Saturday, April 30, 2005

More Whoppers from "Brother Eric"

From the "sainted pen" of Eric Jon Phelps, a/k/a Jon Eric Phelps, a/k/a Jon Eric Felps
Phelps tries "AV1611" replay of long discredited Nazi Fire and Ice Theories

Well, dear blogspot readers. Thanks to one of my very good epals, I was directed to the latest on Eric Jon Phelps website. I saw a post that he allegedly believed in "hollow earth" theories, but I could not believe that even he would be dumb enough to post such proven fallacies. The Nazis had a well known belief in these theories. Their dogmatic belief in them probably cost the Nazis a possible World War II victory. These are also known as the Hans Horbiger fire and ice theories. Hitler comissioned a fleet to float up to the Arctic waters where he believed a subtropical sub-earth paradise to exist. Of course, they went without winter gear and icebreakers . . . Nobody dared say, "but the emperor isn't wearing anything" . . . and the rest is history. Now Eric Jon Phelps tells us on the one hand that the Jesuits controlled Nazi Germany. On the other hand, it is also the Jesuits seeking to keep us from believing the "truth"[NOT!] of these hollow earth, fire and ice theories.

Does Phelps want these theories to shipwreck us as they shipwrecked the Nazis? Is he telling the truth? Or is he simply playing one more round of the popular occult game, "Watch the Fundamentalists run!" You be the judges and I shall value your input, research, and comments! You may either go over to Bro. Eric's "" website and read it for yourself, or in case another popular New Age game of "Now you see us, now you don't", you may read it as Bro Eric wrote it below. Both the link and the text follows:

Dear Brethren and Friends,

The "hollow earth theory" is both Biblical and truly scientific. Moreso, the Jesuits have done much to suppress this knowledge. The Jesuit/Masonic/Rockefeller connection to Admiral Byrd in financing the Admiral's explorations, as well as Amadeo Giannini's connection to the Jesuit Order's wicked Bank of America spoken of below, further sustains the connection. Jesuit physicist and seismologist Jerome S. Riccard connected with the Archbishop of Boston William Cardinal O'Connell (Cardinal years being 1911-1944) further raises my suspicion of a massive Jesuit cover-up in order to keep from us the truth as to the proper functioning of the earth in relation to a geocentric creation. It is possible that between the two truths of the earth being fixed and thus "at rest," and the magnetic influences of this truly "hollow earth" we dwell upon, lie the secrets to understanding the law of gravity thus enabling the Jesuit Millita of the Black Pope to build anti-gravity aerodynes, i.e., UFOs.

This 1926 photo shows 1881 Boston College graduate William Cardinal O'Connell,
who as Boston Archbishop had encouraged the Jesuits to move their College
from the South End location, walking the grounds of the Chestnut Hill Campus.
He is accompanied by (R-L) Jesuit University President James Dolan, S.J.,
Director of Harvard (Beer) Brewing Company Walter Guyette of Lowell,
and Jesuit Vice Provincial James Kilroy, S.J. The Jesuit Order totally controls
the Pope's Roman Hierarchy in America. The Hierarchy, using its Papal Knights,
controls the Company's "trusted third party," in accordance with its Secreta Monita.
That "trusted third party" is the New York City-based Council on Foreign Relations.
Select Council members, many of whom are Shriner Freemasons, Knights of Malta,
Skull and Bones and Opus Dei, are "elected" or appointed to key positions of power
within the Papacy's"Holy Roman" Fourteenth Amendment American Empire.
Through this chain of command the Black Pope utilizes all scientific discoveries
of note, monopolizes those discoveries if decided upon in secret council, and then
suppresses, upon pain of death, all who would seek to give high technology to
the White Nations of Western Civilization born out of the Lord Jesus Christ's
Grand and Glorious Protestant Reformation.

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric"

Oh, and one more thing, Bro. Eric, please tell me where in the Bible pre or post AV1611, do I go to find these Hollow Ice Theories. The New Age bookstores have shelves full of them -- but you obviously read your bible much closer than I -- I couldn't find them?


Javier Solana will be in Washington, D.C. May 2-3

Our 'very good friend' to be in Washington Monday and Tuesday!

Javier Solana will be in Washington on Monday. He will be meeting with Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice and her predecessor in her old job as National Security Advisor, Stephen Hadley. Additionally, he will be speaking to a House of Representatives Committee.

This will be an opportunity for Javier Solana, always the charmer, to make new American friends. He has lots of friends in the United States Senate, so this time he is concentrating on an important segment of the House of Representatives. I hope in listening that they don't get lulled to sleep over the most important item on his agenda -- that the EU is about to start allowing sale of arms to China.

Javier Solana has these ways about him. He sort of seems like:

  • The most comfortable pair of shoes in the closet
  • Everybody's favorite professor (he did used to be one, you know)
  • Everybody's favorite uncle.
  • Completely harmless (Joan Veon once told me she interviewed him in his NATO capacity and this is how he then seemed to her.)
  • Non-threatening, even affable

Nevertheless, there are incredible things that come both from Solana's pen (or is it word processor?) and from his mouth. In 1999 he came to the United States to accept a Christian Herter Foreign Policy Award. In that speech he mocked George Washington's advice to the USA to "avoid entangling foreign alliances." "Why those entangling foreign alliances are good for you," said Solana. It takes a lot of cheek to come to a country and mock its national items. It appears that Solana has that type of cheek, but he says it with such good natured charm, that the audacity of what was just uttered appears to have escaped the usual scathing criticisms of the press corps -- it usually is not reported -- one has to read the speech to catch it.

At any rate, I wish I could be an invisible fly on a Washington wall next week! I hope our Congressmen, Secretary of State, our National Security Advisor and the person the latter two report to don't give away too much of the store in the give and take of next week's 'diplomacy.'

I will, as always, appreciate your comments. Enjoy your Saturday night!


April 30, 2005

Friday, April 29, 2005

Signs of the Times


I've had a couple of busy days in court. I have had a mountain of emailings to answer from the online activity of the past few days. The person who sent me the VATICAN ASSASSINS book was strongly offended by my critical analysis of it. He wrote me saying in a near threatening manner, "your days are numbered." I wrote him back saying that indeed my days were numbered as were the very hairs on my head -- by my Maker. Nothing could happen to me until it was God's time that such occur; if it was God's time, there was nothing I could do to stop it. Needless to say, there is something terribly wrong with even the spirit behind uncritical belief in the contents in what to me is an obviously bad book, if people feel they must make threats to increase its acceptance.

Then after I opened my email, I saw a Yahoo! headline telling me that the United Methodist Church had rescinded the firing of an open sexually active lesbian. Just when I thought it was safe to go back to the Methodist Church! (Shameless takeoff on "just when you thought it was safe to go back to the water . . .")

Next, blogspot Reader Tex Ayers emailed the following to me, saying "this should open your eyes." It certainly is an indicator of signs of the times:

The Top Public School Discipline Problems

1) Talking
2) Chewing gum
3) Making noise
4) Running in the halls
5) Getting out of turn in line
6) Wearing improper clothing
7) Not putting paper in wastebaskets

1) Drug Abuse
2) Alcohol Abuse
3) Pregnancy
4) Suicide
5) Rape
6) Robbery
7) Assault
(Source: Time Magazine, February 1, 1988)
Tex Ayers

Well, that's all folks! Enjoy your Friday night!

April 29, 2005

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

More on Eric Jon Phelps a/k/a Eric Jon Felps


What you are about read will hopefully shock you as much as it has shocked me. One of our readers did an internet search to see where Eric Jon Phelps book was landing. He was speaking in Israel -- that in and of itself was a shocker because if anybody would bother to read his book carefully in his own words, they would see that the very creation of Israel and its 6 Day War Victory were all machinations of the Jesuits, per Phelps. I was, however, unprepared for how very evil was the company of those using this Phelps (sometimes referred to in Luciferic circles) as Felps book. One of the very darkest sides of the New Age Movement is the Crowleyites and the Church of Process of the Final Judgment. Scientology devotees helped form that "church" and the church had 3 divisions: The Luciferians, the Jehovahists, and the Satanists. Phelps material turned up well synthesized and highly praised on the most evil site, I have ever viewed. Because the New Agers consistently play a successful game of "Now you see us, now you don't" in addition to the game I told you about of "watch the fundamentalists run", I have taken the pains to save the entire site to an Adobe Acrobat 7.0 file. This is what you call a pdf file.

This is the Eric Jon Phelps excerpt from the Lucifera book of that cult:

This is an accurate summary of Phelps work and if you go to that site, it is on page 34 of some of the strangest material you will hopefully ever view:

This is a 700 page richly illustrated title that adds to Malachi Martin’s accusations of Satanic ritualism in the Vatican, the accusations of the Vatican’s role in the Illuminati, assassinations, Usury and collaboration with the world’s most evil Capitalist cultists. Adam Weishaupt, for example, the founder of the Bavarian Illuminati was brought up by Jesuits and was also a Freemason. Phelps argues that the Vatican is behind a long history of assassination and the mystery cultism of secret societies, that would put the CIA narco-terrorists to shame. The Vatican, no matter how small the land that it takes up, is a ‘country’ with its own laws, its own police force and its own military intelligence through its secret societies. This is the Devil’s Army. And all these things, these Aryan religious hypocrites and their puppets do in the name of a Jewish Communist. Felps alleges that under the banner of the Cross of the Knights of Malta, the Vatican has its own Masonic style terrorist organisation. It is this Cross that according to Masonic author Byrne’s street maps of Paris, shows up in the street plans of Paris and in other the Templar cities, and the points of the Cross are places of importance to the cultists and tunnelers. The Vatican Mafia have real power among the Usuryists and Illuminated Masters of the world, and they are simply another corrupt MI6, CIA or Mossad, but in the name of Yeshiva, a Jewish Communist. It is also possible that the Satanists of the Vatican have access to Light technology. It must be made clear that these Satanists have absolutely nothing to do with Yeshiva or with the Communism and anti-propertyism of Yeshiva; on the contrary, these demons are hard core Usuryists and hypocrites, and they must be subjected to the same global Holocaust that their Nazi allies attempted to carry out against the Communists and Jews. The Revolution will not end until the last priest sheds blood from his neck and this is what must occur to all Usuryist collaborators and this is the Templar's method (34 of 117)4/27/2005 9:18:33 AM

Did you read that carefully? He is calling for a global holocaust against Catholics! And if we are publicly praising that book, how much would that advance the obvious global war against fundamentalism -- remember one of Javier Solana's original Barcelona Conference objectives was to "battle religious fundamentalism, worldwide." Just as Jim Jones was a hard core New Ager, as soon as his kool-aid party took place, the New Agers sought to re-Christen him as a "fundamentalist." He was a fundamentalist, alright! A fundamentalist New Ager!

I had angry letters about my stance on Phelps yesterday. I also had encouraging letters. If you go look at the site, make sure your children are not present and please pray for divine protection before you do. This is easily one of the most diabolical things I have ever seen.

It is frightening how many good Christians started to be sucked into this game. I pray that the Restrainer will let them go no further! By the way, Phelps' book uses certain Eustace Mullins' books as sources. Mullins' book THE WORLD ORDER concludes by saying that the makers of the world order will be vanquished and the people will go on to build a new golden age. Mullins was referring in that book to the Jews. An amazing number of people bought into this because the thought the book was a manifesto against a New World Order rather than a recipe for the very ugliest of ones. Jews, Christians, and Moslems are targets of the New Age schemers. Mullins primarily targeted Jews in his THE WORLD ORDER. Phelps primary targets Catholics in his VATICAN ASSASSINS.

Folks, that's New Age Movement in just two more of its ugly forms. Lets not buy into those lies. I will be writing more on this later and in the meantime will appreciate your comments.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

UN nominee Bolton's accuser is a New Age activist


I have never met, to the best of my recollection, John Bolton. I know relatively little about the controversy surrounding him. As I said in previous columns, for various reasons, I'm hardly the biggest of George W. Bush fans. I've not met Cliff Kincaid face to face, either. However, we have chatted frequently -- online, on the radio, and by telephone. I respect Cliff Kincaid highly as a journalist and as apolitical analyst. I value his judgment. We don't always agree, but very often we do.

Needless to say, having written the first major critical book on the subject, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow: The New Age Movement and our Coming Age of Barbarism, I do pay attention to the New Agers, their agendas, and their on-going vendetta against Monotheistic religion -- Jews, Christians -- both Catholic and Protestant, and even Moslems (except for the Sufis whom they rightfully number as their own). Not always, but most of the time when a New Ager is fervently against something or somebody, it is because they are perceived as an obstacle to implementation of the full agenda -- the implementation they figure has been overdue since at least 1982.

One of my most faithful readers who is also a highly talented researcher, emailed me a piece this morning about Lynne D. Finney. She is the lady who has made lots of headlines the last two days with accusations about Mr. Bolton allegedly harrassing her on a job in the early 1980s.

It appears that she was then and continues to be a New Age Movement activist, complete with "instruction by Tibetan monks", a guru named "Master Nome" and herself gives seminars on memory recovery using hypnosis. For these, she charges $90 per hour.

There have been extraordinary media attacks as of late on anything that smacks of evangelicalism and religious orthodoxy. Evangelicals and conservative Catholics, were dangerous, per the media, for having opposed the 'humane' starvation of the late Terri Schiavo. Even Hillary Clinton caught it on NBC this morning for daring to invoke the name of Jesus. Evangelicals, says the media, are entirely too powerful. Now, even Democrats are beginning to believe they must respect their beliefs.

Strangely, however, there has been media silence on New Age beliefs and their all powerful -- even documentably dangerous -- effect on both litigation and legislation. The Schiavo attorney, George Felos, who fought so desperately for the ordered judicial murder by starvation death of Terri was motivated by his own beliefs in meditation and 'telepathic communication.' While aggressively trashing Christian beliefs and outing those in government who might still have even a modicum left of them, he shamelessly and aggressively proselytizes his own. Nary a word from the ACLU!

I had no opinions on the Bolton situation until I read that such a deeply grounded New Ager as Lynne Finney sought Mr. Bolton's political hide. But now, I am starting to believe that if the New Agers so desperately don't want him at the United Nations, perhaps he is exactly the type of person who should be there -- particularly at this time when the New Agers claim that their new 'Christ' is about to make full 'emergence.' Just as Christian support is a reverse indicator for the New Agers, so is New Age opposition a reverse indicator for me!

I'm interested in your point of view. Have a great and productive day. Maranatha!


Monday, April 25, 2005

UPDATED !!! Eric Jon Phelps and his book - I still recognize NEW AGE when I see it!

Note from Constance: Since writing this column, I came to my office where I have the Eric Jon Phelps book, Vatican Assassins: "Wounded in the House of My Friends" on my desk. This is what the author says:

"The author would like to acknowledge The Spectrum newspaper for having the courage to break this story when no one else would so so. Phone 877-280-2866, W.ebaddress.

Well, I hopped over there and to call it both neo-nazi and New Age are rather studied understatements. Particularly check out their "wisdom books" which include offerings by Eustace Mullins -- the most evil combination of deliberate New Age and Jew baiting I can possibly think of. Offered is Mullins' A WRIT FOR MARTYRS. That book details his close connection with the Bollingen Foundation people -- An Olga Froebe Kapteyn - Alice Ann Bailey - Mellon fortune combination. Mullins was following me around in the 1980s telling people he had more information on the New Age Movement than me -- he sure did -- from inside! Mullins claims to be a protege' of Ezra Pound, a prominent Theosophist turned fascist who made radio broadcasts for Hitler and Mussolini in the 1940s.

Folks, we need far better discernment than somehow it appears we've getting. Eric Phelps book on its very face is bad. Immediately on the credits page appears: "Category: "History/Non-Fiction/New Age". They told you it was New Age! But because this book was Catholic bashing, you all took it at gospel. Let's remember the biblical warnings that the deception would be enough to deceive even the elect. Sometimes a spirit of self-righteousness can blind us just as effectively as going to see Ramtha the 35,000 year old man!


I have had three posts on my column on ABC and NBC heresies yesterday: ABC is shorthand for "Anything but Catholic" and NBC is shorthand for "Nothing but Catholic." I was told to go view the website of one Eric John Phelps.

Well, lucky for all you viewers, I was sent my very own copy of his book VATICAN ASSASSINS:. Wounded In The House Of My Friends -- complete with CD Rom. I did take a couple of hours of otherwise good billable time to go through it. I saw enough to tell you definitively, the book is a New Age book with a New Age agenda. What makes me say that?

I will devote more time to that book later, but for openers, it was freely employing some of the world's most evil resources, quoting them as gospel. What was employed?

1. ISIS UNVEILED by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. Blavatsky once wrote a letter to her sister saying, "I am writing Isis, rather Isis is writing me."

2. OCCULT THEOCRASY by Lady Jane Queensborough. That book is a shameless attack on two out of three targets of the New Age Movement -- Jews and Christians. Lady Jane Queensborough meets head on, one major test of anti-Christ: A Denial of God the Father, per 1 John 2:22 (who is a liar, but he who denies Jesus is the Christ, he is antichrist who denies the Father and the Son). Lady Jane Queensborough in the very clearest of terms denies the father. She writes that the Jehovah of the Jews is not even worthy to be compared to Ahura Mazda of the Zoroastrians or Brahma of the Hindus!

I say, Lady Jane Queensborough is not even worthy to wrap your garbage in, let alone cite as solid historical and theological evidence! I own the book. I bought it at the local New Age bookstore in 1981. That was where the book belonged! So many Catholic and Jew bashing books buy into its thesis, hook, line and sinker, without bothering to see where the author was really coming from. Ditto with the works of Nesta Webster who freely confessed her own belief in reincarnation.

And, if you are going to accept Blavatsky as gospel, you have accepted naked the very devil himself. Blavatsky was the foundress of the Theosophical Society, the mothership of the New Age Movement. Her first magazine was called Lucifer!

'Nuf said, I am beginning to think that maybe Peter LeMesurier, the New Age writer was correct when he wrote that all they would have to do was turn the massed forces of the New Age Movement against each other.

I will be writing more on this later.


Sunday, April 24, 2005

Of Catholic Bashing and of Protestant Bashing - What Constance Thinks!

This is a very short post, but something on my mind given the vehemence of some of the anti-Ratzinger posts. I wrote it to reply to a reader, but since it was an anonymous comment, I could not answer. So here is what I think for everybody and I will duck while the flak flies!

I believe personally that there are two enormous heresies floating about out there:

1. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be a member of the ABC Church and thou shalt be saved.
2. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be a member of the NBC Church and thou shalt be saved.

The first heresy is a Protestant one.
The second heresy is a Catholic one.


Oh, and what do the acronyms ABC and NBC mean?



Let's bear in mind at all times the New Age strategy -- to pit Old Agers against Old Agers! The test of anti-Christ was a denial that Jesus was the Christ and that Jesus Christ had come in the flesh. It was not an alleged overemphasis on Jesus mother or anything else. Some Catholics meet those tests, some don't. Some Protestants meet those tests, some don't. And certainly, we grafted in branches, whether Catholic or Protestant, were not to 'boast against the branches' (the Jews). Don't blame me. St. Paul wrote it in Romans Chapter 2; John wrote it in his epistles. At least for now, that's what Constance thinks. You are certainly entitled to your own opinions, although I think I agree with the former Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI -- there are not multiple truths. Seeing through glass darkly as we do, we may not know perfect truth -- probably none of us do, but to paraphrase the Apostle Paul, "if we all bite and devour one another" won't the New Agers and SqueakBoxes of this world have a field day!


The Wicked Wikipedians -- What they are saying and doing today

Just a little Sunday afternoon diversion in case you wondered what the wicked Wikipedians are up to. We all know our "friend" SqueakBox who likes to come over here and post and has his own blogs:

These guys (provided there is more than one of them and provided that they are truthful, which is probably debatable) are saying some interesting things. First of all, Hierarchypedia (David?) has claimed that he is a member in good standing of the Bohemian Grove -- Hierarchypedia is either SqueakBox's sockpuppet, or they are VERY GOOD FRIENDS?? At any rate, since these fine guys are into 'illumination,' I thought I would shed a little more light on them than they sought by cut and pasting their online boastings about how they are getting the best of Yours Truly by not enticing her fully into their wicked wikipedia process -- is this something like saying "rubber baby buggy bumpers" 5 times real fast, or "how many chips could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck chips?"

"You could try Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Cumbey; someone wanted to take it to arbcom a week back but then withdrew, and since then it is off the burner. In someone ways Cumbey is a pretty harmless nut. She can't be bothered to learn how to use the system, hence she never looked at your and my contribs, from which I am sure anyone could work out you are not my sockpuppet (if you made your first edit before 19/10/04 I would strictly be your sockpuppet) but it also means she doesn't know how to set up an Rfc herself alleging that you are my sockpuppet, without which noone will listen to her. Interestingly even if you were my sockpuppet that would have been okay by wikipedia rules before today because our paths have not crossed and I could not be accused of using you to unjustly affect wikipedia process. The idea that i would use you as a sockpuppet to influence a vote that doesn't need influencing in the keep direction (Constance E. Cumbey) is ridicuklous. I would describe Cumbey as a very lazy user who will never be capable of anything much, and that she just has to be tolerated. But if you want to take it to arbcom by all means have a go! --SqueakBox 22:02, Apr 23, 2005 (UTC)
Retrieved from ""

The following is from Hierarchypedia's user page:

> I removed some of the names you put up as Bohemian Club members. They were only atendees of > Bohemian Grove (members of their respective camps). Not everyone who goes to Bohemian Grove is > a member of the club. --Hierarchypedia 13:11, 25 Feb 2005 (UTC)
Could you provide a source for your claims?
In order to become a member of a camp, you have to be a member of the club, which owns the grove. You can be a guest to the encampment, but you do not become a member of a camp by becoming a guest.
My source of the members is the membership roster that is distributed among members only of which I am one. For example, Colin Powell is a Non-Resident member of the club, and is a member of the Mandalay Camp. Donald Rumsfeld and Walter Cronkite are also Non-Resident members of the club, while George H.W. Bush is an Honorary Member, while Robert Weir is a Professional Member. All four are members of the Hillbillies Camp. The late Herbert Hoover and Richard Nixon were members of the Caveman Camp, and both were long-time members of the club.

Have fun boys! When you are ready to become adults, please let us all know!


Wolves in Sheep's Clothing? The 'Evangelical' Struggle to keep you from the truth

Equipping the Saints? Or Disarming them? You be the judge!

There have been enormous efforts and huge sums of money spent to keep the Christian world from knowing the size and extent of the New Age Movement and its growing powers. I have kept silent most of the time on most of what I know not because I wanted to keep people from the truth, but because of Jesus' clear warnings that the wheat and the tares would grow together until the time of the end and to do nothing about the tares because in pulling up the tares, one might also harm the wheat. It is only when I see the wheat itself harmed that I speak out. I believe for people to now know what is coming, that they know how insidious this battle has been.

When I started my work against the New Age Movement in 1981, I thought it would be very simple -- Christian vs. Lions. It wasn't quite that easy. Some of who I believed were US were either apathetic or THEM. Some of THEM repented and became staunchly US. Some of the lengths gone to suppress -- even blackball me and my work -- were truly amazing. A Seattle, Washington Christian (Logos Bookstore) was selling many New Age books on its shelves. My book, THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW, then a #1 best seller on the Christian best seller list, was sold under the counter. It was packaged in a plain brown paper wrapper, stapled shut with a critical article on my work from Christianity Today inside. Matthew Fox authored (a Catholic apostate theologian, later removed by the new pope as Cardinal Ratzinger acting in his position as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) books were sold very openly.

I was asked to participate in a conference for Evangelical Ministries to New Religions at El Toro, California in December 1983. This was a time immediately after my father's death and I have detailed some of this in my second book, A PLANNED DECEPTION. In El Toro, I was asked to present my proofs on the existence of the New Age Movement. The panel behind me who was to comment on my work included CRI's Eliot Miller; Cornerstone Magazine's Eric Pement; Brooke Alexander of Spiritual Counterfeits Project; and Dave Hunt, who I then believed to be my ally.

In my main talk, I detailed the inroads Jeremy Rifkin had made in evangelizing evangelicals to the environmental paradigm shift of the New Age Movement. The question and answer period was truly amazing. I had no idea what would be thrown at me. I had packed one large book bag and it accompanied me that evening. Time after time I was accused both by members of the panel and members of the inquisitorial audience of taking the New Agers out of context. I would say, "well, let's read it together." I would pull the exact book from my briefcase. That I had the proper books with me to defeat their claims of misquoting can only be attributed to either extreme luck or divine intervention. It was statistically impossible given a library of my size to have had it happen accidentally. Of course, I believe it to be the latter. I obviously had help!

The next major thrust against me was what I term the "Denver Disinformation Conference" which took place at the Denver Seminary on March 14-15, 1985 in Denver, Colorado. I was not invited. A few days before, a cult research by the first name of Hugh called me. He said he had called to register, left his credit card number with Dr. Gordon Lewis' secretary at the Denver Seminary. The Denver Seminary is a Conservative Baptist institution. Dr. Lewis was coordinating the conference. Dr. Vernon Grounds was the Chancellor. People from that seminary were to play a major role in a unity conference with New Age leaders in conjunction with Doug Coe in 1987, but this was 1985.

At any rate, Hugh, my caller, said that he asked the registrar, Dr. Lewis' secretary a natural question, given that this was the first recognition in the Evangelical world that the New Age Movement even existed outside of the imagination of yours truly. "Would Constance Cumbey be there?" He said that she replied as follows: "This conference was called on account of Constance Cumbey" and we will have security guards present, just in case she decides to show up."

This was hard for me to take. I started crying. I said, "this time they've gone to a new low." My caller said, "you know, you could go anyway." I said, " no, I practiced law long enough to know that if they would go to those lengths, they would go even lower. They would trump a disturbance and blame me for it. They would like nothing better than for me to be sitting in a Denver jail -- I'm not going to give them the satisfaction."

God's timing is very interesting. I have never had anything like this happen without getting confirmation shortly thereafter. The very next morning I had a phone call from a man identifying himself as a producer for a Denver professor who had a popular religion oriented talk show on Denver radio each and every Sunday morning. He said that they had planned to give the time for the Sunday after the conference to a participant -- hopefully Ronald Enroth. He went on to say, that he had the professor had been talking and wondered out loud why at last there was an Evangelical conference on the existence of something that had been long denied -- and that the most recognized Evangelical figure on the subject was not a part of the conference. I recounted something unpleasant that had happened to me concerning Ronald Enroth. Then I told him what I had just heard the night before -- about the security guards.

"Why I know the person in charge of security," exclaimed the producer. His name is Mark Roggeman and he's a local policeman. Let's get him in on this conversation." Mark Roggeman joined the conversation in what became a three way conference call. He told me a most amazing story. Mark Roggeman was a Denver policeman who then and now was working on cult related issues. He is also a Christian. He said he was thrilled that after three years of denial, that finally there was Evangelical recognition of a New Age Movement problem. He heard they were seeking a Security Director and applied for the job. He said that upon hiring he was summoned into Gordon Lewis office and told his first, foremost and primary responsibility was to escort Constance Cumbey off the grounds, should she show up. Mark told me he said to Lewis, "that's how the cults operate." Lewis told him, "you want the job, that's the condition." Roggeman told me he decided to stick around and see what else they had up their collective sleeves.

"What else" included Dr. Gordon Melton, a rabid New Age follower in nearly all of its forms, including vampirism and Ramtha the 35,000 year old man deliver a paper, "A Christian Response to the Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow." He was wearing an ankh and selling his paper promoting astrology on the grounds.

I was offered radio time -- two national interviews -- on the Marlin Maddoux Show on the two days immediately preceding the conference. I gave the doings and their security guards more free advertising than they ever expected. I understand they ran around red faced and said it had not happend -- but it clearly happened.

I say all of this now because Gretchen Passantino published prominently on the web, a paper on urban legends. She includes as one "urban legend" the security guard story. I'm sorry to say it but Gretchen Passantino was close enough to the action on this gang to know better. It is bluntly -- a lie!

Equipping the saints? I would say this bunch was disarming the saints. That's all for now. Enjoy the balance of your weekend!


Saturday, April 23, 2005

The time I met and talked with Barbara Bush - bathing suit to bathing suit

The time I met and talked with Barbara Bush face to face and bathing suit to bathing suit!

Corrected as to dimensions of Detroit Renaissance Center, November 30, 2005

I've had some curious encounters in my lifetime -- some very unexpected. I guess its probably no secret that apart from SOME of the life issues of the current president, I'm not his greatest fan. I was disturbed by his lack of sensitivity on some capital cases while he was governor of Texas. (However, I do agree with him on abortion and euthanasia issues!) I frankly thought his brother, Jeb, was the brighter of the two and liked his hands-on in the Florida disasters last year. I was most disturbed when George Bush said that he wasn't worried about executing innocent people -- that this had never happened in Texas! Well, it happened about everywhere else, and the DNA innocence projects revealed that there were approximately 13 people sitting on death row in Illinois who were completely innocent. For that reason, Governor Ryan of that state suspended the death penalty until reliable controls were put in place. I am always alarmed when somebody shoots from the hip and I've suspected, perhaps rightly, perhaps wrongly, that this was the case with our present national administration.

Furthermore, I haven't been exactly thrilled about its position on Iraq. The "Shock and Awe" campaign was a horrific one to set and I would certainly hate to have this global precedent turned on the USA.

However, I must confess that I do like the President's mother who also happens to be the wife of a former president and the mother of Florida's Jeb Bush. I had the unexpected honor of meeting her once under very unusual circumstances. Here's what happened.

The year was 1980. My downtown Detroit law office was in the Renaissance Center. It was a four tower, 71 story massive complex attached to the Westin Hotel, with a rotating restaurant at the top. The complex featured theatres, shops, indoor hanging gardens, a health club, and a heated swimming pool. We lived downtown and most of my law practice as a young lawyer was downtown. It was then a good time to be in Detroit.

My clients didn't appreciate the facility as much as I enjoyed it. It was and remains difficult to navigate on foot -- they perceived it as some type of a big moat to cross to reach me. But at this time of my life which was stressful for reasons I am about to explain, it was good for me and my family.

My husband Barry suffered a traumatic accident in the fall of 1979. Retrieving his briefcase from the trunk of his Monte Carlo Chevrolet vehicle, the car behind his car was struck by new driver. She had just bought the car from a junk dealer. She had only the minimal Michigan insurance of $20,000 limits. This is, needless to say, is nothing for a life-changing disaster of this magnitude. It sent Barry's car into the car ahead and Barry was trapped in between. One leg was immediately severed at the scene. He was in surgery 7 hours that day and they tried to save the other leg. Nevertheless, it had to be removed 11 days later because of massive life threatening infection. He was now a double above-the-knee amputee. Between hospitalization and rehabilitation institute therapy, Barry was medically institutionalized for six months. In early April, 1980, the doctors suggested that as a reacclimation to medical discharge, that Barry take a day at home. We, of course, needed to move from our former downtown apartment to a building with an elevator. That hadn't happened yet. I did have my health club membership in the Renaissance Center, however, with my own permanent assigned locker. We had family privileges. Beverages and sandwiches were served. When we were done exercising, we could go to my office for Barry to see it (I had located there from another downtown office after the accident) and then take in a family movie before returning Barry to the Rehab Center.

We arrived at the health club. I was handed my usual towel and went into the ladies' locker room. The club was relatively empty. There was a very pretty girl inside who was badly sunburned. I looked at her and said, "oohh, where did you get that burn?" The girl answered, "in Houston." I said, "you need to get something like aloe vera on it immediately." I was recalling a bad case of sun poisoning I once brought home from the Bahamas a few years earlier. I went to my locker. At that point, a bathing suited woman came to me and asked if I could please show her how to set the sauna. I set the sauna. I finished my own change of clothing and headed for the sauna myself.

As I entered the sauna, the woman said, "Hello." I responded, "hello." "Where are you from?", she asked. "Right here, where are you from?", I responded. "Houston," was her answer. "Oh, are you here attending the electronic manufacturers convention," I asked, thinking of Texas Instruments and the notice of events for the day posted in the hotel lobby. "No, I'm here campaigning," she said. "I'm Barbara Bush and my husband George Bush is running for President. This is our daughter, Dorothy," she said, referring to the pretty sunburned blonde next to her.

We talked as if we had known each other all our lives. She said she had noticed Barry when she was coming in. She told me she had a sauna in her Houston home and missed not having one in Washington. She was, quite honestly, very refreshing by the standards of the many, many political people I had known in my adult life. After I broke to go swimming, I was sought out by the journalist Susan King who had since came to the pool and was likewise enjoying the tepid waters. Susan told me that Barbara Bush told her she had met a woman lawyer who had impressed her. Barbara Bush had impressed me.

I was not a bit surprised to hear a few years later that after George Bush lost his re-election to the presidency in 1992, that after they returned to Houston, she discharged her personal Secret Service agent, bought a Buick, and went wherever she personally wanted to go in Houston. She struck me as that type of person.

At any rate, this is not a heavy blog today. It is just something interesting that happened to me with a person I accidentally met who was very nice to me at a personally trying time in my own life. I still remember her fondly for it -- I just sort of wish it had been her other son who was president. Oh well!

That's it for today. My back stories, many of which in my biased mind have value, are available to you. Just type on archives which for a few more days are only "April."

Have a great day!

April 23, 2005

Friday, April 22, 2005

Happy Earth Day - NOT!


Of 'Earth Day', 'Deep Ecology', and assorted forms of False Knowledge

I have substantially survived the week -- although cash flow matches the economy -- very slow! I wrote the following last Saturday, but since "Earth Day" is today, it is worthy of reprint, at least in my opinion.

April 22, comes one of my least favorite holidays, 'Earth Day.' For the last 35 years, it has given me the creeps. I was both a student at Michigan State University and working for the Michigan House of Representatives as a speechwriter and "Legislative Analyst" when the first Earth Day was 'celebrated'. I will confess to you I did not like the Vietnam War -- most people in my generation did not, although we had lots of empathy for those in our age group drafted to fight in that 'conflict.' I had no trouble marching against that war. I also had no trouble marching for civil rights. I will confess to you now that I was an energetic young activist. I still treasure so many of the friendships and acquaintances I made in that era, including even Rosa Parks herself. I was running a mayoral campaign in Highland Park, Michigan in 1975 -- a successful campaign to unseat a sitting mayor. While sitting in a church service that we descended upon in what I now will concede was a shameless effort to gain votes for our side, I felt something tugging on the hem of my dress. I looked and there was Rosa Parks with thread and needle. She had noticed my hem was loose and she was in her usual unassuming manner, repairing same. About 8 years later, I was to meet Tony and Sue Liuzzo. Tony is the son of slain civil rights crusader, Viola Liuzzo. Although Viola Liuzzo turned Unitarian in her quest, Tony and Sue now share my traditional Christian beliefs. They remain close personal friends.However much I passionately participated in the first two events, as I did in the Eugene McCarthy presidential campaign of 1968, I could not and would not participate in the first Earth Day, even though so much of the crowd in the various peace and civil rights movements were there. I sat in my cubicle in the Speaker's Staff headquarters of the House of Representatives section of the Michigan State Capitol and literally shivered with creeps as I read the announcements for the day. I bought the books for research, but I frankly instinctively disliked all I was hearing. I could not tell you why until 1981, the year I first discovered the New Age Movement. Perusing literature of popular groups of the Movement starting with the Sierra Club and moving through Friends of the Earth and the scare projections of the Club of Rome, I had what the New Agers would probably label an "aha moment" and others might call "an epiphany." My thoughts went something like this:"They are talking about increasing living space, population reduction, mandatory abortion, licensing people to have children, encouraged and even forced sterilizations, terminating life supports -- My God -- that is what the Nazis were all about! So many nice people into this -- somebody's got to warn them." When I discovered the esoteric underpinnings of the movement which were almost universally talking about (a) a new 'messiah' coming; and (b) recognition of Lucifer as a benevolent planetary force (Theosophical Society; Lucis Trust; Benjamin Creme, et al ad nauseum), I knew that I was facing something for which I could not conscientiously keep silent. I remember saying to myself about the probable consequences for speaking out "professional suicide; political suicide"! But speak out I did.I was surprised over the years to see that much of my support came from places where I often least expected it and so much of my opposition came also from places where I least expected it. I will write more about that in future blogs, but for now1. I will not be celebrating Earth Day -- not this year -- not any year.2. I recommend you take steps to obtain a read a book by Bruce S. Thornton. I read significant portions of it today on a subscription service I employ, Questia. com. I plan to track the book down on and order same as soon as possible! Publication information is:Book Title: Plagues of the Mind: The New Epidemic of False Knowledge. Contributors: Bruce S. Thornton - author. Publisher: ISI Books. Place of Publication: Wilmington, DE. Publication Year: 1999. "I frankly found the book tracking down sources where Javier Solana's mother was quoted. I rather doubt if Mr. Thornton caught her own 'false knowledge' which was an open profession of OSHO/Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh as her 'teacher.' He quoted her in a context of how false beliefs get started and are perpetuated. He skillfully identified so many, including the myths behind Earth Day, and the alleged 'civility' (NOT) of pre-Christian cultures

For an invaluable historic perspective on Earth Day, read Stephen Levy's THE UNICORN'S SECRET: MURDER IN THE AGE OF AQUARIUS. It will give you the less stressed more seamy background of one of its major founders, Ira Einhorn of Philadelphia.

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Our "European Allies"

Our "European Allies" -- The World According to Javier Solana

Rather than have the earlier post disappear into the archives where they are relatively hidden, I decided to build upon my earlier one today and rename it. There are lots of surprises from Javier Solana this week. He has been complaining publicly about American neo-conservatives supposedly making his drive for the New EU constitution difficult.

Just a sudden thought, wondering out loud after reading the following:

" . . . Javier Solana, the head of foreign policy in the EU, told French students that "some American neoconservatives" are hostile to the constitution because it marked "a new rise in Europe's power."

In another surprise move, Solana even swallowed his secular, anti-clerical pride and issued public congratulations to the new Pope Benedict XVI, the former Cardinal Ratzinger, a man Solana would most likely define as thinking in "binary terms." Maybe the "High Representative" was stung by criticism about talking about "the disappearance" of the new pope's predecessor. And finally, he announced, per Reuters News Service, that most definitely the EU is going to lift its arms embargo on China.

In regards to Solana's complaints about US "neoconservatives" I wonder why Solana didn't tell the audience that many were not as nearly as worried about the Europeans having a single constitution as they were the fact that it put most of the power eggs in one basket -- and Solana's basket, at that?

But then, he has to blame somebody (other than himself), doesn't he? I predict, he will play another successful game of 'trust me.' I further predict, based on the Daniel prophecies (gasp!), that the EU Constitutional ratification may well go down as a NOT done deal.

The prophecy which is found in Daniel 2:42-43) -- referring to the ten toes "they shall not cleave one to another"). But they do, prophetically, end up handing over their power to the beast figure, whoever it ends up being. You bible scholars out there, look up Revelation 17:11-17). This is done to equalize those ten kings with another world power. It could well be the USA.

Is this how it will come down? Is Solana the one? Dunno -- time and events will tell, but again, he could be an educated guess.

Late for my day -- you have a good one!

Constance E. Cumbey
April 21, 2005

Constance E. Cumbey

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Said Solana, "Those Entangling Foreign Alliances are Good for you!"

Said Solana, "Those Entangling Foreign Alliances are Good for you!"

I am digressing this evening to research I did on Javier Solana starting on March 21, 1999.

"Why, those entangling foregn alliances are good for you!" exclaimed Javier Solana in accepting a 1999 Christian Herter Foreign Policy Award,in Boston, Massachusetts. Solana was referring, of course, to George Washington's Farewell Message to Americans. It takes a lot of "cheek" to come into a country and mock its national icons. It was no small demonstration of his self-confidence. Was there a basis in fact for it?

In the same speech, Solana confided that he had since January 30, 1999, exclusive authority to make military decisions for NATO, including, but not limited whether to bomb or not. "I don't intend to exercise it without checking in with the others, but nevertheless, the power is mine and mine alone," said he.

Solana indeed had an unusual grant of power from NATO. Usually the Secretary General of NATO plays a ministerial role, taking direction from its constituent members and then passing along that direction to the mlitary operatives.

Said Solana, "Those Entangling Foreign Alliances are Good for you!"

Madeline Albright noted on her State Department home page, "Solana has the power and has had it since January 30th [1999]. We are speaking with one voice through Javier Solana."

Much of my research has been done the "poor man's way" -- via television and the internet. Fortunately, if used appropriately, both give a much more accurate window on the world. On Sunday, March 21, 1999, I awakened with "the mother of all migraines." I planned to dress for church, but it was clear I was going nowhere in that condition. As I was nursing my headache, waiting for the Vanquish (my favorite headache remedy) to kick in, my husband switched on our bedroom TV to "Sunday Morning," the CBS news program that airs weekly from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Midway through the program, there was an unusual interruption: "We interrupt this program to bring you an important announcement," said the show's host. "Javier Solana, the Secretary General of NATO has just announced that the bombing of Yugoslavia may start as soon as the next few hours."

As soon as the headache sufficiently lifted, I did not finish dressing; I did not go to Church. Instead, I went downstairs to my basement computer and learned that all NATO nations were unanimously speaking with one empowered voice of their Secretary General. The NATO tail was literally wagging the dog!

I stayed in all that Sunday. That night, March 21, 1999, when millions were in church for Sunday night services, President Clinton came on national television. He talked about the incipient bombings. I was waiting for him to say something to the effect that "this is what WE have decided to do," . . . "this is what WE have decided would be in the best interests of the GLOBAL COMMUNITY" or some such phraseology. Those words were never used. Instead he sad, I AGREE WTH JAVIER SOLANA'S DECISION TO DO THIS." Interestingly, few Americans, including the more sophisticated media ever bothered to say, "WHO'S JAVIER SOLANA?!!"

Clinton also made several pointed references in that speech saying that he felt it terrible that the Yugoslavians were doing whatever they were supposed to have been doing "for religious reasons."

Kosovo was clearly the religious center of the Serbian Orthodox Church. It was lost to Turkish Moslem interests for many centuries. Not until the WW I era, was it regained by the Orthodox Serbs. It is sacred ground to the Serbs -- the equivalent of Jerusalem to the Jews -- their long-lost spiritual homeland.

Interestingly, the focus for condemnation of claimed Serbian behavior was religious. President Clinton repeatedly said, "It's horrible that they are doing this for religious purposes."

Even more interesting shedding, doubt on the entire basis for USA engagement, are Yossef Bodansky's well-documented claims in his book, BIN LADEN: THE MAN WHO DECLARED WAR ON AMERICA. He wrote therein part of Bin Laden’s rage against the USA was for this bombing of Kosovo. The Islamic residents saw it as an attempt by the USA to get to the Caspian oil fields – using the Kosovo protection issue as a ruse. This means in effect it was a win-win for Europe and a lose-lose for the USA in the EU/Barcelona Process drive to get the United States out of the Mediterranean.

I remember that bombing well. I remember hearing that the pope was sending emissaries to Brussels to seek a truce between the two Easters. Reportedly, he had the concurrence of Eastern Orthodox patriarchs who would join with him in the negotiating. On Good Friday, 1999, some newspapers carried headlines of "Pope Rebuffed."

I personally saw Michigan's junior Senator Spencer Abraham at a banquet a week after Easter. I asked him, point blank, "why did we hand Solana all that power." He told me candidly he didn't understand the Yugoslavian policy himself, but he thought perhaps it was 'Bill Clinton hiding behind Javier Solana.' "Things happen like that in politics," he said. I have been around long enough to KNOW that things happen like that in politics.

What Spencer Abraham, the junior USA senator from Michigan volunteered to me next stunned me. He told me he had met Javier Solana personally. I said, "oh?" He said that he and ALL THE OTHER UNITED STATES SENATORS had been flown to Brussels to meet Javier Solana.

I must tell you, that's when I started to get a little scared. If the junior first term opposite party Senator from Michigan went in a Democratic presidency year, all must have gone and been subjected to Solana's obvious low-key charms.

Just how much power does the guy have. Why is Solana so successful at convincing people he is everybody's friend.

Just asking? Have a nice evening!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Pope Benedict XVI (the former Cardinal Ratzinger) vs. Alice Ann Bailey -- in his own words

Pope Benedict XVI (the former Cardinal Ratzinger) vs. cultural relativism including New Age Movement -- in his own words

I have heard from many who insist that the former Cardinal Ratzinger was somehow a New Age syncretist. Nothing could be further from the truth -- if he was, he hid it very well from my radar, which my critics generally say is overactive. I have a link to a 1996 paper by him on religious relativism, complete with a discussion of Alice Bailey. Why don't we all read it together? Have a very nice evening!

Cardinal Ratzinger is Pope Benedict XVI -- and, personally, I couldn't be happier!

Cardinal Ratzinger is Pope Benedict XVI -- and, personally, I couldn't be happier!

The announcement has just been made. Cardinal Ratzinger is the successor to Pope John Paul II. Personally, I could not be happier about it. Although the New Age Movement was apparently running rampant in the Catholic Church in the earlier 1980s, things started to change in about 1988. That was the year Matthew Fox was "silenced" for one year. Cardinal Ratzinger played a most direct role in the entire change of direction of the Catholic Church from one of toleration to one of opposition to New Age doctrinal heresies.

Cardinal Ratzinger headed the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in the Vatican. When I started my research on the New Age Movement in 1981, the Archdiocese of Detroit bookstore probably had as many New Age books as the local New Age book dealer. Points south such as Grailville in Loveland, Ohio were strictly New Age. The last I checked, they still were.

I remember that as a conscientious member of Highland Park Baptist Church in Southfield, Michigan, I thought I needed to educate people on the disturbing theological and political developments vis a vis the New Age Movement I was witnessing which could well have prophetic implications. My pastor then was Joseph M. Stowell who later became President of Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. Hoping he would carry the ball, I would buy duplicate sets of the evidence and hand then to Pastor Stowell. My recollection of those times was that he thereafter preached about 16 sermons on Jonah, looking disturbed as he did. We heard so many sermons on Jonah, various members of the congregation joked that if they heard one more, they would plan on wearing their bathing suits to church! Then one Sunday, the New Year of 1982, he reversed course, brightened and said, "well, everything's going to get better and better." My then young son said, "Mom, it looks like he considered everything you said and has now rejected it." I will tell you now the word on the New Age Movement got out with little or no thanks to Pastor Stowell. I requested my materials back and disturbed by his telling me he had not quite finished reading a book that he had obviously never opened, we had a meeting at his request in April 1982 just maybe two weeks before the New Agers ran their March 25, 1982 ads reading "The Christ is now here.” I was astounded when he told me that like me, he was very busy and had to delegate. He had asked a number of members of his staff and professional colleagues if they had heard of the New Age Movement. He said they had not and therefore he had to conclude it did not exist.

I told Pastor Stowell of a number of New Agers I knew of personally who had repented and broke from their involvement in the movement after seeing my collected materials. At that point, he said, "Connie, there must be something wrong with your message." I said, "why is that, Joe?" (We were on a first name basis!) He said, "too many Catholics and New Agers are responding to it." I was astounded. I said, "Joe, when Jesus was here, what was his pet peeve?" He said, "the hypocrites and the pharisees, why?" I said, "it's still his pet peeve." He said, "oh, no, that applied only to the Jews of Jesus' day -- why they were much more apostate than we are. I'm a child of God -- I've been transferred to the Kingdom of God." I said, "Were they? Are you? Have you? If you want my opinion, that's a pharisaical attitude right there." He said, "well, I don't agree." That night David Bryant treated the congregation to a shameless display of what I consider New Age proselytizing. I mentioned it in my first book, THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW. I will tell you right now that I got the word out on the New Age Movement with precious little help from Pastor Stowell.

Given the lack of evangelical concern at that point in time, I decided it would be more profitable to educate my client base -- those who respected me enough to pay for advice -- on the New Age Movement and its subtle threats both to their souls and to society in general. One day in September, 1981, , I had a call from a young local priest, Fr. Eduard Perrone (not to be confused with the published Italian Theosophist of the same name) wanting to know just what I had shown a former lapsed Catholic, a childhood friend of the priest, who came back to church after many years away, and then sought him out, telling him what he saw in my office. I invited that priest to come take a look. He came in early October of 1981, reviewed my materials and then said, "I can hardly believe I'm holding this in my hand." He finally said, "I have to accept the truth of what you have told me -- I saw too much of this going through the seminary to ignore it." He said something I will never forget: "We have a terrible job facing us -- how to wake people up without scaring them to death." I have tried never to forget that wise advice!

To make a long story very short, Fr. Perrone brought MANY people to see me at the office all with their own collections of prophetic fulfillment they were seeing. He and the fine ladies of his parish eventually organized regular Saturday afternoon speaking sessions for me at his church school’s library. They taped my speeches and disseminated those tapes. After a Detroit Free Press reporter converted of her own New Age involvement and wrote a very picture essay story about my work, my work became international.

There was then the disturbing aspect of tremendous infiltration of the Roman Catholic Church which still exists on some levels. (There was tremendous Protestant infilitration as well -- much of it coming from Jeremy Rifkin.)

In the fall of 1983, I spoke in Seattle. Afterwards, at the request of some who contacted me in Detroit, I furnished Seattle Catholic activists materials proving a Catholic priest, Fr. Matthew Fox (excommunicated as of 1993) was giving seminars with self-confessed witches, with headlines of “Starhawk teaches at Holy Names.” A Seattle banker who was present said he thought the Vatican should be notified. I said imprudently “save your breath – I’m sure they must know.” Nevertheless he sent the materials to Cardinal Ratzinger in Rome who according to Kitty Muggeridge’s book, YOUR HOUSE IS LEFT DESOLATE, as well as Matthew Fox's very bitter autobiography (incidentally which also assigns some blame to yours truly for his woes)thereafter opened a file on Matthew Fox and began his long investigation.Cardinal Ratzinger wrote beautiful detailed papers on the spiritual evils of the New Age Movement, carefully citing the Alice Bailey references, that others giving probable disinformation (e.g, Fr. Pacwa) were saying to disregard. I was told that teaching about the New Age Movement was now mandatory in the Italian seminaries, at least. I had a priest walk up to me in southern California when I was speaking at a Human Life International Conference in the early 1990s and ask me, “how does it feel to be the first Protestant to start a serious in-house Roman Catholic reformation.”

Just as the New Agers were 'ecumenical,' in short time we had our own ecumenical movement of sorts going -- we had regular meetings at the church school library of that priest with local pastors from many local denominations joining the discussion and warning their respective congregations about just what the New Age M. I had support from out everywhere and opposition from about everywhere. and had long discussions of the threats this movement posed both to Christianity and to the world at large. A local newspaper reporter converted out of the New Age Movement, running from it as though she had seen the devil. She wrote a major article on my work complete with pictures which ran on May 5, 1982, just a few days after the April 25th ads ran from New Agers proclaiming their "Christ is now here". From then on, I was called by Southwest Radio Church, Trinity Broadcasting and spent close to seven full years on the national lecture circuit, returning to my law practice in December 1988.

Along the way, I had encounters with Matthew Fox, who was successfully working Catholic circles, both liturgical and educational with his New Age agenda. I sent materials to Catholics who attended my lectures at Seattle University in November, 1983. The materials were copies of Circle Network News headlined "Starhawk teaches at Holy Names." It was about her work with Matthew Fox's Institute for Creation Centered Spirituality. She wrote "we danced the spiral, jumped the cauldron and found other new and innovative ways to express ourselves. Isn't it wonderful to find such a sympathetic spirit to paganism in the Christian world?"

The Seattle Catholics United for the Faith people sent the materials to Cardinal Ratzinger against my advice. (I was convinced everybody had to know and nobody would do anything about it.) Cardinal Ratzinger, I later learned both from Kitty Muggeridge's book about the crisis of faith in the Catholic Church, Your House is Left Desolate, and Matthew Fox's autobiography that this was when the Catholic Church began to investigate and then clamp down on the New Age Movement. Cardinal Ratzinger has taken, at least in the past, a firm stand against the New Age Movement and its denials of the exclusive divinity in Christ in "whom we alone have salvation." I have no reason to suspect he has backed away from these truths.

For those and many more reasons, I am happy that he, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger is the new Pope Benedict XVI. My prayers are with him and the church he will now be heading in what increasingly appears more and more to be apocalyptic times.

Thank you and good night.

Constance E. Cumbey
April 19, 2005

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Hopefully, this is fiction only -- a possible scenario


I wrote the following material 4 years ago as a fictional introduction to a book I was developing on European Union events. Any resemblance to any European character, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Or is it? Hopefully, I have misread the situation. I fear greatly I have not.

"The Plan is," said the little European leader, "to use NATO assets with European control of those assets". The game was hegemony in the world resource department. Since Jacques DeLors' tenure in the European Union hierarchy, Europe had long been plotting resource wars against the USA. Sometimes it was whispered. Sometimes it was shouted. Most Europeans knew of it. Their purpose would be to dislodge the USA as a competing superpower in the scramble to control strategic necessities. Those resource wars were about to begin. The little man was organizing them. His self-conscious revival of the old Roman empire had officially begun at Barcelona in the late fall of 1995, Now it was rapidly coming to a head. The lions in the local arenas were hungrily awaiting their next meal of Christians.

That harmless looking little man was heading his growing European bureaucracy with the assistance of an even smaller, more harmless looking littler Frenchman. He was allowing many more powerful in personal appearance and charisma such as Tony Blair to take center stage and appear at "photo ops", While this was hapening, he, the little man himself, was running the show. His time for more public attention would come. One must be patient. It is bad to be too well known too soon.

His influence had spread among upper level echelons worldwide since those initial 10 days in November of 1995 when he quietly entered center world stage. All was not done through personal charisma. Most was not. After all, however, one could do a lot given a sufficient pile of Euro's as "foreign aid" combined with sufficient American stupidity. His forebears in the European Movement would be most proud of him. It's hard to keep a low profile while heading a super-powered NATO on steroids job. It's even harder when one is the acknowledged tsar of all European military and foreign policy. But with either the cooperation, avarice, apathy and/or stupidity of American media, he had managed to do just that. His name recognition among Americans was nearly nil. Ditto among Canadians. Strange, considering that it was he alone who had ordered Spanish warships against their country in 1995 in what were termed "The Great Fishing Wars" of that year.

He had long suppressed any personal outward expressions of rage against the USA. Its officials once had, after all, stupidly put him on their "subversive list" when he was a student activist there in the 1960s. They had blindly supported the Spanish Franco regime which had foiled his older comrades' earlier attempts to permanently install an anticlerical government During the glorious, but too short days of "The Republic", it had been cheap and convenient to gain a building for revolutionary causes. Republic government allies easily did this by confiscating convents and monasteries. Former churches made dandy meeting halls. Revenge with Franco for ending this revolutionary resource was accomplished by bandying about the word "Fascist." Nevermind that the pan-European movement of which our protagonist's family had a long part, had clearly traceable fascistic antecedents and goals of its own. Never mind that Generalissimo Franco had sheltered many more Jews than the United States and Canada combined. He, Franco,would be marginalized in history as a fascist. End of story. Those sacking convents and monastries, raping the nuns and murdering the ministers, deacons, and priests would be henceforth enshrined as "freedom fighters." Amen and shall it ever be.

The little man had learned that one could go far with smiles and hugs. An earlier attempt to install European "Unity" by one of his predecessors termed by others "a disciple" had failed. Part of that failure was due to one of the great unsolved mysteries of World War II -- Hitler had failed to reduce the Balkans before tackling the USA and Russa. This little man would not make the same mistake. He would use the USA and Russia to reduce the Balkans for him. He would set precedents in the Balkans useful for his aspirations. Controlling Jerusalem, as well as reducing the Vatican, was necessary to his future plans. Therefore, the precedent would be set by warring against and thereafter controlling Kosovo. What was sacred ground to the Serbian Orthodoxies would be surendered to the international commununity. This would be useful precedent for coercing a surrender of Jerusalem to his European interests cum 'international community," later.

Besides, he had Ian Paisley on the sidelines, obviously innocent of the man's anticlericalism, calling him "a devout Catholic." So, who would ever suspect his true agenda? These were necessary measures. After all, this little man with the obvious Napoleonic complex but tea party manners might well be later controlling the world.

But before that time, the USA needed to be dealt with. Our little man had the keys to the kingdom. Since his NATO tenure, he had lovely aerial photographs of the USA with its great military and industrial installations. He had toured the Pentagon with an honor guard, alighting from a stretch limousine bringing him there for that purpose. That was when the stupid Americans had returned his "subversive file" to him with comments on how foolish they had been to believe they couldn't trust him!

Now as the overseer of Europe's remilitarization, he had exhaustive knowledge of the NATO arsenal. He plotted his course from his "Sitcen". His Rapid Reaction Force was ready. There were 60,000 troops, 400 carriers and many planes at his immediate disposal. They could surround the arsenal. The NATO weaponry would then be exclusively theirs!

When the very missiles designed to protect America from foreign threats began to rain down upon it on that black day, America was taken by greater surprise than on September 11, 2001. The little man's time for action had come. Today it was the USA, tomorrow, Jerusalem, the Vatican and then the world. He had promised Europe he was working on a "permanent solution" for the Middle East problems. As they were with an earlier pan-Europeanist, a largely unaware Jewish community little realized that "permanent solution" was more likely merely a renamed "final solution."

In his New World Order, national sovereignty had disappeared. He was implementing his new international law of "humanitarian intervention", also originally suggested by him. He and he alone defined what was humanitarian and what was not.

The nations, including those stupid Americans, had been speaking through him "with one voice" The SHIRBRIG force he had helped the UN design and implement was ready. His "peacekeepers" were ready. They would globally, including in the Americas, implement his ominously named CIMIC structure. There would be "civilian military cooperation." The message to all would be clear -- "you will cooperate, you will enjoy!"

The little man's obvious plans had become fait accompli.

Part of the above scenario is so far fictional. The vast majority of it, unfortunately, is not. Will America, as well as the rest of the world, wake up in time? Is it already too late? This book is about those dangers -- and the possibilities."

Since I first wrote most of these words in late 2001, Javier Solana has been handed exclusive control of the Galileo Project (Europe's Space Surveillance Agency) and the remilitarization of Europe has proceeded rapidly. The Simon Weisenthal Institute's massive tome on the Holocaust has acknowleged the large contribution General Franco made to saving European Jewry when most others were reluctant to act. Solana is now actively working for the potential remilitarization of China with European weaponry. When, if ever will the USA wake up!?

I am most interested in your comments. Thank you and good night!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

I used to donate to Wikipedia -- Do as I do -- save your money for better causes

I have just come back from viewing the Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter venue of Wikipedia. Until things change over there mightily, I plan never to donate to its financial base again. I did three or four times -- maybe more in the past -- every time they had a fundraising appeal, I used Pay Pay on their behalf. With the editorial abuses I have seen, no more until further notice!

Of 'Earth Day', 'Deep Ecology', and assorted forms of False Knowledge

I am in a double trouble duo of preparing for a civil litigation trial on Monday and facing a very busy week that will include that trial, a major speech to deliver in the Detroit, Michigan, USA area on Wednesday, and judging a law school contest at Michigan State University on Friday night. So my writing, I'm afraid won't be as detailed as at least I would like -- that is unless I find something that sends me on another tangent as some of the Wikipedia affairs did last Thursday night.

Next week, April 22, comes one of my least favorite holidays, 'Earth Day.' For the last 35 years, it has given me the creeps. I was both a student at Michigan State University and working for the Michigan House of Representatives as a speechwriter and "Legislative Analyst" when the first Earth Day was 'celebrated'. I will confess to you I did not like the Vietnam War -- most people in my generation did not, although we had lots of empathy for those in our age group drafted to fight in that 'conflict.' I had no trouble marching against that war. I also had no trouble marching for civil rights. I will confess to you now that I was an energetic young activist. I still treasure so many of the friendships and acquaintances I made in that era, including even Rosa Parks herself. I was running a mayoral campaign in Highland Park, Michigan in 1975 -- a successful campaign to unseat a sitting mayor. While sitting in a church service that we descended upon in what I now will concede was a shameless effort to gain votes for our side, I felt something tugging on the hem of my dress. I looked and there was Rosa Parks with thread and needle. She had noticed my hem was loose and she was in her usual unassuming manner, repairing same. About 8 years later, I was to meet Tony and Sue Liuzzo. Tony is the son of slain civil rights crusader, Viola Liuzzo. Although Viola Liuzzo turned Unitarian in her quest, Tony and Sue now share my traditional Christian beliefs. They remain close personal friends.

However much I passionately participated in the first two events, as I did in the Eugene McCarthy presidential campaign of 1968, I could not and would not participate in the first Earth Day, even though so much of the crowd in the various peace and civil rights movements were there. I sat in my cubicle in the Speaker's Staff headquarters of the House of Representatives section of the Michigan State Capitol and literally shivered with creeps as I read the announcements for the day. I bought the books for research, but I frankly instinctively disliked all I was hearing. I could not tell you why until 1981, the year I first discovered the New Age Movement. Perusing literature of popular groups of the Movement starting with the Sierra Club and moving through Friends of the Earth and the scare projections of the Club of Rome, I had what the New Agers would probably label an "aha moment" and others might call "an epiphany." My thoughts went something like this:

"They are talking about increasing living space, population reduction, mandatory abortion, licensing people to have children, encouraged and even forced sterilizations, terminating life supports -- My God -- that is what the Nazis were all about! So many nice people into this -- somebody's got to warn them."

When I discovered the esoteric underpinnings of the movement which were almost universally talking about (a) a new 'messiah' coming; and (b) recognition of Lucifer as a benevolent planetary force (Theosophical Society; Lucis Trust; Benjamin Creme, et al ad nauseum), I knew that I was facing something for which I could not conscientiously keep silent. I remember saying to myself about the probable consequences for speaking out "professional suicide; political suicide"! But speak out I did.

I was surprised over the years to see that much of my support came from places where I often least expected it and so much of my opposition came also from places where I least expected it. I will write more about that in future blogs, but for now

1. I will not be celebrating Earth Day -- not this year -- not any year.

2. I recommend you take steps to obtain a read a book by Bruce S. Thornton. I read significant portions of it today on a subscription service I employ, Questia. com. I plan to track the book down on and order same as soon as possible! Publication information is:

Book Title: Plagues of the Mind: The New Epidemic of False Knowledge. Contributors: Bruce S. Thornton - author. Publisher: ISI Books. Place of Publication: Wilmington, DE. Publication Year: 1999. "

I frankly found the book tracking down sources where Javier Solana's mother was quoted. I rather doubt if Mr. Thornton caught her own 'false knowledge' which was an open profession of OSHO/Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh as her 'teacher.' He quoted her in a context of how false beliefs get started and are perpetuated. He skillfully identified so many, including the myths behind Earth Day, and the alleged 'civility' (NOT) of pre-Christian cultures. But for understanding what is happening to our times, right after the Bible and a few other classics, it is an invaluable reference. Have a nice weekend and happy reading!

Friday, April 15, 2005

Even the Alexandria library probably had more than one book on a topic! The continuing Wikipedia wars saga

Wikipedia is an interesting concept -- "open information." Its founder was Jimmy Wales, better known in Wiki-land as "Jimbo Wales." There is information. Then again there is disinformation. Wikipedia functioned for awhile, in a sort of manner, as the first. It is obviously presently (and shall we dare hope not for long) controlled by a self-congratulating clique that seems more interested in disinformation than the open information flow they profess.

On Wikipedia, as I wrote before, I have had two primary tormentors: One a self-confessed Rastafarian, well familiar with Alice Bailey New Age works (and undoubtedly with Kazantzakis as well) -- that tormentor professes belief in Haile Selassie as "God." The other professes to be a Christian -- both have worked hard to remove anything from the article that might lead Christians to suspect that things were occurring that might be considered prophetic fulfillment. Since the 'World Christian' had the Bible College background necessary to advise on what facts should be deleted, clearly he is the more culpable of the two as opposed to the Rastafarian who believes Selassie is 'God.'

As I am preparing for a major speech in the Detroit area next Wednesday night, that will have to be prioritized along with my law practice, curtailing both blogging and Wikipedia time for the present; but for the record, here is a significant part of the information the Wikipedia Disinformation Duo of SqueakBox and One Salient Point tried to keep from the world:

"Solana has been placed at [[Number of the Beast (numerology)]] (by me with a bizarre admonishment of unprofessionality by Cumbey for having done so) and [[Antichrist]] already. Maybe one day someone will write an article here at wikipedia on the subject. I have no objection linking him to the 2 above articles through a sentence at the bottom of the article. Of course Cumbey didn't present her belief that he is the Beast here; she tried, in my opinion, to place evidences in the article that would confirm his candidacy of the Beast, and the disturbing evidence of his growing powers to get the Christians paranoid about him and the EU, which is an original concept from what I can see. I have found the Christian material about his beastliness is interesting to read as it has helped me edit Cumbey's thesis out of the article.

"I removed the 10 of the 10 nation Western European Union after reading that that is a critical part of some 10 horn prophecy."

Now notice that he, 'Squeaky' cum 'SqueakBox' did not say I said anything untruthful -- but that I allegedly 'planted evidences', i.e. reported it the way it was. He openly admits he removed EVIDENCES. Is removing evidences a heroic act? Is managing news an act of journalistic bravery or more likely one of journalistic cowardice?

Au contraire, in the legal world, the SqueakBox tactics are perhaps more accurately known as "Suppressing Evidence" and "Obstruction of Justice" especially if it is used to hide evidences of criminal acts from authorities.

I don't know, maybe SqueakBox and his higher-echelon allies at Wikipedia think I inputted the Columbia Encyclopedia (in existence for years!) on the Western European Union. Here's what my late 1990's hard bound volume says of it:

"The Western European Union has existed since 1954 and today includes 10 European countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom. It has a Council and Secretariat formerly located in London and based in Brussels since January 1993, and a Parliamentary Assembly in Paris. The WEU has its origins in the Brussels Treaty of Economic, Social and Cultural Collaboration and Collective Self-Defense of 1948, signed by Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and United Kingdom."

Wikipedia was conceived of by its founders with aspirations of replicating and exceeding the Alexandria library. It has now become a system open to manipulation with a hierarchy and deification of its founder as "god-king." I suspect Jimbo Wales himself might dislike that title as he reportedly bristled at people calling him a "benevolent dictator." All I know is that every time SqueakBox, "One Salient Oversight" and others take steps to keep the public from knowing facts that they think prophetic implications could be read into, they invoke Jimbo's name, claiming his alleged blessings?

Is it true? For the record, even the Alexandria library probably had more than one book and one perspective on an issue. Why should Jimbo Wales' claimed minions be able to book burn in his name? Is this truly open source? Or is it, more accurately, 'managed news.' You be the judge!

Constance E. Cumbey
Dated: April 15, 2005

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Hotel Rwanda cum Hotel Barcelona at Libya

I just finished watching a disturbing movie. I may have been one of the last to see Hotel Rwanda as I missed it at the theaters. Needless to say, it was disturbing. I followed the Rwandan events as they happened. I had suspicions (maybe justified, maybe not) that this was a segment of the population reduction aspirations and that for this reason, little had been done to stop it. Where was "humanitarian intervention" in that situation?

Now, Javier Solana says he is a big believer in humanitarian intervention. He is still numero uno in the Barcelona Process. Disturbing reports are coming out of Amnesty International that maybe the Barcelona Process may not be so humanitarian vis a vis Libya.

Libya has lots of oil (as does Iraq), but I'm sure that never entered anybody's head! (Sure! Sure!, as famous old Detroit trial lawyer John D. O'Connell would say as he did so often on successfully impeaching a witness and taking explanations after being trapped in their lies.)

Since Javier Solana is in the current process of making deals with Israel, maybe it would well behoove them to look carefully to Libya, to see how their rights might or might not be protected under a sort of Barcelona protectorate.

'Nuf said. I'm retiring for the night. If you want to read the Amnesty International warnings for yourself, click on the link below -- nah, since its a 'press release' rather than a copyrighted story, I'll reprint it here for you below. The link is embodied at the end of the body of the story.

AI Index: MDE 19/044/2005 (Public)
News Service No: 087
12 April 2005
EU-Libya cooperation: No safeguards for refugees
(Brussels, 12 April 2005) Amnesty International has today issued a briefing paper on the deplorable treatment of refugees and illegal immigrants in Libya in the lead up to this week's discussion at EU level about enhancing co-operation with Libya on illegal immigration.
"Immigration Cooperation with Libya: The Human Rights Perspective. Amnesty International briefing ahead of the Justice and Home Affairs Council, 14 April 2005" is available on from 09.00 12 April.
Amnesty International understands EU JHA ministers will discuss future co-operation with Libya on illegal immigration on the basis of a report by the European Commission following a mission to the country late last year. Amnesty International has called for this report to be made public to allow a dialogue involving all relevant actors including the European Parliament.
"The European Union must recognize that in Libya, there is effectively no guarantee of refugee rights. Libya does not allow the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to operate properly in the country and people forcibly returned to Libya from Europe risk degrading detention conditions and further expulsion to countries where they may face imprisonment and torture," Dick Oosting, Director of Amnesty International's EU Office said.

"In this context, deportations of 'irregular migrants' to Libya as carried out repeatedly by EU Member States, in particular by Italy and Malta, should be immediately halted as these removals may be in breach of Member States' obligations under international law," he said.
In its briefing paper, Amnesty International outlines its concerns about the EU and its Member States developing "ad hoc" cooperation mechanisms with Libya on illegal immigration without adequate human rights safeguards.

"This would in fact undermine the credibility of the EU's own 'Barcelona Process' with Mediterranean countries which, among other things, aims to enhance the respect for human rights throughout the region," Dick Oosting warned. "If the EU is to engage with Libya, the dialogue and cooperation at EU level should, as a minimum, include clear human rights conditionality."

For further comment/background and interviews:
Amnesty International EU Office (Brussels)
Tel: 32-2-5021499
Fax: 32-2-5025686

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

For the so-called 'seismologist' - Here's some proof

In response to the comments of the so-called "Seismologist" who denies the magnitude of the November 22, 1995 Eilat Quake

Late last night, stumbling home from the office after a very long and hard day, I was greeted by the second message from somebody purporting to be a government seismologist denying the strength and magnitude of the Eilat, Israel epicentered quake of November 22, 1995. He challenged me to post data, so I am dutifully complying -- now I challenge him to produce his. For my part, consider these:

Baer, G., Sandwell, D., Williams, S., Bock, Y. and Shamir, G. 1999 "Co-seismic deformation associated with the November 1995, Mw=7.1 Nuweiba earthquake, Gulf of Eilat (Aqaba), detected by SAR interferometry
Journal of Geophys. Res., 104:25221-25232

As readers will recall, A. Hofstetter of the Israeli Geophysical Institute had reluctantly admitted to me that the various observers had measured the quake at between 7.1 and 7.3 magnitude. It had a depth of 10 kilometres (Approximately 7 miles). Hofstetter told me in a private email that he personally had measured that quake at 7.2 mw and having 10,000 aftershocks. This quake came only two days after Javier Solana on behalf of the European Union and Shimon Peres on behalf of Israel signed the Treaty of Association between those legal entities.,8,11;journal,9,33;linkingpublicationresults,1:100300,1
Journal of Seismology
Publisher: Springer Science+Business Media B.V., Formerly Kluwer Academic Publishers B.V.
ISSN: 1383-4649 (Paper) 1573-157X (Online)
DOI: 10.1023/A:1021206930730
Issue: Volume 7, Number 1
Date: January 2003
Pages: 99 - 114
Source mechanism of the 22/11/1995 Gulf of Aqaba earthquake and its aftershock sequence
A. Hofstetter1, H.K. Thio2 and G. Shamir1
(1) Geophysical Institute of Israel, P.O. Box 182, Lod, 71100, Israel
(2) URS Greingr, 566 El-Dorado St., Pasadena, CA, 91101, U.S.A

"Abstract The Gulf of Aqaba earthquake occurred on 22/11/1995 with M W = 7.2 and was the largest event to occur along the Dead Sea Transform in at least a century. We determined the source mechanism of the event based on the inversion of the P and SH waveforms observed by teleseismic stations. Our solution consists of 2 similar subevents, where the first exhibits a left-lateral strike-slip motion with a normal component and the second subevent shows an almost pure left-lateral strike-slip motion along the gulf major fault system. The total seismic moment is 7.7 × 1026 dyne-cm, with source duration of 15 seconds. The aftershock sequence was recorded by the regional broad band stations BGIO and JER, of the Israel Seismic Network, and KEG, of the MEDNET regional network for earthquakeswith M W > 4.0. Aftershock epicenter seems to cluster mainly in the Eilat basin and the Aragonese basin. The dominant mechanism indicates left-lateral strike slip motion along the gulf trend, similar to the mainshock.,8,11;journal,9,33;linkingpublicationresults,1:100300,1>

Interestingly, in Hofstetter's email to me, he had added a cryptic statement " But the public perception of it is 6.2 and that is where it shall remain." Hofstetter could not change the truth and neither can another claimed (let us see the critic's credentials/bona fides) who claims the quake is much less than it really was

Constance E. Cumbey
April 13, 2005