Tuesday, June 06, 2006

June 6, 2006 - Where in the World is Javier Solana?

June 6, 2006: I wondered where Solana would be today – Now we know! - Teheran and to receive an award in Germany at 18:00 hours!

Last Friday night, I awoke after a nap to view what appeared to me as a red moon. I wondered out loud about that and mused the same to my readers. Well, now we know.
There’s a lot of hoopla today over 666. I wondered what the “invisible man”, Javier Solana, who has so consistently put that inflammatory number before us would be doing as he represents the UN and entire western world as spokesman on the current leading Middle East issue – Iran and its potential nuclear development – would be doing on June 6th..

Now we know. He is in Teheran on June 6, 2006. You may read one of the many stories about it by clicking here.


We also know he enjoys a private plane and he will be elsewhere later in the day. Here’s the itinerary for the rest of the 6-6-6 day:


18:00Ceremony Award of the Grand Cross 1st class of ther Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany
20:00Working dinner with Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier

Hmm, Teheran, Berlin. The more silly among us are joking about 666 by celebrating it in Hell, Michigan (only about 65 miles from Detroit); or going to see replays of The Omen. Personally, I’m not going to worry about one day that much, and I will continue to observe the person who has placed the number 666 that consistently before us without that much notice – Javier Solana.

I’m sure it’s all a coincidence. Sure, Sure! I'm equally and unfortunately sure that most people will treat it as a joke -- it's not.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Red Moons and Solana the global spokesman?


Somedays I think my imagination is starting to work overtime. I am still at my office spending Friday night both perusing legal work and research on the topics which fuel this blog and my future writing. This has been a habit of mine on free Friday nights for the past 25 years. I keep a cheap hammock chair in the closet of my office. It is one of those canvas chairs designed for camping. It has both a foot and head rest. I keep it for a practical reason. There are times when I pull long hours when I can keep my eyes open no longer. Now, I must confess that I can go into couch potato mode just looking at a couch. For that reason, I do not keep a more aesthetically pleasing couch in my office. I fear I might go into permanent hibernation. I wish I could sleep as well in my bed at night as I feel like doing when I view a comfortable couch. The temptation for the couch at home is non-existent. Quite honestly, we usually have too many books, etc. on it to allow for anything but seating at whatever end remains’ clean. Okay, that’s the end of true confessions about my housekeeping imperfections for now at least. The point of this is that I did take a half hour break and awoke about half an hour ago and at least perceived that I was viewing an increasingly reddening moon. Yes, there appeared to be a red crescent moon appearing after what had been heavy rains. I went for my digital camera and discovered that battery was low and the charger missing, and then the moon disappeared from view.

Convinced my imagination now was truly acting overtime, I returned to the computers and decided to see what “our very good friend”, Javier Solana, was up to. I didn’t have to look far. Yesterday, googling him, I found he had well in excess of 6 million hits. Today was a relative down day in the news for him in terms of google.com numbers. He now has a mere 5,850,000 google search item yields. Maybe a few of them are for the Mexican flight and sports car aficionado, the other Javier Solana. After checking the numbers, I decided to check the news and see what ‘the invisible man’ had on his plate as of late. Again, I have decided that I must be seeing too much in things and working too hard. I thought that I was reading something again implying that Javier Solana was a de facto world spokesman. You can read what I probably read too much into for yourself by in Herb Peters style clicking this link read all about it here.

Solana ready
to present package to Iran
Islamic Republic News Agency, Iran - 2
hours agoEuropean Union High Representative for Common Foreign and Security
Policy Javier Solana is ready to present the new package which the West agreed
to offer to ... EU to
offer generous deal to Iran: Solana
People's Daily OnlineHungary
welcomes US move to open talks with Iran
People's Daily OnlineEU
hails US offer to talk to Iran
Daily TelegraphJerusalem
- Antara - all
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Oh, and there were headlines about riots in Paris, hopeful expectations of peace over the Solana Iran presentation in the Jerusalem Post and news of a Canada boycott of Israel. I mused over what I had seen heard the last few days: civilians, including women and children killed in Iraq; daily explosive bombings in Iraq; Russia unhappy over NATO expansion; earthquakes; 25 year anniversary for AIDS; misery in Indonesia, etc., etc., etc. Did I see a red moon? Did you? Oh, and I wonder just when he will be presenting that package to Iran. Cristina Gallach, his spokesman said, per the Iranian press, that the date Solana planned to give the package to Iran is currently "undisclosed." I wonder what he is doing on June 6th? I wonder if that moon is still red?