Thursday, June 14, 2018

Paul Manafort, the Hapsburg Group, Javier Solana?

Breaking news.  Sleepless in Florida where I'm going to do an interview later today, I awoke to one of my news alerts on Javier Solana.  He was first named and his and other names were later redacted in court documents as part of a proposed "Hapsburg group" paid a handsome sum of money to lobby on behalf of a former Ukraine government on behalf of Paul Yanukovych.  Former European Commission head Romano Prodi was reportedly paid a handsome sum to organize a group of  prominent European politicians to lobby on behalf of the Ukraine government of Yanukovych.  The group of politicians was shorthanded as "The Hapsburg Group."  The group of five included Javier Solana.

It is reported that Special counsel "accidentally included the names of witnesses in a court exhibit filing" in the motion to revoke the bond of Paul Manafort.  The names "accidentally released" included "Javier Solana."  The exhibit was later revised and redacted.  I was able to find a copy, however, on line at this link, provided it is still there.


This is breaking news.  I'm still not sure what the full significance is.  I do find it interesting that the names were draped out and then suddenly redacted.  I'm glad it made the news.  It is still not clear from the postings I have found that Solana did participate -- but it is clear that somebody was paid handsome sums of money to recruit him and other prominent European Union politicians.    $2.5 million dollars is a lot of money -- at least it is where I come from!

For what purpose?  Stay tuned!