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Driving home this afternoon, I paused my Spanish learning CD long enough to hear breaking news that the FBI had raided militias in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.  It was pointedly said that one of the Militias was a "Christian Militia."  I decided to check it out and learned that the Christian Militia was called "Hutaree."  I went to its website and downloaded available materials and links.

I noticed several disturbing things.  They were preparing an armed militia ostensibly for end time events, ""Preparing for the end time battles to keep the testimony of Jesus Christ alive."

I noticed in their links materials that may have well come from my research and that of Herb Peters.  More disturbingly, I saw Mark Koernke referenced on some of their discussion forums.  I challenged Koernke who once called himself "Mark of Michigan" at an assembly as early as 1993.  He was putting fear filled audiences in a state of virtual paralysis by making declarations that helicopters were about to land to pick them up any given moment.  He was also preaching a highly anti-semitic line.  I made a political statement by denouncing him and walking out.  The group sponsoring him to speak had me speak only a few months earlier.  Happily, many followed me out.

Koernke has mixed some truths with extreme error.  The grapevine here in Michigan was that he was a Hitler admirer.  I do not know if that is true, but he was causing panic in his audiences by causing them to relate things perhaps entirely unrelated to his projections of soon persecution.  Of course, he and his friends were selling emergency food rations, i.e. profiting off those sufficiently panicked by him to buy what he suggested.  He also praised those selling off shore investments.  Those selling guns and munitions weren't doing too badly financially from it either!

I have noticed that among many claiming to fight "the New World Order" that they are all "financial experts," every one of them.  Their song and dance usually is:  "your money is safe with me, little girl."

I don't know the motivations, guilt, or innocence of those in the Hutaree Militia.  I suspect they are well motivated, but misguided biblically as to approach.  The Bible indeed does warn of an impending anti-Christ and many, if not most, even all of the signs appear to be clearly imminent.

HOWEVER, the Scriptures told us how the believers successfully overcame the Beast who won some important battles against them, but not the war:


I remember reading nothing there about guns, learning to shoot at UN helmets, a bigger and better RV vehicle, or even food.

Scripturally, we were warned, (Isaiah 8:11-14)

 For the LORD spake thus to me with a strong hand, and instructed me that I should not walk in the way of this people, saying,
12 Say ye not, A confederacy, to all them to whom this people shall say, A confederacy; neither fear ye their fear, nor be afraid.
13 Sanctify the LORD of hosts himself; and let him be your fear, and let him be your dread.
14 And he shall be for a sanctuary; but for a stone of stumbling and for a rock of offence to both the houses of Israel, for a gin and for a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem.

I do not know what has gone down here, the news is still scanty, but those caught up in this need our prayers and understanding.  We also need to appreciate the evil times we are in and the subtlety and temptations of the evil one and his confederates.  Above all we need to be circumspect in this period of obvious "war on fundamentalism."  The problem with many fundamentalists, in my opinion is that they are not fundamentalist enough.  THOU SHALT NOT KILL is clearly a FUNDAMENTAL!  Please remember also, that as there were agents-provacateurs (double agents -- inciting and then reporting) in past historical struggles, in end time events there are sure to be no shortage of same -- in our very midst -- encouraging behaviors that could lead to the speedy shutting down of the rest of us.

"Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil."

Stay in prayer, and stay tuned!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Breaking news on Israel -- US may not VETO UN Resolution


This is a followup last Monday mornng's "wakeup call," The picture and story you can read by clicking here speak for themselves. I have also added a new and disturbing story and picture about "Hindus ask Pope to issue 'white paper' on global Church sex scandal -- as though the Hindus were free of such scandals themselves!

My beloved first cousin Jay Butler died in Fort Wayne, Indiana yesterday. I will probably be taking a few days to go there for his funeral and family gatherings relative thereto. Please pray for Jay and his family.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Lee Penn, author of FALSE DAWN, and numerous articles on the current crisis on Vatican perspectives will join me on MY PERSPECTIVE at, to chat with me about the current controversy swirling about Pope Benedict XVI (the former Cardinal Ratzinger) and his pontificate.

Join us in the chatroom and/or by calling in live at 888-746-1968.

If you have satellite access:

The Micro Effect can be heard on
Galaxy 19 (Telstar 5)
Transponder 5
Frequency 11836
Symbol Rate 20.765
PID 560
This should be interesting -- and disturbing.

Stay tuned!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


S C O O P:

The Thomas More Law Center of Michigan headed by former Oakland County Prosecutor Richard Thompson today filed an action challenging the constitutionality of the Health Care Reform Act a/k/a "Affordable Health Care for America Act (HR 3962). This, one of many law suits filed about the country, was submitted to the Court only minutes after President Obama signed same. David Yerushalmi, Esq. of Arizona, is one of the attorneys on the case. I contacted him via his cell phone as he was leaving a court room in New York State. He has graciously agreed to be my internet radio guest TONIGHT to discuss the case on MY PERSPECTIVE internet radio on THEMICROEFFECT.COM, 8 p.m. Eastern time, 7 p.m. Central time, 6 p.m. Mountain time, and 5 p.m. Pacific time, 4 p.m. some parts of Alaska. You may read the Complaint filed in the Eastern District of Michigan today by clicking here.

For those of you wishing to follow this litigation, the case number is 2:10-cv-1156-GCS-RSW, Eastern District of Michigan, Southern Division Court, Detroit, Michigan.

Tune in and STAY TUNED! Also, please consider joining us in the chatroom as well as listening live. You may call in questions or comment while the program is in progress by calling 1-888-747-1968.


Great Britain to expel Israeli Ambassadors

UPDATED: Please read and digest this link and this link in consideration of material and comments posted on yesterday's posting.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Has EU been subsidizing Israeli Security? Should it end?

The linked EUROPEAN VOICE article by Ben Hayes includes opinions that Israel has received more in EU subsidizing than other nations. Its sub-headline blares:

"The inclusion of Israel in the European Security Research Programme undermines the EU's commitment to even-handedness in the Middle East."
Quoting further from the article, we read:

Since incorporating Israel into the ‘European research area', the Commission has signed off on dozens of lucrative EU research contracts to the likes of Israel Aerospace Industries (a state-owned manufacturer of drones), Motorola Israel (producer of ‘virtual fences' around Israeli settlements) and Elbit Systems (one of Israel's largest private military technology firms, responsible for segments around Jerusalem of, to use the United Nation's term, the separation wall constructed between Jewish and Palestinian communities).

Some 58 EU ‘security research' projects have now also been funded under the new €1.4bn ‘security research' component of FP7. Israeli companies and institutions are participating in 12 of these, leading and co-ordinating five of them. Only the UK, Germany, France and Italy lead more projects.

Among this latest tranche of contracts is a €9.1 million project led by Verint Systems that will deliver “field-derived data” to “crisis managers” in “command-and-control centres”. (These contracts tend to avoid phrases such as ‘surveillance' and ‘homeland security', substituting less emotive terms.)

Verint describes itself as “a leader in enterprise workforce optimisation and security intelligence solutions, including video intelligence, public safety and communication intelligence and investigative solutions”. What it primarily provides is workplace surveillance, CCTV and wire-tapping facilities. Verint is now effectively being subsidised by the EU to develop surveillance and communication systems that may ultimately be sold back to the member states.

The raison d'être for establishing the EU security research programme was to enhance the ‘industrial competitiveness' of the nascent European ‘homeland security' industry. The Commission argues that funding for Israeli ‘homeland security' is wholly consistent with this aim (insofar as it will enhance Europe's “knowledge base”).

But should the Commission be giving more money to Israel's flourishing security sector than to its counterparts in most of the EU states?

More importantly, should it be subsidising it at all? Israel's control of what remains of the Palestinian territories now depends as much upon the hardware and software provided by its ‘homeland security' industry as its traditional military supremacy.

The midpoint of the current European Neighbourhood Project is this summer. This might be VERY SIGNIFICANT!

That's it for your friendly Monday morning wakeup call! Have a good and WATCHFUL day!

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Javier Solana, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, and Interfaith Dialogue

This is interesting and personally unexpected. I read something about Javier Solana from a new source on the other side of the world from Europe. The same source, Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation's release last weekend (March 13th) contained this announcement vis a vis the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and Javier Solana:

Solana in HD Centre
The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) welcomed Saturday European Union dignitary Javier Solana's joining the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD Centre), a Switzerland-based independend mediation group that is a member of the International Contact Group (ICG) for the Mindanao peace process.

Solana held many prominent positions in the European bloc, including serving for 10 years until last year as EU's high representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) last year.

An HD Centre statement on its website, which the MILF reported on, said Solana has joined the HD Centre in Geneva, Switzerland, as honorary president.

Mohagher Iqbal, peace panel chair of the MILF in the 13 years old negotiation with the Philippine government, cited the possibility of Solana, former Spanish foreign minister and secretary general of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), helping the peace talks. Iqbal said the EU leader's "affiliation with HDC will definitely add to its clout and prestige by bringing in someone who is not only well-respected in the European Union but also in global diplomacy." (Edd K. Usman)

I'll have to become a regular reader. It also revealed the following BIG "interfaith dialogue" (translate "NEW WORLD RELIGION") event that evidently just wrapped up in Manila:

Inter-faith dialogue
The Philippine National Police (PNP) has tapped the services of at least 5,000 of its personnel to secure the delegates and the venue of the two-day interfaith dialogue in Pasay City starting on Tuesday.

Chief Superintendent Leonardo Espina, PNP spokesman, said the lawmen will provide security to foreign delegates from 105 countries who have already confirmed their attendance to the Special Non-Aligned Movement Ministerial Meeting (SNAMMM) on Interfaith Dialogue and Cooperation for Peace and Development on which is hosted this time by the Philippines.

The SNAMMM is the biggest inter-governmental meeting in recent years, and the first of its kind ever to be hosted by the Philippines.

It aims to promote interfaith dialogue and cooperation to cultivate a culture of respect, tolerance, understanding and harmony among people of different faiths, cultures and religions.

Over 105 delegations, including 24 foreign ministers and 19 deputy ministers from NAM-member and observer countries and guest organizations, are expected to participate in the event which will be held from March 16-18 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) in Pasay City. (Aaron Recuenco)

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front has been a known terrorist operation. It is interesting that they are so enthused about Javier Solana's appointment to a perhaps obscure and remote to them "peace operation." Here is some Wikipedia background information on MILF:

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front is a group established by supporters of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), a rebel organization formed in the 1960s following the Jabidah massacre. The MNLF established the formation of an independent Islamic state in the southern Philippines and took part in terrorist[3][4] attacks and assassinations to achieve their goals. The government in Manila did not recognize this demand and sent troops into the southern Philippines to control the insurgency. The MILF was established in 1981 whenSalamat Hashim and his followers split from the MNLF, due to the MNLF's reluctance to launch an insurgency against the Philippine government and its supporters.[5]

In January 1987, the MNLF accepted the Philippine government's offer of semi-autonomy of the regions in dispute, subsequently leading to the establishment of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao. The MILF, however, refused to accept this offer and continued their insurgency operations. A general cessation of hostilities between the government in Manila and the MILF was signed in July 1997 but this agreement was abolished in 2000 by the Philippine Army under the administration of former Philippine president Joseph Estrada. In response, the MILF declared a jihad (holy war) against the government, its citizens and supporters. A cease-fire treaty was signed by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.[6]

Despite peace negotiations and cease-fire agreement, the MILF attacked government troops in Maguindanao resulting in at least twenty-three deaths in January 2005. The combined armies of the MILF and Abu Sayyaf were involved in days of fighting which necessitated government troops using heavy artillery to engage rebel forces.

The bombing incident in Davao airport in 2003 which the Philippine government blamed on MILF members,[7] raised speculation that the peace negotiations might be ineffectual in bringing peace to Mindanao if the MILF is unable to control its operatives. The MILF denies ties with terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah, although Jemaah Islamiyah is considered to have provided them with training facilities in areas they control.[8][9] The MILF also continues to deny connections with Al-Qaeda, though it has admitted to sending around 600 volunteers to Al-Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan and that Osama Bin Laden sent money to the Philippines, though the group denies directly receiving any payment.[10]

From June 28 to July 6, 2006, conflict between the MILF and armed civilian volunteers under Maguindanao Province governor Andal Ampatuan who were supported by the Philippine Army had been reported. The fighting began after governor Ampatuan blamed the MILF for a June 23 bomb attack on his motorcade, which killed five in his entourage. The MILF denied responsibility, but Ampatuan sent police and civilian volunteers to arrest MILF members connected to the attack. Four thousand families were reported displaced by the fighting that followed, which was ended by a cease-fire agreement signed on July 10 and July 11.[11]

Well, it appears that both Javier Solana and New World Religion pots are still very much simmering, if not in full boil! Catherine Ashton and the post-Solana watered down European Union "Common Foreign and Security Policy" continue to catch editorial fires. USA analyses from the Heritage Foundation are encouraging the USA to virtually ignore Europe. What next?

Stay tuned!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

International Temple Mount Awareness Day - TODAY - March 16, 2010

View this in conjunction with yesterday's articles. Many thanks to researcher, par excellence, Dorothy Margraf, for passing this on to the rest of us in our comments section forum!

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Is this possibly THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT in action?


It appears to me that the "Hurva Synagogue" rebuilding might be taking place concurrently with a "Third Temple" rebuilding. If so, the ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT analogy becomes even more relevant!


UPDATE: Click on all three pictures to view full page. One of my correspondents, Jackie, has sent me important new information which I am adding to this post.

New Age author Peter LeMesurier wrote a 1981 book about how the entire New Age scheme might be pulled off. THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT, that book, called for the staging of a fake "second coming" from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. He wrote:

"Their script is now written, subject only to last minute editing and stage-directions. The stage itself, albeit as yet in darkness, is almost ready. Down in the pit, the subterranean orchestra is already tuning up. The last-minute, walk-on parts are even now being filled. Most of the main actors, one suspects, have already taken up their roles. Soon it will be time for them to come on stage, ready for the curtain to rise. The time for action will have come." (From The Armageddon Script, by Peter LeMesurier, St. Martin's Press, 1982: New York, p.252).

He also wrote in that same book that the New Agers would not have to worry about opposition from the "Old Age" as the massed forces of the Old Age would go on to defeat each other in a massive, mutual venting of long pent up aggression.

Whether this is an intentional playing out or not, you can well bet that to the New Agers, it will be a clear cut case of "Crisis equals opportunity.

If you haven't already done so, you might want to pull down my on-line .pdf version of my second book, A PLANNED DECEPTION. The first chapter deals with "THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT." You can access it by clicking here:

Things appear to be happening very fast. Stay tuned!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Israel is falling on tough times vis a vis USA and EU

Israel is becoming dangerously isolated on the world stage, it is appearing, at least today.

Stay tuned!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

EU Joint Debate on European Neighbourhood Policy

There was evidently a major speech in the European Parliament yesterday (March 10th) regarding the European Neighbourhood Policy, a 7 year project close to mid-term. It officially began January 1, 2007. The transcript I read did not name the speaker. I am endeavoring to find out who was speaking. I suspect it was Catherine Ashton. I further suspect she did it with very sophisticated help -- perhaps even from Javier Solana. It named all the familiar projects that Herb Peters and I started following from the time the project was first proposed.

Excerpting from the speech:

EU: Joint Debate On Foreign And Security Policy

Source: European Commission
Published Wednesday, 10 March, 2010 - 13:53

European Parliament

Strasbourg, 10 March 2010

I am delighted to be with you to discuss the big questions on Europe's international agenda.

Let me begin by thanking Mr. Albertini and Mr. Danjean for their excellent reports. You have underlined the number, range and urgency of the challenges we face.

From strengthening the rule of law in Kosovo to working with the emerging powers to share responsibility for global governance. From promoting peace in the Middle East – and I join US Vice President Joe Biden in condemning the Israeli decision to build 1600 new houses in East Jerusalem –, to providing shelter to the surviving victims of Haiti’s earthquake. From dealing with proliferation problems such as Iran, to devising effective answers to "new" challenges such as energy, climate and cyber-security.

Europe is going through a phase of building something new. Where people have to adjust their mental maps and institutions have to find their new place.

Doing so is messy and complicated. But also exciting. For it is impossible to over-state just how important this moment is.

Right now we have a chance to build what many across Europe – and many in this House – have long wanted: a stronger, more credible European foreign policy.

Of course the European External Action Service will be key to deliver this. We have to build a system that is robust; that will enable us to deal better with the problems of today and new problems that will arise tomorrow.

For years, we have been trying to frame and implement comprehensive strategies. But the structures and systems we had, made this difficult. With the Lisbon Treaty and the EEAS we should be able to achieve this.

Two things jumped out at me. I'm not sure what Catherine Ashton's tenure will be. She has recently taken on a past key aide to Javier Solana as one of her main advisers. She and Javier Solana are both long time activists in European Socialist circles. However, it does appear from the tenor of her speech that Israel's prospects for renewal of the 2nd half of the 7 year treaty it entered into as part of the European Neighbourhood Policy are not particularly bright given the negative references to it in the above speech. Whether this is it or not, I don't know. The times are in God's hands.

Javier Solana may not PRESENTLY be there, but his policy creations clearly are.

Stay tuned!


Monday, March 08, 2010

Was the Pentagon Shooter a New Age Pothead? EU Mediterranean University Logos?

I can't help but notice the logo on the second image(click on image to enlarge to full page) looks so very much like 3 sixes (mirror image reversed)! I found this googling for current information on "The Barcelona Process."


Last week there was a shooting at the Pentagon. CNN presented an author of a book "WINGNUTS: HOW THE LUNATIC FRINGE IS HIJACKING AMERICA. " John Avalon, that author blamed the actor's mental state and his act on "right wing fanatics" which he inflammatorily termed throughout the book "HATRIOTS."

There were many problems with his thesis, not the least of which was that the dead man was a heavy marijuana user who had written papers with distinctly New Age pseudo science theories of "smart warfare." Cliff Kincaid has written a fascinating column about the pothead phenomena and its schizoid inducing tendencies. I have distinctly observed over the years that dedicated marijuana users have much more in common with the Left re Wing of American politics than the Right Wing. If there; is any intersection at all, it is with Libertarian interests; hardly Evangelical and/or Right to Life Christian ones.

Tomorrow night, 8 p.m. Eastern Time, Cliff Kincaid and I will discuss this on the air at THE MICROEFFECT.COM. Please join us both live and in the chatroom for it. On a slighty different theme, lI've placed some important information about the "holographic ministry" trends in the comments section.

Stay tuned!



2010 is off to quite a bang: Haiti, Chile, Taiwan, Turkey so far have suffered devastating, even catastrophic earthquakes. These from Turkey WER E the latest , that is until I just learned that the Mariana Islands (Pacific Ocean) subsequently suffered a 6.0 quake. They are obviously happening almost faster than we can keep up with them. We were well warned. Time to wake up!


Friday, March 05, 2010

TRACEABILITY IN A SUSTAINABLE WORLD by J.D. with assistance of Susanna and Dorothy

To my readers:
Here is Part III of JD's important research series.
Stay tuned!
Traceability in a Sustainable World
by J.D. with research assistance from Susanna and Dorothy

A look into the very real RFID agenda ensnaring the earth

Part 3a: A chip on the shoulder of past U.S. politics

In the previous pieces I have discussed international organizations calling for and implementing RFID infrastructures through out the world. We have met some influential players and have gotten a glimpse of the scope of potential users of this technology. In this piece I thought I would bring the subject a little closer to home for Americans and discuss varying roles of U.S. politicians and offices in this agenda. It can not be claimed that the role of this agenda in the affairs of the United States was started by the current administration. As it has been helped and, in some cases, trumpeted by the administration of George W. Bush. One example can be shown in the actions of Tommy G. Thompson, Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services in the George W. Bush administration. During his time as Secretary, Thompson introduced programs that strengthened the influence of government agencies such as the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics (NCVHS) and subsidiaries such asOffice of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONCHIT).

With both of these groups falling under the DHHS umbrella, it must be understood that the sole purpose of both groups is creation of a world wide system of information integration within the health care industry. This can be witnessed within goals and proposals from NCVHS. One such proposal reads as follows: "It should be formally designated as the official body for obtaining public advice, assistance and approval for the development and promulgation of terms, basic data sets, classifications, and guidelines for national and international use. All Western countries have such a body, and it is this group through which we 'legitimize' common approaches to health statistics at home and cooperate with the World Health Organization and other countries so that international comparisons of health needs, services, demands, and outcomes can be made." It should be noted that this recommendation has been followed, as NCVHS now collects and shares these pieces of data with the WHO in a move toward information standardization globally. With that in mind lets take a look at another recommendation from the same source which has yet to be implemented: "The Committee (NCVHS) has spoken out for many years on the need for a unique health identifier, while also stressing security and confidentiality protections as a precondition."

To properly understand what NCVHS means by 'unique health identifier', we must look to ONCHIT and their recommendations concerning such. Among the Health Information Technology(HIT) goals set by the office we see: "A nation-wide utility that allows secure and seamless health information exchange, capitalized by public and private investment and operated by private organizations". This nation-wide utility is specifically mentioned as a RFID infrastructure by the Health Information Technology (HIT) Policy Committee. While the 'unique health identifier' desired is mentioned as an individually assigned RFID chip for identification. These goals would set the pace for what the 2009 Healthcare Reform Bill would identify as the information infrastructure that the bill was looking to create. This legislation references these goals and suggestions of ONCHIT and NCVHS by name a multitude of times in conjunction with new streams of data and committees that the bill was looking to create. It should also come as little surprise to readers that these goals directly reflect the healthcare standards supported by GS1, a United Nations not for profit organization covered in Part 1 of this series.

After working to synchronize these offices with DHHS, Thompson would leave office to become a board member for Verichip Corporation. His time with the company can be categorized by the developments that were made by the company in the healthcare sector, specifically leading to what is now known as the Verimedsystem. It has also been speculated that Thompson helped influence the FDA's approval of the technology. After Thompson's departure from Verichip, he would go on to become a partner atAkin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer, & Feld, the nations leading lobbying and government contract firm. Through Akin Gump, Thompson has continued to work on behalf of Verichip, in the form oflobbying and negotiating contracts with various government entities. One could nearly write a book on all the ways Thompson alone has helped advance the RFID agenda. As such, I will be coming back to him periodically as the information fits into my articles.

In Part 1, I discussed how GS1 was working toward creation of a RFID infrastructure that would integrate healthcare, retail, shipping, and all other forms of business into a single global system. Following in the footsteps of GS1, another example of RFID promotion by the previous administration comes in the form of the Transatlantic Economic Council (TEC). This initiative of the United States and European Union was launched in 2007 when President Bush, Angela Merkel, and Jose Manuel Barrosso signed Framework for Advancing Transatlantic Economic Integration Between the United States of America and the European Union. This framework is exactly what it's name suggests, as here we see TEC has laid the ground work for complete economic integration between the EU and the US. One of the key elements of this integration is the implementation of a interoperable RFID infrastructure. The Transatlantic Traceability Infrastructure Project (TTIP) of GS1, which you can read about in part 1, is also a key project of TEC. Since 2007 TEC has advanced many other sub projects working to create one market, with one way of doing business. The end goal which can be seen in the framework, is a completely integrated global economy with a RFID infrastructure at its core. I will cover more of these projects in the near future, as they pertain to other subjects which I will be covering, including the debate over smart cards versus direct implantation of RFID technology.

Now that we see how the previous administration has helped lay this foundation, we can move forward in the next piece and explore connections within the current administration to this agenda. We will see personal connections to not only RFID developers, but to the cashless society discussed in Part 2 and it's financial arm of microcredit. Some of these connections will be personal, some will be business associations which led to the election of our current president. It is my hope that by the end of the next article, readers will have a better understanding of the agenda unfolding in front of them and why there is such a heavy push to pass legislation concerning healthcare, jobs, and green technologies. As the next piece will show this administrations purpose is to serve the desires of those behind this agenda, and not that of the American people.


"The cast of characters" -- another said it, not me -- this time!

Stay tuned and keep refreshing the pages and reading and commenting on the back materials. Too much happening to encapsulate -- the "pictures" here are worth thousands of words.


Thursday, March 04, 2010


Lady Ashton Prepares her Forthcoming Cordoba Showdown

I'm feeling sorrier for her than ever right now. I suspect she will not fare so well in the showdown. Like the Weimar Republic (see my first comment on last article), I rather suspect they will plod ahead by disregarding their Treaty as in Weimar Republic, they disregarded the Constitution! The entire Economist blog article bears careful reading.

UPDATE: Here is the Wikipedia originated Weimar Republic information which I believe so very obviously parallels what is happening now. The Weimar Republic was the weak governmental structure that immediately

Essential background information from Wikipedia on WEIMAR REPUBLIC

"Weimarer Republik (help·info), IPA: [ˈvaɪmaʁɐ ʁepuˈbliːk]) is the name given by historians to the parliamentary republic established in 1919 in Germany to replace the imperial form of government, named after Weimar, the city where the constitutional assembly took place. Its official name was still Deutsches Reich (German Empire), however. Following World War I, the republic emerged from the German Revolution in November 1918. In 1919, a national assembly convened in the city of Weimar, where a new constitution for the German Reich was written, to be adopted on 11 August. This liberal democracy eventually lapsed in the early 1930s, leading to the ascent of the NSDAP and Adolf Hitler in 1933. Although the constitution of 1919 was never officially repealed, the legal measures taken by the Nazi government in February and March 1933, commonly known as Gleichschaltung ("coordination") meant that the government could legislate contrary to the constitution. The constitution became irrelevant, therefore 1933 is usually seen as the end of the Weimar Republic and the beginning of Hitler's "Third Reich". In its 14 years the Weimar Republic was faced with numerous problems, including hyperinflation, political extremists and their paramilitaries, and hostility from the victors of the First World War. However, it overcame many discriminatory regulations of the Treaty of Versailles, reformed the currency, unified tax politics and the railway system. Its constitution was seen as one of the most modern in the world[citation needed] and the Republic represented a period of cultural innovation in Germany."

Stay tuned!


Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Knives are Definitely out for Catherine Ashton

The news continues to worsen for the surprise "winners" of the European Union's November 2009 power struggles and their compromise appointments. I refer to EU President Herman Rompuy and High Representative Catherine Ashton. Quoting from a new article from BBC, it is again emphasized how she is being compared unfavorably to Javier Solana's former administration under pre-Lisbon Treaty conditions:

She inherits the mantle of the veteran Spanish diplomat Javier Solana. But she has extra responsibilities, as she also represents the European Commission abroad.

Work in progress

The commission offices in the world's capitals are being converted into EU embassies - a process expected to take years. But they are not expected to take on consular duties such as issuing visas or work permits - prerogatives jealously guarded by the member states.

The criticism of Lady Ashton, coming so soon after her appointment, reflects confusion about her role, according to Richard Whitman, professor of politics at the University of Bath.

"Lisbon has created confusion about the powers that fall to her," he told the BBC.

"She has had an inordinate amount of criticism in a very short time. This is a very sensitive area for member states. They can easily get offended if she appears to privilege one institution over another."

That sensitivity was on show last week, when Lady Ashton was criticised by ministers from France, Spain and the Netherlands for failing to attend an EU defence ministers' meeting. Mr Solana, it was noted, always went to such meetings.

She had a double-booking - and opted to attend the inauguration of the new Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych. That role could have been performed by Mr Barroso or the new European Council President, Herman Van Rompuy - but they were otherwise engaged.

"The EU needed to send the right political signal to the new administration in Ukraine - that's why she went," her spokesperson told the BBC.

Europe is certainly having its troubles -- since implementation of the "Lisbon Treaty" it has certainly fallen in prestige on the world stage and its compromise "leadership" of President Rompuy and High Representative Catherine Ashton -- surprises to both, are being blamed. A Lisbon II strategy is being proposed for which President Rompuy is to lead discussions, but already high controversy brews over that as well.

The prophet Daniel told King Nebuchadnezzar that the 10 toes -- some strong, some weak on the King's gigantic dream image represented 10 kings partly of iron, partly of clay "that would not cleave together." (Daniel, Chapter 2) The Book of Revelation (Chapter 17) foretold ten kings who would come together and "share power" with the Beast for one hour. God had put in their hearts to hand their power to the beast so that the words of His (God's) prophecy would be fulfilled. These same 10 kings would per both Daniel 7 and Revelation 17 make war with God's people. Sobering thoughts!

The very difficult position that Catherine Ashton was put into was summarized by Columnist Bet-El of the Guardian Co.Uk:

A British woman was parachuted into Brussels to undertake possibly one of the most crucial jobs in this particular juncture of the EU – but she has not made everything tidy and working spit-spot. Instead, there is a growing swell of discontent with her performance, in the EU institutions and among member states.

In truth, the member states have no one but themselves to blame: they chose Ashton in a manner that would have had a nanny wag her finger at each then dispatch them to a corner in shame. There was no coherence, professionalism or transparency in the process, which seemed to be totally concerned with ensuring one state or political group did not do better than any other, rather than the needs of the post. To this end, Ashton was a perfect fit as she ticked both boxes – but she did not have the professional qualifications for the job of effectively foreign minister and the director of a major new international institution, the European External Action Service(EEAS).

In the meantime, Javier Solana has been doing great things on the world stage, pontificating how Europe would be the laboratory for a very necessary world government. I can't help but wonder who he has in mind for running the Europe that he has long insisted needed to speak with a "Single Voice."

For some strange reason, I can't seem to help looking at Europe as it stands today and thinking in historically precedent terms of equally strange and evil times: WEIMAR REPUBLIC, WEIMAR REPUBLIC.

God help Herman Rompuy and Catherine Ashton. I fear their heads may be about to roll in Lisbon II and beyond!

Stay tuned!


Tuesday, March 02, 2010


"There shall be earthquakes . . ." -- 400 in last 30 days!

Jesus' disciples asked him, "What shall be the sign of thy coming and of the end of the world?" Jesus replied, "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places."

I carry a google news alert on "earthquakes." Today, I received a telling article. It asked if the earthquakes the world was recently experiencing were "related." It also reported that in the past 8 to 30 days more than 400 had been recorded. Last Friday, a small but unusual earthquake occurred near Fostoria and Tiffin, Ohio. I lived in Tiffin, Ohio for a year. It is 100 miles south of Detroit. The quake was small, but significant in that it was a first for that area where earthquakes were previously unknown.

Quoting a USGS (United States Geological Service) geologist, the article noticed the very unusual pattern of current earthquake actity:

USGS Seismologist Dr. Paul Earle says, "in a given year you get about 18 earthquakes that are magnitude 7 and larger. Unfortunately, this year we have had these large earthquakes impacting populated areas... There's potentially more earthquakes however we statistically have not seen an increase in earthquake activity over recent times."
Perhaps serious theologians have beaten serious scientists to the mark. We were clearly warned that there would be an increase in earthquake activity as the end advanced. Scientists are mystified by just that occurring. New Agers will undoubtedly tell us that it is happening because we fail to give "Gaia" proper respect.

We who are prayerfully watching have insights as to why these things might be happening. The Prophet Daniel conveyed a message from God that "the wise shall understand."

12:10 Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.
Undoubtedly, the "Dark Green Religion" crowd will continue to advance their agenda for giving "Gaia" her "propers." Those are pressures we must resist. The same Book which accurately foretold so much of what we see plainly happening warned us of the true significance of these early warning events:

Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.
We indeed are in very serious, even frightening times. There is one refuge only --the Lord! All ten virgins were sleeping. All ten eventually woke up. Five were prepared to meet their Lord -- five were not. It's time we all prepared!

Stay tuned!