Saturday, April 30, 2016


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One early November 22nd morning of the Year of Our Lord 1995, I stumbled onto news items that made me sit up and take notice.  There was a major earthquake (7.2 mw) at Eilat, Israel, also on the Egyptian and Jordanian borders.   It was the only earthquake I have ever observed to have been subject to historical revision downwards from its 7.2 mw to a 6.2 mw account.  It was later admitted to me in writing (via email) from the head of the Israel earthquake agency that the true strength had indeed been  7.2 mw.  Engineers and architects were taking for awhile a bum rap for designing buildings that would not withstand a  6.2 quake. Of course, the magnitude/shock difference between a a 6.2 quake and a 7.2 is tremendous.

As I was looking at that news on my then AOL provider on relatively slow internet connections, a new article flashed up at me.  This one reported that a political earthquake was about to happen in the wake of the just happened Israeli/Egyptian earthquake disaster.  It was in the form of the Barcelona Conference about to start.  One Javier Solana, then heading the six month presidency of the European Union would be in charge.  They would be drawing up plans for a hoped for Mediterranean Free Trade zone projected to be complete by the year 2010.  Muammar Khaddafy, then still alive and President of Libya screamed at an earlier Arab League conference that "what's the matter with you idiots!? Can't you see this is a blatant European attempt to gain hegemony over our region?"

The United States requested to be included in this conference.  They were granted by the in charge Dr. Solana "observer status only."  The conference was held and an agreement was reached by all participants, including Israel and Syria.  Javier Solana was given complete credit for the diplomatic accomplishment.

One of the stated goals of the Barcelona Conference organizers, per the AOL accounts that awoke me to the situation as "to battle religious fundamentalism -- world wide."

It was reported that the Conference had been organized by the 10 member countries of the Western European Union.

As we didn't have the vast searching capacities we now enjoy with Google, Bing, and the other search engines, I perused a CD disk of business clippings for the past then year (1994-1995) and searching Javier Solana's name, I discovered that he had been behind a near shooting war between Canada and Spain over fishing rights.  As Morocco was a necessary party to the hoped for agreement between the EU and Arab Mediterranean countries, Morocco had demanded and got cooperation from Solana, also then the Foreign Minister of Spain to ban Spanish fishermen from its waters.  That left many angry fishing vessel owners and their crews sitting unemployed in Spanish ports.   They were told to "go fish Canada."  They did fish Canadian waters, almost to the point of extinction of Cod and Halibut stocks.  When one Spanish vessel crossed into Canadian boundaries, Canada boarded it and took the crew into custody.   You can press the previous sentence to read the account I wrote for and this blogspot.

Well, a lot of water went over the dam since then.  Javier Solana kept rising in power and prominence both EU and global affairs until the defeat of several EU constitutional initiatives.  Finally in 2010 he announced he would be retiring.  Two women have since succeeded him in the position and high paying salary that had obviously been crafted for his benefit.  I have some admiration for the present holder of the High Representative for Foreign Policy for the European Union, Federica Mogherini, as she played no small role in seeking the protection and release of persecuted Christians in Africa.

At any rate, most of you are familiar with the attention both Herb Peters and myself played to the role of Javier Solana in both European Union and global governance affairs.  Probably most of you think I payed too much attention to him.

I was starting to maybe think that myself.

But I did continue to look in on Dr. Solana from time to time and saw him heading various European Union military initiatives.  

Suddenly, in the news is as flood of information about an about to be held (June 23, 2016) British referendum on leaving the European Union.  USA President Barack Obama made a trip to England to urge the Britons not to do so.  This is short-handed in our press as BREXIT.  (British Exit.)

And there is still more news -- about a consolidated European Army surreptitiously in formation using the Arab refugee crisis and Ukraine as rationales.  Suddenly, it looks like developments strangely sounding like old prophetic warnings might just be happening.  Who knows?  The times are in God's hand -- but still coming at a time when global mores and morality (same sex marriage, disregard of birth gender in restroom and public showering choices) have descended to their present levels, one must go hmmmm.

Reportedly, German and Dutch militaries are now being merged.  European army units are being trained for "civil war" and the "dangerous fantasy" might well now be happening.

This will be a major topic for me on today's radio show at 10 am Eastern Time (7 am Pacific time).  Please plan on joining me.  Am I reading too much into this?  Maybe, maybe not.  Time and events will tell.

Stay tuned!


Saturday, April 16, 2016

Earth Day is Approaching -- We should remember its ORIGINAL aims

That "holiest" of all the "high holy" New Age days is fast approaching.  April 22 once again brings us "Earth Day."  As the pressure for "Christian environmentalism" grows, we should remember the sorry roots of that holiday.  Those roots have been subject to much historical revision.

I was employed on the Speaker's Staff of the Michigan House of Representatives in 1970, the year of the first Earth Day.  Far and away, the most visible figure on Earth Day, the man who claimed to have come up with its very notion, was Ira Einhorn.  He was in those days clearly a New Age superstar operating on an international level with impressive corporate backers.

The New Age historical revisionists would now have you believe that the most prominent figures were Denis Hayes and Gaylord Nelson.  They have conveniently tried to distance themselves from Ira Einhorn and with very good reason:  Ira Einhorn is now imprisoned for life for the murder of his New Age lover, Texas native and Bryn Mawr graduate Holly Maddux.

There is a lot of current attention given to the proposed release of one of the Charles Manson cult killers, Leslie van Houten, being approved for parole.  Manson was not the only psychotic cult leader in the New Age Movement of the 1970s.  Ira Einhorn had then and still now a loyal following of those who refused to believe he could perform actions he clearly earlier telegraphed he would perform.

"Psychopaths like myself emerge when societies are about to change," Einhorn told his enraptured audiences to whom he oft boasted he was a "planetary enzyme."  In that same speech he proclaimed himself a "brother with Charles Manson The best place to read the about that is Steven Levy's well documented book, THE UNICORN'S SECRET:  MURDER IN THE AGE OF AQUARIUS. (Page 377, mass paperback edition)..

Einhorn was fraternizing with the nephew of the Shah of Iran, "speaking to an intimate gathering sponsored by the prince" (p. 13, supra).  Per Levy, Einhorn was given high academic credentials, as a fellow in the Kennedy School of Government.  Einhorn even had 1970 articles publishe dby the Catholic Art Association.

We have more than Levy's impressive and still necessary reading book.  I discovered that in my own library, accumulated during my years of research, I had a copy of Einhorn's post Earth Day, pre-1979 arrest book, 78-187880.  It is a strange, crudely put together book from appearances, BUT, it was published by a major publishing house Doubleday & Company as a "Doubleday Anchor book."  Its Libtary of Congress Catalog Card number is 78-187880 -- same as the title of the book.

78-187880 had many not so subtle hints to those who had eyes to see and ears to hear.  Many swastikas are positively pictured throughout it.   The New Age oft stated goals of population reduction to a maximum of 2 billion only alive by the year 2000 are contained within the covers.

Later this morning, (10 am Eastern time, 7 am Pacific time) I will be doing my regular internet radio program on  We will be discussing this -- for now I'm retiring for the night and hope you will join me in the morning.   Now that "Bill Nye the Science Guy" is openly calling for criminalizing "climate change deniers", we need to review both the foundations and current thrust of the radical Gaia Gang.

Does YOUR church celebrate Earth Day?  Join me in later this morning and we'll talk about it.