Monday, June 14, 2021

Please watch the HBO Series on Qanon "Into the Storm"

I have been watching many videos and doing much reading about Qanon. The more I read, the more alarmed I become. QANON is NOT OF GOD and it is DANGEROUS. A very informative video illustrating Qanon origins and direction is HBO's current series ON THE STORM. If you have access to HBO documentaries, please make every effort to watch it. Friends of mine came back from Antrim County, Michigan. They told me that they were making statements there that Donald Trump would be reinstated as President of the USA in August 2021. Both high unlikely, not to mention delusional! Michael Lindell, MY PILLOW owner and CEO spoke, I'm told at the Antrim County, Michigan rally. My friends tell me the book LOVE JOY TRUMP was being actively marketed and sold there. Lindell wrote the foreword for that book. The book is one of the worst combinations of New Apostolic Reform and outright NEW AGE occultism I have seen together in one place. I am hearing statistics that many Evangelicals believe Qanon is correct. This lack of discernment is distressing! Stay tuned! CONSTANCE '