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Watch it, maybe several times, to get full import of his remarks about our 'overcrowded planet.'  This is a typical Club of Rome propaganda line.  The Club of Rome is probably the only overt New Age affiliation Dr. Solana has so far openly revealed.  I suggest you promptly save this on your system, if you are able.  The content is such that it might rapidly disappear.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This is interesting -- and disturbing!  We are sending the New Mexico National Guard to where??  Kosovo!!  New Mexico sits on the very northern border of drug plagued and drug exporting Mexico.  Probably the most dangerous place in the world right now is Mexico with its drug cartel wars.  Here are just a few of the New York Times headlined story titles of this "borderless war" by the Mexican drug cartels:

Series: War Without Borders

Hired by Customs, but Working for the Cartels
The authorities say Mexican drug traffickers, facing heightened border security, have stepped up efforts to corrupt border agents.
Dec. 17, 2009
How U.S. Became Stage for Mexican Drug Feud
Prosecutors in San Diego say kidnappers and hit men operated for years after splitting from a drug cartel.
Dec. 8, 2009
In Mexican Drug War, Investigators Are Fearful
In Mexican Drug War, Investigators Are Fearful
Swamped with homicides and other drug crimes, investigators cope with too little expertise and too much corruption, and they are targets themselves.
Oct. 16, 2009
Mexico’s Drug Traffickers Continue Trade in Prison
Imprisoned drug traffickers can find a new base of operations for their criminal empires, recruit underlings, and bribe their way out for the right price.
Aug. 10, 2009
Mexican Cartels Lure American Teens as Killers
Mexican Cartels Lure American Teens as Killers
Drug cartels operate their smuggling and murder-for-hire rings on both sides of the the U.S.-Mexican border.
June 23, 2009
In Heartland Death, Traces of Heroin?s Spread
In Heartland Death, Traces of Heroin's Spread
A heroin overdose in Ohio highlights how Mexican drug cartels have pushed heroin sales into America's suburbs.
May 31, 2009
U.S. Stymied as Guns Flow to Mexican Cartels
U.S. Stymied as Guns Flow to Mexican Cartels
Violent crime groups in Mexico are seen as capitalizing on the ease of acquiring American weapons.
April 15, 2009
Mexican Drug Cartel Violence Spills Over, Alarming U.S.
Mexican Drug Cartel Violence Spills Over, Alarming U.S.
Tucson is coping with a wave of drug crime the police suspect is tied to the battles between Mexico’s drug cartels.

One would think with all of this lapping at the southern border states that the USA would place its protective resources at its own borders.  New Mexico has a National Guard.  So where is the National Guard of New Mexico being dispatched for a year?  Immediately north of its southern border?  NOPE, to KOSOVO -- for one year!

Further, here's betting they aren't going to Kosovo to protect the churches and sacred sites. Here's betting they aren't off to protect the dispossessed Serbs. Here's betting they are off instead to help protect the "independent Kosovo" that was created to strip Serbia and the Serbian Orthodox Church of its religious capital that was taken in 1999 by NATO under Javier Solana's command.  I hope I'm wrong on all these suspicions.  If you have read several of my past blog posts, you know about the KLA and the Serb body organ scandal which has implicated the Kosovo prime minister Thaci, the former head of the KLA.

I'm sorry, I just don't understand.  Maybe somebody can "enlighten" me.  Personally, I would call for a Congressional investigation of this misguided maneuver!

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Stay tuned, especially to this beautiful message.

God bless you all!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Threats coming to Council of Europe's Dick Marty over his KLA scandal revelations

Kosovo Prime Minister Thaci is not very happy.  He is furious and implies he has powerful EU support in the war he now claims he will be waging against Swiss politician and Council of Europe rapporteur Dick Marty for his report on human organ harvesting of the KLA army against the Serbs.  He had one of his underlings, Kadri Veseli, former head of the Kosovo Intelligence Service, predictably dismiss it as "a fraud."

Mr. Veseli is also named in the same report as a participant in the organ harvesting scandal.


Their accusation against Dick Marty for his revelations:  he is allegedly trying to 'sabotage the peace process in the Western Balkans."

I can think of no earthly reason why Dick Marty would possibly want to sabotage a 'peace process' in the Western Balkans or anywhere else.

Probably what Thaci can well be referring to is a highly misspelled process:  PIECE vs. PEACE.  From Carla Del Ponte and Dick Marty's reports on what was actually transpiring it appears to have been a PIECE PROCESS:  A piece of yours, a piece of mine, and a piece of everybody else.  Especially a piece of Serbian prisoners and their organs.

As I wrote before, there were probably plenty of war crimes and atrocities on both sides to go around.  What is especially criminal here was the obstruction of justice of revelations of the KLA crimes and the possible valid Serbian legal claim of self-defense.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Dubow Digest November 10, 2010: A Jewish Perspective on Javier Solana and Catherine Ashton

This is interesting.  It also might demonstrate that there are elements in the Jewish community looking back with longing at Javier Solana's reign and bemoaning Catherine Ashton's.  This is a strong call from a Jewish writer for the EU to help establish and maintain the "two state solution"  It is also an adoption by reference of an article first published by Dr. Rory Miller of King's College, London in none other than THE JERUSALEM POST!

You may read and download the entire Dubow German report for the date November 10, 2010 by clicking here.

"It is not be a secret that I, and many other observers of the Middle East peace process, feel that the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs & Security Policy has not played a useful role in trying to bring Israel and the Palestinians together. Catherine Ashton seems to be so one-sided in opposition to Israel that, at least in my opinion, she has done more harm than good. With almost Pavlovian negative responses to anything Israel says or does, she places the EU in a less than neutral position – one which that precludes the EU from being genuinely helpful.
In a recent Jerusalem Post article, Dr. Rory Miller of Kings College, London spells out a useful policy for the EU to follow which is antithetical to one being followed currently by Lady Ashton.
Dr. Miller states, “Generations of European policy-makers have believed that a permanent settlement of this conflict on the basis of a two state solution is not only vital for the Middle East but, in the words of former EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, is “fundamental to our own security.”
They have also come to view Europe’s success in transforming its economic power into political influence in the conflict as a key indicator of its capacity to play a role on the international stage.
"This has been very apparent in recent weeks when the EU’s representative for foreign affairs and security policy, Catherine Ashton, rushed to the region from Washington to shore up the floundering peace talks following criticism that she failed to raise the international profile of the recently launched European External Action Service – a new mechanism designed to give the EU a stronger voice.
"If current US peace envoy George Mitchell can’t keep the Palestinians and Israelis talking, then it seems inconceivable that there is anything the EU can bring to the table that will. So what should Europe do? Recently Marc Otte, the EU’s special representative for Middle East peace, looked forward to the day that the EU would be “a full player” in the politics of the conflict.
"But the EU should stop measuring its success in contributing to peace in terms of its ability to score political points over the US, or gain a political role commensurate with its economic weight. Instead it should emphasize its longtime position as the international community’s lead donor to the PA as well as Israel’s number one trading partner.
"Though unglamorous, Europe’s budgetary support for Palestinian institutions and infrastructure, as well as its humanitarian, refugee and food aid has been hugely important to sustaining Palestinian society. It continues to be key to the state-building process.
"When a Palestinian state is finally established, the EU will play a crucial role in doing what it has done best in Europe over the past half century – promoting consensus and economic cooperation among former enemies in the interests of regional prosperity and long term stability. Europe, Israel and the Palestinians would all be well served if the EU fully acknowledged the importance of this role, not as a pretext for political influence, but as an end in itself.
"After reading Dr. Miller’s article I find myself applauding and yelling “Bravo!” I realize that things are moving in a more Euro direction and Germany pushed the Lisbon Treaty for what it saw as good reasons. However, when it comes to the Middle East, a singular German foreign policy somewhat more balanced could do a lot more to help the peace process than the course Catherine Ashton is plying at the moment. Given the realities of the situation, if the EU would follow the plan
"Dr. Miller has laid out peace and tranquility would be better served.

Is it Catherine Ashton's role to make Javier Solana or thinkalike look good to the Jewish World?  I would advise a careful reading of the fine print to all!

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I heard the bells on Christmas day
Their old familiar carols play,
And wild and sweet the words repeat
Of peace on earth, good will to men.
And thought how, as the day had come,
The belfries of all Christendom
Had rolled along the unbroken song
Of peace on earth, good will to men.
Till ringing, singing on its way
The world revolved from night to day,
A voice, a chime, a chant sublime
Of peace on earth, good will to men.
And in despair I bowed my head
“There is no peace on earth,” I said,
“For hate is strong and mocks the song
Of peace on earth, good will to men.”
Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:
God is not dead, nor doth He sleep;
The wrong shall fail, the right prevail
With peace on earth, good will to men.”

As the Fifth Seal of Revelation, war on God's people is obviously widening, it is instructive to look at how we were propagandized to believe a one sided version of a story in 1999.  European leaders and American leaders conducting the extremely destructive bombing raids on the former Yugoslavia, in effect obviously "reducing the Balkans," knew that it was at least a two sided conflict.  They then took the religious capital of the Serbian Orthodox Church from it under the pretense of "independence" for those victimizing Christian Serbs.  Many Moslems did not buy the idea that it was for the purpose of protecting them either.   Yossef Bodansky's important book, BIN LADEN, THE MAN WHO DECLARED WAR ON AMERICA told us on page 394 that Islamist intellectuals said the real reason that the USA declared war on Milosevic was that "he would not surrender to the . . . New World Order."

It may well be that truer words were never spoken.  Truth is often the first casualty of war.  I remind all that this was plainly under Javier Solana's watch.  He had been given total authority to make the military decisions for any campaign against Yugoslavia.  General Wesley Clark took his orders from Javier Solana.  It was on January 30, 1999 that Javier Solana was given that authority.  

According to an article appearing in THE AUSTRALIAN yesterday, THEY KNEW, THEY CONDONED, AND THEY IGNORED all obviously for the purpose of strengthening the New World Order in all its ugly future ramifications which included rights to take religious capitals.  Kosovo went first.  Jerusalem, Vatican City, Mecca, Salt Lake City, etc., etc., had better watch out:

"WESTERN leaders have been accused of turning a blind eye to murders, drug running and organ trafficking in Kosovo. 
The West elevated a man it knew to be a criminal boss to the rank of European statesman. 
Although Western intelligence agencies warned that Hashim Thaci ran an organised crime network in the late 1990s, Western political leaders backed his Kosovo Liberation Army, according to a report published by the Council of Europe.
The report, adopted unanimously by the council's 47 member states, will add to pressure for an independent criminal inquiry into Mr Thaci, now Kosovo's Prime Minister. It also places an embarrassing spotlight on the actions of the NATO members who intervened in Kosovo in 1999 as the country engaged in a war of independence with Slobodan Milosevic's Serbia. . . . Dick Marty, the Swiss senator who was the council's rapporteur for Kosovo, said the global community had shown a lack of determination to investigate the KLA. Without a witness protection scheme, the criminal rulers would never be brought to book, he said. . . ."
Read the whole story by clicking here.
Worse yet, it appears that Hashim Thaci will not face international justice as did President Milosevic.  A clear advantage of supporting the New World Order???  Serbia does not plan to seek the indictment.  Perhaps they fear that if they try, they might get bombed back to the Stone Age -- again?  
"Who can make war with the Beast"?????   At least the NATO/NEW WORLD ORDER beast?
Stay tuned!


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Precedent for Jerusalem? More of what we (NATO) fought for in Yugoslavia/Kosovo in 1999!

So, now the Balkans have been reduced!  One of the greatest unsolved mysteries of World War II was why Hitler did not do so before taking on the USA and Russia.  It now appears more abundantly than even the considerable evidence before that what they may have been reduced to was hideous anti-Christian savagery!   You may read the Council of Europe Report by clicking here.  Kosovo was once the religious capital of Serbian Orthodox Christians. It has now been granted "independence" by a United Nations court which ruled against Serbian claims that the move had violated its territorial integrity.  This ruling came down on July 22, 2008.

As the same pressures now are being applied to Israel vis a vis Jerusalem, this bears VERY CAREFUL WATCHING.  Remember, this was clearly under Javier Solana's watch.  The precedent that has been set is that it is ok to take somebody's religious capital.  What is next?  Jerusalem?  Mecca?  Salt Lake City?  Vatican City?  The precedent was set in 1999 in Kosovo and made final by the UN courts in 2008 as they ratified giving the KLA controlled Kosovo its "independence."

It now appears clear that internationalists promoting this had knowledge of what was transpiring and remained silent.  War crimes prosecutor Carla del Ponte had early and full knowledge of this.  She says she  "now feels vindicated" by the damaging report of this heinous war crime by the Albanians that remained unreported before.  As a lawyer to a lawyer, I would inquire of her as to why she may have withheld this evidence in the war crimes trial of former Yugoslavian President Milosevic?  In my opinion, it may well have been exculpatory in nature as the excuse for Nato's invasion of Yugoslavia was Milosevic's declaration of war against the Kosovo Liberation Army.

As reported:
"The Council of Europe report, drawn up by Swiss senator Dick Marty, who is to present it officially to European diplomats on Thursday, says Thaci headed a “mafia-like” organisation that dealt in weapons, drugs and human organs.

 "It says the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), which Thaci led, had secret prisons where  Serbs and Kosovar Albanians were held in inhuman conditions, before being murdered for their organs.

There's an agenda somewhere in all of this and I'm not so sure that it is only to see that justice is done against the now dead Serbian victims!  Something smells here and it's not just the dead victims!

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Friday, December 17, 2010


This is another one to read with Bibles open.  This is a column in the Jerusalem Post which is pro- division, anti Benjamin Netanyahu.  Quoting more from that article, we read the writer's conclusions:

None of these moves raises any objection at all to Israel being a Jewish state, or to Israeli sovereignty within its pre-Six Day War borders. Nobody gets hurt, either. All that these measures attempt to do is bring Israel to its senses.
So thank you, Javier Solana, Felipe Gonzales and Richard von Weizsacker – and Helmut Schmidt, Lionel Jospin, Romano Prodi and the rest who signed this letter. Thank you, again, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay – and the other democratic countries that, I’m sure, will be recognizing Palestine before too long.
A terrible fire has been burning this land for 43 years. If it’s ever put out, if this country ever starts to recover, the foreign countries and leaders who stood against the spreading blaze will be remembered here as true friends.

I find it interesting, for one, that Javier Solana's name was the first one on the "thank you" list.  Incredible pressures on that little country named Israel:  internal and external.

This sounds like shades of Peter LeMesurier's THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT.  Read the entire article by clicking here or here:

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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Javier Solana, the USA, and just about everybody else took the side of Albania and its Kosovo Liberation Army back in 1999 when Javier Solana was given sole powers to determine if and when bombs were to land on Belgrade and the rest of what used to be known as "Yugoslavia" and thereafter came in substantial part to be cynically known as "Solania."  Undoubtedly, there were horrible atrocities on both sides.  However, as my video presentation, Javier Solana:  Mystery Man of the New World Order," evidenced, Kosovo was an obvious and dangerous precedent for very similar pressures being put on Israel vis a vis Jerusalem.  The Serbs said they were defending themselves from dangerous Albanians.  The Israelis said they were defending themselves against Palestinian vows to exterminate Israel and drive its Jewish occupants into the sea.

Well, for all the spirited defense of the Kosovo Liberation Army, damning evidence now appears to be coming out in the wash.  Perhaps it is a convenient release just in time to strengthen the International Criminal Court and put pressure on the USA to join up, I don't know.  Maybe it is just one more justification for a rationale that "nothing will work but world government," oooops, "global governance."

Well, at any rate, the body the Kosovo Christians were thrown to, the primarily Albanian anti-Serbian Orthodox leadership, in addition to burning churches under the somewhat less than vigilant eyes of the United Nations, NATO, and EU occupying troops, it now turns out may well have been engaged in human body trafficking from impoverished and imprisoned Serbs.  Quoting from the article:

PARIS — A two-year international inquiry has accused the prime minister of Kosovo of leading a clan of criminal entrepreneurs who presided over an organ-trafficking network that extracted kidneys from Serbian prisoners executed during the Kosovo conflict in 1999.
The report, prepared for the Council of Europe, names the prime minister, Hashim Thaci, the former political leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army, or KLA. It accuses him of leading the Drenica Group, an organized crime network that flourished in Kosovo and Albania after the war and exerted control over the heroin and narcotics trade and six secret detention centers for a black market in human kidneys.
After the report became public, Kosovo officials called it slanderous and an effort to harm Thaci, 42, whose party this month won the first election there since it declared independence from Serbia.
After fighting ended in Kosovo in June 1999, a network was established that tied into “a broader, more complex organized criminal conspiracy’’ that operated in three other countries and endured for more than a decade, according to the report. The document was prepared by Dick Marty, a Swiss politician who led the investigation and has previously looked into allegations that the CIA abducted and imprisoned terrorism suspects in Europe.
The Kosovar network faced new scrutiny this week with the start of a trial in Pristina, the capital, to prosecute seven men, including a former senior Health Ministry official. They are accused of recruiting 20 people from impoverished nations with promises of payments for their kidneys, which were sold to recipients for $110,000 to $137,000.
The Council of Europe, separate from the European Union, includes 47 member states and is responsible for the European Court of Human Rights.
Read the rest of the article by clicking here:

One of the greatest unsolved mysteries of World War II was that Hitler failed to reduce the Balkans before taking on the USA and Russia.  It is increasingly apparent to me that the Balkans are long sinced reduced just as the USA is being increasingly challenged by the global governance crowd of which Javier Solana is a core leader.

Stay tuned!


This is recommended over at BORNTOWATCH.COM. We need to watch it too!

There was disturbing news which may be old, but is new to me which even included an Ohio business which is requiring its employees to be microchipped.  This is a sermon combined with pictorial and video evidence.  I urge all to watch it and take it to heart.  I am sure JD will agree -- those advancing the "cashless society" (my shorthand for the "Mark of the Beast") ARE NOT PLAYING!

Please watch these and then stay tuned!  So very much is happening on so many fronts at once.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Read this story with your Bible open!

And, also this:

And this, please remember that a DANGEROUS PRECEDENT was set with Kosovo.  Kosovo was to the Serbs as Jerusalem is to the Jews.  I've commented on that for years and it has been consistently in all my upgrades of my Powerpoint presentation, JAVIER SOLANA:  MYSTERY MAN OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER.  Here's a story, a few months old of somebody else who noticed this obvious dangerous parallel:

Stay tuned!


Friday, December 10, 2010


Javier Solana plus 25 other former European Union officials have called for stern international sanctions against Israel for failing to halt settlements in what they term "occupied territories."  Articles in HaaretzLondon's Financial Times, BBC,  Gulftimes and per google search, approximately 2900 others carry details.

This is indeed sobering news.  Stay tuned!


Thursday, December 09, 2010

Sarah Leslie is guest hosting MY PERSPECTIVE internet radio tonight with Emerging Church expert Ken Silva as guest

Sarah Leslie has graciously consented to host My Perspective internet radio tonight at 7 p.m. Eastern time, 4 p.m Pacific time.  She and hoped for guest Ken Silva will be discussing "the emerging church" and updates on that movement.  Please tune in and stay tuned.  Many thanks to those of you who listened and called in on Dr. Monteith's Radio Liberty program last night.  It was a lively hour!


Saturday, December 04, 2010


Corinne McLaughlin and her husband, Gordon Davidson, Lucis Trust activists par excellence!

UPDATE:  I have to read many of your comments yet  -- took Sunday off!  However, I was thinking about Corinne McLaughlin.  She and I have been at two very different works for very close to the same period of time.  Ironically, we were both concerned about very similar causes:  racism, Vietnam War.  She got into the "environmental movement."  When I first heard of it at the time of Earth Day, 1970, I had literal creeps, even though it was to be another 9 years before I started to discern its true agenda.  Here's the differences:

1.  We both read as one of the very first books, Paul Hawken's, THE MAGIC OF FINDHORN. 

    a.  She saw something beautiful and inspiring about it.
    b.  What jumped out at me from that same book was the open acknowledgement by one of the key characters of "I am the devil, you have just said you love the Devil."

2.  We both heard and read David Spangler (who was a main character in the Paul Hawken book on Findhorn as well.

    a.  She saw something beautiful about Spangler
    b.  I saw as horrifying his open statements about "Lucifer comes to bring us the gift of wholeness, if we accept it, we are free and he is free."

3.  We both are very much aware of the Alice Bailey writings.
    a.  She threw away her Bible and took them as her new one.
    b.  I spent my time and efforts warning people of the existence of the Bailey writings and their obvious ramifications and dangers.

What made the difference?  Corinne said she was raised in a Christian home.  Why did she not see what was so obviously wrong with her new sources?  

I cannot help but wonder if she was in a church that de-emphasized prophecy.  

The book of Daniel reads that such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries.  The flattery "thou shalt be as gods" is a BIG ONE!

Corrine McLaughlin's book is obviously evil, designed to lead others into the evil that she tragically sees as good.  She is Exhibit A of the Hidden Dangers of the New Age Rainbow!

I don't know if she has crossed the final line or not, but I beg of her and the others to wake up and smell the coffee!  LUCIFER IS NOT HER FRIEND NOR IS HE THE FRIEND OF ANY OF US.  She and the other New Agers do not have to share Lucifer and his minions' fates of the biblically foretold "Lake of Fire."  There is still time for her and the others to abandon that New Age ship!

Stay tuned!

P.S.  Looking at this link, it looks like Gordon Davidson may have crossed some very, very significant lines.  This is as bold as a cobra and not even subtle.  Read by clicking here the content of his "conclave speech."  Here is a horrific selected excerpt from a June 12th of an unstated year "conclave" talk by Corinne McLaughlin's husband, Gordon Davidson:

"The Ashram of Synthesis and Its Objectives

"What are the immediate objectives of the Ashram of Synthesis?  All of the Ashram’s multiple objectives are oriented towards the single goal of creating the conditions within which the Christ can reappear. These include:

1) The formation and development of a unity of religions in preparation for the New World Religion;
2) The spiritualization of business to make it an instrument of the Plan functioning as a planetary resource distribution system to subsidize the growth of human consciousness;
3) The freeing of human consciousness from its entrapment and enslavement in matter through all true spiritual teaching now available to humanity;
4) The radiation of the substance of the lower planes by increasing subjective work around the world;
"5) The destruction and clearing away of old forms to create space for new forms to manifest;
"6) The funding of the work so it may go forward rapidly and potently;
"7) Changing the focus and priority of nations from national self-interest to the good of all peoples and nations.

"When we look out at the world today, although we are seeing some progress in the areas of religious unity, an international movement for non-violent conflict resolution, a gradual introduction of spiritual principles into business, we have yet to learn see widespread sharing and circulation, as the world’s resources are still controlled by the selfish money powers, which is the biggest blockage in the current world situation.
"We may wonder if the Christ may be drawn forth into the world primarily to offset evil. However, it is highly preferable that He comes as an affirmation of what Humanity has achieved, so there is a foundation for Him to build upon, rather than coming to prevent great evil in the world. It is clear that there is much to be done to prepare for His coming."

Read my many comments in the last thread and I will post more, MUCH MORE, on this abomination later.  Corinne McLaughlin, Gordon Davidson have let it all hang out in their book PRACTICAL VISIONARY, endorsed by many top level New Age leaders, including but not limited to David Spangler.  If there is a book expressing THE PLAN and preparing the world for Maitreya/Betraya, this is it!

Stay CLOSELY tuned!