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Did Tea Party darling Paul Vallely facilitate US Military Satanism?

UPDATE:  I'm informed that John Alexander was a Lieutenant Colonel and not a General.  The correction is made here and I will suggest that correction to

Constance July 31, 2015

To my readers:

The foregoing is edited from the published article I did for  It was the first of a 4 part series I'm doing.  Part 2 is still in preparation.

Did “Tea Party darling” Paul Vallely help facilitate Military Satanism? Was he truthful to his Tea Party and Women Defending America followers about his relationship with key Satanic leader, Michael Aquino? 

No. 1 of a 4 part series.

Perhaps reading this, the first of 4 articles planned for the next 4 weeks on this sobering subject, it might be helpful to review the principles of Hegelian Dialectics – controlling both sides to direct all to the desired planned destination.  Reading the Bible would help even more.  I particularly recommend the passages about deception that could, if possible, “deceive even the Elect.”  For those of you who believe you are “Elect” and therefore immune, I suggest you are perhaps now the most vulnerable.  One of my all time favorite writers Fr. Seraphim Rose )1934-1982) before his death in his sobering book ORTHODOXY AND THE RELIGION OF THE FUTURE made this picturesque observation:

“Satan, it would seem, is now entering naked into human history.”[1]

Given the not so hidden links between American military leadership and one of the country’s most significant Satanic leaders, obviously Satan has clearly entered very much naked into our human history, yes right here in the USA.  Most have failed to see it, even though there have been abundant warnings, some albeit from rightfully questionable sources, but generating enough smoke to tell us we should be cognizant of lurking fire.

The first part of this four part planned series will give you warning about a figure presently revered in Tea Party, Constitutionalist and Patriot circles.  He is General Paul A. Vallely.  In 1980 in his role as a military person in charge of “PsyOp” and military intelligence circles, he commissioned self-confessed Satanist.  Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino to co-author a study with him.  Both were inspired by another military New Ager, Lt. Col. John Alexander who wrote his enthusiastic 1980 paper, Beam Me Up Spock.  This proposed using New Age tactics and practices as a cost effective method in the United States Army.  All this took place before there was any suspicion that a backlash might develop to the New Age Movement.  I personally did not discover the existence of the New Age Movement until 1981 and my book on the subject that also included some military developments was released in mid 1983. 

General Vallely released in 2014 and 2015 statements to his  followers claiming that not until AFTER this (1980-1981) did he learn of Michael Aquino’s Satanism.  General Vallely tells his followers that he (Vallely) was the one who investigated and discovered Aquino’s Satanism – post 1980.  He then says that there was nothing that could be done.  Satanism was a recognized religion in the United States Military and as such protected under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.  Besides, Aquino was a brilliant man and had done fine military intelligence work, per Vallely.

Aquino’s military intelligence work included a self-publicized trip to Himmler’s SS castle where Aquino while on a US Military trip to inspect NATO bases went inside to meditate and invoke the same demons propelling World War II Nazi forces.  Aquino called this the “Welwelsburg Working

What Vallely does not tell his followers was that Michael Aquino’s Satanism (per Aquino) was known to all the United States military (per Aquino) since his (Aquino’s) original commissioning in 1968.  Bluntly, either Aquino or Vallely are lying about the knowledge and the time line.  In this case, I must reluctantly conclude it is General Vallely. 

I may well have written the first major report about the Aquino – Vallely protective relationship.  This was part of my Constance Cumbey’s NEW AGE MONITOR, Vol. 1, No. 2, June-July  1986 newsletter.  It was a 14 page report on New Age developments in the United States military.  You may have this newsletter from me free of charge by emailing me at with the words AQUINO VALLELY NEWSLETTER in your subject line.  I will email you back that newsletter together with Linda Blood’s book on THE NEW SATANISTS.  A once girlfriend of Michael Aquino, she was my then confidential informant on the protective liaison between Aquino and then “Brigadier General Paul Vallely.”  As she subsequently released her own book and made it freely available in the public domain, the need for confidentiality no longer exists.

The subject of Jon Ronson book and subsequently titled movie, THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS was earlier covered by me in my 1983 released book, THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW:  THE NEW AGE MOVEMENT AND OUR COMING AGE OF BARBARISM. 

The subject is once again critical because General Vallely and his associates have injected themselves into the Tea Party Movement.  They are using extreme incitement techniques that have included forming Platoons and backing a planned but fizzled “Operation American Spring” (a 10 million man 2014 march on Washington) that they publicly hoped would include camping out by these massed forces until they brought the government down.  Then they would have convened military tribunals to try and punish Congressional, Judicial and Executive Forces that were brought down by this hoped for revolution that would emulate the Arabic Spring operation that brought down Egypt and several other Middle East governments.

Always the radical center, General Vallely has recently announced that he is forming a group of retired American generals (LEGACY) to advise all Presidential candidates on national security needs.  Noble as the thought may appear, it appears to this seasoned but cynical eye that regardless which candidate wins, General Vallely and his forces would also win.  And since General Vallely has obviously lied about his timeline and role with Michael Aquino, ex-leading member of Anton Szandor LaVey’s Church of Satan and founder of the even more radicalized Temple of Set, the American people have a right to know of the possible more sinister forces being employed under an allegedly patriotic banner.

And when American women are urged to form armed and uniformed platoons to “take back America,” one cannot help but wonder, given the context of PSYOP’s (i.e. brainwashing) if the excuse to put the long and rightfully feared martial law in place.

Next week:  General Vallely’s released 2014-2015 statements minimizing his Aquino relationship,  Psyops, brainwashing, and other military New Age/Occult operations.

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General Vallely says "Army didn't know" - Aquino says, "everybody knew" about Aquino's early Satanism

NOTE TO READERS:  I have expanded and enlarged the material here, so please refresh your browser to view the critical materials below on the "Evolution of the Insignia of the Order of the Trapezoid."   

I will confess to being nearly preoccupied with the ramifications of the relationship beween Major General (Retired) Paul Vallely and Michael Aquino, one of the world's most prominent Satanists.  Vallely in a statement to some of his local supporters in my area claims that the Army asked him to investigate Aquino, presumably after he, Vallely, asked Aquino to draft a paper for him on Psyop (aka Brainwashing) projects.

Cover of Aquino's newest book, EXTREME PREJUDICE.  On page 197 numbered paragraph 20, Aquino writes that his religion (Satanism) was well known to all in the military since his commissioning in 1968 and never was the basis for any negative or adverse action.

As I nearly affiliated myself with a group of well meaning women who organized themselves under the suggestion and direction of Generals McInerney, Vallely and Boykin, I thought I should see just how far the infestation, were it to be found one, had gone.  Where was it heading?  Who would want a group of women uniformed, armed, and ready for "Egyptian Spring" cum "Operation America Spring" combat?  Why?

Almost as an afterthought, I asked the woman honoring me by offering me a seat on the board of directors of her organization that had been inspired by three patriotic American generals, "Who were the generals?"  The names McInerney, Vallely and Boykin were given.

I do an internet radio program on networks each and every Saturday morning from 10 am to 12 pm Eastern Time.   I was preparing for that program when suddenly, at approximately 11:30 p.m. on the Friday night before, I decided to "google" the three generals.  As my beloved husband has a last name that starts with "Mac", I remembered "McInerney first.  When I clicked on that, up popped several pictures with "People also search for".  Included was a picture of "Paul Vallely.  As that was the second name mentioned to me, I clicked on that.  Honestly, I expected to find nothing but a long list of military honors and medals.  Instead, what popped up was a piece on "Major General Paul Vallely stained by past with Devil Worshipper."  He was referring to Michael A. Aquino.

My mouth nearly fell to the floor and I made an improvident 11:45 call to leave a message on the phone of the lovely lady who had invited me to be part of the organization.  I had personally researched Michael Aquino since the early to mid 1980s.  I had received 1985-1986 intelligence from a researcher who was also a former girlfriend of Michael Aquino (Linda Blood) that Michael Aquino was operating under "the protection" of a Brigadier General Paul Vallely.  Linda Blood wrote a brilliant book available from me by request in .pdf form.  Email me at and put "New Satanists" in the subject line and I'll send you the file which she graciously made freely available to all.

Aquino I had immediately recalled.  That there was a "Brigadier General" involved with him, I also remembed, but not the name until I searched my scanned archives (also archived by the University of Michigan Bentley Historical Library) and found Vallely identified as the then (1986) benefactor/protector.  It was part of a detailed and footnoted article I wrote for my then newsletter, Constance Cumbey's New Age Perspective, Vol. 1, No. 2, June 1986.

Who is Michael Aquino?  Why should anybody be concerned that he was touring NATO installations on behalf our military and co-authoring Psyop directives with a known "darling" of the Tea Party, General Paul Vallely (now retired) for our military academies?  The picture here will give you no small hint:

Michael & Lillith Aquino in their San Francisco chapel of their Temple of Set.  This "Church" dedicated to old Slewfoot himself was formed by Michael Aquino in 1975 because he basically felt that Anton Szandor LaVey's Church of Satan didn't go far enough in its beliefs in the mystical power of Satan.

Needless to say, I quickly made my concerns known to the leaders of the organization I had nearly joined.  I understand General Vallely was quick to respond and his response was passed on to me.  It is quoted below:

Back in early 1980s [he] was Commander of the 7th Psychological Group, a Colonel at the time, Colonel Paul Vallely was assigned by Army senior officers  to study what the Soviets were doing about mind control, or what we now refer to as Psychological Operations. Major Aquino was a very competent, a graduate of UC Santa Barbara with a PHD. The  now famous paper "From PSYOP to Mindwar: The Psychology of Victory". See link here:

Shortly thereafter, it was learned that Major Aquino was associated with the Temple of Set , based and registered in California, founded in 1975. The church was a Satanist sect and was actively recruiting members in the Army and the Army Hq was none-too-pleased. an Army  General then assigned Col. Vallely to investigate the case and report the findings to the Department of the Army in Washington.  Colonel Vallely was the one who conducted the investigation and determined the facts.
Ok.  Now Vallely sets a time line that not until after he did his Psyop (i.e. Brainwashing) paper with Michael Aquino, did he and/or the Military have knowledge of Aquino's Satanism.

What does Aquino have to say about this?  Very simply, on page 197 of his very newest book, EXTREME PREJUDICE, a book that paints the Temple of Set and Church of Satan as very innocent entities up against obviously evil and prejudiced Christians, he claims that his Satanism was well known to all in the military from the very inception of his Commissioning in 1968, 18 years before I wrote my newsletter on him and General Vallely.  That was also 12 years before General (then Colonel) Vallely commissioned the Psyop paper for "new and innovative ideas" -- from what they had to know was a most unnerving source.

This is an article by Michael Aquino on the "Evolution of the
Order of the Trapezoid insignia.  Note the unmistakable 666.

This is Aquino's symbol as it presently exists.  He creaed this version from the inspiration he
received while "meditating" / "invoking spirits" that possessed Himmler and SS forces at
Welwelsburg Castle, Germany.  See below for his explanation.  In this article Aquino states that the 666 was removed b y Anton Lavey.  When Aquino went through his "meditation" in that old Nazi castle, he (Aquino) restored the 666 as well as the flames of fire.  

Somebody's lying here!  In this case, I have to conclude that this time it is, unfortunately, General Vallely.   In the far fetched and unconvincing alternative, we may construe "military intelligence" as a term that here has a very oxymoronic meaning.  At any rate, I have no intention of allowing my own name to be used in matters promoted by General Vallely as long as he continues to advance his own pre-1980 claim of innocence as to Aquino's Satanic involvement.  The General claims to be a Catholic.  If so, I would urge him to reflect on the annual Easter re-affirmation of Baptismal vows:  Do you reject Satan?  I DO.  "And all of his works?"  I do.

Employing Satanic techniques as a "cost-effective" military method will not protect our country.  Worse yet, it will endanger souls.

Stay tuned!


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Just when we thought it couldn't/wouldn't get much worse, it has.  It is not taking long for major denominations to start caving in on millennia of established moral and religious principles.  

From Huffington Post July 2, 2015
From Washington Post July 1, 2015
It is all happening so very fast that one cannot help but think of Jesus'comparison of end times to "birth pangs."  Then come closer together and with harder and painful intensity.  It's not just the Episcopalians.  The largest Presbyterian denomination in the USA, voted last March to allow same sex marriages, but in an act of "generosity" to those left in that denomination with moral scruples it also provided they (the dissenting clergymen) would not be forced to preside over the ceremonies.

They call it "love" and "tolerance".  I call it apostasy that is harmful to both "gays and straights."  Are they really preparing their congregations for eternity?  Or for eternal damnation?

It clearly is not an easy time to be a true committed Christian who takes God at his unchanging word.  Perhaps they have changed the warning of Revelation 14 to reflect an angel flying overhead preaching the "everchanging gospel" rather than the "everlasting gospel".

How much worse can it get.  I suspect we shall rapidly find out.

Stay tuned!