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  1. Fortuitously, I ran into another author at my mechanic's this afternoon. She had written a book about her experiences in the Armenian community and her family's survival of "The Armenian Genocide."  The book, ORPHAN IN THE SANDS, is available by direct order to Virginia Haroutunian, P.O. Box 391, Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA 48303 ($15.00 plus $5.00 postage and handling or $20 flat).   The Armenians took serious persecution from the Turks around the time. Virginia Haroutinian, a Pontiac, Michigan public school teacher of Choral Education for 29 years, has written a book which is a local and beyond best seller. It has many fascinating insights into the Armenian genocide tragedy. Reportedly, that was an inspiration to Hitler for his later ethnic cleansing of Europe's Jewish and Gypsy populations. As we face a similar harsh climate for Christian believers to that Armenian Christians experienced I thought there were useful insights for us from her family recollections. Also of interest to me is that Virginia Haroutunian spent time in the 1960s in Spain. Armenia became the first Christian nation in 302 A.D.

It should make an interesting on-air discussion tomorrow: 2 p.m. Pacific time; 3 p.m. Mountain time; 4 p.m. Central time; and 5 p.m. Eastern time.

Please join us and stay tuned!

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A real Solana - Sarkozy conflict? Who will come out on top?

Javier Solana does not like being upstaged on European military and foreign policy issues. It currently appears that the Prime Minister of France, may be doing just that. Nicolas Sarkozy has made a number of unilateral moves that currently appear NOT to be part of the "Common Foreign and Security Policy" long since agreed to between the European nations. Recently Sarkozy has announced intentions to set up a French military base in Saudi Arabia. He has proposed setting up a Mediterranean Union. It is currently hard to tell whether he is doing this in tandem with Javier Solana or at cross-purposes with Solana's agenda. From my perspective, Nicolas Sarkozy appears to be a loose cannon.

At any rate, it should be interesting to watch whether Sarkozy, who was reported to have been drunk at the last G-8 meeting, will advance or burn out. Anything France does needs to be treated with concern. They are a member of the nuclear club. The fusion energy project, ITER, has been stationed at Cadarache, also the site of French nuclear facilities. Angela Merkel has warned in the past that Sarkozy's actions could split the European Union.

There are prophecy watchers out there who believe that nothing can come together until the European Union unites. Interestingly, the Daniel 10 toes prophecy tells us that these nations -- some strong, some weak -- will not cleave together. But the Revelation prophecy says that ten nations will hand their power to one man. It also says that man will put "three kings" down.

Who is it? When is it? Your guess is as good as mine. Javier Solana has had his hands more than full as of late. It appears he may well have outsmarted himself on his efforts to strip the Serbian Orthodox of their religious center by proposals to soon grant Kosovo its independence. Kosovo is the equivalent of Jerusalem to orthodox Serbs. It is my opinion that an important precedent was set with Kosovo -- its ok to take somebody's religious capital. Those interested in the future of Jerusalem, Mecca, Vatican City, and maybe even Salt Lake City should watch carefully, maybe even with alarm.

The Serbs have not taken all of this lying down. It appears to me that they have embarrassed Javier Solana by negotiating a Gazprom deal with Russia. It appears that Javier Solana forgot about that factor in his apparent haste to wean the Serbs of their religiosity.

While Sarkozy is talking seemingly brash about independent French militarizations, Javier Solana is pressing methodically for his 2010 headline goal of consolidation of EU military operations.

It will be very interesting, not to mention disturbing, to watch all of this play out. May the least malevolent man win!

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"Squeakbox" a/k/a "Richard Weiss" deifier of Haille Selassie and Javier Solana!


This is a Spanish genealogy of Nieves Hayat de Madariaga, married twice: the first time to Francisco Solana and the second time to N. Mathews. Now we know there has been blatant historical revisionism (much of it coming from "Squeakbox," shown in picture above) of Javier's parentage and Salvador de Madariaga was indeed grandpa and not "great uncle." It is my opinion that they were proud of that parentage until they decided we would look at the deep family occult connections (Nieves even reported she knew Krishnamurti, the 1920s candidate for "Maitreya.") and put two and two together.

Now, I think I'll go finish that book, JAVIER SOLANA: MYSTERY MAN OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER. This was the piece holding all up. I did not want to misstate his parentage!

Constance E. Cumbey

Nieves Hayat de Madariaga
1917 + 2003
Salvador de Madariaga y Rojo * 23.07.1886
Constance Archibald * 1878
Matrimonio I:
Francisco Solana

Matrimonio II:
N Mathews

Hijos del Matrimonio I:
Luis Solana de Madariaga
Javier Solana de Madariaga * 14.07.1942 Concepción Giménez Díaz-Oyuelos

Pasted from:

Javier Solana's family tree revisionism?

Friends, I was questioning my own sanity and memory for awhile. I have carefully followed news on Javier Solana since November 22, 1995. Concurrent with that time, he was described in the various Spanish and world presses as being the grandson of a famous Spanish diplomat, Salvador de Madariaga. His own published bio was silent about any family ties apart from his wife (which I subsequently, per the European Voice, learned was estranged) and two children. Spanish sources subsequently furnished me with photographs of Nieves Mathews, the daughter of Salvador de Madariaga, said by my always reliable Spanish sources to be Javier Solana's mother.

Sometime after the commencement of what I term "the editing wars" on Wikipedia vis a vis, "the good doctor" Javier Solana (he has a doctorate in physics), a strange article was posted by the person known as "Squeakbox" on Wikipedia. He rewrote history and claimed that Javier Solana's mother was "the Obdulia Madariaga."

Above all, I wanted to be accurate and not guilty of passing on false information. I researched this "Obdulia Madariaga" and put the series of articles I was doing on this blogspot on hold until I could verify which was right. I went to Spanish stories and read that Solana was the "nieto" meaning "grandson" of Salvador de Madariaga, Nieves Mathew's father. Nieves' Italian language obituary included information that during World War II she had been married with two sons. It also revealed her to be a correspondent with New Age activist Fritjof Capra as well as her fascination with Sir Francis Bacon and "the invisible college." I obtained her Yale University published book and learned from her "Acknowledgments" that Osho, better known to Americans, as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh had been her "teacher." Perhaps a better translation would be "guru." Nieves Mathews was in her old age a "sannyasin" of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. Perhaps this was from loneliness. Interestingly, he (Rajneesh/Osho) told her she was "pregnant with God."

After doing my own checking, as to the Spanish sources using the word "Nieto," I concluded that Salvador de Madariaga was the grandpa and Nieves Mathews had to be mom. I edited the article with the footnote that the Spanish source "Cidob" used the word Nieto and they were positioned to know.

A few short months ago, I again noticed that Nieves Mathews and Salvador de Madariaga had been distanced, again by Squeakbox, as immediate family to Javier Solana and his elder brother, Luis. This time, Squeakbox claimed his authority was the Spanish organization CIDOB. I went over there and sure enough that was what it was saying in an article sounding very much like the writing style of Squeakbox who lives in a Latin American country and has solid Spanish writing skills.

Well, today my office was visited by an elderly gentleman who once heard me speak and didn't have great computer skills. He wanted to view information I had archived on Javier Solana. I was busy with a client in my inner office, but I brought out my large notebook binders of hardcopied articles for him to peruse. Turning to a few things that I thought would interest him, I was dumbfounded to find my 2001 CIDOB archived articles. They clearly said, both in Spanish and their English translations that Salvador de Madariaga was Javier Solana's grandfather!

What kind of a man would disavow his own mother? What kind of a man would condone those who would write his own mother out of the history books?

If, in fact we all have the facts wrong on the parentage of Javier Solana, I submit that his current powers and planned future powers for "global governance" are such that we deserve to know about those aspiring to be at the helm, such as appears to be the case with Dr. Solana.

Or should we suspect the "lupus" ancestry of Damian? Only those who viewed "The Omen" might guess?

My educated guess. Javier Solana is the son of Nieves Mathews and the grandson of Salvador de Madariaga and his Scottish born wife, Constance Archibald. Why he might want to downplay such distinguished lineage is anybody's guess!

Stay tuned!

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I have rescheduled the NSPD 51 program to Friday, January 25, 2008 at 5 p.m. God willing, we'll be live on the air then.


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NSPD-51 - "Almost as bad as the Paranoia"?



Urgent update: A reader commented on Naomi Wolf's past warnings. I just read the link and think that it is excellent preparation for today's discussion. We are indeed in potentially disturbing times! You may read it by clicking here.

Today Detroit area reporter friend Ron Siegel contacted me. He asked me if I had heard of NSPD-51. Per Ron, it was contingency plans that in the event of a national emergency could cancel elections. It was a “plan for continuity” in the event of an emergency. Ron directed my attention to analyses by another reporter, Ron Rosenbaum. Rosenbaum, who reported on similar potentially sinister plans made by the Nixon administration prior to the discovery of Watergate has made an analysis of NSPD-51 (National Security Presidential Directive 51) and you may read it for yourself by
clicking here.

The actual directive may be read by
clicking here.

Needless to say, given recent events, we need to be aware of this presidential directive and its possible application in the event of even a natural disaster As author Ron Rosenberg says, “there’s nothing wrong with planning for ‘continuity of government,’ . . . “ However, we the people certainly have a right to know what the perimeters are and how they could potentially affect us.

This will be the subject of tomorrow’s show and it will be an on air conversation between Ron Siegel and myself. I hope that as many of you as possible will plan to join us live on air, call 1-888-747-1968 with your questions, and join us, if possible in the chat room. The Paltalk Chatroom can be accessed for free by going to You can donload the software for free and then access “Talk Radio” and then under the submenu, “TheMicroEffect.

Hope you will join us tomorrow as part of staying tuned!

Federico Mayor and Lucis Trust - Share International - Benjamin Creme

Dear Readers:
Since I posted most of this the other night, I discovered this 1997 "World Goodwill" newsletter on line in Acrobat (.pdf) file format. You may download it for yourself (provided they didn't remove it once they discover this article) by clicking here. He is a current month cover boy for Benjamin Creme's SHARE INTERNATIONAL. Federico Mayor is the Co-Chairman of the Alliance of Civilizations. He is interestingly, a member of Opus Dei. He is clearly a close ally of Javier Solana and the evidence screams that he has been in contact with Lucis Trust at least since giving this interview in 1997. However, I have materials from attempts to utilize the church in the 1968's with an interfaith commission led by a Fr. Joseph Gremillion. Both Federico Mayor and Theodore Hesburgh as well as Maurice Strong were involved even then.
Both the last and present pope have taken stands against Lucis Trust, Theosophy, and the New Age Movement. It is interesting to see how they might deal with the Federico Mayor situation now. I rather suspect that "evangelization" might be the last pretense of the apostasizer!

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Old Man of the Ski's Perceptive Perceptions

To my readers:

This posting should be read in conjunction with my last two from the past two days!

As all of you reading probably know, I was up until the very wee hours researching and posting. Our reader identifying himself as "Old Man of the Ski" was just as likely to have been up shortly after for his elaborate posting to my comment section. I DO NOT AGREE WITH ALL THAT HE SAID -- notably I do believe that due to the scriptural prophecies that receiving "the mark of the beast" makes those getting it to break out in hideous sores all over their body -- they will "long for death and death will not come" that there has to be an implantation feature that proves carcinogenic. Also that it is used for tracking who can buy and who can sell, I believe that Verichip cannot be acquitted at this time. However, as regards the symbolisms to which he refers, I must, based on my present knowledge concur. He published it in my comments section, but I believe it deserves wider exposure than that, so I am taking the liberty of making it a blog story posting in and of itself.

I would also submit that the "Image of the Beast" could well be the well publicized image of the "Whole Earth" itself, something the New Agers have been chortling about since the moon landing in 1969.
Thanks to "Old Man of the Ski" for this important contribution!


From "Old Man of the Ski" January 20, 2007

I went skiing today. I did not crash and land on my head, but after reading this, you might think I had. I’ve decided to impose on you all by taking up a whole lot of space here and share the findings of my study of the occult symbolism surrounding the AOC Conference meeting place in Madrid. It seems to tie in pretty well with Constance's latest post.

Indeed, over the last few days I’ve come to the realization that I may have discovered what the mark of the Beast is and will actually look like. Now you might think that is an overly bold statement, one clearly demonstrating a lack of judgment. Oh well, now that I’ve got your attention, I trust you will read on. But first, I would like to recap my earlier posts, and thank Rudi and a couple of others out there for your thoughtful responses and for providing info that has kept my interest piqued.This particular rant got it’s start when I thought I recognized some similarities to Masonic design in the architectural floor plans of the Madrid Municipal Conference Centre, which as you all know by now, is the host site for the 2008 Alliance of Civilizations group think symposium. (Links to that and other sites were posted earlier, so I will not repeat them here.)

Intrigued, I spent some time comparing the floor plan to well known Masonic symbols, the Compass and Pillars, the Compass and Eye, The Pyramid and the Eye of Horus, etc., designs which are imbedded in every Masonic Temple around the world. Keep in mind, that to a “brother in the craft”, every Masonic temple is a representation of Solomon’s Temple, the ancient Jewish Temple where Levite priests offered sacrifices in the presence of Almighty God. Then I took a look at the conference location using Google maps. Shades of DC!

Out popped more Masonic symbolism, including the Masonic Compass and the Thaumaturgic Triangle, which to those familiar with the occult, represents an open door to the demonic world. Hmmm, so let’s add this up… We have a group of the world’s elite holding a major conference with global implications in a modern building rife with Masonic symbolism centered in a Thaumaturgic Triangle.

Coincidence? Not if the Beast is about to emerge! I then spent some time looking at a host of other buildings and monuments nearby. The Parque Juan Carlos right next door to the AOC meeting place was most intriguing since the shape itself was reminiscent of the AOC’s own circular yin/yang logo. On the ground the park is chock full of Masonic/occult artwork and imagery, including such things as the Point in the Center, Emergent Hands, the Square, and at least one Pyramid. I also found the exact same Masonic design features in other nearby buildings, the most notable being the Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I Exhibition Hall. [1]
Then my journey led me out of Spain to some rather far-flung regions around the globe. Of course I did all this traveling on the World Wide Web from the comfort of my own home. I just don’t have the financial freedom, not to mention the time, to travel all over the world like say, a Nicholas Cage, or a Javier Solana. But thanks to Google Earth and a couple of good search engines, I was able to gain a bird’s eye view of many diverse places, see some rather unique images, and read through a host of web pages dedicated to investigating the alleged “Masonic” designs of such well known locale’s as Britain’s Hyde Park as well as our own nation’s capital city. Nothing I discovered is anything new of course. There’s absolutely tons of well documented information gathered by much more dedicated researchers than I who have spent a lot more time out there looking at Freemasonry ties to the Global order. Needless to say, a study of Masonic/occult symbology in architecture and design can be overwhelming!

In short, one can find Masonic symbolism just about everywhere. At the risk of making a bad pun, it is truly an all en-compassing subject! Yeah, maybe some people are already saying, “what gibberish, what nonsense!” But then why read any further? If what I have shared so far were nothing more than a fairy tale, than nothing else I write matters. But if you have a sense that what I am sharing is truth, than read on. For if the truth be told, our beloved Lady Liberty is nothing more than an effigy of the Egyptian goddess Isis; holding aloft the Eye of Horus,"enlightening the world" to the tenants of democracy and freedom. She does not so much say to the world “give us your poor and wretched”, but rather calls out, as Alistair Crowley defined long ago while channeling a demonic entity in Egypt, we are free to “DO WHAT THOU WILT!” And here I must remind the reader that our most revered founding fathers actually HATED democracy, and warned us about the excesses of unrestrained libertarianism.

Regardless, at the celebration of the Statue of Liberty’s 50th Anniversary in 1936, President, Franklin D. Roosevelt (a Mason himself) said:“It was the hope of those who gave us this statue and the hope of the American people in receiving it, that the Goddess of Liberty and the Goddess of Peace were the same.”Not much later, FDR, the author of the Great Society, led us out of the Depression and into WW II. Attached to The Statue of Liberty’s base is a plaque commemorating the one hundred year anniversary of the placing of the cornerstone of her pedestal by William A. Brodie, Grand Master of the Masons of New York. The plaque attached to her base speaks for itself. A photo of the plaque can be viewed [by clicking] here.[2]

I do feel the need to excerpt one section of the history of “Lady Liberty” because the last sentence regarding “ignorance and tyranny” is highly relevant to AOC policy documents describing “fundamentalism and extremism”:“Although the ceremonies were accompanied by heavy rain, led by New York's Grand Master William A. Brodie, a delegation of over 100 Masons watched as he posed the pedestal cornerstone August 5th, 1884, together with a copper time capsule containing objects of Masonic significance. The Deputy Grand Master and Grand Wardens then conducted appropriate Masonic consecration ceremonies. The Grand Master made brief remarks and the Deputy Grand Master, R. W. Prank W. Lawrence, gave stirring remarks extolling the concept of liberty. When asked why the Masonic Fraternity should be called upon to lay the cornerstone of such a structure, Grand Master Brodie replied: No institution has done more to promote liberty and to free men from the trammels and chains of ignorance and tyranny than has Freemasonry.”

But this posting is getting way too long, for that I do apologize. I have nowhere else to publish my findings. Anyway, I said at the outset that all this “research” led me to conclude what the mark of the Beast will actually be. The rest, as they say, is water off a ducks back. Now research is all about traipsing through where others have gone before, uncovering what others have already discovered, following your own or somebody else’s train of thought as far as you want to go with it, climbing the mountain of valuable information previously compiled and made available by people like Constance on websites like this, including all those who contribute and provide links to vast storehouses of knowledge, which no one can completely wade through let alone comprehend. One also has to recognize when to turn around in an obvious dead end. But everything I found points to one symbol, one peculiar mark above any other.The unholy trinity is comprised of the beast, the woman who rides the beast, and the Antichrist. These are three separate demonic entities, each uniquely manifested, but of one mind. Demonic entities have been universally represented in occult writings down through the ages as emerging from the Thaumaturgic Triangle. It is this design, or one of it’s many variations, which I believe will be used to signify man’s allegiance to the manifest tripartite devil. The Thaumaturgic Triangle is the classic composite representation of “body, mind, spirit”…. the three fold clasped hands…. “666” in design and function. It is in essence the Masonic Compass complete with the all seeing Eye of Horus, the Seal of the Great Pyramid. Now, let’s get real folks, we’re not going to walk around with dollar bills stuck to our foreheads! But the mark of the Beast cannot merely be a pin number, a microchip, or a bar code with a “666” stamped on it either! It must be a symbol representing the “universal” concept of man’s completeness. It will be a very real and very open doorway to the spiritual realm. It will mark one’s eternal identification with the manifest physical entity known as Lucifer. Its purpose is not just so the Beast can identify us, but rather it will denote our identification with him! It is primarily a sign of worship. Therefore, it cannot be hidden or implanted beneath the skin. It must be prominently displayed for all to see.

4:15 AM
Oldmanoftheski's references:


I read a disturbing article recently by Lee Penn on Opus Dei. Knowing of its Spanish roots and allegedly "mixed bag" character, reported to me by Protestants and Catholics alike, I have been watching as warned. I discovered an article claiming Federico Mayor, a former UNESCO head and present co-chair of the Alliance of Civilizations was, inter alia, Opus Dei. Knowing that a former Benjamin Creme/Lucis Trust follower, Robert Muller, had headed UNESCO, and knowing of Federico Mayor's Alliance of Civilizations activities (Alliance of Civilisations to our British and Canadian readers), I decided to see if there was any evidence that Federico Mayor had links to Benjamin Creme and his "Share International" vehicle for promoting a "Maitreya the Christ." As the above pictures show, there are. In fact, it is the current story for SHARE INTERNATIONAL'S "Maitreya the Christ" current issue. Karen Armstrong was featured in an earlier issue.

These people claim to be knowledgeable about world religions. They both had at least earlier professed Catholic ties -- Federico Mayor still professes his, to the best of my current knowledge. They claim they are working for "peace." They are obviously in circles working very hard to marginalize and even eliminate monotheistic world religions.

I will have much, much more to say about this very soon, but I decided you were entitled to this critical evidence of where these folks were really coming from -- most of us already knew, but for the rest of you, here is more disturbing evidence. As a picture is worth a thousand words, links are in the headlines for both the translated and Spanish versions of the Federico Mayor story. You may click on the pictures also for a full page view -- the first picture is the Spanish language version and the second is the second half of the story which you clearly need to view, if English is your primary language, in English to fully appreciate.
Stay tuned!

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Almost by accident, following up on internet posted photos, I discovered a compelling and disturbing web report by the Association of European Journalists. It was reporting on an "AEJ Media Freedom Survey." Pre-world War II, Harold Stassen was reported as saying that "the lights of freedom are going out across Europe." I was ominously reminded of that in reading one of the creepier quotes in Marilyn Ferguson's 1980 THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY. She was happy about what she was writing. I was not happy about what I was reading. She attributed the following statement to one Johann Quanier, "British publisher of The New Humanity journal."

"The strands of free thinking within Europe are now being drawn together; despite the conflicts, the tension, and the differences, that territory is preeminently suitable for the emergence of the new political-spiritual framework."[1]

Well, now it is 2008 and the "new political-spiritual framework" is looking eerily like "Headline Goal 2010" and "Framework Programmes" with various numbers -- I believe they may be in the 7th, or is it the 8th? The European Neighbourhood Policy is in full swing -- it makes nearby regions -- the Caucasus, the Mediterranean, et al, part of "Greater Europe." Moneys are there as carrots and as sticks to make sure the "neighbourhoods" stay within the will of the European Union and its HR/SG (High Representative/Secretary General) who always seems to be at the top of the food chain on these various "programmes."
For now, at least, it's [The Secretary General/High Representative cum 'Foreign Minister'} "our very good friend," Javier Solana in the EU HR/SG/Foreign Minister position. Now, just how is freedom really faring in Javier Solana's Europa? It is dismayingly expressed in the negative in "Goodbye to Freedom?", a report issued by the British Association of European Journalists. Quoting a summary from the Association of European Journalists website, we read:

"The Survey covers 20 countries in eastern and western Europe and highlights evidence that media freedom in Europe is threatened by restrictive laws, hidden political and commercial pressures, threats of jail, intimidation and in some cases even murder. . . . [it] challenges the myth that western European societies are 'much more free' than those in eastern Europe. Across the continent . . . media freedom is under attack from new political and economic pressures . . . ."

Maybe even more than these beleaguered journalists suspect in their worst nightmares, the lights of freedom are going out across Europe. Watching USA Homeland Security director Michael Chertoff bluntly tell American citizens that if they want the right to travel or board planes, they'd better work to put the 17 states dissenting from the Real ID act, or else . . ., I sadly suspect they are going out here as well.

What is happening is just too eerily like the recent history books I read as a child about World War II. May the Lord help us all!
[1] Marilyn Ferguson, THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY. Los Angeles: J.P. Tarcher, Inc. (1980), quoting page 410. For those new to my research, Ms. Ferguson, a New Age activist herself was promoting what she called "The Aquarian Conspiracy." She was not warning against it.

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January 14, 2007

Dear Friends:

Below is the revolting latest on the "Real ID Act." None of it appears good! I am reprinting the release verbatim from the EPIC Identification and Surveillance Project." I am reproducing it verbatim and I am attempting to line up its author for my radio program Friday afternoon. Holly Peters Pivec, Herb Peters' daughter, and the manager of the popular prophecy website, will be on the air with me Tuesday afternoon and we will conducting the program conversation style rather than an interview format. You, of course, are cordially invited to join the conversation and Stay Tuned!

Update: The author of the posted article is suffering from laryngitis this week, but tells my secretary she will be delighted to join us as soon as recovered!


January 11, 2008
Melissa Ngo
Director, EPIC Identification and Surveillance Project
(202) 483-1140 ext. 123
ngo AT


WASHINGTON, DC - Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael
Chertoff today released the agency's final regulations for REAL ID, the
national identification system. The law was passed in 2005 and will
require the states to make significant changes to the state driver's
license. EPIC and other civil liberties and privacy organizations have
objected to the federal identification system, which will include the
sensitive information of 245 million license and state ID cardholders
across the country.
The proposal has drawn sharp criticism from state governments, members
of Congress, civil liberties advocates, and security experts. The
Secretary scaled back some of the requirements, reduced the cost, and
extended the deadline for state compliance. However, Secretary Chertoff
also indicated that the REAL ID card would be used for a wide variety of
purposes, unrelated to the law that authorized the system, including
employment verification and immigration determination. He also indicated
that the agency would not prevent the use of the card by private parties
for non-government purposes. As part of the cost-saving effort, Homeland
Security has decided not to encrypt the data that will be stored on the
Melissa Ngo, Director of the EPIC Identification and Surveillance
Project, said, "REAL ID creates a United States where individuals are
either 'approved' or 'suspect,' and that is a real danger to security
and civil rights."
The REAL ID proposal has been widely criticized. Seventeen states have
passed legislation against REAL ID, and Congress is debating its repeal.
The Department of Homeland Security has also been criticized for its own
poor security practices. In May 2007, a Homeland Security office lost
the personal data of 100,000 employees.
According to security expert Bruce Schneier, "Measures like REAL ID have
limited security benefit. Identification systems are complex, and the
unforgability of the plastic card is only a small part of the security
equation. Issuance procedures, verification procedures, and the
back-end database are far more vulnerable to abuse, and -- perversely --
a harder-to-forge card makes subverting the system even more valuable.
Good security doesn't try to divine intentionality from identification,
but instead provides for broad defenses regardless of identification."
EPIC is a public interest research center in Washington, D.C. EPIC was
established in 1994 to focus public attention on emerging civil
liberties issues and to protect privacy, the First Amendment, and
constitutional values. In 2007, EPIC led a grassroots coalition of
organizations and bloggers that urged the Department of Homeland
Security to withdraw the REAL ID plan.
More information is available at:

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Reprint of April 2005 post: "Equipping the Saints or Disarming Them?

Dear Readers:

Because of pertinent questions I received on my comment section tonight, I am republishing this article which I originally published in April 2005. It is also easily found on a google or Yahoo search. It is originally found at

I want to caution that there are good, sincere people doing excellent work at these same agencies, and much of their work is necessary, but the battle has been long, difficult, and insidious and I think people are entitled to know. After this "Denver Disinformation Conference" there were other efforts of which I became finally aware in 2006 to shut me out of my own work, excluding me from the "Discernment circles." As Tal Brooke and Jacob Prasch played prominent roles in part of that along with others even too painful for me to mention, but Tal Brooke's and Jacob Prasch's roles were public, I name them here. There are others I am keeping to myself.

Constance E. Cumbey
Wolves in Sheep's Clothing? The 'Evangelical' Struggle to keep you from the truth

Equipping the Saints? Or Disarming them? You be the judge!

There have been enormous efforts and huge sums of money spent to keep the Christian world from knowing the size and extent of the New Age Movement and its growing powers. I have kept silent most of the time on most of what I know not because I wanted to keep people from the truth, but because of Jesus' clear warnings that the wheat and the tares would grow together until the time of the end and to do nothing about the tares because in pulling up the tares, one might also harm the wheat. It is only when I see the wheat itself harmed that I speak out. I believe for people to now know what is coming, that they know how insidious this battle has been.

When I started my work against the New Age Movement in 1981, I thought it would be very simple -- Christian vs. Lions. It wasn't quite that easy. Some of who I believed were US were either apathetic or THEM. Some of THEM repented and became staunchly US. Some of the lengths gone to suppress -- even blackball me and my work -- were truly amazing. A Seattle, Washington Christian (Logos Bookstore) was selling many New Age books on its shelves. My book, THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW, then a #1 best seller on the Christian best seller list, was sold under the counter. It was packaged in a plain brown paper wrapper, stapled shut with a critical article on my work from Christianity Today inside. Matthew Fox authored (a Catholic apostate theologian, later removed by the new pope as Cardinal Ratzinger acting in his position as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) books were sold very openly.

I was asked to participate in a conference for Evangelical Ministries to New Religions at El Toro, California in December 1983. This was a time immediately after my father's death and I have detailed some of this in my second book, A PLANNED DECEPTION. In El Toro, I was asked to present my proofs on the existence of the New Age Movement. The panel behind me who was to comment on my work included CRI's Eliot Miller; Cornerstone Magazine's Eric Pement; Brooke Alexander of Spiritual Counterfeits Project; and Dave Hunt, who I then believed to be my ally.

In my main talk, I detailed the inroads Jeremy Rifkin had made in evangelizing evangelicals to the environmental paradigm shift of the New Age Movement. The question and answer period was truly amazing. I had no idea what would be thrown at me. I had packed one large book bag and it accompanied me that evening. Time after time I was accused both by members of the panel and members of the inquisitorial audience of taking the New Agers out of context. I would say, "well, let's read it together." I would pull the exact book from my briefcase.

That I had the proper books with me to defeat their claims of misquoting can only be attributed to either extreme luck or divine intervention. It was statistically impossible given a library of my size to have had it happen accidentally. Of course, I believe it to be the latter. I obviously had help!

The next major thrust against me was what I term the "Denver Disinformation Conference" which took place at the Denver Seminary on March 14-15, 1985 in Denver, Colorado. I was not invited. A few days before, a cult research by the first name of Hugh called me. He said he had called to register, left his credit card number with Dr. Gordon Lewis' secretary at the Denver Seminary. The Denver Seminary is a Conservative Baptist institution. Dr. Lewis was coordinating the conference. Dr. Vernon Grounds was the Chancellor. People from that seminary were to play a major role in a unity conference with New Age leaders in conjunction with Doug Coe in 1987, but this was 1985.

At any rate, Hugh, my caller, said that he asked the registrar, Dr. Lewis' secretary a natural question, given that this was the first recognition in the Evangelical world that the New Age Movement even existed outside of the imagination of yours truly. "Would Constance Cumbey be there?" He said that she replied as follows: "This conference was called on account of Constance Cumbey and we will have security guards present, just in case she decides to show up."

This was hard for me to take. I started crying. I said, "this time they've gone to a new low." My caller said, "you know, you could go anyway." I said, " no, I practiced law long enough to know that if they would go to those lengths, they would go even lower. They would trump [up] a disturbance and blame me for it. They would like nothing better than for me to be in a Denver jail -- I'm not going to give them the satisfaction."

God's timing is very interesting. I have never had anything like this happen without getting confirmation shortly thereafter. The very next morning I had a phone call from a man identifying himself as a producer for a Denver professor.  That professor hosted a popular religion oriented talk show on Denver radio each and every Sunday morning. He said that they had planned to give the time for the Sunday program immediately following the confernce to a participant -- hopefully Ronald Enroth. He went on to say, that he [the producer] and the talk show host professor had been talking.  They wondered out loud why at last there was an Evangelical conference on the existence of something that had been long denied -- and that the most recognized Evangelical figure on the subject was not a part of the conference. I recounted something unpleasant that had happened to me concerning Ronald Enroth. Then I told him what I had just heard the night before -- about the security guards."Why I know the person in charge of security," exclaimed the producer. His name is Mark Roggeman and he's a local policeman. Let's get him in on this conversation."

Mark Roggeman joined the conversation in what became a three way conference call. He told me a most amazing story. Mark Roggeman was a Denver policeman who then and now was working on cult related issues. He was and is a staunch Christian. He said he was thrilled that after three years of denial, that finally there was Evangelical recognition of a New Age Movement problem. He heard they were seeking a Security Director and applied for the job.

He said that upon his hiring he was summoned into Gordon Lewis office.  Dr. Lewis told him his first, foremost and primary responsibility was to escort Constance Cumbey off the grounds, "should she show up." Mark told me he said to Lewis, "that's how the cults operate." Lewis told him, "you want the job, that's the condition." Roggeman told me he decided to stick around and see what else they had up their collective sleeves.

"What else" included Dr. Gordon Melton, a rabid New Age follower in nearly all of its forms, including vampirism and Ramtha the 35,000 year old man deliver a paper, "A Christian Response to the Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow." He was wearing an ankh and selling his paper promoting astrology on the grounds.

I was offered radio time -- two national interviews -- on the Marlin Maddoux Show on the two days immediately preceding the conference. I gave the doings and their security guards more free advertising than they ever expected. I understand they ran around red faced saying it had not happened -- but it clearly happened.I say all of this now because Gretchen Passantino published prominently on the web, a paper on urban legends. She includes as one "urban legend" the security guard story. I'm sorry to say it but Gretchen Passantino was close enough to the action on this gang to know better. It is bluntly -- a lie!

Equipping the saints? I would say this bunch was disarming the saints. That's all for now. Enjoy the balance of your weekend!


Friday, January 11, 2008

The latest on interesting EU / UN actions!

Just found this and thought it important to share with all of you.



"Afghanistan Gov't Orders U.N., E.U. Reps Out of Country

"The Afghanistan government has ordered the U.N. and E.U. representatives in the country to leave, claiming that the two met secretly and illegally with senior Taliban officials.
"The government also accused the representatives of constituting a danger to Afghanistan's national security.
Source: Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, London, December 27, 2007>

So What's in Your Wallet?

Some wise words of caution from one of our blogspot participants. I agree with
him, the conveniences are nice, but the day may well come and sooner than we think that they are stripped from us. I offer you his comment as a post worthy of being a story by itself.

P.S. Be sure to tune in tomorrow at 5 p.m. Eastern Time, 2 p.m. Mountain to my internet radio version of "My Perspective." Our guest will be Prophezine's Ray Gano.

Stay tuned!

So what’s in your wallet?

While we owe a debt of gratitude to all those who are keeping track of the rise of anti-christ and the construction of his so-called “new world order”, all this information and research will be in vain if it is not used wisely? It is not sufficient to merely become aware of “the spider”, but we must also discern each and every thread of her web as well. What good will it do to reveal “the beast” if one does not also reveal the methods by which he (or she) seeks to entrap us? All of us, even now, are empowering the anti-christ system to have control over our lives. Are we addicted to our computers? Can we live without email? Are we in debt to one or more financial institutions? Do we live by the almighty debit card? Do we fear identity theft, the pollution of our credit scores, the repossession of our vehicles, homelessness, or other financial hardship so much that we will trade our very souls to maintain our comfortable lifestyles? Do we fear a terrorist bomb, a letter full of anthrax, or some other potential threat so much that we willingly trade what’s left of our already limited freedoms for the grand illusion of “peace and safety”?The mark of the beast is not something that will be forced on us, but rather it is something we will choose to accept because we are already entangled in his world. How many people think they can just live in the anti-christ’s system up to some specific point, then turn and walk away before having to make the ultimate compromise? Such thoughts are naive and dangerous! Please do not misunderstand me. I am not disparaging in any way the important work done by Constance, Rudi, or all you others out there who are busy tracking the rise of the anti-christ system. But I am beginning to question what our response should be to the information being gathered. We are to be salt and light, yes. Stupid, no.Personally, I do not promote adopting some kind of bunker mentality. We are in the world, but not of it. We should be looking up, not down. And if we who believe and trust in Christ are to suffer for our faith, so be it. But for a great many of us, our faith is weak, and from what I can see, may not be up to the challenge that is coming our way. I’ve talked to some who think that when the time comes they can escape the anti-christ’s system by moving to some remote corner of the country and survive by raising cows and chickens. They have not been keeping up with the one world government controls being put in place to “protect” our food supply from mad cow disease and potential bird flu outbreaks. I’ve talked with some who think they can move to a remote corner of Montana or Idaho and hunt elk to survive. These folks have simply not been keeping up with the wolf reintroduction program (designed to limit game stocks), nor are they aware of the massive increase in government policing powers. They also forget that millions of other gun toting American’s have a similar fantasy of becoming some kind of "Jeremiah Johnson" overnight. I am reminded of that earthly promise, “out of chaos, order”. Seems imminently significant to me.Excuse me for ranting, your responses are welcome

Thursday, January 10, 2008


This is the second time I have attempted to interview Ray Gano, owner of the popular Prophezine website. Ray is an excellent bible scholar and an excellent reader of the signs of our times. I am looking forward to interviewing him. I am hoping you will join us and stay tuned!

The website to join us is The chatroom is lively and popular and now it is accessed through TheMicroeffect may have a link to it. The initial download is free if you want extended privileges to all radio stations and all chatroom on that site which includes videoconferencing capabilities, there is a small charge. I believe unlimited access to all sites and video conferencing is a little less than $60onst per year. But you can join us just fine by going there and accessing the free site.

Welcome aboard!


Saturday, January 05, 2008

Insider Amplification on the European Neighborhood (Neighbourhood) Policy

I truly wish Herb Peters were here to discuss this. I just made a fascinating online discovery of "Democracy Digest." It appears to contain insider information on the processes Herb and I were analyzing over the years. There has been considerable comment section talk about The European Neighbourhood Policy and possible prophetic ramifications. The following excerpted material from the Democracy Digest may shed further light on that and USA collaboration in "the Process."

"Democracy Promotion: EU-US Variations on a Theme
"Democracy promotion has never been a top foreign policy priority for the United States or European Union, but there is considerable scope for enhancing EU-US interaction in the field, according to a recent meeting of experts. Leading scholars and practitioners from both the US and Europe met for far-reaching discussion about the
transatlantic dimensions of democratisation on October 4th and 5th [2004] at Stanford University's Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law.
"Signs of ferment within the societies and cultures of the broader Middle East have
imparted new vigour to such discussions within the transatlantic community about
what can and should be done to assist democrats in that region and elsewhere.
While the US has been engaged in democracy promotion since 1945, the EU's
engagement in the field is a recent post-Cold War phenomenon, the conference
But differing transatlantic concepts and instruments of democracy
promotion between the EU and US are due less to historical factors than to
varying geo-strategic needs, capacities and perceptions of threat, seminar
participants suggested. "The EU's military weakness and the pressing need to
engage its troubled periphery have prompted the EU to develop a common approach
or orientation based on concepts and instruments nurtured through EU
enlargement," says Amichai Magen, a CDDRL Fellow who with Yitzhak Rabin, a
Fulbright Scholar at Stanford Law School, initiated and organized the workshop.
The EU makes extensive use of positive “democratic conditionality” through two
main rewards to non-members: institutional ties (the strongest of which is the
promise of full membership); and financial and technical assistance to ease
transition to market economies, enhance administrative capacity and facilitate
subscription to liberal norms.
"Stanford conference
participants discussed variations of US-EU interaction in the field. Firstly, greater “co-ordination” of US and EU institutional and delivery capabilities would help avoid divisive tactics used by countries such as Cuba, Russia and many Arab regimes that are eager to minimize external democratising influences. A second school of thought prefers “collaboration” to a tight co-ordination of policies they consider unrealistic, undesirable, or both. Collaboration generates greater participation by non-state actors that are better positioned to engage than national or international bureaucracies. Thirdly, “co-operation” can also involve flexible case-by-case interaction, avoiding overt or institutional EU-US association.
"The wide-ranging reforms (from economic liberalization to human rights'
compliance) required for countries even to be considered for EU membership have
provided a compelling imperative for democratisation along the EU's volatile
periphery. In this respect, the conference heard, the EU has become a
or “gravity” model using normative pressures, trade, aid, democratic
conditionality and socialization mechanisms to promote reforms. The EU has been
less willing to use negative measures – i.e. withdrawal of aid and sanctions.
"Until political criteria governing eligibility for the
Millennium Challenge Account were established, the US traditionally did not use ex ante conditionality.
By contrast, expert American commentators at Stanford could not define a similarly coherent “American strategy.” US democracy promotion activities were described as more fragmented, sporadic and heterogeneous, partly reflecting the diversity of
agencies involved. They also tend to be more narrowly defined (on elections,
institutions, civil society) compared with the EU's more holistic, consistent
and long-term strategy of building long-term relationships and generating
gradual, controlled change through “managed-compliance.” Nevertheless,
participants considered joint strategies for advancing mutually reinforcing
changes to be a potentially rich area for exploration.
"Participants identified four distinct regime types that present different challenges for the US and EU. In both “opening regimes” and “hybrid-regimes,” a major challenge is one of consolidation and preventing backsliding and the entrenchment of
illiberal democracy. Conditionality and aid have been effective in such cases,
as in most of post-communist central and eastern Europe. But they have been less
successful in a second regime type: those states and international protectorates
characterized by weak institutions and administrative capacities, as in Serbia
(including Kosovo), Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania and Romania, where ruling elites
are attracted by external incentives but lack the judicial and administrative
capacity to effectively implement reform.
"China is probably the most important current example of a fourth regime type -- a “pre-transition” non-democratic country. But in geo-political terms the North African and eastern Mediterranean countries are a critical cluster, given the combination of strong US interests and European engagement through the
Barcelona Process and European Neighbourhood Policy. Finally, a “hard core” of states, including Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia, pose particularly complex and divisive challenges for the EU and US.
"Some European participants
suggested that EU leverage in such societies requires distancing itself from a US that has become “radioactive,” especially in the Middle East. Others suggested that long before either the Iraq war or the Bush Administration, the EU, and especially France, already sought to define themselves in opposition to the US.
"Participants agreed that both the US and EU need to review, reconsider and
perhaps redesign their own institutional instruments and procedures for
democracy promotion. A project that identifies specific places or themes for
cooperation, as well as places where the EU and US should avoid open
competition, would clearly be of interest and use to democracy promoters on both
sides of the Atlantic.

If past experience is any guide, I suggest you archive this material together with all of its links immediately. I also point with interest Stanford University's role in this. Together with New York University, and the Brookings Institution, it appears to be a major player on both New Age and "Global Governance" networks.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Does Kenyan crisis = Javier Solana's Opportunity?

Picture: Javier Solana on behalf of EU/WEU and Shimon Peres on behalf of Israel sign "Treaty of Association" the first of the many Barcelona Process agreements. This was November 20, 1995. Two days later, Israel was to experience its greatest earthquake in history, 7.2 to 7.3 mw, epicentered at Eilat in the Red Sea, Gulf of Aqaba region. This was a week before Solana opened the Barcelona Conference with an attack on Catholics and the Crusades of Pope Urban II. One declared purpose of the Process was to "battle religious fundamentalism - worldwide." Only 10 days after this signing, Javier Solana was to be named the new head of NATO! That treaty was reconfirmed with the institution of the European Neighbourhood Policy which was effective for a 7 year period from January 1, 2007 through December 31, 2013. It is up for a 3 1/2 year review period in 2010, the same year that the EU remilitarization "Headline Goal 2010" is to be in place
"He waxed great toward the East, Toward the South, and Toward the Pleasant Land . . ." Could it be?

Dear Readers:

This is interesting. Even more of interest is that Javier Solana seems to be taking sudden global prominence, towards the South -- towards Africa. The events in Kenya are truly tragic. A church was burned to the ground yesterday and there have been hundreds of deaths. My first political science professor at Wayne State University in Detroit many years ago was a distinguished Kenyan by the name of Dr. Harrison Muyia. I pray for the Kenyans and with the increased stature this may now be giving Dr. Solana, I pray for us all!


UPDATE: EU Solana, US Rice Call For Kenya Coalition Government AFPNasdaq Thu, 03 Jan 2008 6:16 AM PST(Adds quotes, detail.) BRUSSELS (AFP)--European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana and U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called Thursday for the creation of a coalition government in violence-wracked Kenya, a Solana spokeswoman said.
EU and U.S. urge Kenyan parties to form governmentReuters via Yahoo! UK & Ireland News Thu, 03 Jan 2008 10:03 AM PSTU.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana urged Kenya's rival political parties to work to form a government, an EU spokeswoman said after the two spoke by phone on Thursday.
World powers call for coalition governmentDaily Telegraph Thu, 03 Jan 2008 5:44 AM PSTEU foreign policy chief Javier Solana and US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called for the creation of a coalition government in violence-wracked Kenya.
EU, US In Joint Diplomatic Efforts On Kenyan Crisis - AFPNasdaq Thu, 03 Jan 2008 5:45 AM PSTBRUSSELS (AFP)--European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana will discuss with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice the possibility of sending E.U. and U.S. envoys to crisis-hit Kenya, a spokeswoman said Thursday.
EU, US urge Kenyan parties to seek coalition -EUAlertNet Thu, 03 Jan 2008 5:17 AM PSTSource: Reuters BRUSSELS, Jan 3 (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana urged Kenya's rival political parties to seek a coalition government, an EU spokeswoman ...
EU, U.S. urge Kenyan parties to form government -EUAlertNet Thu, 03 Jan 2008 5:47 AM PSTSource: Reuters (Updates with new statement) BRUSSELS, Jan 3 (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana urged Kenya's rival political parties to work to form a ...
See more news stories that match my keyword

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Dorothy Margraf has CRITICAL infomation for us

Dear Friends: This is urgent information from Dorothy Margraf. Senator Obama evidently will play a critical role on whether this House of Representatives passed bill will live or die. Needless to say, the Iowa folk have a LOT OF INFLUENCE with Senator Obama presently. I urge Iowans to fax, email, and snail mail his office plus phone calls expressing their opinion on it immediately. Ditto for his home based state of Illinois. Ditto for those states with upcoming presidential primaries. I know enough about the process to know that electoral contact is pivotal!

My thanks to Dorothy Margraf for bringing this forcibly to our attention!


[I] was looking on and came across this item which should prove to be of interest. Online policing of politically unreliable web sites (Senate Bill S-1959) will bring to the US internet what Yahoo has already brought to China: Internet related censorship services and jailed dissidents.

Why is the internet tech community so quiet about this issue? The bill, (S-1959) misleadingly called the Homegrown Terrorism and Violent Radicalization act of 2007 is a thought crime bill. The bill was passed in the house under a curious suspension of the rules usually reserved for non controversial issues like the naming of a post office. A Senate Vote is imminent. Obama sits on the Senate committee responsible for moving it forward or sending it back to nazi Germany.

As of December 27, 2007, Obama says he hasn't yet decided how he will vote.Obama's presidential campaign has been encouraged to contact Robert Scoble for his advice. But what will Scoble say to Senator Obama when he calls?

What if Scoble has been pre-emptively compromised by a web2 business opportunity in the censorship solutions sector of Silicon valley? Maybe Dave Winer can give Scoble a short tutorial on creeping fascism. This dangerous bill is being pushed by the Pentagon through it's favored think tank, the Rand Corporation. If passed it will be another step toward creating an internet policing apparatus complete with watch-lists and user profiles and all the follies associated with the suppression of civil liberties online.If you thought net neutrality was not high on the agenda you haven't read this bill (S-1959)...


along with the story isn't the greatest.

10:21 PM