Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A good summary from a long time fellow researcher

My dear friend Dorothy Margraf just sent this to me.  I thought it would be valuable to all and so I am posting it here:
"I wrote this to explain to others what the New Age movement is for those who may have forgotten what it is.  Names, dates, places and ideas that are pushed can be filled in, but here I wanted a short overview.  If you have questions, email me.

The New Age movement is an offshoot of other movements, only it is well 
organized. Occult/pagan practices probably go back to the beginning of time. The 

New Age movement is a deliberate joining of occult organizations with political 
organizations by well connected individuals with power. The organizations 
supporting it have been growing for over a 100 years. That's the difference.

Do not underestimate the intelligence of those involved in growing that movement. Many people follow Judaism and Christianity without examination. A 
much smaller group sees the flaws in organized religion but not its value. It 

takes wisdom to move beyond that and few have developed that. A portion of those 
in the middle believe they have developed a better system to make the world a 
better place. This they wish to do by eliminating organized Judaism and 
Christianity and forming a united government to organize the world.  They are filled with pride 
and lack wisdom.

Because so little information has been shared about the organized concrete 
aspects of the New Age movement, it has become very easy to turn the heads of 


Cumbey put the pieces together in one book that was easy to understand which 
is why it sold so well. Few who read the book were willing to go further in 

knowing what it is. Her research goes into much greater depth. Those who can't 

go past what appeared in her first book are not ready to pursue further 

information. For example information on the Alliance of Civilizations was

presented here, at the blog.  I remember only a few people picking up on that 
information,examining it further and letting others know what they found. Most 

people just want to sit on their heinies, give opinions and let others do the 

hard work of research.

Infiltration into churches, synagogues and political movements by those who 
have absorbed New Age ideas is quite easy because so very few have any ideas 

what the are the concrete aspects of New Age. Little tidbits of information 

presented in an unorganized manner won't make any difference.

Saying that New Age is complex and then going off and attacking religions is 
a tactic used by propagandists for New Age. Telling others follow this or that 

religion is useless in saving people from being seduced by New Age ideas if you 

can't tell them what New Age is.

Well said, Dorothy Margraf, and thanks!

To all the rest, STAY TUNED!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Memory Lane - 1970-1971

BEV TRAN IS MY RADIO GUEST TONIGHT ON WWW.THEMICROEFFECT.COM, 7 p.m. Eastern, 4 p.m. Pacific time.  We will be discussing the "Hidden Dangers" of "Child Protective Services."

I did have a life, even before becoming an attorney and a published author.  That life was a political one which taught me many good lessons before coming into the extreme controversy I encountered after releasing my research on the New Age Movement in 1981-1982.  Pictures from my attic which I just found might be of slight interest to some.  One is my leaving the legislature to work as "Executive Assistant to the Mayor" of Highland Park, Michigan, the Honorable Robert B. Blackwell starting September 21, 1970.  The other is of me presenting a City Council Resolution to Dave Bing (now the Mayor of Detroit) in early February, 1971.  Wish I could look like I did then, but know what I do now.  Don't we all!

The Highland Parker September 24, 1970
The Highland Parker, February 15, 1971

Keep the discussion going on the last post and stay tuned.  I'm off to Indiana for my 50th High School class reunion (Class of 1962).


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Reply to "Irregular Times" Article -- Indeed there is documentation!

Looking for something else, I just stumbled onto a blogspot called IRREGULAR TIMES.  The author was pooh-poohing the "Luciferic initiation" aspect of certain "Planetary" operations.  He quoted many that admittedly did not footnote their work nor even accurately quote.  He noted the absence of hyperlinks to the quotes.

I thoughtfully researched and attempted a posting to that blogspot.  Curiously (or perhaps not!), the quote was rejected as duplicative of one I allegedly posted earlier.  I had not, although I was cited in several comments.

Since the author of that site would have people believe it is non-existent, and the site is not permitting the posting of proper refuting evidence, I am posting what I prepared for it right here.  You may try commenting to his site.  I would appreciate your input here as well.

Here goes:

So you want the exact quote.  You probably will not find it on a "hyperlink" because David Spangler published these words in his 1978 book,  REFLECTIONS ON THE CHRIST.  I am presently holding in my hand the third edition (Findhorn Press, Scotland) which was released in 1981, the same year I discovered Mr. Spangler's er, uh, rather interesting and decidedly Luciferic theology.  The book looks innocuous enough on the cover.  One could probably carry it into Sunday School and not attract undue attention unless one were familiar with the provocative contents.  Chapter IV, pages 32 through 45 are dedicated to 'LUCIFER, CHRIST, AND GOD.' 

" . . . Lucifer comes to give us the final gift of wholeness.  If we accept it then he is free and we are free.  That is the Luciferic initiation.  It is one that many people now . . . will be facing, for it is an initiation in to the New Age . . ."

Now for the part that those who don't go along will "disappear," please turn to Mr. Spangler's Lorian Press (1976) published book REVELATION THE BIRTH OF A NEW AGE..  Please turn to pages 163-164.  There we read:

What will happen to those who cannot attune to the new?  Where will they go? . . . Furthermore, it is not really important to know where the old pattern will go; we are assured that it is shepherded by the Christ and will be fully ministered to by this cosmic presence.  . . HOWEVER, there are a few words which can be said about where the old world and those attuned to it will go.  Throughout creation there are infinite spheres of environment representing and educating all stages of conscious . . . Some of these are physical planets like Earth.   . . . It is possible that  , , , they can be contained and ministered to until such time as they can be RELEASED SAFELY INTO PHYSICAL EMBODIMENT AGAIN . . . THEY WILL LOSE, FOR THE TIME BEING, THEIR ACCESS TO THE EHTERIC PLANES OF POWER and the ability to control or influence the developments upon earth . . .

Well, as I have been reporting and saying for the past 30 years, "tell you what, David baby, why don't you go first?  Send us a postcard.

AND, David Spangler was clearly on the cutting edge of the United Nations 1975 "First Planetary Celebration, October 24. 1975, for which Planetary Citizens acted as secretariat.  Here's a hyperlink to that which is included in these bundled UN papers

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Seattle May Day 2012 Violence
Today was what I would term a "revolutionary high holy day" now merged with the New Age / 'Occupy Movement' ones.  From the looks of what happened in Seattle, the party threatens to once again get rough.

The Seattle event turned violent.  It featured hooded demonstrators and appeared to be carried out by anarchist elements.

The Occupy Movement "occupied" other places as well.  Google News carried reports that Occupy demonstrators took over parts of the London Stock Exchange and that the Movement was occupied by an informant on a Cleveland bridge bombing plot.

Oakland, California appeared to avert violence by meeting demonstrators with heavily armed police and tear gas.  Oakland, California experienced violence from "occupiers" in 2011 marches.

Current "Occupy Media" projects include:
> The Occupied Wall Street Journal

As forces unhappy over what I consider obscene tuition rates, mortgage foreclosures merge and blend with New Age forces 'harmonically converging" for their 12-21-2012 deadline meet, I foresee a danger that the new USA approval of UAV (Drones) for 'domestic use' will heighten.  As the demonstrations overlap national boundaries, it will also create a dandy excuse for 'global governance.'  After all, as the New Age community has so long and 'eloquently' put it, "crisis = opportunity."

Things could get ugly fast.  Hold on to your seatbelts.

Keep the Faith and stay strong!  Stay tuned!