Thursday, March 29, 2007

Continued Javier Solana Story, Part IV


Part IV of a Continuing Series

Daily, I went home and logged on the then relatively slow internet dial up connections. Javier Solana’s influence was clearly not diminishing. It was reported that a Sarajevo, Yugoslavia television station had been “taken out” by Wesley Clark because Javier Solana had reported to him it was “interfering with democracy.” Its alleged crime was said by some that they attempted to remain neutral by alternating news coverage between the two sides to that Balkan conflict.

Fast forward to 1999. This was the year that NATO would celebrate its 50th anniversary. Javier Solana was at its head. A BIG celebration was planned and held in Washington, D.C. It was scheduled for April 23-25, 1999. Washington, D.C. security was to be tight. It was to be the largest gathering in Washington, D.C. ever of foreign officials.

A few weeks prior to that, March 21, 1999, to be precise, it was Sunday morning. I awoke with one of my more painful from time to time migraine headaches. I normally would have dressed for church about this time, but it was clear I was going nowhere with that headache. I swallowed three Vanquish, my usual remedy and headed back to bed to nurse the headache and shield my head from painful light. As I did so, my husband switched on our bedroom television. CBS’ popular news program, Sunday Morning, was airing. For me, it was almost surrealistic. As I was laying there coping with the painful headache, I heard an unusual interruption of Sunday Morning. The host came in and said, “We interrupt this program to bring you a very important announcement. Javier Solana, the Secretary General of NATO has announced that the bombing of Yugoslavia might start within a very few hours.” Crowds milled about the streets of Yugoslavia protesting the planned NATO actions and waving flags with the NATO small swastika morphed into the larger former Nazi one.

As soon as the headache sufficiently lifted, I did not go to church. Besides the headache was to be an all day, off and on one. I went down to the basement computers and logged on, using the Alta Vista search engines. I found a speech where Javier Solana was accepting an award. As I recall, it may have been the Christian Herter award. In the text of the speech, he mocked George Washington’s advice to Americans to ‘avoid entangling foreign alliances.” “Why, those entangling foreign alliances are good for you,” chortled Solana. I noted to myself that it took a lot of cheek to come into a country and mock the national icons as Solana had done. Then, in that speech, Javier Solana told the listeners that he had been given exclusive authority to make the military decisions over Yugoslavia, including whether to bomb or not. He then said that he didn’t intend to use it without “checking in with the others, but, nevertheless, the power is mine and mine alone.”

I didn’t take Senor Solana’s word for it. I traveled online to Madeline Albright’s United States Department website. She had a statement published about it. On line she said that “Javier Solana has the power and has had it since January 30th. We are speaking with one voice through Javier Solana.”

That night, all day in pajamas, due to the off and on headache, I was home when many Christian Americans were in Sunday night services. President Clinton came on television to address the nation about the pending bombings. I watched carefully. He never said, “this is what I plan to do” or “this is what we plan to do” or even, “this is what the leaders of the world community think wise.” Instead he said, “I agree with Javier Solana’s decision to do this.”

Nobody publicly to my knowledge ever said, “Who’s Javier Solana?” It seemed to go over everybody’s head.

The bombings started and they seemed, at least to me, cruel and clearly hitting civilian targets. That was termed “collateral damage.” Driving to court one day, I heard news reports on our local radio station WWJ that Pope John Paul II had sent emissaries to Brussels with the concurrence of an Eastern Orthodox patriarch asking that they be allowed to intervene and mediate a settlement. They requested a truce between “the two Easters.”

On Good Friday, April 2, 1999, I was to read small headlines in Detroit’s DETROIT NEWS, “Pope rebuffed.” It was occurring to me that Javier Solana had little or no respect for anyone or anybody. A later picture of the Pope and Eastern Orthodox patriarchs sitting together appeared much like two thoroughly depressed and defeated old men.

I saw United States Senator Spencer Abraham, a former guest on my Detroit radio show at a banquet a week after Easter, on the same day as the Orthodox Church’s Easter. I asked him point blank, “why did we hand all that power to Javier Solana?” His answer astounded me. He told me that quite honestly he couldn’t make sense of the Yugoslavian policy himself. He then said that he believed it was “Bill Clinton hiding behind Javier Solana.” He said, “things happen like that in politics, you know.”

Yes, I know things happen like that in politics. But this time, I had the distinct impression that President Clinton was, like they say in the more crude vernacular, “sucking up.” Then Spencer Abraham, the junior senator from Michigan in his first and only term in a year of a Democratic administration volunteered something very startling to me. He said he had met Javier Solana “personally.”

“Oh,” I replied. Senator Abraham then told me that he and all the other United States senators had been flown to Brussels, Belgium to meet Javier Solana.”

That is when I confess I became more than a little scared. I worked in government long enough to know that when an agency is receiving heavy funds from us that we don’t fly our people there. They fly here and walk ever so humbly with their small entourage through the Senate office building, at least to the members of the funding and appropriation committees. We flew our entire Senate to Brussels to meet this former Marxist, long a member of our subversive list? Incredible.

To be continued. Next issue: The NATO 50th Anniversary Celebration and beyond.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Continued Javier Solana story, Part III

Continued Javier Solana story, Part III

Part III of Continuing Series :

My serious watching of Javier Solana had just begin. He had posted a handy biographical statement. In it he noted he was a member of the Spanish chapter of the Club of Rome. He also said he was married to the former Concepcion Jimenez and had two children. Several years later, reading the 1995 archives of the European Voice, I would learn that his wife did not join him on his Brussels NATO position because “the couple had called it quits” six months earlier in 1995.

My searches yielded fascinating and tantalizing results. I learned from then available MFA (Israeli) websites that Javier Solana was the “true author” of the “Israeli Peace Process.” They said he, a then Spanish governmental official, had told them that he had Arab friends and they should go and do likewise.

Interestingly, about this time the information on the 7.2 earthquake began to literally vanish from the web, although not as much as the earthquake historical revisionists might have hoped. I was startled to read that Gulf of Aqaba engineers were catching much criticism for not designing buildings that would withstand a 6.2 mw quake. Wait! That earthquake was, per the US Geological service, one of 7.2 magnitude. Usually the earthquake, like the catching of the fish, grows with every telling of the tale. This was was growing smaller with each telling of the tale. What was happening here?

My personal and yet undiminished suspicion is that the earthquake (which was eventually admitted by the same sources, Israeli Geological Service – a part of the “Peace Process”, to indeed be a 7.2 mw quake with 10,000 aftershocks, was played down because of its proximity in time I that strong “Left Behind” culture with the signing of a major treaty between the EU and Israel. There are three major world religions centered in that part of the world. All three might have read something into a major earthquake coming in the wake of the treaty signing and just before the launching of the Barcelona Process. For sure, Jews, Christians, and Moslems might have read different things into the seismic event, but for sure, they would have read something. Fortunately for the historical record, the US Geological service, the University of Michigan’s and University of Ohio’s joint seismic research center and the Ontario Earthquake Research Center maintained plate records, which were conveniently available on line:

President Clinton flew to Madrid to attend a Spanish royal banquet and congratulate Javier Solana, whom he termed, “a great world leader,” for his new NATO appointment.

Solana’s reign was beginning. In 1996, Boris Yeltsin would tell Russians as he campaigned for re-election to the Russian presidency: “you’d better vote for me – I’m the only one who can stand up to Javier Solana.”

He didn’t. Russia signed the Treaty of Association with NATO in 1997. It was said that Boris Yeltsin did it as a face saving measure.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Continued Javier Solana story



As I write these words in mid-March, 2007, Javier Solana has had a busy week in the Middle East. Most Americans still fail to recognize his name. Personally, I have been closely and daily observing his Middle East work and growing international prominence since November 22, 1995.[i]

From my ongoing perspective in drafting this article, we are back in time on the early morning of November 22, 1995. I awoke to read articles about a large Eilat, Israel epicentered earthquake, 7.2 mw. Going to links detailing the earthquake story, I noticed headlines reading, “EU – Israel enter into Treaty.” There I was to be ushered into a story that a comprehensive Treaty of Association between the European Union and Israel had been negotiated and achieved by Javier Solana acting under a full power of attorney from the European Union and the ten nation “Western European Union, a military federation.” Searching my CD Rom computer data bases for more information on the persona of Javier Solana, I learned he had sent 3 Spanish warships against Canada earlier in that year in his position as Foreign Minister for Spain. There had been a near shooting war at high sea between Spain and Canada over fishing rights.
While I was reading the CD Rom fishing war story, AOL flashed another story at me on the computer screen. This was about something called “The Barcelona Process.” It opened by saying that the earthquake had come in the wake of an expected political earthquake in the form of the Barcelona process expected to conclude the Barcelona Treaty. Javier Solana would be exclusively in charge. There were three major items on the agenda:

1. Battle religious fundamentalism: Worldwide;

2. Favorable mutual trading terms for the basin, leading to a Mediterranean Free Trade Zone by the Year 2010.

3. Get the USA out of the Mediterranean and/or greatly reduce its presence there.

I read on, not with a small amount of fascinated interest. The USA had “requested participant status.” They were granted “observer status only.” Thanks to a certain proficiency in computer use, I, too had “observer status.” My status was the poor man’s way. I calmly pulled down drafts of proposed working documents, press releases as the event progressed and articles about the event.

Javier Solana opened the conference on November 27th, 1995 by saying that it was auspicious that the event had opened on the 900th anniversary of the calling of the First crusade by Pope Urban II. “What a lot of intolerance and misunderstanding that led to,” proclaimed Solana. He announced that they were there in large part for that reason – to straighten out the clash of civilizations.

The conference concluded on November 28, 1995. Javier Solana achieved his treaty. He was given sole credit for “the diplomatic accomplishment.” Ehud Barak was present representing Israel. Yasser Arafat was present representing the Palestinian Union. Both figuratively slobbered all over Javier Solana. Ehud Barak’s reported remarks were that “Israel had joined ‘the European Club;’” “these were the benefits of belonging to the European Club”, and “we have beaten our swords into plowshares”

On the evening of November 28th, 1995, I sent warning emails to my entire distribution list: WATCH OUT FOR THIS GUY! I was referring to Javier Solana.

Two days later, my phone was to vigorously ring. “Turn on your television, quick!” instructed my caller. I turned it on and was to behold the face of Javier Solana for the first time. He had just been unanimously made the new head of NATO. Javier Solana had literally come to global power in ten days of November, 1995.



Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Solana gains support

Part 1:

The deplorable lack of curiosity from too many Americans about the growing influence of Javier Solana never ceases to amaze me. The former Marxist and Club of Rome member headed NATO for four years (1995-1999). He has been the “tsar” for the Common Foreign and Security Policy for the European Union since October 1999. He has been the Secretary General of the European Period for the same period of time. On or about November 20, 1999, he was handed control of the Western European Union, a ten permanent member military federation. His “interim title” there was to be “Secretary General of the Western European Union. I say “interim” because that WEU job was to have ended a year after its creation as its powers were to be folded under his EU offices. That year has lasted a very long time. To be precise, it is going on its ninth year. The WEU bully pulpit has served Dr. Solana very well during those periods of time there was internal EU bickering and hesitation over his “Foreign Minister designate” for the European Union constitution which never came to pass.

This article was precipitated by reading this evening that Tony Blair plans to push for the European Union in general and Javier Solana in particular to run its foreign policy and join with German’s Chancellor Angela Merkel in boosting his (or his successor’s, if any there be) power.

"Blair wants EU to take on British foreign affairs, says German ...This is London, UK - 6 hours agoAnd he called for Javier Solana, the EU's current "High Representative" on foreign affairs, to be put in charge of European foreign policy as a formal ... "

Interestingly, Javier Solana’s current EU job (Secretary General and CFSP High Representative) were created and codified in Section 666 of the Europa official documents. Coincidence? Maybe yes, maybe no. It read almost like like a passage from the book of the Prophet Daniel describing an end times personality:

General Report 1998 - Chapter V: Role of the Union in the worldSection 1: Common foreign and security policy (3/24)
666. In December the Vienna European Council expressed the opinion that the Secretary-General of the Council and High Representative for the CFSP should be appointed as soon as possible and be a personality with a strong political profile. It invited the Council to prepare common strategies on Russia, Ukraine, the Mediterranean region and the western Balkans, on the understanding that the first would be on Russia. Welcoming the new impetus given to the debate on a common European policy on security and defence, the European Council also noted that the CFSP should be backed by credible operational capabilities
(1). Bull. 12-1998.

Both the verbiage and its cadence strangely (perhaps unreasonably) reminded me of a passage from the Book of Daniel:

"And out of one of them came forth a little horn, which waxed exceeding great, toward the south, and toward the east, and toward the pleasant land." Daniel 8:9

Another coincidence, I guess. Toward the south (Mediterranean region); toward the east (Russia, Ukraine, western Balkans), toward the pleasant land (Solana’s big emphasis on Israel?).
Well, enough for such musings. What’s happening with Solana present tense. He proposed expanded powers over the European Union over and above his initial CFSP (Common Foreign and Security Policy) with Recommendation 666, a bill presumably introduced by him or at his request in the Western European Union Assembly. Remember, Javier Solana was fully in charge of that body when the bill was entered on June 1, 2000.[1] The most important part of that all important document was numerical paragraph 12. It read:

"Support proposals for the WEU Secretary-General and CFSP High Representative to preside over the PSC and civilian crisis-management machinery and give him powers to convene the Council of the European Union in the event of an emergency;"

I can just hear now deceased, old political acquaintance and long time mayor of Detroit’s Coleman Young’s probable dissection of that power: “That my friends is a whole lot of [expletives deleted] power!”

And so it is. It was also a whole lot of power granted him to have emergency powers to shut down the Galileo space project. It was a whole lot of power for him to represent all major powers of the world before Iran on June 6, 2006, when he toured to Teheran on behalf of the United Nations Security Council, NATO, the European Union, the Western European Union, and the G-8 nations.

The divisions between the United States and the European Union are deep and growing. There is an interesting prophecy contained in the Biblical Book of Revelation. It reads:

“And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. Rev. 17:12-13 (KJV)

Those ten horns were going to hate some entity. Many Protestants like to say it is the Roman Catholic Church. Many Catholics like to reverse that and say it is Protestant nations. An increasing number are speculating that the prophetic specifications might more accurately fit the United States herself. In Revelation, we read:

“And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh and burn her with fire. For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled. And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.” Rev. 17:16-18 (KJV)

I literally awoke to Javier Solana on November 22, 1995. I awoke at 3 a.m. that morning. Too late for a sleeping pill, if I was to be alert for court the next morning, I tried my next best sleeping remedy of sitting in my husband’s chair and reading a book boring enough to cause soon-following shuteye. I read for an hour, only to find myself wider awake than when I began. Disgusted, I remember thinking to myself, “if I can’t sleep, I might as well go check my email. I logged on to America on Line (AOL) and was greeted with breaking news. Israel had just suffered a major earthquake. Epicentered near Eilat in the Red Sea border region between Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. That Gulf of Aqaba seismic event, reported by the United States Geological Service as a 7.2 mw quake of “worldwide significance” had reportedly violently shaken the entire North African plate. Violent damage followed in its wake. The next day I was to read that royal heads had rolled from the multi-millennia old undisturbed mummies in Egyptian pyramids.

On that November 22, 1995 morning, while following the earthquake links, I opened a side headline which read


Of course in that 1995 “Left Behind” consciousness culture, that interested me. I clicked on that link, which was to be my initial introduction to Dr. Javier Solana. I was to read that he had negotiated and signed the treaty on behalf of the European Union, “acting under a full power of attorney” from “the European Union” and “the ten nation Western European Union, a military federation.” I went to myself, “who is this guy?”

I must confess that when I started my initial research on the New Age Movement in 1981, I read prophecies by them that one day they would have all the world’s books on a few CD Roms and could cruise them instantly for information without reading them. I remember quipping to husband Barry, “ha! That’s one of their better ideas. I’ll get the first collection. That way I can keep up with them and clean house at the same time.” I will further confess that I am sure I had one of the world’s first really serious CD Rom collections. I wish now I had what was spent on its acquisition, particularly given its soon diminishing retail value. But that night, the collection was indeed handy. I pulled out an archived set of business articles and did a name search for “Javier Solana.” I immediately learned that he had sent Spanish warships against Canada in what had been a near shooting war at high sea. While I was reading that, AOL placed a new story on line. It was to the effect that the earthquake that morning had come in the wake of an expected “political earthquake” in the form of the Barcelona Conference, part of the beginning “Barcelona Process.” That was a group of 15 European countries and 12 Middle East and North Africa ones. The only country from that region not participating was, per that article, Libya. Muammar Khadafy had reportedly screamed at Arab delegates to a recent conference, “What’s the matter with you idiots! Can’t you see this is a blatant European attempt to gain hegemony [control, influence] over our region?” That’s exactly what it was.

If God could speak once through Baalam’s ass, he could speak once through Muammar Khaddafy. Maybe on that occasion he did.



Thursday, March 01, 2007



I’ve had a busy two week period, punctuated by an octave-lowering cold (thankfully now recovered), court appearances, and a client with a messy administrative law situation to deal with. So my time to look in on Javier Solana and followup on what I was reading was somewhat diminished. I must be in court at 8:30 a.m. and I am still in my office. I decided to take a peek at Javier Solana’s google news headlines before departing. I’m sorry I did. It is going to further impact my needed nightly rest.

My last blogspot article covered Solana’s February 14th Arthur Burns Fellowship speech in New York. He was introduced by the German Ambassador as “the face and voice of Europe.” Solana’s own speech was even more expansive. It was clearly global in scope, discussing broad outlines of the “New World Order,” including but not limited to peace and dialogue between religions and cultures (Alliance of Civilization) and continent wide systems (regionalization). He was clearly talking B I G, as somebody who clearly saw themselves as having mandated input in the system.

"European Union Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana has warned that the United Nations might resort to Chapter 7 of the world body's charter if the formation of an international tribunal into Hariri's probe was not approved by the Lebanese parliament.Solana, at a joint press conference with parliament's majority leader Saad Hariri in Brussels on Wednesday, said: "All members of the Security Council are ready to exert efforts to establish the international tribunal by any means." [1]

Well, as most of my readers know, I’m an attorney. Usually when I read the words “Chapter 7,” I think “bankruptcy.” Chapters 13, 11, and 7 are the most common forms of bankruptcy filings. Surely, Solana was not referring to this! So I read on and learned that once again, he presumed to be speaking for the United Nations Security Council. Hmmm….

Well, "the Face and Voice of Europe" must be considerably expanding his venue. It sounds as if he is presuming to be the face and voice for many more . . . unless soon contradicted, that is! As fellow researcher Herb Peters puts it, stay tuned!

P.S. You may check all references for yourself by following these news leads for today:

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Mikheil Saakashvili will meet Javier Solana todayImediNews, Georgia - Feb 26, 2007Saakashvili will meet European Council Secretary General- Javier Solana face to face today. Press conference will be held after the meeting. ...

Daily Georgian Times
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