Monday, October 25, 2021

New Developments: WEF, Lucis Trust, Pope Francis, Matthew Fox, etc.

 I apologize to all for my slight presence both in writing and reading comments.  I had a severe bout of eye strain that required recent emergency in-eye shots for macular degeneration in my strongest eye.  Both my eyes had cataract surgeries, with the surgery for the right eye being more successful than the left.  I have another retinal specialist visit scheduled for this Friday, October 29th.  Fortunately, I have an excellent doctor -- but I have had to religiously avoid eye strain, and a lot of close reading and computer usage.

With that being said, however, I have attempted to keep up with youtube big screen TV viewing on relevant topics.  I also hear from many, including Grant from New Zealand and Rich of Medford.

What is happening now?  It is occurring almost too fast on too many fronts to intelligently and cohesively synthesize.  However, major developments include:

    1.  The two present great white hopes of Lucis Trust / World Goodwill appear to be:

            a.  The World Economic Forum

             b.  Pope Francis.

    2.  Excommunicated (1993) former Roman Catholic Dominican Priest Matthew Fox (now an Episcopalian priest), a main purveyor of "Cosmic Christ", anti-Christian morality standards, and earth worship, is now openly bragging that Pope Francis Laudato Si Encyclical was written by one of Matthew Fox's main Creation Spirituality (i.e. Earth Worship) students.

    3.  The Pope virtually declared war on EWTN for adhering opposing these and other Vatican developments, calling his opposition "of the Devil."  Given my past history with Matthew Pacwa, the Jesuit priest running much of EWTN, I wish I had faith in EWTN's ability to withstand the Pope's demand that they abandon those stands.  Both Randy England (a cradle-Catholic and author of UNICORN IN THE SANCTUARY) were come against by Pacwa in the early 1990's for our opposition to Matthew Fox.  Pacwa clearly owed us both apologies -- none have ever been received, at least by Yours Truly.  My information on the Pacwa "reaming" came from Randy England, himself, approximately 15 years ago.  I did, however, encouragingly see that a portion of his book about the extreme heresies connected with Fox were up on EWTN's library website.  The article I wrote about Pacwa and my concerns about his running of EWTN were published on this blogspot, and I am attaching a link to it here for those wishing to refresh those memories.  If Pacwa has changed his stance, I rejoice, but given my past experiences with him, I remain cynical, at least for the present moment.  It would be very nice if I were wrong.

Well, I've overstrained my eyes for the night.  But, please 

Stay tuned!