Friday, December 30, 2005

More to fear than just EU's Solana!

More to fear than just EU’s Solana, e.g., here at home --President Bush: Who broke the law by telling people he was breaking the law?

As I have said before, I’ve met and very much liked our President’s mother. I confess to admiring his brother, the governor of Florida for his hands-on in the various natural disaster crises Florida has experienced. I confess, however, to feeling much perturbation over our current administration and circumstances – I can’t figure out which frightens me more – terrorism or the so-called “War on Terror” which seems to be manifesting itself in unlawful spying on the American people – without the safeguard of prior court approval – by our government.

Bad enough that it happened. Good that the President, albeit belligerently, owned up to it. Bad that the president has now announced – after admitting he broke the law – that he is now going to track down and find the person who broke the law by telling others the law was being broken! I suppose that will justify even more unlawful surveillance of our internet correspondence and phone calls.

This strikes me as even worse than Watergate. In Watergate, the perpetrators were eventually (for the most part) brought to justice, prosecuted, and many served prison time. Here, our government has announced its intention instead to prosecute those who broke the law by revealing the scope and extent of the unlawful NSA spying.

Other things are happening that disturb me. Police check lines for entering any public building -- ladies' purses being checked at large with compacts and dental floss confiscated, as is currently happening in Detroit, Michigan, USA. After all, we have to keep the country safe from dental floss, don't we? Its use might reduce taxable dental incomes! Now I learn to make a simple routine trip to Canada I will suddenly need a passport. Ditto to Mexico. As Canada is next door to Detroit that strikes me as perhaps an attempt to find out who scoots across the border to enjoy dinner in Windsor, Ontario or perhaps to sniff out who went gambling at a Windsor casino. The applications are far deeper than terrorism. I hear that the government is requiring all cars to have “black boxes” by 2008. This year just happens to coincide with the year that a number of tracking systems plan to be fully operational – Galileo, Russia’s, “The Consortium” (China, Great Britain, Malaysia, etc.)

What is happening to my country? What is happening to our world?

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Europe's Eye in the Sky

      Javier Solana introduced his Recommendation 666 into the Western European Union Assembly on June 5, 2000.  The three most interesting paragraphs of that recommendation to me were numbers 12, 15, and 18.  Paragraph 12 proposed giving him emergency police powers over Europe and the power to “convene the Council of the European Union” in the event of an emergency.  That struck  yours truly as a potentially easy way to take over Europe.  Paragraph 15 referred to something he called CIMIC.  I was to learn that acronym stood for CIVILIAN MILITARY COOPERATION.   That one sort of reminded me of a World War II German expression, “you will cooperate – you will enjoy.”  Paragraph 18 dealt with the Torrejon space center in Spain and its forthcoming role in the scheme of things.  It was, per other Solana speeches, “the jewel in the European crown.”  Nobody else had anything quite like it.

     Well, the jewel in the European crown is being prepared for action.  Today there was considerable action.  Russia helped.  The EU’s Project Galileo validation satellite for was launched from Kazakhstan aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket.  The full project is projected to be fully operational by 2008.  The propaganda video CD the EU sends for the asking indicates it is a full global tracking system.

     The program also launched obvious new initiatives in Solana agency doublespeak.  They are almost as amusing as Solana’s March 1995 statement about the Spanish-Canadian fishing wars alluded to on my last blog article.  Check this paragraph from a prominent newsource:

Galileo’s supporters say they expect the system to more than double existing GPS coverage and will end Europe’s dependency on the Pentagon-controlled GPS system, which had “betrayed” its European subscribers during US strikes on ex-Yugoslavia in the Balkan war, a EU diplomat in Moscow said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

     Uh, did I read that right?  Europe needs replacement on the USA GPS system because it “’betrayed’ its European subscribers during US strikes on ex-Yugoslavia in the Balkan war.”  Now, clearly the EU diplomats report to JAVIER SOLANA.  And just who ordered the military operations against Yugoslavia in the Balkan war?  JAVIER SOLANA!  And now who has the power to start and shut down European Space Agency Operations, including but not limited to GMES (Global Monitoring and Environmental Surveillance) operation?  JAVIER SOLANA!  And who did the EU diplomat in Moscow speaking on condition of anonymity report to?  JAVIER SOLANA.  That is provided that diplomat speaking on condition of anonymity was not himself JAVIER SOLANA.

     Now just in the case the EU game of Now you see us, now you don’t” is back in full swing, here are links where you can check my above bold assertions: (subscription)  - Article in European Voice (November 21, 2005)

I wonder if Solana plans to airlift his old statements ordering the start and cessation of anti-Yugoslavian military activities in 1999?  They are starting to become inconvenient to him.  But did the truth ever matter?  Maybe the mistake was the EU Russian diplomat’s.  Maybe not!  Well, now you can sleep easier at night.  Javier Solana’s surveillance satellites – at least in their test version – are up and running!

Monday, November 28, 2005

From Javier Solana to Canada - "TRUST ME"

Hey folks, this is where I came in. Google wasn't around when I first discovered Javier Solana online on November 22, 1995. However, because of New Age boasts that they would save multitudes of trees and simultaneously boost intellectual processes by transferring reams of information to CD Rom's, I decided maybe I could clean house and keep up with them at the same time by acquiring a serious CD Rom library. And so the night I first found mention of Dr. Solana on Reuter's AOL posted articles, I searched my disks to see "who is this guy?". The first thing I learned about him before being flipped by AOL to a story about the newly emerging Barcelona Process was a March 1995 article. It seems there was nearly a shooting war at sea between Canada and Spain. Spain had fished Canada's halibut, cod, and turbot stocks almost to extinction. When the Estai, a Spanish fishing trawler strayed into Canadian waters, the Canadian authorities took it into custody. Javier Solana promptly, acting upon mysterious powers evidently granted him by his then Spanish government, dispatched three warships to Canada. He then held a press conference justifying his actions. That press conference contained some of the greatest political doublespeak I have ever read. To paraphrase and summarize its points, he said:

1. Yes, there are international laws and treaties governing fishing.

2. Those treaties govern only the types of fish caught -- not the amounts.

3. If we are going to limit amounts, the limits should apply equally to all countries -- not just to Spain.

4. Besides, the Spanish originally discovered the Newfoundland fishing banks -- therefore they should have every right to exploit them.

Why was Solana doing this? The reasons became evident with his Barcelona program setup. To put the original Barcelona Treaty over the top, Javier Solana needed Morocco's cooperation. Historically, there has been little love lost between Morocco and Spain. Morocco demanded three concessions, all of which Solana was in a unique position to grant in 1995, given his dual holding of European Union and Western European Union coinciding dual presidencies. Morocco wanted to sell its produce in the EU markets. Says Solana, "granted." Morocco then wanted Spain's fishermen to stop fishing off its coastline. The fishermen were ordered home from Morocco. That made for approximately 600 unemployed Spanish fishing vessels sitting unemployed and grumbling in the Spanish ports. It's sort of hard to be a great world leader and have revolution brewing in one's own back yard. So the fishermen were offed to Canada to exploit those Newfoundland fishing grounds.

Of course, Canada's cooperation was needed for Javier Solana's next big adventure -- the headship of NATO. So "miraculously" -- on the cusp of the Barcelona Conference of November 27-28, 1995, it was announced that Spain and Morocco had settled their fishing rights dispute and now the Spanish fishermen could return to those grounds. Bingo! Both the Spanish fishermen and Canada are suddenly happy. Canada cast its votes for dark horse candidate Javier Solana to be the new head of NATO -- and the Atlantic Council!

Oh, and why might Solana have needed Morocco's cooperation? Surely Morocco was not against religious fundamentalism -- at least of the Islamic stripe. Solana's third announced Barcelona goal in 1995 per those initial American On Line Reuter sources was "get the United States out of the Mediterranean" and/or "greatly reduce its presence there."

Now it appears that Canada has a really serious problem with mid and short range memory. Javier Solana has announced a pact with Canada allowing Canada to participate in European Union "crisis management." Read all about it here -- if it isn't untimely moved, that is:

Oh, and as for the EU's successful Gaza Strip Rafah border crossing, a link which vanished nearly as soon as I posted it in my last blogspot, try this alternative link:

One last thing -- for those who can't believe the words I apparently imputed to Mr. Solana above, read them below in his own words, provided that doesn't immediately disappear from web vision as well:

Pray for our Canadian friends. They will now need all the help they can get! After all, if they can't trust Javier Solana, who can they trust? My dear departed father gave me wise advice in my teens: "Slap me once, shame on you. Slap me twice, shame on me." Javier Solana has slapped Canada once in 1995. How soon they forget!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Javier Solana's latest November present


Edited and updated 11-27-2005
These November nights when I wake prematurely sometimes seem to get me in a lot of trouble. Tonight, the morning of November 27, 2005 looks like its shaping up to be one of them. For openers, this is the tenth anniversary of the opening of the first Barcelona Conference on November 27, 1995 in Barcelona, Spain. It was chaired by our very good friend, Javier Solana. He launched it with a salvo against the Catholics, saying that it was auspicious that it began on the 900th calling of the First Crusade by Pope Urban II. “What a lot of intolerance and misunderstanding that led to,” said Solana.

That was only five days after my first November awakening to Javier Solana which came the very early morning of November 22, 1995. On that day Israel had suffered a 7.2 mw earthquake – the only earthquake of which I have ever discovered to be subject to active historical revisionism downward. It caused heavy Egyptian damage, even to the extent that heads rolled from royal mummies undisturbed in the great pyramids of Egypt for thousands of years.

Usually the earthquake, like the catching of the fish, grows with each telling of the tale. This 7.2 mw quake rapidly diminished in press portrayal to one of only to 6.2 mw. Architects and engineers were left holding the bag.

That quake had occurred precisely two days after Javier Solana executed a sweeping Treaty of Association, the first of many in what were to be a string of treaties between various Mediterranean basin countries and the European Union in what was to become a “Greater European Union Neighborhood” OR “neighbourhood” as our British friends would spell it and it appears in EU documents.

Now why would anybody want to fib about a quake? It has occurred to me that a quake of this magnitude occurring in this region of the world – important to three major world religions – Jews, Christians, and Moslems -- only two days after a major treaty between the European Union and 10 Nation federation “Western European Union” and Israel might instantly gain attention of Bible scholars everywhere as an event of prophetic significance. It would also gain the attention of Jewish and Moslem scholars. All would read something of prophetic import into an earthquake of this magnitude coming on the heels of a EU Treaty with Israel. They might read different things into it, but for sure, they would read something!

Alas, this was with few exceptions not to be the case. Most slept right through it. Only internet news carried the reports. Most prophetic observers were nowhere near the internet. Consequently, if people did not hear the big news from Hal Lindsey, Jack Kinsella, Jack van Impe, and/or the authors of the the newly emerging LEFT BEHIND SERIES, also debuting in 1995 – Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, they might not think anything to be happening. Surely, if anything of prophetic significance were occurring, it would be told by those guys?! Maybe, maybe not.

I have noticed in the years since that Javier Solana seems to receive significant things in Novembers –

1995: The Israeli-EU “Treaty of Association’; the Barcelona Treaty; and the NATO “Secretary-General” position.

1998: A deal brokered and set up in Europa Code 666 obviously written around his credentials establishing a prospective “Common Foreign and Security Position” for Mr. Solana to assume when his NATO term was over.

1999: The EU Secretary General position and a few weeks later, on November 20, 1995, the Secretary General position of the ten nation permanent member Western European Union.”

2004: A beefed up European Defense Agency.

2005: Control of the Israel-Palestinian Gaza borders.

Well, Javier Solana and company are now overseeing Israel's Gaza border with a “deal brokered by the USA”. On the opening of the 10th anniversary of the original Barcelona Conference, Javier Solana has the happy news to report that things have “gone very smoothly.” Of course, if you watch BBC news regularly on PBS, you know that the EU isn’t quite as keen to have foreign visitors on its shores as it is for Israel to share its tiny land. While Israel is being set to become the “land without walls”, it appears the EU is protecting its turf by North African positioned barbed wire fences. You may read about these collective contradictory efforts here in an article “Spain from the Berlin Wall to Celuta and Melilla”

Of course, maybe its only “xenophobia” when its Christians proclaiming their faith, or Israel protecting against suicide bomber attacks. Certainly not when it is Solana’s homeland Spain barricading itself in – where has Solana’s voice been on that?

I am still formulating thoughts on this – but I am posting this blog in “as is” with my rambling thoughts on awakening prematurely on Sunday morning November 27, 2005, the 10th anniversary of the Barcelona Conference which opened only five days after my first November 22, 1995 awakening to Javier Solana and company. Let the conversation begin.

Oh, you may read about the newest Palestinian conquest which will surely make Dr Solana look like a hero at
I suspect that very soon you will be able to read about it many places. Meantime, I’m going to try and many my eyes sleep again by going back to reading my Lord of the World novel by Robert Hugh Benson!

P.M. Update: Interestingly, most Arab speaking countries boycotted Barcelona precisely because of the same things I noted about the European treatment of Southern Mediterranean exiles to its compounds. It also appears that Dr. Solana may still, despite this embarrassment, go on smelling like a rose. The London Financial Times said this evening:

If Barcelona were to exist only to allow Israel to sit down from time to time with its Arab neighbours - which it does - then Brussels would be wasting its money. But the EU cannot walk away from its neighbours, not least because of the importance of tackling terrorism and migration issues. It has to help them and now has better means to do so with its recently revamped "European neighbourhood policies" that are more closely tailored to Mediterranean partner's individual needs.

Considering Javier Solana is ditto the author of those "recently revamped 'European neighbourhood policies' that are more closely tailored to Mediterranean partner's individual needs", you figure out. Is it perhaps a win-win only for Solana?

As Herb Peters says, "stay tuned."

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Javier Solana's Word Processor

Javier Solana’s Word Processor

". . . The daily papers had a short, careful leading article every day, founded upon the scraps of news that stole out from the conferences on the other side of the world; Felsenburgh's name appeared more frequently than ever; otherwise there seemed to be a kind of hush. . . ." From Lord of the World, a 1907 novel by Robert Hugh Benson, page 56 of trade paper edition, or read for free by pressing my side link to same.

"A central element of that Russian perception is that NATO harbors designs of enlargement and unilateral out-of-area operations in both the Balkans and the Caucasus, areas that are regarded as more or less equally vital areas of Russian national interests. When the secretary-general of NATO, Javier Solana, told a NATO conference in September 1998 that both of those regions were troubled areas from which NATO "cannot remain aloof", he was not merely reiterating ideas he had already voiced publicly; he was confirming the expansive threat assessment held with increasing conviction in Moscow. His subsequent statement that "We are not condemned to be the victim of events that lie beyond our control - we can shape the future" seemed to prove NATO's and especially Washington's hegemonic aspirations." <>

I am composing a brand new blogspot article on my word processor. It was created by one who is increasingly becoming one of my favorite persons – Bill Gates. He helps with a lot of projects around my office – his spreadsheet helps me keep billing and sometimes fact situations straight. I use Excel to generate color-coded indexes for my binder system. His OneNote2003 helps me save and retrieve countless pieces of information. PowerPoint was used to develop and publish my CD, Javier Solana – Mystery Man of the New World Order – the 2003 version happily had a “publish to CD” feature. And then there is Microsoft Word. Conveniently, Google has developed a nice new add-on to WORD that helps me compose here and then publish to the blogspot. Even nicer, they gave it to us, as they did the blogspot – for free. So you see, at the moment, I am very happy with at least two people – Bill Gates and the guy who invented Google, whoever he is – one day I shall get around to googling that as well!

Of course, as a lawyer, I have used MicroSoft Word in all its various forms of development to draft legal documents. One of its most valued features is AUTOTEXT. I love it. You develop your text and then you can collect that text with simple mouse movements and give it an abbreviation that makes sense to you and VOILA, hours of drafting time are eliminated as the need to “reinvent the wheel” by repeatedly typing commonly used text disappears.

With all that time saved, I have more time to research Dr. Solana. I have become very familiar with his writing and style. I almost know his style well enough to do a job for him I used to do for the Michigan House of Representatives – write letters, speeches and documents, sounding almost more like him than he can make himself sound like him.

Lately, I have been noting his repeat clauses in the various EU documents. I now think he is using his word processor even more than I am using mine. He uses his repeat clauses so well, he could be a good lawyer, were he not a rocket scientist (in the Galileo – Torrejon – ITER projects sense, that is). I don’t know what abbreviations he might be using, but here are his favorite clauses that seem to come up a lot in instruments drafted by him that appear to give him A LOT of hitherto unknown to mankind powers over many countries and regions.

Here is the clause:

“The EU’s Political and Security Committee will exercise, under the responsibility of the EU Council, the political control and strategic direction of the Mission. High Representative Javier Solana will give guidance to the Head of Mission through the EU Special Representative for the _____________.

I don’t know if Javier or his legal drafters do what I do, but I follow a suggestion I read in a Word Processing how-to book years ago and insert “@@” for where the needed changed language would occur. Of course, he may be much better than me at the “mail merge” – the “holy grail’ of word processing that so many of us keep chasing and never quite seem to get. The way I do it, the clause would look like this:

“The EU’s Political and Security Committee will exercise, under the responsibility of the EU Council, the political control and strategic direction of the Mission. High Representative Javier Solana will give guidance to the Head of Mission through the EU Special Representative for the @@.

That particular clause in the document I most recently inspected was entitled “Political Control.” Many others I have inspected with virtually identical language are headed “Chain of Command.” So, I suppose that in the interests of word processing efficiency, he could have a choice of top @@’s with selections of “CHAIN OF COMMAND” and/or “POLITICAL CONTROL.”

If he uses his thesaurus feature (assuming he and Bill Gates are getting along as well as this writer and Bill Gates), he might want to substitute words like “occupation army” for “the mission.”

Now, if you are having trouble believing what I have written, and assuming on-web history doesn’t get rewritten too quickly (they all play such a marvelous game of ‘now you see us – now you don’t), you might check the following resources, compliments of GOOGLE to see what I mean:

Interesting language was created in the Greek presidency of the EU. You may read the entire document at

Here is a list of missions so far -- with the newest one to Palestinian territories to be added:

EU Operations
Ongoing Operations

Operation EUFOR-Althea (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
EU Police Mission - EUPM(Bosnia and Herzegovina)
EU Police Mission"Proxima" (fYROM)
EU Police Mission in Kinshasa (DRC)(EUPOL "Kinshasa")
EU Mission for Iraq(EUJUST LEX)
EU Mission in Congo(EUSEC DR Congo)
EU Support to AMIS II(Darfur)
Aceh Monitoring Mission

Interesting language was created -- most likely again with Solana's own word processor during the Greek presidency of the EU. You may read the entire document at

"Political and Security Committee The Political and Security Committee (PSC) monitors the international situation in the areas covered by the common foreign and security policy and contributes to the definition of policies by delivering opinions to the Council at the request of the Council or on its own initiative. It also monitors the implementation of agreed policies, without prejudice to the responsibility of the Presidency and the Commission. The Committee meets in the mornings of days on which General Affairs Council meetings are held, to update the texts of the GAC conclusions and declarations. The PSC may occasionally meet in the format of Political Directors.
Furthermore, the PSC is the focal point for crisis management. It maintains political control and strategic direction for crisis management operations. It is:
assisted by the Political and Military Group
advised by the EU Military Committee (EUMC) and by the Committee for Civilian Aspects of Crisis Management.
The General Secretariat The General Secretariat, under the leadership of the Secretary-General, High Representative (SG/HR), assists the Council and ensures the smooth functioning of the EU.
Furthermore, the Secretariat plays an important role as “the institutional memory” of the CFSP. As each Presidency only serves for a very limited time, this role is extremely important.
The Policy Unit performs the following duties under the direct authority of the SG/HR:
it monitors and analyzes developments on CFSP issues.
it identifies areas on which the CFSP could focus in the future.
it provides early warning of CFSP relevance including potential political crises.
it produces, at the request of either the Council or the Presidency or on its own initiative, policy papers which contain analyses, recommendations and strategies for the CFSP.
Following decisions taken at Helsinki and Nice, the EU Military Staff (EUMS) has been established within the General Secretariat, to provide military expertise and support to the ESDP, including the conduct of EU-led military crisis management operations. Its mission is to perform early warning, early assessment and strategic planning for Petersberg tasks and to implement policies and decisions as directed by the European Union Military Committee."

All language referring above to the "SG/HR", "the Secretariat", "General Secretariat", OHR refers to our friend Javier Solana. All language pertaining to the PSC does as well as this body is appointed by him, reports to him, and essentially serves at his pleasure.

I might add that usually these are “minimal missions” setting up “modest” programs for such things as to train the policemen, judges, and those administering both. That was what EUJust Lex for Iraq was for -- with a comparatively modest 200 million Euro budget. Now, just give me that for Oakland County, Michigan, USA, where I practice law. Wouldn’t that make me “king (ok, queen) of the hill?”

This article has been, as you may have guessed, mainly written and amplified ‘tongue in cheek,’ but it has a serious purpose. How much and how quietly have such powers been given to one man?

And to think his current job was created and remains posted at Section 666 of the official Europa documents. NAHH, I’m reading too much into this. Surely, it is a coincidence. Surely, he is like all the other New Agers Marilyn Ferguson reported about in her 1980 THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY, “seeking power only to disperse it to others.” Sure, sure! And I have a bridge I want to sell anybody who believes that is the motivation of that crew – including but not limited to its European components.

But then again, maybe he is still fascinated with his word processor and is just practicing his repetitive typing skills: “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy black dogs.”
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy black dogs.
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy black dogs.
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy black dogs.
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy black dogs.

As usual, I encourage your own corroborative internet research as well as your comments.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

UMC Cleans House?

The United Methodist Church Cleans House
Setback for Apostasy

Yesterday, the United Methodist Church’s Supreme Court defrocked a lesbian minister. It also reinstated a minister defrocked for denying membership in his congregation to a practicing homosexual. It was between two bookstores, both close to my downtown Detroit law offices in the Year of Our Lord 1981, that I discovered the first ugly traces of the New Age Movement. One bookstore, in my building, was the Doubleday one located in the Penobscot Building. The other bookstore was across Larned Street facing the Penobscot Building where my offices were then. The bookstore was “Cokesbury Books.” It was operated by the United Methodist Church. I purchased my first copy of The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ there. I looked for that book because of a happy reference to it by author Marilyn Ferguson in her 1980 book, THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY. She has just released a new book which I shall be reviewing here soon called AQUARIUS NOW. Looking at the references she found gladdening and I found distressing in THE AQUARIAN GOSPEL, I knew I had stumbled onto very direct evidences of a movement clearly designed to advance the path and progress of the antichrist.

I would eventually write a book about my findings. That book which stayed in print for over 20 years was called THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW. I soon found I had support from just about segments of every denomination including the United Methodist Church. I also had opposition from segments of just about every denomination including the United Methodist Church.

My assistant, Ezella, has been reorganizing my office materials on the New Age Movement in the wake of the University of Michigan’s Bentley Historical Library’s archival of my papers. As part of her search, this weekend, I rediscovered and replayed the tapes of Marilyn Ferguson’s lengthy talk at Detroit’s Unity Church. I heard them before – in 1981. I heard her speak personally there in 1982. I was eventually to meet and talk with her on several occasions. Her talks have been considerably toned down since she discovered there was opposition to the movement she so enthusiastically and energetically promoted with vivid detail. She had talked happily in 1981 about the New Age’s incursions into the military (Jim Channon and his First Earth Battalion), education, religion, and she called not so subtly for a war against fundamentalists such as Jerry Falwell. (Maybe she did not know about Falwell’s own now very public apostatizing with the New Agers vis a vis Rev. Moon and Unification Church – also a powerful arm of the New Age Movement.)

When I found the shocking materials in the Cokesbury bookstore in Detroit in 1981, I would show them with shocked looks to the manager. She would reassuringly say, “I know, honey, but its all the young ministers seem to want anymore.” The apostasy in the United Methodist Church raged to the extent that some of its bookstores were actually carrying as “Christian literature” Benjamin Crème’s THE REAPPEARANCE OF THE CHRIST and David Spangler’s various books extolling such “virtues” as “Luciferian initiations.”

The United Presbyterian Church was facing similar crises and carrying similar literature on its tables. So were the Mennonites and too many Baptists. The Evangelicals were shamelessly promoting Jeremy Rifkin and as the very brilliantly written Herescope columns (referenced with a link on my blogspot) show, they were bringing New Age thought leaders such as Willis Harman (Marilyn Ferguson’s personal mentor) into to advise revising of Evangelical thinking for the expected “new era.”

Then we came along and upset their little apple carts. They responded by marginalizing yours truly and all others honestly reporting on the issues as “promoting a Conspiracy Theory.” Then they worked to blackball all honest reporters from their midst. In evangelical circles, this came to one ugly head in October 1987 when a secret conference was held between New Age leaders and Evangelical leaders at the New Age Gold Lake Ranch conference center at Boulder, Colorado. The meeting was convened by Doug Coe of Washington’s Fellowship Foundation supposedly because he had children involved with the New Age Movement and thought there should be better understanding between Christian parents and New Age leaders. Denver Seminary personnel such as Dr. Gordon Lewis were in attendance. So were people from Dallas Seminary and Spiritual Counterfeits Project of Berkeley, California. A vow of silence was exacted from all participants. The evangelicals kept their vows. Fortunately for all, the New Agers did not. David Spangler gave a speech about the doings immediately after – at Boulder’s Episcopalian Church. Local Christians sensitized to the New Age Movement and related Christian apostasies were in attendance and promptly mailed me Spangler’s tapes. The cat was out of the bag.

The battle has continued to rage and the apostasy spread even to the sanctification of homosexuality in Christian circles. The Presbyterians, the Methodists, and even Evangelical Lutherans were effected. The Catholics began to clean house with varying results. The Episcopalians ordained an openly “gay” bishop living with his “partner” in an open “gay lifestyle” arrangement. Shocked African Anglicans broke communion with their denomination until condemnation of the U.S.A. and Canadian practitioners take place, if ever.

Yesterday and happily, God won a round in the United Methodist Church. A state of Virginia minister had been defrocked for denying fellowship to a practicing homosexual. He appealed upwards in the church judicial process. A practicing lesbian minister had been ordained. That also was appealed by those unhappy about this last insult to plain Scriptural warnings of what should not be found among us. The Supreme Court of the United Methodist Church has reinstated the Virginia minister. It has defrocked the lesbian minister.

Onwards and upwards. Occupy till he gets here! But yesterday and happily at least one small blow was struck for righteousness. Congratulations to the United Methodist Church. This is not to say that God does not love sinners. He does – enough to send his son to die for their salvation. This is only to say that God does not condone sin – much less the desecration of his houses of worship.

There is an interesting Revelation prophecy concerning the “inner:” and the “outer court” of the sanctuary. The outer court was to be left out as it was given over to the gentiles for 42 months – the time of the reign of the antichrist. Congratulations to the Methodists for relocating to the inner court.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My experiences with Rosa Parks: A Great and Humble lady

My experiences with Rosa Parks: A Great and Humble lady

Leaving a client on a hospital visit last night, I heard the breaking news that Rosa Parks had died. Her name was known to me since her nationally publicized Montgomery, Alabama bus arrest. That was on December 1, 1955. I was only 11 years old at that time. In 1963 Rosa Parks and her husband moved from the deep and still segregated South to Detroit which in many ways wasn't all that much better. I moved to Detroit in the fall of 1965. In 1967 race riots plagued and shamed Detroit. After the riots, many of us Detroiters vowed 'never again.' Like many of my peers, I involved myself in local and state politics. I got to know many interesting people. I was eventually hired to work for the Michigan House of Representatives. State Representative who later became State Senator Jack Faxon gave me my first political job. I was kicked upstairs from the job as his secretary to become a "legislative analyst" -- my primary duties were those of speechwriting for the House Democratic caucus. I got to know people on both sides of the political aisle, including Grand Rapids RepublicanTom Ford. Tom was the brother of who would become President Gerald Ford.

I aspired to go to law school and Lansing had none. Therefore, I sought ways to get back to the Detroit area and the opportunity appeared when I was offered the new Highland Park, Michigan charter position as "Executive Assistant to the Mayor." My experiences in that job were as unhappy as my job in Lansing had been happy. I started law school, however, in 1972 and graduated in 1975. I was bluntly unhappy at having been placed in what appeared to be a corrupt administration. My unhappiness was publicly known. After finishing senior year final law school exams, my husband, Barry, and I took a month long driving tour of the South. Then I returned for graduation exercises and prepared to study for the bar which I successfully took in early August of 1975. While awaiting the results, I was contacted by a prominent Highland Park lady, who was backing a competitive candidate for mayor. I agreed to manage the campaign of her candidate. This was also a successful effort and the former mayor was upset and unseated in November of 1975. During the campaign, I obtained the assistance of the local congressman, John Conyers. He agreed to help and would encourage participation of his own supporters. One such supporter was Rosa Parks. Many local unions (UAW, AFL-CIO) also helped.

Our campaign was long and vigorous. Needless to say, I was motivated. While campaigning, as time honored inner city practice dictated, we visited the local churches. We were in Grace Baptist Church, approximately one block from Highland Park City Hall. The long Sunday Morning service was in progress. I was harried and tired from the incredibly long hours on the effort. I was sitting in the long Baptist service, struggling to keep awake when suddenly I felt some tugging on my clothing. I looked and behind me was Rosa Parks, needle and thread in hand. She had noticed my hem was partially loose and she was in her usual kind and gentle manner, restitching the hem. I have never forgotten that -- it was typical and vintage Rosa Parks. In addition to being brave, she was selfless.

May she rest in peace! I am honored to have fond personal memories of her.

Monday, October 17, 2005

I don't often agree with Sojourners, but this time, I think I might


I just opened one of those form email solicitations. This one was from Sojourners. Frequently I have found myself at odds with just about everything coming from that organization and its magazine. Both are too often anti-Israel, pro-New Age, pro-Matthew Fox, pro-Rosemary Ruether, and New World Order of the leftist variety. The New Agers have no trouble counting them among their networks, although their former head vigorously denied it in a letter to me in 1983, demanding that I keep the contents private. Obviously, he lacked legal education. He had no expectation of privacy in a letter sent to another unless he was sending it to me in a privileged capacity, i.e., me as his lawyer. That letter will be among the items turned over to the Bentley Historical Library of the University of Michigan for archiving.

However, today I found myself nodding my head in agreement to one of their initiatives. Assuming the facts as they stated them were correct, and given my history with Sojourners, that can be a BIG ASSUMPTION, a moral wrong is being waged against the poor of this country. As the bankruptcy laws tighten, the poor, including but not limited to medically indigent, are left with distressingly few options. A few scriptures come to mind, including but not limited to Matthew 25 and admonitions to turn not to the left hand, nor to the right, but strictly in the paths of the Lord. Today, Sojourners said it as I would say it and here republish verbatim the emailed solicitation:

»Call Congress today, and click here to tell your friends and spread the word!Just weeks after Hurricane Katrina exposed the crisis of poverty in America, Congress will debate as early as Wednesday how much money should be cut from the budgets of health care, nutrition assistance, and other vital services for poor and working families. That's right, they will cut funds - and the question is by how much. Perhaps equally astonishing, they will decide how much - up to $70 billion - they will cut taxes for the richest people in America. In Washington, this may be business as usual, but as people of faith, we believe that budgets are moral documents, and so far this budget is morally bankrupt.
We have a short amount of time to make a big difference, and we need your voice now!
1) Call Congress now. Tell them to get their priorities straight!
(800) 426-8073 (Toll-free courtesy of American Friends Service Committee)
Speak up for those who cannot speak. - Proverbs 31:8
Ask to speak to one of the senators from your state. When the senator's phone is answered, say politely: "My name is _____, and I live in [your town/city]. As a person of faith, I would like Senator [name] to oppose budget cuts to Medicaid, Food Stamps, and other vital services, and to oppose more tax cuts for the very rich. Needs of poor families should be a moral priority at this time, not tax cuts for the wealthy.”
After you're done, please call your other senator, followed by your representative.*
2) Tell 10 friends now!
The success of this call-in day will depend on how many people call their senators and members of Congress. Congress does listen to what their constituents think, so after you call, please tell your friends, family, pastor - anyone who shares your concern for restoring just budget priorities - about this call-in day!**
»Click here to tell your friends about today's call-in day
Many in Congress claim that Hurricane Katrina has driven congressional spending and budgets out of control, and that sweeping cuts to vital social services are justified because of these increases. This claim couldn't be further from the truth.
Fiction : Government spending is dangerously high.
Fact: Even with new Katrina funds, federal spending as a percentage of the economy is below the 30-year average. Arguments like these are driven by an ideological determination to shrink government, not reality.
Fiction : Deficits are spinning out of control because of reckless spending and new Katrina relief.
Fact : The root of the problem of skyrocketing deficits is new tax cuts for the very wealthy, not new spending. For the past three years, tax revenues as a percentage of the economy are at a 30-year low. Nevertheless, many in Congress will stop at nothing to enact new tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans. Between now and 2010, the cost of the Bush tax cuts (if extended) will total $1.7 trillion. Katrina relief - even when you amount interest costs, is projected at $240 billion - less than 15% of what the tax cuts will cost. And yet there is momentum behind a plan this year to add an additional $70 billion in new tax cuts - mostly for the very wealthy. Simply put, this plan is out of touch with our values.

I do believe I'm inclined to make those calls to my Senators and Congressman. You might want to consider doing likewise. Just pray for wisdom to avoid all their Sojourners New Age stuff and left wing New Age Movement networking and solutions. They are there!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Supporting documentation on Club of Rome history

This is an insider's sympathetic history of the Club of Rome. Like many, he sees it in altruistic terms only, but as to names, dates, places, he has much to say. The author was a member of the Canadian chapter of that organization.

Prince Hassan, the Club of Rome, Lucis Trust and the New World Order


Working with the University of Michigan on their Bentley Historical Library archival project of my life's work, I have had fresh occasion to view my basement library of books I assembled in the early 1980s on New Age Movement related issues. Among them was an earlier Club of Rome volume: RIO - Reshaping the International Order. It was a published report to the Club of Rome published in cooperation with the Foundation Reshaping the International Order (RIO). It made me speculate on how much the 1974 participants must have smiled in 1992 at having a city named "Rio" as in a city named Rio [de Janeiro] be the launch pad of much delayed earlier RIO (Reshaping the International Order) efforts. On November 4, 1981, when I personally heard him, Benjamin Crème bragged that there was an international group of approximately 70 industrialists, financiers, and scholars. They were drawing up 'blueprints' for 'how the world should be run' after the new 'Christ' made his reappearance. He was not referring to a Jesus revival. He was instead referring to whoever and whatever their their so-called "Maitreya" This "Maitreya" was, per Creme, and his enthusiastic New Age supporters, one 'greater than Jesus' who would assume the role that Krishnamurti had failed to claim -- that of "Great World Teacher."

His description was very, very close to that of the Club of Rome. Moreover, one of the Club of Rome's very active scholars was Donald Keys. Keys was an administrator of Lucis Trust, working actively with Alice and Foster Bailey. Lest we forget, Lucis Trust was an after named entity created by the Bailey's. After they had organized their first publishing company -- Lucifer Publishing Company. In 1924 they renamed it a somewhat less startling "Lucis Publishing" and subsidiary organizations that would be known as "Lucis Trust", "World Goodwill", the "Arcane School", and Triangles. All were intensely involved in disseminating directions for the New World Order. They were particularly concerned with a warm global reception for this "Maitreya" and the New World Religion which would help enable him. One does not have to be a Rhodes or Fulbright scholar to see how closely those directions were followed. One strong global name that has appeared from the beginning and shows up at Findhorn for rallies on acceptance of this "Maitreya" is Maurice Strong. High up in the United Nations, Kofi Annan was allegedly one of his mentored ones. From time to time, Javier Solana's published agendas show he meets with him.

Interestingly, given the little Javier Solana chose to tell us of his background in his very sort published curriculum vitae, included his Club of Rome affiliation.

Come 2005, Jordan's Prince Hassan, a brother to the former King Hussein and uncle to Jordan's King Abdullah is running the Club of Rome. Yesterday, he returned from a ten day trip to the USA. His final stop was the Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. He called for inter-generational dialogue, inter-border dialogue, and of course, religious cooperation. Unfortunately, the religious dialogue the Club of Rome has sought over the years has been the same type of "New World Religion" as that called for by fellow Club of Rome member, Donald Keys. It is a syncretistic, pantheistic religion where ultimately Jehovah rather than Lucifer is their devil.

I do not know if Prince Hassan was chosen to be the head of the Club of Rome because that was his personal conviction. He was appointed "under the patronage of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain" in the year 2000, replacing another Spaniard, Ricardo Diez-Hochleitner, who remains in a position of leadership with the advocacy/thinktank organization. I rather suspect he was chosen because he was a royal with sufficient personal resources to allow him to travel and had access to global influentials. A short smiling man, he would clearly be perceived as a "man of good will". It is hard to say "no" to nice guys and Prince Hassan clearly comes across as one.

Oh, and by the way, Old Dominion University, presented the Club of Rome head with another honorary degree while he was there -- a doctorate in "humane letters." Let's further hope that if Prince Hassan is really a man of goodwill that he will read the fine print coming from the pens such as Donald Keys, of those who helped establish the Club of Rome -- that it was to be part of the effort to as their popular "Great Invocation" reads -- "seal the door where evil dwells," e.g. meaning that Jerusalem stood for nothing except for that which was dead and deserved to pass away -- 'three dead and gone religions' -- Jews, Christians, and Moslems.

Then maybe he should go as a multi-degreed 'man of letters' and look up Peter LeMesurier's "The Armageddon Script." There he will learn that in addition to 'dialogue' and uniting the various world religions, that the balance of the script called for pitting all remaining orthodox against each other in a grand religious war where there would be 'mutual venting of long pent up frustrations". That, per LeMesurier, would be their final step in grand plans to reduce world population and get rid of stubborn orthodoxies -- all who resist the upside down New Age plans for a "New World Order."

Watching these folks maneuver over the past nearly 25 years that I have been watching has been very interesting. It still is! As always, I appreciate your comments and feedback.

Our Global Neighborhood - Circa 1995

Here is a handy list of 1995 OUR GLOBAL NEIGHBORHOOD commission members for your searching use. Commission member names are italicized. The year is of interest to me because that was when Javier Solana was given an immediate BIG role in what was obviously NOT "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood".

Ingvar Carlsson, Sweden Prime Minister of Sweden 1986-91, and Leader of the Social Democratic Party in Sweden.
Shirdath Ramphal, Guyana Secretary-General of the Commonwealth from 1975 to 1990, President of the IUCN, Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Leadership in Environment and Development Program; Chairman, Advisory Committee, Future Generations Alliance Foundation, Chancellor, University of the West Indies, and the University of Warwick in Britain, member of five international commissions in the 1980s, and author of Our Country, The Planet, written especially for the Earth Summit.
Ali Alatas, Indonesia Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia since 1988; permanent representative to the United Nations.
Abdlatif Al-Hamad, Kuwait Director-General and Chairman of the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development in Kuwait. Former Minister of Finance and Minister of Planning; member of the Independent Commission on International Development Issues; Board member of the Stockholm Environment Institute.
Oscar Arias, Costa Rica President of Costa Rica from 1986 to 1990; drafted the Arias Peace Plan which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize; founded the Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress.
Anna Balletbo i Puig, Spain Member of the Spanish Parliament since 1979; member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and on Radio and Television; Executive Committee of the Socialist Party in Catalonia; General Secretary of the Olof Palme International Foundation; President of Spain's United Nations Association; and activist on women's issues since 1975.
Kurt Biedenkopf, Germany Minister-President of Saxony since 1990; member of the Federal Parliament; Secretary General of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany.
Allan Boesak, South Africa Minister for Economic Affairs for the Western Cape Region; Director of the Foundation for Peace and Justice; Chairman of the African National Congress (ANC); President of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches and a Patron of the United Democratic Front.
Manuel Camacho Solis, Mexico Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Mayor of Mexico City; Mexico's Secretary of Urban Development and Ecology.
Bernard Chidzero, Zimbabwe Minister of Finance; Deputy Secretary-General of UNCTAD; Chairman of the Development Committee of the World Bank and the IMF; and member of the World Commission on Environment and Development.
Barber Conable, United States President of the World Bank from 1986 to 1991; Chairman of the Committee on US-China Relations; Senior Advisor to the Global Environment Facility; member of the House of Representatives from 1965 to 1985; member of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution; and Trustee and member of the Executive Committee of Cornell University.
Jacques Delors, France President of the European Commision since 1985; Minister for Economics, Finance and Budget; Mayor of Clichy; and member of the European Parliament.
Jiri Dienstbier, Czech Republic Chairman of the Free Democrats Party; Chairman of the Czech Council on Foreign Relations; and Deputy Prime Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Enrique Iglesias, Uruguay President of the Inter-American Development Bank since 1988; Minister of External Relations; Executive Secretary of the UN Economic Commission for Latin America; President, Central Bank of Uruguay; and Chairman of the Conference that launched the Uruguay Round of Trade Negotiations resulting in the World Trade Organization.
Frank Judd, United Kingdom Member of the House of Lords; Member of Parliament; Under-Secretary of State for Defence; Minister for Overseas Development; Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth; and Director of Oxfam from 1985 to 1991.
Hongkoo Lee, Republic of Korea Deputy Prime Minister; Minister of National Unification; Ambassador to the United Kingdom; Professor of Political Science at Seoul National University; Director of the Institute of Social Sciences; and Chairman of Seoul's 21st Century Committee.
Wangari Maathai, Kenya Founder and co-ordinator of the Green Belt Movement in Kenya; Chair of the National Council of Women of Kenya and spokesperson for non-government organizations at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio.
Sadako Ogata, Japan United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees since 1991; Director of the International Relations Institute; Representative to the UN; member of the Independent Commission on International Humanitarian Issues; and Chairman of the Executive Board of UNICEF.
Olara Otunnu, Uganda President of the International Peace Academy in New York; Foreign Minister from 1985 to 1986; Permanent Representative to the UN; and Chaired UN Commission on Human Rights.
I.G. Patel, India Chairman of the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme; Governor of the Reserve Bank of India; Chief Economic Adviser to the Indian Government; Permanent Secretary of the Indian Finance Ministry; Director of the London School of Economics and Political Science; Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund; and Deputy Administrator of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).
Celina Vargas do Amaral Peixoto, Brazil Director Getulio Vargas Foundation; Director-General of the Brazilian National Archives; Director of the Center of Research and Documentation on Brazilian History.
Jan Pronk, Netherlands Minister for Development Co-operation; Vice Chairman of the Labor Party; Member of Parliament; Deputy Secretary-General of UNCTAD; and Member of the Independent Commission on International Development issues.
Qian Jiadong, China Deputy Director-General of the China Centre for International Studies; Ambassador and Permanent Representative in Geneva to the United Nations; Ambassador for Disarmament Affairs; and member of the South Commission.
Marie-Angelique Savane, Senegal Director of the Africa Division of the UN Population Fund; Director of the UNFPA in Dakar; Advisor to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees; team leader at the UN Research Institute for Social Development; President of the Association of African Women for Research and Development; and member of the UNESCO Commission on Education for the 21st Century.
Adele Simmons, United States President of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation; member of the Council on Foreign Relations; member of the UN High Level Advisory Board on Sustainable Development; member of President Carter's Commission on World Hunger; and member of President Bush's Commission on Environmental Quality.
Maurice Strong, Canada Chairman and CEO of Ontario Hydro; Chairman of the Earth Council; Secretary-General of Earth Summits I and II; and member of the World Commission on Environment and Development. (See ecologic, November/December, 1995)
Brian Urquhart, United Kingdom Scholar-in-Residence at the Ford Foundation's International Affairs Program; United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs 1972 to 1986; Member of the Independent Commission on Disarmament and Security Issues.
Yuli Vorontsov, Russia Ambassador to the United States; Ambassador to the United Nations; Advisor to President Boris Yeltsin on Foreign Affairs; and served as Ambassador to Afghanistan, France, and India.

Some of the above names and/or their related organizations, such as Maurice Strong, Oxfam, Brian Urquhart, McArthur Foundation, International Peace Academy have been familiar ones to me since 1981, the year I started researching New Age Movement developments.

Happy googling and I would love feedback on your respective finds!

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Considering the totality of circumstances of Javier Solana's ten day public rise to global power in November, 1995, a rereading of "Our Global Neighborhood: The Report of The Commission on Global Governance" (1995) is EXTREMELY INTERESTING. For a fun exercise, take the names of the various commission members and do searches in tandem with "Javier Solana."

I just discovered a brilliant blogspot with inside scoops on much that is happening

Check out I just discovered it doing a surf using the terms "Javier Solana" "Earth Summit" "1992". There are priceless insights. I am just starting to explore that spot, but I think you, my readers, might want to explore it with me. I will value your reactions. He was discussing "the cult of global warming", something I have long noticed. That is, I noticed it appearing after "the cult of global cooling" with books by so many of the same New Age authors was "cooling down" so to speak. I always thought it humorous that the week the NGO's, UN officials, and country representatives went to Rio for the "Earth Summit" where they produced "Agenda 21" that there was unprecedented chilling at the very time set to discuss "global warming." Although it was just about Memorial Day in the United States, the start of our summer season, as I recall, we had snow flakes during that time. God has a way of showing who's boss! At any rate, I have a busy day before me, so check it out and prepare to both laugh and cry while reading it. I plan to place a link to the site on my blogspot. The author refers to himself as "Diplomad".

A few brief words -- personal notes

So much has happened. The last week has been a very mixed one for me. Michael and LaMelva Eubanks outdid themselves putting together a great conference. Herb Peters and I shared a platform for the first time. The audience was both enthusiastic and informed. I had to leave that conference at Southfield's beautiful Embassy Suites Hotel to make a sad journel to Fort Wayne, Indiana to say my final goodbyes to my sister Linda. After a four year battle with cancer, she passed last Tuesday. Family viewing was Sunday and the funeral and Linda's "last hurrah" at the lovely home husband, Dr. Barth Ragatz, and Linda shared was held. I was thrilled to learn that Linda had made peace with God and died fully trusting in Jesus.

The Bentley Historical Library of the University of Michigan has been archiving my work. Their acquisitions director will be at my home in the morning to map out a strategy to physically remove 25 years of paperwork. They have already archived what spilled over to my office, but the meat of my collection spanning 25 years of research on the New Age Movement resides in my home. I will be so happy to have it moved. That means we can finally reorganize and redecorate.

Condition wise, our home is probably 1/3 of what we moved into when we purchased it in 1984. The assessor thinks it is 3 times the house we bought! That increase is certainly only on paper. With wheelchair traffic and my research, you can imagine the condition of carpeting. Frankly, I am inclined to let nobody in until it is redecorated. I have been saying that for the past 12 years!

But, considering the misery one sees with Katrina victims, Pakistan, New Hampshire and New Jersey flood victims, I am more than thankful to have a dry roof over our head, even if that roof needs redoing, which it does!

Pray for me. Pray for the Katrina, Pakistan, New Hampshire, and New Jersey folk as well. It has been a stressful month -- it has been a stressful year. Michigan is not going through a recession. Given the outsourcing of everything, it feels far more like a depression. The "New World Order" has not been kind to at least the American economy. Turbulent times seem to be the order of the day for much of the world and we all need God's grace to make it through.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

To Russia and back with love - 4,100,000 Solana google hits and growing!

Is Javier Solana going away? With 4,100,000 Hits and growing, it doesn’t look that way![1] Anyway, it looks like Russia is clearly on his side!

Recently a British journalistic observer noted that “Javier Solana had lost the spring in his step.” Because of the German and Dutch referendum defeats, combined with the withdrawal of England’s planned constitutional referendum, it looked, per that journalist at least, like Javier Solana would never realize his dream of becoming the EU Foreign Minister.

Maybe that journalist was right. Maybe not. Most likely he was not!

In many ways, particularly to American observers, Javier Solana looks like “the invisible man.” For all the powers he has amassed, there are no books about him. He seldom appears on the front pages of USA papers. For those tuned into internet news (or if low tech, watching BBC news) it should be a different story, provided they went on the web for academic rather than entertainment purposes.

When I started observing the ubiquitous Dr. Solana back on November 22, 1995, there was a paucity of information about him. He had just signed a Treaty of Association with Israel on behalf of the European Union. He was getting ready to chair the first Barcelona Conference which opened with an anti-clerical salvo on November 27, 1995. It ended on November 28th with Israeli and Palestinian Union leaders (Ehud Barak and Yasser Arafat) proclaiming they had ‘beaten their swords into ploughshares.’ Two days after all of this, Javier Solana was named the new dark horse surprise head of NATO. The European presses proclaimed “Solana Squares NATO’s Circle.” The astonished Spanish press noted that had any Madrid resident predicted this five years earlier, he would have been promptly ‘locked up as a lunatic.” Javier Solana was the well known leader of public NATO resistance.

In 1995, Alta Vista rather than Google was the predominant internet search engine. Dial up connections rather than broadband were the norm for most systems. I found precious little information about him back in those days, but just about every day I found something.

Today the hits are more frequent. Solana’s more public phase appears to be in full swing. Today there were 4,100,000 hits! Clearly, he does not appear to be going away!

I am writing this from my law office, taking a small evening break. As I compose, I just saw his face flash before me on the 6 p.m. Public Broadcast Systems rebroadcast of BBC news. He was in attendance at an EU-Russia summit. He did not look depressed. The spring was definitely back in his step!

Perhaps that is because of the position Russia has recently enunciated through its lead diplomats that they desire a “strong European Union” which should speak with “One Strong Voice.” [2]

And, just about simultaneous with that Russian diplomat’s remark, Javier Solana said that European and Russian relations ‘never grown faster’! Read about that here: [3]

I wonder just who the former Soviets had in mind as the “One Strong Voice”? Could it be a former Marxist who was on the USA’s subversive list for many years? At any rate, the smile is back on Javier Solana’s face and the spring appears once again in his step. Could it be? Just wondering! This weekend, California columnist Herb Peters and I are scheduled to speak on the same platform for the first time. Given the events of the week, this should be an interesting weekend to “stay tuned.” Click the link to his site for details if you are in or can get to the Detroit area. Things are getting very interesting!

As usual, I invite and welcome your comments. That’s the best part of this public blogging process!



Saturday, September 17, 2005

Do Pat Robertson and Hugo Chávez have more in common than meets the eye?


About a month ago, Pat Robertson generated headlines by his call for the assassination of Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez. Today President Chávez generated his own headlines by calling for the UN to move from the United States, possibly to Jerusalem. Chávez said in his speech that others had suggested this alternative as well.
That was of particular interest to me on many fronts, not the least of which was the Pat Robertson one itself. Pat Robertson has been on my personal radar for many years for his own outrageous claims that he would “televise the Second Coming from the Mt. of Olives in Jerusalem”.[1] I noted in my second book, A PLANNED DECEPTION, that this certainly matched no scriptural description of our Lord’s return. However, it did match with specificity, Alice Ann Bailey’s THE EXTERNALISATION OF THE HIERARCHY descriptions of their new age counterfeit of this event:

"He is now waiting to descend. This descent into our unhappy world of men can present Him with no alluring picture. From the quiet mountain retreat where He has waited, guided and watched over humanity, and where He has trained His disciples, initiates and the new group of world servers, He must come forth and take His place prominently on the world stage, and take His part in the great drama which is there being played. This time, He will play His part, not in obscurity as He previously did, but before the eyes of the entire world. Because of the smallness of our little planet, and because of the prevalence of the radio, television and the rapidity of communication, His part will be watched by all, and the prospect must surely, for Him, hold certain horror, must present its tests and major adjustments, plus painful and unavoidable experience. He does not come as the omnipotent God of man's ignorant creation, but as the Christ, the Founder of the Kingdom of God on Earth, to complete the work He started, and again to demonstrate divinity in far more difficult circumstances."

Pasted from <>

"His coming in the air might be interpreted literally to mean that at the right time He will come by plane from the place on earth where He has been for many generations, watching over the sons of men; the words [576] "every eye shall see Him" might mean that, by the time He comes, television will have been perfected and He will then be seen, by its means, from even the most distant spot on earth. To the orthodox Christian, the above will sound like the rankest blasphemy, but the question immediately arises: Why should it be blasphemy for Him to use modern methods?"

Pasted from <>

Well, it does seem that lots of people plan to get together very soon in Jerusalem! Javier Solana to “make permanent peace”; Pat Robertson to televise “the Second Coming”; and prominent UN’ers, perhaps Hugo Chávez, among them for a form of world government seated there.

Peter LeMesurier wrote a book called THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT. He called for staging a phony coming of Christ, from the Mt. of Olives in Jerusalem, to satisfy certain archetypal expectations and discharge the possibility of unexpected fulfillment at a less convenient time. His book inspired the title of my second 1985 book, A PLANNED DECEPTION: THE STAGING OF A NEW AGE MESSIAH. He concluded his book by saying that “their script is now written, subject only to last minute editing and stage direction . . . down in the pit, the subterranean orchestra is already tuning up.”

What is happening is smelling more and more like, “The Armageddon Script.” Will we be smart enough to see through it? Was this a serious fight between Robertson and Chavez -- or are they all players in a possible "Armageddon Script"? Our Lord said there would be deception enough even for the elect? It certainly seems to be shaping up.

As usual, your comments are valued. What do you think?

[1] See SHOUT IT FROM THE HOUSETOPS by Pat Robertson, Coffee Table revised hardcover edition, 1986, pages 150, 156-157.

P.S. September 20, 2005: Sarah Leslie and Jewel Grewe (formerly known as Jewel VanderMerwe) have launched a most important and informative new blogspot. They call it "herescope". It has already answered some questions for me about ugly evangelical opposition I received starting in 1982 and continue to receive via Hexham and Johnson to this day. I rather suspect my early work on the New Age Movement upset a lot of little "evangelical" cum "New Age" applecarts. I knew about the Evangelical - Jeremy Rifkin interactions. I did not know about the Evangelical - Willis Harman interacting. Jewel and Sarah have brought this out quite cogently on their new blogspot and I thank them for it!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Solana - more to China with love from EU


China and Russia recently engaged in joint maneuvers designed "to send a message to the United States". One of my very recent blogs discussed this. USA attention is, of course, focused on the very terrible Gulf coast tragedy which has all but destroyed New Orleans. Javier Solana issues congratulations and condolences to just about everybody for anything. I have yet to see a word of sympathy from his quarters for the terrible disaster. Even Venezuela's Chavez made offers to send oil and food.

But nevertheless, Javier Solana has been, as usual, very busy. What has he been busy with? Among other things, the Gaza strip, Iran and China.

One may be certain that he did not view with distress a recent call from a major Iranian paper in a country that decidedly does not have a free press, that Iran should cease bargaining over their nuclear issues with France, Germany, and Great Britain. They should negotiate, said the paper, solely with Solana because he alone represents all 25 EU countries! Undoubtedly, that paper was giving the official Iranian government line.

Next, Solana is forging ahead with his controversial plans to lift the arms ban on China. According to a news posted today:

BRUSSELS : The European Union reassured China that it was pressing ahead with plans to lift a 15-year-old arms embargo on Beijing despite a storm sparked by its anti-secession law targeting Taiwan. EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said the controversial law, which authorizes the use of force if Taipei moves towards independence, had caused "complicated atmospherics" around the debate over the EU arms ban. But the EU plans remain on track, he said after talks with Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing in Brussels.

Vintage Solana double talk. "Complicated atmospherics"? Severe hurricanes can have names other than "Katrina" -- maybe "Solana"?

As Herb Peters says it, "stay tuned." As usual, I invite your comments.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Pray for Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida

It now appears that the United States has experienced its own type of sorts of tsunami via Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane season is, unfortunately, far from over. I have spoken many times over the years in the New Orleans area, including suburbs of Kenner, Slidell and Metairie. Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Florida, are also areas where I have spent quality time in past years; Biloxi, Mississippi, Gulfport; and sections near Mobile appear to have also been hard hit. My husband and I vacationed there immediately after I completed law school in 1975 and they were still recovering from 1969's Camille.

It is distressing to watch the human toll this disaster has taken. It is unknown if New Orleans will be even salvageable. I saw the other day that Venezuela's Chavez had offered emergency oil and food to America in our disaster. I don't know what his motives might have been, but my posted response on Yahoo was let's take him up on his offer and say "Thank you!"

Earthquakes were mentioned by Jesus as a sign of apocalyptic times. So was "upon the seas, distress of nations." The tsunami and Katrina, inter alia, are very sobering signs.

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

What was Pat Robertson's Real Agenda?


Revised and amplified Sunday morning, August 28, 2005

Those of you who have followed my work against the New Age Movement over the years, particularly those who read my second book, A PLANNED DECEPTION, know that the word on the New Age Movement got out absolutely no thanks to Pat Robertson. He was the most vigorous opponent of my efforts. He finally released a book, THE NEW WORLD ORDER, purporting to be anti-New Age, but in reality was closer to anti-Semitic and quoting favorably some incredibly mixed New Age, anti-Jewish sources, such as Eustace Mullins. In case you are surprised by my statement that Eustace Mullins is New Age, just look at his book, MY LIFE IN CHRIST. There he professes his beliefs in 'ascended masters,' 'Aquarian Age,', etc., etc. Robertson's book itself gave a distinctly visible "international Jew" message -- the old line that they were in effect the masters of magic and money. Alice Bailey herself gave this message in her book, THE EXTERNALISATION OF THE HIERARCHY. Alice Bailey was the co-founder, with her husband Foster, of Lucifer Publishing Company, and the later founded Lucis Publishing Company and Lucis Trust in New York City.

Incredibly, the Robertson work, THE NEW WORLD ORDER, even directly copied one of my statements commenting on Benjamin Creme's advertisement ran in 25 major papers proclaiming "the Christ is now here". To add insult to injury, that book attributed my statement to Benjamin Creme, the most visible proponent of 'the Christ is now here crowd,' those proclaiming that Maitreya and not Jesus is the Christ.

Pat Robertson so often has has vigorously proclaimed that when the bible said,'every eye shall behold him,' it mean "on television." That certainly didn't match scripture, but it did match Alice Bailey's, THE EXTERNALISATION OF THE HIERARCHY, which said when it was time for the 'new Christ' to make his appearance, the prophecy 'every eye shall behold him would be interpreted to mean that he could be seen from even the most remote parts of earth by television.

I figured if Bro. Robertson had the nerve to say it, I had the nerve to quote him. He wrote a letter, sending it to my seldom used post office box that was so self-serving, I didn't even bother to answer it. He sent it approximately three more times over the next ten years. Then he falsely through associates put out disinformation saying I had called him "the antichrist" (I did not, but I certainly drew well-grounded parallels between what he was saying and the Alice Bailey crowd had written.) Numerous magazines then repeated his false statements claiming I had retracted statements I made against him after Robertson threatened me with a lawsuit. Pat Robertson's letter did threaten me with a lawsuit, but I was not frightened of it, nor did I retract anything -- what I had said was the easily documentable truth and I stood by it. In the United States of America, at least so far, truth is an absolute defense to any charge of slander or libel.

An organizer of the Prayer Breakfast in Honor of Israel, a Washington, D.C. area event that annually coincided with National Religious Broadcasters events there, contacted me in Brighton, Colorado where I had gone for Denver area speaking engagements in April 1986. He said he had a strange experience with Pat Robertson he could not make heads nor tails of until he read my chapter on him in A PLANNED DECEPTION. Pat Robertson had been the event's keynote speaker in 1986. The organizer had been cornered by Liberty Lobby people at the beginning of the event demanding he tell them if he knew who they were. "I don't know who you are, but I sure don't like your spirit", he replied. Per this man who was also seated at the head table, the Liberty Lobby crowd occupied three tables in the center of the hall for the Robertson speech Prayer Breakfast in Honor of Israel event.

In the middle of his speech Robertson stopped and said, "today Israel forced down an Egyptian jetliner and it turns out there were no terrorists aboard, only innocent civilians, which goes to prove nobody is infallible." My informant, the event organizer, said, "given the context of the event it was a strange statement. There was dead silence. Nobody applauded save the three tables of Liberty Lobby - Spotlight Magazine activists. They jumped to their feet, whistled, cheered and gave Pat Robertson a standing ovation. Robertson was looking right at them when he made the statement. I'm convinced he sent them a deliberate signal."

I was not convinced of that until the next year. That was when Liberty Lobby sent somebody to me to talk me out of my opposition to their work. The somebody they sent was Cornelius Vanderbreggen, the man who had allegedly led Pat Robertson to the Lord. Inter alia, he told me of his fervent belief of the truth of the virulently anti-Jewish, THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION. This was the man who Robertson left Dede Robertson in late stages of her second pregnancy to join for 40 days in the wilderness at an InterVarsity summer camp.

Shocked participants in the Prayer Breakfast in Honor of Israel whom I showed the Pat Robertson and Liberty Lobby materials featuring Cornelius Vanderbreggen soon brought Harald Bredesen to me. He was the person whom the alleged prophecy regarding Robertson, "for I have chosen you to usher in the coming of my son" came through. Bredesen told me he had never met Vanderbreggen. I went to dinner with Washington, D.C. area friends. I asked nobody to go to the Liberty Lobby hospitality suite for me at the NRB convention headquarters in the Sheraton Hotel where Vanderbreggen was giving a talk on "Israel and the Bible." A Campus Crusade for Christ representative who was studying some of these things on his own got curious and went to the event. He reported to me and author Joseph Carr the next morning what he had seen -- Bredesen and Vanderbreggen walked around through the suite talking about their old times and exploits together. Then Bredesen told those gathered what a big hero he had been for delaying my book's (THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW) publication for six months by forcing Huntington House to come up with $25,000 to buy out his interests. That was exactly what had happened and I knew about it at the time, but so many things were happening so fast in my life at the point that I had frankly forgotten about it until that reminder. Bill Keith, the former Louisiana state senator who then headed Huntington House, my publisher had informed me back in December 1982.

I remember chatting the next morning after that revelation with Joseph Carr. He said, "well, Connie, what do you think we should do about it?" I said, "I don't know, Joe, what do you think?" "Personally," said Joe, "I think we should go shout it from the housetops."

Now Pat Robertson has so very imprudently called for the assassination of the head of a sovereign country called Venezuela. I personally know Pat Robertson is probably far closer to New Ager than orthodox Christianity. But who is getting blamed for it? Honest, hard working Christian ministers of the Gospel. Read about it here.

Just as your guess as to the antichrist's identity is as good as mine, so is your guess as to the false prophet's identity. My best educated guess at the moment is Pat Robertson, at least it's appearing to me more and more that he's at least a very strong wannabe. Maybe getting the gospel message kicked out of Venezuela was his real agenda. I don't know. I for one would like to know. He'll probably get Christians blamed for increased gas and oil prices, as well, should Venezuela further tighten their market as a result of these scary statements.

May the Lord help us all!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Is the old 'Cold War' reheating?

Russia and China in joint war games -- Where is the EU?

I have been involved in a very intense case that continues. 'War Games' are probably familiar turf for any trial and/or family lawyer. I am both. This morning I saw a headline that looked right out of the 1950's:

"Russia, China in first joint war games"

For those of you wishing to read the article, the link may be reached by clicking on the top headline of this blog. The headline is from a Mideast Source, Aljazeera, This is starting to sound like practice games for Armageddon in a more literal than figurative sense of the word.

According to the Aljazeera news service report, this joint exercise is called "Peace Mission 2005." The main target is the United States.

China has been prospering in no small part with USA dollars. The EU has, as I have noted in several past blogs searchable on my archives on this blogspot, has been actively considering lifting its ban against selling weaponry to China. Now it appears that Russia, long time at odds with its far eastern ideological counterpart, is trying to make money by selling weaponry to China as well.

I think it is a real and horrible possibility that the European Union is handing power to Javier Solana to equalize itself with the United States. There is an interesting passage in the biblical Book of Revelation. It concerns the destruction of a powerful global Babylon. Those at sea bewail her destruction, whatever and whoever "she" is. They say in effect, "now who's going to buy our merchandise?"

The EU's Javier Solana has long said that "the plan is to use NATO assets with European control of those assets." A powerful Solana predecessor and mentor, Jacques Santer has long called for the EU to dislodge the USA as a competing superpower in the 'coming struggle for global resources in the 21st Century.'

If we are taking as true the prophesied biblical timeline of 3 1/2 years for the reign of the global despot commonly called by Christians the anti-Christ who is also the prophesied figure of Daniel who breaks a reconfirmed seven year treaty with Israel halfway through its term, a possibility is that China may not particularly like having its best market for its merchandise interfered with. If this is the case, a possible fulfillment of the Revelation Armageddon/Megiddo passage of the beast and his armies fighting an army of 200 million men suddenly seems much more plausible.

Speaking of that part of the world, Javier Solana and allies, including James Wolfensohn have been very busy removing nearly 40 year old Jewish settlements from a part of Israel known to all as the Gaza Strip. The EU's Solana has been recently busy preparing Iraq for European hegemony via its judicial and law administration systems. It appears that Iran is busy setting up potential nuclear devices and having shot our wad on Iraq's phantom non-existent 'weapons of mass destruction' weaponry, there is little we can actually do to stop it.

There is an interesting Isaiah prophecy concerning this Babylon, whoever and whatever she is. I personally believe that a city in Iraq is NOT the fulfillment -- it is more likely a global superpower. It goes like this: "I will stir up the Medes against them who regard not silver and as for gold, they delight not in it."

So many times in ancient biblical days, the accounts are that God used alien, hostile nations to resurrect the basic truth that our only security is in Him. There are also passages that all written must be fulfilled. If one or both of these are going down, I am not prepared to say. It looks remarkably similar on so many fronts now that things are, as the New Agers might say, "harmonically converging." It even looks like their New Age prophesied "Maitreya," could be in New Age vernacular, "emerging."

Jesus compared end time events to "birth pangs." What characterizes such? They come closer together with increasing and deepening intensity. There have been times that looked like such before, i.e. World War I, World War II. New Agers such as Marilyn Ferguson have long since written of their planned global agendas that what distinguishes this time from past non-successful times is that global communications have encircled the globe beyond any possibility of retreat. She may be right.

I don't know if this is the time or not, but I do know this. If God is ready, we'd better be. The sky is clouding and it's starting to rain. It's time to get our spiritual houses in order and by the grace of God, "climb on that ark." As the tsunami disaster that ushered in 2005 attests, destruction can come speedily.

That time may well be here. I personally pray I am ready.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Mad Hatter Tea Party at Wikipedia - Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass at Wikipedia's Mad Hatter Tea Party - The "Information Age" or "The Controlled Information Age" -- You be the Judge!

I have had an exceptionally busy month as a lawyer, 'putting out fires' for various family law clients. Law basically, stripped of its TV glamor, is a profession where one assumes the migraine headaches of others while simultaneously retaining all of one's own. I've assumed many migraines while retaining each and every one of my own in the last month. Hence, its not that nothing newsworthy is happening -- but I don't have the George Soros or any other foundation backing me. Like the rest of you, I have to work. I 'quit my day job' for seven years between 1982 and 1989 to educate the world on the fundamentals of the New Age Movement.

I am working on the items I described on my comments section. I am happy to see that the section is functioning as a sort of public bulletin board for some very asute observers. I will be releasing a very heavy article very soon about a variety of compelling recent developments -- in and out of the European Union. Things are happening so fast now on so many fronts -- sometimes hard to digest it all. A referee at Oakland County's Friend of the Court used the acronym TMI to summarize it: too much information.

There are, however, other places, such as Wikipedia that purport to give information that seek to censor, manage and control the news by what they call a 'democratic process.' I for one would more accurately characterize it as a sort of gang rape. As usual, our 'very good friend, Squeakbox' is a rabid and enthusiastic participant -- and he gets away with it with a little help from his online friends. I found the following dialogue this morning on the site:

Recommendation 666 was in fact written and authored by Dr. Solana, that is as concrete of a factual fact as you can get. It is not some creation on a neoconservative baptist's website, it is on the official website of the Assembly of the WEU. To remove an edit that simply links to an official government document on the WEU's website is absolutely censorship, despite what you think was democracy. Fact isn't decided by what the majority thinks, fact is decided by fact. And the fact in this matter is, whether you like it or not, Recommendation 666 is a real government document, created by Dr. Solana, and is on the official website of the Assembly of the WEU. Simply linking that document in his entry in and of itself is completely acceptable. Anything less would be playing the dillusional game of 'lets create our own reality' - one that I'm confident you are bright enough not to play. <---unsigned comment from User:Gump
Gump, your edits to Michael Moore and Fahrenheit 9/11 1/2 show unambigously that you are a vandal and a bad faith editor. Including some practically random recommendation document just because the number gives you a thrill is unencyclopaedic and will not be tolerated by good faith editors. Based on your supposed logic, why not include recommendation 665 and recommendation 667 (or which ever other ones Solana wrote), etc.? So go away and leave it alone, or you will quickly find yourself banned...your behaviour on other pages alone is already sufficient justification. Fawcett5 14:54, 27 May 2005 (UTC)
Can Gump apologise here for his outrageous assertion about thinking he is in Nazi Germany. He is creating a very rank atmosphere here with his rash assertions, which is not conducive to a collaborative effort on this article, plus it can be construed as a personal attack against the editors of this article,
SqueakBox 16:25, May 27, 2005 (UTC)
When I realised what he'd been up to on other articles, I decided to block Gump for twelve hours to give him a chance to cool off and reflect on whether he wants to contribute to Wikipedia or just vandalize and troll. --
Tony SidawayTalk 16:51, 27 May 2005 (UTC)
Wow Tony, you're so brilliant, I'm so impressed with your ability to go to an admin page that does all the hard work for you. I make two edits to Michael Moore (just to see what happens) then suddenly every other logical argument I ever make afterwards is null and void. Way to divert the issue by pointing your finger at something else other than taking on the issue at hand. Thus is human nature, to point at something else when confronted directly with truth. Of course my two edits to Michael Moore were stupid (was supposed to be one, but when I hit refresh on my browser it did the same thing again), but can you think beyond that in any capacity? And Squeakbox, I have no apology for using Nazi Germany as an example, because guess what? Now that I've been 'banned' for 12 hours, been called a troll, and have only had 'then use 665 and 667' thrown at me as a defense, I'm confident that I will be now be deemed irritating enough to be banned completely for such an 'outrageous assertion' - despite my starting this entire 'truce' section on my own free will, engaging in challenging conversation, and by adding a simple link to a page on the European Union - not fundie - website. So go ahead, be a dictator and censor me right up, create your own reality, just the way you want it to be. But until then, that page exists whether you like it or not. p.s. I don't think Solana is the antichrist, and 99.9999% of people don't think so either. Recommendation 666 is highly important though, because in an 'emergency situation', all authority is handed over to ONE person....which is ironic and could serve useful to a FUTURE person in power....but whatever, that came from a fundie website right? Oh didn't.

Pasted from <>

Now, I have facts that need summarizing and posting, but why entrust it to the Wikipedia crew? Already I find I am choosing my words carefully so as not to enflame the more self-righteous members of that instrument. (My more reckless impulse was to use the words of Jesus, "cast not thy pearls before swine.) Soon, I will be writing about on this site:

1. Javier Solana's CV portrayal of his marriage as one burdened only by his schedule when in reality (at least per the European Voice), he and his wife "called it quits" in 1995 and Solana asked his friends for help in arranging a brand new social life for him when he moved to Brussels;

2. Why does Solana seem to receive such elaborate grants of additional power just about every November 20th? What happened on November 20th that might have made it worthy of commemoration? Franco (called only by Solana and family 'The Dictator') is one likely possibility. Franco died November 20th, 1995.

3. Why did Solana, then a publicly active Marxist, have access to Spain's King Juan Carlos at least as early as May 20th, 1977, two months before Solana was elected to the Spanish parliament as a representative of the teacher's union?

As usual, your comments are welcome and solicited. Enjoy your day and as my good friend, Herb Peters says, "Stay tuned."