Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Anti-Immigration hysteria -- is it leading to microchipping?

The scriptures are clear:  "You were once a stranger in a strange land.  THEREFORE, you shall treat the stranger among you with kindness.  For that, if no other reason, I have never found it in my heart to support anti-immigration campaigns.  I have many friends who feel differently, but I have stood my ground on this over the years.  Now, it appears that the anti-immigration forces might be the catalyst for increased demand for human microchipping.  A Republican physician running for office in Iowa recently said this:

“I think we should catch ’em, we should document ’em, make sure we know where they are and where they are going,” said Pat Bertroche, an Urbandale physician. “I actually support microchipping them. I can microchip my dog so I can find it. Why can’t I microchip an illegal?
“That’s not a popular thing to say, but it’s a lot cheaper than building a fence they can tunnel under,” Bertroche said.

NO, not my cat, not my dog, not my neighbor, not the alleged illegal immigrant, and definitely NOT ME!  JD and Susanna have done tremendous research on the "total tracking for global sustainability."  "Sustainability" is the New Age spin on the topic.  Anti-Immigration is the right wing spin on the subject.

I no more want Fascism wrapped in an American flag than a Green one!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

what björn (farmer) thinks...: Solana called to create more global management structures

what björn (farmer) thinks...: Solana called to create more global management structures


Despite my well publicized differences with Farmer (Björn Freiberg), this information is simply too important to ignore, so I am reprinting it in its totality here.  I trust you will understand.


"Madrid, April 20 .- The former High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union (EU), Javier Solana, today urged to build more structures to manage the total financial structure, with the help of all world regions.
By participating in the seminar "From Rio de Janeiro to Madrid, a decade after, organized by the Ibero-American Secretariat (SEGIB), Spanish politician said" we have not yet been able to create mechanisms to govern the multipolarity. "
"We are very far from knowing how to deal with this structure and reach the goal of making it effectively," he said.
He explained that the realization that the world has ceased to be unipolar, "is something positive and are happy with that," but warned of the urgency of knowing how to manage to "know how to manage this without creating more problems."
Abounded that this occurs in a scenario of global problems requiring global solutions, "but there is no drive for it because of the national legitimacy."
Solana noted that despite United Nations efforts on many issues, and the G-20 on the topic of economic crisis, "still need to coordinate groups of countries based on their common elements, history, values and seek a common future. "
He also said that international relations are currently developing scenarios "within transfers of power between Member States and do not necessarily have things in common, and there was a different world view."
Regarding the relationship between the EU and Latin America, said the summit next May in Madrid between the two blocs have to be able to give substantive performance links have been forged in recent years.
He acknowledged that there are difficulties and differences on many issues, and they are an economic crisis, "but to pass these problems must be exploited and not lose the historic opportunity."
He suggested further work on the regionalization schemes, and international relations in the future will have very important groups, blocks and regions.
The seminar organized by the SEGIB met here with former presidents, representatives of multilateral institutions, academics and experts on transatlantic relations, to exchange experiences on the peaks Latin America, Caribbean and European Union."

see background about this conference here: Link
see background of this philosophy here: Link

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Probably sequeling THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT by Peter LeMesurier, REVELATION:  THE BOOK OF CO-CREATION BY Barbara Marx Hubbard; and REFLECTIONS ON THE CHRIST by David Spangler together with THE EXTERNALISATION OF THE HIERARCHY by Alice Ann Bailey, this abomination by evil-eyed Michael Baigent is probably the most explicitly and sophisticated evil book I have yet to read.  It confirms, however, my suspicions about the Christian Reconstruction Movement and how it plays into the New Age / New World Order dialectics.

When I started my research which led to my personal discovery of the New Age Movement and its clear directions in 1981, I created a newspaper clipping file called "War on Fundamentalism."  Baigent has called for the bullets against us to begin.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010


UPDATE:  I wondered how the New Agers would interpret this.  There is an interesting Revelation scripture about God visiting judgment on Earth and

"And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, thatsr they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood; which neither can see, nor hear, nor talk; Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts."
Well, the New Agers are interpreting this terrible natural disaster as "2012 events beginning" and Gaia being angry with us.  Click on the pictures above to view full screen!

One wonders what Al Gore is saying about this?  Iceland, an island European country has had major volcanic eruptions lately.  The one today has forced the closure of several European airports.  It will probably impact road traffic as well.  Quoting from the very recent MSNBC story,

If Iceland's active volcano gets even more active, Icelanders and air travelers won't be the only ones impacted. Gases from past large volcanoes have actually lowered Earth's temperatures, triggered lung ailments, caused acid rain and thinned our protective ozone layer.
The Eyjafjallajokull volcano isn't there yet. "This is not like Pinatubo. So far the scale is not big enough to have a global effect," Hans Olav Hygen, a climate researcher at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, said in reference to the 1991 eruption in the Philippines.
But the potential is there. The new eruption is 10 times more powerful than another nearby last month, threw up a cloud of ash nearly four miles high and closed down air traffic across northern Europe.
Read the rest of that story by clicking here.

This is most likely a bona fide European emergency.  It will be interesting to view
what mechanisms are put in place to deal with it.  My prayers are definitely with those adversely impacted by this natural disaster.  I do believe God has sent all a serious wake up call!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Recently the former FAITH AT WORK now known as LUMUNOS sent me a notice of their sale priced books.  I took advantage and cheaply added to my library of blatant apostasies.  Among the additions was a book they were selling READINGS FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF EARTH edited by Norman C. Habel.  It was Volume I of the EARTH BIBLE and was released in 2000.  It is part of the EARTH BIBLE PROJECT which among its six guiding principles such as "interconnectivity" calls for a suspicious reading of the Bible without regard to an apologetical perspective (i.e. belief that the Bible is true!).

Quoting from its website:

"Earth Liturgies
An important development of the total project is the development of Earth liturgies in variouscommunities around the world. Norman Habel, who has been involved in developing these liturgies, hasedited a collection entitled Seven Songs of Creation. This collection includes Earth liturgies, Earth Songs and related worship resources. This volume is being edited and will hopefully be released by Pilgrim Press mid 2003. One of these liturgies, 'The Song of Earth' was celebrated at Adelaide College of Divinity as part of the Adelaide Fringe festival.
The new Earth Songs emphasise not only the web of creation and the interconnectedness of nature, but also the need to respect Earth as sacred and listen to Earth as a living subject. One song was sung as a themesong at opening of the 2001 Asia Pacific Earth Charter Conference in Brisbane. The Earth Bible was also part of one of the workshop sessions.
A traditional hymn that devalues Earth commences, 'Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah, pilgrim through this barren land.' An Earth Bible re-write of verse one that song follows:
You who watch the highest heavens
Wond'ring where God's mansions are;
You who hope to spot an angel
Spinning like a falling star;
Earth is calling,
Earth is calling,
Come back home and rest in me,
Come back home and rest in me."

Well, one does not have to be a theological genius to make a very educated guess that the "angel Spinning like a falling star" is none other than Lucifer and that those looking for him should come back to Earth and rest in it!

This project which is ongoing and is an international coalition of the worst of the worst ranging from Jon Granberg-Michaelsen, Earth Charter, Matthew Fox, and beyond is one of the most blatant apostate bridges to the very Earth worship proscribed in Revelation 14 -- the complete opposite of "Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come -- worship God who created the heaven, the earth, the seas, and the fountains of waters."  This project blatantly calls for striking all scripture from our theological repertoires which does not lend itself to a strained interpretation of earth worship itself.

I have long suspected that the prophesied "image of the beast" is none other than worship of the Earth itself as a living entity.  This project has added much grist to that mill!

Join me tonight in half an hour at  I will be sharing its outrages on the air!

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Thursday, April 08, 2010


This one is especially disturbing to me.  It SHOULD BE to all the rest of you as well.  Because the selected victim THIS TIME is a Muslim, Anwar al-Awlaki, it probably won't be taken as seriously as it should.  Its constitutional and "due process" ramifications are overwhelming.  My understanding of the facts is that this Muslim cleric, believed to be hiding somewhere in Yemen is an American born citizen (New Mexico) of the United States.  He allegedly had email contact with Major Hasan, the army psychiatrist who mass murdered at an army base in Texas November 5, 2009.  There was also ALLEGED contact with the Nigerian young man involved in the Christmas day airplane incident occurring right here in my Detroit area,

I do not know if the cleric was implicated in any planning of these incidents.  I do not know if our government knows that for a FACT either.  For sure, there is obvious CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence.  But due process of law is designed to sort out truth from  false assumptions when used as courtroom evidence.  Giving an order to kill rather than take into custody and have a trial is extreme and one that could well to bite all of us, especially since "apocalyptic theologies" are being increasingly blamed for aberrational behaviors.

I remember well that one of the three aims announced on behalf of Javier Solana and his "Barcelona Process" the early morning of November 22, 1995, the date I first discovered him was "fight religious fundamentalism -- worldwide."  I also remember that a well defined strategy was to pit fundamentalists -- Jewish, Christian, Moslem -- off against each other, in the hopes that the remainder would be the "Phoenix to arise from the ashes."

I am especially smarting this week, realizing that the obvious reaction to Javier Solana's blatant flying of 666 symbolism combined with his overt declarations of war on 'religious fundamentalism' might lead some ragtag miilitia gangs to think him a logical suspect as a prophesied antichrist, if not the main man himself.  Since I was one of the very first to report on this, it is not a stretch to think I could be next on "shoot to kill" orders if somebody decided to blame the Hutaree militia of Michigan on Yours Truly.  If they had a connection with anybody, it was Mark Koernke, a person with whom I have been in violent disagreement over the years, but then again if there was an order to "shoot on sight," I wouldn't have a chance to tell my side of the story, would I?

Direct kill orders are a dangerous precedent.  They are no less dangerous because they are directed against Moslems -- THIS TIME!

Stay in prayer, stay calm, and stay tuned!


Thursday, April 01, 2010

Western European Union (WEU) and Javier Solana -- Who caused the alleged "confusion"?

update:  See Newsweek article

Germany has announced it has pulled out of the Western European Union (WEU) because NATO and the EU have "done its job."  The Western European Union itself announced it was going to dissolve -- effective in June, if possible.  France and the United Kingdom (Great Britain) have also confirmed the imminent dissolution of that 10 nation military federation.

This is not the first time I have heard this announcement.  Both Herb Peters and I heard it -- in November 1999.  That was when Javier Solana was handed control of the Western European Union, in addition to his EU CFSP portfolio -- under the guise that he would have it "for its last year of operation."  Six months after he was appointed to the job obviously written about his specifications by EU codified documents, "Section 666," he introduced equally infamous "Recommendation 666" into his Western European Union Assembly for them to recommend to the EU itself.

That year sure lasted a long time -- through 2009 and beyond!  It was in the WEU Assembly that Javier Solana introduced his infamous Recommendation 666 -- proposing emergency powers for himself in the event of an "Emergency" in that he would be able to convene the Council of Ministers of the European Union should what he deem an emergency occur.  No matter how deficient his religious education may have been, he should have seen the symbolism of that one would raise "apocalyptic suspicions" -- including among the Americans -- even including perhaps a raggedy gang of Michigan trailer residing militia types perhaps looking more like "the gang that couldn't shoot straight." 

I suggest that between the two, the incendiary language did not come from those who reported, but for those who waved the big expected 666 flags of Section 666 creating a coveted EU job and Recommendation 666 recommending boosting its powers.  Solana and confederates had only themselves to thank for that.  Not only Protestant Bible thumpers had that expectation -- so did Catholics who have an apocalyptic season of scripture readings every November and December of liturgical years and for that matter, watchers of the then popular Movie trilogy series -- THE OMEN.

What's going on here?  I don't know for sure, except to note that Google is still playing games with the number of hits on Solana and that I don't believe for even one minute that the EU/WEU thinks EU military is in the safe hands of Catherine Ashton and they need no further military.

Something's happening here!  In 60's parlance, "what it is ain't exactly clear."   I suspect that Javier Solana is far from out of the picture, but then again, if this is the time, if he is the person -- your guess is as good as mine, but  he has only himself to blame for arousing attention -- he certainly played the symbolic cards to full advantage, unless  he expects all the rest of us to have unlimited faith in "coincidence."

I for one, do not.  The use of the 666 symbolism was, to my mind, just as revealing as a swastika might have been.  I sincerely hope I am wrong.