Friday, May 25, 2018

Who was this key player in "The Pentagon's New Map" Javier Solana, maybe?

It looks like Thomas P. M. Barnett's old books on THE PENTAGON'S NEW MAP are receiving a good deal of current attention.  Looking at the European Union and its current remilitarization combined with anti-Trumpism, I found this passage in the second of those "New Map" books.  What and who do you suppose Thomas P. M. Barnett may have meant by this?

The European Union's "Woodrow Wilson": The EU is setting up
a constitution that will create a Secretary-of-State-like position
of Foreign Minister to speak on behalf of the entire continent on
global diplomatic and security affairs. This official needs to
occupy a special role in the Core's efforts to shrink the Gap, one
that fundamentally focuses on the promotion of democratic rule
there. As the United States will always be cast in the role of military
lead, its diplomatic focus will naturally remain on the
removal of bad regimes inside the Gap, as opposed to the creation
of good ones. The EU's new foreign minister needs to play
"good cop" on this one, constantly holding America's feet to the
fire regarding our nonstop rhetoric of promoting freedom
around the world. This official needs to be our moral conscience,
not in an effort to obstruct the employment of the Leviathan but
to make sure the Core as a whole follows through adequately
with the SysAdmin. (page 129)

Three guesses and the first two don't count!

I've been composing a much longer piece that includes this -- it is still in draft form.

Stay tuned!