Monday, November 28, 2005

From Javier Solana to Canada - "TRUST ME"

Hey folks, this is where I came in. Google wasn't around when I first discovered Javier Solana online on November 22, 1995. However, because of New Age boasts that they would save multitudes of trees and simultaneously boost intellectual processes by transferring reams of information to CD Rom's, I decided maybe I could clean house and keep up with them at the same time by acquiring a serious CD Rom library. And so the night I first found mention of Dr. Solana on Reuter's AOL posted articles, I searched my disks to see "who is this guy?". The first thing I learned about him before being flipped by AOL to a story about the newly emerging Barcelona Process was a March 1995 article. It seems there was nearly a shooting war at sea between Canada and Spain. Spain had fished Canada's halibut, cod, and turbot stocks almost to extinction. When the Estai, a Spanish fishing trawler strayed into Canadian waters, the Canadian authorities took it into custody. Javier Solana promptly, acting upon mysterious powers evidently granted him by his then Spanish government, dispatched three warships to Canada. He then held a press conference justifying his actions. That press conference contained some of the greatest political doublespeak I have ever read. To paraphrase and summarize its points, he said:

1. Yes, there are international laws and treaties governing fishing.

2. Those treaties govern only the types of fish caught -- not the amounts.

3. If we are going to limit amounts, the limits should apply equally to all countries -- not just to Spain.

4. Besides, the Spanish originally discovered the Newfoundland fishing banks -- therefore they should have every right to exploit them.

Why was Solana doing this? The reasons became evident with his Barcelona program setup. To put the original Barcelona Treaty over the top, Javier Solana needed Morocco's cooperation. Historically, there has been little love lost between Morocco and Spain. Morocco demanded three concessions, all of which Solana was in a unique position to grant in 1995, given his dual holding of European Union and Western European Union coinciding dual presidencies. Morocco wanted to sell its produce in the EU markets. Says Solana, "granted." Morocco then wanted Spain's fishermen to stop fishing off its coastline. The fishermen were ordered home from Morocco. That made for approximately 600 unemployed Spanish fishing vessels sitting unemployed and grumbling in the Spanish ports. It's sort of hard to be a great world leader and have revolution brewing in one's own back yard. So the fishermen were offed to Canada to exploit those Newfoundland fishing grounds.

Of course, Canada's cooperation was needed for Javier Solana's next big adventure -- the headship of NATO. So "miraculously" -- on the cusp of the Barcelona Conference of November 27-28, 1995, it was announced that Spain and Morocco had settled their fishing rights dispute and now the Spanish fishermen could return to those grounds. Bingo! Both the Spanish fishermen and Canada are suddenly happy. Canada cast its votes for dark horse candidate Javier Solana to be the new head of NATO -- and the Atlantic Council!

Oh, and why might Solana have needed Morocco's cooperation? Surely Morocco was not against religious fundamentalism -- at least of the Islamic stripe. Solana's third announced Barcelona goal in 1995 per those initial American On Line Reuter sources was "get the United States out of the Mediterranean" and/or "greatly reduce its presence there."

Now it appears that Canada has a really serious problem with mid and short range memory. Javier Solana has announced a pact with Canada allowing Canada to participate in European Union "crisis management." Read all about it here -- if it isn't untimely moved, that is:

Oh, and as for the EU's successful Gaza Strip Rafah border crossing, a link which vanished nearly as soon as I posted it in my last blogspot, try this alternative link:

One last thing -- for those who can't believe the words I apparently imputed to Mr. Solana above, read them below in his own words, provided that doesn't immediately disappear from web vision as well:

Pray for our Canadian friends. They will now need all the help they can get! After all, if they can't trust Javier Solana, who can they trust? My dear departed father gave me wise advice in my teens: "Slap me once, shame on you. Slap me twice, shame on me." Javier Solana has slapped Canada once in 1995. How soon they forget!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Javier Solana's latest November present


Edited and updated 11-27-2005
These November nights when I wake prematurely sometimes seem to get me in a lot of trouble. Tonight, the morning of November 27, 2005 looks like its shaping up to be one of them. For openers, this is the tenth anniversary of the opening of the first Barcelona Conference on November 27, 1995 in Barcelona, Spain. It was chaired by our very good friend, Javier Solana. He launched it with a salvo against the Catholics, saying that it was auspicious that it began on the 900th calling of the First Crusade by Pope Urban II. “What a lot of intolerance and misunderstanding that led to,” said Solana.

That was only five days after my first November awakening to Javier Solana which came the very early morning of November 22, 1995. On that day Israel had suffered a 7.2 mw earthquake – the only earthquake of which I have ever discovered to be subject to active historical revisionism downward. It caused heavy Egyptian damage, even to the extent that heads rolled from royal mummies undisturbed in the great pyramids of Egypt for thousands of years.

Usually the earthquake, like the catching of the fish, grows with each telling of the tale. This 7.2 mw quake rapidly diminished in press portrayal to one of only to 6.2 mw. Architects and engineers were left holding the bag.

That quake had occurred precisely two days after Javier Solana executed a sweeping Treaty of Association, the first of many in what were to be a string of treaties between various Mediterranean basin countries and the European Union in what was to become a “Greater European Union Neighborhood” OR “neighbourhood” as our British friends would spell it and it appears in EU documents.

Now why would anybody want to fib about a quake? It has occurred to me that a quake of this magnitude occurring in this region of the world – important to three major world religions – Jews, Christians, and Moslems -- only two days after a major treaty between the European Union and 10 Nation federation “Western European Union” and Israel might instantly gain attention of Bible scholars everywhere as an event of prophetic significance. It would also gain the attention of Jewish and Moslem scholars. All would read something of prophetic import into an earthquake of this magnitude coming on the heels of a EU Treaty with Israel. They might read different things into it, but for sure, they would read something!

Alas, this was with few exceptions not to be the case. Most slept right through it. Only internet news carried the reports. Most prophetic observers were nowhere near the internet. Consequently, if people did not hear the big news from Hal Lindsey, Jack Kinsella, Jack van Impe, and/or the authors of the the newly emerging LEFT BEHIND SERIES, also debuting in 1995 – Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, they might not think anything to be happening. Surely, if anything of prophetic significance were occurring, it would be told by those guys?! Maybe, maybe not.

I have noticed in the years since that Javier Solana seems to receive significant things in Novembers –

1995: The Israeli-EU “Treaty of Association’; the Barcelona Treaty; and the NATO “Secretary-General” position.

1998: A deal brokered and set up in Europa Code 666 obviously written around his credentials establishing a prospective “Common Foreign and Security Position” for Mr. Solana to assume when his NATO term was over.

1999: The EU Secretary General position and a few weeks later, on November 20, 1995, the Secretary General position of the ten nation permanent member Western European Union.”

2004: A beefed up European Defense Agency.

2005: Control of the Israel-Palestinian Gaza borders.

Well, Javier Solana and company are now overseeing Israel's Gaza border with a “deal brokered by the USA”. On the opening of the 10th anniversary of the original Barcelona Conference, Javier Solana has the happy news to report that things have “gone very smoothly.” Of course, if you watch BBC news regularly on PBS, you know that the EU isn’t quite as keen to have foreign visitors on its shores as it is for Israel to share its tiny land. While Israel is being set to become the “land without walls”, it appears the EU is protecting its turf by North African positioned barbed wire fences. You may read about these collective contradictory efforts here in an article “Spain from the Berlin Wall to Celuta and Melilla”

Of course, maybe its only “xenophobia” when its Christians proclaiming their faith, or Israel protecting against suicide bomber attacks. Certainly not when it is Solana’s homeland Spain barricading itself in – where has Solana’s voice been on that?

I am still formulating thoughts on this – but I am posting this blog in “as is” with my rambling thoughts on awakening prematurely on Sunday morning November 27, 2005, the 10th anniversary of the Barcelona Conference which opened only five days after my first November 22, 1995 awakening to Javier Solana and company. Let the conversation begin.

Oh, you may read about the newest Palestinian conquest which will surely make Dr Solana look like a hero at
I suspect that very soon you will be able to read about it many places. Meantime, I’m going to try and many my eyes sleep again by going back to reading my Lord of the World novel by Robert Hugh Benson!

P.M. Update: Interestingly, most Arab speaking countries boycotted Barcelona precisely because of the same things I noted about the European treatment of Southern Mediterranean exiles to its compounds. It also appears that Dr. Solana may still, despite this embarrassment, go on smelling like a rose. The London Financial Times said this evening:

If Barcelona were to exist only to allow Israel to sit down from time to time with its Arab neighbours - which it does - then Brussels would be wasting its money. But the EU cannot walk away from its neighbours, not least because of the importance of tackling terrorism and migration issues. It has to help them and now has better means to do so with its recently revamped "European neighbourhood policies" that are more closely tailored to Mediterranean partner's individual needs.

Considering Javier Solana is ditto the author of those "recently revamped 'European neighbourhood policies' that are more closely tailored to Mediterranean partner's individual needs", you figure out. Is it perhaps a win-win only for Solana?

As Herb Peters says, "stay tuned."

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Javier Solana's Word Processor

Javier Solana’s Word Processor

". . . The daily papers had a short, careful leading article every day, founded upon the scraps of news that stole out from the conferences on the other side of the world; Felsenburgh's name appeared more frequently than ever; otherwise there seemed to be a kind of hush. . . ." From Lord of the World, a 1907 novel by Robert Hugh Benson, page 56 of trade paper edition, or read for free by pressing my side link to same.

"A central element of that Russian perception is that NATO harbors designs of enlargement and unilateral out-of-area operations in both the Balkans and the Caucasus, areas that are regarded as more or less equally vital areas of Russian national interests. When the secretary-general of NATO, Javier Solana, told a NATO conference in September 1998 that both of those regions were troubled areas from which NATO "cannot remain aloof", he was not merely reiterating ideas he had already voiced publicly; he was confirming the expansive threat assessment held with increasing conviction in Moscow. His subsequent statement that "We are not condemned to be the victim of events that lie beyond our control - we can shape the future" seemed to prove NATO's and especially Washington's hegemonic aspirations." <>

I am composing a brand new blogspot article on my word processor. It was created by one who is increasingly becoming one of my favorite persons – Bill Gates. He helps with a lot of projects around my office – his spreadsheet helps me keep billing and sometimes fact situations straight. I use Excel to generate color-coded indexes for my binder system. His OneNote2003 helps me save and retrieve countless pieces of information. PowerPoint was used to develop and publish my CD, Javier Solana – Mystery Man of the New World Order – the 2003 version happily had a “publish to CD” feature. And then there is Microsoft Word. Conveniently, Google has developed a nice new add-on to WORD that helps me compose here and then publish to the blogspot. Even nicer, they gave it to us, as they did the blogspot – for free. So you see, at the moment, I am very happy with at least two people – Bill Gates and the guy who invented Google, whoever he is – one day I shall get around to googling that as well!

Of course, as a lawyer, I have used MicroSoft Word in all its various forms of development to draft legal documents. One of its most valued features is AUTOTEXT. I love it. You develop your text and then you can collect that text with simple mouse movements and give it an abbreviation that makes sense to you and VOILA, hours of drafting time are eliminated as the need to “reinvent the wheel” by repeatedly typing commonly used text disappears.

With all that time saved, I have more time to research Dr. Solana. I have become very familiar with his writing and style. I almost know his style well enough to do a job for him I used to do for the Michigan House of Representatives – write letters, speeches and documents, sounding almost more like him than he can make himself sound like him.

Lately, I have been noting his repeat clauses in the various EU documents. I now think he is using his word processor even more than I am using mine. He uses his repeat clauses so well, he could be a good lawyer, were he not a rocket scientist (in the Galileo – Torrejon – ITER projects sense, that is). I don’t know what abbreviations he might be using, but here are his favorite clauses that seem to come up a lot in instruments drafted by him that appear to give him A LOT of hitherto unknown to mankind powers over many countries and regions.

Here is the clause:

“The EU’s Political and Security Committee will exercise, under the responsibility of the EU Council, the political control and strategic direction of the Mission. High Representative Javier Solana will give guidance to the Head of Mission through the EU Special Representative for the _____________.

I don’t know if Javier or his legal drafters do what I do, but I follow a suggestion I read in a Word Processing how-to book years ago and insert “@@” for where the needed changed language would occur. Of course, he may be much better than me at the “mail merge” – the “holy grail’ of word processing that so many of us keep chasing and never quite seem to get. The way I do it, the clause would look like this:

“The EU’s Political and Security Committee will exercise, under the responsibility of the EU Council, the political control and strategic direction of the Mission. High Representative Javier Solana will give guidance to the Head of Mission through the EU Special Representative for the @@.

That particular clause in the document I most recently inspected was entitled “Political Control.” Many others I have inspected with virtually identical language are headed “Chain of Command.” So, I suppose that in the interests of word processing efficiency, he could have a choice of top @@’s with selections of “CHAIN OF COMMAND” and/or “POLITICAL CONTROL.”

If he uses his thesaurus feature (assuming he and Bill Gates are getting along as well as this writer and Bill Gates), he might want to substitute words like “occupation army” for “the mission.”

Now, if you are having trouble believing what I have written, and assuming on-web history doesn’t get rewritten too quickly (they all play such a marvelous game of ‘now you see us – now you don’t), you might check the following resources, compliments of GOOGLE to see what I mean:

Interesting language was created in the Greek presidency of the EU. You may read the entire document at

Here is a list of missions so far -- with the newest one to Palestinian territories to be added:

EU Operations
Ongoing Operations

Operation EUFOR-Althea (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
EU Police Mission - EUPM(Bosnia and Herzegovina)
EU Police Mission"Proxima" (fYROM)
EU Police Mission in Kinshasa (DRC)(EUPOL "Kinshasa")
EU Mission for Iraq(EUJUST LEX)
EU Mission in Congo(EUSEC DR Congo)
EU Support to AMIS II(Darfur)
Aceh Monitoring Mission

Interesting language was created -- most likely again with Solana's own word processor during the Greek presidency of the EU. You may read the entire document at

"Political and Security Committee The Political and Security Committee (PSC) monitors the international situation in the areas covered by the common foreign and security policy and contributes to the definition of policies by delivering opinions to the Council at the request of the Council or on its own initiative. It also monitors the implementation of agreed policies, without prejudice to the responsibility of the Presidency and the Commission. The Committee meets in the mornings of days on which General Affairs Council meetings are held, to update the texts of the GAC conclusions and declarations. The PSC may occasionally meet in the format of Political Directors.
Furthermore, the PSC is the focal point for crisis management. It maintains political control and strategic direction for crisis management operations. It is:
assisted by the Political and Military Group
advised by the EU Military Committee (EUMC) and by the Committee for Civilian Aspects of Crisis Management.
The General Secretariat The General Secretariat, under the leadership of the Secretary-General, High Representative (SG/HR), assists the Council and ensures the smooth functioning of the EU.
Furthermore, the Secretariat plays an important role as “the institutional memory” of the CFSP. As each Presidency only serves for a very limited time, this role is extremely important.
The Policy Unit performs the following duties under the direct authority of the SG/HR:
it monitors and analyzes developments on CFSP issues.
it identifies areas on which the CFSP could focus in the future.
it provides early warning of CFSP relevance including potential political crises.
it produces, at the request of either the Council or the Presidency or on its own initiative, policy papers which contain analyses, recommendations and strategies for the CFSP.
Following decisions taken at Helsinki and Nice, the EU Military Staff (EUMS) has been established within the General Secretariat, to provide military expertise and support to the ESDP, including the conduct of EU-led military crisis management operations. Its mission is to perform early warning, early assessment and strategic planning for Petersberg tasks and to implement policies and decisions as directed by the European Union Military Committee."

All language referring above to the "SG/HR", "the Secretariat", "General Secretariat", OHR refers to our friend Javier Solana. All language pertaining to the PSC does as well as this body is appointed by him, reports to him, and essentially serves at his pleasure.

I might add that usually these are “minimal missions” setting up “modest” programs for such things as to train the policemen, judges, and those administering both. That was what EUJust Lex for Iraq was for -- with a comparatively modest 200 million Euro budget. Now, just give me that for Oakland County, Michigan, USA, where I practice law. Wouldn’t that make me “king (ok, queen) of the hill?”

This article has been, as you may have guessed, mainly written and amplified ‘tongue in cheek,’ but it has a serious purpose. How much and how quietly have such powers been given to one man?

And to think his current job was created and remains posted at Section 666 of the official Europa documents. NAHH, I’m reading too much into this. Surely, it is a coincidence. Surely, he is like all the other New Agers Marilyn Ferguson reported about in her 1980 THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY, “seeking power only to disperse it to others.” Sure, sure! And I have a bridge I want to sell anybody who believes that is the motivation of that crew – including but not limited to its European components.

But then again, maybe he is still fascinated with his word processor and is just practicing his repetitive typing skills: “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy black dogs.”
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy black dogs.
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy black dogs.
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy black dogs.
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy black dogs.

As usual, I encourage your own corroborative internet research as well as your comments.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

UMC Cleans House?

The United Methodist Church Cleans House
Setback for Apostasy

Yesterday, the United Methodist Church’s Supreme Court defrocked a lesbian minister. It also reinstated a minister defrocked for denying membership in his congregation to a practicing homosexual. It was between two bookstores, both close to my downtown Detroit law offices in the Year of Our Lord 1981, that I discovered the first ugly traces of the New Age Movement. One bookstore, in my building, was the Doubleday one located in the Penobscot Building. The other bookstore was across Larned Street facing the Penobscot Building where my offices were then. The bookstore was “Cokesbury Books.” It was operated by the United Methodist Church. I purchased my first copy of The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ there. I looked for that book because of a happy reference to it by author Marilyn Ferguson in her 1980 book, THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY. She has just released a new book which I shall be reviewing here soon called AQUARIUS NOW. Looking at the references she found gladdening and I found distressing in THE AQUARIAN GOSPEL, I knew I had stumbled onto very direct evidences of a movement clearly designed to advance the path and progress of the antichrist.

I would eventually write a book about my findings. That book which stayed in print for over 20 years was called THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW. I soon found I had support from just about segments of every denomination including the United Methodist Church. I also had opposition from segments of just about every denomination including the United Methodist Church.

My assistant, Ezella, has been reorganizing my office materials on the New Age Movement in the wake of the University of Michigan’s Bentley Historical Library’s archival of my papers. As part of her search, this weekend, I rediscovered and replayed the tapes of Marilyn Ferguson’s lengthy talk at Detroit’s Unity Church. I heard them before – in 1981. I heard her speak personally there in 1982. I was eventually to meet and talk with her on several occasions. Her talks have been considerably toned down since she discovered there was opposition to the movement she so enthusiastically and energetically promoted with vivid detail. She had talked happily in 1981 about the New Age’s incursions into the military (Jim Channon and his First Earth Battalion), education, religion, and she called not so subtly for a war against fundamentalists such as Jerry Falwell. (Maybe she did not know about Falwell’s own now very public apostatizing with the New Agers vis a vis Rev. Moon and Unification Church – also a powerful arm of the New Age Movement.)

When I found the shocking materials in the Cokesbury bookstore in Detroit in 1981, I would show them with shocked looks to the manager. She would reassuringly say, “I know, honey, but its all the young ministers seem to want anymore.” The apostasy in the United Methodist Church raged to the extent that some of its bookstores were actually carrying as “Christian literature” Benjamin Crème’s THE REAPPEARANCE OF THE CHRIST and David Spangler’s various books extolling such “virtues” as “Luciferian initiations.”

The United Presbyterian Church was facing similar crises and carrying similar literature on its tables. So were the Mennonites and too many Baptists. The Evangelicals were shamelessly promoting Jeremy Rifkin and as the very brilliantly written Herescope columns (referenced with a link on my blogspot) show, they were bringing New Age thought leaders such as Willis Harman (Marilyn Ferguson’s personal mentor) into to advise revising of Evangelical thinking for the expected “new era.”

Then we came along and upset their little apple carts. They responded by marginalizing yours truly and all others honestly reporting on the issues as “promoting a Conspiracy Theory.” Then they worked to blackball all honest reporters from their midst. In evangelical circles, this came to one ugly head in October 1987 when a secret conference was held between New Age leaders and Evangelical leaders at the New Age Gold Lake Ranch conference center at Boulder, Colorado. The meeting was convened by Doug Coe of Washington’s Fellowship Foundation supposedly because he had children involved with the New Age Movement and thought there should be better understanding between Christian parents and New Age leaders. Denver Seminary personnel such as Dr. Gordon Lewis were in attendance. So were people from Dallas Seminary and Spiritual Counterfeits Project of Berkeley, California. A vow of silence was exacted from all participants. The evangelicals kept their vows. Fortunately for all, the New Agers did not. David Spangler gave a speech about the doings immediately after – at Boulder’s Episcopalian Church. Local Christians sensitized to the New Age Movement and related Christian apostasies were in attendance and promptly mailed me Spangler’s tapes. The cat was out of the bag.

The battle has continued to rage and the apostasy spread even to the sanctification of homosexuality in Christian circles. The Presbyterians, the Methodists, and even Evangelical Lutherans were effected. The Catholics began to clean house with varying results. The Episcopalians ordained an openly “gay” bishop living with his “partner” in an open “gay lifestyle” arrangement. Shocked African Anglicans broke communion with their denomination until condemnation of the U.S.A. and Canadian practitioners take place, if ever.

Yesterday and happily, God won a round in the United Methodist Church. A state of Virginia minister had been defrocked for denying fellowship to a practicing homosexual. He appealed upwards in the church judicial process. A practicing lesbian minister had been ordained. That also was appealed by those unhappy about this last insult to plain Scriptural warnings of what should not be found among us. The Supreme Court of the United Methodist Church has reinstated the Virginia minister. It has defrocked the lesbian minister.

Onwards and upwards. Occupy till he gets here! But yesterday and happily at least one small blow was struck for righteousness. Congratulations to the United Methodist Church. This is not to say that God does not love sinners. He does – enough to send his son to die for their salvation. This is only to say that God does not condone sin – much less the desecration of his houses of worship.

There is an interesting Revelation prophecy concerning the “inner:” and the “outer court” of the sanctuary. The outer court was to be left out as it was given over to the gentiles for 42 months – the time of the reign of the antichrist. Congratulations to the Methodists for relocating to the inner court.