Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas! Significant 2019 events

It's hard to believe that Christmas is almost here again -- it may be the age that I've attained makes time's passage seem more rapid, but it feels to me a little like "it can't be Christmas -- we just had Christmas", referring to last year's holidays.

It's been a different and maybe tumultuous year for me.  My husband had a fall and was hospitalized in May 2019.  While he was in the hospital, I had a fall and was taken to an emergency room at a different hospital.  Needless to say, both our doctors have cautioned us about the dangers of future falls.  I had eye issues, some of which have been ongoing for the past two years -- wet type macular degeneration for which I have had shots in the eyes during that period, the last being last Friday.  I had surgery for cataract removals on October 17th and October 31st.  The vision issues slowed down my writing contributions, but I have kept very current on research. 

We lost our long time research contributor Dorothy Margraf earlier this year.  Our "Rich of Medford" (Richard Peterson) just lost his father this weekend. ''

The New Agers have lost people as well.  Barbara Marx Hubbard and Ram Dass (Richard Alpert) are two major names now gone.  Ram Dass' death received heavy coverage in today's New York Times. 

I discovered in 2018 that I had received some unexpected publicity.  One United Kingdom internet source published an article "Plutarchy in the UK."  Therein, I received the surprising discovery that I was credited as being one of the sources of "conspiracy theories" that fueled Brexit.  It linked my name to an allegedly "Fascist" researcher that up till then, I was unaware of --  one Paul Joseph Watson.  The same source also claimed I had "coined the word 'Prison Planet' in my 1983 book, HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW.  Obviously the author of the Plutarchy article must not have read my book.  I did not use that phrase nor had I seen it used anywhere until I saw numerous Alex Jones articles.  I always assumed Alex Jones must have coined that word.

If there was any word I did personally coin, it was probably "New Ager."

Then, if that was not enough, I discovered that I was the villain of a historical novel by an Australian writer on the life of Alice Ann Bailey.  That book was "The Unlikely Occultist -- Alice Ann Bailey" and the author was one Isobel Blackthorn.  However, I forgave all when she wrote that my work was "foundational" and that basically I had slowed the New Age down for nearly 40 years!   One needs a sense of humor to survive!

The Vatican under the leadership of Pope Francis obviously tilted the former anti-New Age stance taken 1993 and thereafter by Pope John Paul II to one of pro-New Age, pro New World Order.  The syncretism that Pope Benedict XVI opposed became defined by Pope Francis as God intended.   Encouragingly, resistance developed.  One brave soul tossed the Pachamama idols in to the Tiber River.  A brave Catholic Bishop Schneider took a strong stand against the apostasy introduced by the Pope into a Vatican mass.  I suspect he is rather out of favor with the Vatican's present administration these days, but conservative Catholics love him.

The LGBTQ Movement became much more militant and "in your face."  All those subscribing to plain biblical readings on the subject are suddenly labeled as "hate-speechers".

Beyond LGBTQ, suddenly "gender assignment" wherein one suddenly renounce the gender with which he/she was born, announce a change and everybody is expected to bless is now heavily among us.

In short, in 2019, up became down, good became evil, evil became good, and the times -- they are looking to me as pre-Noahic, pre Sodom & Gomorrah, and the events that Jesus himself warned us would come before his return. 

Yes, the times are serious.  I suspect they are going to be much more so in 2020.  2020 still sounds like "science fiction" to me.  But then again, so does 1984.  No man knows the day nor the hour that our Lord will return, but when he returns, will he find us ready?

That is my Christmas prayer -- that we be ready!

 Stay tuned!


Thursday, November 07, 2019

What's been happening? Everything! I helped cause Brexit, "demonized Alice Bailey"?

Vision has been a serious issue with me lately.  For the duration I have given up all night driving.  Reading and even TV viewing were serious.  I had issues both with wet macular degeneration for which I have been receiving shots in the eyes for the past two years.  My retinal specialist approved cataract surgeries for which I had two in the past month, the last a week ago this morning.  That has slowed my writings and commentaries.  The cataract surgeries have helped and now one eye is fixed up with a contact implant for distance and the other for reading.  I'm seeing better right now than I have in a long time, but I'm still "not out of the woods" on the macular degeneration.  Pray for my eyes.  As God told Moses, "who made the mouth, I will be with thy mouth."  Moses still was not adequately reassured, so God told him, "very well, take Aaron as your spokesman."

Well, God made the eyes.  I'm praying he will stay with mine.

There have been so many critical developments on so many fronts, it is difficult to keep up.  My dear friend, Marie Fisher, of Spokane, Washington, has been watching developments on the Amazon Synod of the Vatican and informing me on same.  Rich Peterson (our "Rich of Medford") has also been keeping me informed.  The developments have been nothing short of revolting.  Most offensive was the Pachamama controversy.  Pachamama is the South American name for "Gaia."  It is a form of both idol and Earth worship -- a false god/goddess.

Courageous Catholics have been speaking out against it including but not limited to EWTN;a Raymond Arroyo, Archbishop Schneider,  and numerous others.  But, Pope Francis, has apologized for a courageous Catholic who threw the Pachamama statute in to the Tiber River and caused the placing of Pachamama relics on the Vatican's altar.

Now, on a personal front, I made interesting discoveries vis a vis my own work over the past 38 years since 1981 -- I, Constance Cumbey,  am allegedly partially responsible for Brexit??!!  That article, "Plutarchy in the UK" also made an audaciously incorrect statement that I, in Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, coined the phrase "Prison Planet."  Well, I may wish I had, but I did not.  To the best of my present knowledge, that term was coined by Alex Jones, to whom I have had no communication.

Part of the "Plutarchy in the UK" article.

Next, I learned I was the villain of a historical novel on the life of Alice Ann Bailey.  The book was written by an Australian occultist, a former teacher, who brags that she has earned a Ph.D. on the life of Alice Ann Bailey.  I alleged demonized poor Alice Bailey by making claims that she was possessed by the spirit of the Antichrist.  Author Isobel Blackthorn obviously believes that Alice Bailey's "Christ" who is clearly not Jesus, is the real Christ and Jesus was not.  That is the biblical definition of "Antichrist" (1 John 2:22), but Isobel Blackthorn says I should be discounted because I am seeing through an "evangelical perspective."  I submit that Alice Bailey, in making a decision to link with Theosophists and their magazine Lucifer, in founding her own publishing enterprise as "Lucifer Publishing Company," and in energetically writing about "The Reappearance of the Christ" (her 1947 book) did an excellent job without my help of demonizing herself.

Well, I've got broad shoulders.  Maybe I should be complimented by the fact that disapproving Isobel Blackthorn complains that my work has lasted for nearly 40 years, has a strong internet presence, and "is foundational."

Well, I've better follow my doctors' admonition not to overstrain my eyes, so I'll sign out for now.

Stay tuned!


Monday, October 21, 2019

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

In Memoriam: Dorothy Margraf - New Age Researcher, par excellence

This morning I was awakened by a call from Richard Peterson (our "Rich of Medford") with the very sad message that my long time friend and research associate, Dorothy Margraf had died.  Those of you who have followed this blogspot for a long time know that Dorothy was active here as well as maintaining a very informational Facebook page.  You probably know that with Dorothy and I both being very human, we sometimes had our differences.  Nevertheless, Dorothy's contributions to the body of knowledge on the ramifications of the New Age Movement were significant and solid.  Dorothy was a gifted researcher and writer.  She did much to alert the Jewish community to the now not so hidden dangers of the New Age Movement.

She leaves her sons Victor and Mike behind.  My condolences to them and they should justifiably celebrate the life of their mother.  She was a great lady!

With sadness for her departure,

Friday, July 26, 2019

Of John E. Fetzer, the Fetzer Foundation, Fetzer Institute, and its vision for our collective future

When I discovered the existence of the New Age Movement, strangely, the lady I extracted the phrase "New Age Movement" from (Phyllis Warren) did speak to me of events taking place in my home town of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  One year later, on March 10, 1982, the day of the New Agers' long awaited "Syzygy". I read in a Detroit Free Press article of a John Davis giving a talk that same day on "the three stages of the Christ's Reappearance."  It was in 1988 that Marilyn Ferguson went out of her way to make an unexpected telephone call to me that she was attending a large world-level event in Kalamazoo, Michigan, held by a "Fetzer Foundation."   Newspaper articles I then read contemporaneous with that event told of many notables in attendance including the widow of assassinated Egyptian Prime Minister Anwar Sadat, Robert Muller of UNESCO, Laurence Rockefeller, and many others.

What I did not know until the past seven months, starting on December 30, 2018, the day the Detroit Free Press ran a full two and a half page story on former Detroit Tiger owner John E. Fetzer was that a very major center of New Age activity had been centered not so much in California or London, but in Kalamazoo, Michigan -- 125 miles from me as the crow flies.

What I also did not know was that John E. Fetzer had financed much of the New Age activity I had been witnessing.  I certainly did not know then that John E. Fetzer had graduated from Emmanuel Missionary College in Berrien Springs, Michigan as the class valedictorian.  Ironically, he had given his valedictory speech on his chosen topic of "Faith of Our Fathers."  It was a faith from which he shortly after radically departed.  Ironically, it was the same faith as in which I was raised in my formative years -- the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

It appears to me, sadly, that John Fetzer tossed out his Bible and replaced it with his new chosen Bible -- first Tesla (with his fascination for technology of radio waves and beyond) and then later with such New Age sources as "The Book of Urantia" (said by some of the Fetzer Institute website sources to have possibly been written by one Kellogg (also a former Seventh Day Adventist).  Fetzer was later to put faith in The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ.  He also became a true devotee of Alice Ann Bailey and had his close associates recite her channeled "Great Invocation" at his Monday Night meetings that are detailed in Brian C. Wilson's John E. Fetzer and the Quest for the New Age as well as the numerous original sources that Brian C. Wilson used.  Those sources were obtainable and downloaded by me from the Fetzer Institute's website.

It also became obvious to me that there had to have been Evangelical "cult expert" sources who were aware of these Fetzer connections back in 1982.  They tried frantically to stop my work against the New Age Movement.  I now know, for example, that Richard Halverson, president of International Christian Leadership had his personal file on the "Institute of Noetice Sciences," furnished him by his good friends, Paul and Diane Temple.  Paul N. Temple was the co-founder and CEO of the Institute of Noetic Sciences.  During this very time, John E. Fetzer was on the Board of Directors of IONS (Institue of Noetic Sciences).

It is now my educated guess that the very sophisticated video equipment I witnessed filming Benjamin Creme's lecture in Detroit on November 4, 1981, most likely was furnished by Mr. Fetzer.  He owned a large network of radio and television stations as well as the Detroit Tigers.  The video was never circulated.   Extremely professional bright sodium lighting was employed that night.  I suspect I might have personally ruined that video for them.  At the end of the evening, everybody was to recite "The Great Invocation."  After that, Benjamin Creme was to deliver a message directly channeled through him by "Maitreya the Christ."

Benjamin Creme requested those present to gather closely together for that recitation.   A very prim and proper well-dressed black lady who looked like she could have been active and a pillar of the church in any local Baptist church sat next to me.  I said to her as gently as I could, "I hope it doesn't offend you, but I will not say the Great Invocation with you.  I will say my own prayer."  She responded, "no, Honey, that's alright."  I said, "the reason I will not say the Great Invocation is that the Bible very clearly said that the antichrist would declare that Jesus was not the Christ.   Benjamin Creme has said all evening that Jesus is not the Christ -- but Maitreya is."  The woman parroted back what Benjamin Creme had said all evening:  "there's been many Christs."  I said to her, "there's been only one and HIS NAME IS JESUS."  From a few rows around, people were looking at me as if I were from outer space."  Friends who came with me were cowering back, afraid I would be ripped limb from limb.

Benjamin Creme re-entered after that intermission and again tu rned  his head as close to a full spin of the head as I have ever witnessed.  Then he and the audience started chanting:  "From the point of light within the Mind of God, May light stream forth  . . .

Simultaneous with that, I went nice and loud (the acoustics were wonderful!) "Our Father, who art in Heaven -- Hallowed be THY NAME."  I did that every stanza as they recited it.  Finally they came to the culmination of their "Great Invocation":  "May light and love and power restore the plan on earth and may it seal the door where evil dwells (sort of New Age talk for getting rid of us monotheistic dissidents).  Again, I went nice and loud:  "MAY JESUS CHRIST RETURN TO EARTH AND END THE EVIL PRESENT IN THIS ROOM TONIGHT."

Well, the funniest thing happened, or may I say  it didn't happen.  The audience was expectantly waiting from the transmission from "Maitreya."  Benjamin Creme waited, waited, and waited.  Finally, he said to the audience, that will be all, you are dismissed."

I note for the record that if Benjamin Creme had been making things up, he could have said anything.  He was honestly waiting for whatever spirit possessing him to take over.  It appears plainly that Maitreya could not come out and play at the Unity Center for Holistic Living on November 4, 1981,

I have now learned from my extensive downloading and reading of the Fetzer archives that John E. Fetzer suffered a great disappointment when the Creme promised "Day of Declaration" of May 20, 1982, did not occur.  The worldwide newspaper ads of which I suspect Fetzer had been a primary donor ran on April 25, 1982.  On April 25, 1982, Fetzer's chosen psychic, channeler, Jim Gordon, sent John E. Fetzer a letter of congratulations.  Earlier on March 10, 1982, Gordon had told Fetzer that the new cycle, including the Bailey prophesied "cleansing action" was beginning.

Benjamin Creme concocted a story that I never believed, mainly because he did not come up with it until five days after he and I had a serious debate over local WRIF Detroit rock station, Sunday night interview.  The New Agers had the confidence that Alice Bailey books had given them that no significant opposition could develop.  It developed and suddenly they were on the run.  It is now clear to me from reading the Fetzer archives that John Fetzer was in some respects in May 1982 like the original 1844 Adventists who sat on the mountain expecting the immediate Second Coming that William Miller had told them would happen on a specific date.  It was a huge disappointment to them.  May 20, 1982 was a similar huge disappointment for John E. Fetzer.

Fetzer sold his network of radio and television stations and then the Detroit Tigers so he could follow the channeled messages from Jim Gordon and the demons possessing Gordon to establish the Fetzer Institute so the New Age Movement could continue after the 1982 disappointment.   I have also now read in those Fetzer archives that they are now confident that they will now succeed whereas in 1982 they failed -- because now a majority hold New Age beliefs.

Time and events will tell, but I think it would be good for the souls of those at the Fetzer Institute who think they are duty bound to implement John E. Fetzer's vision for the New Age to realize that perhaps if John E. Fetzer could come back and talk to them, he would now beg them to cease and desist, much as Jesus warned in the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus.

My first feelings towards John E. Fetzer were of anger.  However, the more I have listened to the Fetzer archive tapes of conversations between him and Jim Gordon, I am realizing I was listening to a thoroughly hypnotized or brain-washed gullible man who was almost child-like in his belief in reincarnation, "the Ascended Masters," and a "New Gospel for the New Age."  He was, bluntly and tragically, deceived.

I would charitably tell the Fetzer friends and crew left behind:  Carolyn Dailey, Attorney Mike Gergely, Bruce Fetzer and the rest of the associates and staff is that "you don't have to go through with this.  To do so, could literally cost you your eternal soul!   The eternal consequences for those worshiping the Beast and his image were clearly spelled out in Scripture 2,000 years ago.  I submit that should have much more credibility than any "Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ" and the Alice Bailey writings.

May the Lord keep us all free from New Age temptation and deliver us from New Age evil.


Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Breaking News from European Union - Josep Borrell to implement Solana's CFSP Vision

This just in - July 2, 2019:  The powers that be in the European Union, after days of wrangling have elected new officials for the European Union.  The most significant one is that of Josep Borrell, a Spanish Socialist to the position of "High Representative for the Common Foreign and SECURITY Policy".  I have capitalized "Security" because that is where the burgeoning power of the now developing combined military forces of the European Union will lie.  It is proclaimed in the early news releases that he will have "Solana's testimony" (Spanish:  testigo de Solana).
Initial internet coverage of Borrell EU - PESC position.

The coverage of Borrell's appointment is that basically the true post has been empty since Javier Solana "retired".  Basically, Catherine Ashton (2010 to 2015) and Federica Mogherini (2016 to 2020) were placeholders.  I have made no secret of the fact that I consider Federica Mogherini to be a very decent, hardworking and talented lady.  It was Federica Mogherini and then Prime Minister of Italy Renzi who during her pre EU post as Foreign Minister of Italy worked so hard to secure the release of persecuted and about to be executed Miriam Ibrahim.  Ibrahim was a Somali woman sentenced to death for becoming a Christian and marrying a Christian man.

Recalling my many years of ongoing research on Solana, I recall various statements he made over the years.  While still at NATO, he told gathered European officals that "the plan was to use NATO assets with European control of those assets."

There is little love lost in the European Union these days for the United States, particularly as headed by President Donald Trump.  What comes to mind is a Revelation prophecy that may or not be applicable here, but it bears watching.   It was 10 kings who came together "for one hour" (a short period of time in Biblical terminology and handed their power to the beast.   It had been prophesied in Daniel that the 10 toes of the image King Nebuchadnezzar were "mixed iron and clay" and "would not cleave together."  The Revelation prophecy was that at some point ten kings would hand their power to one man and "thus fulfill the words of the prophecy."  He would enjoy a reign of 1260 days (3.5 years).  He would pull up three of the 10 countries by their roots.

It seems obvious to me from the context of that prophecy that these "kings"/rulers would hand their sovereignty over to one man as a power to equalize themselves with another power.  What has been expressed often in recent history is their need to equalize themselves with the USA.

If Borrell is indeed taking Solana's testimony, it appears to me very plausible that he will most likely faithfully execute same.  Solana's theme song for a long period of time is that sovereignty must be surrendered -- not just European wise, but globally in the interests of "global governance."

When Solana was first picked as High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy of Europe in 1999, he was jokingly referred to as "Senor PESC".  That was made more real when he was handed the Western European Union, a military federation of 10 nations, in November 1999.  Supposedly that was to be only for a one year period while it was being "shut down."  That year sure lasted a long time -- the WEU continued through 2010!

I believe this requires prayerful watching.

Stay tuned!   Refresh your browser frequently on this as I will be adding links as this progresses.  I felt important that you have the current news without "the perfect destroying the good."


P.S.  "Breaking news" over at EUProphecynews.com and its twitter spot.  David Wilkinson maintains that very excellent site and he reported the following.  If this is true, vis a vis, Solana, I'm even more skeptical about the "retirement."  Josep Borrell was, per Wikipedia, divorced and remarried very recently in 2018.   He indeed may not be crazy about so much required travel.
"BREAKING: Spain gets EU high representative. Borrell has repeatedly denied wanting the job. Too much travel. May stay on as Spain's foreign minister. If he declines, Spain's PM may call Solana. Like Borrell, he is pro-Europe old guard socialist in his 70's. Blog post forthcoming."

Monday, May 06, 2019

John E. Fetzer and Constance Cumbey - - Fighting either for or against the “New Age”

Personal Update:  My husband has been hospitalized since Saturday night.  His blood sugar had dropped to a dangerous level.  Please pray for our family!  Barry has been a rock to me during the 38 years of my labor and research!  Thank you!

UPDATE:  Barry was discharged from the hospital after 4 nights there.  He came home late Wednesday night.  He is doing much better and thanks you for your prayers!



John E. Fetzer and Constance Cumbey - - Fighting either for or against the “New Age”:  Two former Seventh Day Adventists originally from the Fort Wayne, Indiana area – very, very different paths!

The immense ironies have not escaped me.  One of the greatest perpetrators of the New Age Movement came from the same corner of Indiana where I was born and raised, although he arrived much earlier than myself (1909 vs. 1944).  That was John E. Fetzer.   One sounding the major warnings against the New Age Movement, myself, also came from that same corner of Indiana.  John Fetzer was born in Decatur, Indiana.  I was born in very nearby Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Ironically,  for formative years of our respective lives, we were both once Seventh Day Adventists.  Out of curiosity, I searched online for mentions of our respective selves in SDA archives.  The following is from the James White Library of Andrews University, the flagship Seventh Day Adventist university located in Berrien Springs, Michigan.  Mr. Fetzer (1909-1991 and myself (1944 - present) took very, very different paths.  Ironically, I only learned of Fetzer’s Seventh Day Adventist background after reading a by now well publicized book by Brian C. Wilson, a professor of Comparative Religions at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Kalamazoo, Michigan is where John E. Fetzer was headquartered for many years and where he built his business empire worth hundreds of millions of dollars.  Kalamazoo
is the home of the Fetzer Institute recipient of the huge fortune left by Mr. Fetzer on his death in Hawaii in 1991.   Mr. Fetzer left his immensely large fortune to propagate and propagandize the New Age Movement.

Ironically, all I knew of Fetzer until 1988, the year Marilyn Ferguson called me to brag that she was enroute to his very large New Age conference was that he (Fetzer) was a long time Detroit Tigers baseball team owner.  Marilyn Ferguson called  me with a nearly bragging, "ha ha" voice to say she was enroute there and so were many others.  This was his "Healing the Whole World" Conference John Fetzer held in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Prominent figures from around the globe -- New Age and globalist elites were to be in attendance.  Indeed they were.  They included such New Age luinaries as Marilyn Ferguson, Maurice Strong, Robert Muller (the UN Muller, not the famous Special Prosecutor),

Marilyn Ferguson and I were rivals -- literally competing for souls.  She for the New Age Movement, myself against same.  I met her personally on a few occasions and was even in her home on 3 different occasions at her her invitation and urging .  The New Agers were anxious to check me out, but considered me a very real threat.   I know Marilyn Ferguson was a dedicated New Ager for most of her adult life.  I personally overheard her very worried mother who happened to be in her house one of the two different days I was there plead with her daughter Marilyn to go back to Jesus.  Over the years I had several encounters with Marilyn Ferguson, including but not limited to a live television debate against her on an Marilyn Ferguson and I met on several occasions.  She sent my publisher, Huntington House a threatening letter.  When that moved neither them nor myself, she next sent me a letter somewhat more conciliatory.  We had breakfast in a Windsor Ontario Restaurant in 1982.  In 1984 I was surprised to be called by her secretary and invited to come to her home in Los Angeles, California for the first New Age “World War IV” party.

I said I would let them know.  I called Bill Keith, president of Huntington House,  my publisher and told him of the sudden invitation for an event only two days away.  Richard Trosclair, his partner, called they called me back saying it was very important I be there.  They would make the arrangements for the flight.  I called a fellow researcher, Sylvia Beadleston McKevey in San Jose who agreed to fly up to Los Angeles and join us.  We both stayed with another researcher friend Betty Irwin in the Los Angeles Palos Verdes area.  On Sunday afternoon we three made our way to Marilyn Ferguson’s home at the top of Mt. Washington in L.A   The New Agers were obviously curious to look me over.  It was quite a disparate collection of backyard with name-tag attendees.  Indeed, Timothy Leary was one of those present in her backyard party.

I was at her home on two future occasions -- one was in early October 1987, right after a major earthquake in the LA area.  There I met her mother, justifiably worried about Marilyn being involved in a movement denying Jesus, and I met her husband and children along with the family parrot.  The next time I had a live encounter with Marilyn Ferguson was in the early Spring months of 1988.  An Indianapolis TV station producer called to ask me to debate her on a live television program.  Apart from that, we had many long telephone conversations from time to time over the years.  All calls were initiated and placed by her.  Motives are some times difficult to gauge, but I suspect she respected me.  I also assume she was calling to try to find out how much I knew.  Certainly, she learned that I knew plenty.  Most certainly she could never say she was not fully and politely warned.  Marilyn Ferguson could be a very likeable and personable individual.  I’ve prayed that when she died on October 8, 2008 in Banning, California at only age 70, that maybe she better late than never had accepted her worried mother’s warning -- one that I personally heard her give in October 1987.

As to John E. Fetzer, I learned from Dr. Wilson’s book that he graduated as valedictorian from Emmanuel Missionary College in Berrien Springs, Michigan.  While in attendance there he organized and ran its first radio station.  That station he later purchased and relocated it to Kalamazoo, Michigan changing it from its religious format to a more secular one.

I am suspecting that John Fetzer may have known much more about me than I did about him, most likely starting in the year 1982, the year my work detailing the hidden dangers of the New Age Movement went very public.  Now that I've delved into online historical documents of the Fetzer Institute, the John E. Fetzer Memorial Trust, and the Franklin Fetzer Fund, I'm even more convinced of that.  I'm further suspecting that John Fetzer may have been a major contributor to the travel and advertising costs of Tara Center, including funding the worldwide Newspaper ads that ran on April 25, 1982.

I faced tremendous challenges and foes in outlining the horrifying plans that New Age activists were not afraid to put in print.  They were riding high in 1982.  Between 1975 and 1982 and for many years thereafter, another personality, Benjamin Creme, an Englishman of what he claimed was Jewish and Scottish descent toured the world in style proclaiming first that a new “Christ” was coming and after July 19, 1977, he was here. 

I am now suspecting that John Fetzer was a major contributor to what had to be the enormous travel bills for Benjamin Creme and his claimed messianic cause.  I now know from books publicly placed on the market and documents available online from the Fetzer Institute of Kalamazoo, Michigan, that former Seventh Day Adventist long since turned to New Age spiritualism and beyond studied and read Creme along with his nephew, Bruce Fetzer, also from a Christian heritage.

John Fetzer was one of America’s wealthiest men.  Childless from his marriage to another Seventh Day Adventist, Rhea, he left his entire vast fortune to be used for propagating New Age beliefs and their goals of a New World Order, a New World Religion, and to secure acceptance for a new “messiah” they freely admitted was not Jesus.

The irony also has not escaped me that Fetzer also might have been a large factor in the treatment I received from those in the Evangelical community trying so hard to persuade the Christian world first that there was no New Age Movement.  When that effort failed, there were major attempts to redefine it -- denying both its obvious Luciferic and political aspects.  The effort was to tell Christians that it was not a threat to Christianity and the other monotheistic religions of the world, Jews and Moslems included.

If you have not already read my now several years old articles on the internet about “The Hijacking of Evangelicalism”, you might want to now retrieve and read them.  If you have already read them, you will want to review them.   I am about to update them with information I have gained on Fetzer’s possible role in that process -- in his close personal relationship with Paul N. Temple and Temple’s Institute of Noetic Sciences.

It is now my growing suspicion that Fetzer may have even paid a substantial portion of the cost of producing the world-wide newspaper ads ran in a half million dollar campaign.  I am also suspecting he had helped to pay Benjamin Creme's obviously heavy travel expenses.  Those ads ran in upwards of 20 major papers on April 25, 1982.  They proclaimed that their new “Christ” would be introduced to the world within two months.  They firmly believed they would do so. 

It is my belief that with the help of God, we took them and that campaign by surprise and they have been delayed for upwards of 37 ears -- between 1982 and 2019. 

It is further my belief that they are now on the march and sanctifying the New Age belief system complete with Alice Bailey (Lucifer Publishing Company, Lucis Trust) via attempting to confer public sainthood on John E. Fetzer and his “spiritual” work.

Where have the Seventh Day Adventists been on this?

I did a little digging on the internet tonight.  I also found this quote from a Kalamazoo site:

Fetzer Institute

But most of the money went to the John E. Fetzer Foundation, which he established in 1962. Called the Fetzer Institute today, it sponsors research into what Fetzer called the connections between body, mind and spirit - another interest of his from his youth. In August of 1987, Fetzer moved his foundation and its staff of nearly 30 to new headquarters overlooking Dustin Lake on West KL Avenue in Oshtemo Township. The structure is an equilateral triangle shape representing the three connections he believed in. His interest in parapsychology and spirituality began at an early age, and he claimed to have had several spiritual experiences that influenced his later life. While spending a year bedridden with complications of influenza, he made this commitment, "If I am permitted to live, I will devote my life to the spiritual work of the Creator." For the next 73 years he did. . . .[1]
Well, as I read the texts that John Fetzer and I were both raised with, he was doing mirror image opposite work to that of the Creator.  More accurately, he was following every biblically forbidden spiritual practice as well as the “Thou Shalt have no other gods before me” from the 10 Commandments.  What led him that way?  Was it an excuse to him that his mother once confessed to having visited a fortune teller?  Ironically, my own mother once confessed that to me.  There was a time in her post Seventh Day Adventist years that I was dismayed to find her with a Ouija board.  These were religious practices condemned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  They were also clearly condemned by Scriptures. 
Is there Seventh Day Adventist fault in these deviations from the faith?  Maybe.  I’m reading into the Fetzer experience as outlined by biographer Brian C. Wilson that Fetzer equated some of his own “spiritualism” to Ellen G. White, the prophetess of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.
Maybe there was far too much emphasis in the Seventh Day Adventist Church on the writings and “visions” of Ellen G. White and too little on the plain wording of Scripture.  I am thinking that I remember little emphasis on Deuteronomy 18 that contained an explicit list of spiritual practices forbidden to the Israelites as they entered the land that the Lord took from others for pursuing those practices.  Here is the express language taken from the King James version of the bible.  It reads just about the same way in every other version:
When thou art come into the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations.  There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.
For all that do these things are an abomination unto the Lord : and because of these abominations the Lord thy God doth drive them out from before thee.
Thou shalt be perfect with the Lord thy God.
For these nations, which thou shalt possess, hearkened unto observers of times, and unto diviners : but as for thee, the Lord thy God hath not suffered thee so to do.
The Seventh Day Adventists also, following the teachings of Ellen G. White, characterized many of the Gnostics as the true Christians -- the “true church” that went underground for a period of 1,260 years.  I heard this teaching many, many times during my youthful years in the Fort Wayne, Indiana Seventh Day Adventist Church.  Thankfully, we also sang “give me the Bible, holy message shining.”  Fortunately for me, that part stuck.  There were others, like David Koresh, John Fetzer, and others now deeply ensconced in the occult who interpreted things very differently or in the characterizing the Roman Catholic Church as the Beast of Revelation, missed other scriptural indicators of what the real beast would eventually bring forth -- as foretold in Revelation Chapter 9, the rise of the occult.  Another sad indicator of that was a site for a former Seventh Day Adventist I found on the internet.  She had formed her own church devoted to radical feminism, goddess(es) and all.  She calls herself “Katia” and is now openly into all forms of the occult, radical feminism, Eckart Tolle.  Here is something she wrote:
I went to Seventh Day Adventist schools and boarding schools during all my childhood and teen years. They teach a love for the Cathars big time. Our elementary school teachers made us read stories and color pictures of Waldensian and Albigensian children walking perilous mountain cliffs, hiding from the Inquisition on pain of death, carefully writing out copies of the Bible.
I left the Adventist church as a young adult because they don’t acknowledge the Divine Feminine, but I still have a friendly attitude toward some of their doctrine. I have been studying the Gnostic Cathars more in depth than usual lately and found some old notes I made last year. I realized the Adventists have a lot in common with the Cathars — who were called Waldensians and Albigensians in their day, only the Roman Catholic Church called them Cathars, originally a derogatory term meaning “purists” or “pure ones.”
Here is what I jotted down last year when I realized the uncanny similarity between the SDA’s and Cathars / Waldensians / Albigensians. The SDA founder, Ellen G. White, visited the Cathar / Waldensian valleys area in Europe (Italy and France border area) twice in 1885 to 1887 while she was in Europe. Chapter 4 of her famous book, The Great Controversy, is about these cool heretics. Adventists really really honor heretics!, good for them.[2]
Here’s what she is doing today, per her blogspot/website:

Author: Katia

Katia is a consecrated independent sacramental bishop. She directs the online Esoteric Mystery School and Interfaith Theological Seminary. Check it out at NorthernWay.org.
 TO BE CONTINUED.  Paul Walter has copies of Hidden Dangers available on his website.  Alternatively, you may download a free electronic .pdf version from Archives.org.


[1] http://www.kpl.gov/local-history/biographies/john-fetzer.aspx.  This is the website for the Kalamazoo Public Library.
[2] https://www.northernway.org/weblog/?p=45 or tinyurl https://tinyurl.com/y5gnuff9.  The blogger calls herself “Katia” and she is obviously well-versed in SDA theology and teachings as well as her unfortunate and obvious involvement in the occult, sanctified in her mind by its equation to her own belief set.  Her article goes on to discuss other parallels.  I looked up Ellen G. White’s own comments in my copy of “The Great Controversy” and did note that she had indicated that those fleeing had been subject to some degree to pagan influences.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The death of Barbara Marx Hubbard - Guest article by Richard Peterson ("Rich of Medford")

Last month New Age visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard died. She was commonly called the “mother of conscious evolution” by the other New Age visionaries. Hubbard became an advocate for the New Age after having a mystical experience where she found herself outside of her body in outer space looking upon the earth. She described that experience as having seen Earth’s spinal cord.  Hubbard claims to have witnessed this central nervous system emitting impulses which served to connect together a collective consciousness for common humanity; a new species for a new civilization. Hubbard’s vision included a spiral having a triple six running right through it.

The basis of Hubbard’s writings was from works she channeled called The Book of Co-Creation, an Evolutionary Interpretation of the New Testament. Those writings may more accurately be described as a revolutionary interpretation as she writes of a plan for genocide.  According to Hubbard, one-half of the earth’s population – those who do not adhere to the New Age mindset – must be eliminated before the New Age can materialize. Hubbard’s road to enlightenment sets people on a path towards the acceptance of a new world religion and a New Age Christ.  That christ is not Jesus.
Hubbard clashed with the Vatican’s doctrine of faith when the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) scheduled her as the keynote speaker which organizers later explained was to teach tolerance to participants. Cardinal Muller’s doctrinal assessment was spot on as he pointed out Hubbard’s vision is nothing new but rooted in the ancient mystery religions. In ancient times Hubbard would have been called a prophet of Baal. Per Cardinal Muller:
The "fundamental theses of conscious evolution are opposed to Christian revelation and, when taken unreflectively, lead almost necessarily to fundamental errors regarding the omnipotence of God, the incarnation of Christ, the reality of original sin, the necessity of salvation and the definitive nature of the salvific action of Christ in the paschal mystery. . . I do not think I overstate the point when I say that the futuristic ideas advanced by the proponents of Conscious Evolution are not actually new.”
As Hubbard is now gone her work will continue to be advanced through multiple political constituencies. Conscious evolution permeates through the workings of the New Age Evolutionary Leadership Network visible in the writings of Neale Donald Walsch, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, et. al. The doctrine also has been accepted by much of the evangelical right via Hubbard’s longtime friend Paul Temple affiliated with the Washington Fellowship Foundation  and the Institute of Noetic Sciences.
Hubbard’s death is disturbing for multiple reasons.  I sincerely hope she experienced a last-minute conversion. The book of Revelation contains a very specific warning for anyone who would add or take away from the words therein for all the plagues contained in the book would be added unto them. Hubbard Book of Co-Creation most definitely added to those words. But it is what it is.  I know for certain two women at different times had given Hubbard fair warnings.

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Guest Article by Richard Peterson ("Rich of Medford") - NATO'S UNCERTAIN FUTURE

To all: I have invited Richard to share some of the research that we have been discussing the past few years on NATO, the European army and where it is heading. In the meantime, I am sharing with you something here that I found in my personal library about where I have long suspected the "New Age" and related developments are headed, inter alia, Earth worship. Lurking in my library was this 1994 HarperCollins SanFrancisco book CYBERIA by Douglas Rushkoff. On page 5, I found the following material of relevance and interest.

I have long suspected that the prophesied "worship of the Beast and his Image" could include as a necessary component worship of the Earth itself. Here is earlier New Age material reflecting that New Age predecessors of the younger ones here now were headed very intentionally just that way. From Douglas Rushkoff's 1994 CYBERIA (HarperCollins 1994, page 5):

Cyberians interpret the development of the datasphere as the hardwiring of a global brain. This is to be the final stage in the development of "Gaia," the living being that is the Earth, for which humans serve as the neurons. As computer programmers and psychedelic warriors together realize that "all is one," a common belief emerges that the evolution of humanity has been a willful progression
toward the construction of Cyberia, the next dimensional
home for consciousness.

Now for Richard's very excellent contribution:

NATO’s Uncertain Future

This past week the NATO alliance observed its 70th anniversary. Reportedly attendance was downgraded from heads of state to that of foreign ministers as the EU and US continue to clash over the alliance’s direction. Europe places blame entirely upon President Trump’s “bull in the china shop” demeanor as European leadership questions the United States’ commitment to the continent’s security.

While it is true the president’s language is often antagonistic towards our NATO allies many of these current tensions long predate this Administration. Most notably the Clinton Administration wrestled with Europe’s development of strategic autonomy early in Y2K as the ten-nation military alliance of the Western European Union (WEU) developed Europe’s security policy, a framework which would later be transferred to the Union. Today’s EU leaders, in particular France’s Macron and Germany’s Merkel, have widened the rift with renewed calls for the “emancipation” of Europe from the United States. US foreign policy concerns remains consistent that European strategic autonomy would most likely result in the alienation of the US, a concern recognized by NATO during the development of EU security policy.

“The Leaders of European integration – France and Germany – already do not exclude now the possibility of creation in the nearest future on the EU basis a real confederation – a sort of the United States of Europe. Besides the EU has a definite basis for that in the form of Common legislative and executive authorities (Europarlament, Eurocouncil and Eurocommission). And since 1999 Customs and Currency unions were added by common currency-euro and the decision to form European quick reaction force, autonomous from NATO. All these events make such “dreams” a reality.”

“The Americans as a whole refuse to take Europe as a collective member of NATO though the Europeans argue that they have parliament, common currency and will have their own Armed Forces and so on – why not the only US partner united by common principles of administrations. But in future the Americans would have to take this into consideration. The United Europe with its own armed forces would turn some times into an independent center of force not dependent on the US dictate. And this in its turn will bring to the weakening of NATO and even to the alliance’s disunity. Then the USA could lose control over Europe.”

Now nearly 20 years later political voices are calling for the European Union’s collective membership in NATO. Bulgarian journalist Ivan Dikov echoes his country’s calls for such membership. Brookings Institute proposes America recognize its diminished influence over Europe.

“Americans who are truly committed to the idea of a Europe “whole and free” should realize that NATO is no longer the main spinal cord of the European project; the European Union is.”

The Brookings piece mentions the European offense taken with Trump’s statement related to the erosion of national sovereignties:

“nothing can replace the nation-state as a guarantor of democratic freedoms and national interests”.

They apparently see this as an attack upon multilateralism; that it is an “indictment of the EU’s very existence”. And it is true, each EU member state is required to yield its sovereignty which, consequently, has resulted in complaints of a democratic deficit which exists within the Union. Such criticisms are reckoned to be Euroscepticism and nationalism, both threats to the Union. Through regional integrations Europe envisions its model to be adopted globally. As the UK is well aware, once the ink dries such entanglements are virtually impossible to unravel.

The purpose of European integration was to end bloody conflict which had plagued the continent and twice drawn the world into war. The experiment is still relatively young, yet Europe anticipates it will globally govern the emerging geopolitical order; one of realigned trade blocs. Significant warning signals exist which suggest Europe may not have abandoned its habitual past. To name a few:

• The EU’s power lies primarily in the Lisbon Treaty a military constitution.
• The EU parliament’s role is primarily consultative. It is the only parliament in the world which cannot introduce legislation.
• Member states through the enhanced co-operation mechanism may form Core Defence Groups and conduct missions which cannot be vetoed by other member states which choose not to participate in said military expedition.
• The unusual concentration of power (especially military) given the High Representative.
• The parliament has no authority over military matters.

The EU recognizes it has become an economic and, soon to be, military superpower. The Union as a “power multiplier”, in 2017, activated the Lisbon Treaty’s Permanent Structured Co-operation (PESCO) instrument thus beginning the consolidation process of member states’ military assets. Critics scoff at the prospect of a militarized EU. They do so at their own peril. The EU states’ combined militaries make the bloc the second largest military in the world next to China’s. EU military strategists argue Europe doesn’t lack capabilities; it is the lack of political will which has subdued the realization of a common military. But times are changing.

President Trump is not the only bull in the china shop. French President Macron is one of the most vocal advocates of the European common military asserting it may be necessary to combat hostile powers such as the United States and China. Macron says this notwithstanding Europe’s future reliance upon NATO as an equalizing balance against China. The EU-China relationship also serves as a means of equalization against the United States.

Prior US Administrations have cautiously courted the European Security and Defence Policy. Secretary of State Madeline Albright instructed the Europeans that continued alliance with the United States was contingent upon European security policy adhering to these specific rules, i.e., the three Ds:

1) No De-linking or decoupling (separable but not separate).
2) No Discrimination against NATO countries who are not EU members.
3) No Duplication.

In return the United States agreed to the Berlin-Plus arrangements: the release of NATO assets to Europe should they engage in a military mission of which other allied powers shared no strategic interest. European strategic autonomy became such a sore spot that US Defence Secretary Cohen threatened the obsolescence of NATO should Europe continue to disregard any of the three D rules.

Perhaps German Defense Minister Ursula Von Der Leyen prophetically spoke of NATO’s future as she said European nations have their own security priorities best served by PESCO.

As PESCO strengthens and as the United States retreats from the world stage, I expect we shall see an emboldened European Union compete for NATO’s control. As our late friend Herb Peters used to say…stay tuned.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Cardinal Godfried Danneels, a key backer of Bergoglio (Pope Francis) has died 03-15-2019

Today, it was announced that Cardinal Godfried Danneels died.  His life was not without controversy and his position on the New Age Movement was literally and figuratively "all over the map."  He was quoted in A CHURCH IN SEARCH OF ITSELF as saying his theology changed daily. Catholic anti-New Age activist and author Donna Steichen once sent me a copy of a well written book published under his name, Christ or Aquarius:  Exploring the New Age Movement.  That book is lurking somewhere within my large personal library.  I'm still searching and at times, it seems like looking for a needle in a haystack.  That book was released in 1992.  After that, however, Danneels, the former president of Pax Christi, which under the American leadership of Detroit Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, had taken some noticeably New Age turns. 

Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) had taken strong stands against the New Age Movement as had former Pope John Paul II.  I rather suspect that if Danneels daily changing theology was still anti-New Age, he might not have been so militantly opposed to Pope Benedict XVI.  Danneels proudly proclaimed himself part of a "mafia" that was determined to advance the Catholic Church 200 years in the future.  Towards that end, he enthusiastically supported Pope Francis (former Cardinal Bergoglia of Argentina).  Pope Francis, to my observation, does not appear in the least to be anti-New Age.

Where did Cardinal Danneels end up?  That is for the God whom we will all eventually have to face in Judgment to determine.  I hope, as I do for everybody, that it was on the "side of the Angels". 

Stay tuned?


P.S.  I noticed that Baker Book House has copies of Danneel's 1992 book in stock for a reasonable price.   I gave up on finding it and have ordered another copy. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Ann Barnhardt -- a brave Catholic soldier -- Colista Gingrich: USA Ambassador to Vatican?

It is difficult to observe the New Age Movement for as long as I have --since 1981 -- and not see that the climate in the Vatican has changed in the past 31 years (since 1988) to one against the New Age Movement to one sympathetic to at least its political agenda.  Moreover, recent developments tell me that it appears that Pope Francis (Bergoglio) is clearly not hostile to New World Religion developments.

Friends have alerted me to the incredible work of Ann Barnhardt speaking bravely out on Vatican developments.  I am still sorting through her material, but her arguments clearly deserve consideration.  Interestingly, I think she must be about the age I was when I discovered the existence of the New Age Movement and its ramifications to Christianity.  I would dearly love to talk with her.  I would also appreciate knowing our forum participant Susanna's perspective on recent Vatican developments.  You may reach Ann Barnhardt's website by clicking here.

For 37 of the 38 years I have tracked the New Age Movement, I have tracked one of its major proponents:  NEWT GINGRICH.  I first opened my file on him in 1982.  Marilyn Ferguson wrote enthusiastically about the brave Georgian Congressman working so hard to advance the New Age agenda.  I opened a file on him the day that arrived and have kept tabs on him since.

One tab I didn't follow but should have was the career of his current wife, Colista Gingrich.  The Gingrich couple collaborated on one of his Toffler style books:   (he was mentored, inter alia, by Alvin and Heidi Toffler)

Newt Gingrich has never tried to hide his New Age affiliations and propensity.  Too many Christians, Evangelicals included, fail to see them.  I have written frequently on Newt Gingrich in the past.  Now that I realize that his current wife, Colista, is the United States Ambassador to the Vatican, I have reviewed and thought about the situation again.

I have many of Newt Gingrich's books in my library.  Some titles include:

  • Breakout:  Pioneers of the Future, Prison Guards of the Past, and the Epic Battle That Will Decide America's Fate (2013);
  • Contract with America (1995);
  • Contract with the Earth (2007);
  • NEWT GINGRICH:  Lessons learned the Hard Way (1998);
  • To Renew America (1995)
  • Window of Opportunity:  A Blueprint for the Future (1984);
  • Winning the Future:  A 21st Century Contract with America (2005);

Well, Pope Francis has for all practical purposes endorsed Agenda 21 lock, stock, and barrel; he has now apparently blessed and endorsed religious syncretism.  And the USA Ambassador to the Vatican is the current wife of an open New Ager vigorously working the circles of those considering themselves "conservative" with the same propaganda Al Gore (another Toffler protege) spreads on the "liberal" side.

What's next?

Stay tuned!


Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Universal Digital Identificarion - Coming VERY SOON

I have issues with some ofTruNews positions, particularly vis a vis Israel and what they call "Zionism."  However, their reporting on issues  to the Christian community on developments on what I have called over the years the "Cashless Society", my shorthand expression for the prophesied developments of Revelation 13 and Revelation 14 are on target.  Tonight TruNews featured Rick Wiles in Barcelona, Spain, attending a Mobile World Congress currently being held in Barcelona, Spain.

Rick Wiles reported and showed his video footage of people joyfully being implanted in their right hands with a microchip to be used as part of a global tracking system.  Rick Wiles said and my online research tonight concurs that the system is being rolled out rapidly and even ruthlessly. 

I did my own online searching tonight.  MicroSoft has joined the large global network working for ID2020 -- global human identity.  

Interestingly, when I first started speaking nationally on the New Age issues, I did a live telephone interview with an Arlington, Texas station.  This was in 1982.  A local New Age activist was on at the same time.  He listened to me carefully and said, "well, she doesn't sound crazy, but -- Lady, you've got us all wrong.  We're not about that _- we're a cybernetics revolution.  In the past, when I needed money, I would have to go to the bank and present several forms of identification.  Now, all I have to present is a card!"

I said, "yes, and next all you'll have to present is your right hand or forehead."  He reacted immediately and almost angrily, saying, 'why most ministers no longer take that literally.  The only thing that would interfere with a convenience like that is your silly religious beliefs!"

I responded saying, "'Silly religious beliefs?'  OK, let's talk about some of yours:  Plant devas?  Luciferic initiations?"

He said, "well, there's kooks in every movement."  I retorted, "unfortunately, the kooks are running yours."

Well, I do believe we may have slowed down the New Age Movement and "causing all rich and poor to receive a mark in their right hand or forehead" for upwards of 35 years -- they hoped for 1982 implementation. 

My educated guess is that whomever they planned to trot out as "messiah" in 1982 is still around, much longer in the tooth, and unhappy ast the high level career delay.  Many, many elements are now coming together that appear to have serious prophetic significance.  Brexit, populism, Donald Trump, and ,many other factors are being used as excuses to quickly accelerate global change "by any means necessary."  Javier Solana is demanding that any global governance restructuring give China much, much more power. 

Things are coming together very quickly.  The pressures on us will be ugly.  I have been disturbed in the past year to learn that Brannon Howse, John McArthur, and Jimmy DeYoung all proclaimed that Christians could take the Mark of the Beast and still be be saved.  I don't read Revelation 13 and Revelation 14 that way -- to the contrary, it was an act that could condemn us to everlasting destruction.

It appears that it is happening and it is happening now. 

Watch and pray always!  And this device must be resisted by us, regardless of societal pressures to succumb>


Saturday, January 26, 2019

Fetzer book was a critical re-entry point for New Age dreams of dominion

The New Age Movement is not and was never merely impoverished hippies dancing in the streets of San Francisco.  Wealthy people enticed into its orbit have endowed it with extreme wealth.  The Fetzer Institute, the John C. Fetzer Memorial Trust, The Tides Foundation, the Threshold Foundation, the Temple Foundation, the Three Swallows Foundation of Paul and Diane Temple, to name but a few.  One of my blogspot contributors contributed valuable information some time ago about an informal group of New Age "philanthropists" known as "The Doughnut."  I have recently finished reading Jack Canfield's account of his group delusions of being a "golden motorcycle gang" reincarnated in the World War II era to bring "transformational change."  The book suggests author Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame together with a group of other successful New Age authors and leaders chose to come to Earth for our time.  They came to become leaders if not "Ascended Masters"to save the Planet as :co-evolutionists" to help launch their so-called "New Age."  They hoped their "blessed event" of ascendancy would take place in 2012.  That was 30 years past their other hoped for event of New Age ascendancy of 1982, the year their New Age magazines were then proclaiming "Expect the Christ in the Spring of 1982."  One of that "Golden Motorcycle Gang" was Barbara Marx Hubbard."   Her "Planetary Smile" for 2012 was part of their scenario. 

What makes one cynically smile is the Jack Canfield, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and company's ridicule and smug contempt for "fundamentalism" when they believe things like that!  Likewise with John E. Fetzer and his belief in "channelings", "devas", and the like.

One of my blogspot forum contributors sent me information posted to my blogspot article of September 6, 2016 about the Threshold Foundation.  I did not fully focus on it then as I now know I should have.  Researching the Fetzer book and its ramifications, I came across a frequently recurring name in many New Age circles, that of Harriet Crosby.  Harriet Crosby is a mover and shaker in circles of Institute of Noetic Sciences, Friends of the Earth, various Soviet-American dialogue groups, the White House, and others.  Quoting from the linked online source, we read:

During the Clinton administration, Harriett worked in the White House Office of Environmental Policy and with the President’s Council on Sustainable Development. She was bringing innovative thinkers, like David Brower, Father Thomas Berry, Amory Lovins, and Paul Hawkin into the Council on Environmental Quality for regular brown bag lunches and writing speeches for VP Al Gore. She still serves actively on the boards of Friends of the Earth and the Institute of Noetic Sciences and Fox Haven Organic Farm and ecological retreat and learning center. She is working with both Congress and corporations like General Mills to get GMOs and pesticides out of our food, and providing an alternative to chemically intensive industrial agriculture at Fox Haven
That was from her Fox Haven website.  From our 2016 kindly contributor, this was posted to our comments section:

The Doughnuts: In 1981, Joshua Mailman convened a secret meeting in Estes Park Colorado, bringing together a semi-mystical New Age group of 22 wealthy young heirs who called themselves "The Doughnuts." They named themselves after a circular cloud that appeared over the meditation circle they had formed in their outdoor council, where they contemplated "the sacredness of the earth as a living organism" and their duty to save it and its indigenous peoples through joint use of their inherited wealth. The mystical circle became the permanent symbol of their spiritual origins and, in artsy stylization, remains the logo of the present, more secular, Threshold Foundation.

In early 1982 Mailman co-opted the Threshold Foundation name and funding away from the London institution for the use of his informal organization of wealthy "Doughnuts." Each "Doughnut" was sworn to absolute secrecy about their commitment to lofty quasi-religious goals, the projects they funded, and their personal identities. Their internal newsletters used only first names and initials for last names.

The projects they funded, like their gatherings, were typically the self-indulgent, romanticized, and quixotic acts of youth and unearned wealth.

Gatherings: They held retreats and journeys in the Arkansas Ozarks; at Paradise Island (Nassau, Bahamas); Mount Sinai, Egypt, to watch the sunrise; "Green Gulch Community" for its "serenity of cosmic consciousness" in Marin County, California; Esalen on the Big Sur cliffside for personal transformation; the Yoga Center Fire Walking Ceremony at Area - a hot New York club.

Early Projects: Several Doughnuts bought an "eco-lodge" in the Amazon jungle of eastern Ecuador; the entire group attempted to buy a gypsum mine in Arkansas to provide crystals to encircle the U.S. White House and Moscow's Kremlin in a magical crystal peace spell; one Doughnut (Harriet Crosby, General Mills money) founded the Institute for Soviet-American Relations in 1983 to prevent World War III; Richard Perl (his father was a wealthy New Jersey entrepreneur), who was still in Columbia Law School (with a business card saying "Peace Entrepreneur"), would become CEO of Deepak Chopra's holistic health corporation, Infinite Possibilities International and follow Mailman into founding the Social Venture Network.

What they are financing and working for frantically is "transformation."  Howe they expect to come is aptly summed up on the very Germanic New Age website, "Spiritual Wiki."  From its English translation, I quote:

In the course of evolution , humanity has experienced several existential crises, which ultimately resulted in a transformation of the general level of consciousness after a period of disruption .
Daily news these awful days suggest nothing short of a "period of disruption."    Chaos has  been a major element of the New Age game.   The years of my life have doubled since this group was organized by Joshua Mailman<2> in 1981 -- the year I personally discovered and started reporting on the New Age Movement.  We may have slowed their agenda down that long -- those promoting the Maitreya the Christ crusade that clearly intended Fetzer Institute creator John E. Fetzer.  Brian Wilson's book that is enthusiastically promoted by those preserving Fetzer's legacy makes that abundantly clear.<1>  He may well have been part of the funding for the half-million dollar ad campaign that ran banner size full page newspaper ads on April 25, 1982 proclaiming "The Christ is Now Here." He was not the only one with money.  According to another much earlier (1997) book on the life of John C. Fetzer, JOHN FETZER:  ON A HANDSHAKE by Dan Ewald, Fetzer pursued his obsession "to his dying breath." (page 10)  Very, very sad!

This is a copy of the full page newspaper ad that ran worldwide in major papers of the world on April 25, 1982.  When the ads ran they were projecting that their "Day of Declaration" (revealing of their new "Christ" would come within the next two months of the ad.  They have had a slight delay, but they have never said it didn't work out -- only that "he" is still awaiting the right time and acceptance.

I have much more to say -- the Fetzer book is not a mere history of an interesting quirky but wealthy person.  I believe it is a type of literary and "civil society" coming out party that intends to make the New Age the very "Now Age" Examining the 990 reports of these networking institutions it is apparent they have vast sums of money at their disposal -- the type of money that buys media support.  There are now claims and studies claiming a majority of USA residents now have New Age beliefs.

Well, their "Golden Motorcycle gangs" appear to be riding.  I doubt if they make it to the biblical Streets of Gold!

I will be writing much more.  Please make your inputs here as well.  Many thanks to the 2016 contributor who anonymously posted the Joshua Mailman and "doughnut" group information.  And, yes, chaos sufficient to bring down the USA is still very much part of the New Age agenda as it was when I first discovered their doings back in 1981.  The difference now is that many have gone back to sleep, apathy again rules the day, and technology has advanced sufficiently to enable them.  I will present summaries of the wealth of some of these organizations (Fetzer Institute, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Tide Foundation, Center for Conscious Evolution) in my next posting.

May the Lord help us all!

Stay tuned!

<1> Wilson's book reveals that current Fetzer Memorial Trust President Bruce Fetzer, a great nephew of John E. Fetzer read the Creme books on the "Reappearance of the Christ" with his uncle in the 1980s.  Fetzer was a major circulator and promoter of the Great Invocation.  According to Wilson, Fetzer reproduced the Great Invocation in both of his genealogical works.   This book makes it clear that Fetzer put his money where his New Age mouth was.  According to another book on Fetzer's life,  

<2> Joshua Mailman was and is a considerable force both in New Age and in economic circles.  This is from the Bloomberg website:   Mr. Joshua A. Mailman, also known as Josh, serves as President at Sirius Business Corporation. He serves as a Managing Director at Sirius Change Investments. He is also Managing Director at Serious Change L.P. Mr. Mailman serves as an Investor and Senior Advisor at Impact America Fund. He serves as a Partner at The Social Entrepreneurs' Fund. Mr. Mailman founded Social Venture Network in 1987, Business for Social Responsibility in 1992 and Threshold Foundation in 1981. Mr. Mailman serves as an Advisor of Everyone Counts, Inc. and Catchafire, IncHe served as Vice President of Sales & Marketing and Business Development at Everyone.net, Inc. Mr. Mailman was responsible for the marketing efforts and continued growth of Everyone.net services. He served as Vice President of Operations at eFax.com Inc. since August 1999 and Product Manager from May 1992 to June 1993. Mr. Mailman served as Vice President of Messaging and Communities at NBCi, where he oversaw the email.com relationship. From July 1993 to January 1997, he served with Xerox Corporation in a variety of positions, lastly as Director of Worldwide Marketing Operations for their workgroup fax product line. Mr. Mailman had the opportunity as President at the Multifunction Product Association (MFPA) and on the customer advisory board of Mercury Interactive. He is founding trustee of SRT, UK and initiator of Synergos Middle East Social Innovators Program. Mr. Mailman serves as a Director of ABC Carpet & Home, Inc. He serves as a Member of Board of Advisors at Mission Research, Inc. He has been a Non-Executive Director of Napo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. since 2015. He serves as a Director of Liberty & Justice Inc. He serves as a Member of Advisory Board at Conscious Enlightenment, Inc., and LeapFrog Investments. He serves on the boards of the following organizations: Museum for African Art, Culture Project, Women Moving Millions, PathBrite, Alter Eco, Icon Wheelchair, General Compression, Ronny Brook Distribution, CatchaFire, Global Mojo, OriginalBeans, Human Rights Watch, Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University, the Fund for Global Human Rights, Blacksmith Institute, Afropop Worldwide, Environmental Defenders Law Center, Witness, Chiliad Inc., Pride Diamonds and Bioresources International. He serves as a Board Observer at Mission Markets, Inc. He served as a Member of Board of Advisors of FTL Solar, LLC. Mr. Mailman has worked over a decade in the messaging industry. Mr. Mailman holds an M.B.A. in Marketing and Finance from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA and a B.A. in Economics from the University of California at Los Angeles.