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Please, please watch this amazing Press Club delivery by the Rev. E. W. Jackson!

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Global 2000 and Before - New Age Population Planners with USA governmental blessings

To my friends and readers:  I have been "holed up" lately with renewed research.  I am now seriously working on another book.  I have also had some time consuming legal work for clients which has "kept me off the streets."  I have been wading through some of the earlier works in my library and exploring roots and political implementation of some of the more disturbing aspects of the New Age planning, including but not limited to "population control" issues.
Global 2000 Report to the President - 1980 Pergamon Books version of 1977 President Carter commissioned report.

Excerpted page from New Age Journal - Earth Day 1990 issue where former President Carter writes for magazine and discusses his creation of the Global 2000 report mandate.

Earth Day 1990 NEW AGE JOURNAL cover.

Those who don't wade through lengthy governmental tomes sometimes miss important segments of the New Age playbook.  My dusty old copy of The Global 2000 Report to the President contains a treasure trove of incriminating New Age Movement goals.  The report was released during the Carter Administration.{1}  However, it contained much of interest as to his predecessors Lyndon Baines Johnson and Richard M. Nixon.  The anti-people goals were being put firmly in place.

Important action for the global / population reduction planners took place during the Nixon administration.  The Global 2000 Report was chartered and commissioned in 1977.{2}   However, preliminary developments had taken place starting with pressures being placed on the Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson, and Richard Nixon presidencies.  Major New Age idological players included Willis  Harman and Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) chairman Robert O. Anderson.  It was then that President Nixon cooperated with those bringing pressures to immediately address "population issues."  Nixon in 1969 sent Congress a "blue-ribbon" message on population control.  He and his predecessors (Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson) had long been pressured to do so by members of the Rockefeller family:

In July 1969 President Nixon sent to Congress historic first population message, recommending the establishment by legislation of a blue-ribbon commission to examine the growth of the nation'population and the impact it will have on the American future. John D. Rockefeller Ill, who had started the Population Council, had been urging since the early days of the Eisenhower Administration that such a commission be established.    Lyndon Johnson had refused to see Rockefeller in 1964, but by 1968, he was ready to yield to pressure and established the President's Committee on Population and Family Planning, co-chaired by Rockefeller and HEW Secretary Wilbur Cohen.

President Lyndon Johnson satisfied the demands with partial action.  He authorized the formation of a Committee.  That group near the end of his administration entitled "

The Committee established by President Johnson
was not a full-blown commission . Its report,
sent to the President at the end of 1968, "Population
and Family Planning: The Transition from
Concern to Action, " suggested the establishment
of a presidential commission to give the problem
further study. It recommended that family planning
services be extended to every American
woman unable to afford them. It also recommended
an increase in the budgets of HEW and
the Office of Economic Opportunity for the purpose
of population research. The report was
released without publicity in January 1969 . . ."

There were certainly "items of interest" along with this person of interest (Willis Harman) who played such an important role in this relatively early stage of New Age planning for the last quarter of the 20th century.  He called for the possibility of "radical societal change."  Big money and big players including Robert O. Anderson the president of ARCO (Atlantic Richfield Company) were involved.  Robert O. Anderson's name was later to become familiar to me in the context of Planetary Citizens and Planetary Initiative organizations founded by Lucis Trust activist Donald Keys.

The population planners moved on aided and abetted by Nixon Presidential advisor Moynihan.  That was a man who truly "got around."  According to the Wikipedia article:

Moynihan [Daniel Patrick]
(March 16, 1927 – March 26, 2003) was an American politician and sociologist. A member of the Democratic Party, he was first elected to the United States Senate for New York in 1976, and was re-elected three times (in 1982, 1988, and 1994). He declined to run for re-election in 2000. Prior to his years in the Senate, Moynihan was the United States' Ambassador to the United Nations and to India, and was a member of four successive presidential administrations, beginning with the administration of John F. Kennedy, and continuing through that of Gerald Ford.

The family planners still mourn their setbacks in promoting a drastically reduced population.  Three years before Roe vs. Wade they were legislatively mandating promotion of the following:


The Commission recommends that both public and private forces join together to assure that adequate child-care services, including health, nutritional, and educational components, are available to families who wish to make use of them.

Because child-care programs represent a major innovation in child-rearing in this country, we recommend that continuing research and evaluation be undertaken to determine the benefits and costs to children, parents, and the public of alternative child-care arrangements.


The Commission recommends that: (1) states eliminate existing legal inhibitions and restrictions on access to contraceptive information, procedures, and supplies; and (2) states develop statutes affirming the desirability that all persons have ready and practicable access to contraceptive information, procedures, and supplies.


The Commission recommends that states adopt affirmative legislation which will permit minors to receive contraceptive and prophylactic information and services in appropriate settings sensitive to their needs and concerns.  

To implement this policy, the commission urges that organizations, such as the Council on State governments, the American Law Institute, and the American Bar Association, formulate appropriate model statutes.


In order to permit freedom of choice, the Commission recommends that all administration restrictions on access to voluntary contraceptive sterilization be eliminated so that the decision be made solely by physician and patient.

To implement this policy, we recommend that national hospital and medical associations, and their state chapters, promote the removal of existing restrictions.


With the admonition that abortion not be considered a primary means of fertility control, the Commission recommends that present state laws restricting abortion be liberalized along the lines of the New York statute, such abortion to be performed on request by duly licensed physicians under conditions of medical safety. In carrying out this policy, the Commission recommends:

That federal, state, and local governments make funds available to support abortion services in states with liberalized statutes.  That abortion be specifically included in comprehensive health insurance benefits, both public and private. 


 The Commission recommends that this nation give the highest priority to research on reproductive biology and to the search for improved methods by which individuals can control their own fertility.  

In order to carry out this research, the Commission recommends that the full $93 million authorized for this purpose in fiscal year 1973 be appropriated and allocated; that federal expenditures for these purposes rise to a minimum of $150 million by 1975; and that private organizations continue and expand their work in this field.


The Commission recommends a national policy and voluntary program to reduce unwanted fertility, to improve the outcome of pregnancy, and to improve the health of children.  

In order to carry out such a program, public and private health financing mechanisms should begin paying the full cost of all health services related to fertility, including contraceptive, prenatal, delivery, and postpartum services; pediatric care for the first year of life; voluntary sterilization; safe termination of unwanted pregnancy; and medical treatment of infertility.



Recognizing that our population cannot grow indefinitely, and appreciating the advantages of moving now toward the stabilization of population, the Commission recommends that the nation welcome and plan for a stabilized population.

The Nixon era hearings were held.  President Nixon named John D. Rockefeller III chairman of the 24-member group.  They held hearings in many cities and they released volumes of materials.  Their not-surprising, people-hating conclusions?

POPULATION STABILIZATION -Recognizing that our population cannot grow indefinitely, and appreciating the advantages of moving now toward the stabilization of population, the Commission recommends that the nation welcome and plan for a stabilized population.

The Commission's conclusion was that no substantial benefits would result from continued growth of the nation ' s population:  The population problem, and the growth ethic with which it is intimately connected, reflect deeper external conditions and more fundamental political, economicand philosophical values.  Consequently, to improve the quality of our existence while slowing growth, will require nothing less than basic recasting of American values.

The anti-people component of what would later be called "The New Age Movement" was on its way back in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  It had clear Presidential blessings at that.   They would continue to ride high through early 1982, confident in their expectation that they had "no backlash."  Those "deeper external conditions" and "philosophical values" to be targeted for change clearly included our religious outlooks favoring "choose life that ye may live."

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{1} Interestingly, there is an article by Former President Jimmy Carter in a 1990 New Age Journal (April 1990, page 54,  In it he proudly acknowledges his role in commissioning the Global 2000 Report.  I do not know if he is a self-conscious New Ager; however, I have received credible information that his sister, Ruth Carter Stapleton may have been.  She was a speaker for one of Leland Stewart's Unity and Diversity Council Congresses, according to information given me by Rev. Gary Randall in Portland, Oregon in 1982.  He had the information, he said, first hand for her.  She departed from speaking at his church to go to that conference.  Once he learned what the New Age Movement was really about, he made great efforts to get the word out on its "Hidden Dangers."

 {2}The 1977 Global Report to the President [Jimmy Carter] included extensive references to Willis Harman (Future president of Institute for Noetic Sciences, author of "An Incomplete Guide to the Future.", World Watch Institute, E. F. Schumacher (Small is Beautiful Author)

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Kofi Annan headed "Global Commission" includes Javier Solana - Criticizes USA

 GLOBAL GOVERNANCE COMMISSION "Global Commission on Elections and Democracy" is now speaking to USA elections as well as others!

Today's Breaking News!

It looks like world government, ooops, "global governance" is being advanced in the immediate wake of the 2011 "Arab Spring" and 2012 current events.  The United States just came in for severe criticism from this panel of wannabe global governors:  The following is from the Voice of America story by Selah Hennessy

The commission members include Javier Solana and former USA Secretary of State Madeline Albright.

When the Commission was launched last spring, this then came from its own website:

"As pro-democracy campaigners take to the streets across the Arab world, and as 19 African countries prepare to hold national elections this year, an international initiative to promote the integrity of elections was launched on 4 March 2011 in Pretoria, South Africa.
"Recent events in Côte d’Ivoire and elsewhere have highlighted more clearly than ever that elections are vital to democratic government, but they are not sufficient. Too often, we see incumbents rig the elections, illicit funding or media bias distort the electoral process, and losing candidates refuse to accept the results. Where elections are marred in these ways, people lose faith in democracy and the political process, and human rights and security are put at risk.
"The Global Commission on Elections, Democracy and Security, jointly created by the International Institute for Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) and the Kofi Annan Foundation, is made up of 12 eminent individuals from around the world, including Kofi Annan, Ernesto Zedillo, Martti Ahtisaari, Madeleine Albright and Amartya Sen. It aims to highlight the importance of the integrity of elections to achieving a more secure, prosperous and stable world.
The Commission's full report may be downloaded from this link:  More later and stay tuned!


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2011 "Arab Spring" cum 2012 "Arab October" -- Agents Provocateur at work?

The news is coming so fast and furious in this year of 2012, the year the New Agers thought would be their own, that it is hard to digest.  The riots in the Middle East are spreading to the entire region.  Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Jordan, and others areas are affected.

It looks like a real moment of "Crisis = Opportunity" for the Alliance of Civilizations.  Hearing what I have gleaned from scanty news accounts of the film trailer on the life of Mohamed, I have my own suspicions that this is an incited thing that is designed to set the three Alice Bailey delineated fundamentalist target groups of Jews, Christians, and Moslems off against each other.  I have even uglier feelings that it was cynically produced and put in circulation with just that sort of "kill-off Monotheism" war.

My biggest alarm bell is that the film came from "Hemet, California."  That is what the New York Times carried on its front page story this morning.  Right now, I will say nothing further about that aspect, but I have my deep suspicions about who might have been involved and what their cynical motives might have been.

Jesus said there would be deception enough to deceive the elect.  I am suspecting this may well be a part of it.  Looking again at the Alice Bailey book THE RAYS AND THE INITIATIONS (Lucis Press / (formerly Lucifer Press) and Peter LeMesurier's THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT, I suspect this may be a deliberate and well-financed move to incite the target groups against each other.  As such it will also give Alliance of Civilizations grist for its mill, and hasten the end of First Amendment Protections.

Enough said for now, but I am thinking . . . deeply.  Still in court a lot and busy archiving much of my critical material.  If Rich of Medford is still out there, please ask him to call me.

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Rev. Moon is dead -- squabbles expected among his heirs

Rev. Moon, the would be self-proclaimed "Lord of the Second Advent" is dead.  He who corrupted so many in the Evangelical and even "fundamentalist unregistered church" worlds with his financial largesse has gone on to his "reward", whatever it may be. From Jerry Falwell to Tim LaHaye, Richard Viguerie, Pastor Sileven and so many sorry others, biblical and theology integrity was  compromised for the sake of dollars -- many dollars.  I will be posting a detailed article on this later today.

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