Saturday, July 29, 2023



I am 33% through reading word for word the Kindle edition of Miles Taylor's new book BLOWBACK about what would happen to this country if Trump or "another Trump" (one with similar tactics and perspectives) were elected.  It is SOBERING to the extreme.  I also have the hard cover copy that I have thorough perused through the entire book.  Miles Taylor originally hails from LaPorte, Indiana.  For the record, although a Michigander since 1965, I was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana and am a "Hoosier" by birth.  Most of the very large clan I hail from of which I am now the matriarch, still live in Indiana.  Miles Taylor who was a student at Indiana University was a Marshall Scholar for the year 2012.  My very youngest niece, Abby Lemert, (Class of 2018) was Purdue University's first Marshall Scholar in 25 years.  That was the year she graduated from Purdue University with an engineering degree, as such was the Commencement Speaker, and went on to Scotland's Edinburgh University to claim a Masters' Degree in Infomatics, and another Masters'  degree from from University College London in "Public Diplomacy."  I will freely admit our extreme family pride in her stupendous accomplishments.  This past May she further graduated (Class of 1923) from Yale University School of Law.  For the record, she is also a fine Christian woman who has openly professed her faith through all her academic career.  She is presently preparing for an ordeal I went through 48 years ago -- Bar Examinations!

Well, with all that family bragging being said, part of my interest in Miles Taylor's book and career was that he held a Marshall's Scholarship only 6 years earlier and took advanced degrees at Oxford University with that Scholarship.  His interest was in the political world -- starting originally with Democratic friends, he became an influential young Republican.  He quickly advanced and held very important offices with Homeland Security working under former Defense Secretary and then Trump Chief of Staff John F. Kelly and successors.  He became extremely frightened at imprudent Presidential actions he saw during his tenure in the Trump administration.  He finally wrote a warning book WARNING by "Anonymous."  I have also obtained and thoroughly perused that book.  I do believe God allowed Trump to be there for the time he was there, if for no other reason than to place a check on the extreme progress by so-called "Progressives" in the obvious cultural wars.  

Now, we have been treated in previous weeks to replays of Trump's old broadcast statements in favor of abortion.  I have strong recall of his lack of support of the Miss California in the Miss Universe Pageantss that Trump owned and controlled for her statements that marriage was a union between a man and a woman.  

My observation on Donald Trump is one of amorality -- not morality.  His "spiritual advisor" Paula White has also been an enthusiastic supporter of the Unification Church cult.  Like Trump, Mike Pompeo, Newt Gingrich and others spoke enthusiastically in support of Unification Church endeavors on August 17, in Seoul, Korea.  Some of you have said it was ok, if they went for money and not worship of Rev. Moon and Mrs. Moon (Hak Jan Han Moon) as "True Parents."  I submit that going for money was more akin to prostitution than to legitimate business interest!  The true believers in this cult profession that Rev. Moon was the "Lord of the Second Advent",  "King of the Universe" and now post his 2012 death "leader of the Spirit World", as bad as they were/are, and are less culpable than those selling their souls for money.  Those claiming to do it to advance the "Kingdom of God" such as Tim LaHaye argued to me in 1986 in reality bought Evangelical silence against the evils of this extreme mind control cult.

Well, it is looking very frighteningly that Trump may well make a comeback and if he comes back, his retribution will be against those ever raising an eyebrow against his many maneuvers.  Those Christians who come out from his delusion are certain to be targeted.  January 6, 2021 was the very last straw for me -- I confess to my shame that I supported and voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020.  I have now intensely studied most of the books written about him -- from those both inside and outside his Adminstration.  Trump now says, "If I weren't running for President, I would have no one coming after me."  NOT TRUE, if nothing else, the January 6 INSURRECTION -- yes, it was an "insurrection" -- one clearly incited by President Trump who urged the gathering of the extremely large crowds to Washington on January 6 for his "Stop the Steal" rally.  His use of the word "Peaceably" in urging the march on the Capitol to help pressure Vice President Mike Pence to unlawfully stop the election confirmation results, was obviously insincere.  Certainly, his failure to speak against what was obviously violently transpiring, including the gallows erected for Vice President Pence" speaks volumes against him.  Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Mitt Romney, Peter Meijer, Lisa Murkowski were brave enough to speak against what had happened.  Kevin McCarthy did - initially -- but then either selfishly or cowardice reverted because they did not want to alienate Trump's obviously huge cult-like base against them.  Those who stood up against the January 6 evil remind me of the brave little boy in THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES story who said "but he isn't wearing anything" when everybody else was oohing and ahhing about the mysterious fabric that "only the wise could see."  

Jesus plainly warned (Matthew 24:24) that end times would feature deception enough to deceive the very elect.  Very obviously, either that or its predecessor appears to be here.  It was also here in the days of Hitler's ascendancy to national power after the Munich Beer Hall Putsch of 1923.  I'm also reading another new, easy to read book by Michael A. Eggleston "DONALD J. TRUMP & HITLER'S PLAYBOOK.  I fear that we are going down the same type of road that took Christians down the road during the Hitler years and may well be taking us there now.  By the way, I discovered and ordered that book based on my own long standing observations that Trump may be using the Hitler playbook.  One day last week I googled the question "Is Trump working out of the Hitler Playbook" and this title as one of the immediate fruits (not the only) of my google search.  

I strongly suggest you obtain and read both of these books as well as the "Anonymous" one which is obtainable from used book sources.

Stay tuned!


Sunday, July 16, 2023

Rev. Moon, Hak Jak Han, World Food Authority, Josette Sheeran, World Economic Forum - Connections?


Reverend Moon is dead and gone, but his mischief lingers on!  One of the first seriously anti-Christ cults to come to my attention was that dedicated to "Reverend Son Myung Moon" from South Korea - Unification Church, a/ka/ hundreds of other names, i.e. World Peace Federation, Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, CAUSA, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

What do the following -- some dead, some still alive -- perhaps surprising names to you have in common?

  • Paula White (Spiritual Director for President Trump)
  • Former President Donald J. Trump
  • Jerry Falwell, Sr. and Jerry Falwell, Jr.
  • Rev. Don Meares
  • Former Vice President Michael Pence
  • Former Secretary of State Michael Pompeo
  • Richard Viguerie
  • Tim and Beverly LaHaye
  • Ralph Reed
  • Jack Kemp
  • Donald Sills
  • George H. W. Bush and George Bush
  • Josette Sheeran
  • Mike Pompeo
  • Mike Pence
  • Rev, Jonathan Falwell

All of the above an many others who should have known better have bowed their knees to Rev. Moon  d/b/a "True Parent" and "The Lord of the Second Advent" and Mrs. Moon - Hak Jak Han - a/k/a "True Mother" and "The Holy Spirit."  Some of it have done it for money, some for power, some out of conviction.  

I wrote extensively about this subject in the earlier years of this blog.   I have now learned that Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, and Newt Gingrich spoke extensively at Unification Church sponsored conferences in Seoul, South Korea last year.  Please use the search box for this blog with the input terms of CAUSA, Rev. Moon, Josette Sheeran Shiner to review.   Or try this link by clicking here.

I have been informed by knowledgeable experts that most likely Josette Sheeran never truly left the Unification Church.  When people do "apostatize" from it, usually Moonie websites have nothing kind to say about them.  It is looking to me as though Josette Sheeran and affiliates are possibly very, very near to implementing Moon's goals of world food control.  Further their power in the USA has increased and not decreased since Moon's death.  The WASHINGTON TIMES is NOT a "conservative" newspaper -- it is an operation that has successfully  bought most Evangelical and conservative opposition to Unification Church and the New Age Movement to a slowing halt.  I have been consumed with new developments on this in the last several weeks -- so much that it is difficult for me to encapsulate my deepening concerns. 

Josette Sheeran is one of the world's top "experts" on ESG (Environmental Social Goals), drew up guidelines and protocols for the UN on the subject.  She is extremely prominent in the World Economic Forum, working closely with Klaus Schwab.  She is a very busy lady on many powerful fronts.  I will be writing more soon.