Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas! Significant 2019 events

It's hard to believe that Christmas is almost here again -- it may be the age that I've attained makes time's passage seem more rapid, but it feels to me a little like "it can't be Christmas -- we just had Christmas", referring to last year's holidays.

It's been a different and maybe tumultuous year for me.  My husband had a fall and was hospitalized in May 2019.  While he was in the hospital, I had a fall and was taken to an emergency room at a different hospital.  Needless to say, both our doctors have cautioned us about the dangers of future falls.  I had eye issues, some of which have been ongoing for the past two years -- wet type macular degeneration for which I have had shots in the eyes during that period, the last being last Friday.  I had surgery for cataract removals on October 17th and October 31st.  The vision issues slowed down my writing contributions, but I have kept very current on research. 

We lost our long time research contributor Dorothy Margraf earlier this year.  Our "Rich of Medford" (Richard Peterson) just lost his father this weekend. ''

The New Agers have lost people as well.  Barbara Marx Hubbard and Ram Dass (Richard Alpert) are two major names now gone.  Ram Dass' death received heavy coverage in today's New York Times. 

I discovered in 2018 that I had received some unexpected publicity.  One United Kingdom internet source published an article "Plutarchy in the UK."  Therein, I received the surprising discovery that I was credited as being one of the sources of "conspiracy theories" that fueled Brexit.  It linked my name to an allegedly "Fascist" researcher that up till then, I was unaware of --  one Paul Joseph Watson.  The same source also claimed I had "coined the word 'Prison Planet' in my 1983 book, HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW.  Obviously the author of the Plutarchy article must not have read my book.  I did not use that phrase nor had I seen it used anywhere until I saw numerous Alex Jones articles.  I always assumed Alex Jones must have coined that word.

If there was any word I did personally coin, it was probably "New Ager."

Then, if that was not enough, I discovered that I was the villain of a historical novel by an Australian writer on the life of Alice Ann Bailey.  That book was "The Unlikely Occultist -- Alice Ann Bailey" and the author was one Isobel Blackthorn.  However, I forgave all when she wrote that my work was "foundational" and that basically I had slowed the New Age down for nearly 40 years!   One needs a sense of humor to survive!

The Vatican under the leadership of Pope Francis obviously tilted the former anti-New Age stance taken 1993 and thereafter by Pope John Paul II to one of pro-New Age, pro New World Order.  The syncretism that Pope Benedict XVI opposed became defined by Pope Francis as God intended.   Encouragingly, resistance developed.  One brave soul tossed the Pachamama idols in to the Tiber River.  A brave Catholic Bishop Schneider took a strong stand against the apostasy introduced by the Pope into a Vatican mass.  I suspect he is rather out of favor with the Vatican's present administration these days, but conservative Catholics love him.

The LGBTQ Movement became much more militant and "in your face."  All those subscribing to plain biblical readings on the subject are suddenly labeled as "hate-speechers".

Beyond LGBTQ, suddenly "gender assignment" wherein one suddenly renounce the gender with which he/she was born, announce a change and everybody is expected to bless is now heavily among us.

In short, in 2019, up became down, good became evil, evil became good, and the times -- they are looking to me as pre-Noahic, pre Sodom & Gomorrah, and the events that Jesus himself warned us would come before his return. 

Yes, the times are serious.  I suspect they are going to be much more so in 2020.  2020 still sounds like "science fiction" to me.  But then again, so does 1984.  No man knows the day nor the hour that our Lord will return, but when he returns, will he find us ready?

That is my Christmas prayer -- that we be ready!

 Stay tuned!