Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Global Constitutionalism

Searching for information yesterday on a wrongful demolition case for a client, I found a link to a Stanford University Law Review. Annoyingly, it went to JSTOR, a link for library passes. I followed its links which took me to a current Stanford University Law Review article which had nothing about "wrongful demolition" but extremely disturbing information about the latest ploy for world government (they are calling it 'global governance') and an end run around the US and other constitutions by seeking "consensus" and mutual court implementation of the laws and precedents of other countries. I have a new article about this EXTREMELY DISTURBING and evidently ABOUT TO BE IMPLEMENTED (some of it has already been) on NewswithViews.com along with links to the Stanford article (provided they haven't already removed the incriminating evidence.)

When I came home from the office earlier this morning, I discovered to my further dismay that my own alma mater had similar material on line, and in a magazine listing me as a financial contributor to the school. Here's a link to that:


And another persepctive:


I cannot overstress the importance of this development. I briefed Herb Peters and Dorothy Margraf on a telephone conference. I wish I could talk with all of you individually about this, but failing that, please read and do your own internet research. I suggest you use the search term"constitutionalism" and "global constitutionalism".

Friday, January 19, 2007

Very, Very Brief -- Upgrade to Adobe Acrobat 8.0 with caution

Just a note to let all know I'm still alive. Lots of things happening and I'm sure Herb Peters and Carrie Tomko are more current than yours truly. Also, Sarah Leslie (Herescope) and so many others. BUT, I attempted to upgrade my Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.0 to Adobe Acrobat Professional 8.0 recently. I had to take the opened software back to my Staples dealer today and they reluctantly accepted the return. Installing the program on one of my office computers was a nightmare which consumed much valuable time this week. It corrupted the windows installer program. It would not finish the install and corrupted the old program as well. I finally went to manual erasure of the old programs, as the automatic installation which could not/would not complete on the 8.0 corrupted the removal process as well. Once I hacked down enough to try the installation again, I got as far as inputting the serial number. I then received a message playing back the installation serial number EXACTLY with a message that this was an invalid serial number. In many ways, the upgraded program acted like a virus. I rely HEAVILY in my profession on a well functioning Adobe Acrobat program. I noticed from Adobe's website that I am obviously not the only one having problems. What they intend to do about it I don't know. I wish software manufacturers would wait till all bugs were out before upgrading.

I have long wanted to write an Erma Bombeck style computer first aid book entitled, EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT MY COMPUTER, I LEARNED IN A CRISIS. Yes, your suggestions/comments are appreciated. Hope Adobe gets the 8.0 Acrobat Professional upgrade straightened out -- SOON!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What Next?

Southern Baptists to get some “help” reshaping their denomination in the image and likeness of “moderation” – from no less than Jimmie Carter and BILL CLINTON!

There are days I hear the news and wonder if I wasn’t dreaming. Tonight was one of them. I heard driving home that the moderates of the Southern Baptist Convention were about to get some high level help in reshaping their image. This is to come from solid Baptist citizens no less than Jimmie Carter and that pillar of moral rectitude, WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON!

I wondered out loud if Monica Lewinsky would be invited in to help fold the quarterly communion linens.

I’m not God and can’t begin to judge the hearts of others. But knowing what I know here, I am speculating that this collaboration, announced by both at a meeting at the Carter Center, could very well be a significant part of the prophesied apostasy, especially if acquiesced to by the leadership or members of the Southern Baptist Convention.


I don’t know that much about Jimmie Carter’s spiritual grounding. I do have a few clues about his late sister’s, Ruth Carter Stapleton. Just as Paul & Diana Temple are simultaneously active in Doug Coe’s Fellowship Foundation and the unquestionably theosophical oriented New Age Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), so was Ruth Carter Stapleton with Leland Stewart’s Unity and Diversity Council, the first organization to bring Benjamin Crème to the USA to lecture on “Maitreya the Christ.”

What next? As Herb Peters likes to put it: stay tuned!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Solana and Rice Mideast Peace Push

Javier Solana and Condoleezza Rice to
Visit Middle East To seek “Peace”

According to several news sources newly appearing on google.com this evening, Condoleezza Rice and Javier Solana will make sequential visits to the Middle East “to seek peace.” From the Xinhua China article featured first in Google’s lineup, it appears that Condoleezza Rice will make her visit first and then Javier Solana will make his. Javier Solana is in the United States for several days. He is presently in Washington, D.C. and per his statements on BBC News this evening, he plans to meet with BanKi Moon, the new United Nations Secretary General next Tuesday. Javier Solana flew, per his “agenda” to the United States on Wednesday, January 3, 2006.

Solana’s website shows a interesting itinerary for this USA trip.
January 4, 2006
Visit to United StatesWashington DC
12:00Working lunch hosted by National Security Advisor Steve Hadley and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
13:30Meeting with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice followed by Press conference

January 5, 2007
Visit to United StatesWashington DC
12:30Working lunch with CSIS, Center for Strategic and International Studies
14:15Meeting with Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte
15:30Meeting with NSA Stephen Hadley
16:30Meeting with Brookings Institute's representatives
Monday, January 8, 2007
Visit to United StatesNew York City
16:00Meeting with Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin
18:30Dinner debate with Council on Foreign Relations
20:30Meeting with President of Council on Foreign Relations Richard Haas
Tuesday, January 9, 2007
Visit to United StatesNew York City
10:30Meeting with Chinese Ambassador Guangya Wang (However, tonight while being interviewed live on BBC television, he said that on Tuesday, he would be meeting with UN head, BanKi Moon.

I wonder what he will be doing on Saturday and Sunday? I suspect he will not be attending church or synagogue anywhere. Maybe he will pleasantly surprise us all by so doing. However, I suspect many of us, myself included, would still be skeptical. I wonder if the weekend might be spent with old Washington friends, just relaxing in his hotel room, or worse still, at Camp David. As Herb Peters puts it, “stay tuned.”

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

Happy New Year to my blogspot readers!

If you have critical information for me, you may perhaps reach me most efficiently by using my new SKYPEIN telephone number of (248) 686-1409. You may dial this from regular phones and leave messages for me. My understanding is that regardless of where you are calling from, this will be treated as a local call for you rather than a long distance one as it is reaching google internet lines rather than long distance carriers. I am still learning about the process and need to learn how to leave a voice mail message without embarrassment. Computers don’t intimidate me. I can program a VCR. But I’m still working on cell phones, cameras, and video cameras. Bear with me! Voice mail still intimidates me, especially the one on my cell phone. Hopefully this one wll be a little more efficient.

One more thing. Skype (google) made an offer I could not refuse of unlimited phone calls in the USA and Canada through January 1, 2008 for the sun of $14.95 USA dollars for unlimited telephone calls. Therefore, I, not being wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, will try to economize by reaching you back via this number which involves dialing you via my computer. It will not show up on your caller ID as an identified number. I, like many of your, have gotten used to caller ID, So, if you get one of these unidentified calls, it just might be me returning your call or answering your questions.

This will also be a nice feature for my law office clients as sometimes running between pillar and post as we so often do in this profession, you can leave messages for me that I can pick up from any computer I am on by calling 248-686-1409.

We’ll see together how well this will work. The “Skypein” is still in the “beta testing” stage.

IMPORTANT: I have been invited to do an hour long call-in radio with Arutz Sheva’s Israel National Radio, talk show host Tamar Yonah. It is presently scheduled to happen right after midnight eastern time tonight which would be 11 p.m., January 1, 2007, for our central zone listeners, 10 p.m. for Mountain Time and 9 p.m. for Pacific Time. The website connection link is http://www.israelnationalradio.com. We will be discussing the Alliance of Civilizations and developments on the “New World Religion.”