Wednesday, January 10, 2024

An excellent video from a political science perspective about Trump, Populism, cults, and followers

 To all:  My last and recent site still needs to be watched by all who have missed it.  I updated it so refresh your browser for that post -- on it I included in the middle a video by a Christian watcher who had concerns very, very similar to my own.  His conclusions were that Trump did some good things while in office, but his present positions in the "God Made Trump" video approached very, very close to blasphemy.  This morning I discovered a vifdeo from a political observer named Leeja Miller.  I know nothing about her religion nor other preferences, but I was an undergaduate Political Science major holding major political jobs (Administrative Assistant and Legislative Analyst to the MichiganSpeaker of the House) and thereafter before starting law school in January 1972 as Executive Assistant to the Mayor for the then more viable city of Highland Park, Michigan, an enclave of Detroit.  You need to watch her video.  She featured some material by Steve Hassan, a cult expert who was once a Moonie.  He left the Moonies after his parents had him deprogrammed and he has been eternally grateful to them for that intervention.  He has carefully studied cult tactics.  At any rate, without further ado, here is Leeja Miller's video.  Many of you will probably scorn it, but it is well worth watching and considering.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2024

Christians accepting Trump "God Made Trump" as "Divine Revelation" -- watch video below

 This copy of Trump's video was put on Youtube network by a channel calling itself "The Next News Networking."

Watch the video below as well -- I have added this -- I agree that Trump did some good things as President -- that is why I voted for him in the 2020 Election.  He nullified all in my opinion by summoning the mob to Washington, DC, demanding that the Georgia Secrertary of State find him 11,780 votes, demanding Mike Pence violate the Constitution, and failing to speak out to protect Pence and others from the Capitol ransacking.  When gallows were erected by protestors for Mike Pence, Trump's response was to stoke even more anger against him by saying that Pence had lacked the courage to fail to certify the electoral college votes.  Below is another worthwhile video for you to watch -- I'm including it here rather than creating a new post for it:

Now, go and watch Brother Paul'D(not POPE PAUL) newest video, TRUMP IS POISONING CHRISTIANITY.

We have a Savior!  His name is JESUS, NOT "Donald".


Saturday, January 06, 2024

Trump proclaims himself our shepherd and messiah -- Watch HIS own video!

More for your viewing, reading and study -- as if many of you Trump true devotees care: (ROBERT REICH)

Now, take the time to view this video and go to Brother Paul's ANTICHRIST 45 channel and prayerfully watch powerful evidence he presents:

It would be beneficial to watch these videos, consider Pope Francis' recent actions removing those opposing his pro LGBTQ agenda, excommunicating a priest speaking out against it in light of prophecies about THE APOSTASY (which I' m also convinced obvious Evangelical Trump worship is also a component of) and the the REVEALING OF THE MAN OF SIN."

I am certain that many Evangelicals might now turn from Trump in the light of yesterday's blatant video posted directly by him to his Truth Social website.  I'm also certain that one day Trump will violently turn on those Evangelicals and other Christians who now might finally disavow him.