrim County, Michigan rally. My friends tell me the book LOVE JOY TRUMP was being actively marketed and sold there. Lindell wrote the foreword for that book. The book is one of the worst combinations of New Apostolic Reform and outright NEW AGE occultism I have seen together in one place. I am hearing statistics that many Evangelicals believe Qanon is correct. This lack of discernment is distressing! Stay tuned! CONSTANCE '

Monday, April 19, 2021


Most of us here can hopefully fully understand the implications to us of the great COVID global reset that is obviously been in the works. I warned everybody here about it more than a year ago and said "Mark my words, a RESET is coming." Most of that was ignored as too many went off discussing everything else, relevant or irrelevant.

I'm far more concerned for those here on what's deceiving US! As bad as Pope Francis has been I've never heard him deny Jesus and promote GAIA worship, at least directly -- although the agenda he's promoting does go too largely that direction. But LOVE JOY TRUMP has in many critical spots promotion of other gods, including the Earth and the Universe as entities deserving worship.

NOW FOR THE COMMENTER WHO CRITICIZED ME FOR THE ARTICLES ON JOHN E. FETZER AND THE FETZER INSTITUTE, you were obviously not curious enough to check out is current status as one of the best-funded and most powerful NEW AGE organizations intentionally pushing the entire Benjamin Creme, New World Order, New World Religion, Cashless Society, promotion of the Great Invocation as the world prayer, cleansing action for dissidents, etc., ad nauseum, for yourself/yourselves (if you represent more than one).

The Fetzer Institute is powerful and heavily financially endowed and aggressively pushing everything I have fought since 1981 -- 40 years ago. I believe that John E. Fetzer may well have been the force that prevented early disclosure of Nazi occult activity. He was promoting the I AM Movement before World War II. That was the Theosophical branch of the New Age occult movement that spawned the Silver Shirts pro-Nazi organization that sent William Dudley Pelley to prison for treasonous activities. Roosevelt put Fetzer in charge of media censorship for World War II. Fetzer was one of the first persons to enter Joseph Goebbels office in Berlin after the allies advanced there.

There is documentation on the very large website that they now believe they are going to succeed entirely in their original agenda whereas in May 1982 they failed. This, they say, is because now a majority of people are SBNR -- Spiritual but not Religious.

Fetzer sold the Tigers and liquidated his TV/Radio empire because of his extreme disappointment and depression over the non-appearance of Maitreya on May 20, 1982. I suspect on many grounds that I may have been an intervening variable. Benjamin Creme's disappointing to Fetzer press conference on May 20, 2015 was precisely five days after Benjamin and I had our WRIF debate that listened to by thousands in the Detroit area. The Detroit Free Press ran a major article on the work I was doing to fight things 10 days before that interview which is why the rock & roll station sought me out for their one hour of public service time on Sunday evenings. The first weekend after that article, I was supposed to have debated Benjamin Creme, but the trans-Atlantic line went down and they were unable to connect with Creme. I had the entire hour to myself to explain exactly what was happening. The station had over 500 requests for tapes of that interview. The tapes were not given, but the next weekend, the debate did occur and Creme was admittedly devastated. He said on many interviews in many places, including the Allen Dale Show in San Antonio, Texas that I would "pay dearly" for my interference with the Christ's Reappearance." This was and is the same "Reappearance" of their New Age "Christ" which LOVE JOY TRUMP is not so subtly promoting in substantial portions of that book.

I am much more worried on this blogspot about what is infecting us. Most of you have no problems with the Pope Francis praising of Agenda 21, Agenda 30, etc. Most of us see through the LGBTQ agenda and the Biden/Kamala Harris roles in continuing to promote it. We see the evils of the very non-biblical transgenderism. But too many of you fail to see where the infiltration comes in what we supposed to be our camp -- the tares planted among the wheat.

You are yawning at LOVE JOY TRUMP (many of you), failing to recognize the Trump condoning of it etc. At any rate, as Moses complained to God about the Israelites angry at him, "you know, I have not taken so much as an ass from them."I think I can safely say the same. I have not gone out like so many like Texe Marrs, and others making making literally millions from you selling you tapes, videos, overly sensational books about Illuminati." At the same time, he was openly advocating blatant anti-Semitism. Tal Brooke has done some of the same.

So many have successfully played the "watch the fundamentalists run" game and too many of you have ran with them.

My thoughts this morning.


Monday, February 15, 2021

Duane Elgin & Fetzer Institute vision for our future

Duane Elgin is a New Ager who has been on my personal radar since discovering the Movement and its direction in 1981. John Earl Fetzer was then the owner of the Detroit Tigers and a vast network of radio and television stations in mid-size cities such as Kalamazoo, Michigan where he was headquartered. Fetzer was a former Seventh Day Adventist who completely apostatized from any semblance of orthodox forms of Christianity. He was one of the New Agers of whom Marilyn Ferguson wrote in The Aquarian Conspiracy (1980). Duane Elgin was the author of Voluntary Simplicity and has been a continuous and contiguous force in the "Sustainable Development" and environmental movements, including but not limited to "overpopulation" concerns. John Earl Fetzer may have very well been a primary financier of the April 25,1982 newspaper ads run globally proclaiming "The Christ is Now Here."
At any rate, Fetzer was thoroughly on board for the "cleansing action" the 1980 through 1982 era when New Agers were prophesying doom for their Christian opposition. Files I have downloaded from the Fetzer websites conclusively prove that and I have them multiply backed up in many places in case they go back to their usual game of "now you see us, now you don't" is again played, There has been a close working relationship between the Fetzer Institute and Duane Elgin for a very long time. Also,interesting to my research and wonderings why Hitler's mysticism was so long concealed from all is the fact that John Earl Fetzer was in charge of media censorship during World War II. He was, per his writings, one of the first persons to enter Joseph Goebbels office after the allies took Berlin. Duane Elgin has made two of his books available for free download from his website. I took full advantage and downloaded Awakening Earth (1992) and Choosing Earth (2020). I suggest you read the following from his Awakening Earth (pages) very carefully and with prayerful reflection on what it means to our future should the Fetzer Institute and Elgin forces get their way:
Religious Fanaticism—Because so many of humankind’s wars have been fought between people with differing religious views and because the world is entering a time of growing compression and proximity among people, religious differences will present enormous challenges for humanity. Under conditions of great planetary stress, different historical religions could coalesce around charismatic spiritual leaders and come into conflict. The planet could then descend into religious wars, perhaps with a new era of crusades intended to liberate the world from unbelieving infidels. Religious fanaticism could lead to spiritual tyranny and undermine trust in a compassionate and broadly shared spiritual ethic that can bind humanity into a single family. Another possibility is that a significant fraction of the world may view extreme planetary distress as a sure indication of a coming apocalypse and feel relatively little concern for starvation, pollution, and resource depletion. If these are seen as the last days before a miraculous spiritual transformation, then people may assume that “God” will intervene and clean up the mess. Instead of mounting a vigorous and creative response to the challenge of sustainability, people may simply wait for the apocalyptic end, or abrupt transformation, of the world
Stay tuned! Constance

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

America, Be Warned: Revolution in France and America Planned, Preached, and Promoted by Leftist Thugs! by Don Boys, Ph.D

 To my Readers:

I was impressed by the following article that was sent to me by Dr. Don Boys.  I originally hail from Indiana and Dr. Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives and ran a Christian school in Indianapolis for years.  I have been very concerned that a spirit of mob violence has been unleashed from both right wing and from left wing circles.  Qanon on the "Right" and "Antifa" and other forms of anarchy on the left.  I am currently concerned that the violence that transpired in Washington, D.C. last week will give abundant excuses to the left wing elements as well as globalist "reset" agenda forces to work to even further curtail Christian rights than what has already transpired with the transgender, same-sex marriage agendas.  I asked Dr. Boyd for permission to reprint his article and he graciously gave it.  I would appreciate your feedback and I am sure Dr. Boyd would as well.  There is an old saying:  "All revolutions eat their children."  That goes for the Christian Reconstruction" elements as well who believe they will undergo no persecution and "take the kingdom by force and violence."

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Constance E. Cumbey

by Don Boys, Ph.D.     

Revolutions in France, Russia, or Cuba didn’t happen by accident because they were planned, preached, and promoted by leftist thugs. Those thugs did not know that all revolutions devour their own.
In the eighteenth century, some eloquent, highborn French wanted a national makeover that stemmed from their hatred of Christ and the Bible, Christian morality, property rights, orderly government, and strong father-led homes. There were some legitimate complaints against the government but none that justified anarchy and wholesale executions without a trial.

The promoters of the French resistance, rebellion, and revolution were willing to wait for the time to strike. It took decades, but it came.

It took decades in America, but it is here.

Waiting gives revolutionaries time to organize and gather their cadre of conspirators. The French were led to the guillotine by suave, sophisticated, and often sincere spokesmen such as Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and other brilliant, immoral, but arrogant conspirators who detested revelation and deified reason. With the passing years, the leaders who replaced Voltaire and Rousseau were more vicious and deadly. They spoke about liberty, equality, and fraternity while they mocked their essence.

Voltaire and Rousseau would have been horrified if they had lived to see the Reign of Terror—heads rolling hour after hour in the middle of Paris; thousands of innocent people killed, usually without trial; climaxing in the dictatorship of Napoleon Bonaparte. Voltaire was known for freedom, independence, and defense of the little guy as expressed in his alleged comment, “I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” He would not have approved of the revolution that became a repulsive river of blood emanating from the guillotine in the center of Paris.

Rousseau famously wrote, “Man is born free, but is everywhere in chains,” so he would have vetoed the revolution. Both men would have been aghast, even ashamed with the destruction, deception, and death. However, their humanism, secularism, and distrust, distaste, and disdain for the crown, the church, and the cottage set the stage for what followed decades after their initial attack.

But they started it and are stuck with it. That’s what happens when a nation rejects heavenly revelation and snuggles up to human reasoning.

I wonder what Voltaire and Rousseau would have thought of present-day America where one is condemned for what he did, wrote, or said 30 years ago! Where you can’t say, “All lives matter” or “Blue Lives Matter,” but must say, “Black lives matter.” Where historical monuments are being destroyed, and history is being rewritten to resemble a fairy tale. 

The French should have seen it coming over the decades as critics of the crown, the church, and the cottage became progressively louder, bolder, and shriller. 

Local and clandestine Jacobin clubs (consisting of Philosophers, Freemasons, and Illuminati) were the workhorses of the Reign of Terror in 1793 during the dictatorship of the revolution. At the time, there were up to 8,000 clubs in France consisting of about 500,000 members. They were no longer merely civic or social clubs but instruments of terror.

Their ostensible responsibility was to help with the running of local governments, policing the local markets, and raising supplies for the military and local police departments. They presented themselves as the epitome of public virtue and were quick to point out anyone suspected of disloyalty to the cause. And, with missionary zeal, they helped destroy all vestiges of Christianity. They became the tool of terrorist leader Robespierre whom he manipulated to his advantage.

Members of the Jacobin clubs were “snake in the grass” Frenchmen who had been radicalized over decades and were waiting for the signal to rebel, resist, riot, and revolt. All leaders of the plot had secret names for one another in their private correspondence. It was arranged so that no one knew many members.
Most historians smile at the suggestion that the French Revolution was promoted by conspirators decades before the streets exploded and the guillotine blade became dull with constant use. Just another conspiracy theory.
Those historians are wrong.      
Yale President Timothy Dwight was an American educator, Congregational minister, and President of Yale from 1886–1898. He documented the origin of the revolutionary Jacobin organizers who agitated for a brutal revolution. He declared, “About the year 1728, Voltaire, so celebrated for his wit and brilliancy and not less distinguished for his hatred of Christianity and his abandonment of principle, formed a systematical design to destroy Christianity and to introduce in its stead a general diffusion of irreligion and atheism. … With great art and insidiousness the doctrines of … Christian theology were rendered absurd and ridiculous; and the mind of the reader was insensibly steeled against conviction and duty.”

Dwight continued, “The fabrication of books of all kinds against Christianity, especially such as excite doubt and generate contempt and derision. … The being of God was denied and ridiculed … The possession of property was pronounced robbery. Chastity and natural affection were declared to be nothing more than groundless prejudices. Adultery, assassination, poisoning, and other crimes of the like infernal nature, were taught as lawful…provided the end was good. … The good ends proposed … are the overthrow of religion, government, and human society, civil and domestic. These they pronounce to be so good that murder, butchery, and war, however extended and dreadful, are declared by them to be completely justifiable.”

Note the similarities: There was a design to destroy, as today. There was an attack on Christ and the Bible, as today. There was an attack on property, as today. Horrible crimes were permitted if they were for a good cause, as today. If the end was desirable (to them), then the means were justified, like today. The worst crimes, even murder, were acceptable, as today.

The slow but sure erosion of the foundations of France began with Voltaire and was continued by the self-righteous philosophers and anti-crown, anti-church, anti-family fanatics over the following decades.
They dispensed with the corrupt Roman Catholic Church and installed the Cult of Reason. A prostitute was enthroned at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris as the goddess of the French people. France was renamed The Republic of Virtue! The press and theaters were turned into tools for state propaganda. More than 2,000 churches were renamed Temples of Reason and became the voice of this cult. Crosses offended some people, so they were outlawed; religious monuments and statues were destroyed; public and private worship and education outlawed; Christian graves were desecrated. Churches were closed or used for immoral, lurid, licentious, scandalous depravities; and priests and ministers (along with those who harbored them) were executed on sight for a while.

What was their theme again? Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity.

The Apostle Peter warned about this in II Peter 2:19 when he wrote, “While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage.”
All secret societies are dishonest, deceptive, and dangerous to any society, whether it be the KKK, the Freemasons, or the elitist Order of Skull and Bones, a Yale University society originally known as the Brotherhood of Death. All sober people should flee such groups as if their hair was on fire. However, insecure elitists gravitate to such groups where they wallow in supposed superiority and delight in awarding and receiving honors. They spend much time patting each other on the back and stroking each other’s egos.
The secretive Jacobins (who met on Jacob Street in Paris) were sensitive to public virtue but thought personal virtue repugnant. They reported people who were suspects or who were not sufficiently pro-terror. It was an ideal time to take revenge on someone by suggesting to others about his or her suspicious political positions.

Many top-level aristocrats who had suspicious political views were beheaded or imprisoned, while those who remained alive lost all special treatment and privileges. The middle class took control following the much-touted program of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. That was great for a while, but when Robespierre took control, terror reigned. Civil war followed as believers of the monarchy (upper class) fought the revolutionaries (mainly lower-class except for leaders) for control. About half a million people were imprisoned between 1793 and 1794, and up to 300,000 were killed by firing squad and drowning. The bloody guillotine claimed 40,000 lives (without trial) in Paris, most of them because they held the wrong political views.

The basic philosophy behind and driving the Revolution was an attack on all authority—the church, the crown, the cottage. It was a deliberate conspiracy or plot to overthrow the throne, altar, and authoritarian family structure in Europe. The motive was the dissolution of all civil society. They would not need government because they believed in man's perfectibility; consequently, no government would be necessary. This belief resulted from the influence of the Illuminati, who became leaders in the Jacobin clubs.

America stands at the crossroads. Revolutionary leaders in the U.S. make their destructive contributions to national disruption as Robespierre and Denis Diderot did in France. All revolutionaries plan change, control, and chaos in their nation.

They must be stopped, but revolutions, once started, are almost impossible to stop.

(Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives who ran a large Christian school in Indianapolis and wrote columns for USA Today for 8 years. Boys authored 18 books, the most recent being Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning!  The eBook is available here with the printed edition (and other titles) at Follow him on Facebook at Don  Boys, Ph.D.; and visit his blog.  Send a request to for a free subscription to his  articles, and click here to support  his work with a donation.)